Mar 15, 2008

TMS Daily Crossword On Line

Just for your information, Chicago Tribune carries TMS Daily Crossword on line (Monday - Saturday), you can click here if you want to solve it on line or try to find the key/keys to the puzzle.

C. C.

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Anonymous said...

I really like the TMS crossword. It is published in The Ledger in Lakeland, Florida. I have been doing the puzzle for some time now, and have been "lurking" on C.C.'s blog. It is very interesting to see other peoples' point of view of clues and answers. Sometimes it is difficult for me to put my thoughts down in writing. I like the fact that someone can post anonymously or identify themselves.

I also like the way the bloggers interact and help one another. Maybe I will be brave enough one day to share my views - most of my views have already been posted by someone else.

I thought the anonymous poster from about two days ago was just jealous of the other people that can speak (write) their thoughts. It was an inappropriate comment. Like one of the posters said, If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Enough about that.

Just keep on publishing good puzzles, and keep on blogging.
They say there is no such thing as a dumb question.

Again, I enjoy the puzzles and the blogging.

Have a great day!

Night Owl