Sep 28, 2012

Friday. September 28, 2012, Marti Duguay-Carpenter

Theme: TU-day is the Day. TRIBUTE (4:45) to marti.

Welcome to another addition of the Friday funnies, with much joy to come. In today's effort, our own Divine Miss M has managed to find 4 words or phrases which when the letters TU are added to the beginning create a witty new phrase. The first one is TU added to a word, rather than a phrase, but if it is okay with Rich it is okay with me. All highlighted by a perfect hint, with a twist. I hope to have you DANCING  (3:11) by the time this one is done. let us get right to the theme answers.

17A. Quarry for Henry VIII's cat? : TUDOR MOUSE.(10) A Dormouse is a particular type of rodent, which derived its name from the French DORMIR, to sleep, as this tiny group often hibernate for 6 months at a time. Cute? Henry VIII (1:46) was one of six monarchs in this short lived dynsaty that died with Elizabeth I.

26A. Dutch exporter's forte? : TULIP SERVICE.(12) I read the clue as Dutch explorer, so this took a bit. Not to give lip service to one of our resident creative people, but I cannot imagine thinking up this clue. Some how a bulb must have gone in her head.

44A. New Orleans campus sign during spring break? : TULANE CLOSED. My favorite, a shout out to Hahtoolah and a fine southern university, the GREEN WAVE, which was part of how I became part of the Corner.

60A. Garb for a private pupil? : TUTEE SHIRT. I LOVE this one, as it uses one of those stupid law type word combinations, which many hate TUTOR/TUTEE, all from a simple t-shirt.

And the absolutely classic hint:

52D. Words of reproach, and a hint to how the four longest puzzle answers are formed : ET TU Brute? ET is the Latin for "and", and we are adding the TU so it is the word/phrase AND "TU". 

Wow, and there are more clues to come....


1. It can keep a watch on you : STRAP. I think I have seen this before, but a nice way to start the day.

6. Phi follower? : BETA, you BETA know KAPPA comes next. My oldest has his key.

10. Took the bus : RODE. I am glad it was riding, because they would make you give it back if you took it. Or if you like you have 15A. Transportation option : RAIL.

14. French fry? : SAUTÉ. What a simple but brilliant clue.

16. Carafe kin : EWER. Can you pitcher that?
19. Word in a boast : VENI. This of course ties into the Roman hint from Julius Caesar.VIDI VICI to you .

20. King of fiction : STEPHEN. I wonder if our own Mainiac has run into this man?

21. Martin Luther, to Pope Leo X : HERETIC. No religion, no politics.

23. European wine region : ASTI. Spumante is Italian for sparkling.

25. Bouquet : AROMA. Most sparkling wines do not have a "nose."

32. The Olympic Australis and others : OPALS. The world's LARGEST and a shout out to our Kazie.

33. Slippery : EELY. Is this really a word?

34. Pop-ups, often : ADS. Mine are often TARTS. (0:26).

37. Hollywood VIP : IDOL. They too are often TARTS.(3:18)

38. "The Prince of Tides" co-star : NOLTE.  LINK. (2:58).

40. Bend at a barre : PLIE. Pronounced Plee ay in the Ba'al ay world.

41. LAPD section? : LOS Angeles Police Department.

42. Pay stub abbr. : FICAFederal Insurance Contributions Act. Your funding of SSA and medicare, no religion, no politics.

43. Origami staple : CRANE. LINK. Do you know the meaning?

47. Way up : STAIR. But it is rude (boorish) to stare when she goes up the stair, no matter how.....

50. Desperate : DIRE. your personal situation. It never is a reason for you to...

51. Horns in : MEDDLES.

54. Puts in a lower position : DEMOTES. The opposite of PROMOTE, but no one is ever just moted.

59. Melville's "grand, ungodly, god-like man" : AHAB. A whale of a tale.

62. Two after do : RE MI. A bonus clue, DO(ugh) not D(ew).

63. Go like mad : TEAR. I did not tear through this one, but savored it.

64. Pitched perfectly : ON KEY. paired with the mini clecho: 
65. It's pitched : TENT.

66. Strong arms : UZIS. The Israeli made machine guns which do make a lot of

67. Racket : NOISE.


1. Former fleet : SSTS. Super Sonic Transports. Did you know the Soviet's had the first one? LINK. My brothers both flew on the Concorde and said it was amazing but cramped.

2. Tense : TAUT. I was taught this word young.

3. Boorish : RUDE.

4. Sitting on : ATOP. marti used an A word, marti used an A word.

5. Noncommittal response : PERHAPS. I should not nit pick, the nitpicker.

6. "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" author Anne : BRONTE. The youngest of the three sisters, she died young and I was not familiar with this BOOK, only Agnes Gray, and of course Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights.

7. Seine flower : EAU. Water in French, and the old, flower/flow-er trick.

8. Addams family nickname : TISH. MORTICIA was well LOVED.(3:31).

9. Toward shelter : ALEE. marti used an A word, marti used an A word.

10. Put on a pedestal : REVERE. Like Paul.

11. Have an outstanding loan from : OWE TO.

12. Durable fabric : DENIM. Just like Bret Favre.

13. Evergreen shrub : ERICA. This PLANT is known as HEATH,. from which the name HEATHCLIFF is derived, if you ever read Emily Bronte.

18. Muddle : MESS. I was in a the SE until TUTEE popped in my head.

22. Risqué : RACY. Like this TEASE? (3:38)

24. Swift's birthplace : IRELAND. Jonathan who wrote Gulliver's Travels and other political satire. oops, no religion, no politics. Anyway, it was great to see this answer instead of EIRE or ERIN.

26. Drudgery : TOIL. Blogging is work but not toil.

27. Prom night style : UPDO. Trying to look older so it is okay to have sex in the car.

28. Myanmar neighbor : LAOS. MAP.

29. Bugged? : ILL.He came down with the flu bug.

30. Spot checker? : VET. Really cute but are there any dogs except the one we see run named Spot anymore?

31. ___-de-France : ILE. Did we have this wealthy part of France recently, or am I having a senior  Déjà vu  moment?

34. Melodramatic moan : ALAS. Alas, a lass fell on her ass, it wan't rounded and pink as you probably think, but had long ears and ate grass..

35. Wine partner : DINE. Perhaps because she had just been wined and dined?

36. Word with poppy or top : SEED.

38. Zilch : NIL. Last week it was bupkis.

39. Andean tuber : OCA. I Yam quite familiar with these VEGGIES.

40. Arnie or Tiger, e.g. : PRO. Simple, but PGA popped into my head.

42. Roll up : FURL. Funny little word, comes from the same stem as FIRM.

43. South Carolina university : CLEMSON. The Tigers, Arnie went to Furman, also in SC. Jonathan Byrd, Lucas Glover, Kyle Stanley and Tommy Biershenk all went to Clemson.

44. Gossip morsel : TIDBIT. You like that bit.

45. Down sources : EIDERS. I would mak a bad pun, but you might throw something and I would have to duck.

46. First Nations tribe : CREE.  For all of our TEACHERS.

47. Sting : SMART. OO, that clue ..

48. Chuckle relative : TEHEE. I always say teehee.

49. Not worth ___ : A DAMN. Not to be confused with a Tinker's Dam.

53. "The Highway to India" canal : SUEZ. No idea but how many four letter canals are there?

55. "That's terrible!" : OH NO. Oh yes.

56. ___ torch : TIKI.

57. Cockney toast starter : 'ERES to you 'Enry 'Iggins.

58. Ocular nuisance : STYE.which rhymes with....

61. Clavell's "___ Pan" : TAI. Which sounds like THAI which land is next to Laos, so we have come full circle, so it must be time for me to go and find someone to squeeze some Lemons and see where that gets me. Always a pleasure to to write up a DuGuay-Carpenter (see Splynter there is another one here) creation. I hope you all have a wonderful time.