Mar 22, 2009

Notes to Crossword Constructors

We are very interested in knowing more about you and learning how you get the inspiration for the puzzle and how you go about constructing it.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to add a note or two to my blog entry on the day when your puzzle is published in LA Times.




Anonymous said...

About the city of Lvov; go here:


Anonymous said...

A "swamp daddy" comes from the fact that an alligator is a denizen of swamps and the Latin word for "father" is "pater."

teddi said...

Think today's answer to "flat hand in a game" might refer to Rock, Paper, Sissors

Rock said...

I have been doing these puzzles for a few years now, and I had always wondered if any puzzles had been created with fewer than 25 blocks, and thus more than 200 letters. Today's puzzle fit the bill with only 23 blocks. This has got to be very rare. Are you aware of any puzzles with fewer than 23?

C.C. Burnikel said...

The record is 17 blocks. NYT July 22, 2012. There are also a couple of 18.