Mar 5, 2008

What Other Crossword Does Your Paper Carry?

In our Star Tribune (Mpls. MN), we have the daily Tribune Media Crossword and New York Times Crossword.

How about yours? Let's have a poll. The result will be announced on March 12 Wednesday.

Thank you.

C. C.

PS: By the way, can anyone explain to me why the NY Times Syndication has to be 6-week behind?


Orange said...

The NYT's syndication deal has had the six-week lag for years, probably to maintain an incentive for people to buy the Times. (The Sunday puzzles are one only a one-week delay.) Most people doing it in syndication don't seem to know that their puzzle is six weeks old, but you'd think they might get suspicious when there's a Valentine's Day theme at the end of March or a Christmas theme in early February! (The four-digit puzzle number printed beneath the grid is the original date of publication.)

C.C. Burnikel said...


I can understand the rationale behind the 1-week delay, 6-week is just too long, in this day and age.

Did this lag tradition start under Shortz or long long time ago?

I also got feedback from several readers that their papers carry TMS puzzle from Monday to Saturday, then change to NY Times on Sunday.

Some papers only carry TMS Sunday puzzle. But on a different date. This crossword world is very confusing.

According to the poll, LA Times is not widely syndicated. That's a bit surprising to me.

Besides NY Times, which puzzle is the most syndicated puzzle in the US, do you know, Orange?

Thank you.