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Jan 1, 2010

Friday January 1, 2010 Andy E. Sawyer

Theme: Happy New Year! - The first words of three familiar phrases are Scottish-ized and together they form the song title "Auld Lang Syne".

20A. Steamy Western attraction, today?: AULD (Old) FAITHFUL. Old Faithful Geyser is in Yellowstone National Park. Why is "Western" capitalized in the clue?

36A. Airport convenience, today?: LANG (Long) TERM PARKING

52A. "I wouldn't have said this, but ...," today?: SYNE (Since) YOU ASKED. "Syne" is Scottish for "since".

Quite simple a theme concept, which resulted in sparse numbers of theme answers I suppose. But also plenty of long & lively non-theme fill.

I am very fond of the "it" clues in the grid:

2D. It sucks: VACUUM

33D. The one who started it: AGGRESSOR

45D. It turns litmus paper blue: ALKALI

How is your solving experience today? I felt it's an easier Friday than our recent offerings. Still had to cheat though.


1. "Variations on 'America'" composer: IVES (Charles). Wikipedia says he is widely regarded as one of the first American composers of international significance. I was stumped.

5. Hurry: RACE

9. Lit: AFIRE

14. Cantata composer: BACH. "Fugue composer" too.

15. Birds that lay green eggs: EMUS. Yep, their eggs are dark green. Edible, right, Kazie?

16. Activist with Raiders: NADER (Ralph). Dader's Raiders.

17. Behold, to Brutus: ECCE. "ECCE homo" (Behold the Man).

18. Hot flower: MOLTEN LAVA. Need to parse "flow-er" here as things that flow.

22. Oaty cereal: MUESLI. Not to my taste.

23. Chose not to discuss now: TABLED

27. '70s Citroën models: SMS. Have never heard of Citroën SM. What does SM stand for?

28. JFK, LBJ, etc.: INITS. Can't mislead me into Democrats/Presidents abbr. any more.

32. Muhammad's daughter: LAILA

33. San __ Fault: ANDREAS. Just learned that the San Francisco 1906 earthquake ruptured along the San Andreas Fault.

35. Scratch: CLAW. Oh, scratch from cat.

40. Designing first name: OLEG (Cassini). Designer for Jackie Kennedy.

41. Complains: REPINES. New word to me. Same root as opine, I presume.

42. '60s attorney general Ramsey __: CLARK. Under LBJ. I remember the brouhaha surrounding his defense of Saddam.

44. Lightheaded: GIDDY

45. 1977 Grammy-winning Steely Dan album: AJA. Pronounced like "Asia". Jeannie's favorite album.

48. Out: ASLEEP. Got me. Great clue.

50. "CSI" set: DNA LAB

56. Probably not a teacher's pet: CLASS CLOWN. Thought of Dennis.

59. Prego alternative: RAGU

60. Asian capital: HANOI. Vietnam's capital.

62. Lighting svc.: ELEC. Have never seen "service" abbreviated as svc before.

63. Embellish: ADORN

64. Get smart with: SASS

65. Gossip: DIRT


1. Steel girders: I-BEAMS

3. Bk. after Proverbs: ECCLES. And ESTH (8D. Bible bk. named for an orphaned maiden). Bible books are my weak points, that's for sure.

4. Gets rid of: SHEDS

5. What's left: REMAINDER. Wrote down REMAINING.

6. Pierre's possessive: A MOI. French for "mine". Alliteration.

7. Religious offshoot: CULT. Wanted SECT.

9. Like many awards: ANNUAL

10. Alternative plans: FALLBACKS

11. Wash. neighbor: IDA. In my mind, Idaho is full of potato fields.

12. Gun in a garage: REV. Gun/Rev your engine. I was picturing the real gun.

13. Important time: ERA

19. Terrestrial newt: EFT. Young newt.

21. City where General Motors was founded: FLINT (Michigan)

24. "Hi-__ Hi-Lo": LILI. The song was featured in Leslie Caron's "Lili". Have never heard of it before.

25. Vivacity: ELAN

26. Deputy __: cartoon canine: DAWG. Easy guess.

29. Discount store abbr.: IRREG

30. Allegro et al.: TEMPI

31. Pleasing to the palate: SAPID. This word sure does not look tasty.

34. Areas for buggies: SAND DUNES. Obtained the answer from crosses.

36. Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida __": LOCA. Great song.

37. "__ fair in ...": ALL'S. All's fair in love and war.

38. C&W singer McCoy: NEAL. Here is his "Wink". Alien to me.

39. Former U.S. soccer team captain Claudio: REYNA. Nope, sorry. Don't follow soccer.

43. Adds to the database: KEYS IN

46. Predatory seabird: JAEGER. How do you pronounce this bird: YEY-ger or JEY-ger?

47. Kidnap: ABDUCT

49. __ Park: Pirates' stadium: PNC. Named after PNC Bank.

51. Comparable to a beet: AS RED. As red as a beet.

53. Skull and Bones members: ELIS. George W Bush was a member, so was his father.

54. Star Wars character who uses strange syntax: YODA. "Do or do not. There is no try".

55. Night fliers: OWLS

56. Chinese tea: CHA. Yes, literally "tea".

57. Boy: LAD

58. Spanish year: ANO. ¡Felíz año nuevo!

In his letter to constructors yesterday about Dan Naddor's passing, Rich Norris said: "... Dan was one of my favorites, a fun and imaginative guy to work with. I will miss him. His unique style, creativity, energy and willingness to learn were assets that catapulted him to the top echelon of the puzzle constructors since his 2006 debut. In the three-plus years that followed, the LA times published more than 100 of his puzzles. His legacy will live on through much of 2010: there are quite a few more of his puzzles to be edited and published over the coming months ..." A tough loss for Rich too.

Answer grid.