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Feb 11, 2016

Thursday, February 11, 2016, Steve Marron and C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Where did he hide that jumble?

Well I am back on Thursday to blog the 5th published LAT by our own Thursday Steve (3 collaborations with C.C.) Today we have the wonderful reveal of PLOT TWIST which tells us the letters in PLOT are rearranged. It did not tell us how they are hidden in the theme fill, but that came out early, even before the reveal. They use lots of 2 and 3 word fill and include RAT TRAPS,  SILK TIES and ADIOS AMIGOS as long sparkly ones. Adios amigos is ten letters which is longer than two of the theme answers which some solvers do not like, but to me that is just a 1A. It is always extra fun to blog one of our own. I will stop talking and go to solving.

17A. Drop the original strategy : GO TO PLAN-B (9). Not Plan 9.

21A. Nickname for Basketball Hall of Famer Maravich : PISTOL PETE (10). An LSU star who averaged 44 point per game!!!!!

36A. One always looking up : ETERNAL OPTIMIST (15). Watch out for birds and keep your mouth closed.

49A. Shield bearers : RIOT POLICE (10). Very common in the late 60s on college campuses.
59A. Novel surprise ... and a hint to what's hidden in 17-, 21-, 36- and 49-Across : PLOT TWIST (9).


1. Quibble : NIT. A bit of an inside joke to begin.

4. Like the NCAA basketball three-point line : ARCED. The NBA uses a more complicated grid.

9. Phantom's place? : OPERA. Well for me, it was the comics page for many years.  But I am familiar with the MUSICAL. Is that the delightful Emmy Rossum now on SHAMELESS?

14. Toothpaste tube letters : ADAAmerican Dental Association.

15. Chevy SUV : TAHOE. They have others but this is the only one with 5 letters.

16. Honeydew, for one : MELON. Food.

19. Printing heavyweight : EPSON.

20. Aspersion : SLUR.

23. Euler's forte : MATH.

25. Commencement opening? : CEE. Not the speech or the event, just the word.

26. Online reminders : E-NOTES. I do not like the E words.

28. Dilapidated digs : RAT TRAPS. Where even the rodents want out.

33. Attribute to, as blame : PIN ON. One of many two word fills that require skill.

34. Fish order : SOLE. Do you like this RECIPE? Food.

35. "What __ care?" : DO I. DK DC.

40. Zeta follower : ETA. In the Greek Alphabet.

41. Soccer followers? : MOMS.

42. Causes of many Alaskan road accidents : MOOSE. More new INFO. They always looked so cute here.

43. High-end neckwear : SILK TIES.

46. Declines to raise : PASSES. The term for me is 'checks'.

47. Bard's bedtime : EEN. I get a teeny drop of Shakespeare.

48. Machu Picchu denizen : INCA.

55. Leave out : OMIT.

58. Hot : IRATE.

61. Cardinal, e.g. : TITLE. Not baseball football or birds, but religion.

62. "Friend Like Me" singer in "Aladdin" : GENIE.

63. Author Talese : GAY. A respected author and journalist who just celebrated his 84th  birthday, Sunday. Perhaps most famous for this BOOK.

64. Fire sign : ASHES.

65. Gladiator's milieu : ARENA.

66. Olive shaped like a stick : OYL. Tricky. Popeye's girl. For Splynter: LINK.


1. Complainers : NAGS.

2. "People" person : IDOL. The magazine.

3. She beat out Madeline Kahn, with whom she shared the screen, for Best Supporting Actress : TATUM O'NEAL. Who did not love Paper Moon.

4. Org. that publishes weekly player rankings : ATP. Tennis anyone?

5. Lauren et al. : RALPHS. Also a food market in LA.

6. Tazo choice : CHAI. Foodish. Available in K-cups.
7. Long spans : EONS.

8. Collector's target : DEBT.

9. Filled, folded fare : OMELET. Food.

10. Sneeze cause : PEPPER. Foodish.

11. Ultimatum word : ELSE.

12. Jícama or ginger : ROOT. Ginger is big at my house. Foodish.

13. Actress Hathaway : ANNE. So many different looks. 
18. Stumper? : ORATOR. Tricky, someone who gets up on a stump and talks to you.

22. Rowing crew, perhaps : OCTET. There are 8 of them plus the coxswain.

24. St. formed from the Southwest Territory : TENN. How times change.

26. Duel tools : EPEES. And its a sport too!!!!!!

27. "The Untouchables" gangster : NITTI. My favorite actor to play the part.

28. Hotel reservations : ROOMS. So literal.

29. View from Lake Geneva : ALPS. I wonder if marti is there now schussing away?

30. Chihuahua "Ciao!" : ADIOS AMIGO. Well, the friend part is added, but this is a fun fill.

31. Oater group : POSSE.

32. Locations : SITES.

34. Sour fruit : SLOE. Foodish.

37. Acid type : AMINO.

38. Bowie's bride : IMAN. Timely but sad reminder of his recent passing.

39. __ Mule: vodka cocktail in a copper mug : MOSCOW. It is amazing how many things I do not know.

44. Hot whistler : KETTLE.

45. Plains homes : TEPEES. I wanted teepee (1.6MM google hits).

46. Tart container : PIE TIN.

49. Cosby of "Inside Edition" : RITA. She is most IMPRESSIVE but I have no awareness of her.

50. Place for a pupil : IRIS. I had my eye on you.

51. Pledge : OATH.

52. Rolex Player of the Year-awarding org. : LPGALadies Professional Gold Association. They just played last week in Ocala where yet another South Korean won. She had a hole in one on a par 4 the week before.

53. "The Sopranos" actor Robert : ILER. After playing Tony Jr., he has disappeared though apparently he is part of a new project out of Las Vegas call The Four Kings.

54. Gelato holder : CONE. I always use a dish. Foodish.

56. Words to Holmes : I SAY.

57. Texter's toodle-oo : TTYLTalk TYou Later.

60. Dim sum beverage : TEA. Green tea most likely. It is so perfect that a Steve puzzle end with food.

It has been a while since I had to blog a Thursday to avoid self-analysis (this time by Steve) but it is a nice change. Nothing too difficult -a nice work out. Hope you enjoyed as much as I did. See you next time, Lemonade pinch hitting, out.

Note from C.C.:

This is the very first puzzle Steve (aka Steamed Red Mullet) and I made. It was accepted in June 2014. We figure Rich must have quite a few anagram puzzles in queue. Thanks for the inspiration and fun, Steve. You seriously rock!

Steve also gave me a tip on how to make creamy scrambled eggs. You can click here for details. You need to cook the eggs in really low heat. So good with chives sprinkled in.

Feb 5, 2016

Friday, February 5, 2016, Alex Vratsanos

Theme: Going around the block in my town.

Alex Vratsanos, has worked his way back to Friday after two Sunday and then two Saturday LATs. He also has been published on all 7 days by the NYT. C.C. posted his INTERVIEW last year. Today he gives us a visual puzzle that requires not filling in the word TOWN in each of the theme answers. The reveal tells us to look for the theme fill on the outside (outskirts) of the puzzle. The visual requires you 'see' the word TOWN  metaphorically outside of the grid. This style is an extension of the rebus where multiple letters appear in a grid. This is actually the exact opposite of last week's puzzle where a four letter word was inserted into the fill. I thought the theme came very easily as Chinatown in San Francisco is very well known and had to be the solution to 1 across. Of course anytime a theme starts there it will be a challenge. I wonder if the grid-spanning reveal was the inspiration for the puzzle?

There are a few sparkly fill longer than the theme fill which will upset some, such as BASS SAX, I'LL TELL,  SLITHER, , BARTLETT and  SALES REP and a variety of six letter ones.  Let's look it over.

1A. San Francisco section : CHINA TOWN(5). A fun place to visit.
6A. Hailing place? : HOME TOWN (4).  This is mine.
10A. One growing up fast? : BOOM TOWN.(4). Often fueled by mine strikes. From the 1800s, looks like where I grew up.
65A. Hightail it : SKIP TOWN. (4). A bit of an outlier as it is generic.

66A. Site of Cornwallis' surrender : YORKTOWN. (4). In Virginia, sorry I get stupid at times.
67A. City on New York's Black River : WATERTOWN. (5). Pretty in the fall, but obscure. OLEAN 2?
1D. Cattle-raising district : COW TOWN. (3). Maybe this is where he meant. LINK. (2:51).

13D. Textile production settlement : MILL TOWN. (4). See 6A.

24D. Tourism hub : RESORT TOWN. (6). Where I live now.
34D. Place to see stars : TINSEL TOWN.(6). Where they make the movies. READ.

51D. Historic Omaha suburb : BOYS TOWN.(4). I will let HG and other address this place.
61D. Drama set in Grover's Corners : OUR TOWN. (3). Thornton Wilder PLAY.

The reveal:
38A. Border area, which contains a hint to solving this puzzle's 12 border answers : OUTSKIRTS OF TOWN (15).


14. Laura Petrie catchphrase : OH ROB. Mary Tyler Moore to Dick Van Dyke.

15. Will's role in "Celebrity Jeopardy!" sketches on "SNL" : ALEX. (Trebeck) A bit of self shout out here. Now how do you work VRATSANOS into the grid?

16. Cultural opening? : AGRIcultrural.

17. Slip 'N Slide maker : WHAMO. Wham-O Inc. is a toy company in Woodland Hills, California, USA. They are known for marketing many popular toys in the past 50 years, including the Hula Hoop, the Frisbee, the Slip 'N Slide, the Super Ball, the Trac-Ball, Silly String, the Hacky Sack and the Boogie Board. Per wiki. The company was born in 1948, a really vintage year.

18. Singer Halliwell : GERI.  We all remember Ginger Spice.
19. __ time : REAL.

20. National alternative : AVIS. Rental cars.

22. Playground threat : I'LL TELL. We did not tolerate squealers.

24. Word with guilt or debt : RIDDEN.

27. Symbol of strength : STEEL.
28. Those, in Tijuana : ESOS. Spanish.

29. Tennessee team, briefly : VOLS. Timely as former Tennessee Volunteer Peyton Manning preps for the Super Bowl.

31. Unveiling : DEBUT. It will be Cam Newton' s debut, number four for number 18.

35. It's double-hyphenated: Abbr. : SSN. xxx-xx-xxxx

36. South Asian garment : SARI.

37. Helical pasta : ROTINI. Sounds almost religious.

41. Get back : REGAIN.

42. Foot on a farm : HOOF. Hand: PAW   Foot: HOOF

43. Fleur-de-__ : LIS.

44. Search casually, as for a bar pickup : TROLL. Anyone else think of this classic? MOVIE. (2:37)

45. Marathon prep run : TEN-K.

46. Found (on) : BASE. I think it should say upon.

47. Toon with an odd laugh : ELMER.
49. Author Allende : ISABEL. The most successful Spanish language author?

51. Big wind : BASS SAX. Three You know what they say, even bass sax is good sax.

54. "Doggone it!" : HECK. Never hear this anymore.

55. General Bradley : OMAR.

56. Rao's competitor : RAGU. This is like suggesting a competitor for a Maserati is a Chevy.

58. Richard __, Pulitzer-winning author of "Empire Falls" : RUSSO.

62. Ranch neckwear : YOKE. Hopefully only for the livestock...
63. Old players, briefly : VCRS.

64. Root of the Progressive Era : ELIHU. An interesting MAN.


2. He lost to RMN : HHHHubert Horatio Humphrey. Also interesting.

3. Nest egg letters : IRA.

4. Migrants : NOMADS.

5. Like stars : ABOVE.

6. Witches : HAGS. Witches get such a bad rap.

7. Miss modifier? : OLE. As a school nickname....not easy to see.

8. Good qualities : MERITS.

9. Kick out : EXILE.

10. The 18th edition of his original work was published in 2012 : BARTLETT. The man and the quotations.

11. Type of arch : OGEE.

12. __-B : ORAL. What is your toothbrush, electric?

21. Without success : IN VAIN.

23. Opened : LED OFF.

25. Bank, cardwise : ISSUER. OOF.

26. Plea to remain : DON'T GO.

27. Move like ophidians : SLITHER. Fancy name (ok scientific name) for snakes. "It had to be snakes!"

30. "Catch-22" pilot : ORR. Our hockey star gets a rest for this supporting character in a wonderful book.

32. H.S. experiment site : BIO-LAB.

33. Reckless, say : UNWISE.

36. Tricks of the trade : SKILLS.

37. Annual award recipient : ROOKIE. Baseball rookie of the year probably.

39. Pitcher? : SALES REP.

40. Simba, to Sarabi : SON.

45. Company founded in Beaumont : TEXACO. Beaumont, TEXAS.

46. Scott of "NCIS: New Orleans" : BAKULA.
48. "Neato!" : MARVY. Not in my world.

50. Common fastener : SCREW. This has so many possible twists and turns, all too risque for now.

52. Crazily : AMOK.

53. Munro pen name : SAKI. If you do crosswords you should know this.

54. Corn cover : HUSK. A CSO to Gary?

57. Canine warning : GRR.

59. Canine command : SIT. Nice pairing.

60. Seagoing pronoun : SHE. Yes ships are female.

Oh my we are into the second month of the year already. Luckily with online bill paying I do not risk writing 2015 on my checks. Anyway, I hope you checked out this fun puzzle and write up and see you next time. Lemonade out.

Jan 29, 2016

Friday, January 29, 2016, Jeffrey Wechsler

Theme: January 29, St. Agnes Eve, Demonstrably!

Our Friday fellow, Jeffrey Wechsler brings us a puzzle with a TOUCH OF EVIL. EVIL is inserted into the theme phrases to create new and evocative phrases. Since we have Satan injected into the grid, I must wonder if Jeffrey knows that today is a Satanic Holiday known by the name of my theme. It appears somehow this Catholic SAINT , the protector of virgins,  has been incorporated into certain Pagan liturgy. I would guess the puzzle grew from realizing that DISH NETWORK plus EVIL would be a grid spanner. Finding (or rather creating) REVILED SNAPPERS was impressive. Of course it may all be just JW continuing his admiration for Orson Welles, for whom he did an NYT tribute puzzle last year containing the same movie.  I could not find much on the subject of Satanic stuff, which is just as well since we do not talk religion  here. We have tons of interesting long fill like CIRCLET, GENERAL,  SILENT G,  SLANTED, JAPANESE,  MEANTIME, AUTOMOBILE, EXONERATES,  SNAKE RIVER,  VA VA VA VOOM.  Maybe JW will tell us his inspiration, in the meantime let us solve.

17A. Threat to the queen's cotton? : ROYAL WEEVIL(11).  We were amused by a clue with this INSECT. Isn't amazing how soon after the blog discussed the "royal we"  it shows up as part of theme.

27A. Satan's broadcaster? : DEVILISH NETWORK (15). DISH network

43A. Really unpopular fish? : REVILED SNAPPERS (15). Red snapper is very popular in SoFla.

57A. 1958 Orson Welles film noir ... and a hint to 17-, 27- and 43-Across : TOUCH OF EVIL (11).
Having a revealer is what made this puzzle doable. Time to work our way through the mine field of tough clues/fill.


1. "If I may interject ... " : AHEM. As she cleared her throat dramatically...then she

5. Stops to smell the roses : PAUSES. Sorry but your cigar is almost gone and the...

11. Briquette's fate : ASH. is falling on my carpet. I want you...

14. Passed : GONE.

15. Potassium hydroxide, e.g. : ALKALI. Ok, back to the puzzle, this took the perps to let me know where the clue was going.

16. Siete menos seis : UNO. Subtraction in Spanish.

19. Water source : TAP. How simple.

20. Hersey's "A Bell for __" : ADANO.

21. Wind dir. : SSE. this familiar Friday fodder?

22. Call forth : EVOKE.

24. Help for a sad BFF : TLCTender Loving Care.

26. Subject of the first picture in Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" : GNOME. Not familiar with this composer or the artist (Viktor Hartmann), and he did not design the Travelocity Gnome.
34. Physical, e.g. : EXAM. Not easy until filled.

35. On the move : ROVING. I had trouble with this clue/fill as the word is in my memory banks associated with 'roving eye' which is not the same as clued here.

36. Plane compartment : BIN. Overhead.

37. Told, as an elaborate tale : WOVE. Rhymes with....

38. Repeating rhythmic pattern used in Cuban music : CLAVE. What?  It does not rhyme with save. Time to LEARN. (3:13)

39. Balderdash : JIVE. According to the online etymology dictionary: 1928, "to deceive playfully," also "empty, misleading talk" (n.) and "a style of fast, lively jazz and dance music," American English, from African-American vernacular, probably of African origin (compare Wolof jev, jeu "talk about someone absent, especially in a disparaging manner"). Related: Jived; jiving. Used from 1938 for "New York City African-American slang."

40. 39-Down carrier : ANA. Wow, we are pulling out all our Friday stuff. This AIRLINE.

41. Deli equipment : SLICER.

42. Protected at sea : ALEE.

46. Rushed : RAN AT. Again simple only after filled by perps.

47. Mauna __ : LOA. Along with KEA, Hawaii volcanic mountains.

48. Expert : MAVEN.

49. "__ Kapital" : DAS. The Karl Marx TOME about economics and society. Read and discuss somewhere but not here.

52. Make whole : UNITE.

56. First woman to land a triple axel in competition : ITO. An amazing skater and a reminder of our dear friend Clear Ayes.

60. Revival prefix : NEO.

61. Overshoot : EXCEED. Expectations.

62. Bear's cry : SELL. Appropriate reference to the stock market now.

63. Philosophy : ISM. Hence Marxism.

64. Trinket : DOODAD. Last week doodah...

65. Town near Padua : ESTE. More fill completely unknown. But I guess I can LEARN.


1. Indian district with three World Heritage Sites : AGRA. Only ONE of which is the Taj Mahal. A young lawyer and his wife toured there but I did not remember the details.

2. Rain protection : HOOD.

3. Irish musician with four Grammys : ENYA. Four letter singer, I did not go with Bono.
4. Transitional period : MEANTIME.

5. Hand analog : PAW. Give me your paw.

6. Pub array : ALES.

7. Oahu entertainers : UKES.

8. Keep : SAVE.

9. Manning taking a hike : ELI. Love the humor here, though despite two Super Bowls many do not love Eli any more. Peyton will try for his 2nd again.

10. 26-Across feature : SILENT-G. Cross reference, hmm there are more.

11. Lot occupant : AUTOMOBILE. I nailed it. It really got me going in solving.

12. Part of Oregon's border : SNAKE RIVER. In this map it is in yellow, Columbia purple. Can you find where CED's camera trip was yesterday? Hell's Canyon would fit the theme today.
13. Last thing in Pandora's box : HOPE. What a fun STORY. He name is from the Greek, the pan meaning "all" like in a pangram and the dora meaning gift.

18. Relax : LOLL.

23. "Cross my heart," e.g. : VOW.

25. Round ornament : CIRCLET. Not really up on this jewelry; seems like a tiara to me.

26. Vague : GENERAL.

27. John of Scotch fame : DEWAR. Do they make any good scotch? Tin?
28. Clears : EXONERATES. What a great word.

29. Ed Norton catchphrase on "The Honeymooners" : VAVAVAVOOM.
30. Firm : SOLID.

31. Climate control systs. : HVACSHeating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning

32. Jewel thief portrayer in "The Pink Panther" : NIVEN.
33. They're often bent : KNEES.

39. About 125 million people : JAPANESE.  What a random clue.

41. Not objective : SLANTED.  So many political comments come to mind....

44. Halogen suffix : INE. Can you name the five? Is there a 6th waiting to be discovered?

45. High hair style : POUF.

48. Revealing apparel : MINI.
49. Household glue brand : DUCO.
50. Served very well : ACED. Tennis, anyone.

51. __ butter : SHEA. Also a stadium at one time.

53. "Variations on 'America'" composer : IVES. A wonderful composer (or so I am told) though I only know James Merritt Ives.  LISTEN.

54. List : TILT. If your ship is listing, I hope you swim.

55. How she looks in Paris? : ELLE. Cute clue.

58. Good Grips kitchenware brand : OXO. We get this brand often.

59. "They say there is divinity in __ numbers": Falstaff : ODD. We end with our Friday Shakespeare, this time from the third and final appearance of Falstaff. It is said the play was written at the behest of Queen Elizabeth I.

One last St. Agnes fact; it is a very famous poem by Keats, a poet whose work JW had in his 1/15/16 effort. Coincidence? Okay I talk to myself too much, but now I can talk to you all. Enjoy. Thanks Jeffrey and all who read. Lemonade out.

Jan 22, 2016

Friday, January 22, 2016, Alan DerKazarian

Theme: My temporary forwarding address is....

A return visit from Alan whose first LAT I blogged back in July, 2013.  He had three other LATs in 2015 and has three NYTs. The end of the fill are types of basic living quarters. We do have an uncommon Friday reveal telling us exactly what to look for in our puzzle. I found it like most Fridays filled with challenging clues, but overall doable. My first theme impression was the SH in shed, shack and shut but that did not last. Some very sparkly fill like BEHESTS, IN HASTE, IN SO FAR, NO NAMES,  STREAKS,  TEN ACRE, CAST IN STONE, MINNEAPOLIS with many of the multiple word fill so popular with the late Dan Naddor and Jeffrey Wechsler. Well let us go solve the homeless problem...

19A. Cleaned meticulously : HAND POLISHED (12). Sheds come in all sizes and types.
28A. Disdainful literary review comment : TALENTLESS HACK (14). There are many shacks to be seen driving our roads.
34A. Ironclad : OPEN AND SHUT (11). A hut can be very simple.
44A. Malice, in law : CRIMINAL INTENT (14). Tents on the other hand can be rather impressive.
53A. Classic Stones song ... and a hint to what's hidden at the ends of 19-, 28-, 34- and 44-Across : GIMME SHELTER (12). They keep on going.


1. Cotton fabric : PIMA. Pima cotton is a generic name for extra-long staple (ELS) cotton grown primarily in the U.S., Australia, Peru and apparently the long staple makes it softer. Per wiki.

5. The Cavaliers of the ACC : UVA. University of Virginia.

8. Parkinson's drug : L-DOPA. Read and LEARN.

13. "What's Going __ Your World": George Strait hit : ON IN. Nor rock and roll.

14. "Delta of Venus" author : NIN. We see Anais often; here is her work.

15. "Lincoln," for one : BIOPIC. Daniel Day Lewis, not to be confused with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

16. "That's terrible!" : OH NO. This has to be the LINK.(0:36).

17. Internet __ : BOT. 79 million hits for THIS.

18. Internet lesson plan company : E-NOTES. More things I do not KNOW.

22. Weather forecast abbr. : SSE.

23. Heated feeling : IRE. This is a real word that appears all the time in crosswords.

24. Like a good-sized farm : TEN ACRE. Rather arbitrary

31. 2013 animated fantasy film : EPIC. Don't know the movie, but it looks fun.
32. Wear (away) : EAT.

33. Fan mail encl. : SAESelf Addressed Envelope.

39. Voice of Barney on "The Flintstones" : MEL. He was AMAZING .

41. Like MacDonald : OLD. And a farmer.

42. Fertility goddess : ISIS. She pops up again.

49. To such an extent : IN SO FAR. Sounds like legalese.

50. __ Riddle, Lord Voldemort's birth name : TOM. A Harry Potter fact that was not in my memory banks.

51. Málaga title: Abbr. : SRA. Senora. Sorry just lazy brained.

56. Take for granted : ASSUME. An ASS of U and ME.

59. Debt-laden fin. deal : LBO. Leveraged Buy Out. The wall street game where you purchase a company borrowing money by pledging the assets of the company being bought. LESSON.

60. Skyrocket : SOAR.

61. Arboreal marsupials : KOALAS. They look almost fake. Nice word for puzzles.
62. Plan : MAP.

63. "Lonely Boy" singer : ANKAPAUL.

64. Not relaxed at all : ANTSY.

65. Pindaric __ : ODE. Wow, it really is Friday.  LESSON 2.

66. Hardy soul? : TESS. Nicely clued.


1. Cries of contempt : POOHS.

2. Rashly : IN HASTE. A bonus for naming the author.
" Thus grief still treads upon the heels of pleasure:
Married in haste, we may repent at leisure."

3. Home city of the WNBA's Lynx : MINNEAPOLIS. A CSO to our Minnesota connection.

4. "And giving __, up the chimney ... " : A NOD. Clement Clarke Moore's holiday classic.

5. Yet to arrive : UNBORN. Had me fooled even with the UN in place.

6. Spectrum color : VIOLET.

7. Standing against : ANTI. Would someone who always stands against be a PRO ANTI?

8. Department store section : LINENS.

9. "Camptown Races" refrain syllables : DOODAH. I love this VERSION (4:54).

10. Decide to be involved (in) : OPT.

11. Entrée follower, perhaps : PIE. I do like pie better than cake.

12. Coolers, briefly : ACS. I believe the perfecting of air conditioning in automobiles was the key to Florida becoming the third most populous state.

15. Commands : BEHESTS. A great old fashioned word.

20. Put (together) : PIECE. Really simple words with Friday cluing.

21. Lieu : STEAD. In the place of someone or something. More Old English.

25. Definite : CAST IN STONE. Cast is back.

26. Early 'N Sync label : RCA. Two weeks in a row and I still do not care.
27. Scratch (out) : EKE.

29. Rim : LIP.

30. Top-ranked tennis star for much of the '80s : LENDL.
35. Stars' opposites : NO NAMES. I guess they were not well cast.

36. Chili rating unit : ALARM. My wife refers to her spicy sauces as five star!

37. "Stand" opposite : HIT ME. Blackjack, twenty-one, vingt et un.

38. Exploit : USE.

39. Bygone telecom co. : MCI. MCI was founded as Microwave Communications, Inc., then World Com came along and destroyed the company; the pieces belong now to Verizon.

40. Coastal flier : ERN.

43. Barely runs? : STREAKS. I guess your laundry?

45. Ski bumps : MOGULS.

46. "Allow me" : IF I MAY. If I might, have the wish I wish tonight....

47. Discouraging words from an auto mechanic : IT'S BAD.

48. More than discouraging words : NO HOPE. I like the sequential cluing.

52. Rich tapestry : ARRAS.

54. Muppet who always turns 3½ on February 3 : ELMO.

55. Future atty.'s ordeal : LSATLaw School Admission Test.

56. Blotter letters : AKAAlso Known As.

57. Prince George, to Prince William : SON.

58. Didn't start : SAT. On the bench.

Well it is time for me to sit and send this off through cyberspace. See you next week. Lemonade out.

Note from C.C.:

Happy 70th Birthday to dear John Lampkin, our gifted constructor and blog friend. John is truly a master in designing grids and cluing. He was so incredibly kind to me when I started blogging & later making LAT puzzles. He answered every little questions I had. He even called me. Such a generous soul!

Lemonade and John

Jan 15, 2016

Friday, January 15, 2016 Jeffrey Wechsler

Theme: Where do babies come from? The Stork Exchange!

Our Friday phenom Jeffrey Wechsler stops by with his first 2016 effort which is a simple letter substitution that leads to new fill clued whimsically, made special by having the letter C which is removed from the first word of a phrase ending in CK and is replaced with the letter R. The elegance comes in with the changed words being a vowel progression AEIOU. Lots of interesting and hard to pin down fill such as ASTORIA, CODEINE, GRAYISH, HOBNOBS, ILL READ, IRON ORE, SERPICO, VERDURE.  Okay then...

17A. Response from a dog on a horse? : BARK IN THE SADDLE (15). Back in the saddle gets a doggie boost. I grew up with this SONG. (3:03)

20A. Barista's schedule? : PERKING ORDER (12). The pecking order brewed us some coffee.

35A. Pet peeve? : IRK FACTOR (9). ICK Factor perhaps made famous by Friends has 289,000 google hits, while there are 367,000 hits on google and a BLOG for Irk Factor. Unusual for the pun to be more famous.

54A. Jerk in a cove? : DORK OF THE BAY (12). We have to have this SONG. (2:54)

57A. Satisfying sight to an Istanbul clothing designer? : TURK IN YOUR SHIRT (15). Ah, you are wearing one of my designs, but please tuck it in.


1. Kid : JEST. Not a youth. Some Friday style cluing already as these words are related but I do not see them as synonyms.

5. Sufficient : DUEDire due parole about this clue as well.

8. Girl who calls Peppermint Patty "sir" : MARCIE. Finally, one I got immediately.

14. __ map : AREA. Okay this is fair,

15. "High Hopes" critter : ANT. They look about my age.
16. Longstanding : AGE OLD. Hey! we are not that old!

21. A-one : PRIMO. So many choices, cuz. Right Lucina?

23. Diving birds : LOONS. The Minnesota state bird.

24. Iraq War weapon: Abbr. : IED.  Improvised Explosive Device.

26. Emphasize : ACCENT. Ah, a grave clue.

28. Little biter : GNAT.

29. Way of the East : TAO. The word means 'the way' in Chinese , right C.C.? (From C.C.: Just "way". Chinese and many Asian languages do not have definite article.)

30. Oklahoma native : OSAGE. Another visit with an easier clue.

34. Takes to heart : HEEDS.

37. Skirt : EVADE. An issue, not one for Splynter.
40. Words on a jacket : BLURB. Dust Jacket on a book. I never buy any autobiographies, I just read the 'about the author' on the jacket.

41. Esteemed one : GEM. A peach.

44. Chilean currency : PESO. I did not know this. I have been in many places in South America but not Chile.

45. Native : INBRED. Inbred has such negative connotations.

47. Etchings, for example : ART. Come up to my room....

48. "The West Wing" actor : SMITS. Loved him in LA LAW and DEXTER
53. Degree requirements for some : ORALS.

60. Colorful songbird : ORIOLE. Beautiful.
61. Ramallah-based org. : PLO. Palestine Liberation Organization.

62. Very short time: Abbr. : MSEC. Nsec n'sync Backstreet Boy arrested!

63. Inconsequential : MEASLY. My salary is what?

64. Carrier offering Carlsberg beer : SAS. Originally Scandinavian Airline System.

65. Ersatz : SHAM. I like the word ersatz which is a German word we have taken as our own.


1. Hook alternative : JAB. Boxing, not  a slice HG and Big Easy.

2. Jazz __ : ERA.

3. Peter Maas biography subtitled "The Cop Who Defied the System" : SERPICO. Pacino at his best.
4. "I want to go!" : TAKE ME. Go with?

5. Like many caves : DANK.

6. "... I thought, / __ my head was dizzy": "Endymion" : UNTIL. Not the most famous line of this POEM which begins, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever"

7. Graphic introduction? : ETHNO. Anthropology?

8. Trowel wielder : MASON. My uncle was a master mason who taught at a trade school.

9. Microbiologist's gels : AGARS.

10. Demond's co-star in a '70s sitcom : REDD. Most people did not know his real name was Jon Elroy Sanford.
11. Cough syrup ingredient : CODEINE. Very common when we were young but the narcotic is not used in cough medicine much anymore.

12. Like one who goes by the books? : ILL READ. OOOOO.

13. Ending with stamp : EDE. Meh. 50D. Suffix with beaut : IFY.

18. Smelter input : IRON ORE. Out comes steel.

19. It may require delicate handling : EGO.

21. Touch lightly : PAT.

22. Miley Cyrus label : RCA. Really? DKDC.

25. Sot's woe : DTS. Delirium Tremens.

27. Sound of disdain : TSK.

28. An official lang. of Luxembourg : GERman.

31. Edwards, e.g.: Abbr. : AFBAir Force Base.

32. __ pal : GAL. Not pc.

33. Old French coin : ECU.

34. Works the room : HOBNOBS. This word in its schmoozing meaning was popular in my 'ute.

35. Common court response : I DO. Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

36. Prefix with centennial : TRI. Are there any other three letter ones?

37. Org. monitoring brownfields : EPA. Live and LEARN.

38. Greenery : VERDURE.  If you know Latin or French or Spanish, this is easy.

39. Oregon port named for a 19th-century multi-millionaire : ASTORIA.  JOHN JAKOB.

41. Somewhat ashen : GRAYISH.

42. Long swimmer : EEL.

43. EKG readers : MDS.

46. Composer who championed Dvorák : BRAHMS. Great STORY?

48. Proficiency : SKILL.

49. What chips may represent : MONEY. How many of you play poker? There are pokers rooms everywhere here.

51. 'Vette roof options : T-TOPS.

52. Only NFL coach with a perfect season : SHULA. Once again the '72 Dolphins watched the ranks of the undefeated disappear.Don and Dan
55. Golden age theaters : RKOS.

56. God with a quiver : EROS.

57. Alley prowler : TOM. Okay CED, this is all you.

58. Actor Stephen : REA. Still most famous for the Crying Game.

59. Channel that shows Bogart films : TCMTurner Classic Movies. Oo loves this and AMC.

So we had a rocky start but here we are halfway through January and three entertaining Fridays in the books. Be well all, stay warm and dry. Thanks JW, loved your NYT yesterday. Lemonade out.

Jan 8, 2016

Friday, January 8, 2016, John Lampkin

Theme: What could be worse than a curse a from nurse where you end up in a hearse? More of my verse?

John Lampkin, a true renaissance man and friend of the Corner brings us his first 2016 effort, a sound change makes merry puzzle. Three phrases with three words containing a central "OR" sound are changed to an "UR" sound leaving an amusing new fill clued with skill.  While many Fridays are loaded with theme fill, the three chosen are consistent  and fun and  leave room for much sparkly fill.
CAPULET,  POP SONG,  SCEPTER,  SEA LEGS, HONDURAS, INTERNET,  NANNY CAM, TAX HAVEN,  THAT’S A GO,  WE’RE RICH are all in this gem. No insect learning moment, so do not get antsy, we will now solve.

20A. Cuisine to swear by? : THREE CURSE MEAL (14). Three course meal is a standard fare.

35A. Site of a mortician's monopoly? : ONE HEARSE TOWN (13). The one horse towns of old are going the way the kerosene lamp.

55A. Ode to a Nightingale? : OLD NURSE POETRY (14). The clue references a real POEM but I am sure Florence appreciates the reworking. Old Norse poetry is a CSO to our Norwegian contingent.


1. Short one at the bar? : ATTorney. I only really see 'atty' abbreviation but I have been in many bars.

4. Flabbergasts : AWES.

8. One taking up slack? : IDLER. Nice clue reversal.

13. Landlocked African country : CHAD. There are 15 such countries in Africa, all perps. I used o go to the office building in NYC with my brother which held his literary agent and the Chad consulate. I thought the name was fake. Who names a country after an actor.
15. Thread bits : LINT. Check your navel. 26A. Traps for 15-Across : NAVELS.

16. Running bowline, e.g. : NOOSE. The beginning of an undercurrent of boating/fishing terms. LINK.

17. Prepare to take off : TAXI. Anybody know the etymology of this usage meaning to go from  a terminal to the runway.

18. Mediterranean landmark : ETNA.

19. Dessert that just sounds wrong : TORTE. A Tort in law is a civil wrong.

23. __ orange : OSAGE.  I know them as horse apples. Our  botany LESSON.

24. Trail follower : HIKER.

25. Downed a link, say : ATE. Sausage, not a golf course. 49A. Link for Ludwig : UND. Beethoven.
66A. Linking device : YOKE. Not on the internet but on your oxen. John Loves clechos.

28. Caught porgy and bass : ANGLED. Cute Porgy and Bess  fish pun.

30. Ice __ : AGE. Can you believe it is 13 years?
31. Feuding house of Verona : CAPULET. Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou, and our continued Friday Shakespeare.

40. Swift output : POP SONG. Showing my age, my first thought was Jonathan Swift not the ubiquitous TAYLOR.

41. Café freebie : EAU. Water in French.

43. Charmingly retro : QUAINT. Last week it was Tisn't...

46. Rejects : SPURNS.

50. Believes : DEEMS. Another common word in the law.

54. Actress Graff : ILENE. She was a regular on Mr. Belvedere and more recently Hart of Dixie 

58. Shock source : TASER. Don't tase me bro!

59. Bit of concert memorabilia : STUB.

60. Quinoa alternative : RICE. We do have rice at my house.

62. Latin stars : ASTRA. Whence Astronomy, astrology etc.

63. New Yorker cartoonist Peter : ARNO. He had a very recognizable style, but has been gone for almost 50 years.
The caption says, "He is not ours, try the River House."
64. Rent-__ : A-CAR.

65. Drives off : SHOOS.

67. Med. care option : HMOHealth Maintenance Organization.


1. Fake it : ACT. Don't get nervous boys.

2. "We're on!" : THAT"S A GO. A nice phrase.

3. Green shelter? : TAX HAVEN. Not ecology but economy.

4. "Hard __!": captain's command : A LEE. Boats.

5. Baker's neighbor in "Into the Woods" : WITCH.  The MOVIE with Meryl Streep as the witch.

6. Jaded state : ENNUI. Always a nice fill.

7. Barren : STARK. Will Catelyn be back?

8. Shopper's mecca : INTERNET.

9. Dire destiny : DOOM. Oddly this is in conflict with 14D. Gloomy air : DIRGE as they are from the same Latin source.

10. Cosmetics giant : L'OREAL.

11. What you will : ESTATE. More hidden law.

12. Landed, with "in" : REELED. A big fish?

21. Shocking swimmer : EEL. Fish?

22. Sailor's ability : SEA LEGS. See what I mean; when I got off from a long cruise, it often seemed like the land was moving.

23. __ roll : ON A.  Give me some butter, because...

27. Sovereign symbol : SCEPTER.

29. Bygone muscle car : GTO. My brother had one and it was too fast.
32. Small juice sources? : AAS. Batteries.

33. Ace : PRO. My meh of the day.

34. Org. with subs : USN. Cool misdirection- United States Navy. Ships.

36. Prefix for a lifesaving "Pen" : EPI, I have two in my house-bees.

37. Mosquito Coast country : HONDURAS. It is not Star Wars
38. Reaction to suddenly becoming flush? : WE'RE RICH! Powerball anyone? If we each chipped in $2.00....

39. Concerned parent's installation : NANNY CAM.

42. Employment : USE.

43. Mandated amounts : QUOTAS.

44. Remove, as bindings : UNLASH.

45. Expands, as a deck : ADDS TO. A deck of cards? The deck Splynter built? The one marti and I sat together at her house on?

47. Sales meeting metaphor : PIE.

48. Conservative leader? : ULTRA.

51. Outlet for one's thoughts : ESSAY. Put them on paper.

52. Densely populated area, briefly : METRO.

53. Spirit : SPUNK. A trait of mixed benefit.

56. Emperor famous for playing an instrument that hadn't been invented yet : NERO. Did he FIDDLE around?

57. Wind in the reeds : OBOE. A simple musical clue from our very musical friend. To me it brought to mind this POETRY. Yes Yeats along with earlier Keats.

61. Ranch closing? : ERO. Huevos rancheros while I finish writing?

Always a pleasure to see a JL byline, though we are missing anything to bug us, unless you do not like puns.  Thanks John. Lemonade out.

Dec 25, 2015

Friday, December 25, 2015, Jeffrey Wechsler

Theme: I before E and then wait and C. Your Christmas present is a structured anagram wrapped inside a pun without any Christmas carols.

I am back for my final blog of 2015, and fittingly it is to write up a Jeffrey Wechsler creation. By my impromptu count, this will be the 15th one I have done in '15. This is a wide open grid with 63 theme letters and 93 white squares not near a black one (open). The center is a grid spanning fill with triple sevens in the NW and SW and triple sixes in the NE and SE. Each theme fill has has a very consistent four letter ending anagram with an I in the middle and a silent E at the end.

When I saw lite and mite I was thinking maybe a word ladder was coming our way, and tire seemed confirm that until rite popped into my head and then I 'saw' the earlier anagrams. I wish I could come up with a FIRE/ RIFE fill to make it a ladder as well, but I am sure JW already saw that path was closed. Lots of common crossword fill (e.g. AREA, ETNA, ETE. IRA, AMI unusual for Jeffrey) and a few of his trademark multi-word fill. Let's unwrap this baby.

19A. Word game for beginners? : SCRABBLE LITE (12). I like the clue and fill , but I did not see the gimmick here. TILE becomes LITE.

27A. Ordinary little insect? : STANDARD MITE (12). TIME becomes MITE. Very nice clue, I do hate those dust mite pics.
37A. Radial destroyed during testing? : SACRIFICIAL TIRE (15). Sacrificial RITE is what made me understand where JW was going. Funny fill.

45A. Fate of one constantly reliving the past? : CIRCULAR LIFE (12). The ever needed circular FILE  for all of those great interoffice memos that appear in a big firm.

55A. Memoirs of an African river explorer? : I WALK THE NILE (12). We will let Mr. Cash sing us into the rest of the puzzle.


1. Sport enjoyed by Henry VIII : TENNIS. This FACT I learned watching the TUDORS on Showtime.

7. Goes for broke : RISKS ALL.

15. Sitcom friend of Jerry : ELAINE.

16. "It eludes me ... " : I DON'T SEE. And generally I do not care.

17. Olympian drink : NECTAR. Depends on who you ASK.

18. Great Sand Dunes National Park location : COLORADO. You want to see? LINK.

21. It starts in juin : ETE. Juin is June in French, not too hard to guess.

22. Big Ben trio : III. On the clock...

23. Fund-raising target : ALUM. Friday so you get no hint that it is an abbreviation.

32. Chancel neighbor : APSE.

35. Edge : INCH. You can edge toward someone or inch like INCH BY INCH.

36. Metaphoric vilification : MUD.No politics, so no mudslinging.

42. Waterfront org. : ILA. Those fun longshoremen.
43. Penicillin, often : CURE. We will not ask what we are using it to cure.

44. Province of Catania attraction : ETNA. We just had this.

50. "A Day Without Rain" artist : ENYA. She is like a dandelion in the spring. LINK. (2:45)

51. Indefinite pronoun : ONE. Not male or female.

52. U.S. Army award since 1918 : DSMDistinguished Service Medal.

61. Liqueur made with Jamaican rum : TIA MARIA.. Some HISTORY. I never knew this brand was owned by the people who also owned Kahlua.

64. Ancient looker : ADONIS. Slightly censored I guess, here with Venus.

65. Inborn : IMMANENT. One of a confusing TRIO.

66. Hotel supply : LINENS.

67. Security booth site : MAINGATE. Disney?

68. Green Party concern : ENERGY.


1. Frazzled : TENSE. Relax the rest are easy....

2. Choose : ELECT.

3. Mother-of-pearl : NACRE. The inside of the shell or the outside of the pearl.

4. Female rock guitarist Strauss : NITA. Hmm, I WATCH and am reminded of a recent female bassist.

5. "Soon" : IN A BIT.

6. Landlocked European nation : SERBIA. There are 16 landlocked countries in Europe: Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldova, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Switzerland and Vatican City, only one has six letters.

7. Dirty __ : RICE. Interestingly, Barry Silk had the fill DIRTY RICE and 20D. Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer : LIN both in his November 14 offering.

8. One with loyal followers : IDOL. and 14D. Confident and loyal sort, so it's said : LEO.

9. Most piano sonatas : SOLI. One player.

10. Square or slip follower : KNOT.

11. Continuous flow : STREAM. Like videos these days.

12. Botanist Gray : ASA. I was ready for this thanks to Mark Bickham and the slew of obscure ASA clues.

13. Wasn't behind anyone : LED.

24. Boundary : LIMIT.

25. Rush hour improbability : U-TURN. Two days in a row. Much nicer than UIE or UEY.

26. Euripides tragedy : MEDEA. An oddly unsuccessful PLAY about the tragedy of Jason.

27. Sun. address : SERmon.

28. Kitchen gadget : DICER. The earlier rice made this easier.

29. Singer DiFranco : ANI.

30. Alabama label : RCA. Does anybody really care about record companies any more?

31. UPS competitor : DHL.

32. Cold __ : AS ICE. All I heard was THIS. (3:15).

33. "The Python Years" diarist Michael : PALIN. Everyone get the spelling correct now?

34. Like nightmares : SCARY.

38. Hosp. section : ICUIntensive Care Unit.

39. Spoon extension? : FUL. You want one MORE? (2:32).

40. Investment initials : IRA. Individual Retirement Account.

41. Apparel with a message, perhaps : TEE. A xmas present for CED?  LINK.

46. South American crocodilian : CAIMAN. I hope you all remembered these little guys.

47. Developer's offering : LOT. Real estate developer.

48. Checkup request : INHALE. Did you play doctor when you were little?

49. Supply with, as carrots to a food processor : FEED IN. Did we have this recently?

52. 24-hour eatery, often : DINER.

53. Medical support : SLING.

54. Complicated : MESSY. Speaking of which...

56. Big name in early computers : WANG. Does history REPEAT?

57. Expanse : AREA.

58. Home filter target : LINT.

59. The Duchess of Cambridge, familiarly : KATE.

60. "... for __ of woman born / Shall harm Macbeth" : NONE. Jeffrey's dose of Will.

Be bloody, bold, and resolute. Laugh to scorn
The power of man, for none of woman born
Shall harm Macbeth.

61. Robbins of "The Shawshank Redemption" : TIM. One of my top ten favorite movies, from a Stephen King story. TRAILER. (2:11)

62. "__ Man": Spencer Davis Group hit : I'M A this SONG (2:52) followed immediately by its palindromic pal....

63. Côte d'Azur companion : AMI. We end with French, so I will say à bientôt, and hope you all are having a great Christmas.  Thanks for sharing your lives here at the Corner. And JW, thank you for a really great year. Lemonade out.

Notes from C.C.:
1) Happy Birthday to Kathy (Yellowrocks), who's now in New York celebrating this special day with her son and his family. She continues to inspire me with her positive attitude facing various difficulties in life. I'm so happy that she can now dance like she did before her knee surgeries. 

Kathy & Buddha, Japan, 2008

2) Happy Birthday also to Lorraine (Fermatprime), who's been with the blog for a long time. Lorraine is an accomplished math professor and swims daily in her own heated pool. She also does more puzzles every day than most of us.

Thanksgiving, 2015