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Nov 25, 2016

Friday November 25, 2016 Francesca Goldston

Theme: No No (71A. Taboo that hints at this puzzle's theme) - No is deleted from each theme entry.

20A. "Am I clear, George?"? : CAN YOU HEAR ME, W? Can you hear me now? George W. Bush.

28A. "Okay, so it's THAT dictionary"? : AH, WEBSTER. Noah Webster.

48A. Former space sports group? : MIR LEAGUE. Minor league.

58A. Little Spanish range? : POCO MOUNTAINS. Pocono Mountains.
C.C. here. Saw no draft from Lemonade when I got up. Let's hope all's well with him.

I'll just outline clue/answers. Will work on the content immediately.

(Updated now. Thanks for the patience)

This seems to be the debut puzzle for Francesca Goldston. Congratulations!

We don't always have a reveal entry in addition/deletion puzzle. I like when there is, since it provides a solid rational for the change.


1. "It's not easy to __": Five for Fighting lyric : BE ME. Unfamiliar with the singer or the song.

5. Sun, for one : G STAR. Guilt of using this entry myself. Quite a few ? STAR options.

10. Omegas, in the electrical world : OHMS

14. Field beasts : OXEN

15. Manual : HOW TO

16. Central points : FOCI. Another I-ending plural 23. Incitements : STIMULI

17. Jack Blum's "Meatballs" character : SPAZ. Unknown to me. Despite its clue, a bit surprised to see SPAZ in a LAT grid.

18. House work? : OPERA. Opera house.

19. Work meas. : FT LB (Foot-Pound)

24. Wonderstruck : IN AWE

27. Manuscript mark : STET
32. 9, often: Abbr. : SEP. What's your favorite month? I associate Sept with romance due to Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Moon cakes. Persimmons. Pomegranates.

34. Have something : AIL. Not EAT.

35. Symbols of elusiveness : EELS

36. Govt. stipend provider : SSI

39. "The Ten Commandments" (1956) director : DEMILLE. This year's Cecil B. DeMille Award honored Meryl Streep.

42. AAA offering : RTE

43. It's near the funny bone : ULNA

45. Reaction to a 71-Across : TSK

46. Embarrassing marks : EFs
51. Nursery buy : LOAM

54. Roosevelt feature partially carved on Rushmore : SPECS. Oh, eyeglasses.

55. Jordan River outlet : DEAD SEA

62. "Oops!" : OH OH

64. Sneeze, say : REACT

65. Tilted position : CAN'T. Why "Tilted?" (Correction: CANT as a titled angle is new to me. Thanks, TTP/Argyle.)

66. Mexican bread : PESO

67. Early anesthetic : ETHER

68. New __ : AGER

69. Winter Olympics jump : AXEL

70. Loud : GAUDY. I bought this pink bag at our flea market over 10 years ago. Boomer said it's too loud. But the design, the leather & the feel are just perfect.(Lucina, sorry for the typo!)
C.C. & Lucia, 2012

1. Certain pears : BOSCs

2. Americans in Paris, maybe : EXPATS. I guess you can't call me a Chinese expat, since I'm an American citizen now. Congrats to your son-in-law, JD!

3. Be dead serious : MEAN IT

4. Biology subjects : ENZYMES

5. Halloween costume : GHOUL

6. Cary's love interest in "Houseboat" : SOPHIA (Loren). Gimme for Irish Miss. Cary Grant is her crush.

7. Too precious, in Portsmouth : TWEE. Wiki says "Portsmouth is a port city in the ceremonial county of Hampshire on the south coast of England". Also "the birthplace of author Charles Dicken".

8. Quattro competitor : ATRA

9. Ocean output : ROAR

10. Cause of hurt feelings : OFFENSE.

11. Sticky spot : HOT WATER. Great fill.

12. Ligament commonly injured in football : MCL. OK, Medial Collateral Ligament.

13. Ted, to Bobby : SIB. The Kennedys.

21. Exposed : OUTED

22. Sci-fi pic series : MIB (Man in Black)

25. Temporary skin damage : WELT

26. Gaelic tongue : ERSE

29. Narrowly defined verse : HAIKU

30. Wheaton who played Wesley on "Star Trek: T.N.G." : WIL

31. Women's issue : ELLE. D'oh, magazine issue.

33. Org. that opened a Bob Barker building in 2012 : PETA. New trivia to me.

36. Tidy amounts : SUMS

37. Tongue problem? : SLIP. Slip of the tongue.

38. At peace : IN REPOSE

40. Stir-fry sprinkle : MSG. Debunked that it causes headache.

41. Key of four Beethoven piano sonatas : E FLAT. Always have to wait.

44. "The anesthesia by which we endure the operation of life": Shaw : ALCOHOL. Got via crosses. 

47. Recycle item : SODA CAN

49. User's way out : ESC

50. Brought out : EDUCED

52. Panini cheese : ASIAGO. Jayce, can you give us your yam apple cinnamon recipe? I never tried yam & apple combo before.

53. Skin Bracer maker : MENNEN

56. Contest form : ENTRY

57. The Jetsons' dog : ASTRO

59. The Snake R. forms part of its eastern border : OREG. I thought Snake River is in Colorado.

60. Prefix with physics : META

61. Kalanikupule's kingdom : OAHU

62. German grandpa : OPA. Grandma is Oma.

63. Evil eye : HEX