Jan 10, 2017

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 Janice Luttrell

Theme: Three letter scramble - Janice OPTed to Stir the POT, not Spin the TOP.

17A. Dice roller's exhortation: COME TO PAPA

40A. Actor with near-synonymous first and last names: RIP TORN

11D. Pretty darn simple: IDIOT PROOF

25D. Toaster snack: POP TART

29D. Verses by Allen Ginsberg, e.g.: BEAT POETRY

61A. Cause trouble ... and a hint to this puzzle's circled letters: STIR THE POT

Argyle here. Puzzle has both 90- and 180-degree crossword symmetry. I'm not sure what that means; I just cut and paste what they tell me. Not having circles shouldn't have been much of a detriment to the solve.


1. Doofus: DOLT

5. Dodge Aries and Plymouth Reliant: K-CARS. Trivia - First Chrysler car to be produced in the metric system with metric screw threads and components.

10. Smack on the mouth: KISS

14. Letter-shaped support piece: I-BAR. The real deal, 46D. Steel girders: I-BEAMS

15. "For real!": "NO LIE!"

16. Pop singer Brickell: EDIE. Easy listening.

19. Scrabble piece: TILE

20. TV preview: TEASER

21. Taken as a whole: ALL TOLD

23. Satchel feature: STRAP

26. Margarita glass rim coating: SALT. Where is my lost shaker of salt?

27. Curved sword: SABER and CW sword of choice, 57D. Weapon with a tip guard: EPEE

30. Application info: Abbr.: DOB. (date of birth)

32. Pool measure: DEPTH

35. What soccer shootouts resolve: TIES

36. Peaceful state: REPOSE

38. P-like Greek letter: RHO

39. Actress Thurman: UMA

41. Museum hanging: OIL

42. Amount after costs: NET

43. Suitcase attachments: ID TAGS

44. Yuletide: NOEL

45. Not so hot?: TEPID

47. __ Lanka: SRI. Was there a bridge to Sri Lanka? Link

48. Swollen: PUFFY

49. Upper, in Ulm: OBER. Ulm is a German city on the River Danube.

51. Male voice range: TENOR

53. "Toodle-oo!": "CHEERIO!"

56. Evaluate for tax purposes: ASSESS

60. Wee bit: IOTA

64. Time in office: TERM

65. Emulate Vesuvius: ERUPT

66. Scarlet letter of fiction: RED 'A'

67. Slow Churned ice cream brand: EDY'S

68. Hagar of Van Halen: SAMMY. Funny video.

69. Wine bottle number: YEAR


1. Random House vol.: DICTionary

2. Woodwind instrument: OBOE

3. Dalai __: LAMA

4. Locks on heads: TRESSES

5. Soup mix brand: KNORR

6. "Blue Bloods" extra: COP. Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan, New York City Police Commissioner.

7. Pie-mode connection: À LA

8. TV host Kelly: RIPA. With hubby.

9. Applies weatherstripping to: SEALS

10. Stovetop whistler: KETTLE

12. Housecat's perch: SILL

13. Watermelon eater's discard: SEED

18. Four: Pref.: TETR. From the Greek word for four.

22. Saddled (with): LADEN

24. People with skill: ADEPTS

27. Publicity ploy: STUNT

28. Evangelist __ Semple McPherson: AIMEE. Maybe this clip will help me remember her but I doubt it.

31. Shake it on the dance floor: BOOGIE

33. Burglar: THIEF

34. "Deck the Halls" greenery: HOLLY

36. Free (of): RID

37. Yearbook gp.: SRs. (seniors)

40. One on horseback: RIDER

44. Room with a crib: NURSERY

48. Luxurious: POSH

50. Greets the judge: RISES

52. Well-dressed: NATTY

53. Mention in a footnote: CITE

54. Broke up some clods: HOED

55. Senorita's "other": OTRA

58. Scotch go-with: SODA. Ironic; a manhattan singing about a scotch

59. Walk of Fame figure: STAR

62. Periodic table suffix: IUM. lol, where'd that come from? I didn't see it when solving.

63. Turntable no.: RPM. (revolutions per minute)