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May 27, 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016, Roland Huget

Title: Hush little baby.

Roland Huget appears in his 4th LAT, and his first Friday. This minimalist puzzle seems to have just three theme fill all references out of the 60's with a common thread of "shhh"and no reveal. It is very unusual for a Friday to have only three theme answers. If there is more to this effort I missed it. Of course there is the inclusion of the entire English alphabet (A PANGRAM!). Is this a themeless gone bad?  In any event, there is quite a bit of fresh intermediate fill, with THE MET, HIPPIE, ROASTS,  TRACES, ED MEESE,  ST. SIMON,  DEFANGS,  BEANERY, FISH TAIL, NETIZENS, RANGE WAR (odd with all the peace and quiet) and TAX HAVEN. Well let us see what Roland has done to befuddle us. If you do not know references the theme does not help.

17A. '60s executive order creation : PEACE CORPS (10). HISTORY.

35A. Societal change begun in Quebec during the '60s : QUIET REVOLUTION (15). HISTORY.

52A. '60s aviation nickname : WHISPERJET (10). HISTORY.


1. Man of many words : ROGET. Thesaurus guy.

6. Course designer : CHEF. Not a golf course, one part of a meal.

10. Hiker's map, briefly : TOPOgraphic. A legitimate word, but unsatisfactory fill for me. LINK.

14. Words spoken on a star? : I WISH. I may, I wish I might.

15. Virna of "How to Murder Your Wife" : LISI. A movie I remember.
16. Organic compound : ENOL.

19. Combine : MELD. Pinochle, anyone?

20. Locks in a zoo : MANE. Those kind of locks.

21. Human Be-In attendee : HIPPIE. Were any of you a human bein' in the 60's?
23. 1988 Cabinet resignee : ED MEESE. An underrated political SCANDAL No comment.

27. Apostle known as "the Zealot" : ST SIMON.

28. Facetious tributes : ROASTS. Do you all watch Comedy Central? I now listen on the radio.
29. Steady : BEAU. From the French for handsome.

30. Comfort and others : INNS.

31. Avid surfers : NETIZENS. A portmanteau of Internet and Denizens.

39. Money-saving refuge : TAX HAVEN. Anyone do business in the CHANNEL ISLANDS?

40. Subway purchase : HERO. Really.

41. Blue dye : ANIL. Indigofera suffruticosa.

42. Hints : TRACES.

44. Renders harmless : DEFANGS. Sorry Count D.

48. Greasy spoon : BEANERY. A word from 1877.

49. It's not widely understood : IN JOKE. I guess this is intended as an abbreviation of Inside Joke.

50. Small flaw : WART.

51. Cozy spot : NOOK.

58. Quattro competitor : ATRA. An off semi-clecho with 59. Quattro, e.g. : AUDI. No mention of  SUZI who is missing a "T"

60. 2013 One Direction hit : DIANA.

61. Victor's "Samson and Delilah" co-star : HEDY. Lamar

62. Line holder for a cast : REEL. Fishing, not acting.

63. Lustrous synthetic : RAYON. Lustrous...a regenerated, semisynthetic textile filament made from cellulose, cotton linters, or wood chips by treating these with caustic soda and carbon disulfide and passing the resultant solution, viscose, through spinnerets.


1. Swindle, with "off" : RIP.

2. Run a tab, say : OWE.

3. 1998 Angelina Jolie biopic : GIA. Lots of nudity.
4. F1 neighbor : ESC. Know your keyboard.

5. It's across from Alice Tully Hall : THE MET. Don't get LOST.

6. One of many in "Orphan Black" : CLONE. This actually looks interesting.
7. Engage : HIRE.

8. Sixth of five? : ESP. Did you make sense of this clue?

9. Skid : FISH TAIL. Out of control.

10. Largo and presto : TEMPI. More than one Tempo.

11. Matinee hr. : ONE P.M.

12. March of Dimes' original crusade : POLIO.Now we march for all babies.

13. Ancient : OLDEN.

18. Mama in music : CASS.

22. Trooper's outfit? : ISUZU. A very tricky clue as this automobile has been out of production since 2002 and the Company out of the US since 2009. Poor Joe.

23. La Salle of "ER" : ERIQ.  A fellow Connecticut native who continues to work.

24. Fried treat : DONUT.
25. Obsession : MANIA. Donuts?

26. Thomas Cromwell's earldom : ESSEX. He was important to HENRY VIII but then he was not. His descendant (through his sister Katherine) Oliver Cromwell also had his day in the British sun.

27. Determined about : SET ON. Which do you like better, this or ________Hall?

29. Oblique cut : BEVEL.

31. Half a Caribbean federation : NEVIS.

32. Tom's "Mission: Impossible" role : ETHAN. Time to work on our Italian? LINK.

33. Reunion attendee : NIECE. Pick any family member ...

34. More put out : SORER.

36. "__ heaven" : THANK. I always think of this LINK. Of course now that I am older, it seems creepy.

37. American West conflict : RANGE WAR.

38. Overly curious : NOSY.

42. Former Blue Devil rival, briefly : TERP. Maryland in the ACC before they moved to the Big Ten.

43. Not suitable for kids : RATED R. No links from me.

44. Shore show of the '70s : DINAH. A classic CLIP.

45. Modern message : ENOTE.

46. Alaskan cruise sight : FJORD. Fjocus? 54. 46-Down kin : RIA.  A fjord is created by inundation of a valley formed by a glacier. They typically have very steep walls and very deep floors allowing ocean-going vessels to navigate them. A ria is a former river valley that has subsided below sea-level and flooded. It is usually shallower than a fjord and often become estuaries with little fresh-water flow into them.

47. Jim-dandy : A OKAY.

48. Pizza sauce herb : BASIL. I like both Italian and Thai basil.

50. Off-target : WIDE.  "Wide right!"  Mean anything to any college or pro football fans out there?

53. Color distinction : HUE.

55. Magpie relative : JAY. Oh not again.

56. "Microsoft sound" composer : ENO.

57. Brown shade : TAN.  A perfect way to end this Friday frolic.  Did you all appreciate the pangram? Welcome to my world Roland and have a great holiday weekend all. With the beer and brats do remember all who have passed while serving our country and all of us. Lemonade out heading to the beach.

I leave you with some pics from the restaurant where Oo is working

Bon Appetit! On the left spicy oxtail soup
On the right, shrimp, bacon and lychee.

May 20, 2016

Friday, May 20, 2016, D.Scott Nichols and C.C. Burnikel

Title: The HEAT is on. LISTEN.

The sixth pairing of our resident Santa, Argyle, with C.C. brings us a single clue puzzle to unravel. HEAT yielded 2 grid-spanners and 2 fourteen letter fill giving us a quick 58 letters in the theme. These single word, single clue ones mean lots of work for me as I really need to solve many perps to get to the theme fill. Lots of nice fill like DE NADA,  WET HEN,  HEE HEE, ERECTS, LESS TAR, SERAPES,  MIGRANT, SPLICES, SARASOTA,  FOOLED ME, D.H. LAWRENCE,  OPEN SECRET. Well if you can't take the heat, get our your eraser.

17A. Heat : INTENSE PRESSURE (15). For example, the heat is on Hilary about her deleted emails.

31A. Heat : QUALIFYING RACE (14). For example, Mark Spitz won his semi-final heat in world record time.

38A. Heat : MIAMI HOOPSTERS (14). Their season is over, but no Whiteside and no Bosh for most of the Toronto series.

59A. Heat : HABANERO FEATURE (15). For example, you can READ all about hot peppers.

Okay, now solve:


1. Light source : BIC. As in:
Recognize Orson Bean's voice?

4. Sea bordering Uzbekistan : ARAL and the ever confusing to me 32D.  1,509-mile border river : URAL. They are both back again to add to our geography miseries.

8. Online money source : E-LOAN. They must be more popular in the midwest.

13. Prepare for a snap : LOAD. I guess this refers to the old fashioned need to put film in a camera.

15. "Sons and Lovers" author : D. H. LAWRENCE. This was one of his earliest works LINK ; his most famous perhaps being his last major novel
19. Tuscan hill city : SIENA. My son's many trips to dig in Italy helped me with my European Geography.

20. "__ does it!" : THAT.

21. Zipped : SPED.

22. Gulf Coast resort city : SARASOTA. A wonderful little city with white sand beaches and it rhymes with Minnesota which is great for limercists.

24. Like sriracha sauce : HOT. LIke the reference to "TODDLERS" in yesterday CHILD theme, I am ambivalent about this being in a HEAT puzzle.

26. Smidgen : DAB. Brylcreem anyone?

27. Colorful cover-ups : SERAPES. Forgive the partial  NUDITY.

35. Alley wanderer : CUR. But not dressed like that.

36. Popular truck brand : RAM.

37. Important time : AGE.

45. Unites, in a way : SPLICES. A thoughtful Friday clue. LINK.

46. PETA concern : FURPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. I have always had mixed feeling about how they promote this effort.

47. Turn right : GEE. If you are a horse.

48. "No, really?" : FOOLED ME.

53. Egg on : SPUR. More horse talk?

56. L, vis-à-vis C : HALF. 50 is half of 100.

58. Junkyard material : SCRAP. Sometimes.
62. It's thinly disguised : OPEN SECRET. Nice rarely used fill.

63. Fries, e.g. : SIDE order.

64. Medicare card specification : PART A.

65. Fabulous runner-up : HARE. FABLE leads to fabulous here.
66. Talk trash to : DIS. A simple version of disrespect.


1. Euphoria : BLISS. So many choices  joy, happiness, pleasure, delight, ecstasy, elation, rapture.

2. Region that rebelled against Persia in about 500 B.C. : IONIA. A bit of HISTORY.

3. Work at weddings : CATER.

4. Hulu distractions : ADS.The rerun service.

5. Butler in a classic film : RHETT. My first thought was Arthur Treacher.

6. Greek leader : ALPHA. Cute clue.

7. Logan of "60 Minutes" : LARA. She was made part of a horrible STORY. She did well on Jeopardy Tuesday.

8. EMS destinations : ERS. No bitter vetch? Will Weng where are you?

9. Advertised advantage of some lights : LESS TAR.

10. "Get __": 1967 Esquires hit : ON UP.
11. Amount to plow : ACRE.

12. Cry out for : NEED.

14. "You're welcome," in Havana : DE NADA.

16. Anger simile : WET HEN. Did you KNOW?

18. Like Willie Nelson's voice : NASAL. Well that sounds a bit critical but Willie is an interesting MAN.

23. Kabuki accessory : OBI. My sash a week continues.

25. URL ender : ORG.

27. Easy mark : SIMPelton.

28. Host after Allen : PAAR. I have written often about Jack Paar.

29. Med. tests using leads : ECGS.

30. "Now do you believe me?" : SEE. Mira.

31. Wit's end? : QUIP. The end result of wit.

33. Big dos : FROS.

34. 2011 NBA retiree : YAO. HOF center with bad feet.

35. Divs. on some rulers : CMS. Centimeters which is pronounced??

39. "The Grapes of Wrath" character : MIGRANT. I tried to dredge up a character name until the perps kicked in.

40. Make sure of : ICE. They are out to get Tinman these days.

41. Titter : HEE HEE. I always like TEE HEE.

42. Bay Area travel letters : SFO.

43. Home of the WNBA's Shock : TULSA.  They have moved to Dallas LINK but do post star Skylar Diggins

44. Puts up : ERECTS.

48. Botanist's field : FLORA.

49. Proposal : OFFER.

50. Old Celtic religious leader : DRUID. Never understood this GROUP.

51. Column in un calendrier : MARDI. Tuesday in French.

52. Fencing swords : EPEES.

53. Hunt for bargains : SHOP.

54. Hemingway sobriquet : PAPA. Self imposed? LINK.

55. Cab company competitor : UBER. I recently used one, and it was great.

57. Image on Missouri's state quarter : ARCH. The gateway arch.

60. "Citizenfour" org. : NSA. The movie about Edward Snowden and the National Security Agency.

61. Saison in Provence : ÉTÉ. Summer is coming.

That means the regular tv season is over, lots of characters lying dead on the screen but we soldier on. Great fun, thank you Scott and C.C. and thank you all for the comments I will read soon. Lemonade out.

May 13, 2016

Friday, May 13, 2016, Jeffrey Wechsler

Title: Do you want to PAL around?

JW returns with 'add a word' (3 letters at that) to existing phrases to create a whimsical mental picture of something very different. Despite my seeing and discussing much of Jeffrey's work lately, the cluing is fresh and only PROEM was unknown to me. The longer fill, CLASS UP,  THE MAGI,  I'M A JERK,  IN EXILE, RAIN SHOWER and  MOTOR SPORT really show his preference for multi-word answers. The choice to have just three themers plus a reveal was governed by the grid-spanners  giving 58 theme spaces. Lots of music references and - well, let us go see.

17A. Financially distressed royal residence? : PALACE IN THE HOLE (15). The PAL is added to the beginning of "ace in the hole." Cute. I do not think the Queen is hurting financially.

34A. Pious antelope? : IMPALA BELIEVER (14). I was really amused by the picture of this cute African food source for lions, praying and singing....

40A. Clairvoyant magazine staff? : PALMISTS OF TIME (14). A common expression also has the PAL added to the beginning; I like the John Mayall version.

And the reveal:

61A. Carole King song title ... or a hint to 17-, 34- and 40-Across : YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND (15).

I wonder if this puzzle was inspired by the Broadway play about Ms. King. She has written so many wonderful songs.


1. Sprinkled stuff : TALC. So much CONTROVERSY now.

5. Ottoman honorific : AGHA.

9. Carried : TOTED. Reminds me of listening to this album as a child. He was a true...
14. Star often gazed at : IDOL.

15. Golf inconvenience : RAIN SHOWER. Ask, HG--this is a perfect clue, as a shower does not stop a serious golfer.

19. Things kept for oneself : STASH. Not to be confused with last week's 'STACHE.

20. Elite group : A TEAM. Generic, or the TV Show?

21. New Delhi-to-Mumbai dir. : SSW. Heading toward last week's newbie constructor.

22. "Downton Abbey" assent : YES SIR.

24. Wit : WAG. An old term for a jokester, mid 16th century (denoting a young man or mischievous boy, also used as a term of endearment to an infant): probably from obsolete waghalter ‘person likely to be hanged.’  Per dictionary.

26. "The Golden Arm" of the Baltimore Colts : UNITAS. High topped always,  Johnny U.
30. Reach uncertainly : GROPE. Not always, sadly.

37. Geisha circler : OBI. More sashes for me.

38. Sister of Melpomene : ERATO.

39. Ho's accompaniment : UKE.
45. Introduction : PROEM. A real word, but I certainly never heard of it. This was a struggle as the perps were not easy either.

46. Submitted : SENT IN.

47. Dance genre : TAP.

49. Annual delivery vehicle? : SLEIGH. Santa and the odd clecho 9D. Annually celebrated group : THE MAGI.

53. Setting in Eng. : GMTGreenwich Mean Time.

56. First name in Western crime : JESSE. James

60. Like George H. W. Bush : EX-CIA. Conspiracy THEORY anyone?

64. Rallying, e.g. : MOTOR SPORT. I used to want to do THIS.

65. Singing daughter of Judy and Vincente : LIZA. Judy Garland and Vincente Minelli.

66. Bombed : STUNK.

67. Expression of appreciation : HAND. Let's give all our constructors a big hand for the entertainment.

68. "L'__, c'est moi": Louis XIV : ÉTAT. The State in French.


1. Lit : TIPSY.

2. "... __ which will live in infamy": FDR : A DATE.

3. Falana and Glaudini : LOLAS. Lola 1 one was a Sammy Davis protege with health issues; Lola 2 is a very busy TV actress. Feel free to IMDB.

4. Infuse with elegance : CLASS UP. My meh fill of the day.  Though 'class up the joint'  appears often,  the reference on its own just hangs there for me.

5. Exist : ARE.

6. Greek primordial deity : GAIA. Quite an incestuous and bloody STORY reminiscent of later Heinlein works.

7. Subtlety : HINT.

8. Startup money? : ANTE. To start the game.

10. "How wonderful!" : OOH. AHH.

11. Dancers, often : TWOS. It does take two to Tango.

12. Sushi kitchen supply : EELS.
13. Gained (from) : DREW. On my vast experience.

16. "I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation" speaker : SHAW. No Shakespeare but the eminently quotable George Bernard Shaw, LINK. I could not pick my favorite. No P Shaw  quotes.

18. Where gunpowder was invented : CHINA. Some HISTORY.

23. Irks : RILES.

25. Univ. student's ordeal : GRE. Graduate Record Examination

27. Wonderland trial evidence : TARTS. Carroll's not subtle indictment of our legal system.

28. Demean : ABASE.

29. __ Hall : SETON. A Catholic college in NJ named after the first American SAINT.

31. Cell with potential : OVUM. Eggsactly.

32. Chinese toy : PEKE. More China and no abbr.

33. Poet's "previously" : ERE.

34. Construction support : I BAR.

35. Close follower of Venus? : MILO. You all know the Venus de Milo and her lack of arms.

36. Some apartments : LOFTS.

37. On the facing pg. : OPPosite..

41. Citi Field player : MET.

42. "D'oh!" : I'M A JERK. I think of it more as "I am an idiot."

43. Interior construction specialist : TILER.

44. Napoleonic? : IN  EXILE. A Friday thought.

48. Cribbage pieces : PEGS. That is how you count points and it is where I learned to how add by watching my father play the game.

50. Clinch the game, in slang : ICE IT.

51. Japan's answer to Rodeo Drive : GINZA. Alex, we will stay with Asia for $800.00. LINK.

52. Attacked : HAD AT.

53. Places to see presses : GYMS. Bench presses, military presses...

54. Academic : MOOT.

55. "Fantasia" hippo's garb : TUTU.

57. Certain collegian : SOPHomore. And of course the freshmen who fail or sopholess;  derivation from Greek sophos "wise" + moros "foolish, dull"?

58. Athenian walkway : STOA. A covered walkway.

59. Get through work : EARN.

62. Otto __ Bismarck : VON. A very INFLUENTIAL  figure.

63. Mercury is on its co. logo : FTD. As a Virgo this is a perfect image for me to exit. JW returned, made us work, made us smile. I must say 'bye for now-see you next week. Hope you enjoyed the ride. Lemonade out on winged feet.

May 6, 2016

Friday, May 6, 2016, C.C. Burnikel

Title: Colour me happy.

I have blogged for almost six years now and C.C. has 127 solo puzzles published in the LAT in the last 4 years, but this is only my second solo C.C. Friday. The first was the outstanding Poet's Corner puzzle in 2014. Today is quite tame by comparison, and like last weeks JW, primarily a fun puzzle. The simple concept of phrases including words which sound like colors is brought together by the rare Friday reveal. Once again she builds her grid in a pin wheel fashion with the reveal in the southeast. No long fill, but some interesting intermediate fill like STACHE,  OH DARN,  OGRESS, GASHED,  B B KING,  SPREES,  BOASTS, FAINTS, ANEMIA,  HEFNER,  ENGAGE, PAWNEE, SCENERY, EPITHET,  SINCERE,  LET ME GO, HOW'S THAT. All this from our transplanted fearless leader...amazing.

17A. *Lost it : BLEW A FUSE (9). New fill to the LAT, yet very common.

60A. *Entertained the kids, in a way : READ ALOUD (9). Also new.

11D. *"Bonanza" star : LORNE GREENE (11). I had the pleasure of meeting him at a charity tennis match in Boca.

25D. *Cottage site in the Beatles' "When I'm Sixty-Four" : ISLE OF WIGHT (11). I did not know this but I bet Steve and NC did.
And the reveal.

41D. Risqué ... and what each answer to a starred clue contains? : OFF COLOR (8).


1. Trellis pieces : LATHS. THIS always confused me, but I learned a trellis can be made of lattice. Splynter, help?

6. "Ideas worth spreading" acronym : TEDTechnology, Entertainment, Design

9. Runs out : BOLTS.

14. Eponym of a United Kingdom poetry prize : ELIOT. It is obvious many here share my love of Poetry and PRIZES.

15. Schooner filler : ALE.

16. Walking the dog, e.g. : CHORE. I was thinking about yoyos.

19. Storage place : CD-ROM. Oh these modern times.

20. Play set : SCENERY.

22. Nonpro? : ANTI. Ifn you aint fer it, your agin it.

23. Man's best friend, e.g. : EPITHET. They can be nice like that or  they can be bad. It is a sobriquet, a nickname, a title, a label, a description etc. Fittingly a lead in to...52D. Animal that's been a Japanese Natural Monument since 1931 : AKITA. An amazing STORY.

26. Fiona, after Shrek's kiss : OGRESS. Nit polic, Fiona was always an Ogress, the spell which made her look like a human was broken by the kiss.

28. Cut deeply : GASHED. But literally and metaphorically.

29. "Blues on the Bayou" musician : B. B. KING. An album and a song...RIP B.B.

31. Spanish pronoun : ELLA.

32. Overindulgent outings : SPREES. A binge.

34. Stranded messenger : RNA. Nice strand pun.

37. Handle : SEE TO. Make it so....

39. Mr. Potato Head piece : EAR. Followed by the anthropomorphic...

40. Front-wheel alignment : TOE IN. Know your TOE or you will be towed.

42. Unduly : TOO. Not unduly hard.

43. Possesses with pride : BOASTS.

46. Deflect, with "off" : FEND.

47. Passes out : FAINTS.

49. "The Girls Next Door" co-creator : HEFNER.  PLAYBOY meets reality tv.

51. Fictional Indiana town in "Parks and Recreation" : PAWNEE. You can READ or watch

53. Genuine : SINCERE. Like the...

54. Dust Bowl migrant : OKIE.

55. Release request : LET ME GO.

58. Summation symbol, in math : SIGMA. You all get this, RIGHT?

64. Moral principle : ETHIC.

65. Scar, say : MAR.

66. Thorny evergreen : GORSE.

67. Occupied, as a desk : SAT AT.

68. Museum pieces : ART.

69. Vertical : ERECT.


1. Its natl. emblem is the cedar tree : LEBanon. Fun with flags. The cedars of Lebanon are mentioned often in the Bible.

2. Every drop : ALL.

3. 20-20, e.g. : TIE. Not perfect vision; not a tv show. good misdirection.

4. ''What do you think?'' : HOW'S THAT? Often heard while you try to hang a picture.

5. What one might have with milk, briefly? : 'STACHE. Got Milk? Who was your favorite?

6. Needle : TAUNT.

7. Different : ELSE. She was something....

8. Road sign image : DEER. How do they know where to cross?

9. Email option, for short : BCC. Now blind courtesy copy.

10. "Shoot!" : OH DARN.

12. Brings (out) : TROTS. And then to make the disastrous evening complete, they trotted out their vacation pics.

13. Late round : SEMIS.

18. Satellite broadcasts : FEEDS.

21. Team connection : YOKE. Poor oxen, the yoke is always on them.

23. Get rid of : EGEST. Opposite of ingest. Seriously.

24. Retro diet, to put it mildly : PALEO. The word is from Greek palaios meaning ‘ancient.' The idea is to eat like early man, no processed foods etc, Since their life expectancy was about 30....

27. Kernel : GIST.

29. Leadership : BRASS.

30. Hall of Fame pitcher Blyleven : BERT. Of course C. C. would slip in a baseball payer from Minnesota, what a curve ball. He was born in the Netherlands and coached their pitchers in the new world event.

33. Organic fuel : PEAT. Major heating fuel in the Highlands, I have read.

35. Bay Area pro : NINER. We got our morning weather girl from the 49ers

36. Court rival of Pete : ANDRE. Sampras and Agassi.

38. Village Voice award : OBIE Off-Broadway.  LINK.

44. Law school newbie : ONE L. We did not use this in my day.

45. Drew back : SHIED.

48. Lack of get-up-and-go : ANEMIA. I had the ferrous oxide recently.

50. Hold rapt : ENGAGE.

51. Puts forward : POSES. Say you are stuck on a desert island, who do you want there with you?
If you answer, "my spouse" you are...

53. Quick on the uptake : SMART.

56. Humorous Bombeck : ERMA.

57. Sewer's concern : TEAR. One who sews.
59. Play : ACT.

61. Natural resource : ORE.

62. L.A. school : USC. University of Southern California.

63. LAPD rank : DETective.

C.C. makes it all seem so easy; I hope you had fun and Happy Mother's day to all.

Lemonade out.

Apr 29, 2016

Friday, April 29, 2016, Jeffrey Wechsler

Title: Cereal killer on the loose...

Wow! Three JW puzzles in succession and each one a completely different look. Today is totally silly, taking a single letter out of a cereal name to create a very foolish sounding concoction. If he had some deep meaning for the theme I missed it. I found this just plain fun. Lots of substantial and original fill with some Friday words interspersed and his usual multiple word fill. PARFAIT,  ON A RIDE,  LAVORIS,  FLORIST,  I'LL HIDE,  CLEANER, SETTERS, TRADE IN,  PLANARIA, DERRIERE,  INCHOATE,  ROPE KNOT, ON RECEIPT and  ARTICHOKE are all great. So get your milk, and pull up a chair.

18A. Knockoff cereal? : FROSTED FLAKES (12). They're grrrreat.

28A. Cold cereal? : PUFFED RICE (9). Tasted like air.

37A. Recalled cereal? : FROOT LOOPS (9). Pure sugar.

48A. Prohibited cereal? : RAISIN BRAN (9). The healthy alternative.

57A. Mystery cereal? : SHREDDED WHEAT (12). The classic.


1. Did a gondolier's job : POLED. Venice (Vennis) anyone?

6. Wedding planner's contact : FLORIST. I loved our wedding flowers.

13. Like antique watches : ANALOG. Not digital.

15. Freshwater flatworms : PLANARIA.  Ucky but interesting to study WORMS.

16. Hiker's challenge : RAVINE. A deep narrow steep-sided valley, esp one formed by the action of running water.

17. Caboose : DERRIERE. Not of the train, but of the body. French.

20. Swift's medium : AIR. Tom Swift?

21. Runner in the Alps : SKI. Nice misdirection.

22. Expire : CEASE.

26. "And if __, no soul shall pity me": King Richard III : I DIE. They did not pity RIII even after Shakespeare tried to help. RGIII anyone?

32. Charged wheels : TESLAS. Electric cars.

35. With 24-Down, course for future pundits : POLI. 24D. See 35-Across : SCI. Political Science.

36. Hägar creator Browne : DIK.

40. "Get off the stage!" : BOO. Hiss.

43. Corrida figure : TORO. The bull.

44. Philosophers' subject : ETHICS.

51. "Ex's & Oh's" singer King : ELLE.

52. MetLife competitor : AFLAC. Insurance companies.

53. Span of note : ERA.

56. Court mulligan : LET. The odd tennis do over on your first serve.

62. Disorganized : INCHOATE. Really more unformed than disorganized, especially in the law.

65. Emmy-winning role for Julia : ELAINE Benes.

66. Mooring hitch, for one : ROPE KNOT. As opposed to a rope loop?

67. More thoughtful : KINDER.

68. Deal on a lot : TRADE IN.

69. Round components, maybe : BEERS. Whew, half done, let me get this round.


1. Baskin-Robbins offering : PARFAIT. I never knew they had these.

2. Enjoying the amusement park : ON A RIDE.

3. Brand that's swirled, not swallowed : LAVORIS. From my childhood; kids in school drank it for the alcohol content. Scope really derailed this brand, I think.
4. Eero Saarinen and others : ELIS. More references to Yale University; he graduated from their school of architecture in 1934.

5. They're forbidden : DON'TS.

6. Little nipper : FLEA. Too many choices.

7. Frolic : LARK.

8. How some deliveries are paid : ON RECEIPT. COD?

9. Brought up : RAISED.

10. Choler : IRE.

11. Mr. Bumble, to Oliver Twist : SIR.

12. __ Bo : TAE.

14. "The Big Bang Theory" figure : GEEK. Rhymes with 25D. "That's scary!" : EEK. 54D. Be offensive, in a way : REEK. Did you watch GOT and the REEK?

15. Freebie from Adobe : PDFPortable Document Format.

19. Go down : DIP. Love these two together.

23. Prop up : AID.

27. Middle-earth figure : ELF.

29. __ point: with limitations : UP TO A. A partial?

30. Rock's __ Fighters : FOO. When Cobain died, his drummer founded THEM.

31. Penguin's perch : FLOE. Sorry Tin, but it is ice.

33. Edible thistle : ARTICHOKE. Man there is so much more to this thistle (say that fast) than just using it as part of a dip. It has HEART. We miss you marti.

34. "Just another minute" : SOON.

38. Spheroid : ORB. JW tends to bunch his threes to get long fill in the other direction.

39. Ewe or sow : SHE.

40. It may be wired : BRA.

41. Boor : OAF.

42. Peanut product : OIL.

45. Offer to a potential seeker : I'LL HIDE. I did love hide and seek in the back yard.

46. Dry __ : CLEANER.

47. English and Irish : SETTERS.

49. Like some beauty contest winners : SASHED. JW used this image recently.

50. Neighbor of Homer : NED. Flanders on the Simpsons.
55. Response to a heckler : AD LIB.

58. Indian royal : RANI.

59. "The most private of private schools," to Hugh Laurie : ETON.

60. Rizzoli of "Rizzoli & Isles": Abbr. : DETective.

61. Decrease : WANE.

62. NYC subway : IRT.  Interborough Rapid Transit was a private company until bought by the city in 1940.

63. "__ will I" : NOR. Talk about your obscure clue/fill combos. Am I missing a famous quote?

64. IRS employee : CPACertified Public Accountant.

Back from a wonderful brief vacation in Denver with both sons, dil and granddaughters. This lighthearted effort is just what I needed coming back on short rest. I hope you had fun and enjoy the rest of April. Lemonade out.

Note from C.C.:

Here are a few great photos from Lemonade's Denver trip.

My day started with this

Apr 22, 2016

Friday, April 22, 2016, Jeffrey Wechsler

Title: You begin please,  Auntie Em.

JW our resident Friday wizard of puz is here with back to back puzzles. Today he presents us with a vertical challenge in which EM is added to four 2 word phrases, changing the meaning and clued for whimsy. Each theme answer and the reveal are in Down answers. Overall I found this easier once I gave in to the theme existing only in the Downs. The two symmetrical grid spanners surround two 12 letter fill with a 9 letter reveal which mirrors 1 down.  This tantalized me for a bit with the ME therein thinking maybe there was going to a reverse fill of some sort. But it made no sense, so I moved on knowing it was not part of the theme.

The grid is an unusual one, and checking the NYT database (I do not know of one for the LAT) it is unique. The double sevens bracketing the 15 letter theme fill and triple sixes under a seven in the SW and NE corners with a bunch of stacked three letter fill. The longer non-theme fill is typical JW with many multiple words. IN A CAGE,  ESCORTS,  UP TO NOW,  SCENE VI, GROANER, STORMED IN. HOME ALONE. EURO COINS.  Okay off we go....

3D. Lining with raised decorations? : EMBOSSING AROUND (15). My least favorite, while the underlying phrase is fun (bossing around) and embossing is a fine transformation, I do not get lining or AROUND.

6D. Mideast leader's personal CPA? : EMIRS AUDITOR (12). This however is very cute and the IRS auditor goes to work in Saudi Arabia.

22D. Snoopy starting a trip? : EMBARKING DOG (12). Simple and sweet.

11D. Insurance for royalty? : EMPRESS COVERAGE (15). Press coverage is a basketball term that may not be familiar to all, but the perps were very fair.

36D. Robber's demand ... or what to do to solve four long puzzle answers? : STICK 'EM UP(9). Again, with all the three letter fill this overall was not hard.

I also want you to watch for classic clues/fill from the Greek/Roman world.


1. "For __ had eyes, and chose me": Othello : SHE. Sweet Desdemona begins our Friday journey.

4. Utterly failed at : BLEW. A somewhat modern usage.

8. With great urgency : DIRELY. The dire wolves are back Sunday!

14. Gobbler : TOM. What cool trivia; I learned from the interweb only the adult male turkey makes the gobble, gobble sound. The adult male is called the "tom" turkey. The female or hen turkey makes a gentle clucking or clicking sound. The hen never gobbles.

15. Blue-skinned deity : RAMA. Interesting HISTORY. But why  BLUE? Worth a read.
16. Ferrous sulfate target : ANEMIA. A form of iron used for iron deficiency anemia.

17. Fed. financial agency : OMBOffice of Management and Budget works for the President.

18. "Metamorphoses" poet : OVID. I studied this WORK in Latin, a very influential piece.

19. How pooches' smooches are delivered : DAMPLY. Cute especially if you like dogs and have been slobbered.

20. Model T contemporary : REO. Named after Mr. Olds. Then, 33D. Bygone small car : GEO.

21. "The Iliad" subject : WAR.We also have this important Greek TOME.

22. Goes with : ESCORTS. No DF here.

23. Ancient theater props : MASKS. More from the Classics.
25. Added result : SUM.

27. Bellicose deity : ARES. More from the classics. Ares is the Greek god of war, one of the Twelve Olympian gods and the son of Zeus and Hera.

28. Pitcher of milk? : ELSIE. For Borden.

29. It may include a model, briefly : APBAll Points Bulletin. Presumably a make and model of car.

30. Pumped item : GAS.

31. "Now!" : DO IT.

32. Storm consequence : OUTAGE. Power, phone and cable.

34. French possessive pronoun : SES. In French this to me is outright wrong; ses is a possessive adjective that must be attached to a noun. The possessive pronouns in French are like 45D. Yuma : Yours :: Toulouse : à ___ : TOI. In English the pronouns and the adjectives are the same word. Of course this is all from memory from 55 years ago, so Kazie, C. C. tell me if I am wrong...the adjectives.

my                   mon     ma mes
your                 ton       ta         tes
his, her, its son      sa         ses
our                 notre    notre nos
your               votre    votre vos
their                 leur     leur leurs

37. Priceline options : INNS. They hired Shatner back.

38. Have a special place for : ADORE.

39. __ work: menial labor : SCUT. This comes either from the Irish word for meaningless or maybe the medical profession.

40. Batt. terminal : NEGative.

41. Plastered : STINKO.

42. Amos with eight Grammy nominations : TORI.

43. "Castle" producer : ABC. About to be cancelled.

46. Ruination : HAVOC. It is listed as a synonym but not my first thought.

47. __-dieu : PRIE.
48. Take responsibility for : OWN. Another modern usage, I guess from the old saying own up to.

49. Hair care brand since 1930 : BRECK. You remember this Breck girl?

50. Pun, sometimes : GROANER.

52. Motor Trend's 1968 Car of the Year : GTO. By Pontiac. My brother's was blue.
54. Eggs on toast, perhaps : ROE. Fish eggs, silly. Oh, you were not...

55. Diverted : AMUSED.

56. Dutch export : EDAM. Cheese again.

57. Desired result : AIM.

58. Swiss city, to most locals : GENEVE. Geneva to the rest of us.

59. The Taj Mahal, e.g. : TOMB. It is a mausoleum with a specific tomb as its inspiration, I think. LINK.

60. African bovine : GNU. Bearded....

61. Turns out to be : ENDS IN. This was really a struggle.

62. Elements in vital statistics : AGES.

63. Dubious communication method : ESP.


1. Entered angrily : STORMED IN.

2. Huge holiday film : HOME ALONE. Where are you Macaulay? This is more than 25 years old.

4. Window-shop : BROWSE.

5. Kilauea sight : LAVA.

7. Singles group, e.g.? : WAD.  Funny, especially with other meanings aside from  "a large amount of paper money, usually in a wallet or pants pocket. Sometimes referred to as "a wad of dough.'"

8. June honorees : DADS.

9. Visiting the vet, maybe : IN A CAGE.

10. Suckerfish : REMORA. These hitchhikers....

12. Light melodies : LILTS.

13. Appreciative shouts : YAYS.

24. They encourage modeling : KITS.

26. As yet : UP TO NOW.

32. Word with meal or cake : OAT.

35. Change overseas, maybe : EURO COINS. They introduced a new one last week. LINK.

39. George Clooney, for one : STAR.

41. When in Act I Duncan arrives at Macbeth's castle : SCENE VI. Double Shakespeare this week.

44. Slants : BIASES.

46. Cold War threats : H BOMBS.

47. Spin docs : P R MEN.

50. "Eleni" author Nicholas : GAGE.

51. Perfect place : EDEN. If you like gardens.

53. Not that exciting : TAME.

56. H-like letter : ETA. The seventh letter of the Greek alphabet, only the capital looks like ( Η, η).

Eta is an anagram of eat: i will be eating well this week end at the annual seder that begins the Passover holiday with my family all in attendance. Meanwhile, I hope you ate up JW's latest, which included no yeast so it is kosher for Passover. Until next time, Lemonade out.

Apr 15, 2016

Friday, April 15, 2016, Jeffrey Wechsler

Title: Where R you?

JW is back in my backyard with a truly ambitious effort, built around a simple theme...take the letter "R" out of a word in a phrase and clue with hilarity. Package this in a 68 word grid with all kinds of fun fill. Quad sixes in the NW and SE Corners mixed in with double 7s over grid spanning theme fill make for a really cool puzzle. Locating two sixteen letter phrases that become  funny phrases when you remove an R is an amazing find.  Only one R per phrase, and all are removed.The 6-7-8 fill include some wonderful stuff like CABANA, AVOCET,  REVERE,  CREDOS,  DEMEAN,  MY DUST, BAD LEAD,  ADAGIOS,  TAVERNA,  ON A AND E,  CHAUCER,  NELLIES,  TIE GAME, TRIES IT and  ASSAYER. As always, some of his choices are two or more words.  Let's get 'er done.

17A. Oath sworn in a kosher kitchen? : ABOVE ALL DO NO HARM (15). Some Greek, as this hearkens to the Hippocratic Oath for Physicians but it is a popular misconception that the phrase "do no harm" is a part of the oath. Jews do not eat pork products so "do no ham" is true. The rumor about WalMart advertising is not, it was a Greenwich Village deli.

27A. Double-dealing in Delhi? : INDIAN COR(9). I am sure there are con men in India as well. The corn was a colorful part of childhood.

32A. Cutthroat entrepreneur? : BUSINESS CARD (11). How many of you keep anyone's business cards anymore? CAD is such an old fashioned word.

38A. Demand from a Stooge fan? : SHOW ME MORE (9). A wonderful CSO to our Chairman.

54A. "Stir-frying is an option, too"? : I COULD USE THE WORK (15). Another delightful phrase emerged. We do not own a wok.

The final element of the skill JW has, is the placement of the R that is removed, as each one is in the last word of the phrase, and is the third letter in a four letter word. HAM, CON, CAD, MOE and WOK make such an appealing set of three letter words.


1. Not as available : SCARCER. Not the easiest for 1A, but fair.

8. Red herring, to a cop : BAD LEAD. Police depend on leads from the public in many investigations, enhanced in modern days by all the cameras.

15. Athens eatery : TAVERNA. I love me a good Greek TAVERNA especially the tzatziki, spanakopita and souvlaki.

16. Where to view "Duck Dynasty" : ON A AND E. This has an attractive letter string but is hardly fair as the network always uses the ampersand. Do you think puzzles should include ampersands?

19. Hightailed it : RACED.

20. Le Mans law : LOI. A French word for Law.

21. Great Plains tribe : OSAGE. One of the Native American tribes loved by CW puzzlemakers.

22. 9-Down opener : ENERO. Spanish for January

23. '50s pres. candidate : AESAdlai Ewing Stevenson. ran agains DDE twice.

25. Long of "Third Watch" : NIA. This actress has WORKED.  She is on the left.

26. New Year's Eve get-togethers? : DATES. Meh.

30. "A symptom of man's failure as a thinking animal": Steinbeck : WAR. The LINK.

31. Old knives : SNEES. We have this 5 or 6 times a year.

36. Pool option : CRAWL. Back again, a stroke popular in swimming.

37. Six-time '70s Dodger All-Star : CEY. Ron, the Penguin, was part of a great Dodger infield, and then lead the Cubs to a rare NL championship series appearance.

40. Unyielding : SOLID. When an irresistible force...

45. Lobbying gp. : PAC.

46. Neighbor of Turk. : SYRia.

47. Place to play : ARENA. Hence this GAME .

48. Riches : LUCRE. Often called filthy...

51. Deg. for drillers : DDSDoctor of Dental Science.

53. Unyielding : STERN. Often not irresistible

57. Nervous __ : NELLIES. Comes from the description of anxious race horses.

58. No-win situation : TIE GAME.

59. Doesn't back away : TRIES IT. Vague Friday cluing, but doable.

60. Gold rush figure : ASSAYER. Very important for they told you if you really found the gold.


1. Was googly-eyed : STARED. This and scarcer were a hard beginning for me. I think of this as what Kanye looks like when he sees Kim's booty...

2. Place to bring a suit : CABANA. Bathing suit; a gimme for a Floridian.

3. Wading bird : AVOCET. Pretty BIRD.

4. Put on a pedestal : REVERE. more Kanye and Kim?

5. Beliefs : CREDOS. From the Latin.

6. "Bambi" doe : ENA. Spoiler alert, she is in the sequel.

7. Award-winning political cartoonist Ted : RALL. No clue. he apparently won a Pulitzer, but he is hard to link in a non-political blog.

8. Word with able or full : BODIED. Sailor? Wine? Kim?

9. Munich : Jahr :: Madrid : __ : ANO: Fort Lauderdale: YEAR,

10. "Hawaii Five-O" nickname : DANO.

11. Landlocked Asian nation : LAOS. I think it is the only four letter one; all I can think of are Mongolia and Kazakhstan which may only exist in Ali G's mind.

12. Heightened : ENHANCED.  Ribbed for her pleasure?

13. Slow movements : ADAGIOS. We have lots of musical clues and many musicians as constructors and solvers.

14. Insult : DEMEAN. I didn't mean to demean.

18. Some bank files : LOAN RECORDS. I prefer Loretta's records.

24. 1980 Oscar winner who portrayed Loretta : SISSY. Spacek who also was the original Carrie. She did all of her own singing in the movie.

27. Actor McKellen : IAN. So many great roles.

28. Mandela's org. : ANCAfrican National Congress.

29. Exhibition funding gp. : NEA. National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). Yes another mistake on my part filled in NEA and never read the clue. Thanks anon. I liked seeing it with ENA, btw.

30. Trickery : WILES. Generally related to feminine.

32. Cabbage family member : BROCCOLI. A nephew I think.

33. Detroit labor org. : UAW. United Auto Workers.

34. Letters in personal columns : SWMSingle White Male, or perhaps swimmer who does the front crawl in his freestyle event.

35. Get : SEE. ironically perfect for a puzzle.

36. First poet interred in Westminster Abbey's Poets' Corner : CHAUCER.

38. Immobilize, in a way : SPLINT.

39. Something to eat in a Western? : MY DUST. While I ride off into the sunset.

40. Miss America contestants' array : SASHES.

41. Salsa brand : ORTEGA.

42. Room to maneuver : LEEWAY.

43. Where to emulate the natives : IN ROME, do as the Romans do; pinch.

44. More unpleasantly moist : DANKER.

49. Dominate : RULE.

50. Some Ivy Leaguers : ELIS. Yale gets more love than all the rest combined.

52. Words with limit or trap : SET A. Is this a dreaded partial?

55. Agnus __ : DEI.

56. It's in many poems : 'TIS. The anagrammatic reference even dupes the '. For both Will S., JW and I, let's end with ....Sonnet 110.
"Alas, 'tis true I have gone here and there
And made myself a motley to the view..."

Happy April 15, you have until Monday to file your taxes. Really enjoyed this one as much as I have any of JW's efforts. Lemonade out.