Jan 29, 2021

Friday, January 29, 2021, Gary Larson

 Title: We have a reveal today, which is probably what the author considered his title so I will not compete...

55A. Paperback designed to simulate animation ... and a hint to the answers to starred clues: FLIPBOOK (8). Yes, it is one word. We used to create our own when I was young, but they were nothing like the ones featured in the link.

This is a back to back for me blogging Gary who is one of the many very productive newer constructors. Each theme fill is a theoretical book with a title that corresponds to an in the language two-word expression. However, if you "flip" the words you get a very different well know entity. Fun. We also have NEW CARS, PERSIST, REASONS, ENLARGER,  ORE CARTS, PAW PRINT, WHITE TIE and STARTED to challenge the solvers. 

17A. *Reference work for canine lovers?: DOG GUIDE (8). We all are familiar with GUIDE DOGS 

21A. *Instructional work for expectant mothers`?: LABOR MANUAL. MANUAL LABOR.

33A. *Fictional work about a pick-up artist?: APPROACH NOVEL. NOVEL APPROACH.

49A. *Illustrated work for bullpen pitchers?: RELIEF COMIC. COMIC RELIEF. Thank you all who post puns and jokes!

On to solving...


1. Hybrid cycle: MOPED. We had a minibike, but not a MOPED.

6. Technology that uses polarized light,  briefly: LCD. Liquid Crystal Display.

9. Boo-boo: OWIE. Not a favored fill here.

13. Baba ghanouj ingredient: TAHINI. The description has Tahini as ground, toasted sesame seeds. A mildly Friday word.

14. Yellowfin tuna: AHI. Tuna or salmon? Both contain the same number of calories, but yellowfin tuna (sometimes referred to as “ahi”) is less fatty, offers eight more grams of protein than wild salmon, and is prized for its mild but not fishy flavor. Although wild salmon contains more fat, it also has more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids

15. "That was close!": PHEW. This word is from the 17th century and is an onomatopoeia: the sound of rapid exhalation one makes when some trying situation is over.

16. Preserve, in a way: EMBALM. Ugh. This somewhat inappropriate breakfast test word comes from the French word baum meaning balm, like an ointment.

19. Range in the home, maybe: AMANA. While this company now owned by WHIRLPOOL eventually began making ranges, they started in the Amana Colonies in Iowa making the first stand-up freezer. 

20. Keep going: PERSIST. From the Latin Persistere.

23. Punk rock offshoot: EMO. This history of the MUSIC.

26. Calculating: SLY.

27. Grunts, so to speak: GIs. The term G.I. has been used as an initialism of "Government Issue", "General Issue", or "Ground Infantry", but it originally referred to "galvanized iron", as used by the logistics services of the United States Armed Forces

28. Got going: STARTED.

30. Simmons competitor: SERTA

32. Cork's place: EIRE. Not in a wine bottle for Moe, but a County in Ireland.

38. Requiem Mass word: IRAE. Serious crosswordese.

39. Layers: TIERS. Like cakes.

40. There are lots of them: NEW CARS. Without perps this is impossible, but it is a new fill.

44. Beats by __: DRE

45. Some tags: IDS.

48. Afternoon refresher: NAP. I am almost ready to get used to naps. I have always appreciated the 20-minute power nap.

52. Tries to influence, with "with": REASONS. From a child's POINT OF VIEW. Or, 60A. Unbending: STRICT.

54. Worship: ADORE. Je t'aime, je t'adore!

57. Tried and true: PROVEN.

58. Choice: A-ONE. Steak sauce?

59. Parrot: APE. Parrots are not simians!

61. Written reminder: NOTE. Generally sticky now.

62. "The Spanish Tragedy" dramatist: KYD. Beginning the revenge tragedy.

63. Strong point: ASSET.


1. Cat, say: MAMMAL. Another vague Friday means to challenge.

2. "Yowza!": OH BABY.  1930s (as yowzah ): perhaps representing a regional or colloquial pronunciation of yes sir 

3. It can be grand: PIANO. Distraction is the key.

4. Darkroom gear: ENLARGER

5. Skeptical, as a view: DIM. Parents often have a dim view
of their kids' ideas.

6. Weighed down: LADEN. Since they are burdened with their preconceived notions.

7. Group that blends well: CHORUS. Very important in the theatre of the 1500s.

8. Tries to unearth: DIGS AT. My meh clue/fill.

9. Major work: OPUS. Latin; no more pictures of the Penguin.

10. Formal wear: WHITE TIE. The CODE.

11. Mil. roadside hazard: IEDImprovised Explosive Device (IED), a homemade bomb, constructed from military or nonmilitary components, that is frequently employed by guerrillas, insurgents, and other non-state actors as a crude but effective weapon against a conventional military force.

12. Sweater material source: EWE. But not me.

13. Shades of blue: TEALS. At least 260 shades of blue are documented.

18. River to the Colorado: GILA. It's a monster of a river.

20. Noodles: PASTA. My son Devin's new CAT.

22. Barcelona-born surrealist: MIRO

24. Cruciverbalist Reagle of "Wordplay": MERL. A legendary wit who sadly has left us. 5 YEARS.

25. Words of praise: ODE. I would write him one, but that is not my style of poetry. OKL, Moe?

29. Guns: REVS. The engine.

30. What many writers work on: SPECulation.

31. Be in a cast: ACT. No broken bones, yet.

33. Specialty: AREA.

34. Rin Tin Tin autograph, e.g.: PAW PRINT.

35. Leather sources: HIDES. But not from dogs.

36. Soft ball material: NERF.

37. Mine vehicles: ORE CARTS

38. Keeper's concern: INN.

41. Spirited horse: ARAB. Hmm, Arabian yes...

42. Saturate again: RESOAK. Pure glue.

43. "Hang on __": 1965 #1 hit: SLOOPY.

45. Apple video-editing app: iMOVIE.

46. Run: DIRECT. The show.

47. Chanel product: SCENT. Parfum. 

50. Signed: INKED. Mahomes inked an incredible deal.

51. Dinnertime draws: ODORS.

53. Duel tool: EPEE. Some rhyme time for WOF.

55. __ club: FAN. Are you part of Pat Sajack's? He sponsors a daily crossword

56. WC: LOO. Water Closet.

57. Smokey Bear TV spot, for one: PSA. Public Service Announcement.

We did it again, with only a few bumps in the road