May 16, 2018

Wednesday, May 16 2018, Jared Tamarkin

Theme: Cloud-hidden, whereabouts unknown.*

20. Old Glory: AMERICAN FLAG.

28. "Don't incriminate yourself!": ADMIT NOTHING. Good advice.

44. 1983 Lionel Richie #1 song: ALL NIGHT LONG.

9. With 65-Across, it has a 54-Across, so they say: EVERY.

65. See 9-Across: CLOUD.

54. Upside of 9-Across/65-Across ... and, chemically speaking, what each pair of circles represents: SILVER LINING

I loved EVERYthing about this puzzle. Looks to be Jared's debut at the Corner. Theme-heavy, with lots to appreciate, including lots of artistic references. AG is the chemical symbol for SILVER (from the Latin word "argentum" meaning "silver"), flanking (or lining) three long answers.

*Van Morrison quotes the poem Searching for the Hermit in Vain, by Chia Tao (777-841) in his tune Alan Watts Blues. Watts includes the poem in the intro page to his book Cloud Hidden.


1. __ media: MASS.

5. Last year's frosh: SOPH.

14. Bug bite symptom: ITCH.

15. Indonesian boat: PROA. New word for me.

16. British prime minister before Brown: BLAIR.

17. "Cooking From the Hip" chef Cat __: CORA.

18. Prilosec target: ACID.

19. Well-manored men?: LORDS. Great clue.

23. Pigs and hogs: SWINE.

24. Nov. voting time: TUES.

25. Dead heat: TIE.

31. Platters from the past: LPS. LP = Long Playing, refers to the 10- or 12-inch diameter vinyl records, popular again. Any collectors here?

34. "Otello" baritone: IAGO.

35. "__ and Louis": 1956 jazz album: ELLA. Speaking of LPs ...

36. Marjoram kin: OREGANO.

38. Like the Constitution, 27 times: AMENDED.

41. "Unforgettable" father or daughter: COLE.

42. Nerve cell transmitter: AXON.

43. Sci-fi extras: ETS.

49. Guitar great Paul: LES.

50. Bring in: REAP.

51. New, to Neruda: NUEVA. Neruda was born and died in Chile, and wrote his poetry in Spanish.

57. Storage towers: SILOS.

60. City on its own lake: ERIE.

61. Morally repugnant: EVIL.

62. Fill with delight: ELATE.

63. Pie containers: TINS.

64. "La Dolce __": VITA. Italian for the sweet life. Also the title of a 1960 film by Frederico Fellini.

66. Ford contemporary: OLDS. Olds Motor Vehicle Co. was founded by Ransom E. Olds in 1897.

67. Eden exile: ADAM.


1. Layered silicate: MICA.

2. Tiny physics units: ATOMS.

3. Threaded hardware: SCREW.

4. Islamic law: SHARIA.

5. Guy who is out of this world?: SPACEMAN. Not Superman.

6. Killer whale: ORCA.

7. Indicate with an index finger: POINT TO.

8. Lived it up: HAD FUN.

9. Online marketing technique: E-BLAST.

10. YouTube journal: VLOG.

11. Musical gift: EAR.

12. Relieved (of): RID.

13. Trips around the sun: Abbr.: YRS.

21. Gandhi's land: INDIA.

22. Early-to-mid-August baby: LEO.

25. El Niño feature?: TILDE. Love this clue.

26. Shoreline recess: INLET.

27. "Jeepers!": EGADS.

29. "May __ now?": I GO.

30. Lady bird: HEN. Another great clue. Also a 2017 film.

31. From this area: LOCAL.

32. Humble worker, briefly: PROLE. Another new word for me, "a member of the working class."

33. Succeeds commercially: SELLS.

37. Bk. with the ark story: GEN.

38. Rocker Rose: AXL. Also Eddie Murphy's character in the 1984 film Beverly Hills Cop.

39. Like a particularly dark sky after sunset: MOONLESS.

40. The blahs: ENNUI.

42. In imminent danger: AT PERIL. Sounds odd - usually hear IN peril.

45. Opened or closed, as a lens aperture: IRISED. If you say so.

46. Hairdresser's goop: GEL.

47. Must: HAVE TO.

48. Swiss convention city: GENEVA.

52. Brilliantly colored: VIVID.

53. Soul singer Baker: ANITA.

54. Annual Jan. speech, in Twitter hashtags: SOTU. State of the Union.

55. Orange skin: RIND.

56. Flashy rock genre: GLAM.

57. "Wait a __!": SEC.

58. Under the weather: ILL.

59. Poet __-tzu: LAO. "Music in the soul can be heard by the universe."