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Mar 15, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012 Michael Doran

Theme: Capital Pun-ishment. Theme entries are crosswordese puns on "Capital".

17A. Capital of 62-Across : WELLINGTON. OK, not a pun. Literally, the capital of New Zealand.

11D. Capital of 62-Across : KIWI DOLLAR. Often seen in crosswords as mis-direction, this refers to the currency "capital".

29D. With 30-Down, capitals of 62-Across? : THE LETTERS
30D. See 29-Down : N AND Z. Another crosswordese pun, meaning the "capital" initial letters in the name of the country.

And the unifier:
62A. Where "The Lord of the Rings" movies were filmed : NEW ZEALAND. Land of the kiwi.

In addition to being a fun pun-fest, Michael Doran has given us a pangram, where every letter of the alphabet has been used in the puzzle. The only thing that could have improved this one is if he had added "The Beehive" as a capitol (building) of New Zealand.

But, he did give us another crosswordese pun that I just mentioned the other day:
58D. Flower in Bern? : AARE. The clue does not refer to flora, but the river that "flows" through Bern, Switzerland. So you see? I haven't been doing too many crosswords lately!

Marti here, chuckling all the way through this pun-ny puzzle. Let's see what tickled my fancy today.


1. "The Fiddler" painter Chagall : MARC. He painted many "fiddlers", but this is the one I thought of. Not exactly Zero Mostel...

5. Brooch part : CLASP

10. Scraped (out) : EKED

14. Miami River locale : OHIO. Not the one in Florida, this one is named for the Miami indians.

15. Postal scale unit : OUNCE. Also, Mary Jane unit.

16. Ristorante bottle : VINO. "Wine", in Italian. "Ristorante" in the clue hints at the foreign word.

19. Victorious cry : I WIN

20. Refines, in a way : SMELTS

21. List-ending abbr. : ETC.

22. Coffee bar stack : LIDS

23. Biol. branch : ECOL. ogy.

25. Too pooped to pop : TIRED. Cute clue.

27. First ones to spot the king's ghost, in "Hamlet" : WATCHMEN. Act I, Scene I.

31. "Stop bugging me!" : LAY OFF!

34. Eight, in Essen : ACHT. Eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs, sieben...

35. Bellyache : MOAN

37. Yo-Yo's strings : CELLO. Time for a musical interlude. I thought this was a very interesting video interpretation of "Sarabande". 3:09

38. Pronoun on the briny : SHE

39. Mark Twain, e.g. : PEN NAME

41. Overly permissive : LAX. Or, an airport in So. Cal.

42. Insanely cold : POLAR. Like a three dog night? 3:30

44. Icelandic work that influenced Tolkien : EDDA.

45. Swelter : BAKE

46. In any way : SOEVER. What's soever? (Don't bother looking it up. It's a word.)

48. Closed, as a sleeping bag : ZIPPERED

50. Sealing aids : TAPES

52. Greenish-blue : AQUA

53. "Bad Reputation" singer : JETT. A little something for everyone today! 2:41

55. "__ only money!" : IT'S

57. Mental grasp : UPTAKE. I'm usually pretty quick on the uptake, but I did a double take when I finally filled in the answer for this clue.

61. Clueless : ASEA

64. Actress Teri : GARR. Remember her as Inga in "Young Frankenstein"?

65. Bridge call : I PASS. Card game, not ship.

66. Activist Brockovich : ERIN. Immortalized in the movie starring Julia Roberts.

67. Dope (out) : SUSS. A favorite Crossword Corner verb!

68. Bother a lot : NAG AT. Yes, when I nag at him, it bothers DH a lot...

69. Stiff hair : SETA


1. Levels the playing field? : MOWS. Loved this clue!

2. Cutting-in word : AHEM

3. Grate : RILE

4. Amass : COLLECT

5. Simple soup : CONSOMME

6. Tote with difficulty : LUG

7. Starting money of a sort : ANTE. Start of a poker hand.

8. Dilbert creator Adams : SCOTT. One of my favorite cartoons. Boy, am I glad I am no longer in corporate America...

9. One may be seen behind an ear : PENCIL

10. Sinister stare : EVIL EYE. I won't link an image here. (I'm still trying to get the bling teeth image from yesterday out of my head...)

12. Sooner State city : ENID. Oklahoma.

13. Puts on : DONS. Or, "Gagliardo and others"...

18. Strong urge : ITCH

24. Italian director Sergio : LEONE. Oh c'mon, you know him. "A Fistful of Dollars"? "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"?

26. TV's "The Amazing __" : RACE

27. Scary nestful : WASPS. What's so scary about white Anglo-Saxon protestants? Why, some of my best friends...

28. Allergic reaction : ACHOO. (Gesundheit)

32. Oddball : FLAKE

33. Deceived : FOXED

36. 1976 Olympics headlines name : NADIA. Comăneci. First female gymnast to score a perfect 10.

39. Coach : PREP

40. Reference site for travelers : MAPQUEST. Don't leave home without it.

43. Images used by Wii players : AVATARS. Or by bloggers.

45. With "the," band with the 2006 remix album "Love" : BEATLES. Would anyone object if the clue omitted "With 'the,'"?

47. Keep under control : REIN IN

49. Metamorphosis stage : PUPA

51. Instructions opener : STEP A

53. Crying spells : JAGS. Not to be confused with these classic cars.

54. Old Testament twin : ESAU

56. Party loot : SWAG. We have a different meaning here on the Corner. ("Scientific wild-a**ed guess")

59. Make a wool cap, say : KNIT

60. "Mother Ireland" writer O'Brien : EDNA. She won the Los Angeles Times Book prize in 1990 for "Lantern Slides".

63. When repeated, a Gabor : ZSA. I wonder if that was an intentional crosswordese entry to round out this puzzle?

Answer grid.