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May 13, 2020

Wednesday, May 13, 2020, Roland Huget

Theme: The Woods Are Calling

John Muir's quote was actually, "The mountains are calling, and I must go." What Muir really meant. Such a consistent theme here, with the first two, and last three letters of each spelling out a type of wood (or tree), and the 'filler' in between - thus WOOD FILLER. Awesome.

17. *Specialized baking surface: PIZZA STONE.

23. *Unwelcome sci-fi visitor: ALIEN INVADER.

34. *Pair with a license, often: MARRIED COUPLE.

47. *Location method requiring a sorted list: BINARY SEARCH.

55. Carpenter's compound, or what's found between each of four pairs of circled letters: WOOD FILLER.


1. Signs of healing: SCABS.

6. Like many summer drinks: ICED.

10. Pipe smoker's gadget: TAMP. Verb, not noun here.

14. Vinyl hit, usually: OLDIE. Vinyl has made a comeback and is pretty popular again.

15. Complimentary: FREE.

16. "I have an __": IDEA.

19. Reason for a cake, briefly: BDAY.

20. Flower bed tool: HOE.

21. Yet, poetically: THO.

22. What a person eats: DIET. Or more typically, what a person doesn't eat.

28. Spelunking spot: CAVERN.

30. Rescue copter: MEDEVAC.

31. Classical theaters: ODEA. From a hall, theater, or other structure for musical or dramatic performances.

32. Paddle cousin: OAR.

33. One-time connector: ATA.

39. Diamond throw: PEG.

40. Kind of tale or fate: SAD.

41. Sweet companion?: SOUR.

42. Cheese on a cracker: CHEDDAR.

45. Lets go: LOOSES.

49. Frozen dessert chain: TCBY. The Country's Best Yogurt, a chain of frozen yogurt stores.

50. Common email attachment: PDF. Portable Document Format.

51. Wall St. specialist: ARB. Definitely not my area - anyone else know this? "The practice of simultaneously purchasing and selling securities in two separate financial markets in order to profit from price differences between them. For example, an arbitrageur would buy a security at one price on the London Stock Exchange and sell the same security at a higher price on the New York Stock Exchange. "Arbs" also get busy in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), mostly by shorting the stock of companies making an acquisition and simultaneously buying shares in the takeover target."

54. "Now hear __!": THIS.

59. Words with movie or show: SEE A. We're all doing this at home now. My local art theater is hosting viewing online in their virtual cinema, calling it "Distance and Chill."

60. Quattro maker: AUDI.

61. "Au contraire": NOT SO. French.

62. Formerly, quaintly: ERST.

63. Genealogy chart: TREE. Nice bonus word.

64. Laundry challenges: SPOTS.


1. Junior-to-be: SOPH.

2. Award coveted on "Mad Men": CLIO.

3. Shaping tool: ADZE.

4. Industry, informally: BIZ.

5. Poseidon's realm: SEA.

6. Programming decision construct: IF THEN.

7. Sing like Bing: CROON.

8. Yet, poetically: EEN.

9. "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" duettist Kiki: DEE.

10. Shinbones: TIBIAE. Tricky plural spelling.

11. What extra cost hopefully brings: ADDED VALUE. Not always so.

12. Ones enjoying a rare meal?: MEAT EATERS. Rare meal ... nice.

13. Fork over: PAY. Coming right after the clue above, I was thinking meat.

18. Hoosegow: STIR. Hoosegow is slang for jail - or also for being drunk and disorderly.

22. Movie format: DVD.

23. Say confidently: AVER.

24. Kind of jet: LEAR.

25. It's Intel-based since 2006: IMAC.

26. Lyre-playing emperor: NERO.

27. Early TV brand: RCA.

28. Inviting, as a look: COME HITHER. Lauren Bacall ...

29. Commercial writers: AD AGENCIES.

32. Unmatched: ODD.

35. Words to an old chap: I SAY.

36. All __: listening closely: EARS.

37. Biennial games org.: USOC. United States Olympic Committee.

38. Luxurious: POSH.

39. Banned chem. contaminant: PCB.

43. Pats gently: DABS AT.

44. Martini order: DRY.

45. Scottish boy: LADDIE.

46. "Carmina Burana" composer: ORFF. The Lasting Appeal of Orff's Carmina Burana.

48. Lyrical work: EPODE. A form of lyric poem written in couplets, in which a long line is followed by a shorter one.

51. Kind of sax: ALTO. 8 Famous Saxophone Mucisians You Should Know. Here's one.

52. Take five: REST.

53. Good buds: BROS.

54. Half a fly: TSE.

55. Angkor __: Cambodian temple: WAT.

56. Plural possessive: OUR.

57. Connections: INS.

58. Cut (off): LOP. Ow.

Mar 7, 2020

Saturday, March 7, 2020 Roland Huget

Themeless Saturday By Roland Huget

Today's puzzle is by Roland Huget and it appears to be his first LA Times Saturday effort. He has had puzzles on every day but Saturday and Sunday here. Melissa Bee blogged his last LA puzzle sixteen days ago which had a clever GEAR shift gimmick.

Roland has had eight NY Times puzzles and the grids were amazing. I have no personal info on him but I enjoyed scaling his literary hill once I got some toeholds.


1. Island top: ALOHA SHIRT and 67. Island bottom: GRASS SKIRT. These were very fun top and bottom horizontal clues once I sussed where they were going. Hawkeye's ALOHA (Hawaiian) SHIRT is at the Smithsonian's National Museum Of American History but not currently on display.

11. Beaver young: KITS 

15. Dreamer of Greek myth: LOTUS EATER - A member of this classic mythological race ate the fruit of the LOTUS tree which made them dreamy and indifferent (stoned?)

16. Short race, briefly: ONE-K - Redux from last week - a ONE Kilometer (.67 mile) race

17. Celebrated 1981 bride: PRINCESS DI - In The Crown it is stated that Charles was always deeply in love with Camilla but was forced to marry Dianna. Timeline

18. Kyrgyzstan range: ALAI - Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott trekking in the "otherworldly" ALAI Mt. range in south Kyrgyzstan. 

19. Italian sonnet closing: SESTET - The Italian or Petrachian sonnet starts with eight lines and ends with six lines. A famous such sonnet is The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus whose closing is this SESTET 

20. One may be mounted close to a grille: FOG LAMP 

22. Never encountered before: NOVEL.

25. Sleeper's path: RAILS - The famous Sleeper Car scene in Some Like It Hot. Fun cluing.

26. Didn't lose at all: SWEPT - Winning all the games of a series

30. Athlete's best effort: A-GAME - The Astros always brought their A-GAME but also cheated

32. "Breaking Bad" org.: DEA - I've known many chemistry teachers but none that cooked meth

33. City on the Arno: PISA - The Arno flows west through Florence and then to PISA where it empties into the Ligurian Sea. Several dams on it make it non-navigable by boat

34. Hardly the best smoke: STOGIE - Roger Miller sang of a King Of The Road who smoked "Old STOGIES I have found"

35. Filing aid: TAB - At the top of a cardboard folder or at the bottom of an Excel spreadsheet  

36. Item on many a diner check: ENTREE 

38. Jazz piano style: STRIDE The fabulous Oscar Peterson teaching Dick Cavett about jazz piano The first 1:20 explains STRIDE Piano   

40. Greek letter: ETA.

41. White water: RAPIDS 

45. Early philosophical hot spot: ELEA Interested?

46. Columbo, for one: Abbr.: DETective

47. Point of view: ANGLE

48. Sidestep: AVERT - AVOID? EVADE? Nope...

49. Formal wear: DRESS.

51. One way to think: ALOUD 

53. Experiment with Zener cards: ESP TEST.

55. Tree with green-skinned fruit: PAW PAW - Mr. Green Jeans  sang Way Down Yonder In The PAW PAW Patch on Captain Kangaroo 

60. Opposite of bueno: MALO 
¡Fumar es MALO para tu salud! (Smoking is bad for your health)

61. United Nations goal: WORLD PEACE.

64. King Harald's father: OLAV.

65. Obsolescent media: AUDIO TAPES - This used to be as good as it got for portable music

66. Flier over Hawaii: NENE - State bird that frequently roosts in crosswords


1. Jungfrau setting: ALPS - Tourist books recommend you make an 5. Trip up: ASCENT and then ride a velogmel down the slope while you are in the Jungfrau area

2. Stuff of legends: LORE.

3. Name you might see while listening to Muzak: OTIS - Now that's a cool clue!

4. Follow the game?: HUNT Tracking

6. Address: SEE TO.

7. Dines on: HAS.

8. Part of TGIF: IT'S.

9. Sign of trouble: RED FLAG - Smoke pouring out from under the hood?

10. Beaux Arts __: longtime chamber music group: TRIO.

11. Arboreal marsupial: KOALA - Arboreal? 
✔ Joey in marsupial pouch? ✔ KOALA? ✔ 

12. Countertop option: INLAID TILE.

13. Captain, say: TEAM LEADER.

14. Stops pumping momentarily?: SKIPS A BEAT - Also called a palpitation 

21. Receive with a shake, maybe: GREET - No shaking hands by GREETERS at our church these days

23. Brewery fixture: VAT.

24. Narcissist's issue: EGO.

26. One flying without a plane?: SPEED DEMON - This one went 462 mph

27. January clearance: WINTER SALE - Lots of nice clothes are on sale but they are all Smalls and Mediums

28. Where there's a will, usually: ESTATE PLAN 

29. Equal footing: PAR - My getting a PAR is a 
31. Hit opposite: MISS proposition

34. Bean of "Game of Thrones": SEAN - I finally remembered where I had seen his face. He was the villain in National Treasure with Nicolas Cage

37. Make room on a drive: ERASE - On your computer hard drive

39. Gun in neutral: REV - Stoplight theatrics 

42. Org. that runs the FedEx Cup Playoffs: PGA TOUR Here 'ya go!

43. Misfortune: ILL.

44. __ volente: DEO - God Willing - This year, DEO volente, the floods will not return to our town

48. Makes adjustments: ADAPTS.

50. Hot spot: STOVE.

52. Beehives, e.g.: UPDOS - The product given credit for making these UPDOS possible like the one we see on Annette Funicello below.

54. Promotional handouts: SWAG - All actors, actresses and directors nominated for an Oscar this year got a SWAG Bag with $225,000 worth of gifts 

56. Watered down: WEAK.

57. Longtime MLB star Big __: PAPI - David "Big PAPI" Ortiz got hit with a bullet intended for the man seated next to him last year in the Dominican Republic . He has recovered

58. HP rival: ACER.

59. Old U.S. region?: WEST How the West was spun

62. Nutritional abbr.: RDA.

63. Fleur-de-__: LIS - Proudly displayed on the New Orleans football helmet 

What say you?

Feb 19, 2020

Wednesday, February 19, 2020, Roland Huget

Theme:  GEAR SHIFTS. G-E-A-R is rearranged and spread across two words. I'm not sure why 18A does not have circles, but I included it in the theme answers below.

18. Region where broadcast reception may be poor: FRINGE AREA.

23. Progress at a faster rate: FORGE AHEAD.

37. Army rank last conferred in 1950: FIVE STAR GENERAL. Where have all the 5-star generals gone?

52. Riot control weapon: TEAR GAS GUN.
59. Automatic functions in most cars, and what can be found in this puzzle's circles: GEARSHIFTS.

1. Low poker pair: TWOS.

5. Mus. key with three sharps: A MAJ. From Wikipedia: A major (or the key of A) is a major scale based on A, with the pitches A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. Its key signature has three sharps.

9. Nigerian seaport: LAGOS.

14. Greet with fanfare: HAIL.

15. Pizza Quick sauce brand: RAGU.

16. "You've got a friend": I CARE.

17. First name in scat: ELLA. Fitzgerald.

20. Mix: BLEND.

22. Former Soviet leader Brezhnev: LEONID. From Wikipedia: served as General Secretary of the Central Committee of the governing Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1964 until his death in 1982. His 18-year term as general secretary was second only to Joseph Stalin's in duration.

26. Prefix with tourism: ECO. A form of sustainable travel that supports the local environment instead of putting more pressure on it and exploiting its resources. See here.

29. Navigation technology, briefly: GPS. Global Positioning System. I'd be lost without it.

30. Brooding genre: EMO.

31. "Spartacus" Oscar winner: USTINOV. Ustinov won for his portrayal of Roman businessman Lentulus Batiatus. Learned from Wiki: In the climactic scene, recaptured slaves are asked to identify Spartacus in exchange for leniency; instead, each slave proclaims himself to be Spartacus, thus sharing his fate. The documentary Trumbo suggests that this scene was meant to dramatize the solidarity of those accused of being Communist sympathizers during the McCarthy Era who refused to implicate others, and thus were blacklisted.

34. Bowler's pickup: SPARE. Boomer!

36. Amtrak express: ACELA. Amtrak's flagship service along the Northeast Corridor in the Northeastern United States between Washington, D.C. and Boston via 14 intermediate stops, including Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City.

42. Breakout game developer: ATARI.

43. Pool triangles: RACKS. Standard 8-ball rack:

44. Sent a message, old-style: TELEXED. Telex was a major method of sending written messages electronically between businesses in the post-World War II period.

47. Rock's Ocasek: RIC. Lead singer for The Cars, who died just 5 months ago at the age of 75 from natural causes.

48. Grow older: AGE.

51. Thorn __, former Virgin Records owner: EMI. Major British company involved in consumer electronics, music, defense and retail.

55. Arizona MLBers: DBACKS. Baseball - short for Diamondbacks.

58. Dig find: RELIC.

63. "Ciao!": TATA.

64. Take in eagerly: EAT UP.

65. Yule tune: NOEL.

66. Saroyan's "My Name Is __": ARAM. First published in 1940 - assigned reading in some schools - about a boy of Armenian descent growing up in Fresno, California, and the various members of his large family.

67. Collaborative 1993 Sinatra album: DUETS. Followed up in 1994 with the sequel Duets II, which was Sinatra's final studio album. Speaking of 17A Ella, her 1956 Ella and Louis [Armstrong] was another successful collaborative effort (how could it not be?).

68. Looking like rain: GRAY. I'm in Oregon. It's been mostly gray for months, although we do see some intermittent sun. I'm one of the freaks who likes long rainy stretches.

69. U. of Maryland athlete: TERP. Short for Terrapins. The terrapin is
a species of turtle native to the brackish coastal tidal marshes of the eastern and southern United States and Bermuda.


1. Roald Dahl novel adapted as a 2016 Disney film: THE BFG. The Big Friendly Giant.

2. Big hit: WALLOP. Ow.

3. Gretzky's first NHL team: OILERS.

4. Word on the street?: SLANG. Nice clue.

5. Canine greeting: ARF.

6. Tarnish: MAR.

7. Like gymnasts: AGILE.

8. Capital near Glacier Bay National Park: JUNEAU.

9. Property claim: LIEN.

10. Dark purple berry: ACAI. I unexpectedly spent (no joke) six hours at the Verizon store today. The agent who was helping me did not sound thrilled with his girlfriend's text update that they would be having acai bowls for dinner. After six hours I felt like we bonded.

11. Plant custodian: GARDENER.

12. Vein contents: ORE.

13. Briny expanse: SEA.

19. Neil Gaiman's "American __": GODS. I like Gaiman, but have never read this one. Fantasy is not my genre - anyone read it?

21. Get rid of: DEEP SIX.

24. Latin 101 verb: AMAT.

25. Circle dance: HORA. Known as the King of Israeli folk dances, it means round dance. Also called the chair dance, because the guests hoist up the bride and groom in chairs.

27. Cuba libre mixer: COLA. Drink also known as rum and coke.

28. Racecourse shape: OVAL.

32. Chemicals carrier: TANK CAR.

33. Treats, as a sprain: ICES.

34. Drought-plagued: SERE. Adjective meaning dry or withered.

35. Get an "Oh no" from Alex Trebek, say: ERR.

37. Inevitable end: FATE.

38. Tabloid couple: ITEM.

39. Stamp, as a passport: VALIDATE.

40. Teri of "Tootsie": GARR. Such a funny actress, who has dealt with health issues for many years. She bravely appeared on Late Night with David Letterman in 2008, to speak publicly about her battle with MS.

41. Vaping device, familiarly: E-CIG.

45. Mark on metal: ETCH.

46. Puck-handling skill: DEKING.

48. Shining brightly: AGLARE.

49. Instrument for The Romeros, a classical quartet: GUITAR.

50. Pitch tents: ENCAMP.

53. Regarding: AS FOR.

54. Tuned to: SET AT. My phone alarm is always SET AT my local NPR station.

56. Very dry, as Champagne: BRUT.

57. Nile vipers: ASPS.

59. H.S. dropout's test: GED.

60. __ de cologne: EAU.

61. Scone go-with: TEA.

62. Surreptitious: SLY.