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Jan 19, 2020

Sunday January 10, 2020 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme:  "Flight of Fancy" - Part of each familiar phrase is replaced by a sound-alike bird name.

27A. Museum piece depicting a songbird battle?: WREN WAR PAINTING. Renoir painting.

40A. Turkey concerned with the details?: TECHNICAL FOWL. Technical foul.

65A. Supply for a bird-of-prey flu epidemic?: ILL EAGLE DRUGS. Illegal drugs.

84A. Target audience for SINGLE PARROTS. Single parent.

103A. Troupe of pink entertainers?: FLAMINGO DANCERS. Flamenco dancer.
16D Where seabirds grab buses?: PETREL STATIONS. Petrol station.

47D. Bird skilled at long hoops shots?: THREE-POINT TERN. Three-point turn.

Hey, I got all the original phrases without asking D-Otto. Success!

This type if theme is the hardest for me as sometimes the replacement is a full homophone, sometimes it's just sound-alike. But they're all so imaginative.


1. Col. Potter on "M*A*S*H," to pals: SHERM. Sherman T. Potter.

6. Where Biles balances: BEAM. The amazing Simone Biles.

10. GQ stat: CIRC. Circulation.

14. Jokes around: JAPES.

19. Anne of "Psycho" (1998): HECHE.

20. Something up your sleeve: ULNA. Fresh clue angle.

21. Sign of hollowness: ECHO.

22. Idaho's Coeur d'__ River: ALENE.

23. 1944 Italian beachhead: ANZIO. No idea. It's south of Rome.

24. Standing lead-in: LONG. Long-standing.

25. Broadway lighter: NEON.

26. Terra __: COTTA.

30. Tabloid-worthy: LURID.

31. Key fruit: LIME.

32. Grafton of mystery: SUE. And 80. "__ for Innocent": Grafton: I IS.

33. Mexican menu meat: CARNE.

34. Bayou sound: ZYDECO. What does this word mean?

35. Pageant accessories: SASHES.

37. "Hulk" star Eric: BANA.

38. Games go-with: FUN.

39. KFC choice: LEG. KFC entered Xi'an market around 1992. McDonald's a decade later. But Xi'an now has Uniqlo and Muji. I bet most of you still don't have those two in your area.

44. Ed.'s inbox fillers: MSS.

45. Oregon city namesake: ASTOR.

48. Bank acct. item: INT.

49. Reach, finally: END UP AT.

51. "High Hopes" lyricist: CAHN (Sammy)

52. Quietly keeps in the loop: BCCS.

54. Dugout sight: MITT.

56. Khan of Rufus: CHAKA.

59. Item in a Blackpool boot: TYRE. Not familiar with this British city.

60. Massage response: AAH.

61. Spot for an icicle: EAVE.

62. Rockies roamers: WAPITIS.

64. Find a purpose for: USE.

68. Cards with pics: IDS. Star Tribune said only that 10% of the Minnesotans have applied for Real IDs.

69. Like Purell-treated hands: ASEPTIC.

71. "Archie's Pals 'n' __": old comic book series: GALS.

72. El Al's home: Abbr.: ISR.

73. Tip-top: A ONE.

74. World Golf Hall of Famer Nancy: LOPEZ. She used to appear regularly at the 3M Champions Tour event. Annika was there also.

75. Frees (of): RIDS.

76. __ jure: by the law itself: IPSO.

77. Genetic chains: RNAS. Spell check does not like the plural form.

78. Soapbox address: ORATION.

81. Blood pressure raiser: IRE. Not mine. Nothing raises mine. Absurd. I eat pickled stuff almost every day.

82. Talks like Daffy: LISPS.

83. Knight supporter?: PIP. Gladys Knight.

89. __ star: TIN.

90. Is afflicted with: HAS.

91. Those, south of the border: ESOS.

92. Vital lines: AORTAS.

95. Bluff and bluster: HOT AIR.

97. "Now you've done it!": I'M MAD.

99. Lane target: PIN. Bowling.

100. Snack with a Green Tea version in China and Japan: OREO. Nailed it.

102. Fighters: ANTIS.

106. Runs rampant: TEEMS.

107. Panelist Love of "The Real": LONI. Learning moment for me also.

108. It's high in France: ALPE.

109. MGM motto ender: ARTIS.

110. Sleeper's option: SERTA. Hey, we fixed our box spring undercover fiasco with tacks rather than those hard-to-operate staple guns. D-Otto just knows everything. 

111. "More than a beauty company" company: AVON.

112. Gritty film genre: NOIR.

113. Persian faith: BAHAI.

114. Uncertain ending words: OR NOT.

115. Titanic problem: BERG.

116. Virtually never loses to: OWNS. Oh, like owns the game.

117. Well past its prime: STALE.


1. Prayer garment: SHAWL.

2. Matisse and Rousseau: HENRIS.

3. Aloe target: ECZEMA.

4. Imitation gem: RHINESTONE. Great fill.

5. "Where's my cat treat?": MEOW.

6. Plant associated with the infant Moses: BULRUSH.

7. Tie the knot on the run: ELOPE.

8. "Frozen" princess: ANNA.

9. Performance with tricks: MAGIC ACT.

10. Primary: CENTRAL.

11. Trap during winter: ICE IN. Lots of snow here on Friday/Saturday. 

12. River at Avignon: RHONE.

13. D.C. group: CONG. Just short for "congress".

14. She played Kelly on "Charlie's Angels": JACLYN (Smith)

15. One way to read: ALOUD.

17. Baits: ENTICES.

18. Salty sort: SEA DOG.  Salt-y.  Boomer is jealous of Spitzboov's white uniform.

28. "Just wait __!": A SEC.

29. Baby spoiler, often: NANA.

34. Last letter in radio lingo: ZULU. And 36. That ship: HER. All for Spitzboov, who uses "Brave Zulu" at times.

37. Hoppers: BINS.

38. Email abbr.: FWD.

41. __ market: NICHE.

42. Threw a party for: FETED.

43. N.Y. neighbor: ONT.

44. Half a luau serving?: MAHI. Huge.

45. Real: ACTUAL.

46. Tells it like it is: SAYS SO.

50. HMO doctor designations: PCPS. Primary care physicians.

52. Java neighbor: BALI.

53. H.S. math course: CALC.

54. Etail alternatives: MALLS. I just want Uniqlo to come to Minnesota. This is the best I've worn. So comfy. It's like you're wearing nothing.

55. Currier's partner: IVES.

57. Take badly?: KIDNAP.

58. Take stock of: ASSESS.

61. "Yikes!": EGAD.

62. Gutless one: WUSS.

63. Farming prefix: AGRO.

65. Chichén __: Mayan ruins: ITZA. Hahtoolah was there.

66. Kept in a cask, say: AGING.

67. Not as green: RIPER.

70. APB subject: PERP.

73. Upper crust type: ARISTOCRAT.

75. Hermione's guy: RON. "Harry Potter".

76. Nest egg plans: IRAS.

79. Royal until 1917: TSAR.

81. Music player with many generations: IPOD NANO.

82. Ptr. paper size: LTR.

83. Initiate: PIONEER.

85. Legendary migrator: LEMMING. Forgot. We had him before.

86. "Ozark" actor Morales: ESAI.

87. 2020 Vegas NFLers, if the new stadium is ready: RAIDERS.

88. Chaplin of "Game of Thrones": OONA.

89. "Oh, really?": THAT SO.

90. Warn, feline-style: HISS AT.

93. "Queen of Soul": ARETHA.

94. "To be continued" story: SERIAL.

96. "We __ please": AIM TO.

97. Valentine message words: I LOVE.

98. Estate centerpiece: MANOR.

99. Drop by: POP IN.
101. Actor Davis: OSSIE.

103. Trainer's concern: FLAB.

104. What embers do: GLOW.

105. Arrests: NABS.


Dear Agnes lost her older sister Anne on January 11. May you rest in peace, Anne! 

Agnes also developed some eye issues. Constantly tearing. It'll probably take a few more days for the artificial tear to work its magic. Get well soon, Agnes! We need you on the blog.

L-R: Anne, Agnes, Eileen, Mary, and Peggy. March 2019

Nov 17, 2019

Sunday November 17, 2019 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme: "Dined In" - ATE sound is added to each theme entry, changing spelling as needed.

22A. Note to self before appearing on "America's Got Talent"?: CAPTIVATE AUDIENCE. Captive audience.
59A. Ancient Greek warrior's pet monkey?: AMAZON PRIMATE. Amazon Prime.

79A. Try to cure the effects of a skunk invasion on a semi?: AERATE FREIGHT. Air freight.

118A. Best Reader Award winner?: PICK OF THE LITERATE. Pick of the litter.

15D. "That's not a baby bump?"?: SURELY YOU GESTATE. Surely you jest.

37D. Liven up the science fair?: ACTIVATE VOLCANOS. Active volcanos. I use "volcanoes".

There's an extra "Dined in" sound in 79A, though different spelling. 

Only 6 themers, but they're mostly very long. We have a total 105 theme squares. About our average.


1. Arctic "snowshoe" critters: HARES. Snowshoe hare.

6. Musical Mama: CASS.

10. Meter users: BARDS. Poetic meter.

15. Bit of beer, say: SIP.

18. Cluster of stars?: A-LIST. Well, this is a great cluster, except that he has Kevin Spacey.

19. Myanmar, at one time: BURMA.

20. Look forward to: AWAIT.

21. Colorful card game: UNO.

25. MGM rival: RKO.

26. Tile setter, often: KNEELER.

27. Firing offense?: ARSON. Oldie but goodie.

28. Well-mannered: GENTEEL. C'est tres gentil!

30. Bits of energy: ERGS.

32. Stable dwellers: MARES.

34. Dresses down: SCOLDS.

35. "What do you __?": MEAN.

39. Where to find Reubens and Cubans: DELI. Never had a Cuban sandwich before.

41. They're in the air: GASES.

43. Today, to Tomás: HOY. And  4. 90° from norte: ESTE. 36. Mes con 31 días: ENERO. 81. Spanish 101 word: ERES.

44. Coop up in a coop: ENCAGE. I use CAGE.

46. Take a load off: EASE.

48. Cry out loud: SOB.

50. Soapmaking compounds: LYES.

53. Put a damper on: DETER.

54. Gospel travelers: MAGI. 94D. One of the 54-Across: CASPAR.

55. Fire sign: FLAME.

57. Not just primary, as an heir: SOLE.

58. Uzi's brother in "The Royal Tenenbaums": ARI. No idea. You can read more here.

63. Take advantage of: USE.

64. Place to see X's and O's: LOVE NOTE.

66. Witch: CRONE.

67. Like the soles of walking boots: RIDGED.

69. Put on a pedestal: ADORE.

70. Cinematic Sergio: LEONE. Spaghetti Western. "Once Upon a Time in the West", etc.

71. Actor's nickname that sounds like a golf term: BOGIE. Humphrey Bogart.

72. Posy pieces: PETALS.

74. '90s candidate who opposed NAFTA: PEROT.

75. Walter Reed hospital city: BETHESDA.

78. Night before the big day: EVE.

82. Carol opener: TIS.

83. Jeans name: LEVI. D-Otto's brand.

85. Like some probes: LUNAR.

86. "LOTR" menaces: ORCS. The Lord of the Rings.

87. Leaders: HEADS.

89. Jumbo tail?: TRON. Jumbotron.

90. Vicious with a bass: SID. Sid Vicious was a bassist.

91. Pea opener in toons?: SWEE. Swee'Pea. Popeye's kid.

92. Fly over Africa: TSETSE. Thank God they do not fly over our head.

93. Express opp.: LOC. Local.

95. __ academy: NAVAL.

98. Go a round or two: SPAR.

100. Many August births: LEOS.

101. Spa offering: FACIAL.

104. Rope maker's supply: SISAL.

106. Tried to make up for lost time: SPED.

108. Part of it is now a desert: ARAL SEA.

110. Whale tracker: SONAR.

112. Short end of the stick: RAW DEAL.

117. Cru output: VIN.

121. Classic auto: REO.

122. Adjust: ALTER.

123. Cybersales: E-TAIL. Have any of you tried Uniqclo or Everlane?

124. Noted 2001 bankruptcy: ENRON.

125. Solid start?: ESS. Solid.

126. Word in a Morton Salt motto: RAINS.

127. Thin change: DIME.

128. 1951 Reagan co-star: BONZO.


1. Modern-day break-in: HACK.

2. Snape portrayer Rickman: ALAN.

3. Ready in the field: RIPE. The Asian store had a few cut-up pieces of jackfruit on sale the other day. Carmen (my pal in Guangzhou) told me that it tasted more like durian rather than pineapple. So I was expecting the melt-in-your-mouth taste of durian. So disappointed.


5. Way through a fence: STILE.

6. "Scene's over!": CUT.

7. 51, for one: AREA.

8. Insincere flattery: SMARM.

9. Pepperoni alternative: SAUSAGE. These are  Guangzhou-style sausages. Best in the world.

10. ... Fitzgerald, __, Milhous ...: BAINES. JFK, LBJ, Nixon.

11. Stunned state: AWE.

12. Summoned to the door: RANG.

13. Does some meal prep: DICES.

14. Foul quality: STENCH.

16. Signed: INKED.

17. Backyard amenities: POOLS. Not in our yard.

19. Canal craft: BARGE.

23. Mesa __ National Park: VERDE.

24. Toon adventurer: DORA.

29. They get the job done: TOOLS.

31. Scandalous stuff: SLEAZE.

33. With 52-Down, bagel flavoring: SESAME. 52. See 33-Down: SEED.

35. Competition carrot: MEDAL. Reward "carrot".

38. Dundee denial: NAE.

40. "I hate the Moor" speaker: IAGO. 70. "Why, then, __ soldier drink!": 40-Down: LET A.

42. Victoria's Secret competitor: SOMA. Have yet to try this brand.

45. Hiker's handful: GRANOLA.

47. More honest: SINCERER.

49. Promise to marry: BETROTH.

51. End of an ultimatum: ELSE.

54. Down Under bud: MATE.

55. Hot concert spot: FRONT ROW.

56. No surprise to a Disney World arrival: LINE.  Gary knows full well.

60. Delightful bites: MORSELS.

61. Prosecutor's burden: PROOF.

62. Pieces of pie, often: EIGHTHS.

65. Educator LeShan: EDA.

68. Common game piece: DIE.

71. More than just asks: BEGS.

72. Hide in the forest?: PELT. Noun "hide".

73. Happily-after link: EVER.

74. Critters with black eye patches: PANDAS.

75. Guns that don't shoot: BICEPS. Must have been photoshopped.

76. Playground comeback: DID SO.

77. Pack animals: ASSES.

80. Machu Picchu or Chichén Itzá: RUIN.

84. How tuna might be packed: IN OIL. And 88. Skinny swimmer: EEL. Not a fan of tuna. But love roasted eels.

91. Not straight up: SLANTED.

92. Pleasant surprise: TREAT.

96. Golfers' headgear: VISORS.

97. Beginning with: AS OF.

99. 102-Down month: APRIL. 102. Fire sign: ARIES.

101. Pro Football Hall of Fame QB Brett: FAVRE. Was a Viking for a short period of time.

103. "The Pearl Fishers" priestess: LEILA. Another unknown.

105. "The Good Fight" actress: LAHTI (Christine)

107. Social misfit: DWEEB.

109. When the story starts on stage: ACT I.

111. Copy paper purchase: REAM.

113. Early Bond foe: DR NO.

114. Pull down: EARN.

115. Familiar gamut: A TO Z.

116. Car-collecting comic: LENO.

119. "Country Music" chronicler Burns: KEN.

120. Bit of perjury: LIE.


Sep 15, 2019

Sunday September 15, 2019 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme: "It's a Plus" - Six Greek letters (ETA, CHI, PHI, TAU, PSI & RHO) form six plus signs (crosses) in this puzzle. - I'll just list the long theme entries as they all span across various words. But as you can see from the Answer Grid, more theme entries are involved. This grid is very demanding.

22A. Wall Street threat: HOSTILE TAKEOVER.
47A. "Way to go!": HIP HIP HOORAY.
86A. Puts an early stop to: NIPS IN THE BUD.

115A. Buttery Boston bread: PARKER HOUSE ROLL.

14D. Preemptive action, proverbially: A STITCH IN TIME.

53D. Popular charity event: SILENT AUCTION.
65. With 67-Across, what appears in each set of circles: GREEK.

67. See 65-Across: CROSS.

Such a creative theme. As I said earlier, this grid is very challenging to fill due to the three Across & three Down theme material. Pam have little maneuver room.

1. Roadie's burden: AMP.

4. It isn't meant to be taken seriously: FARCE.

9. Fateful day for Caesar: IDES.

13. Control: TAME.

17. Like Richard of Almanack fame: POOR.

19. Schools of thought: IDEOLOGIES. 26. Amber and silver: ALERTS. Both parts of the ETA crossing.

21. "Carmen on Ice" Emmy sharer Brian: ORSER.

24. With 98-Down, Broadway's first Evita: PATTI. 98. See 24-Across: LUPONE.

25. Sharply focused: INTENT.

27. Emmy winner for 1997's "George Wallace": SINISE. Unaware of the film. He'll always be Lieutenant Dan to me.

28. Brutus' 551: DLI.

29. What gym members try to get in: SHAPE.

31. Medical screening tool: TB TEST.

33. Occupy, as a bar: SIT AT.

35. Overseas seas: MERS.

37. Source of sticker shock?: THORN. Stick-er.

39. Some window units: ACS. And 73. Freeze over: ICE UP.

41. Sandal feature: T STRAP. A few other letter openers: 45. Program blocker: V CHIP. 50. Rock memoir: I TINA. 108. F equivalent: E SHARP.

43. Google __: CHROME.

51. "Oh, and another thing," on a ltr.: PPS.

54. Market section: DAIRY.

55. Idaho exports: RUSSETS. Boomer makes terrific potato salad. The key is the Spin Blend, which is only available at Walmart in our area.

57. Its "C" once stood for "cash": NCR.

58. Crop up: ARISE.

60. Match play?: ARSON. Nice clue.

62. Spoke from memory: RECITED.

64. Corn Belt sight: SILO.

70. Spanish painter who influenced Pollock: MIRO.

71. Ballet need: TOE SHOE.

75. Red Sea nation: YEMEN.

76. South end?: ERN. Southern.

77. Dangerfield's "There goes the neighborhood," e.g.: EPITAPH.

80. Refuse: SAY NO.

83. RNs' workplaces: ERS.

84. Soda purchase: LITER.

89. Rusty with a bat: STAUB. Wiki says "He was the only major league player to have 500 hits with four different team."

90. Retro photos: SEPIAS.

91. Mercedes subcompact: A CLASS.

94. "No prob": YUP.

95. Word in a White House title: FIRST. Oh, OK. First Lady.

96. Leatherwork tools: AWLS.

99. Exams for future 88-Downs: LSATS. And 88. See 99-Across: DAS.

101. Winter driving aids: CHAINS.  Followed by 103. They're driven: AUTOS.

105. Collar wearer, often: PET.

106. Celebrate an anniversary, say: EAT OUT. Boomer and I will be celebrating our 20-year anniversary next May.

112. Take-home: NET PAY.

114. Drum major's move: TWIRL.

118. Sci-fi figure: DROID.

119. "Agnes Grey" novelist: ANNE BRONTE. Involved in the RHO crossing.

120. Galleria filler: ARTE.

121. Match: SYNC.

122. De-grayed?: DYED. I like this clue also.

123. Hard rain?: SLEET.

124. Astonished cries: OHS.


1. Ladybug snacks: APHIDS.

2. Like a romantic evening: MOONLIT. Last Thursday was the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. People all ate mooncakes. Chinese myth says that there's lady lives in the moon. Her picture is often on the mooncake tin, which often contains four mooncakes.

3. Sticky-edged squares: POST-ITS.

4. Gunk and grime: FILTH.

5. Gator follower?: ADE.Gatorade.

6. Wrap again, as an ankle: RE-TAPE.

7. Fossil fuel freighter: COALER.

8. Paul's "The Prize" co-star: ELKE. Sommer.

9. "__ that": "On me": I GOT.

10. League parts: Abbr.: DIVS.

11. Shoe box spec: EEE.

12. Armenia, once: Abbr.: SSR.

13. Do, as business: TRANSACT.

15. Team with a skyline in its logo: METS.

16. Buffalo's county: ERIE.

18. GPS suggestion: RTE.

20. Anthem contraction: OER.

21. TV kid in Miss Crump's class: OPIE.

23. Good way to take things: IN STRIDE.

27. RR map dot: STN.

30. Theater opening?: AMPHI. Amphitheater. Hahtoolah is in Sicily right now. She just sent me this Greek theater pic. Hello, ODEON!

31. Maier with a swimwear label: TOMAS. No idea. Wiki says that "From 2001 to 2018, he served as Creative Director at Italian luxury lifestyle brand Bottega Veneta".

32. Maker of CarbSmart ice cream bars: BREYERS.

34. Part of NCAA: Abbr.: ATH. And 36. Part of the NCAA: Abbr.: SCH.

37. Whip: TROUNCE.

38. __ d'oeuvres: HORS.

40. More genuine: SINCERER.

42. Org. for shrinks: APA.

44. Prefix with scope: HORO.

45. Tom Cullen's title on "Downton Abbey": Abbr.: VISC. OK, Viscount.

46. Excuses: PARDONS.

48. Wrath, in a hymn: IRAE.

49. Ceremonial pile: PYRE.

51. Muted colors: PASTELS.

52. Job that takes precedence: PRIORITY.

56. Parisian possessive: TES. Your.

59. "Mamma Mia!" song: SOS. Here is the song most Chinese are familiar with. I was unaware that it was a copy of their "Gimme Gimme Gimme" until a few months ago. That singer was so popular when I was young.

61. Decides not to go: SKIPS IT.

63. "__ Mine": George Harrison book: I ME.

65. Red letters?: GOP. We're a solid blue state.

66. Checks: REINS IN.

68. Sign of neglect: RUST.

69. Deep-water beauty: OPAH.

72. Kitchen additive: HERB.

74. Novelty "pet": CHIA.

75. "Just wait ... ": YOU'LL SEE. Great fill.

78. Levels: TIERS.

79. iPhone downloads: APPS.

81. Bakers get a rise out of it: YEAST.

82. "Manifest" airer: NBC.

85. Over the moon: EUPHORIC.

87. CIA relative: NSA.

92. Largest city on the island of Hokkaido: SAPPORO. Known for their ramen. 

93. Cat burglar's asset: STEALTH.

95. Tailor's concern: FIT.

97. Pop artist from Pittsburgh: WARHOL.

100. Individual manners: STYLES.

102. "__ Lang Syne": AULD.

104. When it all started: ONSET.

106. LAX postings: ETDS. 109. LAX posting: SKED. Schedule. Also 111. LAX postings: ARRS.

107. Off the mark: AWRY.

108. Shore bird: ERNE.

110. Right-to-left lang.: HEB. Hebrew. Traditional Chinese is read from right to left also.

113. __-la-la: TRA.

115. Increase fraudulently: PAD.

116. "__ luck?": ANY.

117. Sporty ride, for short: UTE.

Here are a few more pictures from Hahtoolah. The place is Taormina, Sicily. What's that tree behind her? I see some fruit.



Aug 25, 2019

Sunday August 25, 2019 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme:  "Literal Literature" - "Each what book" phrase is defined literally.

 21. Pop-up book?: HOW TO MAKE PERFECT TOAST.

 33. Match book?: ONLINE DATING PRIMER.
 64. Blue book?: A HISTORY OF THE SMURFS.
 94. Text book?: MESSAGING DONE RIGHT.
112. Address book?: BEST SPEECHES OF ALL TIME.

We normally have 7 theme entries. Today we have 5, but all of them are very long. Rich's minimum theme material is 84 squares.

I chucked at these theme entries. Quite convincing book titles.

Take a look at the book titles of today's constructor Pam Amick Klawitter.


1. It can have pins at the end of it: LANE. Bowling alley.

5. El __: CID.

8. Pop's Mama: CASS.

12. Printer handle: EPSON.

17. Declare to be true: AVER.

18. Math class ratio: SINE.

19. Metz man: HOMME. Just French for "man". UOMO in Milan. We did have an Italian word: 91. Eros, in Rome: AMOR.

20. __ Khan: "The Jungle Book" tiger: SHERE. Voiced by Idris Elba.

25. Tool usually pluralized: TWEEZER.

26. "According to whom?" retort: SAYS ME.

27. "Don't be __!": A HERO.

28. Haifa's home: Abbr.: ISR.

29. Pleasingly dated retail adjective: OLDE.

31. Post-WWII pres. monogram: DDE.

32. Black cat, to some: OMEN.

40. Woodard of "Passion Fish": ALFRE. Unaware of the movie.

43. "The Voice" host Carson: DALY.

44. One eliciting yawns: BORE.

45. Diagnostic aid: X-RAY. And 37. Diagnostic aids: MRIS.

46. Silver finish?: WARE. Silverware.

47. King Minos' land: CRETE.

49. Does the 96-Down for: CATERS. And 96. Things to do after dinner: DISHES.

51. Sussex suffix: ISE. Like "realise". Also 65. End of a believer?: IST. Like "realist".

52. Has regrets about: RUES.

53. Hill helper: AIDE. Capitol Hill.

54. Over-the-shoulder garment: SARI.

55. Battery parts: TESTS. Had to ask Boomer. He said "a battery of tests", a new phrase to me.

57. They're defined by revolutions: Abbr.: YRS. Liked the "revolutions".

58. Bit of work: ERG.

59. Some HDTVs: RCAS.

61. Swiss Miss product: COCOA.

70. Sign of vacancy?: STARE. Vacant stare.

71. Tempe neighbor: MESA.

72. St. Louis summer hrs.: CDT.

73. Leave in the dust by overtaking?: LAP. Like in a track meet. 

75. Pool table slab: SLATE.

78. Fivers: ABES.

80. "The Lion King" villain: SCAR.

82. Almanac fodder: DATA.

83. Facebook chuckle: LOL.

84. Removes for good: ERASES.

87. Bygone royals: TSARS.

88. "The Haj" novelist: URIS.

89. "Get on it now!": ASAP.

92. Didn't let out, as one's breath: HELD.

93. Chanel product: SCENT.

99. Picasso output: ARTE.

100. Recipient of much Apr. mail: IRS.

101. Morales of "Ozark": ESAI. And 41. Linney of "Ozark": LAURA.

102. "Leaves and Navels" artist: ARP.

105. Schoolyard pal in a Paul Simon song: JULIO. OK, this song.

107. Short-legged hunter: BASSET.

110. Rudolph Valentino's "Blood and Sand" co-star: LILA LEE. Unfamiliar to me.

115. Zellweger of "Cold Mountain": RENEE.

116. Lions' prides: MANES.

117. Gobs of: MANY.

118. "Yeah, yeah, I get it": OK OK.

119. Practices in a ring: SPARS.

120. Small strings: UKES. "Somewhere over the rainbow. Bluebirds fly. And the dreams that you dream of. Dreams really do come true ..."

121. Put in: ADD.

122. Litter cries: MEWS.


1. Christine of "The Blacklist": LAHTI.

2. Declares: AVOWS.

3. More up-to-date: NEWER.

4. Art Deco icon: ERTE.

5. Dante translator John: CIARDI. Another unknown figure.

6. Tats: INK.

7. Shoddy pair?: DEES. Shoddy.

8. Tummy-tightening garment: CORSET.

9. Clock radio toggle: AM FM.

10. Barrie's bosun: SMEE.

11. UGA's conf.: SEC.

12. Book before Job: ESTHER.

13. Fifth-most populous U.S. city: PHOENIX. So many in Texas. Minneapolis is way behind.

14. Scorch: SEAR.

15. Relative of -ish: OR SO.

16. Cousin of com: NET. Did you once have a Prodigy web page? We had a few pictures there. All gone.

18. Dog attractor: SMELL.

19. Period of great popularity: HEYDAY.

22. Thinning layer: OZONE.

23. Striker of a polymer ball: PADDLE.

24. Mess (with): TAMPER.

30. Was discontinued: ENDED.

32. Fiona or Shrek: OGRE.

33. Finds in mines: ORES.

34. Grill, maybe: EATERY. Sure miss these. If you visit Xi'an, you've got to go Muslim Quarter. Incredible food. Susan was there.

35. Flanged girder: I-BAR.

36. Pay attention to: NOTICE.

38. Steinbeck's "__ of Eden": EAST.

39. Deli selections: RYES.

40. Out of whack: AWRY.

42. Caught this morning: FRESH. Fish.

47. Magna __: CARTA.

48. Hardship: RIGOR.

49. Treatments for breaks: CASTS.

50. Pub pick: STOUT.

54. Burglars' targets: SAFES.

56. Unit of wheat: EAR.

58. First name in the beauty aisle: ESTEE. Vowel-rich, hence its frequent appearance.

60. Word with clean or unglued: COMES.

62. Richard's songwriting partner: OSCAR (Hammerstein). Richard Rodgers.

63. Starfleet VIPs: CMDRS. Commanders. Spitzboov was a commander before he retired.

66. "Because," to a kid: REASON.

67. Pain in the neck: HASSLE.

68. Highway alert: FLARE.

69. Attended as an observer: SAT IN.

74. It's behind you: PAST. We also have 87. Reacts to trouble: TENSES.

75. __ dunk: SLAM.

76. Misplace: LOSE.

77. Worry word: ALAS.

79. North Atlantic hazard: BERG.

81. Tight-knit squad: CADRE.

82. Conveyer of tears: DUCT.

85. Slangy convertible: RAGTOP.

86. Grenoble gal pal: AMIE.

90. Hymnal that's often richly illustrated: PSALTER. I can never remember this word.

92. Oater regulars: HORSES.

93. Con man's cohort: SHILL.

95. Surfaces: ARISES.

97. Kitchen work spot: ISLAND. This looks nice.

98. In a carefree manner: GAILY.

102. How great minds think: ALIKE.

103. Cut again, as grass: RE-MOW.

104. Cheats at blind man's buff: PEEKS.

105. Wrangler, e.g.: JEEP.

106. Middies' sch.: USNA.

107. Toucan's pride: BEAK.

108. Teen breakout: ACNE.

109. Detective show that spawned "Baretta": TOMA. Never heard of it.

111. Chem class model: ATOM.

112. Real estate ad abbr.: BRS.

113. Bird in some Australian place names: EMU.

114. Fidget spinners, evidently: FAD.


Jun 30, 2019

Sunday June 30, 2019 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme: "Can You Digit?" - Anagrams of 1-9 span across each theme entry.

21. Unite in a common cause: DRAW TOGETHER. Two.
26. Unobstructed view: LINE OF SIGHT. One. Should have avoided ONE THIRD (41. Eight hours per day?)

35. Place to find a hack: TAXI STAND. Six.

46. Post-Civil War economic growth period: THE GILDED AGE. Eight.

62. Fortuitous: HEAVEN-SENT. Seven.

64. On a lark: JUST FOR FUN. Four.

74. With no time to spare: UNDER THE WIRE. Three.

90. Front door, usually: MAIN ENTRY. Nine.

95. What "I don't wanna" do, in a Zayn/Taylor Swift hit: LIVE FOREVER. Five.


104. 5½ and 8¾, e.g. ... and a hint to this puzzle's circles: MIXED NUMBERS.

I bet Pam tried to put those numbers in order, but could not make it happen.

10 theme entries is quite challenging to grid, esp when all the theme entries are placed in Across. 


1. Prepared for a selfie: SMILED.

7. Pizzeria chain, familiarly: UNOS.

11. Grey Cup gp.: CFL. Canadian Football League.

14. ER figures: DRS.

17. What worms help do, soilwise: AERATE.

18. Rowling teacher: SNAPE. Harry Potter's potions professor.

19. Brewpub choice: ALE.

20. Silk on the Seine: SOIE.

23. Extinct bird: MOA. Here in MN, it stands for Mall of America.

24. Duds: TOGS.

25. Official fuel of NASCAR since 2004: SUNOCO.

29. You, in the Bible: THOU.

32. Mustard, e.g.: Abbr.: COL. Colonel Mustard.

33. Bruins legend: ORR.

34. Lacking freshness: TRITE.

38. Blood prefix: HEMA. Boomer's hematocrit and hemoglobin are both low. The doctors check these two numbers every month. No idea why is hema, one is hemo.

40. Problem for the weary: NO REST.

42. Nods from NASA: A-OKS.

43. Loner of a fish?: SOLE.

44. Prospecting tool: PAN.

45. Laryngitis docs: ENTS.

51. Food service trade org.: NRA. Had to google: National Restaurant Association.

52. Midsummer arrivals: LEOS. I was picturing lychees. They've arrived here in the US. Only available for a very short period. I still have a few in the fridge. Precious!

53. Vintage autos: REOS.

54. Kid __: reading genre: LIT.

55. Shopper's indulgence: SPREE

58. Newspapers: PRESS.

60. Lord's domain: FIEF.

61. Audi's rings, e.g.: LOGO.

66. Co-star with Goldie, Ruth, Henry, et al.: ARTE (Johnson). "Laugh-In".

67. Courtroom attention-getter: OYEZ.

68. Reference volumes: TOMES.

69. Musical markings: NOTES.

70. Toon bartender: MOE. "The Simpsons".

71. Circle makers: ARCS.

72. Sham: FAKE.

73. Phishing target, briefly: SSN.

77. Nero's 902: CMII.

79. Six-pack muscles: ABS.

82. "__ Walked Into My Life": "Mame" song: IF HE.

83. Love interest of 58-Down: EROS. 58. Love interest of 83-Across: PSYCHE.

84. Liability: HANDICAP.

86. Aussie leaf munchers: KOALAS. Also 94. Barcelona bears: OSOS.

89. "Yeah, right!": I BET.

91. Week attachment?: ENDER. Weekender.

92. Banned bug spray: DDT. And 106D. 92-Across banner: EPA.

93. Fla. NBA team: ORL.

99. Crew member: SAILOR.

102. Butcher's cut: LOIN.

103. __ Today: magazine for teachers: NEA.

109. RSVP cards, say: ENCS.

110. Terrible start?: MAL.

111. "Come-faithful" filler: ALL YE.

112. Clavell's "Shogun" sequel: TAI-PAN.

113. Deli choice: RYE.

114. People fixers: Abbr.: EDS. People magazines.

115. TV's "New Girl": JESS. Played by Zooey Deschanel.

116. Involve: ENTAIL.


1. Hangdog: SAD.

2. Cousteau's sea: MER.

3. Nest egg letters: IRA.

4. Action in a legal thriller: LAWSUIT.

5. Words from Caesar: ET TU.

6. Cole of "Angie Tribeca": DEON. Unfamiliar to me.

7. Incalculable: UNTOLD.

8. "Guess again": NAH.

9. GM subsidiary until 2017: OPEL.

10. LPGA star Pak in the World Golf Hall of Fame: SE RI. She opened the door for all the Korean golfers.

11. Smartphone feature: CAMERA.

12. It's underfoot: FLOOR.

13. Foliage element: LEAF.

14. Dr. Howser of '80s-'90s TV: DOOGIE.

15. They involve responsibilities: RIGHTS.

16. Largish combo: SESTET. Six.

18. Difference between winning and losing, maybe: SECONDS.

20. Word in an iconic cocktail order: STIRRED. "Shaken, not stirred."

22. Small racer: GO CART.

27. Asian menu promise: NO MSG. MSN never caused me any trouble.

28. Inedible wraps: STOLES. Cute clue.

29. 'Vette roof option: T-TOP.

30. Maui's scenic __ Highway: HANA.

31. Babe's relatives: OXEN. Babe the pig. (Correction: Babe the Blue Ox. Thanks, Jinx!)

36. Wilson of "Walker, Texas Ranger": SHEREE.

37. Brown of publishing: TINA. Rival of Anna Wintour for many years.

38. Snack cake brand: HOHOS.

39. Scratches (out): EKES.

40. React to a boring speech: NOD OFF.

42. "This is only __": A TEST.

43. Comes down hard?: SLEETS.

47. Angelou's "And Still __": I RISE.

48. Up in the air: ALOFT.

49. Movement in some Bach suites: GIGUE. Rooted in "Jig".

50. Stiff collars: ETONS.

51. Snow in le Alpi: NEVE. French for "snow"?

52. Kay of "Rich Man, Poor Man": LENZ. Never heard of her.

55. Longtime SeaWorld orca: SHAMU.

56. Eva of Argentina: PERON.

57. Used Yelp, maybe: RATED.

59. Baseball's Pee Wee: REESE.

60. Blow one's top: FUME.

61. Scientologist Hubbard: L RON. Did you know that Scientology has its own prison? It's called "The Hole".

63. Bridge positions: NORTHS.

64. Stand-up fare: JOKES.

65. Risky kind of kick: ONSIDE.

68. Mystic's deck: TAROT.

71. Kennel double talk?: ARF ARF.

72. Let go: FIRE.

73. __ Féin: SINN. Left wing Irish political party.

75. Actresses Brennan and Davidson: EILEENS.

76. Vehicle for Hulu and Roku: WEB TV.

77. Pretense: CHARADE. Great fill.

78. E-file alternative: MAIL IN.

79. Talent show entries: ACTS.

80. Pressure: Pref.: BARO. Barometer.

81. Northern __: apples: SPYS. This looks like our Honeycrisp.

85. How much space debris travels: IN ORBIT.

86. Sullivan's pupil: KELLER.

87. Like some bagels: ONIONY.

88. It may be unwanted: ADVICE.

89. Things to aspire to: IDEALS.

90. Walks unhurriedly: MOSEYS.

92. Hardly look forward to: DREAD.

96. Bar words that make you smile: ON ME.

97. Key with four sharps: Abbr.: E MAJ.

98. Tick off: RILE.

100. Renaissance instrument: LUTE.

101. Yemen neighbor: OMAN.

105. Tee sizes: XLS.

107. Bollywood star Aishwarya __: RAI. Very pretty.

108. Popular skit show, for short: SNL.