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Jun 25, 2019

Tuesday, June 25, 2019, Roland Huget

Why did it have to be Snakes?  There is a triple "S" hissing sound in each of the theme answers.  Note that the first word of each phrase ends in a double S, and the first word begins with an S to give us the HISS.

17-Across. Contents of a landscaper's spreader: GRASS SEED.

25-Across. Hollywood or Vine, vis-à-vis the other: CROSS STREET.

38-Across. Formal attire: DRESS SUIT.

53-Across. Social hierarchy: CLASS SYSTEM.
64-Across. Leaky tire noise found in five puzzle answers including this one: HISS SOUND.
1. Scottish Celt: GAEL.

5. Brake component: DISC.
Anatomy of a Break

9. Confronts with cockiness: FACES

14. Road runner: AUTO.

15. Marc with a clothing brand: ECKŌ.  //  And 62-Down:  Novelist Umberto: ECO.  The surnames sound alike.  Marc Eckō (né Marc Louis Milecofsky; b. Aug. 29, 1972) is an American fashion designer and founder of Eckō Limited.  It's not a company I am familiar with, but it apparently is known for its graffiti-style tee shirts and hoodies.
Umberto Eco (Jan. 5, 1932 ~ Feb. 19, 2016) was an Italian novelist, best known for his 1980 historical novel, Name of the Rose.

16. Higher in rank than: ABOVE.  See 53-Across.

19. Jeans material: DENIM.  You, too, can have this pair of Muddy DENIM Jeans for only $425.

20. Bring up, as kids: RAISE.

21. Very small: WEE.

23. MDX ÷ X: CLI.  Roman Math.  1510 ÷ 10 = 151.

24. Building wing: ELL.

30. Voted in: ELECTED.  Voters in our last election got this beautiful sticker after leaving the voting booth.

32. T-shirt coloring method: TIE-DYE.

33. Harp constellation: LYRA.  Obvious, right?

34. Mexican girl: NIÑA.  Today's Spanish lesson.

37. Tots may be bounced on them: KNEES.
41. Bud in a cantina: AMIGO.  More of today's Spanish lesson.

44. Diplomat's forte: TACT.

45. Part of UAE: ARAB.  As in the United Arab Emirates.

49. Most inexperienced, as a recruit: RAWEST.

51. Allowing cars in a single direction at a time, as a bridge: ONE LANE.

56. School support gp.: PTA.  As in the Parent Teacher Association.  This is a crossword staple.

57. Grain bristle: AWN.

58. Acorn producer: OAK.  What did the little Acorn say when he grew up?  Geometry!
59. Unmitigated: UTTER.

Oh, wait.  That's an Otter.

61. Not exactly new: DATED.

67. "Fear of Flying" author Jong: ERICA.  Erica Jong (née Erica Mann; b. Mar. 26, 1942) is probably best known for her 1973 novel, Fear of Flying, which isn't about flying at all, but rather sexual fantasies.

68. Leave out: OMIT.

69. "Rule, Britannia" composer Thomas: ARNE.  I learned about Thomas Arne (né Thomas Augustine Arne; Mar. 12, 1710 ~ Mar. 5, 1778) from doing the crossword puzzles.  He makes occasional guest appearances.

70. Determined to do: SET ON.  As in the sentence:  He's SET ON finishing this puzzle before the end of the day.

71. Nashville venue: OPRY.

72. "The Walking __": zombie show: DEAD.


1. DVD blooper collection: GAG REEL.

2. By ear: AURALLY.

3. Online merchant: E-TAILER.

4. Red ink: LOSS.

5. __ Moines: DES.  A city in Iowa.

6. Rink surface: ICE.

7. Depicts unfairly, as data: SKEWS.

8. Secret languages: CODES.  The Rosetta Stone helped to de-code ancient languages.

9. Short-lived obsession: FAD.  Anyone remember this short-lived FAD?  I read recently that it's coming back.

10. Civil War prez: ABE.

11. Admit defeat: CONCEDE.

12. Hex-dispensing stare: EVIL EYE.  This Hamsa will protect you from the Evil Eye.

13. Some Middle East natives: SEMITES.  Webster's defines Semite as "(1) a member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs; and (2) descendants of these peoples."  The word "Semite"  comes from "Shem", which literally means "name" in Hebrew, and was also the name of the Noah's oldest son.  Thus, in ancient mythology, the Semites were all descendants of Shem.

18. Splinter group: SECT. 22. Ballpark fig.: EST.  As in Estimate.  I initially tried ERA, thinking we were looking for Earned Run Average.  But we weren't actually in the baseball park here.

26. Artist Magritte: RENÉ.  As in René Margritte (né René François Ghislain Magritte; Nov. 21, 1898 Aug. 15, 1967), a Belgium surrealist artist.

27. Writer of exalted verse: ODIST.  As in one who composes Odes.  John Keats (Oct. 31, 1795 ~ Feb. 23, 1821) is probably the best known Odist, having written Ode on a Grecian Urn.

28. __ bar: Polynesian-themed spot: TIKI.

You, too, can get your own Tiki Bar from Amazon.

29. U-Haul truck, e.g.: RENTAL.  When I moved to Boston, I rented a U-Haul to transport all my stuff.  When I went out to return the truck the next day, it was gone.  It had been stolen during the night.  I reported it, and U-Haul never flinched an eye about the loss.

31. Mooches: CADGES.  An interesting new word for me.  It apparently means to ask for or obtain something to which one is not really entitled to.

35. Govt. code-breaking org.: NSA.  As in the National Security Agency.

36. Fancy tie: ASCOT.  Fun to have this answer as the Royal Ascot just ended last Saturday ~ the event where everyone must dress up and women wear outrageous hats.

39. Flag maker Betsy: ROSS.  Betsy Ross (née Elizabeth Griscom; Jan. 1, 1752 ~ Jan. 30, 1836) is credited with having made the first American flag.  Fact or Fiction?

40. __ Reader: eclectic digest: UTNE.  This magazine appears fairly often in the crossword puzzles.  I once got a copy in the mail, totally unsolicited.  I don't remember whether or not I read the issue, but I did not subscribe to the journal.

41. Gaming centers: ARCADES.

42. Invasive computer software: MALWARE.

43. "Give me that!": I WANT IT!  Didn't your mother teach you manners?  Maybe you will CADGE off someone to get what you want.

46. Ecstasy: RAPTURE.

47. Insect's feeler: ANTENNA.

48. Like Abe Lincoln and Santa Claus, facially: BEARDED.

50. Chinese menu general: TSO.  According to an article in the Smithsonian, General Tso Chicken, was invented by a chef from Hunan province in the 1950s in Taiwan.  It is a sweet deep-fried chicken dish.

52. Outback birds: EMUs.

54. Gleeful shout: YAHOO!

55. Pinch pennies: SKIMP.

60. "The Wind in the Willows" amphibious Mr.: TOAD.  The Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame (Mar. 8, 1859 ~ July 6, 1932) was first published in 1908.  Although classified as a children's book, it is really about the leisured class of British gentlemen.  The characters are all animals ~ rats, moles, toads, and badgers, who sit around and drink and smoke.

63. "Forrest Gump" lieutenant: DAN.  I didn't remember this character in the movie.  He was played Gary Sinise (b. Mar. 17, 1955) in the movie.

65. Dame's counterpart: SIR.

66. Messy place: STY.

Here's the Grid:

I'll leave you with a QOD:  I think being nice is more important than being clever.  ~  Ricky Gervais (b. June 25, 1961)

May 29, 2019

Wednesday May 29, 2019 Roland Huget

Theme: ROUGHHOUSE (61. Rowdy play, and what's hidden in each answer to a starred clue) - Four different simple shelters are hidden in each theme entry.

17A. *Cocktail ingredient often made with a mallet: CRUSHED ICE.

40A. *Sleep: SHUT EYE.
11D. *Quarterback's underhand move: SHOVEL PASS.

29D *Restraint on a prisoner: LEG SHACKLE. Thought they're called "leg irons".

C.C. here, filling in another blogging gap.

Classic 5-themer grid with a 7 in the middle. You won't get sparkly 8 or 9 non-theme fill in this grid design, but the fill will be clean.  

I like the re-phrase of the reveal entry.  Nice wordplay. The shelter is consistently contained in one word.  

1. Was short: OWED.

5. Cut short, NASA-style: ABORT.

10. "Got it": I SEE.

14. "The Great" detective of kid-lit: NATE.

15. "Green Acres" co-star: GABOR. Eva. Youngest of the three Gabors.

16. Tobacco plug: CHAW.

19. Come up short: LOSE.

20. Hand-held allergy treatment: EPIPEN. D-Otto has one in his fridge.

21. Invite to one's home: ASK OVER.

23. Not from a bottle: ON TAP. 35. They may be 23-Across: ALES.

26. Swivel around: SLUE.

27. Seasoned sailors: SALTS. This is OK, but you guys don't like TARS, right?

30. Automated blog participant, for short: BOT.

32. Runs in neutral: IDLES.

36. Anne of Green Gables or Annie: ORPHAN.

38. Orchestra __: PIT.

39. Skit bit: GAG.

41. Ottoman bigwig: AGA. Or AGHA.

42. 911 response letters: EMS.

43. Stick a stake in, as a vampire: IMPALE.

44. Pale: ASHY.

45. Totally sexy: SO HOT. And 48. Strongly craves, with "after": LUSTS.

47. La-la lead-in: TRA.

49. "Sorry to say ... ": ALAS.

51. Blazer material: TWEED.

53. Performer's "Nailed it!" gesture: MIC DROP. Even Obama did it.

56. Followed: TAILED.

60. Rubs the wrong way: IRKS.

64. Cuba libre mixer: COLA. China has Future Cola.

65. First name in cosmetics: ESTEE.

66. Persia, now: IRAN. Hi there Abejo. Also, WikWak, hope you read all these birthday greetings from our blog regulars back in April.

67. From the top: ANEW.

68. Direct: STEER.

69. Brooding place: NEST.


1. Some time ago: ONCE.

2. What wet boards may do: WARP.

3. Special case: ETUI.

4. Cruel rulers: DESPOTS.

5. Contract negotiator: AGENT. Who's the most powerful sports agent right now? I only know Mark Steinberg. Oh also Jerry Maguire.

6. Naughty: BAD.

7. Kimono accessory: OBI.

8. Almond __: crunchy candy: ROCA.

9. Hair piece: TRESS.

10. Apple backup service: ICLOUD. We have Google Cloud.

12. Maneuver carefully: EASE.

13. Still-life subject: EWER.

18. Coop group: HENS.

22. Ryan's "French Kiss" co-star: KLINE.

24. Sudden: ABRUPT.

25. Toaster pastry: POP TART. I bet many of you have never had egg tarts. So good.

27. Learned advisors: SAGES.

28. Enterprise competitor: ALAMO.

31. Long-armed institution: THE LAW.

33. "Magic" ball digit: EIGHT.

34. Collar inserts: STAYS.

36. Unit of resistance: OHM.

37. Cry from a pro: AYE. One who's for.

40. Raga instrument: SITAR.

44. Port on some stereos: AUDIO IN.

46. Familiar saying: OLD SAW.

48. Sister of Rachel: LEAH. Here is the Leah on our blog. Chickie.

Left to Right: Chickie, JD, Garlic Gal and Lucina.
June 3, 2015

50. Aloe targets: SORES.

52. Former anesthetic: ETHER.

53. Layered rock: MICA.

54. Common club choice on a par-three hole: IRON. Short par-three.

55. Publish in an online forum: POST.

57. Tackle box item: LURE.

58. Those, in Tijuana: ESAS.

59. Minor progress: DENT.

62. 4 x 4, briefly: UTE.

63. "Hmm": GEE.


May 22, 2019

Wednesday, May 22, 2019 Roland Huget

Theme: LABOR.  The Circled letters spell various kinds of paid gigs.

17 A. Car engine part: CRANKSHAFT.  A SHAFT constructed of a series of CRANKS and CRANK pins that attach to the connecting rods of an engine. A CRAFT is a skill used in making items by hand.

24 A. "Tell me about it": JOIN THE CLUB.  A commiserating phrase along the lines of "I feel your pain." A JOB is a paid position of regular employment.

34 A. Custodian: CARETAKER. Someone assigned to look after a person, pet, property, or entity, depending on context.  A CAREER is a long-term occupation with opportunities for progress.

50. Lonely Planet publication, e.g.: TRAVEL GUIDE.  A book of information about a location designed for visitors and tourists.  A TRADE is a skilled job usually involving manual skills and special training.

58. Temporary fix, or what's found in this puzzle's circles: WORK AROUND.  A method for overcoming a problem or limitation is a system or program.  In the theme, various synonyms for types of WORK book-end the theme fill, so WORK goes AROUND the completed answer.

Hi, Gang - JazzBumpa here, as we WORK our way through this puzzle.  Let's get on the job!


1. Receives at one's roof garden: HAS UP.  I had to ponder this one. To receive visitors, you HAVE them into your home.  So, you could have them up to your roof garden, should you be fortunate enough to possess such a thing.

6. "Shoot!": DARN. Exclamations of disappointment.

10. Bounces on the waves: BOBS.  Like a cork.

14. Food safety concern: E COLI.  Coliform bacteria that can be a food contaminant.

15. Miracle Mets outfielder Tommie: AGEE. [b 1942] He played for Cleveland and Chicago before the Mets.  The Miracle refers to their 1969 World Series win over the heavily favored Baltimore Orioles.  This was the 8th year of existence for the Mets, and their first year with a winning record.  AGEE is credited with making two of the greatest and most critical catches in World Series history in game 3, with the series tied.  He also led off the game with a home run.

16. Bell town in a Longfellow poem: ATRI.  You can read about it here.

19. Like racehorses: SHOD.  Having shoes.

20. __ Bora: Afghan region: TORA.  A cave complex in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan.

21. Roman 151: CLI.  Roman numerals.

22. Prolonged assault: SIEGE.  A tactic of surrounding the enemy's position to cut off supplies in hope of getting them to surrender.

23. U.K. honor: O.B.E.  Order of the British Empire, awarded for outstanding contributions to arts, sciences or public service.

27. Numbers to crunch: RAW DATA. Data in an unprocessed form.  Processing then leads to information.

29. Veer off course: YAW.  Twist around a vertical axis.

30. Poe's "Annabel __": LEE.

31. Stately horse: STEED.

32. Orbit segment: ARC.

33. Alpha-Bits cereal maker: POST.

38. Talk show host Cavett: DICK. [b. 1936]

41. Zamboni surface: ICE.  The Zamboni machine smooths the ice surface for hockey or figure skating.

42. Stretches out for a bit: RESTS.  Takes 5.

46. Bat wood: ASH. The best choice, but other woods are also used.

47. Aromatic garland: LEI.  Flowers strung together to be worn as a necklace.

48. Bob Cratchit's son: TINY TIM.  From A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

53. Zodiac feline: LEO.  From July 23 to August 22.

54. Relaxed: EASED.  Let up.

55. Salem-to-Portland dir.: NNE.  As the crow flies

56. Gardener's bagful: SOIL.

57. Outdo: BEST.  Perform better than someone.

61. Came to rest: ALIT.  Landed.

62. First name in stunts: EVEL.  AKA Robert Craig Knievel [1938-2007]

63. Superachievers: ELITE. A-list performers in some activity

64. Get out of bed: RISE. Even if reluctantly.  Can be alarming.

65. Obsolete demo medium: TAPE. A musical demo presented for possible publication or professional recording.

66. Cap bill: VISOR.  For shading one's eyes from the sun.


1. Strong-arms: HECTORS.  To bully, intimidate or browbeat,

2. Cirque du Soleil performer: ACROBAT.

3. "Us, too": SO ARE WE.  JOIN THE CLUB!

4. Radius neighbor: ULNA. The two long bones of the forearm.

5. Dental suffix with Water: PIK.  Device for cleaning teeth and massaging the gums.

6. Mexico's national flower: DAHLIA.

7. From the top: AGAIN.  One more time.

8. Sports replay reviewer: REF.  Always trying to get it right.

9. After-tax: NET.  What is remaining after all charges and deductions have been removed.

10. Not advanced: BASIC. The A-B-C's.

11. The lord in "O, beware, my lord, of jealousy!": OTHELLO.  From Shakespeare's play about jealousy and betrayal.

12. Irish accents: BROGUES.  I wasn't able to come up with better information.

13. Extra gambling action: SIDE BET.  An additional bet beside the main wager, generally involving a related issue.

18. Highlander: SCOT.  One likely to speak with a burr instead of a BROGUE.

22. Clinch, with "up": SEW.  Nail it down.

24. "Gotham" actress __ Pinkett Smith: JADA. [b. 1971]

25. Supermodel Banks: TYRA. [b. 1973]

26. Access illegally, as a computer: HACK.  To get unauthorized access to stored data or documents.

28. Swabbing site: DECK.  Naval activity

32. Tucked away: ATE.

33. One being hunted: PREY.

35. Cambodian currency: RIEL. .00025 U. S. Dollar.

36. Vaping product, briefly: E CIG.  It provides a mist containing nicotine, without burning tobacco.

37. Sea eagle: ERNE.  Old school crossword entry.

38. Baked snack with dried fruit: DATE BAR.  A cookie or cake-like item with fruit chunks or filling that is baked and then cut into bars.

39. Lod native: ISRAELI.  Lod is a city of 75,000 located 9 miles south-east of Tel Aviv, near Ben-Gurion airport.  The area has been inhabited since 5,000 B.C.

40. Car's supporting frame: CHASSIS.  The base frame upon which the body and other componentry is located

43. Midwest city named for a French king: ST. LOUIS.  In Missouri.

44. Connect with: TIE INTO.

45. Do a slow burn: SMOLDER.

47. Took charge of: LED.

48. Wind chime sound: TINKLE.  Tinkle, tinkle, little chime, playing in a windy time.

49. Creative spark: IDEA.

51. Sporty Chevy: VETTE.  Corvette, more formally.

52. Gen. Assembly member: U. N. REP.

56. Etudes, e.g.: SOLI.  An etude is an instrumental study piece designed to improve technique.  As such, it is a solo.. SOLI is the plural.

58. Not just damp: WET. On a spectrum from moist through inundated.

59. In vitro supply: OVA. Unfertilized eggs.

60. Race in the driveway: REV.  To 'race" an engine is to give it gas [REV] while it is not in gear.

That, my circle of friends, wraps up another Wednesday.  Hope you found the work to your liking.

Cool Regards!