May 7, 2018

Monday May 7, 2018 Lila Cherry

Theme: BAR MENU (63. List including nachos, sliders, wings, etc. ... and what the starts of the answers to starred clues comprise?)

17A. *Official emergency status: CODE RED. Bar code.

20A. *Angler's skill: FLY CASTING. Barfly.

33A. *#1 hit: CHART TOPPER. Bar chart.

42A. *One who rats to the cops: STOOL PIGEON. Bar stool.

54A. *Floater in a luxurious bath: SOAP BUBBLE. Bar soap.

Boomer here.  

Hello everyone. I know it has been a long week, but I did read most of the comments on Tuesday and I have to say how impressed I was on the messages of grief and condolence for the loss of our friend.

A bit about myself.  My dear mother did the daily crossword in the Minneapolis paper, and had a Dell paperback to help with the clues. Of course, this was back in the day when a computer was something created by IBM and took up 120 cubic feet in an office building. My older sister, Barbara solves two crossword puzzles daily, but of course she graduated with a magna cum laude degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota.  I, on the other hand, took four years of Latin in high school, so I can spell "magna cum laude" and translate it into English.  I have to admit, I do not have the smarts or expertise that most of you have to solve these puzzles, but I don't mind, because I know I can beat most of you in bowling.

However, I can only say how thoroughly impressed I am with the close-knit family that visit this blog daily, and shared their thoughts of the memory of wonderful Argyle. I share your dismay, and of course the terrible loss felt by C.C. and many of all of you. And if any of you stopped in the bar to drown your sorrow, I hope you enjoyed this puzzle.  


1. "I'm all __ it": "Yes": FOR.

4. Pennies: Abbr.: CTS.

7. "Later, dude": BYE.

10. Mil. strongholds: FTS.

13. Long Island university: ADELPHI. Impressive University.  I wonder if they teach Latin.

15. Demonic laugh: MWAHAHA. I never have heard of this so I Googled it.  Surprise, it's out there.

18. Month that once was eighth: OCTOBER.  Let's see, Decem is 10, Nova is 9, Octo is 8, Septem is 7, so August must be 6?  Or Caesar might have had something to do with month naming.

19. Walked (on): TROD.

22. One getting private lessons: TUTEE. Or a blow on a flute.

24. Go down to defeat: LOSE.

25. __ Martin: Bond's car: ASTON. I think these run into six figures.

28. Garlicky sauce: AIOLI. - WOW, a FIVE letter word with FOUR vowels. Has to be a constructors dream.

32. Frozen over: ICY. No problem spelling this in Minnesota.

39. Venue for exercise swimming: LAP POOL.

41. Old golf club named for its copper alloy-plated face: BRASSIE. This used to be a nickname for a two wood.  I don't think anyone carries a two wood anymore.

44. Spanish Mrs.: SRA.

45. Selassie worshiper: RASTA.

46. Type in: ENTER. Right above shift on most keyboards.

48. Arduous journey: TREK.

51. In style again: RETRO.

58. "__ end up": THIS. I write this on my cereal box so I don't spill in the AM

62. Existing independent of experience, in logic: A PRIORI. Did we have this last week with an abbrev. of a thirty day month??

65. Another year of Time, say: RENEWAL. Favorite slogan of Andersen Windows.

66. "Canyon With Crows" artist Georgia: O'KEEFFE.

67. '60s radical gp.: SDS. Students for a Democratic Society.

68. Antlered beast: ELK. We have lots of deer in Minnesota, but the Elks are all in the bar at the lodge.

69. Opposite of ENE: WSW. White Sidewalls group similar to Sha Na Na

70. Birthday gift for a tot: TOY. "It went zip when it moved and bop when it stopped and whirrrrr when it stood still.  I never knew just what it was and I guess I never will...."


1. Almanac item: FACT.

2. Smell often funky: ODOR. Had this word a few weeks ago. Reminds me of Texas Ranger Rougned

3. Decorate anew: REDO.

4. Basic technique in EMT training: CPR.  I think CPR is cardio pulmonary resuscitation, however when I see EMT I still think of thinwall conduit.

5. Stealing: THEFT.

6. Move laterally: SIDLE.

7. Coll. hotshot: BMOC. Bring My Own Cola ??

8. Female leadership org.: YWCA.

9. Grub: EATS. Law and Order - Emil Skoda (J.K. Simmons on the Farmers Insurance commercials) calls food "Grub" 

10. One-named Milanese model: FABIO.

11. If-__: conditional statements: THENS.

12. NCO nickname: SARGE. Many enlisted men had other nicknames for their sergeants.

14. Resulted in: LED TO.

16. "MASH" nickname: HOT LIPS. Great movie, Great TV show, Margaret Houlihan

21. Wine label number: YEAR.

23. 7-Up nickname: UNCOLA.

25. Afflicts: AILS.

26. Ella's style: SCAT.

27. Wrong-key error: TYPO. This was a problem for my big fingers on the old Smith Corona.  No big deal any more with a "delete" key.

29. Beatles' "Let __": IT BE. "When I find myself in times of trouble..."

30. Other, in Oaxaca: OTRO.

31. Car borrowed from a dealer: LOANER. They used to loan them to you, now I think they rent them to you.

34. One-footed jumps: HOPS. Beer ingredient

35. Landed: ALIT.

36. Whispered "Hey!": PSST.

37. The Auld Sod: EIRE. I have not heard of Auld Sod, but I think this is Ireland.

38. Stern area: REAR.

40. Trademark Buster Keaton hat with a culinary name: PORK PIE.  Buster was before my time, sorry

43. Clothing: GARB.

47. "I didn't do it": NOT ME. Wouldn't it be Not I?

48. Nicholas II was the last of them in Russia: TSARS.

49. Caught, as dogies: ROPED.

50. Gets by working: EARNS.

52. "Funny bone" spot: ELBOW. When it gets whacked, it's not too funny

53. Hardwood trees: TEAKS.

55. Boxer Riddick: BOWE.

56. It borders Siberia in the game of Risk: URAL. Reminds me of a Seinfeld where Kramer is playing Risk with Newman.

57. Defraud: BILK.

59. Strain to lift: HEFT.

60. Recon collection: INFO.

61. Chop __: SUEY. C.C. insists that most American so called "Chinese food" has never been served in China.

64. Remote button with left-pointing arrows: Abbr.: REW.


45 comments: said...


Thanks to Rich and Boomer!

Did not know ADELPHI or BOWE. Otherwise a snap.

BTW, it's "A PRIORI" (two words).

Have a great day!

D4E4H said...

Thank you Ms. Lila Cherry for today's "Easy peasy" Monday CW. I FIR in 25:37.

Thank you Boomer for your essay, and an excellent review. I'm happy to have you in the Monday wheelhouse. Stear us well!

Thank you C.C. for the video slide presentation of Argyle (as we on the Corner knew him). The PICs reinforce the feelings we developed from reading his thoughts.


Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased gnu for ELK. I also WAGged URAL x APRIORI. PORK PIE hat seems vaguely familiar - maybe from a previous crossword puzzle? The only reason I knew ADELPHI is that's where Howard Stern's sidekick Gary "Baba Booey" Dell'Abate graduated. Baba Booey makes $4 million per year, according to Not bad for being a kicking boy.

Time to pack up the motor home and drive home. Thanks to Lila for a fun puzzle and to Boomer for formally introducing yourself. Don't be modest - how many 300 games have you rolled?

OwenKL said...

I have an invention abuzz in my HOPPER,
Like TOYS as erasers on pencils are proper.
Collectors will hoard
Clip-covers for clip-boards --
I'll be number one with my rubber CHART TOPPER!

First to a boil, some water we bring.
THEN add some plaster, and maybe some string.
As it cools off,
But still very soft,
Press in the bug -- you've made a FLY CASTING!

{B+, B-}

Do also check out this filk version of the TOY song I learned many years ago!

Bob Niles said...

Looked at 15A. Bwahaha for along time and decided the perps were correct. New one that I had to look up.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Nice inaugural Boomer. Thanks.

Another Lila Cherry - Really Rich offering. Liked the theme. Liked the cleverness of the OCTOBER clue. We rarely think of it that way.
ADELPHI was easy; I think RPI played it in some sports. No searches were needed.
A PRIORI - Got it ok but I'd be hard put to use it intelligently in a sentence. Perps were ample.
Adieu - is another 5 ltr word with 4 vowels that comes to mind.

Have a great day

billocohoes said...

FLYfiShing before CASTING, and bWAHAHA before M... but only because of the order in which I was solving the clues. Didn't know there were two "F"s in OKEEFFE. Otherwise no problems. My daughter applied to ADELPHI, but chose SUNY-New Paltz.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning!

Thanks for the fun, "Lila." My fave today was MWAHAHA. I stopped at the MW, then AHA! For some reason I hear Vincent Price. . . . BRASSIE was a gimme as the the name of the street where our friends live, next to a golf course, natch.

Thanks, Boomer. Welcome to your new gig. Nice aria there!

I agree with Spitz about the difference between understanding A PRIORI and trying to use it in a sentence--at least in everyday use.

C. C.: Don't feel bad about "Chinese" food in America. Pizza and lots of other popular Italian foods here are hardly known or available in Italy.

Have a sunny day, everyone.

Yellowrocks said...

Welcome to being the official Monday blogger, Boomer. This was a cute, easy Monday puzzle. Only BOWE was new to me.
I have heard MWAHAHA many times, always in pretend scary jest.
This end up - I mark an X on the 7 AM compartment of Alan's daily pill minders so that he doesn't use the evening dose first.
My all time favorite job was being a tutor. I loved my TUTEES. I was with one family for ten years, helping a brother and sister from first grade through middle school. I especially liked helping with term papers, projects and essays.
I never hear BMOC these days. It is still used?
Thanks for the Marvelous Toy, Boomer, one of my favorites. I liked your version. Peter, Paul and Mary were all time favorites of mine. I remember the days of folk music fondly. OKL, that's taking a cute lighthearted song and making it dark.
RISK is not one of my favorite games. I find it boring after 20 minutes. As it goes on and on I hope to lose so I can bow out.
I wish more politicians would consider the consequence of their actions. "If so, then......" What will happen if I.... Life is like a mobile, if you add or remove a part, it unbalances the mobile until you rectify it by rebalancing.

Dennis said...

Just heard (from Lois) the terrible news about Scott.

Because I was around for the early years of the blog, I got to see first-hand Scott's personality and work ethic, and I'm really sorry I never got to meet him 'cause he was a rock star when it came to this blog. C.C. is the creator of the blog, but I'm sure she'll tell you that without Scott, things wouldn't have gone nearly as smoothly as they did. Always there, always with the same even keel, and that great dry sense of humor. Even in the past few year during our sporadic conversations online, he never mentioned any problems and always left me laughing.

He'll be sincerely missed -- you don't come across the truly good ones all that often anymore.

Semper Fi, Scott -- we'll see you on the other side...

inanehiker said...

Late to work - fun puzzle from Rich!

Thanks Boomer from going from temp blogger to permanent Monday blogger - your entries are always entertaining!

Lemonade714 said...

Dennis thank you for stopping by[ it seemed incomplete without Argyle's fellow Marine posting. Hope life is good and you are enjoying the nicest spring weather in my 47 years living in Florida.

Puzzle was fun and instructive as always when we get one from Rich.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! This went fast but was tricky. I thought I was going to finish in under 10 minutes for the first time ever. Then I got hung up on a natick: A PRIORI/BOWE cross. Rich, I hear your Lila Cherry laugh: MWAHAHA. Good one! (If you have ever watched "The Chase" on the Game Show Channel, trivia king Mark LaBette sometimes does this laugh.)

Boomer, you can't fool us, you have to be smart too. After all, you latched onto our C.C. and brought her over to become a new citizen and asset to America. Seems like a pretty intelligent move to me. Thanks for bringing your special brand of humor to the Corner now on a regular basis.

In my dash to the finish, I also had to stop and mull over the theme at the reveal. I wasn't sure what a BAR CHART is, but guess I finally got it.

Never heard of ADELPHI but found myself with ADEL and tried PHI. Surprise! It's right! Yay, me!

Picard FLN: I looked at your links on ORANGS & "REY". Forgot to jot a note to comment so it didn't happen. ORANGS are so almost human, they are delightful or sometimes "dirty old men".

SwampCat: FLN on night driving. Me too!

Husker Gary said...

-ICY water wouldn’t for our birds? Not happenin’!
-A PRIORI as opposed to a posteriori
-A web site to which we subscribed tried to sneak a RENEWAL past us but Joann got that changed pronto!
-This BAR CHART has INFO about dairy states in America. The biggest producer surprised me when I first learned of it.
-STEALING bases take up a lot of replay appeal time in baseball
-We got to see a lot of HOT LIPS Sally Kellerman in the movie
-The dealer from whom I have bought cars for 50 years still offers me loaners
-Basketball players that can really jump are said to have HOPS or ups
-I Didn’t Do It! is the JH theme song
-Well done, Boomer!

SwampCat said...

Thanks, Boomer and Rich, for a great start to the week. Glad you are now Full Time, Boomer. I love your wit, and I'm glad to know more about you. Good to meet you!

I loved the puzzle. Favorite was MWAHAHA. Can't you just hear it?! I can never remember how to spell A PRIORI. I just filled in a few letters and waited. Georgia O'KEEFFE is another wait-for-crosses word.

Boomer, didn't Hennessey TUTLE (tootle) his flute?

Owen, both A's!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

It seems like ages since we had a puzzle from Rich, so it was a pleasant start to the week and an easy one, at that. However, I had no clue about the theme until the reveal. (My preference, as I've often mentioned.) No real stumbling blocks except figuring out the spelling of that Demonic laugh. Adelphi was a gimme as it's a well-known New York school.

Thanks, Rich, for an enjoyable solve and thanks, Boomer, for your upbeat expo. Welcome to a permanent place at the Corner table; I look forward to a lot of Monday chuckles and even a "groaner" or two! (I loved your ode to your toy!)

Have a great day.

Tinbeni said...

Good job on the write-up Boomer.

Really Rich: Thank you for a FUN Monday puzzle.

OK, I will admit to needing ESP (Every-Single-Perp) to get MWAHAHA.
A Monday "Learning Moment" I will forget by noon.

Fave today was the reveal BAR MENU ... though I would have preferred" Scotch, Rum, Ouzo, Gin, Vodka, Beer as the answer to what part of a BAR MENU I would actually be looking at. LOL.


oc4beach said...

Good one Rich. Boomer, thanks for being a great tour guide.

No real problems except the demonic laugh MWAHAHA. I entered GNU before ELK and I had HOFSTRA before ADELPHI. There are many universities and colleges on Long Island (or Lawn Guy Land as many natives say) to choose from. FACT and ODOR perps set me straight.

Not much else to say except have a great day everyone.

WikWak said...

As soon as I saw that this was a "Lila Cherry" puzzle I knew that I was going to like it. It did seem pretty heavy on the abbreviations but I forgave those when I found MWAHAHA. Loved it! No stumbling blocks today, just a brisk walk to the FIR. At just under ten minutes it was an average Monday.

Thanks, Boomer, for stepping up to the plate (or should I say "to the foul line"?) and taking on the Monday slot.

No matter how often I encounter it, the name O'KEEFFE just looks wrong and I have to reassure mice elf that it’s really correct.

Well, I’m off to do whatever it is that I do while I’m doing it. Have a great day, all!

CrossEyedDave said...

FIW (on a Monday?)

My Elk was a Yak...
(Boxing? Risk? ApriWhaty?) on a Monday?

HG, I had two of those Amazon De-icers, I returned both as they kept
blowing the fuses...

Nuts! it's too early to be looking for silly menus...

CanadianEh! said...

Crunchy Monday for me. Thanks for the fun, "Lila" and Boomer.
I did get the theme eventually.

"Later, dude" would be our familiar "Anon" in Elizabethan times.
Of course, you all know that we have no CTS in Canada. And we are Loonie!

OKEEFFE spelling seems wrong with the two Fs, probably because I am more accustomed to the O'Keefe name in Canadian brewing (Carling O'Keefe now under Molsons), and the O'Keefe Centre in Toronto (now Sony Centre for the Performing Arts).

I'm not sure how, but PORKPIE popped into my mind as soon as Pork appeared. Same for A PRIORI.
I changed Ram to ELK and Scam to BILK.
I was thinking of a female model before FABIO filled the spot.
AIOLI was an answer on Jeopardy last week as I recall. Clue was something to do with a surfeit of vowels.

Tonight we will find out if our Toronto Raptors are going to LOSE to Cleveland. This would be the third year in a row that Lebron James has totally overpowered them. That 3 point shot at the final buzzer of the last game was a "dagger to the heart"!

Enjoy the day.

CanadianEh! said...

WikWak@10:07 - I see that "mice elf" is back. Gotta love auto-correct!
I hope your little mouse friend is reassured. LOL.

Lucina said...

YooHoo! Thank you, Rich and Boomer. And welcome to the Monday ritual, Boomer. It's nice to meet you. Four years of Latin? Fantastic!

After sashaying quickly through this grid I had only the M missing in _WHAHAHA and started an alphabet run when Big Man On Campus popped into my head. Good one! I, too, hear Vincent Price shrieking.

C eh!
I recall AIOLI on Jeopardy! last week.

CSO to Bill G at TUTEE though he is the tutor.

Luckily the O from LEDTO was in place for ASTON because I tend to put an I in there.

It's good to see you here though for such a sad occasion. I wondered if Lois knew of Scott's passing.

Have a joyful day, everyone! Every day is a gift.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts": (for the third time!)

WEES, about the Lila Cherry (Really Rich) offering; clever yet doable. No one needs to have too many HOPS on a Monday morning. Great job on the recap, Boomer, but don't quit your day job to become a singer!! 😜 I did like your Marvelous Toy rendition ... 😀

A couple of WO's: ICE>ICY and a misspelling of AIOLI (I had an O in the 2nd letter spot)

Lots of pun possibilities; my "Three Stooge"-ku's du jour (one each for Moe, Larry, and Curly):

You know, misspellers
Have the same blood in common:
They are all TYPOs

Young ballerina
Has a teacher. Would you say
She's a TUTU-EE?

Fisherman signed as
Extra, when he saw try outs

And two more, for Shemp and Curly Joe:

At BAR for poets,
There's a seat for Hai-kuers

Should you properly
Call a PORK dish on Chinese
MENU, Chop Sooey?

Anonymous said...


Wilbur Charles said...

I should have listened to Picard and drafted this elsewhere . The dreaded profile button got me again . So, mercifully brief I kudo Boomer, Owen and C-Moe .


D4E4H said...

- - There are those who feel that I do not have a clue. Not so. What I don't have is a car, sold at a reasonable price, check cleared the bank, and the Mazda (Zoom, Zoom) has been transferred out of my name. My insurance agent reported that I had continued the policy with State Farm since April 18, 1967, two days after my wedding.

- - There has been a lot of life water over the dam, and under the bridge since then. I am pleased to report that I am comfortable with my change of transportation to a Rollator walker.

- - I have no "regerts." "I was eating a Milky Way." What a poor ad. That would certainly encourage me to eat one also.

Irish Miss at 9:13 AM

- - Thanks for reminding me that Lila Cherry is "Really Rich" who is actually Sue De Nym. Looking back over the posts, everyone knew the alias, and noted it, and yet I needed your clear statement to get the point. Please refer to the first sentence of this post.


Ol' Man Keith said...

A cheery Cherry opus to start our week...

I came to today's pzl on a roll because I'd just whizzed through the Jumble (which I rarely play) and was feeling my oats. Sure enough, my winning streak carried me through, from square 1 to square 225, with nary a hiccup along the way.

Now, if only this confidence - this gloriously cocky state of mind - could last me through Saturday!

OMK, over & out!

Diagonal Report: Nothing to report. At this rate, I'll be out of business very soon.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Whoops, er ...

Ta- DA!

Wilbur Charles said...

Actually, Keith as a mental CSO, I tried solving diagonally but stopped at 33D. Then, I stopped fooling around and filled quickly, not trying to just do Across or down.

Spec's O'Keefe was one of the Boston Brinks robbers. I was six at the time of the heidt and heard the names growing up. "Trigger" Burke among others.

I'll have to get the movie. I see georgG Higgins of BC and "Friends of Eddie Coyle" fame wrote the script. I had a TMAN buddy who advised GH.

More later


CrossEyedDave said...

Anonymous @ 11:58

Thank you for the Pork Pie Hat link!

(I intend to study it...)

My previous excursion into this was because I am a big Joni Mitchell fan.
When she did this, I had no idea what was going on...
but have always been meaning to get back to it...

My excuse is I was into Allman Bros & Yes at the time...
& led zep,
& Jethro Tull,
& America? (Hey, I was always into harmonies...)

Jayce said...

Loved MWAHAHA. I didn't have to hunt for RED and OCTOBER side by side; loved that book and movie. Didn't love starting out the top of the puzzle with abbreviations like CTS and FTS but, like WikWak, I forgave them when I came across the aforementioned MWAHAHA. Then my nose again wrinkled up at TUTEE. I, too, remember AIOLI from Jeopardy. Nice puzzle.
So glad you'll be our regular Monday host, Boomer.
Good to hear from you, Dennis. Hope all is going well.
Best wishes to you all.

Wilbur Charles said...

Yes, that was a nice post from Dennis. Apparently another Floridian and Marine?

Re. Baseball and replay . 1. They should have restricted it to foul balls and homers . Ironically, a parallel attempt to limit injuries is contadicted by replay . Best example was the phantom tags which were tolerated by umpires to protect the fielders .

Is it to late to go back? The umpires are simply the 10th-13th players on the field subject to mistake like the other nine.

So, FABIO is a HE? Whodathunkit?

Similar to Boomer, I had 4 years of French. I actually taught 9th grade French before my USMC gig. When I was all done I thought life had passed me by at the ripe old age of 26 .

I'll finish with this* but I may be back. Yesterday we had MICKEY and a Yankee tied a Mantle record .


* Youngest to hit a walkoff Homer . I never realized how young "The Mick" was as a 1951 rookie (19)

Ol' Man Keith said...

Wilbur Chas,
There were no diagonals today, and I wouldn't advise trying to solve on an aborted line.
In any event, there is no "magic" to solving diagonally; it's just another way to break the monotony of same old same old. Obviously, you won't find many words starting with a square on the diagonal. Most squares you hit will be within a word, so the idea is to fill entire words that happen to straddle the diagonal line.
What I really hope for is for a constructor to take a hint and surprise us someday with a sweet lil' rhyme or riddle hidden along a diagonal - composed of letters right on the diagonal line. Preferably such a message would be easy to spot the first few times out, say along the NW to SE axis.
Now wouldn't that be cool?

Ol' Man Keith said...

A quick follow-up:
What pleasure do I get from filling a diagonal first?
It sure looks neat.


PS. But you gotta restrain yourself from filling anywhere else first.

D4E4H said...

Young Man Keith at 5:48 PM

- - I forget to look for the diagonals as I work the CW. I see them once I finish. I have attempted them a time or two, but find them too frustrating because I don't fill many squares.
- - What I am doing that is fun, is to start in the NW corner across, and see where the arrows take me. In today's CW I knew FOR, so I clicked down at 3. REDO took me to 19A/3D. I went west from there. I usually form a diagonal pattern NW/SE. I enjoy this method.


Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Monday puzzles -- like the UN-COLA; quick, clean, no caffeine. Thanks Rich FOR giving us something to TOY with to begin our day.

Welcome aboard Boomer to your full-time position. Glad to know you'll be at the helm every Monday with a dose of your humour.

WOs: ASTiN morphed into an O, ADELPHa b/f I SIDLE'd up to the BAR.

Fav: WEES - MWAHAHA. I was humming along filling the downs from 7d and noticed MW together. Thinking there was going to be a spillage of extra ink, I glanced at 15a's clue and was relieved and pleased.

{A-,A} {cute, ibid, ibid, ha!, LOL}

Dennis - good to see you again; sorry it's under these circumstances.

D4 - your link goes to a Yahoo! Oath page; did you link to your personal account?

OMK - LOL on Diag report.

YR - Can't say that I hear BMOC much these days either. Of course, I've been off-campus from some time now.

Cheers, -T

D4E4H said...

Anonymous T at 7:07 PM

- - I want you to regale in my my new wheels so here is the URL for my Rollator walker. I was able to click to it.

- - With all of the online classes these days, BMOC means Big Man on Computer.


Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Lila Cherry, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

Worked the puzzle earlier today. Just got home from getting my phone replaced and am now logging in. They sent my cell phone out for repair and it could not be fixed, so they gave me a new phone, just like the one I had, an iPhone 6S plus. We will see if it works. All the Sprint people wanted to sell me a new phone, but I resisted.

Puzzle went fine. Theme appeared after I was done. Some Bar Menus have great food.

MWAHAHA. Thanks to BMOC and YWCA I got it.

ADELPHI beca,me obvious after I had a few letters.

ELK was easy. Our house in Pennsylvania is in Elk County. There are live elk roaming free in Elk County. You can hunt them each year, but the licenses are well controlled. The goal is to maintain the herd, but not let them become too overpopulated. When a car hits an elk it is tough on everybody, the elk as well.

A PRIORI was easy. Seven perps and I had it.

I have played RISK many times in the past. I like the game. I remembered URAL from that game.

Boomer, I have all real woods in my golf bag.

Saturday I became a Kentucky Colonel. I feel honored.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Anyhow, I have to get back to my

Wilbur Charles said...

OMK, the Long theme fills interrupted my diagonal try. I actually found this Monday a little chewy so I humbled myself and filled using perps .

Plus, if I fill an across I will try to complete the square (fe. The NE) using the downs . I don't consider myself in IM's league for solving . I kinda just try to get it done .

My new goal is to FIR without stumbling on a Natick like yesterday's SHIELA E. The corollary is recognizing two word answers like I ROBOT.

Speaking of the Marine Corps , one can probably see that I didn't have smooth sailing in OCS .

My theory is that boot camp is designed to weed out those with ADD . Said sufferers probably had it as a result of PTSD, caused by childhood trauma . So to spot it the DI's tried to create trauma and any sign it was working they'd poor it on .

What finally bailed me out was pugel sticks which ironically gave an advantage to left-handers .

That's enough out of Wilbur for now


Picard said...

Hand up with Bob Niles and billocohoes for being quite sure about bWAHAHA. BBOC seemed odd, but not much more odd than BMOC. Maybe Big Boy On Campus. But I changed it and did FIR. Hand up I did not remember the extra F in OKEEFFE, but crosses forced it.

When I was a student at MIT we had the UMOC contest. People ran for "Ugliest Man On Campus" as a charity fund raiser. It was all in good fun, but it seems not to exist now.

Husker Gary: Thanks for the original movie HOT LIPS link. The movie was more realistic than the TV show in many ways. But both were indeed excellent. Did anyone else think HAWKEYE before HOT LIPS?

Boomer: Thanks for stepping up and taking over the Monday blog. And thanks for the TOY song. I have not heard that one for a long time.

Here is a unique LAP POOL I was fortunate to see.

The owner had the most hilarious collection of art on his property in the hills above Santa Barbara. He had a personality quirk that made him a hermit. Hence the one-man pool.

As a hermit, no one could see any of the art. On this one day in the year 2000, he allowed the public in for a rather large donation to a cause he supported. I could not resist. I have a whole album of photos there which perhaps someday I will share. Unfortunately, his place was destroyed in a big fire about ten years ago.

Did anyone else think of this UNCOLA ad?

PK: Thanks for taking a look at my ORANGS photos. Not sure they were being dirty old men. Just being playful, I think.

D4E4H (yesterday): Thanks for asking. Those ORANGS photos are some of my favorite photos I ever took in part because of the last photo. It was so hilarious when the ORANG touched the woman's leg and she freaked out and screamed. The woman next to her laughed as she screamed and I was so happy to have captured exactly that moment. No harm done, just a funny scene. The whole set was fun to shoot because of the unusual chance to see ORANGS and ordinary humans interacting.

Wilbur Charles: Sorry you lost a post to the Blog Black Hole. I keep a text editor window open at all times to copy and paste things for exactly such purposes. If you get in the habit, it is almost no extra effort.

Anonymous T said...

Snicker... Abejo LOL re: 7 perps on A PRIORI.

D4- I looked it up on my own. The one with hand-breaks looks the safest. MIL is still (somewhat) on her cane and I know she will not give up her car -- like, ever! She loved her MG in the '70 (as the story goes) and if you gave her an ASTON... Look out!, 'cuz she's a Bat out of Hell even in her Mini.

Picard - I don't always mention the photos but I did enjoy the Orangutans - like PK said, so human.
Too, they always remind me of Right Turn Clyde.
Lastly, I'll express my jealousy inre: MIT - my dream school; I was nearly in and THEN Pop said "Son, there's four other kids that still like eating." // I joined the Reserves but that only afforded State :-)

WC - Speaking of being a slacker in Army life [hand up!], has anyone heard of Terminal Lance? There was an article in the paper today; Uriate (author) was compared to Bill Mauldin. Maternal Grandfather (WWII) had Mauldin's book; even as a 10yro I 'got' it and it was funny.

More Military: I spoke w/ my "little" brother today (the Army one, 2 years from RET) and he puzzle-played (slow day, I guess).
Bro failed @ A PRIORI and couldn't "parse" RENE WAL ["Bro, it's RE-NEW-AL, like a magazine!"] to FIW...

The is the same Bro that said, while reading Trail Mix ingredients, "What the F***! are cranberry 'halves' [pronounced HAL-vey by him] you rich people put in Trail Mix?"

He's' pretty smart otherwise but, while we've played RISK [boring compared to Axis and Allies], I kick his butt in Chess.

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

You're so bright and I'm really sorry you didn't get to go to MIT (they are poorer for it) but think about what you've achieved with the education you did receive! You make the world a better place. I know that from the impact you have on your daughters and on us here on the Blog.

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

7 D: BMOC = Big Man On Campus

Anonymous said...

Crosswords are temporary eternal is heaven/hell.