May 16, 2018

Wednesday, May 16 2018, Jared Tamarkin

Theme: Cloud-hidden, whereabouts unknown.*

20. Old Glory: AMERICAN FLAG.

28. "Don't incriminate yourself!": ADMIT NOTHING. Good advice.

44. 1983 Lionel Richie #1 song: ALL NIGHT LONG.

9. With 65-Across, it has a 54-Across, so they say: EVERY.

65. See 9-Across: CLOUD.

54. Upside of 9-Across/65-Across ... and, chemically speaking, what each pair of circles represents: SILVER LINING

I loved EVERYthing about this puzzle. Looks to be Jared's debut at the Corner. Theme-heavy, with lots to appreciate, including lots of artistic references. AG is the chemical symbol for SILVER (from the Latin word "argentum" meaning "silver"), flanking (or lining) three long answers.

*Van Morrison quotes the poem Searching for the Hermit in Vain, by Chia Tao (777-841) in his tune Alan Watts Blues. Watts includes the poem in the intro page to his book Cloud Hidden.


1. __ media: MASS.

5. Last year's frosh: SOPH.

14. Bug bite symptom: ITCH.

15. Indonesian boat: PROA. New word for me.

16. British prime minister before Brown: BLAIR.

17. "Cooking From the Hip" chef Cat __: CORA.

18. Prilosec target: ACID.

19. Well-manored men?: LORDS. Great clue.

23. Pigs and hogs: SWINE.

24. Nov. voting time: TUES.

25. Dead heat: TIE.

31. Platters from the past: LPS. LP = Long Playing, refers to the 10- or 12-inch diameter vinyl records, popular again. Any collectors here?

34. "Otello" baritone: IAGO.

35. "__ and Louis": 1956 jazz album: ELLA. Speaking of LPs ...

36. Marjoram kin: OREGANO.

38. Like the Constitution, 27 times: AMENDED.

41. "Unforgettable" father or daughter: COLE.

42. Nerve cell transmitter: AXON.

43. Sci-fi extras: ETS.

49. Guitar great Paul: LES.

50. Bring in: REAP.

51. New, to Neruda: NUEVA. Neruda was born and died in Chile, and wrote his poetry in Spanish.

57. Storage towers: SILOS.

60. City on its own lake: ERIE.

61. Morally repugnant: EVIL.

62. Fill with delight: ELATE.

63. Pie containers: TINS.

64. "La Dolce __": VITA. Italian for the sweet life. Also the title of a 1960 film by Frederico Fellini.

66. Ford contemporary: OLDS. Olds Motor Vehicle Co. was founded by Ransom E. Olds in 1897.

67. Eden exile: ADAM.


1. Layered silicate: MICA.

2. Tiny physics units: ATOMS.

3. Threaded hardware: SCREW.

4. Islamic law: SHARIA.

5. Guy who is out of this world?: SPACEMAN. Not Superman.

6. Killer whale: ORCA.

7. Indicate with an index finger: POINT TO.

8. Lived it up: HAD FUN.

9. Online marketing technique: E-BLAST.

10. YouTube journal: VLOG.

11. Musical gift: EAR.

12. Relieved (of): RID.

13. Trips around the sun: Abbr.: YRS.

21. Gandhi's land: INDIA.

22. Early-to-mid-August baby: LEO.

25. El Niño feature?: TILDE. Love this clue.

26. Shoreline recess: INLET.

27. "Jeepers!": EGADS.

29. "May __ now?": I GO.

30. Lady bird: HEN. Another great clue. Also a 2017 film.

31. From this area: LOCAL.

32. Humble worker, briefly: PROLE. Another new word for me, "a member of the working class."

33. Succeeds commercially: SELLS.

37. Bk. with the ark story: GEN.

38. Rocker Rose: AXL. Also Eddie Murphy's character in the 1984 film Beverly Hills Cop.

39. Like a particularly dark sky after sunset: MOONLESS.

40. The blahs: ENNUI.

42. In imminent danger: AT PERIL. Sounds odd - usually hear IN peril.

45. Opened or closed, as a lens aperture: IRISED. If you say so.

46. Hairdresser's goop: GEL.

47. Must: HAVE TO.

48. Swiss convention city: GENEVA.

52. Brilliantly colored: VIVID.

53. Soul singer Baker: ANITA.

54. Annual Jan. speech, in Twitter hashtags: SOTU. State of the Union.

55. Orange skin: RIND.

56. Flashy rock genre: GLAM.

57. "Wait a __!": SEC.

58. Under the weather: ILL.

59. Poet __-tzu: LAO. "Music in the soul can be heard by the universe."

56 comments: said...


Thanks to Jared and mb!

Perps needed here and there for: CORAS, E-BLAST, PROLE, IRISED and SOTU.

Have a great day!

D4E4H said...

Happy Humpday Cornerites.

Thank you Mr, Jared Tamarkin for this excellently easy CW. I FIR in 22:57. At 20A I caught AG so I filled that in on the other circles. Now is a good time for the saying “every cloud has a silver lining.” All we have to do is see it.

Thank you melissa bee for your excellent review

41A - "Unforgettable" father or daughter: COLE. One of my all time favorites.
53D - Soul singer Baker: ANITA. Another favorite. Here is Sweet Love.


PK at 8:46 PM
- - I swear the following tale is true. It started when the door bell rang. I was in my nest (see PIC Sun. 5-6), and knew that the person at the door would give up and leave long before I could make my way to it. I called out loudly for that person to wait.
- - For the next portion of the tale I have to back up to 2-10 when Lynn wed Mr. Curtis Smith. She was gone, so I called out to him asking him to answer the door. He was in the master bedroom out of sight.
- -He appeared in the buff, with a strategically placed washcloth. He rushed to the door, unlocked it, and beat a hasty retreat closing the bedroom door
- - His daughter entered, reporting on his "shiny Hiney." Once dressed, he said that he thought she could not see through the glass because it is frosted. Yes, but some parts are clear.

Anonymous T at 11:40 PM
- - Wrote "He always did those corny things..." - Well here's one he inspired me to do in his honor. Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox (If I Die) Joe Diffie


OwenKL said...

So the ancient proverbs sing.
But that implies,
Every ARGENT hem has a gloomy wing!

Some day, a SPACEMAN, sent from here
Will land upon a distant sphere.
There he will be
The strange E.T.
Who'll plant a FLAG for a NEW frontier!

When asked where you've been ALL NIGHT LONG,
ADMIT NOTHING if you did no wrong!
But if you did,
Your conscience RID --
An honest SWINE beats an EVIL song!

I GO to visit my friend IAGO.
He's been feeling ILL, you know.
He gave a friendly ITCH
To (he thought) a bitch,
But it was in fact a panthera LEO!

{A-, A, C+, C+.}

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Rich went to Jared for this little jewel. It was a weird mix of old and new. PROA once appeared frequently, back in the day of the ADIT. IIRC, PROLE was the term used for common workers in the futuristic 1984. I've still got a box of old LPs in my closet, but my amplifier has no phono input, so I can't play them. At the other end of the time continuum, E-BLAST and V-LOG were too modern for moi to recognize. Fun, though. Thanx, Jared and Melissa Bee.

After an illicit ALL NIGHT LONG, you ADMIT NOTHING and, instead, wrap yourself in the AMERICAN FLAG. Sound familiar?

Oas said...

Good morning all. FIW with nuevO , OniDa, viDa. Didn’t know AXL or AXON so got that wrong as well.
Favsrite clue was “Well manored men? “

billocohoes said...

PROLE is derived from Karl Marx's term PROLEtariat, the working class, and ultimately from PROLEtarii, the ancient Roman social class of people who owned little or no property.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIW. I've never heard of Cat CORA, but had, of course, heard of SHiRIA. Dang it T-, you Jinxed me (FLN). Bad spellers of the world UNTIE!

I've never understood how the cooking shows succeed. To me they are just about as satisfying as satisfying as the Kardashian tripe.

I've also never understood how the voice that gave us ALL NIGHT LONG, Lady, and so many other velvety-smooth delights could have also egested "Brick House".

D-O said "After an illicit ALL NIGHT LONG, you ADMIT NOTHING and, instead, wrap yourself in the AMERICAN FLAG. Sound familiar?" It sure does. I LOVED the Clinton Era.

Thanks to Jared for a fun Wednesday. I especially like the fresh clue for the tired fill "ERIE".

MB - Thanks for the tour. I agree: IRISED?

Jay Green said...

THANK YOU! For 35 across. Ella & Louis is a "must have" album, even if you are not a jazz fan. It is so laid back and swinging every time I put it on at a party people go nuts for it. Take a little time and find one of the remastered editions that include cuts that didn't make it on the original album release. All the songs are jewels, even the out takes. Try it, you'll love it!

Yellowrocks said...

This was surprisingly fast, although the V in EVERY and VLOG (video blog) eluded me until the very last second. I had BLOG, never having heard of VLOG. I saw the AGs immediately, so SILVER LINING was a cinch. After CLOUD was perped and wagged, it had to be EVERY at 9A. TA DA.
CORA filled itself, fortunately.
I think we have had had PROA and PROLE in previous x-words. Also I have seen them frequently in reading.
I had IRIS right away, but was surprised at adding -ED, a little awkward.
I usually see the warning, "You do that at your peril" or "at your own peril."
I think Lucina admires NERDA. Hi, there.

Yellowrocks said...

Sorry, that's NERUDA

SwampCat said...

I was on the right wavelength. Fast, fun, and very clever. I loved all the fresh clues like “well manored men”. And Lady bird. Fave was “El Nino feature” for TILDE.

I suspect cooking shows are a love ‘em or hate ‘em thing. I love to cook so I enjoy seeing other people cook. Cat CORA was a gimme. But if you don’t like that sort of thing it would be like watching paint dry.

SwampCat said...

Owen, today was the best ever!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

No real problems and the perps took care of the few unknowns: EBlast, Prole, and Proa. I knew Vlog but never heard of EBlast; who could keep up with all of the tech terms? Cat Cora was a gimme as I was a big fan of cooking shows until they strayed from cooking to performing for the camera. I'm no longer a fan but if I happen across some older shows featuring Jacques Pepin, Julia Child, Martha Stewart, Sara Moulton and some others, I'll tune in. Their shows taught you something about food and its preparation and presentation sans any phony gimmicks. End of rant. My only w/o was Nuevo/Nueva. Lady bird=Hen was my favorite combo; simple but fresh. I liked seeing Ennui two days in a row (I like that word for some reason) but I didn't care much for Irised.

Thanks, Jared, for an enjoyable mid-week solve and congrats if this is a debut and thanks, Melissa, for guiding us along.

We have another rainy, gloomy day today but were spared yesterday's violent storm, at least in my immediate area. I haven't yet read the full impact on the affected areas but I believe the southern part of the state fared the worst. How about your area, Spitz? Mother Nature is not being too motherly lately.

Have a great day.

WikWak said...

Wheee! Thank you, Jared, for a really fun puzzle with lots of sparkle to the fill. This one almost seemed to be solving itself; I must have been tuned in to Jared's wavelength. 11 minutes flat to FIR, about 2 minutes faster than my usual Wednesday time. And MB, I enjoyed the things you used to illustrate the blog—especially the iridescent bird.

Liked seeing SPACEMAN; enjoyed some of the clues (well manored men was my favorite). Cringed at IRISED; I suppose it’s a real word but I don’t gotta like it—and I don’t. ;-)

We’re puppy sitting our granddog. After many decades being dog owners, we now find ourselves dogless so we look forward to these chances. Time for walkies, so I’m outta here.

Have a great day, all!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Mostly easy. Did not know GLAM or PROLE, but perps helped. Only saw the AG bookends after having sussed SILVER. And that caromed back to give me EVERY, and, so, at last I understood the 9-54-65a connection.
Somehow dug out PROA from the deep recesses of my mind.
I have finally learned how to spell AXL. Well done Jared.
ERIE - Glad to see it again. I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms.
OREGANO - marjoram. The family also includes basil, mint, rosemary, sage, savory, thyme, lavender, and some others.

Misty said...

Well, I really worried that I wasn't going to get this Wednesday toughie, and struggled with a number of difficult places. But, amazingly, in the end it all slowly filled in, and I got the whole thing perfectly without cheating. Yay! Woohoo! I almost left A_L and A_ON blank because I didn't know the Rocker Rose and couldn't think of the nerve transmitter. But thank goodness I went through the alphabet to see if I could find the letter and near the end, there it was--an X. AXON made sense and I then remembered having heard of AXL, although I would probably have spelled it differently. I also had BLOG at first until I realized it had to be EVERY. Never heard of VIDEO LOG, thanks for explaining, Yellowrocks. IRISED sounded strange to me, and didn't know SOTU. But in the end it all filled in and I loved the reveal and the theme, and got what the AGs stood for. So, many thanks, Jared--and you too, Melissa, for a helpful write-up and neat picture of that VIVID BIRD.

Owen, I liked your second limerick best.

My right eye cataract surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. Am praying that it will go well. Not sure I'll be in good enough shape to get on the blog, but will try.

Have a great day, everybody!

Lucina said...

Here I am today though I was meant to be in Carmel, CA but a not-so-funny thing happened to me at the airport. On the way to the check in counter I tripped on one of the stanchions used to support the ribbons that create aisles. Down I went in a straight fall, flat on my face and broke my nose, bruised like a prize fighter. My face resembles Miss Piggy but all banged up and with a purple mustache. I spent all morning at the ER, got some stitches on the gash and received lots of TLC from the nursing staff and my ever loving family. So here I am today and had to print the puzzle since I stopped my newspaper.

WEES about this delightful puzzle though I had no circles. PROA was once a CW staple and YR is correct; I love Pablo Neruda's poetry. I, too, had NUEVO before NUEVA.

VBLOG was very confusing for me as I had no idea such a thing existed but it had to be EVERY. I love Lionel Richie's ALLNIGHTLONG and most of his songs. And I love that version of Unforgettable by the COLES. I recall being amazed at the technology that made it possible since Nat was already dead.

Thank you, MB and Jared Tamarkin. Both of you cheered me on a bleak day when I was supposed to be far away enjoying the sea breezes of California.

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Jared! Great expo, melissa b. That bird is gorgeous.

I struggled with this some. DNK: PROA, CAT CORA, VLOG, EBLAST. Don't watch cooking shows. They make me gain weight.

Star.... before MOONLESS. I knew of the IRIS on a camera but didn't like ED on the end either.

D4: I read the blog after midnight. Too funny. You'd think he could find something to wrap in.

D-O: Rich went to Jared -- good one. LOL.

Oh no, Lucina, your lovely face all banged up and missing your flight! Wish we could kiss those owies and make you all better like a good mother would. Who'd a thunk those stanchions would put you AT PERIL!

Misty: Gook luck on the eye surgery tomorrow. You are so brave. We'll be thinking of you.

Irish Miss said...

Lucina, you poor lady! I winced reading about your fall and its aftermath. I hope you're not in too much pain and discomfort and that your trip is only postponed not cancelled entirely. Sending you healing thoughts and best wishes! 🌺🌸🌷🌹💐

Misty, good luck tomorrow. Take it easy but keep us posted when you're up to it.

CrossEyedDave said...

Busy day,

Just posting to keep my place as to how far I read the Blog...

Silver lining? Yeah, but it's not an Epee...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry, ENNUI

Misty said...

Lucina, what a terribly sad occurrence--so sorry to hear this, especially as you were about to make a great trip. I too will pray that you have a good recovery with everything healing perfectly and no after-effects. Please take good care of yourself and keep up your amazing and strong spirit.

Irish Miss and PK, thank you for the good wishes.

inanehiker said...

Fun and clever puzzle and theme - and unknowns were easily perped

Sorry to hear of your fall- good it was just your nose and not your hip!!
Hope you can reschedule your trip for another time soon

Thanks Jared and MelissaB!

Spitzboov said...

IM @ 0937 - We fared OK. Thunder storms but nothing closeby. They briefly had Otsego county (think Cooperstown) on for a Tornado Watch but pulled it after about an hour.

oc4beach said...

Welcome to the new constructor, Jared Tamarkin. He presented us with a Wednesday challenge. Melissa Bee presented us with a tour through the grid that explained it all nicely.

I used the Mensa site, which meant that there were no circles, so, I didn't get the theme until MB's dissertation on it. But once I saw it I liked it.

There were a few unknowns today. PROA, PROLE, EBLAST and VLOG had to be filled in with perps and a few WAGS. I also tried EARLS and DUKES before LORDS became evident.

La Dolce VITA filled in quickly. I had recently been to a local cupcake bakery by the same name, so it was easy. As the younger generation says, the cupcakes "are to die for." I just say they are great.

Misty: Good luck with your second surgery tomorrow. Now that you have been through it once, hopefully it will be easier.

Lucina: I'm so sorry that you were hurt at the airport. And I hope that you heal quickly and can reschedule your trip soon. If it hurts and they gave you pain pills, don't hesitate to use them. Toughing it out is not the way to go.

The storm that roared through MD, PA, NJ, NY etc. yesterday was really nasty. We had 58mph winds and heavy rain. My son in MD had 2 inch hail with flooding and my daughter in North Jersey had trees down and a loss of power. Luckily no one was hurt, but it was scary for a while. I hope all of the bloggers in it's path came through it OK.

Have a great day everyone.

Jayce said...

Eenteresting pozzle! Got the AG right away but kept expecting something to do with Attorney General. Saw the E-ER- and put in EBERT and then ROGER at 65A. Man oh man was I on the wrong track. When it finally all came together (with no cheats) I sat back and savored Mr. Tamarkin's admirable handiwork. Good stuff! The one nose-wrinkler was IRISED, but oh well.
I liked the use of the word PROLE in Nineteen Eighty-Four.
Back in the early 60's, before President John Kennedy was murdered, there was an old joke going around: JFK's 2-term presidency would go from 1962 to 1970, then his brother Robert for 2 terms from 1970 to 1978, then Teddy would serve 2 terms and we all know what happens then in 1984!
Sorry about your fall, Lucina. Best wishes to you all.

Lucina said...

Thank you all for your sympathy and good wishes. I am absorbing them all here as well as from family and friends to make up for the disappointment of missing my trip. My daughter put a notice on Facebook so there is a steady stream of good wishes there, too. I so appreciate the kindness.

Misty, I, too, hope all goes well tomorrow with your cataract removal and that all the snags get cleared for you.

On a bright note, I loved today's puzzle and am glad I was here to enjoy it.

Husker Gary said...

-I played 27 holes this morning and I am RID OF some bad habits!
-This PROLE was in a PROA without a paddle about knowing these words
-CLOUD/SILVER LINING - After my 8th year of teaching I had no summer job lined up and a friend approached me with an opportunity. That turned into a 23-year summer job where I REAPED tons of money.
-In the “pre-Miranda” TV cop shows, “ADMIT NOTHING” never occurred to the perps
-Yesterday TUES was our voting day and school bond issues passed everywhere
-Yale University students threw inverted PIE TINS from the Frisbee Pie Company and guess what was born
-Lawn mower and screen door issues last week were resolved for free. That’s one reason I buy LOCAL
-A wonderful Henry Fonda/Ward Bond “gotcha” scene about a MOONLESS night (2:07)
-My friend used to run a pheasant hunting business but after he quit he kept one very VIVID Bird as a pet

PK said...

I forgot to mention that I got the theme with no circles when I got to SILVER LiNiNG and saw the AG beginnings & endings. (I guess that HS chemistry class was good for something.) However, I didn't trust myself enough & looked for other clues. So happy to come to the blog & find I'd got it for a change. WooHoo!

Picard said...

Lucina: So sorry to hear of your mishap. What were you planning to do in Carmel? I have friends in that area so I get there at least once a year. Hand up I hope this is just a postponement and that you are all well again soon!

My brother is the chemistry wizard in the family. I decided recently to memorize the Periodic Table and by coincidence I am up to SILVER today! So I got the theme immediately! I started in the SW and got CLOUD and I was off and running!

Melissa Bee: Thanks for the VIVID image!

Did anyone else think of SPACEMAN Spiff from Calvin and Hobbes?

Did anyone else think of a certain elected official with the clue ORANGE SKIN?

PROA was a new one for me. But this INDONESIAN BOAT got me to the remote island of Komodo.

Back then I had an Indonesian lady friend. I have plenty of ATOMS photos taken with our Atomic Force Microscope that I helped design. In the early days we imaged MICA, but I can't seem to find those photos.

CanadianEh! said...

Wonderful Wdenesday. Thanks for the fun Jared (congrats on your debut) and melissa.
I saw the A and G endings and knew the AG to get the theme.
I smiled at the CLOUD, MOONLESS sky after sunset, and ALL NIGHT LONG MINI-theme.
We also had a farm mini-theme with HEN, SWINE, SILOS and REAP.

Hand up for needing perps for PROA and PROLE, having Blog before VLOG, and writing a big Meh! in the newspaper margin beside IRISED. Gluey fill, I believe C.C. calls it.

IAGO reminds me that I am off to Stratford Festival for a couple of days.

Lucina- sorry to hear of your fall. Your face will be VIVID for quite a few days. Hope the trip can be enjoyed later.
Misty- best wishes for the second cataract surgery.

Enjoy the day.

Yellowrocks said...

Anon @ 12:14, thanks for the Old Blue Eyes tunes. I am keeping them playing as I type. Love it!
I also enjoyed "Ella and Louis" on YouTube.
Lucina, ouch!! So sorry for your accident and the ensuing pain. I hope you heal quickly and can reschedule your trip. Did you have trip insurance? Probably not for something like going to Mt. Carmel.
Misty, your are in my thoughts as you have your second cataract surgery. After waiting a certain period, new glasses probably will help you see very well. I am wishing you the best.
Here we had a very short violent thunder storm last evening. Most of our small town had long lasting power outages, but my tiny section escaped unscathed. At non functioning traffic lights on major highways left hand turns were prohibited. Other routes were blocked by downed trees. Being local I knew work-arounds. I feel sorry for strangers caught on this mess. I hope all you fared well with the storm.

Bill G said...

No, I didn't think of Spaceman Spiff but I sure do like Calvin and Hobbes. Lots of times when Jordan (13 years old) comes over, we take turns reading from the heavy volume of the Complete Calvin and Hobbes. Great stuff!

Sorry about your spill Lucina. You are right about the blue skies and sea breezes you are missing. Those breezes are stiff enough that I may pass on a bike ride today. These days, peddling against any head wind takes the fun out of riding for me. And, make sure you go on the Seventeen Mile Drive. Even if you did it before, it's worth another look. Actually, when we used to drive to San Francisco from LA, we would go up the coast route even though it took almost twice as long as the freeway. I just love the scenery.

No circles for me but I looked at the longest horizontal answers and saw the A and G right away. Yea me! Hands up for not liking IRISED.

I don't watch cooking shows but every now and then there will be a cooling segment on a show I do watch. Everybody carries on about the great smells and taste of some delicious food they've cooked while I stare hungrily at the TV. Seems rude to me...

D4E4H said...

Misty at 11:18 AM

- - "See" you tomorrow.

Lucina at 11:39 AM

- - I had been working on paperwork, and was so tired,I could not even think. I got everything ready for a nap. "I'll check the Corner first." Lucina, did anyone say to you "Have a nice trip. I'll see you in the fall?" Did the otorhinolaryngologist deviate your septum while he was nosing around?
- - I am so sorry you look like Rocky Balboa. May you find solace in the quote. I wish you full recovery.



Ol' Man Keith said...

Ta- DA!
Mr. Tamarkin's pzl held a lot of seeming unknowns for me, from old songs to pop personalities, but they were the kind that turned out to be familiar once perps helped me solve them. (Aren't those the best?)
Most of it was an easy slog, but like Yellowrocks, Misty, and others before me, I was held up for a while by the BLOG/VLOG quandary. I worked back to the right answer from the theme. In context, what other descriptive word goes with CLOUD than EVERY?

Misty, best of luck tomorrow! May your right eye fare even better than your left.

Yesterday my wife came home sporting fancy eyeglass frames with her brand new prescription lenses.
"How do I look?" I asked!


Diagonal Report: Today's grid might appear to hold a couple of diagonals, but it's deceptive. There isn't a valid anchor line, neither dexter nor sinister (to make use of ysterday's heraldic terms). The front line breaks after OREGANO, and the mirror line after IAGO.
On the front end we have two sub-diags, but according to the rule that they must be moored to a center line, these count for naught.
Why the rule?
Well, grasshoppers, it is simply to insure that the constructor does not try for an easy score.
In our daily 15 by 15 grid, a main diagonal line - running from square 1 to square 225 - requires 15 connected squares, whereas a sub-diagonal - from square 2 to 210, or 16 to 224 - needs only 14 squares. When we see sub-sub-diags, we are down to a mere 13 squares.
In the past year we have only seen sub-subs a couple of times. Maybe if we set aside the anchor rule & allowed them to float freely, we would see them more often.
But, ah, at what price?

Lemonade714 said...

Feel better soon Lucy. I will send you one of my supporters. PLAID and FOLDING.

AnonymousPVX said...

Went right through this one....didn’t like IRISED but it is totally legit.

And on to tomorrow.

AnonymousPVX said...

Desper-Otto....thanks for the tip on the captchas....trying it out now

AnonymousPVX said...

And it seems to work....thanks again.

Now...AC juice....3 kinds at least

R-12....used to be used in cars, ozone depleting...discontinued and expensive.

R-22....similar but for homes, ozone depleting...discontinued and expensive. used in cars, ozone safe...inexpensive used in homes, ozone safe...inexpensive.

You cannot interchange these generally....some cars can use R-134 if you convert them properly. Cannot use R-134 in a system designed for R-22.

AnonymousPVX said...

Four kinds at least. Geez.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I'd forgotten all about the prediction of a "Kennedy dynasty until 1984." Thanks for reviving what was once a comical but essentially happy thought.
That was pre-Oswald, pre-Sirhan, and pre-Mary Jo. AkA the good old days.

When you recall all these traumas and add in the killing of MLK, our losses in wars and on 9/11, plus certain shameful administrations of a party (not to be named for fear of crossing the political line), we have been deeply, profoundly scarred as a nation.

CrossEyedDave said...

Hmm, broken noses, and eye surgery,,
I want to be supportive, but quite honestly you guys are freakin' me out...

I come to this Blog to maybe learn something, or escape reality,
whichever comes first...

Spaceman Spiff I can deal with,
Actually he reminds me of Anonymous T in his Alfa Romero,
Spaceman Spiff is hit! He aims for planet Mok, hoping to find a reputable body shop...

Hmm, there's gotta be a silver lining in here somewhere...

Hmm, maaybe not, the link is the size of a postage stamp.
Dang it, this day just sucks...

CrossEyedDave said...

testing second attempt link...

D4E4H said...

Lemonade714 at 4:38 PM

- - I see your plaid cane, and raise you the small base quad cane shown on the right. I use this cane with a HurryCane® which has three points of contact at the floor. Plane geometry reminds us that three points determine a plane. Add to that, the articulating "ankle" and one has a significant improvement over a single tip cane.
- - Spoiler alert, the "stand alone feature" will let you down, and no cane with rubber tips will work on snow. There is a model available with jabbing spikes, but I recommend staying home and watching the snow out the window. Hopefully we will see the white stuff next in the fall.
- - With the "adspeak" correction noted, I rely on my two canes to get me into places too inconvenient or small for my Rollator.

- - I recommend that Lucy add a light with the tri-foot base.

- - I recommend that she hold off on the cane which is A REAL STUNNER, 1,000,000 volts.


Roy said...

With our latest scandal here in NY, my first thought on seeing AG was Attorney-General. Eventually got ArGentum.

Spitzboov said...

Lucina - So sorry about the accident which befell you. Bummer. I winced here just reading about it. Hope that things heal quickly and you have another opportunity to make your trip.

Misty - Good luck with your eye operation.

Wilbur Charles said...

I couldn't remember whether AG was gold or SILVER. VLOG and EBLAST were perped. I did know AXL.

I never got in yesterday, I got bogged down in ancient runes. There's an establishment out there that is horrified that the Truth about America could be established. I have read that the Scots Templars had a mid-15th century voyage to America on which the future father-in-law of Christopher Columbus sailed and later passed on the charts to CC.

And reading Ebert's review of La Dolce Vita was illuminating

Lucina so sorry to hear about your misfortune. You carry on marvelously

And Misty, too, I hope your second cataract surgery goes smoothly.

Picard, not SOACEMAN Spiff but certainly Spaceman (Bill) Lee of the 70s Redsox


TX Ms said...

Lucina @ 11:39 am, how horrible - at the airport even, missing a much-anticipated trip. But here you are, in much pain - what a trooper (trouper)?

Lucina said...

Thank you again, everyone, for the sympathy and comfort. The way things are going now with my family visiting, fussing over me, and a long string of greeting on Facebook, I may have to prolong the agony a bit. LOL. Seriously, they, like you here, have all been wonderful and so solicitous.

Dave and Lemonade, thank you for the suggestions about canes but I believe I can still hold my own unless something is in my way.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Oh my gosh! I didn't see your post before now. What a terrible disruption to your planned trip! (Forgive me, I didn't see that pun before I typed it, but I'm leaving it because it is... well, apt.)

At least you found some TLC at the ER. These days, we can't always count on receiving more than the barest treatment from our health establishment, even while we, or our insurers, fork over the maximum cost.
May you heal quickly and well, and have another chance soon to join your pals in California!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Nice puzzle Jared; too bad Silver doesn't start with and A 'cuz Lining ends with a G. Thanks for the delightful solve this morning; fun trying to see where you were going theme-wise. EVERY and CLOUD were my final fills and made me smile.

Thanks mb for the expo - enjoyed the tune.

WOs: SHiRIA [Hi Jinx!], bLOG b/f VLOG
ESPs: COR[i|A], PROA, NUEVA, LAO, ELLA (as clue'd)
Thumper: WEES re: IRISED
Favs: 19a=LORDS c/a; 31a clue for LPS.

Eldest is wearing her T from the Spy Museum in D.C.: "Deny Everything." Same as 26a. :-)


D-O @6:34a; yeah, familiar. LOL Jinx on punch-line.

Good luck tomorrow Misty! You'll be in our thoughts and missed the next day or so.

Lucina: I was happy to see your Avatar today and then not. That's awful. #SueTheAirPort #DownWithQueueRibbons

Picard, Bill G. Know's I love me some Calvin & Hobbes. Great SPACEMAN Spiff comic CED!

//Got a second for a little-story I've told before?
While out for drinks with her fellow English PhD candidates, everyone describing their "guilting reading," it got around to DW who said:
"OK, I'll admit, I read Calvin and Hobbes to lighten-up."
Jaws dropped as they thought she read philosophy for giggles.

Speaking of (Communist) philosophers... Marx guesses the PROLEtariat [Python]

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

As soon as I fell the floor manager of AA was there in a flash personally wiping blood and speaking comforting words. Interestingly, a random passenger brought over diapers and baby wipes to help absorb the blood. I wish I knew who he was because I would like to thank him but he went off to catch his flight.

Anonymous T said...

Lucina - I'm fairly certain you know I was making a joke w/ #Tags. I'm sure you were treated well and now being deservedly spoiled by your Fam & Frends. I know you make it again to Carmel; there's that Italian restaurant* just off the main passage (we've discussed) after all. Heal well, friend, heal well.
*I'll LIU if you don't recall.

Bill G said...

No, I didn't think of Spaceman Spiff but I sure do like Calvin and Hobbes. Lots of times when Jordan (13 years old) comes over, we take turns reading from the heavy volume of the Complete Calvin and Hobbes. Great stuff!

Sorry about your spill Lucina. You are right about the blue skies and sea breezes you are missing. Those breezes are stiff enough that I may pass on a bike ride today. These days, peddling against any head wind takes the fun out of riding for me. And, make sure you go on the Seventeen Mile Drive. Even if you did it before, it's worth another look. Actually, when we used to drive to San Francisco from LA, we would go up the coast route even though it took almost twice as long as the freeway. I just love the scenery.

No circles for me but I looked at the longest horizontal answers and saw the A and G right away. Yea me! Hands up for not liking IRISED.

Bill G said...

You've heard of The Big Bang Theory? Calvin called it the "Horrendous Space Kablooie." It was adopted by some scientists as being a much more evocative name.