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Apr 21, 2018

Saturday, April, 21, 2018, Daniel Nierenberg


On this National Kindergarten Day Daniel Nierenberg has provided us a very worthy test. For me, Husker Gary, this is my fourth blogging effort on a Daniel puzzle - three Saturdays and one Friday. As is my M.O. on his puzzles, I employed the hunt and peck method until the NEAT/NUBIA "N" appeared and I was done!

Now, in honor of my lifetime friend Janet who is retiring after 35 years of teaching Kindergarten, let's see what word play Daniel has for us in our literary sandbox today:


1. Classic dramatic device: FATAL FLAW - The most famous FATAL FLAW in literature?

10. Demonstration of power, perhaps: N-TEST - A-Bombs and H-Bombs are both really N-(Nuclear) Bombs. One splits nuclei and the other fuses them together 

15. Winter carnival attraction: ICE PALACE - A beautiful ICE PALACE constructed in St. Paul, MN a half-hour drive from C.C.

16. Mythical myrtle-and-roses wreath wearer: ERATO - A vowel-rich crossword veteran muse of poetry 

17. Updated "What a shame!": THAT BITES

18. Cane-carrying Mr.: MAGOO and 14. 18-Across and others: TOONS. Did Mr. Peanut enter your thoughts?

19. Country E of Cyprus: SYR - SYRIA - too much in the news

20. Marsh growth: REED.

21. Beauty aisle brand: REVLON - A childhood memory of REVLON. Do you remember the show, this woman who won the big prize and what her category was? (*Answer below the grid)

22. Virus eponym: BARR.

23. Assigns new rankings to: RESEEDS - NCAA Basketball teams are RESEEDED just before the season-ending tournament 

24. Narrow types: BIGOTS - Norman Lear's Archie Bunker made us look BIGOTRY right in the face

27. Caravan components: CAMELS

28. Parting word: ADIOS

29. 1848 classic song about an Alabama-to-Louisiana traveler: OH SUSANNA - "With a banjo on my knee"

32. Court pros: REFS - These pro REFS did not see traveling here in this exhibition game.

33. Lingerie specifications: D-CUPS - It took 33. Waiting room site: DEPOT gave me the correct cup letter

34. Hair products: GELS - Mass use

35. Uris WWII novel: BATTLE CRY 

37. Harass: BESET

38. "Help me out, bro": BE A PAL

39. Nissan compact: SENTRA

40. Actor's dream: STARDOM.

42. Cleverly planned, as a trick: NEAT - Now this is a NEAT trick!

43. Warn, in a way: HISS AT

44. Territory with a palm tree in its seal: GUAM - I did not know Guam's flag or capital

45. Onetime JFK arrival: SST

48. Like some casks: OAKEN - We BIG 10 football fans know Purdue and Indiana play for the Old OAKEN Bucket each year

49. Fate of Peter's father, in kiddie lit: RABBIT PIE - I had no memory of this sad part of the story

51. Sections: AREAS - In 2003, the CIA officially acknowledged that AREA 51 exists

52. Dell gaming brand: ALIEN WARE - At the left is the $4,900 model for serious gamers, uh, not for me

53. Barista's offering: LATTE 

54. Intimidating psychological tactics: HEAD GAMES


1. Makes sense: FITS - Oh that's where it FITS

2. Hurting: ACHY.

3. Run like the wind: TEAR - What JH kids do going to lunch

4. Liable: APT

5. Research subjects: LAB RATS - Our staff and kids were LAB RATS for "Open Concept" classrooms back in the 70's. Retrofitting was expensive after the experiment failed miserably

6. Message disseminators: FLIERS - Is that why they make windshield wipers?

7. Not as punctual: LATER 

8. Justified serious studying for: ACED - Having ACED a test is usually done by serious studying (ROTE memorizing?)

9. Former NFL receiver Welker: WES - After at least six concussions from hits like this, he has retired

10. Sinestro and Professor Zoom, in their respective universes: NEMESES - Here's one, you can google the other if you like. BTW, I'd wager that dime comic is worth a few bucks these days.

11. Tour coordinator: TRAVEL AGENT - My TRAVEL AGENT arranged my trips to Florida with the kids but she also accompanied us because once we got there, she knew I ran the show

12. Home on a high cliff, perhaps: EAGLE'S NEST -  Martin Borman's gift of The EAGLE'S NEST retreat to Hitler high in the Bavarian Alps is now a cozy restaurant 

13. Rose: STOOD.

21. Important player in the founding-of-Rome story: REMUS - He was killed by his twin Romulus and hence the name of the city is...

22. Child-raising technique?: BOOSTER SEAT - Declining the BOOSTER SEAT was a landmark for our kids

23. Rough-sounding: RASPY - Joe Cocker's RASPY rendition of  the theme of this show

24. Wire sticker: BARB - Those BARBS on wire helped change ranches into farms

25. What a raised index finger may indicate: IDEA - A more prosaic use

26. Present often mailed: GIFT BASKET

27. Lout: CHURL - I've heard of/used the adjective CHURLISH

29. "Law of parsimony" philosopher: OCCAM - Another school of thought by the co-discoverer of the DNA molecule

30. Brewer, e.g., briefly: NLER National LeaguER

31. Cinema pooch: ASTA - Nick and Nora's doggy

36. Matisse work featuring hand-holding: LA DANSE.

37. Wearing a grin: BEAMING

39. Skate home: SEABED - Talk about your masters of disguises

40. Skimboarding hazard: SHOAL - I hit a STONE at first on my figurative beach skimboard

41. Top prom wear?: TIARA - Amy's dream come true

42. Abu Simbel's region: NUBIA- The pharaonic temples then and now located in the village of Abu Simbel in the most southern Egyptian region of NUBIA

44. Severe blow: GALE - We've had them here all spring

45. Filter target: SPAM - Tons of this is made here in Fremont, NE

46. "Game of Thrones" address: SIRE - I've never seen the show but Thrones and S _ _ _ address. C'mon...

47. Screen-printing targets: TEES - With b/w TV, I never knew what the Superman TEE looked like until mom bought me one

49. Sound from a fan: RAH - Football fan

50. Lindbergh Line airline: TWA - Can you find The Lindbergh Line in two places in this picture? 

A lovely credo for National Kindergarten Day:

With all these lessons in mind, SHARE your comments, BE FAIR and PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS:


a) Show - $64,000 Question hosted by Hal March and sponsored by Revlon
b) Contestant - Psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers
c) Her category - Boxing

Mar 10, 2018

Saturday, March 10, 2018, Daniel Nierenberg


Daniel's pleasant Saturday offering was fun to do and provided a nice learning moment for landlocked Husker Gary! I had never heard of a 13. Boat-lifting device : DAVIT before but I found this picture of several DAVITS that were attached to lower the too few lifeboats on the Titanic. White Star had installed extra DAVITS for when rules were changed to require more lifeboats but those extras were empty on this maiden voyage of this "unsinkable" vessel. 

Let's see what else Daniel has for us on National Pack Your Lunch Day! I'll trade you my Fritos for a Hostess Cupcake! Across

1. Oceanic ecosystem : MARINE BIOME - Here's some biodiversity in a MARINE BIOME. There is probably no 46. Deep-water fish : OPAH in here

12. Common intruders : ADS - They not only interrupt the Super Bowl, they cost millions to air

15. Mexican sugar substitute : AGAVE NECTAR - There's something besides tequila made from Agave plants. Who knew?

16. Home Depot purchase : SAW 

17. Black-necked flier : CANADA GOOSE - Our golf course is rife with them and they are aggressive in the spring when their goslings are running around 

18. Knoxville energy agcy. : TVA - Part of FDR's alphabet programs that supplies power to parts of Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi,Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia.

19. Sportscaster Andrews : ERIN - Andrews 

20. Bradlee in "The Post" : BEN - A movie with some people  named Hanks, Streep and Spielberg

21. 2013 Culinary Hall of Fame inductee : EMERIL

23. Key used in shortcuts : ALT- Here's what I get when I hit the ALT/Option key with each letter of the alphabet on my MacBook Pro - å∫ç∂´ƒ©˙ˆ∆˚¬µ˜øπœ®ß†¨√∑≈¥Ω

24. Word of warning : PRIVATE - PRIVATE Property

25. Downer at a party? : DEBBIE - An unfortunate alliteration for all DEBBIES

29. Waterside accommodations : BOATEL - Someone has turned 7 defunct boats into floating accommodations  just south of NYC

30. Not dense, in a way : RURAL - Once you get past Omaha and Lincoln in my state, things really thin out

31. Lindy relative : JITTERBUG

34. Deuterium discoverer Harold : UREY - Deuterium was first known as heavy hydrogen but now we call it an isotope. TMI?

35. They usually have spines : CACTI

36. Ornate metalware : TOLE - My first thought was of trays like this

37. Spots for sports stands : GOAL LINES - Perhaps the most famous GOAL LINE STAND was in the 1967 "Ice Bowl" between the Cowboys and the Packers. Game time temp was -15˚F. Bart Starr followed a Jerry Kramer block on Jethro Pugh into the end zone for a Packer win

39. Forks over, formally : CEDES

40. Collaborate : TEAM UP

41. "Even so ... " : AND YET - Rex Harrison sings, "I know that I could always be that way again , AND YET..." Next line and song's title?

42. "Thunderball" setting : BAHAMAS

44. Try hard (for) : GUN - Every college class I took had a hated GUNNER. "Sir you forgot to give us an assignment!"

45. Had taken, as a portrait : SAT FOR

46. Tagged, perhaps : OUT - Got 'em! The shortstop started celebrating before he even made the tag.

47. Territorial marking : POST - Yeah, I thought of another way to mark territory too

51. It may build up gradually : IRE

52. Skeet participant : TRAP SHOOTER - As done north of the border at the right? 😜

55. Styling creations : DOS - HAIRDOS that is

56. Italian cooking staple : TOMATO PUREE

57. Tolkien creature : ENT

58. Mall attraction : ANCHOR STORE - Brick and mortar stores are under assault by technology these days


1. Medieval weapon : MACE 

2. Seaweed product : AGAR - A gelling agent seen at the top of this recipe

  3. Indian palace resident : RANI

4. One of the Karamazovs : IVAN - Ivan Fyodorovich Karamazov and Alexi Fyodorovich Karamazov 

5. "Deliverance" co-star of Jon, Burt and Ronny : NED - The less said about poor NED Beatty's fate the better!

6. Allow : ENABLE - Last week a former student invited us to see him work as a "bull fighter" at a PRCA Rodeo in Council Bluffs, IA.  We saw him ENABLE a lot of cowboys to get away from some very nasty animals! What a way to make a living. He did get a bad sprained ankle that night but the show had to go on then and the next night also as the cowboys really depend on him and his partner.

7. Cause : BEGET - Some books of the Bible recount a lot of BEGETTING

8. Small program opener : ICON - On all our electronic desktops

9. Plains tribe : OTO

10. Classy wheels : MASERATI - You can drive this off the Omaha MASERATI lot today

11. Religious recluse : EREMITE - Merriman Webster - One that retires from society and lives in solitude especially for religious reasons. You're welcome. 

12. Vehicle for some spiritual experiences : ASTRAL BODY - Google if you're interested

14. Depressed area : SWALE

22. Turned inside out : EVERTED - The most common ankle injury is an inversion not an EVERSION

23. Not feel well : AIL

24. Mrs. __, head of the kitchen in "Beauty and the Beast" : POTTS - Literally a Tea POT voiced by Angela Lansbury

25. Numb, in a way : DRUG

26. Marseilles money : EURO -  €1,00 = $1.25

27. Erratic driver's comeuppance, perhaps : BREATH TEST

28. Pungent spice : BAY LEAF - Here seen adorning a Margherita Pizza

29. __ tendinitis: arm muscle ailment : BICEP - If it hurts, STOP!

31. Two-faced deity : JANUS

32. 1997 film character getting a lot of buzz? : ULEE - (Short for Ulysses) Our cinematic bee keeper Peter Fonda

33. Heroic adventure : GEST - Gary Cooper played one of the three GESTE brothers in this film and he does carry out a BEAU GESTE to protect his aunt's reputation 

35. 1931 Oscar-winning Western based on an Edna Ferber novel : CIMARRON - Two very different posters for the same movie

38. "Raging Bull" boxer : LAMOTTA - A 1980 role for Robert DeNiro portraying Jake LAMOTTA

39. "Wolf" channel : CNN - Wolf Blitzer. Tricky, tricky!

41. Mailer, for one : AUTHOR - Norman Mailer - This NASA guy would really like to read Mailer's article that postdates the Moon landing by a month. YES, we really went!!

42. Something in back of a hit? : B-SIDE - Elvis and the Beatles had lots of A and B Sides that were both hits

43. Packer quarterback Rodgers : AARON

44. Feature of Sousa's music : GUSTO - The March King was the "Rock Star" of his era

47. Sulk : POUT

48. Catchall survey opción : OTRO - Other in Spanish 

49. Carnival draw : SEER - Do you remember the Tom Hanks movie where Zoltar was the carnival SEER?

50. Street adornment : TREE 

53. "Preacher" network : AMC - Make you wanna tune in?

54. Black __ : OPS


What say you?