Mar 3, 2008

Crossword Pattern Poll Result

Question: Do you think the Tribune Media puzzle (Monday to Saturday) follows the tougher-as-the-week-goes pattern as the New York Time's puzzle does?

Here is the result of our 3-day poll:

Total votes cast: 143.

90 people (62% of the votes) believe that our puzzle is getting harder as the week goes, 38 people (26%) take the opposite view, and another 15 people (10%) say they are not sure.

The updated information shows that we have a total of 44 different newspapers (42 inside the US) carrying out the TMS puzzle.

I am going to send this result to the TMS guys for their reference.

Here is the final result of the crossword tournament. That young kid Tyler Hinman (he is featured in Word Play) won again.

Orange finished strong at 15th and Rex Parker leaped to 55th. You can visit their blogs for the recaps.


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