Aug 27, 2008

Wednesday August 27, 2008 Willy A. Wiseman

Theme: He Must Be Off

17A: Screwball pitcher: DIZZY DEAN

36A: Peculiar parodist: WEIRD AL

58A: Millinery fruitcake: MAD HATTER

11D: Touched toon: DAFFY DUCK

32D: Kook of Koontz: ODD THOMAS

Of the above 5 theme answers, DIZZY Dean was a gimme, and I knew DAFFY Duck. The three 3 were new to me. But I caught the theme very earlier on, so I did not struggle that much.

I solved this puzzle without peeking at the constructor's name. After I was done, I thought it was from John Underwood. We have not seen his work for a long time. Now I am so curious to see who will be the QUIP/QUOTE author tomorrow. Can't be Alan P. Olschwang as we just did his VICTORY puzzle yesterday. Maybe Robert H Wolfe?

The clue for EIDER (37D: Downy duck) definitely needs to be changed as we had DAFFY DUCK as an answer. "Spread Down?" sounds good to me.


4A: With 64A: Wild Sioux: CRAZY. And HORSE (64A: See 4A). The monument looks quite imposing right now. But I can't wait to see the finished sculpture.

9A: Golden-touch king: MIDAS. Interesting to see ANE (59D: Dijon donkey) in the grid. MIDAS has donkey ears.

15A: Actress Anouk: AIMEE. I've never seen any of her movies. Her parents must love her a lot to name her AIMEE.

19A: Crime group: MAFIA. I like "GoodFellas".

22A: Gabfest: CONFAB. I forgot. Saw this clue before. Is CONFAB a common word?

23A: Ground-nesting Old World bird: BUSTARD. Foreign to me. Dictionary says BUSTARD came from a blend of French word "bistarde" and "outarde'. Both from Latin "avis tarda", meaning "slow bird". Great BUSTARD.

27A: Of armorial bearings: HERALDIC

30A: Came up: AROSE. Here is A ROSE for you. I also like the clues for ITCHES (47D: Restless desires) and YEN (8D: Desire), don't you?

42A: Balin and Clair: INAS. Yawner! Can you think of something else to clue INAS?

45A: Conventional: ORTHODOX

48A: Rabbits' kin: HARES. And HUTCH (50D: Rabbit residence). I wanted WARREN.

53A: Cigar fan: SMOKER. Yep, Freud is right, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

55A: Gumshoe: TEC. Always thought of Pinkerton seeing this clue. Pinkerton has a very successful Intellectual Property Investigation service in China.

57A: Actress Veronica: HAMEL. Unknown to me. WP says she is in "Hill Street Blues". Oh, I saw Andy Sipowicz (Dennis Franz) in the picture. Which one is HAMEL? The girl on the last row?

61A: Clean with a bill: PREEN. I am so vain.

62A: Fifth of MV: CCI. Hmm, me, I, myself.

63A: No longer in: PASSE


1D: Back of a tape: SIDE B

5D: Passengers: RIDERS. Great EASY RIDER clip.

7D: Fervor: ZEAL. I like the Z's in today's puzzle. See also ZETAS (18D: Greek letters).

9D: Champagne cocktail: MIMOSA. Did not know that MIMOSA was invented at Ritz Hotel in 1925.

10D: Without sense: INANELY

22D: Chick of jazz: COREA. This should make Katherine happy.

24D: Over again: ANEW

25D: Card displays: MELDS. No idea. I don't play canasta or any card game.

27D: Little well-furred rotund mammal: HYRAX. Another unknown animal. WP says "From a distance, a HYRAX could be mistaken for a very well-fed rabbit or guinea pig." He looks so cute.

29D: Charlotte or Gary, e.g.: CITY. Clever clue.

33D: Sots: WINOS. So many words to decribe a drunkard.

38D: Org. of Gulbis and Creamer: LPGA. Ah, the prettiest girls in LPGA Tour. Both have dangerous looking dip drives. See this clip.

41D: Movers' partners: SHAKERS

46D: End of a threat: OR ELSE. "?!!"

49D: Passover meal: SEDER. Did not know that SEDER means "order" in Hebrew.

51D: Standing tall: ERECT. Long, ERECT flower stalk.

55D: Cocoyam: TARO. I had no idea that TARO is also called cocoyam. I miss so much the TARO cakes in Guangzhou.



Argyle said...

Good Morning,
I can't belive it. I got hung up on 46D. Over thinking the answer again.
I haven't read your blog yet; I'll be back.

Dennis said...

Good morning, c.c. and fellow DFs - got through the puzzle relatively quickly, but ended up at the G-spot to get one stinkin' letter at the intersection of 'hyRax' and 'weiRdal'.

c.c., for whatever reason, Veronica Hamel is not in that picture of "Hill Street Blues". And it was so good of you to give the DFs a nice long stalk to contemplate.

Hope it's a great humpday for everyone.

C. C. said...

Santa, bring me something sweet and poetic when you are back.

RE: Veronica HAMEL. So she did not play a major role in "Hill Street Blues"? As for the long ERECT stalk, don't forget that some of the clover FLOWERS are edible.

Katherine said...

Good morning CC and gang.
I had a hard time with the SE corner of this puzzle. I never heard of Bustard, or a Hyrax, but it is cute. The picture of the rose is beautiful.
At least I got the the clue for Chick Corea. I HAD to get that one!
I wish I knew how to send a link, I would have put it on here for Veronica Hamel. She is very pretty, don't you think CC?
I hope everyone has a great day.

Dick said...

Hello Cc and DFs. cc you have fallen completely into the world of DFs. The other sirens must be so proud of you.

Easy puzzle except for the NE corner. I could not get Daffyduck for some reason which when it came to mind resolved that area. Also I did not see the solution to 29D as I kept trying to put a persons name in for the fill.

Another great day in the Burg so it is off to the links again. Hope everyone has a great day.

C. C. said...

Yes, the rose is beautiful, Veronica HAMEL is beautiful, so are you.

Katherine sent me this picture, you can muse about her and think hard about the long clover stalk.

What prompted to you to say so?

Dennis said...

dick, thanks for reiterating to c.c. what I've been saying for a while now - she's a full-fledged DF. And that can't be undone.

Argyle said...

Roses are red, violets are purple,
Sugar is sweet, and so is maple syrple.

CONFAB is somewhat common, used for impromptu bull sessions.

Veronica Hamel was an important character, as a public defender and love interest, but she wasn't part of the police force which may explain her absence from the picture.

lois said...

Good morning CC and DF's: Wow, Argyle beat Dennis!

Loved the theme. A little sticky with some of the names and new terms though. 27A got me and 29A was cute but I was in left field looking for people. Mimosa as a cocktail? That's breakfast for me. Great source of Vitamin C. Loved Dizzy Dean and Pee Wee Reese together years ago. Great pair. Laughed at the Burstard link. Hello, baby! Taking 'preen'ing to the extreme or a different take on the 'Midas' touch. Also loved the story possibilities of ' onset, led, i do, hutch, arose, erect, dads, mama, itches, riders, adieu, stab, pokey'. I need another round of Vitamin C.

Enjoy this gorgeous day.

melissa bee said...

good morning c.c. and all,

never heard of a hyrax, confab or bustard. love the crazy horse monument. erect and arose again today.. some things bear repeating.

lois said...

CC: Welcome to the other side for sure and for certain! Good job! Dennis is right. You've really been here for a while though. Hilarious and well done! Breakfast: Mimosas, flower petals with a little dew followed with firm stalks. Walt's B & B? I'm there.

Chris in LA said...

Good morning all,
Not too bad today - most of the tough clues resolved on the perps. Lois - agree on mimosas - breakfast of champions!
Getting ready to get ready for Gustav today - gotta gas the RV (in case I bail) and fill the gas cans/change the oil in the generator (in case I stay). Rode out Katrina (never again - scariest thing I've ever been through - watched 4 100' tall pine trees fall in the yard - missed the house, but not by much). Need to remove all the potential "missiles" (lawn chairs, planters, etc.) from the yard regardless. Busy day, but have a new fried chicken recipe to try as a diversion later this afternoon.
Hope all have a terrific day!

Chris in LA said...

PS - "confab" short for confabulate, from Latin to hold a discussion or to chat - should probably be clued with "abbr".

drdad said...

Good morning! Got off to a great start but slowed down very quickly. Struggled with hyrax and Weird Al, and melds. Didn't remember tec for gumshoe either.
Here is Natalie Gulbis!!! That picture certainly got me going this morning. Veronica Hamel is not bad either. And finally, Doris Day was not bad in her "day"
C.C. is talking about long, erect things again - this time a flower stalk. Sirens are sure to be running with that one.

I must bid you "adieu" but finish with:

Today is Just Because Day. Finally, a day to do something without a reason. It is Lyndon Baines Johnson Day in Texas. Gracie Allen said goodnight and passed away on this day in 1964 as did Stevie Ray Vaughn in 1990.

Have a good Wednesday.

Dennis said...

Finally found an early picture. What looks like a small hole in my forehead is probably just a vacuum leak...

Barry said...

Morning, all!

I started this puzzle out thinking how ridiculously, pathetically, and inexplicably easy it was. I got about halfway through before the descent into madness began....

The good news is that I did finish it unassisted, but it was close. I've never heard of ANE, BUSTARD or ODD THOMAS, and the clues "Cocoyam" and "Kook of Koontz" meant nothing to me. Fortunately, I was able to pull both HYRAX and HAMEL out of the deep recesses, and those two answers saved my bacon. Also, I sussed out the theme early on, which helped me get WEIRD AL.

I'm guessing, btw, that ODD THOMAS is a character in a book by Dean R. Koontz. I used to be an avid reader of his stuff until his writing took a turn that, well, turned me off. Haven't read anything of his in years, but I'm surprised that any of his characters would be famous enough to be fodder for a crossword puzzle.

Have a good one!

C. C. said...

Maybe you can bring a few poetic lines to the blog every day? Just like Dr. Dad does for "Today is the day..."

A quote a day perhaps?

Dictionary shows that CONFAB is an accepted shortened word, so no "abbr." is in needed in the clue.

Uff da!! Who would think that a sweet/innocent looking boy could turn out to be a man of such high MOREL?

Your turn!

I am curious, what books are you reading now?

Barry said...

I am curious, what books are you reading now?

Actually, although I'm a voracious reader and have thousands of books in my library, I haven't been reading that much lately. What with my regular job, my 3-year-old, and my on-line store, I just have trouble finding the time these days. In recent months, though, I have read thrillers by James Rollins, more thrillers by the team of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, and some old science fiction novels by Julian May.

I hate to admit it, but these days whenever I have an hour or so of spare time, I'm much more likely to pop in a DVD instead of cracking open a good book. I still read to my son every night, though...

Chris in LA said...

Understand re: confab, but respectfully disagree - clued as "gabfest" is hardly the same as dictionary definition "casual talk". "Chat" would be a better clue IMHO. "Gabfest" reads (to me) as a bunch of folks standing around the water cooler, which would be "gossip".
Hope all is well.

KittyB said...

Good morning, C.C. and all.

Chris in la, I hope you weather Gustav safely.

I missed what is probably a standard crossworder's clue: Dijon Donkey. I've never heard of ANE, or HYRAX, or ODD THOMAS.

I needed help on ANE, but the rest fell into place from the fills. I don't think I've ever read, or heard someone say INAPT.

I hope you all have a great day.

melissa bee said...

odd thomas.

DoesItinInk said...

The middle of the puzzle threw me for a bit of a loop, and I finally had to resort to Google for the Y and E of Noah WYLE of E.R. Other than that I worked the puzzle unaided.

I was pleased to see Lessing as a clue in today's puzzle. Doris Lessing is my favorite author. Last year she won the Nobel Prize for Literature. I first read her book The Golden Notebook in 1976 and since then have read everything she has written except for the Canopus in Argos series, as I have never liked science fiction. Her pentalogy The Children of Violence is also a significant piece of literature.

melissa bee: I see you like Anne LaBastille! I haven't thought about her for years though I did read her book Woodswoman in 1983 and Beyond Black Bear Lake ten years later. I looked her up in Amazon and was delighted to see she has written a number of books since then, some of which are now on my wish list. Her life style made a big impression on me at the time, and in scanning her books, I find it to still be enviable.

Dennis said...

Lois, are you sure about Dizzy Dean and PeeWee Reese playing together?

MH said...

A medium hard puzzle. I finished all except the intersection letter of WEIRDAL & HYRAX. I should have gotten WEIRD AL but I never heard of a HYRAX. Good day all.

DoesItinInk said...

dennis: Dizzy Dean and Pewee Reese were baseball announcers together for NBC. I remember them well, especially Dizzy's rendition of the Wabash Cannonball.

Dennis said...

doesitinink, thanks - I never knew they announced together; that must've been radio magic with those two.

melissa bee said...

@doesitinink: anne labastille is my hero. i want to be just like her when i grow up.

Ken said...

Good morning, C.C. et al. After reading the blog, I will return to bed, pull the covers over my head, assume the fetal position and turn my electric blanket up to nine. Items I knew well would not come to me. 16A as INEPT excluded Daffy Duck and blew out the NE corner. 45A would not come to me despite several perps. Hyrax was new to me. 27A, 36A, etc., etc. Just a humbling day. Even Veronica Hamel, one of my all time beauties, didn't pop into my head. Sigh
Congrats to those who did well.

DoesItinInk said...

dennis: Actually, I remember them from tv in the early 1960s. ;-)

Lola said...

I haven't seen a Willy Wiseman for a while, but he's usually good for a few "doh" moments. I didn't know Noah Wyle or Hyrax, so that was my Waterloo. I did enjoy the theme, but even that didn't help me recall Weird Al, one of my favorite parodists. Overall I thought it was a fun puzzle even if I could not complete it unassisted. Nice to see all the Z's and X's pop up, they make the puzzle visually interesting. Have a weird and wonderful Wednesday all.

kazie said...

Dijon donkey is really "âne" in French, the circumflex on the vowel usually indicates "a" similar English word that has an "s" after that vowel, which here would make sense because of our word "ass". Compare: bête=beast, forêt=forest

Bill said...

AWell, Good Morning. A little late today! Had to make a trip to the cityu early and just got back and finished the xword. Ya gotta know that the clue for 53a just cried for the answer of MONICA! But, it didn't go with anything else. For some reason I wanted NOAH's last name to be spelled WILY. But, I was wrong and that made that portion really messed up. Never heard of a HYRAK and have heard of Chick COREA, but never saw his name spelled out, so missed that too. Also did not like the answer for 55a. I've never seen a detective abbreviated as DEC.
Would have been better clued as LAST MONTH or CHRISTMAS MONTH.
OK, Gotta go do stuff. We're leaving early Thur AM for an overnighter towards Binghamton. Gotta do a one hour show in the eve than back home Fri noonish to get ready for Sat's family reunion.
Sunday will be a day of rest as it was meant to be!!!!!
CYA Later.

Razzberry said...

I can't believe that didn't immediately think of us for the puzzle theme, i.e.

CC's -DFs (Dizzy, Wierd, Mad, Daffy, Odd...yep that describes us!)

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All,
DAFFY DUCK was the first Theme answer I got. After that, most of them fell into place, except for ODD THOMAS. I haven't read many Dean Koontz books. Didn't know HYRAX or BUSTARD and couldn't remember APIA. I had never heard of TEC as another name for "Gumshoe".

Bill, check C.C.'s solution and you'll see where you went wrong with DEC instead of TEC.

Anouk AIMEÉ was the star, along with Jean-Louis Trintignant, of the French movie "A Man And A Woman". C.C. Her last name is AIMEÉ. It was considered quite a steamy movie for 1966. The theme song was a lovely, hummable popular hit.

It was weird that MELDS popped the day after we were discussing the old fashion game of Canasta!

So much fun to see more baby photos.

Dennis, Look at you with your slicked down hair and nice new jacket. What a cutie.

Melissabee, What an adorable sweetie you were. No change over the years…except maybe for the knowing twinkle in you grown-up photo eyes.

Buckeye, Nice of C.C. to use your sign-off in today's Theme. Loved your baby photo. It reminded me of a Kewpie Doll, Kewpie right down to the "finger curl" on the top of your head. I shouldn't have laughed at 'ear' your comment, but I did. My family was the reverse of yours. I'm 9 years older than the middle sister and 13 years older than "Ooops"...our nickname for the youngest one.
Sallie, Schipperkes are independent and bright little dogs. The book, "The Intelligence of Dogs" ranked Schipperke obedience and working intelligence as #15 out of 79 AKC breeds listed. Border collies ranked # 1 and Afghan Hounds ranked # 79. Sorry, any Afghan owners out there.

BTW, I think C.C. likes to flirt around with being an "almost" DF and Siren, example her Peony comments. But then she backs off for a while to keep you guessing. Maybe, I'm just putting my M.O. on her.

Barb B said...


C.C. I love your theme. I should have checked it first; it might have helped me with Weird Al. Also didn’t know hyrax and bustard.

Gulbis and Creamer were other unknowns. I looked them up – beautiful women.

I read two of the Odd Thomas books, and enjoyed them. I realized they aren’t to be taken too seriously, when Elvis Presley appeared.

Veronica Hamil carried on a very steamy affair with Daniel Travanti in Hill Street Blues. She called him "Pizza Man".

Good night Gracie – I loved her.

Chris in Good luck withl gustav
Dennis – awww, cute!

MelissaBee – I wondered if you would find a pic. Good one

Boomer said...

We saw both Natalie and Paula here at Interlachen CC a little over a month ago in the US Women's Open. They were two of the few actual US Women in the Open this year. I heard they will only accept English as a language for the LPGA next year.

Never saw Ol' Diz pitch, but I do remember him calling the game of the week on Saturday's. Talk about speaking English. Dizzy definitely had his own vernacular.

Dennis said...

boomer, I remember Dizzy's Saturday dialogues as well; always amusing. I can't for the life of me remember PeeWee doing them, but I'm sure they were great together.

c.c., what's the 'hit count' up to now?

Bill said...

ClearAyes, I looked at the original post but missed the TEC Again, the same question! How many times have you, or anyone else here, heard TEC used to describe a detective?? I'll bet not many!!!

Barry said...


I sincerely doubt that anybody in the entire history of the English language has ever used the word TEC to refer to a detective. It is, however, very common crosswordese.

Crockett1947 said...

Good morniny, everyone! Had to go tickle the G-spot a couple of times to finish this one. WYLE, HYRAX, BUSTARD, INAS, HAMEL, ODD THOMAS, ANE were all new, as was the clue Cocoyam on 55D.

I think the clue for 20A should be "Bigfoot shoe width."

Looks like buckeye has a puzzle theme here! LOL, C.C.! How about "Down type?" for 37D? Lovely rose pic. Why no objection to the clues on 47D and 8D -- they both have "desire" in them. Cute comment on 62A!

@katherine C.C.'s link on making a link works! Just follow through carefully, and you'll get it!

@melissa bee What a cute young picture!!

@barb b Gracie was such a sweet ditz. I liked her better than Lucy.

flyingears said...

Got stuck with "GUMSHOE" as "COP" for such a loooong time that made my puzzle SOOO hard... Almost gave up, but couldn't. Thanks to Mr. G I was able to finish it! Any time Tinsel Town and authors and any actors or actresses are in, I am out of luck...

My photo in 1940... My goodness, how cute I looked and how ugly time has dealt so harshly with me!!!

cokato said...

Two new animals today. Never heard of a bustard or a hyrax. The bustard looks kind of like a prairie chicken I think. The hyrax looks like a big rodent of some sort. Had anyone heard of either of these? Over all the puzzle wasn't too bad but had to visit my g-spot often.

C.C. what do taro cakes taste like?

Dennis, you can see a little devil lurking there in that cute little boys eyes.

Melissabee, cute picture of your younger self as well.

drdad, what the heck is your new picture?

Can't pass this up, got a little dizzy when midas, erect, arose, itches, yen and zeal all showed up today. Made my just because day!

drdad said...

cokato - I haven't found a "baby" picture of me that I want to put in there so I chose a photograph of the three alien ships advancing on the army from the 1953 movie "War of the Worlds."

It's kind of cool to see some of the DF's when they were "Little Rascals."

Dick said...

Cc your 6:07am post led me to believe that you have dropped into the great depths of DFs. Dennis is right for once you have passed over the thresh hold it cannot be undone.

Dick said...

Melissa bee I liked your young photo and Dennis cute picture but somehow two innocent looking peopled have turned out to be so far on the other side.

Dick said...

Flyingearss cute picture but youlook so intense.

carol said...

Good Morning C.C. and all.
Dennis, nice to see you at the G-spot so early - shows what an upstanding, erect and morel guy you are. And you did it on Hump Day.:)
C.C.has been a wonderful D.F. for some time now, she has just been shy about admitting it.

Good puzzle today, but I had never heard of a Hydrax! Cute little thing, but probably would bite.-I always want to pet something like that!
Strange name for that colorful bird too!

Carl said...

Good morning all

Yet another YUCKY day in O. Clouds, 30% chance of rain, but looking better toward the weekend. Nothing compared to what the South may have coming with Gustav though so I won't whine.

Nothing much to add... got hung up the same places as y'all so I'm off to tend to long neglected stuff. Overall a good puzzle. Made me think! Dashing to google would have been the easy way out but it takes away the satisfaction of actually winning against the author(without resorting to steroids).

melissa bee said...

@barb b: i love that picture.

cokato said...

Carl, thank goodness you are finally going to tend to some long neglected stuff. You are to morel of a guy to not tend to it.

Dennis said...

drdad, I'm sure glad you described what that picture is - I thought for a moment you'd gotten shots of my colonoscopy...

C. C. said...

Hmmm, no, you misunderstood my 6:07am comment. If you check the dictionary on "Flower stalk", you will notice that "ERECT" is an essential part of the definition. I did not make it up. Also, "Clover flowers" are indeed edible. Xchelfwalt probably used it in his sauce or salad before.

"Down type": Let me imagine for a minute...OK, it's nice.

589,200. For some inexplicable reason, I don't mind having 2 desires as the clues. I desire to be desired, don't you?

You were so pretty and beguiling. Now I know why you and Dennis understand each other so perfectly!

C. C. said...

Barb B,
What kind of horse were you riding and on what occasion? I can not see your picture clearly.

Clear Ayes,
I commented on AIMEE simply because it means "Beloved" in French. FYI, the "He Must Be Off" theme title is indeed for Buckeye.

The taste of TARO cake depends on how you cook it and the size of the TARO. Shape, length and diameter can influence its texture greatly. When cooked right, it should be firm, sweet, a bit resistant when you bite. Yummy, you will be moaning with pleasure.

cokato said...

C.C. so the way what are taro cakes? What do they taste like and how come you can't reproduce them here?

cokato said...

C.C. I guess we were responding at the same time. Get me some TARO anything that can make you moan in pleasure is a must have!

carol said...

Barb b..the picture you posted of you on the pony is almost an exact copy of the one of one my hubby has of himself at about 4 years of age. It seems there was a photographer that went through neighborhoods with a pony - complete with saddle, hats for the kids, etc. It was in the early 50's. Do you know about that?
I am trying to get one of me, but have to take it out of the "frame" and try not to ruin it in the process.

Wow, C.C. that Taro stuff sure sounds wonderful. You are correct; shape, length and diameter can greatly affect the enjoyment.

drdad said...

Dennis - that's something I don't want to envision. I will be having one of my own in about a year.

xchefwalt said...

Good day c.c., DF’s and all! Nice puzzle today, although I needed a cold shower after completing it. I am happy seeing so many of my B&B menu items, although MIMOASAS were not advertised, they do flow freely. Also, all sleeping chambers will be decorated with red rose and peony pedals, and the breakfast will include edible flowers as finger food. Following footsteps in the dew will be strictly prohibited.

Chick Corea is the greatest modern jazz pianist of all time. I had the pleasure of seeing him in concert in 1978 at a dinner theatre on LI (less than 500 people in attendance) and he was amazing. He was also a member of Romantic Warrior, a jazz-fusion ensemble that also included Al Dimeola on guitar, Alan White on drums and Stanly Clarke on bass; truly great music the way it’s not made anymore.

@chris in la- my thoughts and prayers are with you. I’m not liking what I see in this storm, and wish you safety and Godspeed. I work with people who transferred here from there, and we’re all stressing out.

Have fun all.

drdad said...

C.C. and cokato - Shape, length, and diameter are important in many other things (like morels). I will leave it to your imaginations.

Dennis, care to comment?

xchefwalt said...

I was going to work, but I'm going TARO shopping and learning how to cook it (it's what I love about it- you never stop learning or yerning or YENing)

Maybe I'll stop at a florist....

Richard said...

Seems like I am just getting caught up on all the photos today. I just saw barb b's pic and I like it.

Drdad I was going to make the same comment as your 2:51 post. And, cc wants us to think she is not a DF!

C. C. said...

"Following footsteps in the dew will be strictly prohibited." Why?

Dick said...

Cc so much of what you write is very critical to your being a true DF. From your latest post "Shape, length, diameter, texture, "When cooked right, it should be firm, sweet, a bit resistant, bite, "Yummy, you will be moaning with pleasure".

How can this be anything but DF? If this had been a post from lois, milissa b or carol you would have accused them of going over the edge. Sorry cc you are over the edge.

xchefwalt said...

If the house is a rockin' then don't come a knockin'

Jim VN said...

Regarding 46D "End of a Threat". Example: "Do as I said, or else!".

Perhaps it's a regional usage; I grew up in central Wisconsin, born 1936.

Barb B said...

Sorry you can’t see the picture well – it’s a small snapshot taken a very long time ago. My siblings had nice big pictures like the one Clear Eyes posted, but I’m the youngest of five, and was born during the war – there were very few professional pictures taken then, at least in my family.
The horse is actually a Shetland pony, and Carol is right; people went through neighborhoods offering to take pictures of kids on a pony – everything provided; even the hat and kerchief, but apparently not shirts.

Melissa Bee, I’m glad. I like yours too, although the one taken with the red dress is more of a favorite of mine – and the one with the Chiquita banana sticker. You were so cute.

Richard, thanks – looking forward to seeing yours.

Carol, that sounds like what happened in our family. Where did your husband live at the time? My picture was taken in Dallas, Texas, in the late forties. Good luck with taking you photo out of the frame; I’d love to see it.

Buckeye said...

Good-day c.c. and fellow knuckleheads. Have you noticed how c.c. is able to buoy the spirits of all who participate on her blog? What an amazing talent!!! Thanks for the tribute, c.c.

Had trouble with Hydrax and Bastard. What a strange name for a bird. Oh - it's Bustard. (Cute little fellow.)42(a) - Balin and
Claire - got me for awhile but it fell into place. Guessed, correctly on Odd Thomas, but got the rest of the "loonies". Mad Hatter from "Alice In Wonderland" and Daffy Duck were fun. I love Daffy.

I posted this pic late last night. Glad others could share their baby pics, also. It's fun. Often, you can see the personalities emerging at that tender age. As my Grandmother used to say about me, "A cleft on the chin shows the devil within."

I loved George Burns and Gracie Allen. I mentioned them a while back as favorite comedians.

George, "Is your brother still working at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, Gracy?"

Gracy, "No. He got fired."


"His boss told him to page John Smith from Seattle, and by the time he got back from Seattle he'd missed two days of work. They fired him."

Dizzy and Pee Wee were sponsored by Falstaff beer when they did Saturday baseball games on NBC T.V., and they were allowed to drink the beer while they worked. During a rain delay at Fenway Park in Boston (vs. Yankees) you could tell Dizzy was getting a little dizzy. They showed a young couple kissing in the stands and Dizzy said, "Aw, Pee Wee; ain't young love grand. He's kissing her on the strikes and she's kissing him on the balls". That's a true story. I heard it and couldn't believe he said it!!

c.c., Is it true what they say about Minnesotans? Where the introverts stare at their shoes and the extroverts stare at your shoes.

Yesterday there was a lot of dog stories. Reminds me of my c/w song, "I Wouldn't Take Her To A Dog Fight 'Cuz I'm Afraid She'd Win."

I must be off!!

Dennis said...

barb b, I had the same exact reaction when I saw your picture: "I have that same exact picture". Same situation with mine - guy travelled through the neighborhood with a pony almost identical to yours, and all the cowboy gear. Now I've gotta dig mine out to compare. Maybe we'll crop the pics and look like a young Roy Rogers/Dale Evans.

Buckeye said...

Gang, I, too, have a horse picture. It must have happened in every city in America. Mine was Middletown, Ohio. I'll hunt around for it.

clear ayes; Isn't it great that there are other "mature" bloggers on board that remember canasta? I thought we were lost souls.


Argyle said...

Jim VN said...@3:21 PM
Regarding 46D "End of a Threat". Example: "Do as I said, or else!".

Yes, the first part is a request/command, and the "or else" is the threat, albeit unspecified.
Better clue; Add a threat.

c.c. I was thinking that why we don't get better quips and quotes may be due to copyright infringement fears. But I will still try to sneak in a poem, when my muse stikes me.

carol said...

Barb b, I found the picture of my husband on that pony, and after comparing his to yours, their is a strong resemblance but the ponies are a little different. He said all the gear was provided. His was taken in Portland about 1951/52. I also was able to get my picture out of it's frame so will post both tomorrow.(Have to wait for hubby to help me)
It's fun to see everyone when they were very young.
Dennis and Buckeye, please try to find your "pony" pictures would be fun to compare them.

lois said...

Dennis: Look at you! You are such a spiffy darling little sprout of a morel man. Handsome 'little devil'!

Melissa: You are just a natural beauty and so photogenic!

barb b: Darling picture! You are such an adorable little girl. I can join the posse as I have the same photo...from OK. That guy sure got around!

Buckeye said...

The boy stood on the burning deck,
Eating peanuts by the peck;
The flames grew up around his chin,
But still he crammed those peanuts in.

That boy's still on that burning deck,
His feet are full of blisters;
The flames - they burned his pants right off,
And now he wears his sister's.
William Snakespit


C. C. said...

Jim VN,
My "?!!" following 46D is not a question. It's just my way of saying OR ELSE.

Interesting thought on QUIP/QUOTE. Who is your muse? I hope it's not ERATO.

no, you misunderstood me again. Have you ever seen a natural TARO ? It looks and tastes way much better than I described earlier (if properly served). The cardboard with glue like poi you had in Hawaii is too processed. I like things organic.

You look adorable in the picture, a bit sheepish. I think I like EWE.

Buckeye said...

c.c.: Aaahhh!! You clever girl. You saw my zodiac sign is the sheep. Does anything get past you????


Clear Ayes said...

Could it have been the same pony and photographer going door to door, all across the country, from about 1945 through 1960? I wasn’t lucky enough to get a cowgirl photo on a pony. As a possible consolation my mother took me to a Chicago Park, where I posed not too happily astride a llama. The bored young man standing next to me wasn’t a relative. He was the attendant who was there to keep the llama from spitting on the customers. You can't tell by the small snapshot, but from my expression, I think the llama was in more danger from me.

DIZZY DEAN had a brother Paul, who was also a ballplayer. He was a pitcher for the St. Louis Cards in the 1930's too. His nickname was "Daffy", although he didn't have the same goofy personality as DIZZY.

FYI, The best way to get a yard sale going is to serve MIMOSAs. When we moved from Southern California we served them on both weekend mornings….made a bundle!

Keep those cute kid photos coming!

NYTAnonimo said...

Dizzy Dean
Weird Al
Mad Hatter
Daffy Duck
Odd Thomas
Noah Wyle and Why I was a letter off

Sometimes you just need pictures!

embien said...

10:06 today I don't watch much TV, so I'd never heard of Veronica HAMEL, Noah WYLE, or the two INAS. Also never heard TARO referred to as "cocoyam" before. Oh well, all easily gotten from the crosses.

I know animals a bit better so HYRAX and BUSTARD were gimmes. I'm also a big fan of WEIRD AL (Yankovic), so I didn't have a problem with the HYRAX cross there that some had.

@bill and @barry: The term TEC is used all the time to refer to "private detectives". Maybe I'm just older and have read more pulp mysteries or something. I do know that country star Miranda Lambert refers to her parents as "tecs" all the time, so it's at least common in the industry.

Gotta run, time to leave for dinner.

lois said...

Dennis: I too remember Dizzy Dean and Pee Wee Reese on the TV as commentators. My Dad would just bust a gut laughing at the two but I was too young to understand what was so funny. I remember Dizzy Dean as a gray haired man, not the pic that nytanimo has linked. I don't know if they 'played' together - on or off the field.

I love all the baby/childhood pictures. Such beautiful children...and even a llama!

Argyle said...

C. C. said @4:42 PM

Who is your muse? I hope it's not ERATO.

Erato? Not me. Euterpe, the Muse of music and lyric poetry. [yoo-tur-pee]

Clear Ayes said...

Oh my, how about Nytanonimo's link to DAFFY DUCK's portrait? That is one debonaire drake, ladies...and I always thought Bugs Bunny was the suave one.

C.C. Here's another long ERECT flower stalk. It's one of my favorite flowers Naked Ladies.

BTW, Do we know if Nytanonimo is the little boy on the left of the photo, or the little girl on the right? Nyt..anonimo is quite anonymous. Either way, they are really cute kids.

Marie said...

Good Evening.... I have been a silent visitor to this blog for quite a while,,,and today I finally have to ask... why do you call yourself d.f 'ers? and what is the meaning.

I love finding the answers here, so much easier than using Mr.G....and I enjoy the friendly banter of the posts...keep uo the good work !

Dennis said...

marie, welcome - hope you enjoy our merry band of DFs (DysFunctionals).

lois said...

Coudn't find the pony pic, but did find this one.

Welcome Marie. Your name is a family name for us: my eldest, one of my favorite Aunts, and me, but don't let that discourage you. It's all good.

Dennis named us the Dysfunctionals. It's all his fault.

carol said...

Hi everyone again....finally could get my picture out of the frame. Still working on hubby's.

Lois, congrats, I knew you could do it!!!

Love all the pictures of you fellow D.F.'s (and even the ones who don't think they are D.F.'S) :)

Clear Ayes said...

Lois, I love that pinafore you are wearing in your innocent. But that mischievous grin gives away what kind of a impish character you will become. More power to you.

Carol, your little girl photo is just too adorable for words. You've got one of "those" grins too.

Cokato, when are we going to see a photo of Baby Cokato?

Marie..Yipes! another Oregonian. Is Oregon is trying to take over the world? It sure looks like it could happen on this blog. Don't be a stranger, come back often. Like Dennis said, it's a merry band and it is always "the more the merrier".

carol said...

Clear Ayes, you are a doll! Sitting so bravely on that llama, what a cute idea for a picture.

lois said...

Clear Ayes: Thank you. My mom always tried to get my super striaght hair to be like yours, beautifully and perfectly curled. It was painful! You look a lot like Shirley Temple, adorable and beautiful, and on a llama! That is soooo cool! Like Carol said, what a neat idea!

Carol, you are precious! What a cutie and Clear Ayes is right. That smile....oh look out!

melissa bee said...

@lois, dennis, cokato, carol, flyingears, buckeye & nytanonimo: thanks for sharing your pictures, really fun to see them all.

Lola said...

Welcome Marie! Nice to see another Oregonian on board. Though I live in Beaverton, I visit my son in Troutdale quite often. Small world. Here's to an interesting Thursday. Oh,... and a good puzzle too. Let's keep those synapses firing.

Lola said...

I posted a picture. Just a test to see if it will appear here.

Buckeye said...

Hi, group. I know I had a picture of me on a real horse, but can't find it yet. Maybe this is what I remember. We were so poor that my mom had to hang an artificial pork chop around my neck, just to get the dog to play with me.

This horse's head was made from a copy of the head of a dog my father had when he was growing up. The body is an old "horse" upon which we used to saw firewood, and the blanket came off of my bed. Maybe I'll find where I sat on a real horse - but don't count on it. We probably ate it.


Buckeye said...

'Tis neigh. Eighteen holes on the links and a loosing drawing on Ohio States tickets, it's time to gather into the arms of Morpheus. I wish you adieu. My stars - my friends, sleep soundly."


Dick said...

Marie, welcome aboard and hang on for a fun ride. BTY nice wheels in your photo.

Anonymous said...

great read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one know that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.