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Jan 20, 2019

Sunday January 20, 2019 Paul Coulter

Theme: "Pass" (P as S) - P is changed into S in each themer.

23. Imminent wordplay warning?: HERE COMES THE PUN. Here Comes the Sun.

33. "Is my account settled?"?: NEED I PAY MORE? Need I say more?

47. Nervous draft choice?: WORRIED PICK. Worried sick.

63. Agency that regulates test cheating?: PEEKING OFFICE. Seeking office.

83. Very first ATM password?: ORIGINAL PIN. Original sin.

96. Popular disco era pastimes?: PONG AND DANCE.Song and dance.

110. No longer be comprehensible ... and, with its first word divided in three parts, a hint to how to read this puzzle's title: STOP MAKING SENSE Read STOP as S to P.

What a great reveal, Paul! Letter addition/deletion/change theme type is more interesting with a rationale for the change.

There's one stray letter S in the first themer, but I really love the new phrase.


1. Brewer's need: HOPS.

5. "In the Land of Israel" author Oz: AMOS.

9. Barbershop tool: STROP.

14. Cremona artisan: AMATI. The famous violin-maker.

19. Skunk River city: AMES.

20. Hardly a revealing style: MAXI. Depends.

21. Quiet partner: PEACE.

22. Domed-top structures, perhaps: SILOS.

26. Peter, Paul or Mary: SAINT.

27. "Aladdin" prince: ALI.

28. Astronomy Muse: URANIA.

29. Disney's Cruella De __: VIL.

30. Many a Degas: PASTEL.

31. Oil sources: SESAMES. I sprinkle sesame seeds on everything.

36. Drive-__: THRU.

37. Types: GENRES.

39. Parmenides' home: ELEA. Or Zeno's home.

40. Apiece, in scores: ALL.

42. Others, in Latin: ALII.

43. You're looking at one: GRID. Crossword grid.

44. "Sunday Night Football" network: NBC.

51. 1982 sci-fi film: TRON.

52. "Mon __!": DIEU.  My god!

53. Field of study: AREA.

54. Workbench attachment: VISE.

55. Getting on: AGING.

56. Scary fairy tale beast: OGRE.

57. More mean: NASTIER.

59. Film festival entry: INDIE.

61. Half a luau serving?: MAHI. Had grilled mahi mahi at Red Lobster once.

62. French season: ETE.

68. Sched. uncertainty: TBA.

70. Really digging: INTO. My sister-in-law Connie sends me a package of walnuts every Christmas. So fresh. She gets them from this farm.

72. Oldest Musketeer: ATHOS.

73. Became aware of: NOTICED.

75. Kind of guy you can count on: GO TO. So lucky for mine on our blog.

76. Bit: SHRED.

78. "I, Claudius" role: NERO. He succeeded Claudius.

80. A silly stunt may be done on one: DARE.

81. Cabinet dept.: ENER.

82. Swarm: TEEM.

86. "Dropped" '60s drug: LSD.

87. European capital: BERN.

88. Fruity cocktail word: PINA. Spanish for "pineapple". Pina colada.

89. "Comprende?": SEE.

90. Space opening: AERO. Aerospace.

91. International economic coalition: G SEVEN.

93. Link warning letters: NSFW. Not Safe For Work.

100. Moves unsteadily: TEETERS.

103. Heads off: AVERTS.

104. According to: A LA.

105. Shark hanger-on: REMORA. Suckerfish.

108. "What's __?": NEW.

109. Make a mash of: PUREE.

113. Young conger: ELVER. Baby eels are white?

114. Public commotion: FUROR.

115. Logician's link: ERGO.

116. Former gen.'s status: RET'D.

117. Orchestra section: REEDS.

118. Signs of the future: OMENS.

119. Running goal: SEAT. Running for office.

120. "Anything __?": ELSE.


1. Comedy club chorus: HAHAS.

2. Breakfast choice: OMELET. What do you have breakfast these days?

3. "... shall not __ from the earth": Lincoln: PERISH.

4. Atlanta-to-Miami dir.: SSE.

5. Love abroad: AMORE. Mangia!

6. Half a '60s quartet: MAMAS.

7. Beasts of burden: OXEN.

8. Spanish ayes: SI SI.

9. Planet shape: Abbr.: SPH. Sphere.

10. Best Buy buy: TEEVEE.

11. They may be shot in rafts: RAPIDS.

12. Eyelike openings: OCULI. Plural of oculus.

13. Ballpoint, e.g.: PEN.

14. Tested for gold, say: ASSAYED.

15. Really bad atmosphere: MIASMA.

16. Justice confirmed under Bush 43: ALITO.

17. Workplace cartridge contents: TONER. Also an important skin care product.

18. Basketry fiber: ISTLE. Been quite some time since we had this entry.

24. Puffy clouds: CUMULI.

25. Kind of acid in red wine: TANNIC.

30. Turning whiter: PALING.

32. Biblical debarkation point: ARARAT.

34. Estrada of "CHiPs": ERIK
35. Big name in Argentine politics: PERON.

37. Breaks: GAPS.

38. "Night" author Wiesel: ELIE.

41. Flood deterrent: LEVEE.

43. Annoying criticism: GRIEF.

44. Romantic evening extension: NIGHTCAP. Sparkly fill.

45. Thiamine deficiency disease: BERIBERI. Vitamin B1.

46. It could be a mere nod: CUE.

47. Decline: WANE.

48. Talks from Cicero: ORATIONS.

49. Took offense at: RESENTED.

50. Acute: DIRE.

51. "What a long week!": TGIF.

52. Classic O'Brien noir film: DOA. Edmond O'Brien.

55. Bothers: ADOS.

58. Nasdaq debut: IPO.

59. How many TV shows air: IN HD.

60. Private nonprofit: Abbr.: NGO. Non-Governmental Organization.

61. Ran into: MET.

64. The Carpenters' soloist: KAREN. I like "500 Miles".

65. Shopping list entry: ITEM.

66. Calvary inscription: INRI.

67. Relatives of b'ars?: COONS. Bears? Why abbreviation?

69. Arabian Peninsula port or its gulf: ADEN.

71. Crag: TOR.

74. Least occupied: IDLEST.

75. Come together: GEL.

76. Rears: STERNS.

77. Friend of Claudius I: HEROD.

78. Common opening time: NINE.

79. "A Visit From the Goon Squad" Pulitzer winner Jennifer: EGAN.

83. Crude gp.?: OPEC. Crude oil.

84. MLB leader in career saves: RIVERA. Mariano.

85. Virgil subject: AENEAS.

87. Clunky old cars: BEATERS.

90. Concurred: AGREED.

91. Aplenty: GALORE.

92. Designed to fit tightly: SNAP ON.

94. Herb commonly in five-spice powder: FENNEL. Fennel seeds.

95. Removes forcibly: WRESTS.

96. Mill output: PAPER.

97. Elementary seed: OVULE.

98. Audacity: NERVE.

99. Fact: DATUM.

100. Fiji's eastern neighbor: TONGA.

101. Cereal grass disease: ERGOT.

102. Bjorn Borg, e.g.: SWEDE.

106. Barely gets, with "out": EKES.

107. Bog: MIRE.

110. BART stop: SFO.

111. Simon & Garfunkel's "__ Robinson": MRS.

112. "... __ he drove out of sight": Moore: ERE.

VA Pharmacy Care called Boomer for a detailed drug side effect report, then they mailed us the Zytica and prednisone steroid on time. Hopefully we've settled on a routine drug-wise. His appetite has also returned to normal. Big bowl of chili!  This makes me very happy.

Dave2 continues to improve and is getting stronger every day. He gets along quite well with his roommate at the rehab place.