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Jun 19, 2020

Friday, June 19, 2020, Pam Amick Klawitter

Title: Puzzle was done ere there were four.

I am a great admirer of Pam's many Sunday publications here, and I did blog a Friday of her creation way back on New Year's Day, 2016. This effort was cute, the three themers are all nice homonyms of AIR. They are consistent with all the homonyms the first word of each fill. They are 12, 15, and 12. They each are amusing repurposing of the "air" phrases. Another three theme fill after Monday, this week. The rest of the puzzle does not seem like a Friday, with very few long words outside of the theme. ARRESTED,  PARAGONS, SIXPACKS, and TEAR INTO being the set. I await your comments.
The theme:

19A. What "You're not leaving me enough!" demonstrates?: HEIR PRESSURE (12). Part of my job has exposed me to all too many unfeeling avaricious progenies. The worst so far was the son who ran home to steal his father's coin collection so he would not have to share with his sister.

36A. Learning to live with your mistakes?: ERR (again) CONDITIONING (15). They say you can be conditioned to do anything.

52A. Malady caused by overexposure to a Brontë work?: EYRE SICKNESS. Jane returns; have we been overexposed? And there you have the theme.

The rest.


1. Shopping club: SAM'S. The club created by the Walmart people named for the founder.

5. Assist, in a way: ABET. (again) Abet is often heard in the legal sense of "aiding and abetting" a crime and often has a negative implication. Although this is the most common use, abet is also used in a positive sense and is a more sophisticated way of saying "help."

9. With 43-Across, shipshape: NEAT. 43A. See 9-Across: AS A PIN. Also fitting with our Monday pin setting discussion.

13. Settled: ALIT. Picture a butterfly.

14. __ parade: PRIDE. Well placed as this month is Pride month. The month of June was chosen for LGBT Pride Month to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which occurred at the end of June 1969. FIB 1.

15. Folksy Burl: IVES.

16. Pop opener: SODA. For you midwesterners Soda Pop.

17. Golfing nickname: ARNIE. 8D. Prepare to swing: TEE UP. Go, Boomer, Gary, and George.
18. Mariner org.: NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration.

22. Saddlebag carrier: ASS.

23. __-been: HAS. never was. FIB 2.

24. __-Locka, Fla.: OPA. The area was originally named by the Native Americans “Opa-tisha-wocka-locka” meaning “a big island covered with many trees and swamps” but the name was quickly shortened to Opa-locka. It sounds like it was named by the Muppets. FIB 3.

25. Obstacle for salmon: DAM. Yes, this is tough when you are swimming upstream.

28. Rutgers' conference: BIG TEN. The famous midwest football conference and a New Jersey school.

30. Tundra neighbor: TAIGA. A Friday word: a swampy coniferous forest of high northern latitudes, especially that between the tundra and steppes of Siberia and North America. Dictionary.

32. Bit of intimacy in a crowd, briefly: PDAPublic Display of Affection.

34. J.R.R. Tolkien did some research for it: OEDOxford English Dictionary.

35. Backup __: SINGER. A change from Isaac Bashevis. FIB 4.

39. Lock shops?: SALONS. Hah hah, locks of hair. Add an m and you have...

40. Chihuahua neighbor: Abbr.: TEXas. Has the state gone to the dogs?

41. Hill builder: ANT.

42. Ostentatious: SWANK. Hilary? She took three years off to care for her father who needed a lung transplant.

45. Artists Against Fracking co-founder: ONO. Artists Against Fracking is an association of artists initiated by Yoko Ono and her son, Sean Lennon, also including Mark Ruffalo, Robert de Niro, Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, and Deepak Chopra

46. Pitcher feature: EAR. None bigger than Don Mossie's. For you Boomer and HG.

48. Cool relative: RAD. Already passé slang.

49. Bossy comeback: MOO. Cow humor.

55. Preacher's support: AMEN.

58. How much signing is done: IN INK. Also an integral part of my current work, but we use blue ink for a "wet" signature.

59. Coup d'__: ETAT. This is also like putsch: a secretly plotted and suddenly executed attempt to overthrow a government. FIB 5.

60. Rocky __: ROAD. Ice cream. FIB 6.

61. Tars: SALTS. Both names for sailors.

62. Socially conscious: WOKE. Be alert to injustice in society, especially racism.

63. Dieter's count: FATS. Not calories?

64. This, in Toledo: ESTO. Lucina, how are you.

65. Do some parasailing, say: SOAR.


1. 2000s White House girl: SASHA. No politics, just a college kid.
2. Fleshy-leaved plants: ALOES

3. Modest skirts: MIDIS.

4. Symbol for Macy's: STAR.

5. Checked: ARRESTED. We can debate this meaning?

6. Storage aids: BINS.

7. Tesla rival: EDISON. The SKINNY.

9. Important number in Sudoku grid construction: NINE. The key number, as our many Sudokuites would explain.

10. Actress Mendes: EVA.

11. DDE rival: AESAdlai Ewing Stevenson II.

12. "3-1-1" enforcement gp.: TSATransportation Security Administration

14. Perfect models: PARAGONS.

20. 21st of 24: PHI. Greek letters.

21. There's often a colon in one: RATIO.

25. "Mangia!": DIG IN. Today's clecho with 57D. Mangia!":  EAT. Usually heard as mangia, mangia! Italian home cooking can be some of the best meals you ever have whether they use sauce or gravy.

26. Deal maker: AGENT. Think actors and sports stars.
27. Helgenberger of "A Dog's Journey": MARGChina Beach and CSI

28. "Everything Tastes Better With __": Sara Perry cookbook: BACON. Does everyone agree? I do not eat bacon. FIB 7.  She also has one about Garlic.

29. Fixes People, say: EDITS. The magazine, which you can tell by the capital P.

31. Former U.N. chief: ANNANKOFI from Ghana. An impressive man.

32. Shrimp kin: PRAWN.

33. 1964 Tony Randall title role: DR LAO. An odd movie.

35. Gym developments: SIX PACKS. I have one, but I keep it safe under a nice layer of adipose cells.

36. Exxon, formerly: ESSO. This is classic crosswordese.

37. Perfectly pitched: ON KEY.

38. Verbally assault: TEAR INTO.

43. Play areas: ARENAS.

44. Texter's "Beats me": IDKI Don't Know.

47. Come to light: ARISE.

49. Empowerment hashtag: ME TOO. A movement.

50. Universal Studios Japan home: OSAKA. To compete with Disney Japan, I guess. USJ

51. Blender brand: OSTER. I like Oster toaster.

52. Purposes: ENDS.

53. River sediment: SILT. A circular meaning as it is fine sand, clay, or other material carried by running water and deposited as a sediment, especially in a channel or harbor.

54. It breaks quickly nowadays: NEWS.

55. Bit of dogspeak: ARF.

56. Bygone New Zealand bird: MOA. There is no more Moa. A dinosaur descendant. And there is no Moa of me today, but thank you PAK and all who read. Lemonade out, the grid below.

May 24, 2020

Sunday May 23, 2020 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme: "Top to Bottom" - Definition puzzle with a "Down" layer. Each theme entry defines the second part of each clue.


5D. Downgrade: KINDERGARTEN. No kindergarten when I grew up.

10D. Downplay: THE CRUCIBLE. It's an Arthur Miller play. Here, it's an example rather than defining PLAY.



67D. Downcast: THEATER GROUP

70D. Downdraft: ORDER IN A PUB.

Pam seems to be fond of definition puzzle. We just had her "Get Going" earlier this month.

As I mentioned before, definition puzzles tend to have made-up entries. No "all caps" clues for this one. Just an extra "Down" element.


1. Dodge a conviction: WALK. And 58. Help the bad guys: ABET.

5. Kin kin: KITH.

9. Amazon review rating units: STARS. Alas, still no umeboshi for me. Amazon has another glitch.

14. Gathered dust: SAT.

17. Morlock prey: ELOI.

18. Logical opening: IDEO. Ideological. And 85. Prefix with cortical: ADRENO. 123. Gator tails?: ADES. 26. New start?: NEO. 55. Surgery opening?: NEURO.

19. Swift's brutish race: YAHOOS.

20. Backing: PRO.

21. Easter precursor: LENT.

22. What's expected: NORM. I finally caved in and went to the local Asia store for my salt kelp,  umeboshi, fermented tofu, etc. Sadly lots of stuff are out of stock. There are just not enough planes to fly from Asia to the States.

23. Kind of lead a closer often has to protect: ONE-RUN. And 8. One that usually leaves the park: HOMER.

24. Hop on the bandwagon: JOIN.

25. People's 2019 Sexiest Man Alive: LEGEND (John)

27. Drop-down item: MENU.

29. Grammy channel: CBS.

30. Patient person?: NURSE. Nice clue.

31. Sense: FEEL.

33. Copter topper: ROTOR.

35. Tarnished: TAINTED.

37. More than just asks: IMPLORES.

41. Dawn: SUN UP.

43. "Now __ heard it all!": I'VE.

44. Austin __: Tennessee university: PEAY. Wiki says "the university was established in 1927 and named for then-sitting Governor Austin Peay, who is further honored with "Governors", the name of the university's athletic teams.

45. Conquest for Caesar: GAUL.

47. Osso __: BUCO.

48. Court break point: RECESS.

52. 1971 New York prison riot site: ATTICA.

54. Phil Collins' longtime band: GENESIS.

56. First name in student loans: SALLIE. Mae.

57. Big 12 Cowboy's rival: SOONER.

59. Buzz creator: BEE.

61. Twilights, in verse: EENS. Twilight is plurable?

62. Vocalist: SONGSTER.

64. Long border range: URAL.

66. Dives into, as a workload: ATTACKS.

69. Dundee denials: NAES.

70. Speak with style: ORATE.

71. Makeshift weapon: SHIV.

72. Luray attraction: CAVERNS.

75. Burgundy and Weasley: RONS.

76. Landed with a line: REELED IN.

80. Novelist Waugh: ALEC.

81. Ref. whose recent updates include "chillax" and "whatev": OED. Oxford English Dictionary.

83. Ward of "FBI": SELA.

86. College URL ending: DOT EDU.

89. Madison in "Splash," e.g.: MERMAID.

91. Acorn coats: TESTAE. No idea. Plural of "testa".

92. Thumbs-ups: YESSES.

93. "... kissed thee __ killed thee": Othello: ERE I.

94. Foreshadow: BODE.

96. Cut down: HEWN.

97. "Told you so!": SEE.

98. Laundry cycle: RINSE.

100. Furthered the development of: NURTURED.

102. Eager beaver's demand: ME FIRST.

106. Leading airplane features?: NOSES.

108. Farm gatherings: EGGS.

109. Red-carpet honorees: ELITE.

110. Thurman of "Pulp Fiction": UMA.

112. Maker of BILLY bookcases: IKEA. Looks nice.

114. Outback offering: RIB-EYE.

118. Small craft: DORY.

119. Acknowledge the general: SNAP TO.

121. Folksy Guthrie: ARLO.

124. "Great" primate: APE.

125. Post-Christmas event: RETURN.

126. "Forbidden" perfume: TABU.

127. One of a seagoing trio: Niña. 68. 127-Across feature: TILDE.

128. Beethoven's "__ Adieux" Sonata: LES.

129. Horses originally developed in a desert climate: ARABS.

130. Sty feed: SLOP.

131. He played Ricky in early TV: DESI. "I Love Lucy".


1. Competently: WELL.

2. Sheltered, at sea: ALEE.

3. Time-consuming: LONG.

6. Sworn statement: I DO. And 37. Bridge call: I PASS.

7. Stint: TERM.

9. __ Salvador: SAN.

11. Simple choice: A OR B.

12. Haul out of bed: ROUST. And 15. Crop up: ARISE.

13. Phishing target, briefly: SSN.

14. Wear with pride: SPORT.

16. Fit as a fiddle: TONED.

28. Cardinals, e.g.: Abbr.: NOS. Numbers.

30. Skin care brand: NIVEA.

32. Field: LEA.

34. Heavy burden: ONUS.

36. What some put on to feel better about themselves: AIRS.

38. Anti-harassment movement: ME TOO.

39. Anti-apartheid author Alan: PATON. He wrote "Cry, the Beloved Country".

40. Cube makeup: SUGAR.

42. Prepare for a selfie: POSE.

46. Syr. neighbor: LEB.

49. TVA output: ELEC.

50. Descend: SINK.

51. House mtg.: SESS. Session.

53. "Dog Whisperer" Millan: CESAR.

60. Simplify: EASE.

63. Canadian gas: ESSO.

65. Very confused: AT SEA.

72. Suffragist Elizabeth __ Stanton: CADY. Learning moment for me also.

73. Skin soother: ALOE.

74. November honorees: VETS. We're going to the big VA hospital on June 5th. A bit nervous to be there for a few hours. The blood draw area is always a zoo. But we have the KN 95 masks Spitzboov kindly sent to us.

76. Home detector target: RADON.

77. Block: DETER. Our Asia store has this sign.

78. Blown away: IN AWE.

79. Interminably: NO END.

82. Part of FEMA: Abbr.: EMER.

84. Rights movement shorthand: LIB.

87. Maker of Zero-Turn mowers: DEERE.

88. Functions: USES.

90. City that aptly rhymes with "casino": RENO.

95. Word on a bill: DUE.

99. What a mouse may evoke: EEK. Boomer just set up a trap two days ago. We have a troublemaker in the basement.

101. __ Fridays: TGI.

102. Podium handout: MEDAL.

103. Bolt to tie the knot: ELOPE.

104. Sends packing: FIRES.

105. One working on pitches: TUNER. Don G is one.

107. There aren't quite enough of them in musical chairs: SEATS. I don't get this clue.

111. Hari of espionage: MATA.

113. Sea devastated by irrigation projects: ARAL.

115. Actress Falco: EDIE.

116. Urges: YENS.

117. Morales of "Jericho": ESAI.

119. Span. title: SRA.

120. __-80: old computer: TRS.

122. Bit of Wall St. news: LBO.

May 3, 2020

Sunday May 3, 2020 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme: "Get Moving" - Seven moving words are redefined.







44D. RUN: PANTY HOSE MISHAP. Husker Gary and I use HOSE MISHAP for RUN in our football puzzle two years ago.

This is a typical definition theme type. Clues are often in caps and answers are often made-up.

If you have seven entries for a Sunday puzzle, this is an excellent grid to model after.

1. One on a stroll: AMBLER.

7. Absolute: ARRANT. Is this a word you use?

13. Some recyclables: METALS.

19. Louisiana cuisine: CREOLE. Never had gumbo. I do like okra.

20. Gets the old gang together: REUNES.

21. Tapas bar libation: SANGRIA.

24. Acts as a self-appointed regulator of: POLICES.

25. Bit of a jam: BIND.

26. Glitterati groups: A-LISTS.

27. Film studio VIP: DIR. Director. My favorite director is Zhang Yimou. Xi'an native as well.

28. Tint: HUE.

29. Eccentric sort: GEEZER. Often old.

32. God, in Genoa: DIO.

33. Accept as true: BELIEVE.

39. Make anew, as a trench: RE-DIG.

42. Liquid from a trunk: SAP.  Maple!

45. Summoned, in a way: RANG.

46. Portable Asian shelter: YURT. Lots of them in Inner Mongolia.

47. Elliott of hip-hop: MISSY.

48. Half a frozen potato brand: IDA.

49. Keyboards with stops: ORGANS.

52. Forensic analysts, briefly: CSIs. Crime Scene Investigators.

54. Prefix with act or play: INTER.

55. Readied for impact: TENSED.

57. Figure __: EIGHT.

59. It may be fake: TAN.

61. Speed Wagon make: REO. What's in this boy's hand?

62. Some saxes: ALTOS.

63. Instrument in a piano trio: CELLO.

65. River craft for early French explorers: BATEAU. French for "boat".

67. Husband-and-wife creators of Curious George: REYS.

71. PC virus check: SCAN.

74. They may precede bat flips: HOMERS.

76. Bring joy to: ELATE.

77. Chips on the table: KITTY.

78. Love of Lennon's life: ONO.

80. Copy: APE.

81. DKNY label creator: KARAN. Donna Karan worked for Anne Klein in the 1960s and 1970s.

83. Wee: MINUTE.

84. Layer of bricks: MASON.

86. Sermon subjects: SINS.

88. One carrying a torch: WELDER.

91. Turncoat: RAT.

92. Billy Joel's songwriting daughter: ALEXA. Christie Brinkley is aging beautifully.

93. Thesis: Abbr.: DISS.

95. Ávila aunts: TIAS.

96. EMT destinations: ERS.

97. Dorm diet staple: RAMEN. Any been to Ichiran Ramen?

102. Queued up: IN A LINE.

104. Butte-to-Helena dir.: NNE.

105. E-flat equivalent: D SHARP.

108. More, in Mazatlán: MAS.

110. URL ending: ORG.

111. "Being and Nothingness" author: SARTRE.

113. Drive-__: THRU. Here in Minnesota, the banks only provide drive-through services. Our stay-at-home ordered is extended to May 18.

115. Reach: ACHIEVE.

121. Sir __, nickname for the NBA's Barkley: CHARLES.

122. Safer on TV: MORLEY. Such a gentle soul.

123. Baum's good witch: GLINDA.

124. Flower features: SEPALS.

125. Golf course design features: SWALES. Google shows it's "a small hill or depression on a golf course." I just call them hills. Uphill lie. Downhill lies. Also 37. Gp. for good drivers: PGA. And 64. 37-Down's Ernie: ELS.

126. "Gunsmoke" star: ARNESS.


1. Hail __: A CAB.

2. Head honcho: MR BIG.

3. Suisse capital: BERNE.

4. Call from the back: LOUDER.

5. '70s supergroup, initially: ELP. Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

6. Like many AARP mems.: RET. I'm going to be eligible next year. I know Spitzboov is a member. Anyone else? Is it worth the annual fee?

7. Depleted sea: ARAL.

8. Make a home (in): RESIDE.

9. Cosmonaut's home: RUSSIA.

10. Pre-med subject: ANATOMY.

11. Strips in a darkroom, briefly: NEGS. Negatives. Also 14. Blowup: Abbr.: ENL.

12. "Cats" monogram: TSE.

13. New Zealand settler: MAORI. I saw haka dance when a New Zealand factory had a grand opening in Guangzhou. Very noisy.

15. Letters before Fridays: TGI.

17. Place: LIEU.

18. Postpaid encl.: SASE.

21. Word in a "What's done is done" proverb: SPILT.

23. Kitchen prep job: PARING.

27. Teeth: Pref.: DENTI.

30. 2/3 of 100?: ZEROES. Oh, OK. 100.

31. Online greeting: E-CARD.

33. Like a ruined balloon: BURST. So the mouthwatering kelp I had been waiting for over a month never came. Amazon has refunded me. The package probably never left Japan.

34. White fur: ERMINE.

35. Marble characteristic: VEIN.

38. Cry from a sting: OUCH.

40. "Got it": I SEE.

41. Greek sandwich: GYRO. Never had one.

42. Bollywood soundtrack strings: SITAR.

43. Singer with numbered albums: ADELE.

50. Jodie Foster title role: NELL.

51. Rural skyline feature: SILO.

53. Orally report: STATE.

56. Barely worth mentioning: SO SO.

58. Errand runner: GOFER.

60. Part of NCAA: Abbr.: ATH.

63. Apple leftovers: CORES. Peach and nectarine season should be here soon. And watermelon. I'm tired of apples.

65. Tweet creator, at times: BOT.

66. A-apple link: AS IN. A as in apple. 

68. Brief sign of status: REP.

69. __ hammer: CLAW.

70. Place with pins and balls: LANE.

72. Rose extract: ATTAR.

73. Russian rejections: NYETS.

75. Sábado, on viernes: MANANA. Saturday, to Friday. Googled afterwards.

77. Cherry-flavored brandy: KIRSCH.

78. "A Jug of Wine ... " poet: OMAR.

79. Animated queen: NALA. "The Lion King".

81. Word with bread or butter: KNIFE.

82. Little helper?: ASST. Assistant. Little suggests Abbr.

83. Stands for: MEANS.

85. Yoked pair: OXEN.

87. Picking from a mug book: ID'ING.

89. Part of LLC: Abbr.: LTD.

90. Royal headwear: DIADEM. Not CROWNS.

94. Rat Pack leader: SINATRA.

98. Sacks: FIRES.

99. Sign up: ENROLL.

100. Fixed rate: SET FEE.

101. Uses HelloFresh, say: EATS IN.

103. Can't get enough of: LOVES. I can eat these every day.

106. Cologne's river: RHINE.

107. Nudges along: PRODS.

108. "Big" fast-food orders: MACS.

109. Tylenol target: ACHE.

111. Garbage hauler: SCOW.

112. Rob __: cocktails: ROYS.

114. Some, in San Juan: UNAS.

116. Nest egg acronym: IRA.

117. Bracket shape: ELL.

118. Early hrs.: AMS.

119. Franchise-based supermarket chain: IGA.  Independent Grocers Alliance.

120. Photog's choice: SLR.

Happy 76th birthday to Dave (D4E4H), who told me that his friend "Carol's daughter, Patty sent me an amazing Lemon cake this year.  Carol and I are behind on our Cruciverbalism, so we solved the CW from Wed. 4-29, early this morning, after cake.  We FIR in 33:49 min."

Mar 15, 2020

Sunday March 15, 2020 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme: "No Rhyme, No Reason" - The two words in each theme entry have similar spellings but different pronunciations.
23. Costuming choice for a "Cats" performance?: LEOPARD LEOTARD.

37. Proctor's nightmare?: GREAT CHEAT.

41. Tree surgeon's challenge?: TOUGH BOUGH.

51. One skilled at squandering?: MASTER WASTER.

70. Sweeping thoroughfare?: BROAD ROAD.

84. Expert on current energy options?: SOLAR SCHOLAR.

95. Dud of a car that Stephen King might write about?: DEMON LEMON.

100. Chophouse bandit?: STEAK SNEAK.

118. Lazy son, vis-à-vis his lazy dad?: YOUNGER LOUNGER.

Are these called eye rhymes?

I feel English pronunciations are mostly rational, but the above are great examples of the exceptions. And of course, the classic set of Bough, Cough, Through & Dough.

1. Just one of the fam: SIS.

4. Quayle successor: GORE. Not much climate talk lately.

8. Part of PBR: PABST.

13. Brazilian dances: SAMBAS. Rio Carnival goes on.

19. 1881 face-off spot: OK CORRAL.

21. "... only God can make __": Kilmer: A TREE.

22. How some bills are paid: IN CASH.

25. Move to protect a king: CASTLE. Oh, chess move.

26. Put away: EATEN. Look at the empty shelves at the toilet paper section at our local grocery store. Just can't find sushi rice in any of the stores.

27. Mag. edition: ISS.

28. "Hulk" director Lee: ANG.

29. Retired flier, briefly: SST.

30. Fair-hiring abbr.: EOE.

31. Narrow inlets: RIAS.

33. Crowded subway metaphor: SARDINE.

36. Prince in "Frozen": HANS.

44. Just right: TO A TEE.

45. Yucatán's yesterday: AYER. Opposite "Manana"'.

47. Reeves of "Point Break": KEANU.

48. Self-descriptive adjective: OLDE.

49. Prof's assistants: TAS.

57. "Mamma Mia!" song: SOS.

58. See 87-Down: BELT. 87. With 58-Across, area with severely declining industry: RUST.

59. Midori in a rink: ITO.

60. Brother of Macaulay and Rory: KIERAN. I only know Macaulay.

61. Like each succeeding eye chart line: TINIER.

63. Butterflies: NERVES.

66. Broad bean: FAVA.

67. Fathered, biblically: BEGAT.

72. Mont Blanc's range, to its west: ALPES.

73. News source, perhaps: LEAK.

74. Pool slip-up: MISCUE.

75. Author of kids' Busytown books: SCARRY (Richard). Not a familiar name to me.

77. Showing faith in: TRUE TO.

79. Bit of animation: CEL.

80. "We're gonna be late!": C'MON.

81. Utter: SAY.

88. Classic ending?: IST. Classicist. 109. Piece of TNT?: TRI. Trinitrotoluene. 127. Self starter?: ESS.

89. "Mi __ es tu __": CASA.

90. Wide receiver Don who played in five Super Bowls: BEEBE.

91. Shanghai money: YUAN. All have Mao's face.

93. Part of a Norwegian-sounding ice cream name: HAAGEN. I visited Haagen-Dazs Shanghai ages ago.

102. All over: ANEW.

103. Lasagna layer: RICOTTA.

105. More than half: MOST.

106. H.S. dropout's goal: GED.

107. Small shot: BBS.

110. First lady Hoover: LOU.

112. Garlicky spread: AIOLI.

116. "Aladdin" backdrop: ARABIA.

121. They bite: MOLARS.

122. Sleep disorder: APNEA.

123. Fib: TELL A LIE.

124. Prominent Syrian family: ASSADS.

125. Bette's "Divine" nickname: MISS M.

126. Editor's backpedaling: STET.


1. What's underfoot?: SOLE.

2. DIY furniture brand: IKEA. Has any of you tried their cod roe?

3. Robbie Coltrane, e.g.: SCOT.

4. Curling stone: GRANITE.

5. Hockey great: ORR.

6. Salad slice: RADISH. I love daikon.

7. Some annexes: ELLS.

8. Kung __ chicken: PAO.

9. Rose oil: ATTAR.

10. 1971 Peace Prize awardee: BRANDT (Willy). Unknown to me. He looks friendly.

11. Golfer Garcia: SERGIO. His daughter is named Azalea.

12. Talks acronym: TED. Ted talks.

13. Unleashes (on): SICS.

14. Med school subj.: ANAT.

15. Mic wielders: MCS.

16. Flat-bottomed boat: BATEAU. Here is the pic from Wiki.

17. Comparable in distance: AS LONG.

18. "Blimey!" cousin: SHEESH.

20. Run or work: OPERATE.

24. English homework: ESSAY.

29. Rocker Bob: SEGER.

32. Blackjack holding: ACE TEN.

34. "Up and __!": AT 'EM.

35. Zap in the kitchen: NUKE.

36. Indoor buzzer?: HOUSEFLY.

37. Sporty muscle cars: GTOS.

38. Milk Dud rival: ROLO.

39. "CSI" actor George: EADS.

40. Egg-hunt holidays: EASTERS.

42. Sells aggressively: HAWKS. So glad Amazon deleted many accounts of of those price gougers.

43. __ B'rith: BNAI.

46. Deluge result, perhaps: RAIN DELAY.

50. The best one is airtight: ALIBI.

52. Ending for hip: STER.

53. Bilbao bulls: TOROS.

54. Con game, say: TRAP.

55. Roof edge: EAVE.

56. Genetic strands: RNAS. Odd pluralized.

58. Trace: BIT.

61. "Brava!": TAKE A BOW.

62. Cookbook author DiSpirito: ROCCO. What's his signature dish?

64. Protective shot: VACCINE.

65. Dutch wheels: EDAMS.

67. Diner menu staples: BLTS.

68. MIT Chapel designer Saarinen: EERO.

69. Caesar's France: GAUL.

71. Writer of really old stories?: AUEL. Read more here.

72. Valiant's son: ARN.

74. German wine region: MOSEL. Must be gimme for Marti.

76. Abstract expressionist Mark: ROTHKO.

78. Chihuahua choo-choo: TREN. And 96. Juarez winter months: ENEROS. 89. Bar in Baja: CANTINA.

81. Stuffing stuff: SAGE.

82. Well offshore: ASEA.

83. Reb's rival: YANK.

85. Transmitting truckers: CBERS. Thought or Argyle.

86. Sphere opener: HEMI.

92. Dickens title starter: A TALE.

94. Verbal attack: ASSAULT.

95. First European to sail to India: DA GAMA.

97. Gold and silver: MEDALS.

98. Well-armed swimmers?: OCTOPI. Cute clue.

99. Shutout feature: NO RUNS.

101. Good luck charm: AMULET. My friend Roberto used to wear an evil eye.

104. Fork "fingers": TINES.

107. Frequent flier: BIRD.

108. Singer Lance, or the part he sang with *NSYNC: BASS.

111. Leftover scraps: ORTS.

113. Check out creepily: OGLE.

114. Island chains: LEIS.

115. Ticks off: IRES.

117. Barnyard bleat: BAA.

118. Thanksgiving tuber: YAM.

119. Whale group: GAM.

120. World Cup cry: OLE.


Jan 19, 2020

Sunday January 10, 2020 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme:  "Flight of Fancy" - Part of each familiar phrase is replaced by a sound-alike bird name.

27A. Museum piece depicting a songbird battle?: WREN WAR PAINTING. Renoir painting.

40A. Turkey concerned with the details?: TECHNICAL FOWL. Technical foul.

65A. Supply for a bird-of-prey flu epidemic?: ILL EAGLE DRUGS. Illegal drugs.

84A. Target audience for SINGLE PARROTS. Single parent.

103A. Troupe of pink entertainers?: FLAMINGO DANCERS. Flamenco dancer.
16D Where seabirds grab buses?: PETREL STATIONS. Petrol station.

47D. Bird skilled at long hoops shots?: THREE-POINT TERN. Three-point turn.

Hey, I got all the original phrases without asking D-Otto. Success!

This type if theme is the hardest for me as sometimes the replacement is a full homophone, sometimes it's just sound-alike. But they're all so imaginative.


1. Col. Potter on "M*A*S*H," to pals: SHERM. Sherman T. Potter.

6. Where Biles balances: BEAM. The amazing Simone Biles.

10. GQ stat: CIRC. Circulation.

14. Jokes around: JAPES.

19. Anne of "Psycho" (1998): HECHE.

20. Something up your sleeve: ULNA. Fresh clue angle.

21. Sign of hollowness: ECHO.

22. Idaho's Coeur d'__ River: ALENE.

23. 1944 Italian beachhead: ANZIO. No idea. It's south of Rome.

24. Standing lead-in: LONG. Long-standing.

25. Broadway lighter: NEON.

26. Terra __: COTTA.

30. Tabloid-worthy: LURID.

31. Key fruit: LIME.

32. Grafton of mystery: SUE. And 80. "__ for Innocent": Grafton: I IS.

33. Mexican menu meat: CARNE.

34. Bayou sound: ZYDECO. What does this word mean?

35. Pageant accessories: SASHES.

37. "Hulk" star Eric: BANA.

38. Games go-with: FUN.

39. KFC choice: LEG. KFC entered Xi'an market around 1992. McDonald's a decade later. But Xi'an now has Uniqlo and Muji. I bet most of you still don't have those two in your area.

44. Ed.'s inbox fillers: MSS.

45. Oregon city namesake: ASTOR.

48. Bank acct. item: INT.

49. Reach, finally: END UP AT.

51. "High Hopes" lyricist: CAHN (Sammy)

52. Quietly keeps in the loop: BCCS.

54. Dugout sight: MITT.

56. Khan of Rufus: CHAKA.

59. Item in a Blackpool boot: TYRE. Not familiar with this British city.

60. Massage response: AAH.

61. Spot for an icicle: EAVE.

62. Rockies roamers: WAPITIS.

64. Find a purpose for: USE.

68. Cards with pics: IDS. Star Tribune said only that 10% of the Minnesotans have applied for Real IDs.

69. Like Purell-treated hands: ASEPTIC.

71. "Archie's Pals 'n' __": old comic book series: GALS.

72. El Al's home: Abbr.: ISR.

73. Tip-top: A ONE.

74. World Golf Hall of Famer Nancy: LOPEZ. She used to appear regularly at the 3M Champions Tour event. Annika was there also.

75. Frees (of): RIDS.

76. __ jure: by the law itself: IPSO.

77. Genetic chains: RNAS. Spell check does not like the plural form.

78. Soapbox address: ORATION.

81. Blood pressure raiser: IRE. Not mine. Nothing raises mine. Absurd. I eat pickled stuff almost every day.

82. Talks like Daffy: LISPS.

83. Knight supporter?: PIP. Gladys Knight.

89. __ star: TIN.

90. Is afflicted with: HAS.

91. Those, south of the border: ESOS.

92. Vital lines: AORTAS.

95. Bluff and bluster: HOT AIR.

97. "Now you've done it!": I'M MAD.

99. Lane target: PIN. Bowling.

100. Snack with a Green Tea version in China and Japan: OREO. Nailed it.

102. Fighters: ANTIS.

106. Runs rampant: TEEMS.

107. Panelist Love of "The Real": LONI. Learning moment for me also.

108. It's high in France: ALPE.

109. MGM motto ender: ARTIS.

110. Sleeper's option: SERTA. Hey, we fixed our box spring undercover fiasco with tacks rather than those hard-to-operate staple guns. D-Otto just knows everything. 

111. "More than a beauty company" company: AVON.

112. Gritty film genre: NOIR.

113. Persian faith: BAHAI.

114. Uncertain ending words: OR NOT.

115. Titanic problem: BERG.

116. Virtually never loses to: OWNS. Oh, like owns the game.

117. Well past its prime: STALE.


1. Prayer garment: SHAWL.

2. Matisse and Rousseau: HENRIS.

3. Aloe target: ECZEMA.

4. Imitation gem: RHINESTONE. Great fill.

5. "Where's my cat treat?": MEOW.

6. Plant associated with the infant Moses: BULRUSH.

7. Tie the knot on the run: ELOPE.

8. "Frozen" princess: ANNA.

9. Performance with tricks: MAGIC ACT.

10. Primary: CENTRAL.

11. Trap during winter: ICE IN. Lots of snow here on Friday/Saturday. 

12. River at Avignon: RHONE.

13. D.C. group: CONG. Just short for "congress".

14. She played Kelly on "Charlie's Angels": JACLYN (Smith)

15. One way to read: ALOUD.

17. Baits: ENTICES.

18. Salty sort: SEA DOG.  Salt-y.  Boomer is jealous of Spitzboov's white uniform.

28. "Just wait __!": A SEC.

29. Baby spoiler, often: NANA.

34. Last letter in radio lingo: ZULU. And 36. That ship: HER. All for Spitzboov, who uses "Brave Zulu" at times.

37. Hoppers: BINS.

38. Email abbr.: FWD.

41. __ market: NICHE.

42. Threw a party for: FETED.

43. N.Y. neighbor: ONT.

44. Half a luau serving?: MAHI. Huge.

45. Real: ACTUAL.

46. Tells it like it is: SAYS SO.

50. HMO doctor designations: PCPS. Primary care physicians.

52. Java neighbor: BALI.

53. H.S. math course: CALC.

54. Etail alternatives: MALLS. I just want Uniqlo to come to Minnesota. This is the best I've worn. So comfy. It's like you're wearing nothing.

55. Currier's partner: IVES.

57. Take badly?: KIDNAP.

58. Take stock of: ASSESS.

61. "Yikes!": EGAD.

62. Gutless one: WUSS.

63. Farming prefix: AGRO.

65. Chichén __: Mayan ruins: ITZA. Hahtoolah was there.

66. Kept in a cask, say: AGING.

67. Not as green: RIPER.

70. APB subject: PERP.

73. Upper crust type: ARISTOCRAT.

75. Hermione's guy: RON. "Harry Potter".

76. Nest egg plans: IRAS.

79. Royal until 1917: TSAR.

81. Music player with many generations: IPOD NANO.

82. Ptr. paper size: LTR.

83. Initiate: PIONEER.

85. Legendary migrator: LEMMING. Forgot. We had him before.

86. "Ozark" actor Morales: ESAI.

87. 2020 Vegas NFLers, if the new stadium is ready: RAIDERS.

88. Chaplin of "Game of Thrones": OONA.

89. "Oh, really?": THAT SO.

90. Warn, feline-style: HISS AT.

93. "Queen of Soul": ARETHA.

94. "To be continued" story: SERIAL.

96. "We __ please": AIM TO.

97. Valentine message words: I LOVE.

98. Estate centerpiece: MANOR.

99. Drop by: POP IN.
101. Actor Davis: OSSIE.

103. Trainer's concern: FLAB.

104. What embers do: GLOW.

105. Arrests: NABS.


Dear Agnes lost her older sister Anne on January 11. May you rest in peace, Anne! 

Agnes also developed some eye issues. Constantly tearing. It'll probably take a few more days for the artificial tear to work its magic. Get well soon, Agnes! We need you on the blog.

L-R: Anne, Agnes, Eileen, Mary, and Peggy. March 2019