Mar 19, 2009

Thursday March 19, 2009 Willy A. Wiseman

Theme: None or a Farewell Message?

Well, I was expecting a coup de grâce quip/quote today. Did not expect such a short two line "parting words" from our editor Wayne R. Williams (aka Willy A. Wiseman/Josiah Breward).

A themed puzzle should have at least three entries, but I only found two:

31A: Start of parting words: SEE YOU IN THE

40A: End of parting words: FUNNY PAPERS

So, technically this is a themeless. I've never heard of the above idiom before. Does it really carry an air of "mild contempt"?

The clue for NOUVEAU (5D: Word with riche or cuisine) is simply wrong. Cuisine is a feminine noun, so the adjective is nouvelle, not NOUVEAU. Haute cuisine, not "haut" cuisine. "Word with riche or art" would be OK.


1A: Novice reporter: CUB. Surprised that Wiseman did not use "Chicago pro" clue in his last puzzle to pay tribute to his major audience, the Chicago Tribune solvers.

4A: Preserved for later: ON ICE

15A: Musical wrap-ups: CODAS

18A: City on the Arkansas: TULSA. See this map. I got the answer from down fills. Wikipedia says "For most of the 20th century, the city held the nickname "Oil Capital of the World". Which city holds the title now? Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)?

23A: Stuck around: WAITED

26A: Nobleman: EARLS. Thought of PEERS first, then LORDS, then EARLS.

28A: Established in office: INSTATED. One more blank, the answer would be INSTALLED.

44A: Powers of "Hart to Hart": STEFANIE. New actress to me. Often see girls named Stephanie. Wikipedia says "Hart to Hart" was created by Sidney Sheldon. I like his "Rage of Angels".

46A: New Haven alum: ELI. How many of our presidents graduated from Yale? I only know Bush 41, Clinton & Bush 43.

47A: Artifact: RELIC. This word always reminds me of Agatha Christie. She left the comfort of England and accompanied her archaeologist husband to the extremely tough-to-live Iraq exploring those digs. Yet he still cheated on her. Why are most men unfaithful?

48A: Theater section: BALCONY. The answer is often LOGE.

57A: Above it all: ALOOF. I like this quote: "Anger, ego, jealousy are the biggest diseases. Keep yourself ALOOF from these three diseases".

61A: Miller's product: FLOUR. "Milliner's product" will be HAT. I can never understand the rage about that hat.

63A: Clay or Frick: HENRY. No idea. According to Wiki, HENRY Clay was more than any other individual responsible for the War of 1812. And he was greatly admired by Lincoln and JFK. Henry Clay Frick was an industrialist and art patron, once known as "America's most hated man". Why was he hated so much?

64A: Rhythm of activity: TEMPO


2D: Detach: UNFIX

9D: Fertility goddess: ASTARTE. I forgot. Could only think of the "Egyptian goddess of fertility" ISIS. ASTARTE is the ancient Semitic goddess, worshiped by both Phonicians and cannanites.

10D: Australian lass: SHEILA. Kazie says this is an outdated Aussi slang.

11D: Ohio school: KENT STATE. Lou Holtz' alma mater. Here is their Golden Flashes logo.

13D: Scott of a famous case: DRED. I blanked again. Could only think of Scott Peterson.

21D: Nymph chaser: SATYR. See this picture. Very ugly libertine. Part-man, part-horse. The Roman equivalent is Fauns.

23D: Dry streambed: WASH. Have never heard of Dry WASH before.

26D: Portal: ENTRY

28D: Vacuous: INANE

31D: Black and White: SEAS. I've heard of White SEA, but I forgot where it's located. Do those purple colored areas all belong to Norway?

33D: Duck product: EIDERDOWN

34D: Type of Greek column: IONIC. This is quite tricky, as DORIC almost fits in too. See this D.I.C picture (Thanks, Kazie). I don't believe we had Corinthian in our puzzle before.

38D: Pizazz: SPICE. Pizazz, pizzaz, pizzazz. So many different spellings.

40D: In error: FALSELY

41D: Detachment: UNIT. Why? I was thinking of aloofness.

42D: London fog: PEA SOUP. Have never been to London. Does the fog really look like PEA SOUP?

45D: Tributary: FEEDER

49D: "La Boheme" or "The Girl of the Golden West": OPERA. Both by Puccini. I am not familiar with "The Girl of the Golden West".

50D: Peter and Franco: NEROS. Peter NERO is an American pianist. He appeared in our puzzle before. Franco NERO is an Italian actor, husband of Vanessa Redgrave (the girl on his left). Redgrave is the mother of Natasha Richardson, who died last night after suffering a head injury from a skiing accident. Natasha is the wife of Liam Neeson ("Schindler's List"). He is going to play Abe Lincoln in Spielberg's biopic. Too much information?

51D: "The Shadowy Waters" poet: YEATS. Got the answer. Have never heard of the poem. Does not look interesting to me. YEATS won Nobel in 1923.

54D: Cosmo competition: ELLE. The girl on this ELLE China is Zhang Ziyi, probably the most influential Chinese actress right now. She played Sayuri in "Memoirs of a Geisha", a role should have been given to a Japanese actress in my opinion.



Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - lots of Wiseman's favorite 'e'words today: eli, els, emir, etc. Didn't we just see 'coda' yesterday? Also, I don't think I've heard the 'parting words' before, but they are appropriate. And 'in error' and 'falsely' are synonymous? I don't think so. I'm so looking forward to next week.

Today is Poultry Day - have fun with your chicken.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "There is a certain kind of carefree that returns to you in old age, different from the carefree of youth when you didn't know any better. It's more like being free of caring. It isn't joyous at all, as it was in youth, but it is a kind of freedom, and all kinds of freedom are precious in some way." -- Federico Fellini

And continuing Fun Facts:

- In Tibet, some women have special metal instruments used for picking their noses.

- Oregon has the most ghost towns of any state.

- Only male turkeys gobble. Females make a clicking sound.

Martin said...

Crossword puzzles often -if not usually- appear on the same page as the comics so SEE YOU IN THE FUNNY PAGES could be taken as either a farewell or a promise to continue doing crosswords, perhaps by submitting them to the LA Times crossword.


C.C. Burnikel said...

"Poultry Day"? I think we need a "Pouty Day". Lots of pout about! Great oxymoron "Lois the Censor". Wonder what Cato the real Censor thinks. Gave up LA Times yesterday after 20 minutes' struggle.

So there is no derogatory meaning in SEE YOU IN THE FUNNY PAGE?

Col G,
Thanks for the Indus River information. I asked you the other day about how your wife cooked RAGI millet. Can you give me her recipe?

C.C. Burnikel said...

Mrs. B.C,
Yes, Man O' War. Do you drive to Louisville for the Derby?

Elissa & Sallie,
I don't know. Free love is the weakest in the list. I like minor crisis, which happens on our blog so often.

I am so happy that you've worked out a profile. Hope to hear from you regularly from now on. Did you fly planes for the Navy during Korean War as well?

Re: Irish pub features?: BROGUE. Yes, the Irish accent. Your shoes guess is not bad at all. 60 different schools before you reach age 14? Is that a Guinness record?

C.C. Burnikel said...

You posted here long time ago, right?

Only two short sentences? That's so unlike you. I miss your bubbly comments.

Thanks for the Snopes. Maybe we need to double check Dennis' Fun Facts as well? Is your computer fixed?

Jimmy in S. Carolina,
I followed Laura Davis for a few holes in US Open. She is indeed big. But she has a bloody sense of humor. Used to like Colin Montgomerie too.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Yeah, I was also wondering whether this was our editor's farewell message to us. I'm familiar with the phrase, "SEE YOU IN THE FUNNY PAPERS" but have never associated it with mild contempt. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

As for the rest of the puzzle, I blew through most of in record time with no unknowns. I only got hung up a bit in the center section when I put WADI instead of WASH. Fortunately, I knew ASTARTE and once the theme answer became apparent it was obvious what the answer really was.

I had know idea, btw, that there was a White SEA as well as a black one. Learn something new and all that...

Dennis said...

C.C., 'detachment' is a common name for a military unit: 'the military sent a detachment to participate in the parade.'

Why 'pouty'? Are you not glad to see Williams go?

And I did't see anything derogatory about his theme answer.

Frey said...

Easy puzzle.... I just think his quote was meant to be light humor. I am actually going to miss the Trib. puzzle... of course with our favorite authors and not the ones we have had lately. I will give the LA TIMES a go... and have done them in the past without much enjoyment.
C.C. The made an announcement in the Naples Daily News in today's paper about the switch to the LA TIMES puzzle.
See you in the funny papers :-)

Dick said...

Good morning CC and all,..bit of a struggle today. First I misspelled nouveau as neuveau which caused a bad start in that section. the remainder of the puzzle was doable, but the south central slowed me up a bit as Miller flower did not come easily.

CC 63 A was a gimme as Henry Clay Frick was a Pittsburger. The club, he and his cronies built, in South Fork caused untold damage and miseries when the dam ruptured and poured tons of water down the valley into Johnstown. I think there were more than 2000 people killed. My grandmother used to tell me tales of watching people trapped in the river held by the barbed wire that had been swept from the mills in Moxham, PA. The river erupted into flames from oil and other fuels that were released from the storage area in Moxham causing many many people to burn to death.

Frick also used Pinkerton guards to quell a strike at the Homestead, PA plant killing as many as 9 workers. This along with his arrogance made him a very disliked man.

I am so sorry that I did not record or take notes of those conversations with her for she was relating first hand knowledge of that tragic event.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Yeah, Black, White & Red Sea. Wonder if there is any blue/pink/orange sea? Also, do you know how to do a screen capture on Windows? I was thinking of putting the answer grid with my blog entry every day, but I don't know how.

I've never heard of detachment as a UNIT before. I bet everyone has something to pout about today. Me, I am still waiting for your answer to my 12:20pm question yesterday.

You won't be disappointed. All the best constructors in America contribute to either NY Times or LA Times now. I suspect most of the puzzles we've solved in the past several months were authored by Wayne R. Williams.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Thanks for the interesting information on Henry Clay Frick. Anything to pout about today? What's your answer to my 47A question?

Yeah, it will take some patient practices. I really like the links you've brought. They are always relevant and answer directly some of the questions I or others have.

We will work out a plan somehow this summer. I need the blog to be published every morning around 5:30am.

C.C. Burnikel said...

The 5 posts include replies to mine or others' questions. Sorry about this. But I need a clear & strict limit so others won't be confused. Also, Linda, don't ever be hesitant to express your opinion just because it might offend someone. I am tired of this PC. I am who I am because who we all are.

Thanks for "Drive like JEHU".

The Commuter Crosswords are purposely made easier because commuters normally do not have dictionary or other cheating tools on hand. You guys should call your paper for the accurate source. TMS Daily Commuter is just my guess.

Dick said...

@ CC unfaithful men surely this is the ultimate oxymoron.

Barry G. said...

Errrr... Make that "no idea" instead of "know idea".

Serves me write, er, right for posting before I've had my morning caffeine....

Barry G. said...

do you know how to do a screen capture on Windows?

Hitting the "Print Screen" button will capture everything. Pressing Alt+Print Screen will capture just the active window.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Fellow Crossers-
Easy with a few small hiccups. Nothing to write about.

CC - Do you live near Ruttger's Bay Lake in MN? Great Family vacation spot. The family has been going there every year for about the last 15 years.

Dennis- AAHHA ... the turkey info explains everything

Linda- All Cloth and a Yard Wide. Never heard this saying before. What is this saying for??

Lemonade714 said...

Good morning:

A really simple puzzle. SEE YOU IN THE FUNNY PAPERS was as I grew up, a very friendly expression, suggesting the person is entertaining, and not to be taken too seriously.

ASTARTE was a seasonal gimme, as it is she who inspired the name EASTER.

STEFANIE Powers was the much younger girl friend of fine actor, William Holden, with whom she became a proponent of protecting wildlife. In addition to the “Hart to Hart” series, which she starred in with Robert Wagner, she was the “Girl from Uncle.”

Bill said...

Wow! Zipped through this like water through a sieve. Well, except for the quip. I just knew it had to be
So I the first part in 31a and continued on my merry way. Got to 40a, put in the second psrt and, OH, CRAP! Leftover spaces. Long story short, I fixed it, finally, but it took me a little longer than it should have.
So, Willie, Wayne, Josiah, CYA Later!!!

(Why do constructors use aliases? Is it because, if they make a lousy puzzle, no one will know whose fault it really is? Stand up and proud of what you do. What the hell, stuff happens, and you can't be loved every day!!!)

CY'All Later

Argyle said...

C. C. said...@ 5:58 AM
Argyle, is your computer fixed?

I still have to put it in the shop tonight to try and iron out the printer problems. The problem with my connection and down-loading cleared up by itself. Our local telephone service has a history of screwing up in the spring or anytime of prolonged dampness. I think I must have been on a corrupted line that distorted the computer transmissions. In the AM, it was bad; at one o'clock, it was fine and has been fine ever since.

Oh-oh, it's raining.

Maybe we need to double check Dennis' Fun Facts as well?

We don't need Snopes for Fun Facts, just a grain of salt will do.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Barry G,
I pressed PrtScrn, nothing comes up. Empty. Do I need some installed software?

I live in Brooklyn Park, MN.

But Easter is a Christian holiday, ASTARTE is a Semitic goddess.

I don't know. But almost every crossword editor has a few alias names. Just for fun I suppose.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Argyle, Bill et al,
Can you all try your Print Screen key (on the right side of F12) and see if it works? I hope my printer is not broken or something.

I was told Chicago Tribune website will carry LA Times puzzle from March 23. Still only from Monday to Saturday. But LA Times website will have Sunday's as well. Hope all is well with your mom.

Do leave a note when you come here. I missed your links and warped post.

Bill said...

CC, When you use "print screen", it copies the screen to the clipboard. Open a blank word or works document, right click on the body, select paste. Voila!! Then save the doc and attach it anywhere you want.

windhover said...

Re: have fun with your chicken.
No choking it, though.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Bill & Barry G,
I voila-ed! However, It only works in Word document. Nothing comes up when I tried to paste to Blogger main content. How can I solve this problem? Also, I only want to copy and paste the final answers of LA Times puzzle. How do I edit out the unnecessary distractions (the clues)?

Argyle said...

It seems I had to have the Word up first, then Print Scrren would paste on it. I couldn't click Print Screen and then bring up my Word.

Barry G. said...

I voila-ed! However, It only works in Word document. Nothing comes up when I tried to paste to Blogger main content. How can I solve this problem? Also, I only want to copy and paste the final answers of LA Times puzzle. How do I edit out the unnecessary distractions (the clues)?

Sorry, C. C. -- I assumed you knew that other stuff. Unfortunately, there's no easy way. You need to first paste the image to any type of image editing program (including Microsoft Paint that comes with Windows) to edit out the stuff you don't want. Then you need to save the image as a .jpg or .gif file. Then you need to upload it somewhere on the vast Internet (do you have a Photobucket account or something?) And then, and only then, you can link to the uploaded file within your blog entry.

KQ said...

Hello gang,

I have been conspicuously absent as I was watching my daughter golf the last few days. Didn't even do a crossword, so I feel rusty. I did get a little sun though as it was 80 degrees and sunny. On the golf course all day made it impossibly not to get a little burn.

I only got stuck on Astarte, which made it hard to fill in a few others. I am a little distracted as I have two bum computers and need to get working to get them fixed. The boys will be in trouble without computers to do their homework tonight if I don't figure it all out. Very frustrating. I am ready to throw one out the window I have had so many problems.

Kristen, we have not been to Rutgers, but have been in the area so many times. We used to golf at the Grandview Lodge courses annually, and my mother's husband owns 700 acres of land and a cabin in that area. It is so beautiful. Where are you from that you visit that area? Is it close?

Have a good day. Wish me luck on fixing computers!

Razz said...

Wow-try a bit of satire and get snoped (new verb!). Oh well, see ya in the funny papers. ;~P

Bill said...

Don't pitch it! I can always use pieces/parts. That's what I do in my spare time. ( repair comps, that is)

T. Frank said...


I have always been a little sheepish about being a Korean war veteran. I was an officer aboard an APA (transport ship)stationed in Norfolk, VA, and never saw any combat. Our main activity was transporting a battalion of marines from North Carolina to Vieques Island in the Caribbean for mock landing exercises. We would then pick up a battalion already on the island and bring them home.

Some of our amphibious forces saw some action in Korea, mainly during the Inchon invasion, which was very successful.

I thought today's puzzle was a ho hum. I felt like a steno, writing answers from a script. Yesterday's LA Times was more enjoyable.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Barry G,
Oh, so complicated. I will open a Photobucket account soon. 非常非常感谢! 你是一个出色的男人.

Karren Q, Frank et al,
Sorry for hogging the Comments box this morning. I am done. Will respond to your comments tomorrow morning. Have a great day, everyone.

JIMBO said...


I had attended MORE than 60 schools by age 14. Total would be something over 100 and I know that most of you will doubt that figure; But remember, we were "Roadshow people" who rarely stayed in any one town more than three days.
I'm sure it would be a "Guiness" record if I could prove it.
We did finally settle in one town for my senior year. I graduated from "Junction High School", Junction, Texas in May, 1942.

Barry G. said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen Q-

We live in Vancouver WA and my mother and step father live in Madison WI. So I will fly the kids out and every so often I will go along but it really is a time for the grandparents to spoil the grandkids (in which de-programming them when they get home has been getting harder every year). You sound like you are a golfer family. My step father was the Founder of Bishop's Bay Country Club in Madison WI and my brother-in-law and and sister own Dodge Point Country Club in Dodgeville WI. You would think I would know how to golf? I really do not like it AT ALL. Yes it is VERY beautiful at Ruttger's.

CC- When we visit Bay Lake (which is outside Brainard) we always fly into Minnesota and get to stay at the Totem Pole Hotel and go to MALL OF AMERICA and have fun....weeeeee you betcha ...slang MN talk :)

kazie said...

I like the WoW sentiment today--it's like not giving a damn what others think because you don't have to impress anyone now.

Barry G,
Errrr... Make that "no idea" instead of "know idea".
See, it can happen to any of us!

Thanks for attributing three quotes to me this morning. I'm flattered.
That northern part of your Scandanavian map is not all Norway. Norway takes a narrow path up the west side od Sweden, then Finnland, right to the top, but there's a part of the Finnish border that dips south of "Finnmarks Vidda", then north again until just east of the Varanger Halvøya peninsula, where Norway borders on Russia. You can see these marks on that map, but they are not shown as national borders.

Today's puzzle was easy and pleasant--not too inane but a fast solve for the most part, with only a mild hang-up when I had STAYED instead of WAITED at first.

Col_Gopinath said...

Good evening from India,
Quite an easy CW today, my bugbear the names being absent.
A word on detachment from a military man, a detachment is definitely not a unit it can be a sub-unit.
Sorry I did not see your previous query on how to cook the Ragi, well this is what my wife does to make her porridge
1 cup water,
2 Tbsp sugar,
3 Tbsp Ragi powder
Milk as required
Mix sugar and water and boil, add Ragi powder after making into a paste with a little water, boil on low flame for 5 mins stirring continously otherwise it will become lumpy, remove from the gas and add milk to bring it to whatever consistency you need. That's the sweet version.
For the salty version use Salt to taste instead of sugar and after the stuff is cooked as per the above procedure use watery Yoghurt instead of milk to bring it to the required consistency.
Enjoy making it, I for one did'nt like it.

Dennis said...

T.Frank, you should be proud to have served. It doesn't matter if you were front-line, supply, clerk, logistics, whatever; the point is you did your country proud. Ignore those that look down on the military; some people will only appreciate them when they suddenly need them.

Jimbo, that's absolutely amazing! How the hell did you manage to learn anything?

Karen Q, welcome back; please send some of that weather to Jersey.

C.C., "hogging the comments"?? I think we all look forward to our leader's comments and questions, and I don't think there's a person here who wants to see less of them.

Windhover, here I was trying to be PC, and you came out with that. Thanks; much appreciated.

KQ said...


I wouldn't actually pitch the computer, I would recycle it. I am very frustrated though. It is an HP notebook and I cannot believe all the problems I have had with it. It is a total time sucker in terms of maintenance. I am thinking next time I will purchase a mac - and I swore I never would. My desktop is just old and needs reformatting as it has way too many programs on it.

The laptop won't recognize the hard drive for some reason. I have reseated it, and it still doesn't work. While I am relatively savvy, I am finding this problems a little too techy for me, and I have already spent too much time and money fixing it previously. We will see how today goes!

KQ said...


I left that weather behind in Waco, TX. It has turned colder once again in Minnesota, so I have none to forward. Sorry.

lois said...

Good morning CC et al., a 'modest' puzzle...until I saw the Satyr link! Holy Hotwick, CC!!! I not only 'exhaled' I lost my breath completely! That's quite a table stand, or lamp stand, or whatever stand but it is sure standing! Quite a 'stem' with the guy in full 'bloom'! He needs to put that thing 'on ice' where it will go 'eider down' completely or fall 'aft'with 'ease'. Holy 'tense' 'towel' rack! Made my day. I could be singing 'opera' now!

Enjoy your day.

Linda said...

CC: One of my favorite authors is/was Louis L`Amour. Learned so much about the old and new west, including "dry washes". His books were full of the "code of the West" ie: Do the right thing, keep your word, respect for decent women etc.

Dennis: The partial quote, isn't joyous at all I disagree with...I`m probably more joyous now than at any other period of my life.

Kristen: The quote should have been "All wool and a yard wide"...I was referring to the "yard wide" part since you mentioned "CYA." The quote really means what is being said is not true and is meant to be very misleading.

"See you in the funny papers" has always been a flippant, sarcastic way of saying, "you probably won`t see me anymore"... to me.

CC: I am who I am because who we all are. So true for all of us!

Jimbo: Was your Dad a traveling evangelist by any chance?

Dennis: Husband already has 3, 58 chevy impala models...I was serious about if anyone knows of a good deal on a real one...if there is such a thing since you can virtually name your own price...

My "Dadism" for the day. The first time I put on short shorts as a budding woman, my Dad said, "Girl, you done jumped too "fur" through your britches!" He would often tell me, "Girl, I`ve taught you everything I know and you still don`t know nuthin`!"

Lemonade714 said...


We all look forward to all of your comments, so never think you can say too much.

It is probably easier to scan your answers, andthen link to them.

The whole point of the reference to Astarte, is the irony of the use of the name Easter is that it is from a pagan source. Almost all of Judaeo-christian ritual can be found in pagan practice. Easter . Christmas .


How did your daughter do in the sun, did she shine also?

How is the eye today, D?

"All cloth and yard wide." hmm, is it related to the British use of "a wide lad" to denote someone slightly unscrupulous?

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, No problem with the puzzle today. Oddly, the first Ohio school that came to mind was KENT STATE. The breezy "SEE YOU IN THE FUNNY PAPERS" line is a bit flippant, but hopefully was meant in a friendly way.

I see that poet W.B. YEATS was an answer. I've never read The Shadowy Waters, but I looked it up and it is much too long to post here. We just had a YEATS poem for St. Patrick's Day, so we've had our share of him for this week.

Off to the city today for some shopping, so I'll just say have a good day everyone.

JIMBO said...

It was'nt so hard. Most of the schools taught the same subjects; Just some of the time I would be behind a couple of chapters or ahead somewhat. It averaged out in the long run. Also, I had the advantage of TRAVEL AND EXPERIENCE.

I know I'm not the "Sharpest knife in the drawer", but I did manage two years of college as well. (17 years later)

My education is still lacking though, because I have a lot of trouble with these xwords. Many times I am able to finish but have to "brood" over them until the light finally comes on. (Like hours) But aint it fun??

Anonymous said...

Good morning all. Yes, the Naples News has announced the puzzle move to the LAT for two days now. I'm relieved, even tho I may not my able to do well towards the end of the week.
Karen Q: By all means go to a Mac. I've had 3 or 4 over the years, and they all work easily. The print that C.C. has questioned is an example of a very easy way to print or save whatever is on one's screen and to edit it. And I was able to put up a website in about 2 hours work with directions from Apple – something my husband, who has been using PCs since they were invented, has not been able to do. And I am extremely technologically illiterate.

Lemonade714 said...


My new avatar is my oldest son and the 40 pound wahoo he caught last week. I sent it to my friends along with a picture of my youngest with his new girlfriend, with the comment, " Aaron went fishing and caught a 40 pound fish; Devin went trolling and caught a 90 pound girlfriend." I do love my boys...

I also agree there is never anything to be sheepish about concerning military service; I grew up through both unpopular "police actions" and while I was not a fan of the concept, admired all those who served.

HENRY CLAY FRICK, brought to mind FORD FRICK, the baseball commissioner when I was kid, who was a sportswriter, who ended up as the head of all baseball.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to remain the "Star Tribune Crossword Corner?".. or become the LA Times Crossword Corner? or just the Crossword corner or CC's crossword corner? or what???? I got here in the first place because of googling Star Tribune crossword puzzle and this blog is what popped up first and was most helpful.

Dennis said...

Lol, I was waiting for Lois to discover the satyr picture. Newport News might hava a problem today; watch the papers.

Linda, I agree with you; these past 10 years or so have been the happiest of my life. Partially because I'm surprised to still be here.

Lemonade, one day away (hopefully) from being able to put a contact back in. Thanks for asking. Neat picture.

Dick, I've read stories about the Johnstown flood and what those people went through; just tragic. You're right - it's a shame you weren't able to capture her memories.

C.C., sorry, I can no longer see the Shuttle since I'm weaning myself off the steroid drops.

Kazie, your first sentence says it all.

Jimbo 'ain't it fun' indeed.

JIMBO said...


No, my dad was not an evangelist, but became an elder in the church after settling in Junction.

Our show was "motion pictures" just like the theaters of today, except that it was in a tent.

"Spiritually" speaking, you are my hero in this blog. I like the way you speak up concerning your beliefs. I can see that you are very learned in the scriptures.

Vaya con Dios

Elissa said...

I didn't know ASTARTE which really slowed me down. Once I got that it was pretty smooth sailing. But I think 'in error' and FALSELY are not synonymous. And I first had STAYED instead of WAITED and DORIC instead of IONIC, LORDS for EARLS.

I had a crush on Franco NERO who played Lancelot in Camelot.

Dick: Disturbing info about Henry FRICK. I always associate that name with the museum in NY.

Don't think "See you in the funny pages" is a show of mild contempt, but ELS, ONO, ELI and OBOE sure spell contempt (or laziness) to me.

I disagree with the WoW that being free of caring in old age is not joyous. I find it more and more liberating and joyous, like the freedom to wear purple and other stuff described in this poem

And now I'm off to the accountant to get the taxes done.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Barry G,
Look, I did it! You forgot "气" earlier. It's 不客气. Still, your Chinese is good!

I will blog LA Times puzzle from March 23. It will still be called Star Tribune Crossword Corner. Our local paper is still in business.

I know, Mac is cool in terms of screen capture.

Is that you with the big fish?

DoesItinInk said...

Once I disabused myself of trying to fit “see you later alligator” into 31A and 40A, this puzzle went very quickly. I completed it with NO errors and, as always, no Google. I have never associated the phrase SEE YOU IN THE FUNNY PAPERS with a put-down. It was a phrase my mother often said when she tucked me in bed and which I interpreted to mean that she would see me the next morning when we would read the funny papers together. Another expression from my early childhood meaning bedtime was “Betty White’s Party”…as in “it’s time to go to Betty White’s Party”. Did anyone else’s family use this expression?

@Barry G…Thanks for the “print screen” vs “Alt-print screen”. Working with computers is my livelihood, and I did not know that! It will come in handy in the future.

@Karen Q…sorry you are having problems with your HP laptop. I have one too and think it is a great performing workhorse.

@Clear Ayes…I do not think it odd that the first Ohio school that came to mind was KENT STATE. It was the school that immediately came to mind for me too. I think anyone in our age range remembers well what happened at KENT STATE, alas.

Lemonade714 said...

No, C.C., that is my oldest son, Aaron, in the Keys with the 40 pound wahoo he caught while fishing with his future father in law. It was the biggest fish he has landed so far, and it turned out to be pretty tasty.

Thanks D., just be careful not to scratch your cornea when you go back to the contacts.

I am off to do the LAT online....

Linda said...

Lemonade714: Wonderful picture...I`ll always remember the time my son caught a small shark...but hardly anyone believed him because it "got away..."

As to the pagan practices in the Judeo-Christian realm...even to how we named our week days and even what we call Christ, Himself (Jesus= "little Zeus"), you`re right on. Fascinating to know...but as to changing it universally, not a chance..."Tradition!" as the Fiddler would say...I have chosen to stop using the term "Easter" (Ishtar-based) and I call it "Resurrection Day." the risk of making Wally World`s stock plunge
and breaking many a child`s Jeremiah 10: 3 and 4

Jimbo: Kind words...if you`re not willing to stand up for what you believe to be TRUTH, then you don`t really believe it, I say.

Bet you could write a very interesting book about your child-hood. Think about it.

Linda said...

Dennis: I finally "got" your eye on steroids being able to see the Shuttle thingy. Clever! I`m not usually that slow...I blame it on dieting in order to fit into my bikini..the one with the hole in the knee.

CC: This 3...I AM counting...

T. Frank said...

Dennis & Lemonade,

Thanks for your remarks about military service. Few of us had much to say about where we served. I am reminded about a saying in a WWII movie about England, "They also serve who only stand and wait"

KQ said...

Lemonade, I love the way we shamelessly promote our children. My daughter played very well her first round and it was such fun going to see her. She was very excited for me to be there. The other two rounds were okay, but she left too many strokes on the course. A 10th place finish in the tournament with 82 participants. It was her highest ever, however, not her best 54 hole score. It is a marathon watching, and I have lots of blisters and aches and pains, but well worth it. Thanks for asking.

DoesItinInk said...

I can’t believe it! I finally finished the Thursday NYT crossword puzzle for 03/19/2009 correctly and without Google or any other aids. But it did take me a lot of time and cogitating! According to blogger Rex Parker the theme occupies 71 of the puzzle’s squares, and 7 of the 8 theme answers are names of people in popular culture, definitely not my strong point. Have fun, if you decide to give it a go!

Dennis said...

DoesitinInk - I just finished the LAT one as well. A bit of a bear, but managed to finish it with lots of perp help. The ends of the weeks are definitely gonna be a handful. But I bitched for the last several weeks about how easy the Tribune ones had become, so I'll not complain.

Few of us had much to say about where we served.

T.Frank, that's very true. We came back into San Francisco in '66, literally days removed from shooting at people and being shot at, and to our utter amazement, were met by protestors. I don't think any of us expected a 'hero's welcome', but no one expected to get the reception we did. It soon became obvious that that was to be the norm, and as a result, most servicemen just kept their experience overseas to themselves. Some of the more confrontational ones (myself included) ended up in many, many fights over the years. It was a very sad experience for most Vietnam vets.

Anyway, the point of this rambling post is that whenever I see the welcome home parties for the troops now, or that brilliant commercial with the troops going through a train station to a standing ovation, I fill up, not just because we never got that, but because the country learned because of us, and that makes it all worthwhile.

Sorry for the long post, but that hit a button.

WM said... is still morning...just. Sorry C.C. I spent the day stretching canvases and working on mural everyone had pretty much said everything by the time I checked, today...

You are correct that Nouveau is incorrect with cuisine...and actually the term is more correct as Nouvelle Cuisuine which began life in the late 70's with a French Chef called Michele Guerard who wrote a book called Cuisine Minceur...essentially spa food with the traditional heavy sauces replaced with stock-based and lighter sauces...that's where the plates of 3 baby carrots and a quail egg artfully arrange came from, and still, unfortunately, exist in some restaurants.

To Dennis: Re: CODA...nope, noway... I still have yesterday's puzzle and the only similiar word are CIAO, CUSP and CRUX(a clue), sorry, big guy.;0)

C.C. RE: PEA SOUP...back in the 1800's and early 1900's in London, when coal was the main source of heat and power, the air was so thick with coal dust and smoke residue that it altered weather patterns and the fog was very dense and often greenish in hue, especially under gaslights...Jack the Ripper time! The buildings were also heavily coated in black soot and there is stil an ongoing effort in many cities to remove it all these years later. It is often done with high pressure hoses, but the softer limestone has to be cleaned with slowly running water that drips from the top of the buildings...a long, laborious process. more thing...I think that the reason that men tend to be unfaithful, probably more often than women is that it is really part of their nature, kind of hard wired into their brains. If you look in the animal world, males collect harems of females as a guarantee of the survival of the species, with the strongest and most powerful having the largest collection. I think it basically still carries over to the human species...socialization or not...chalk it up to a natural and prehistoric urge(how's that for an excuse guys?.

The puzzle was not difficult, but I felt a bit sad at the quote. Even though we have been soundly dissing the was kind of a poignent goodbye.

Okay, this probably counts as at least 2 posts and more than makes up for yesterday...more canvas prep in the offing.

T. Frank said...


One more post and I am done.

I echo your feelings about returning vets. That is why Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies. I weep whenever I watch it, probably more for our country than for individuals.

I recently rented from Netflix the whole HBO production of the Apollo flights. If you have not seen it, it is a must. Great stuff.

Sounds like the eye is much better. I'm glad for you.

Mainiac said...

Good Afternoon!

Sewer main break this morning so I'm just getting to lunch.

I worked right through this one but had trouble with the NW corner. I misspelled Sheila and had Stayed instead of Waited. Once I fixed it up with Sheila, I finished without the help of the blog. Didn’t do badly on the LAT puzzle last night. Couldn’t finish because I fell asleep. (Yeah, right!!)

I feel extremely proud of the men and women who are serving and have served our country. My grandfather was a graduate of the USNA and served as Cmdr of Repairs on an aircraft carrier in WWII. I loved his stories and artifacts he had in his basement of the pieces of the kamikaze that crashed through four decks of the ship. I'm trying to get my cousins to let me have all that stuff. My father served in the army as a clerk in Japan. He missed the birth of my older brother but brought home a Pachinko game which has been endless enjoyment for my two boys. No matter what capacity someone may have served, their sacrifice is greatly appreciated, regardless of the size. This country is what it is today because of you guys and gals.

When I saw Doggie Doc today I cringed. So far I’ve spent $350 this week. The old boy is home though with pain meds and antibiotics. The kids are glad he’s home but we’ve been discussing options if this treatment doesn’t work out. I’m proud of these two youngsters in the maturity level in which they are dealing with this. My youngest said “Dadio, we’ve already been through this with Buster”. Then my oldest said “and don’t forget about Alvin, Asia, Emily, Gilbert and Zeek”. Damned pets!!

Lois, Thanks!! I needed that today!

Sorry to ramble.......Cheers!

WM said...

One more thing...

Re: Lemonade and C.C. ASTARTE/EASTER...Lemonade is most likely correct on the connection as EASTER is a pagan celebration of rebirth and fecundity, hence the bunny(seriously fecund) and eggs( Where else would you connect Bunnies and Eggs?). The Catholic Church adopted many of the pagan holidays for the official church calendar because they had a very difficult time erradicating pagan beliefs. They were basically hoping to get people to switch over and celebrate on the same traditional days. In the Christian religion, Easter is also a symbol of it all kind of fits. You can pretty much match up major celebrations in the church with those of Paganism.

I also found it interesting that the Persian New Year is coming up on the first day of THAT seems emminently logical. New Year as a celebration of rebirth and the earth coming back to life after winter! Never really understood the whole "start a new year" in the middle of winter, except for the fact that it comes after the shortest daylight day of the year, the Winter Solstice... which is, essentially a rebirth also...HMMM, OK. I think I just answered my own question.

2...and counting

papajim said...

Dennis, fron the jungle to Travis AFB took about 23 hours, my 22nd birthday no less.(still haven't figured out how long my birthday lasted, 43 hrs?). I could never find out why we were all "baby killers". The protesters were all over us too. ("69). I pretty much stayed out of the bars and other trouble spots, my fightin' days were done. I still don't get it. It was time to move on a long time ago. I love the bumper sticker that says "Nam Vets are best in the bush!"
Oh yeah,... easy puzzle.

Anonymous said...

Hi C. C.,
I've been reading your crossword blog for a few weeks now and I enjoy it very much. I am an ESL teacher and I'm very impressed at your ability to solve crosswords! Most of my students won't even try them. Occasionally, I get the feeling that I'm the oldest person reading your blog because some things that puzzle you and your readers are easy for me - like the names of all those old obscure movie stars. So, when I read that no one seemed to know what "see you in the funny papers" means, I thought i would offer my memories of where that came from.

I grew up in Chicago, and when I was little there was no TV. Everyone had a radio and it was the center of family entertainment. I can remember that every Sunday morning there was a program on the radio where the host (don't remember who) would read the Sunday comics from the newspaper. I'm pretty sure it was Sunday because I remember the comics being in color. I would spread the comic section on the floor and read along with him. His sign off phrase was something like, "That's all for now. For the rest of the week I'll see you in the funny pages (or papers)." It became a phrase that people picked up and repeated, and I'm not aware of any other meanings. I tried to research this a little but so far I haven't been able to verify it. All I have to go on is my memory. If I find out anything more I will let you know.
I'm looking forward to the new puzzles and will continue reading your blog. Maybe someday I'll participate!

Joyce Lee (not Korean, but Danish - originally spelled Lie but Americanized because of the pronunciation)

Elissa said...

Just tried to do the LAT puzzle. After struggling a while and Googling some names, switched to Regular mode and found that my efforts were similar to AIG's (lots of red ink). But I was impressed by the cleverness of the theme clue: "Turn in, perhaps using items hidden in 17-, 24-, 48- and 57-Across". Went back to 17, 24, 48 and 57 Across and after a moment's confusion, had a V-8 moment - DUH! I did the LAT puzzles on Monday and Tuesday with no trouble. Why would anyone think we (by which I mean, I) get smarter as the week goes on?

Oh, well, I guess it will be a learning experience. I can remember when the TMS puzzle flummoxed me and I got better at it with the help of C.C. and the whole gang on this blog.

Chris in LA said...

@ military folks,

There's a film out called "Taking Chance" - saw it last night. It's a real tear-jerker and brings a whole new level of respect to the way KIA's are treated. A must see, IMHO, definitely worth a Netflix or DVR/TIVO. Cried most of the way through it.

Semper Fi!

Anonymous said...

Joyce Lee, You didn't say how old you are, but I too, usually know answers from things we studied in school when i was young that apparently haven't been taught for the last thirty years. Although I read the blogs and my husband doesn't, we do the puzzle together and he may very well be the oldes C/W-er. We will celebrate his 95th birthday this Saturday. We are so thankful that he is in good health, mentally and physically. He has been putting up shelves in the basement and unpacking boxes the last couple of weeks. We are finally almost pack to what we had originally before the Great Wisconsin Flood last June that not only ruined the basement but the water kept coming in for ten weeks & we could not start repairs for months. Dot

kazie said...

I just finished the LAT puzzle for today, but never would have got half without the red ink cheat sheet feature. Many of those clues I still don't have any idea what they mean. The Thursday one last week was much better, I thought. Yesterday's was OK too.

You were hilarious in your first post today. Similar to my reaction, but a much more colorful description than I could have come up with.

Bill said...

KarenQ, E mail me. I just finished a HP 5218 laptop and had ti do some fancy footwork to get the HDD installed. If the HDD didn't completely die (and they do, sometimes for no reason), I may be able to send you a link to a site that will help.

KittyB said...

Hi, C.C. and all.

C.C., thanks for the info on what's going to be published where. I've visited the LAT sight on-line, and had some success solving, but I've taken note that the puzzle gets harder through the week. I'm VERY glad to know that LAT is published on-line on Sunday. I'm surprised that Willy's parting crossword was so easy.

Thanks for asking about Mom. She's been in a nursing home for the past two months, and on Saturday will be moving to a condo with a 24/7 caregiver. Oddly, this is harder for me than having her live with us, because now I have to spend so much time traveling to see to her needs. We'll see how it works out, and perhaps I can get on to a schedule of visits so that I can get back to the office work. She's physically well, but her memory (at 92) is very damaged.

Argyle, we have the same problem with our phones when it rains. Cable Internet is a godsend!

OMG! BarryG....I'd NEVER be able to accomplish those instructions. I used to think I was fairly computer literate, but I think I'm loosing ground.

Jimbo, there's nothing wrong with brooding over a puzzle. I do it with the Sunday puzzle all the time. I fill in the easy stuff, and then stop. When I come back later, I fill in a little more, until finally it's done. Good for you, keeping at it!

I'm off to try my hand at the LAT puzzle. Have a good evening.

maria said...

Good evening, c.c. and all
Although i have not been posting every day i still keep up with the goings on, rough waters and all.

I particularly feel i have to chime in today, it saddened me to learn Dennis and P/Jim went thru hell after having been in hell.

I hope it will be of some solace to know, not everybody felt that way, even though Jane Fonda was leading the Pack, I will never ever forget her role in that , no matter how many times she apologizes for it , i cringe every time she is on the tube.

Chris, i did see Taking Chance, and Kevin Bacon did a great job and yes, i cried my eyes out.

Other than that, i keep on plugging with the daily puzzle and a few LATs

And every day i learn something from all of you, Literati , and you know who you are !

RichShif said...

Hi C.C. and all,

Haven't posted in a while as I have had nothing new to add since I'm only able to be here in the evenings.

I'm surprised that nobody linked CSNY's Ohio, which is about Kent State. The song Ohio starts at about 1:30. Neil Young wrote this song after seeing the news about the Kent State Massacre. He then brought it to the recording session that CSNY was currently working on and insisted that they record it for the new album.

WM said... good to see you back. Now that your mom has a caregiver it actually works well if you can set a visiting and helping schedule for yourself. Now that my mom has someone with her for now, I am, thankfully back to seeing her on Saturdays and we go grocery shopping and I help with bits around the house. My brothers have fairly standard days that they visit also. I lost control of my life for 4 mos and am slowing getting things back to normal...just a bit of advice from someone who's been there...Still love that gorgeous is one of my most favoritie colors.

Just finished the Thurs. LAT puzzle on my own today(hubby took over yesterday's so I can't say how I would have done by myself). I figure if I am still hanging in there by Thurs, this has definite possibilities...tomorrow may be another if I disappear Fri-Sun...80)
#3(just keeping track)

Dennis said...

Maria, thanks. I probably should've just kept that to myself, but as you've seen, I unfortunately tend to lose my 'buffer' occasionally. Anyway, I appreciate your sentiments.

Dot, are you serious? Your husband is 95, and he's in the basement putting up shelves?? That's absolutely amazing - if I should make 95, I'll be doing the same thing squash does.

How long have you two been married?

Chris in LA, Maria, yes, I saw Taking Chance, and was thankful I watched it alone.

Joyce Lee, welcome, and a great reminiscence - hope you contribute often.

DoesItinInk said...

@Dennis et al…Ok, I finally finished the Thursday LAT crossword. I managed little by little to chip away at the puzzle until I arrived at the lower, left corner. Though I knew “____ Ghost”, the 1991 Mailer novel, and 48A and 53A, I just could not make any more headway. Finally I had to Google 37D “Men Like Gods” author. (I so hate to do that, but I was desperate.) Once I filled in the missing 5 letters in that answer, I was able to complete the puzzle. So 5 missing/incorrect squares and one cheat for me.

@Joyce Lee…YES! I did not remember the radio show that read the “funny papers” until I read your post. Now I remember that though I must not have been more than 5 or so at the time. Thank you! I’ll see if my mother remembers that radio program. I want to ask her also about the “Betty White’s Party” reference.

@RichShif…Thank you too for the CSNY song. It brought back many powerful memories.

RichShif said...

In "It's A Wonderful Life", didn't Sam Wainwright bid George Bailey farewell by telling him "See you in the funny papers"?

Anonymous said...

Dennis, Yes, seriously and honestly, he will be 95. As soon as the workshop is back in order, he plans to resume building a hutch cabinet which he started before the flood. (The one in June, not Noah's!) He usually walks a mile a day, and does bench presses and leg lifts three times a week.

His explanation for his long life is, "Marry a woman younger than yourself." I will be 81 next month. We've been married almost 57 years. He was in the South Pacific during World War II, stayed in service until we got married. When he got back to the Base after our honeymoon, there were orders for him to go to Korea. Since he had less than six months left on his enlistment, he was able to say, "I'm getting out. You can't send me over there." Dot

Lemonade714 said...

RichShif said...
In "It's A Wonderful Life", didn't Sam Wainwright bid George Bailey farewell by telling him "See you in the funny papers"?

Now that is what I call a memory!

Crockett1947 said...

Hello, all. Spent the day at the first round NCAA games here in Portland, and haven't been around the computer to blog anything.

I did contact the Features editor at The Oregonian, and she called me back and left a message that said this week's puzzle are from United Media Syndicate. They selected it because the syndicate says it's their most popular crossword and because it was the closest to the current one (TMS), which they "really like." There you have it, boys and girls. It doesn't seem to have an online component.

Anonymous said...

This Xword appears in the SF Chronicle and SJ Mercury. I always check tyour answers afetr completion.
Is this the last time?