Jul 20, 2008

Sunday July 20, 2008 Arlan and Linda Bushman

Theme: Break Up to Make Up

23A: Result of an XL body in S clothing?: SEAM STRESS (SEAMSTRESS)

28A: Dinner servings for an NFL athlete?: PRO PORTIONS (PROPORTIONS)

50A: Kisses done in error?: BLUNDER BUSSES (BLUNDERBUSSES)

80A: Best-in-class vessels?: CHAMPION SHIPS (CHAMPIONSHIPS)

103A: Testimonials for reformed prisoners?: CON TRIBUTES (CONTRIBUTES)

111A: Nutty reason for doing something?: LOCO MOTIVE (LOCOMOTIVE)

42D: Alarms on certain vehicles?: VAN GUARDS (VANGUARDS)

46D: Prop boulders?: SHAM ROCKS (SHAMROCKS)

Out of the 8 theme answers, I was confused by 50A for a long time. I did not know that BUSS means KISS, nor did I know that BLUNDERBUSS is an actual word. I still have difficulty understanding 46D. How does "Prop" connect with "SHAM"?

Except 21A & 111A, all other theme answers are in plural forms. So symmetrically balanced. I truly appreciate this attention to details. I also like how JIMMY (66A: Pry open) anchors the whole grid.

This is a very solid, well constructed puzzle, with no annoying affixes or obscure proper names crossing one another. The grid covers a broad range of topics, not just dead/old movie stars and singers who frustrate me all the time. I think our fellow solvers in Asia (esp those in India) will enjoy this puzzle too.

I wonder if the clues for SCARCE (10D: Hard to come by) and CIDER (80D: Drink that can be hard) are the original submission. Theoretically they are not allowed due to HARD TOP (97A: Car style). But I really like the CIDER clue, hard but sweet!


1A: Sign of sadness: TEAR. Now I start to understand why SWEAT (102D: Fret about) is not clued as a noun (like "Perspiration" for example). The more the parts of speech are used, the livelier the puzzle is I think.

10A: Kind of card or bomb: SMART. Know SMART bomb, not the SMART card.

19A: Spokane event of '74: EXPO. '74 World's Fair. Unknown to me. I had no idea where Spokane is 'til today.

22A: "The Lion King" character: NALA

25A: Range name: AMANA

27A: Pile of discarded stuff: SCRAPHEAP

30A: Up and about: ASTIR

31A: Shortfall: DEFICIT

33A: Much searched-for-guy: WALDO. Why? I don't understand this.

37A: Fall toiler: RAKER

40A: Macadamize: PAVE. I did not know the meaning of "Macadamize", which is to "Pave road with macadam". Macadam is named after "J. L. McAdam, the Scottish engineer who invented it."

45A: Calm area of the Atlantic: SARGASSO. Wikipedia says "the Sargasso Sea is the only "sea" without shore, and it is sometimes called the "graveyard of ships" due to its closeness to the Bermuda Triangle.

49A: Just like: A LA

58A: "Thief" star: CAAN (James). I've never heard of this movie before, have you?

59A: Tabby: TIGER CAT. Is TIGER CAT a cat?

65A: World War II prowler: U-BOAT

70A: Popular aquarium fish: GUPPY. Strange peacock looking GUPPY.

74A: cloud of comet: OORT. Named after the astronomer Jan Hendrick OORT who first proposed the existence of the cloud. Unknown to me.

78A: At the right moment: ON CUE

92A: Songwriter Laura: NYRO. Here is "Wedding Bell Blues" written by NYRO, whom I had never heard of before.

94A: Party ticket: SLATE. is probably the best known Ezine (Web Mag).

112A: Salinger girl: ESME. "For ESME – with Love and Squalor".

117A: Male red deer: HARTS. Really, are they red-colored? That's 3-day in a roll we have a deer in our puzzle.


1D: Judith Krantz title heroine: TESSA. "The Jewels of TESS Kent". Another unknown. I had never heard of Judith Krantz before.

3D: Off to one side: APART. Are you OK with this clue?

4D: Iceberg alternative: ROMAINE. The lettuce for Blood Type O.

7D: Mountain nymph: OREAD. Wood nymph is DRYAD, River nymph is NAIAD. All gimmes for Dennis I am sure. He said that the 3 things he would bring to an island should he be stranded were "nymphomaniac, a pistol and an airplane".

8D: Outlaw: DESPERADO. Enjoy this Eagles' DESPERADO, "... You better let somebody love you, before it’s too late."

11D: Personal account: MEMOIR

12D: Go with the flow: ADAPT

16D: Holiday tune: CAROL. I don't think our CAROL gets the Sunday TMS puzzle though.

17D: Large antelope: ELAND. Look at his twisted horns. Huge!

18D: Authority: SAY-SO

24D: Light-footed: SPRY

28D: Cheapskate: PIKER. New word to me.

36D: Premier pointillist: SEURAT (Georges). His name is not familiar to me. I've barely heard of pointillism. Here is his "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte".

39D: Trudged (on): PRESSED. I wanted PLODDED. PRESSED does not have a "Trudged" connotation in my opinion.

40D: Concordat: PACT. "Concordat" is a new word to me also. Is it a commonly used word to you?

41D: Kirghiz mountains: ALAI. I simply forgot. I wanted URAL. ALAI is part of Tien Shan Range. I cannot find the word ALAI in the map though.

50D: Shelley cohort: BYRON. I always thought "Cohort" has a negative undertone (like an accomplice in criminal activities).

51D: Mild and pleasant: BALMY

58D: Marker made of stones: CAIRN. Another new word to me. From the Gaelic word "carn" (heap of stones, rocky hills). See this picture, so aesthetically simple.

60D: Become all the rage: CATCH ON

61D: "Adoration of the Magi" painter: LIPPI (Filippino). Here is LIPPI's "Adoration of the Magi". Here is Sandro Botticelli's "Adoration of the Magi". Which one do you like better?

62D: Diamond arbiter: UMP (Umpire). I like every baseball-related clue.

76D: Maui retreat: HANA. No idea. I got it from the across clues.

77D: Science of signs?: ASTROLOGY

83D: Thickness: PLY. I have difficulty connecting thickness with PLY, which is always "layer" to me.

86D: Paid, as a bill: SETTLED

90D: Made no changes: SAT PAT

93D: __-Rooter: ROTO. This refers to the ROTO-Rooter company, right?

95D: Unattached: LOOSE. The cluing does not feel tight to me. Are those two words really synonymous?

96D: Japanese cartoon art: ANIME

105D: Silent films vamp: BARA (Theda). The "Cleopatra" in 1917.

108D: Apple offering: IMAC

111D: Resinous secretion: LAC. What's the difference between LAC and Lacquer?



flyingears said...

C.C., I would guess that the Claret Cup will be going back to Australia (in Florida)...

melissa bee said...

good morning c.c. and all,

c.c., 'where's waldo'
is a series of picture-hunt books for kids.

Dr. Dad said...

Good morning, C.C.
Blunderbuss is a muzzle loading firearm. However, I found blunder bus (two words) in the "urban" dictionary. Ready for the definition? The blunder bus is the act of masturbation and a bus movie is an attractive person you think about when doing so.
Loni Anderson was the beautiful Jennifer Marlowe on WKRP in Cincinatti. She was pursued by Herb Tarlek (Frank Bonner). I personally liked Howard Hesseman as Dr. Johnny Fever. Gordon Jump played Arthur Carlson but is also known as one of the "Maytag" repairmen.
The "oort" cloud is way out past Pluto.
Ken Kesey - One Flew Over The Cuckoo Nest. Also, an avid participant back in the LSD days.
I've heard of "staying pat" in poker but not "sat pat."
Why the abbreviation for "execs" when the clue isn't abbreviated?
"Where's Waldo?" (Where's Wally? in Great Britain) is a series of children's books where the object was to search for Waldo (or Wally) in a busy picture full of people.
Tabby's are called tiger cats - Tiger Cat but here is The Real Tiger Cat
If you are standing off to one side, you are apart from the rest of the crowd.
I think Leonardo Da Vinci did an "Adoration of the Magi" as well.
Roto Rooter, that's the name. And away go troubles, down the drain!
Lacquer is a clear or colored varnish that can be obtained from the Asian sumac or made synthetically. Lac, on the other hand, is the scarlet resinous secretion produced by some insects.

Don't forget that today is Moon Day! Go moon someone! It is also Chess Day, Ice Cream Soda Day, and Space Exploration Day.

Have a great Sunday!!!

Jeanne said...

Morning all,

I learned something about myself, I do x/word puzzles better in the a.m. than p.m. Since I get the Sunday puzzle early, I looked at it yesterday and just could not grasp the theme. That was after some fun in the sun and some margaritas. Now this a.m. with just some coffee in me, the theme was great. Still had some empty spots but got them from CC. Thank you again CC.

Sham can mean an imitation as a prop on stage may not be the real thing.

My kids loved Waldo books and were much better at it than I.

Dr. Dad said...

I had never heard of concordat, either. But when I went to do the search for "this day in history" for my blog site, I found this coincidence:

1933 - Vice-Chancellor of Germany Franz von Papen and Vatican Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli sign a concordat on behalf of their respective nations.

lois said...

Good morning CC & DF's: No time for the puzzle yet, but wanted to check the comments. And am soo glad I did.
drdad: Holy Hot Hands! Blunder bus? The next time somebody tells me they're 'bus-y', my eyebrows are going to shoot up like rockets! It's no 'blunder' that today is Nat'l Moon Day. And I'll think twice before I ever again say, "Need a hand?" Learn something new every day here. I'll be back.

Chris in LA said...

Good morning CC etal,
Usual Sunday puzzle for me - a few googles, a few oneacrosses and a couple of peeks at the answers (mostly for verification).
CC: re 46D - prop boulders are used in films and are therefore fake, or "sham" when they are falling on the actors. Re: 50D "cohort" - a cohort is not necessarily negative, it is a word sometimes used to refer to a friend, a peer, or an equal.
Great Sunday everyone - think "The Shark" will fold again? He's had the 54-hole lead 7 times before today and has only won once. Us old folks can be hopeful, but he chokes more often than not and is off to a pretty shaky start through 3 this morning (on ABC).

Dick said...

Good morning Cc and fellow DFs. I really liked this puzzle as it taxed my brain power but was get able. I needed one Google as I had no idea about 36D SEURAT. I may have something wrong around 43A because I have no ides for OILSOURCE. All of the remaining puzzle had some blank spots but were filled by the crosses.

Drdad isn't "Roto Rooter" what Dennis had earlier this month?

Anonymous said...

this Sunday, I had trouble with "OORT" and could nto make blunderbusses work until I looked up the spelling of Suerat. the Bushman's always have great crossword puzzles, just like the Sabins and "Willie". However, this puzzle started out without much help in the main clue. I did miss "Esme" and "a la". I had made it "aka". AND COULD NOT SEEM TOMAKE THE BLUNDERBUSS

Dick said...

Cc I think you questioned "Jimmy" as a clue or answer a few days ago and here it is again today, see 66A.

This is a common usage for pry and jimmy.

Bill said...

Good (rainy) Morning,
No Xword today, just thought I'd check in and say Hi!
Fri and Sat were really hot and muggy but the festival performances were great. Good, responsive crowd for several groups. I think every one was happy.
Till today. They're finishing up at 6PM and it looks like the drizzle has setteled in for the day.
CYA all tomorrow!!

melissa bee said...

@drdad: aren't you the informative one. you piqued my curiosity and i visited the online urban dictionary for more 'bus' definitions. my, my .. i had no idea. slight correction, blunder bus is not the act, but rather the location of the act.

@jeanne: i agree, while some things are done better after a margarita .. the crossword is not one of them.

@dennis: home safe?

KittyB said...

Good morning, c.c. and all!

I joined the pencil brigade this morning, and despite the upheaval at my house managed to finish all but one square. For some reason I had a mental block on A LA, of all things! Had I bothered to Google "Kirghiz Mountains" I would have gotten it sooner.

I enjoyed the theme. Once SEAMSTRESS fell in place, the rest of the puzzle went fast. I think answered most of your questions.

Jeanne, even when I haven't been drinking the night before, I'm clearer in the morning. Seems to be a genetic thing. It's the same for my entire family.

Sunnier and cooler than yesterday. Severe storms moved through northern Illinois yesterday. I'll have to do a walkabout to see if all our trees made it through the night.

Have a good day, all!

KittyB said...

Oh...I meant to say that I loved the music links, c.c. I haven't heard "Wedding Bell Blues" in ages, and have always enjoyed the Fifth Dimension (a blast from the past..), and I'd like to order that, and "Desperado.", great link to the kitty!*G*

IslandGirl said...

Thanks for the Kirghiz Mountain assist - and macadamize....otherwise, liked the puzzled today - Owchemama on the Blunder Buss....LOL

Anonymous said...

According to the official calendar of Saints by the Catholic Church, July 26th is the feast of St. Ann, not Anne

Mr. Ed said...

Mornin' c.c. & fellow dfs

Came online really pumped and ready to ask if (without looking it up) anyone had a clue who the Portuguese dictator was from 1932 -1968! Then the "duh" light came on and I knew two things:

Number 1 - It was Sunday!

Number 2 - The fabulous Oregonian newspaper doesn't carry the STC on Sunday. It carries the NYT and the Premier Crossword. Another of the advantages of living out here in the "wooly" west!

Damn! And I felt so smug about a successful blackout on the Premier.

I guess I'll have to have another cup of coffee & tackle the NYT puzzle so I can get my ego back in check.

And, drdad, thanks for reminding me that today is National Moon Day. I'll be sure to celebrate tonight.... with some sort of Pagan ritual.

Have a nice day everyone!


Anonymous said...

A Sham Rock is really shamrock, a good luck symbol for Irish people. It is a plant of the clover family. Three leafs are common, but a four leaf is a good luck one. I remember a song from my childhood "I'm looking over a four leaf clover."

Waldo is a character from illustrated children's books. They are filled with illustrations with many characters in them and the trick is to "find" Waldo. You might look in the library or any bookstore for an example. Best, Ken

NYTAnonimo said...

Can't do the Sunday puzzle since it's not online but wanted to let you know SethG (substituting for Rex Parker) was working on the Sunday NYT puzzle while watching your favorite ballplayer, Justin Morneau, in MN cc. Check out his blog. Barry Silk had a pangram puzzle today so he's done every day of the week for the NYT now. Pretty impressive. Difficult puzzle for me though. Hope you're all having a good day. By the way cc you didn't answer my question about Scrabble-do you play? Also wanted to let you know that I finished reading Chasing Cezanne last night.Thanks for the recommendation.

melissa bee said...

@carl: same issue here on sundays .. it's the nyt or nothing. i haven't yet tried to tackle it today. too busy mooning.

flyingears said...

Ken, mentioning Sham Rock reminds me Eire. Well the South Irish boy, Padraig Harrington, won The Open today, his second in a row. He was just unbelievable. He outplayed every golfer today with his magnificent shots.

C.C., I'm sure we feel somewhat sorry that KJ did not win. He really felt the pressure, but not as much as Greg Norman did. The Shark has had a tendency in the past to fall on Sundays.

Crockett1947 said...

Carl, Dis you get your dictator? It's SALAZAR.

Dennis said...

Hey gang - back yet again. Uneventful flight except for a 3-4 year old girl absolutely shrieking the entire flight. Oh, and right behind me, on her mother's lap, all the better to get close enough to kick the living crap out of my seat. Could've used one of Melissa's massages.

C.C., ever figure out a way to get us the same puzzle?

Oh, I noticed without my chaperoning that yesterday's blog was alive with double entendres -- jeez, I can't leave you guys alone for a minute.

Hmmmm.....National Moon Day........Melissa, you smiling at me?

Ken said...

Same here on the Big O (Oregonian) not having the STC. CC, thank you for the links to artists' sites and their paintings. I think perhaps corcordant has the same latin root as concur, to agree. As three of us have disclosed Oregon ties, I wonder how many others are in similar geographic closeness?

C.C. Burnikel said...

I don't understand your 7:14am comment. Why (in Florida)? I did mention "Padraig Harrington is a sleeper" on Saturday's blog. Whatever, his win has an asterisk mark. Tiger was not there.

Melissa bee,
Thank you. Did you grow up in Oregon?

Dr. Dad & Lois,
And you guys trust Urban Dictionary??? Good point on EXECS. Da Vinci did paint "Adoration of the Magi". I just thought it's a good idea to compare LIPPI's & Botticelli's since LIPPI's painting was inspired by Botticelli's. Botticelli was a student of LIPPI's father.

Jeanne & Chris,
Thank you for the sham/prop & cohort.

I am glad you enjoyed the link. Is your Mom home yet?

I did reply to your question(4:34pm). Barry Silk is amazing. Quality stuff.

C.C. Burnikel said...

So strange you could not reach the Comments earlier. I also had a scar earlier this morning. Could not access to my blogger account.

The only way to get the TMS Sunday puzzle is to subscribe to Chicago Tribune's weekend special edition magazine I think. I am glad you arrived home safely. Without your "National Moon Day" comment on Friday, this blog would probably be less dysfunctional. Or at least, Carl would not have caught virus from Lois in the middle of the night.

Did you have any special training in linguistics?

carol said...

Hi C.C. and gang! Even tho' our paper doesn't carry the TMS puzzle, I thought I would just check in and read the comments!

drdad: Thanks for the pictures of the "tabby cat", looks exactly like mine. Also, thanks for the explanation of blunder bus (I think). I just thought it was an old gun! Who knew??

Carl: Even tho' you are stuck being the "5th", Ken is with us and he would be the 6th (Oregonian).Gee, we are really getting a group here.
As you celebrate "Nat'l Moon Day", watch out for any stray virus' and deer! Careful around that totem pole too!!

C.C. Burnikel said...

Have you heard of Dr. Dad's "Urban" version of "Blunder Bus" before?

melissa bee said...


1) i may have an opening.

2) let me get this straight .. you're saying had you been here, to, er, chaperone .. sorry i can't even finish that sentence. snort.

3) maybe smirking a little.

@c.c.: i have never lived in oregon.

flyingears said...

C.C., I believe Greg and Chris live in Boca Ratón, Florida. That's where Chris has her Tennis school.

Dennis said..., uh, may have, opening? Where would i fit in, in your schedule?

Smirking, huh? That's ok, but no winking.

Mr. Ed said...

@ Crockett

Yeah! Thanks. It didn't come right away but the crosses made it apparent.

And, thanks melissa. I have this perverse image of you "mooning" stuck in my head now. Thanks! I needed that for the upcomng "Pagan" ritual.

There must be a real reason for perverts. There are so many of us.

Mr. Ed said...


Yeah! I just discovered Ken. I think we're up to at least eight because I also found MikeCarter also being from "O".

For the record: That's not just a "totem" pole. It is a Pagan God of foreplay. Check out the tongue. I'd tell you where I got it but it's part of my "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

Mr. Ed said...

Oh cr**!

Members of OrgyU?

I forgot to take off my shoes when I counted.... I think we're actually seven unless there's someone else hiding in the bushes we haven't discovered yet.

melissa bee said...

@dennis: you're stammering. everything okay?

Dennis said...

I, uh, I was pictu.....uh.....YES, everything's fine.

melissa bee said...

@carl: you're welcome. i've been howling with my girlfriends all weekend. pagan god of foreplay .. nice.

melissa bee said...

@dennis: chaperone, my asse.

carol said...

Carl: WOW, that's his tongue??? Put the beer on ice, I'm on my way to your place!!

Mr. Ed said...


What'd you think it was.... his tie? On a pagan god?????

Sorry, the beer is only kept on hand for knock-yur-socks (or other items of apparel) off margaritas. Without tequila to counteract the brewing process, it can cause yeast infections. And, we don't want to even go there!

Dennis said...

melissa - statement or request?

carl, see what i mean about these women?

melissa bee said...

@carl: that pagan guy is strangely mesmerizing .. kinda like the mona lisa and the moon - no matter where i go he follows me.

melissa bee said...

@dennis: yes.

carol said...

melissa bee, doesn't Carl's ol' foreplay god sound like a fun thing to have in your backyard? What a conversation "piece" :)

Carl,we expect you to be with us tomorrow, hung-over or not!
A yeast infection would be the least of my worries after ingesting tequila!! Gotta watch out for the "worm", ya know!!

Mr. Ed said...

Well... with enough "blended" margaritas, the "worm" gets equally shared.


I'm not responsible. It's a virus I tell you! Or maybe the "moon". My only hope is the "foreplay god". In pagan rituals, foreplay is the answer to everything!

KittyB said...

(moving now to the report from the Midwest, where the totem poles are scarce....)

Yes, c.c., Mom came home yesterday. She's still a little disoriented, but seems to be making great strides. She has gone from responding "Yes" to everything that is said to her, to responses of several words, to initiating simple converstations, in less than a month.
Right now she is ticked because she still needs to use a walker, and that is just NOT STYLISH!

I sat with her today as I worked on the puzzle. Perhaps I'll have to shift to paper all the time, but I'll really miss my computer!

Thanks for asking after Mom.

carol said...

kitty b, so glad to hear your Mom is doing better!! My Mom was not happy with her walker either, it is a loss of independence in just one more form for them... I know how I would feel.
I am sure she is in good hands, having you around. Cherish these times with her, I wish my Mom were still alive, but she certainly is with us in spirit!

melissa bee said...

carol said...
melissa bee, doesn't Carl's ol' foreplay god sound like a fun thing to have in your backyard?

yes. that's all. just yes.

lois said...

Carl: Thank you! Now I understand! I was always referred to as 'a little heathen' when growing up. It's the pagan foreplay god! It IS NOT a 'virus'. I'm just affected not infected. Nevertheless, I'm foregone! I should have been forewarned that the foremost foreigner to forfeit to is the formidable, single-forked tongued foreplay god. He affects the forebrain and it lasts forever. The forebrain will become forficated and it will force one to formicate in its fourth & final form. Basically I am forked and will be forced to foreseek foreplay forever. Well that explains a lot! I learn so much from you all. No wonder I like foreign affairs...and margaritas with salt. Forge on! How's your forehand?

Mr. Ed said...


That's funny. I heard the word "heathen" a lot when I was growing up too. But it was only after the girl next door taught me the difference between boys and girls. I was five... she was seven. Sure liked her but I think she's the reason I'm permanently warped!

Without overthinking it; I simply call him debauchee.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Who is MikeCarter? What is OrgyU?

Fabulous comment! But what is "fourth & final form"?

lois said...

CC: 4th and final form = the last stages of the this case, being 'forked' and forced to foreseek foreplay forever. It's not all bad! I can live with it.

lois said...

Carl: with a tongue like that debauchee is the perfect name! What's to overthink? It's pretty clear and how perfect also to live in "O"!