Mar 2, 2009

Monday March 2, 2009 Jo Vita

Theme: Put on a Hat!

17A: Fish farms: HATCHERIES

25A: Three consecutive goals: HAT TRICK

53A: Carolina cape: HATTERAS

62A: Female pharaoh: HATSHEPSUT

11D: Location of Southern Miss: HATTIESBURG

24D: Sharp-featured visage: HATCHET FACE

Luckily we had HAT TRICK in our puzzle last week. Otherwise, I would have struck out six straight times. HATSHEPSUT looks insanely wrong to me. Wikipedia says this lady was the fifth pharaoh of Egypt, and is generally regarded by Egyptologists as one of the most successful ones.

Took me a while to realize CIT (3D: U. S. voter) stands for citizen. Is it a common abbreviation? I was not familiar with it at all. I love America and American politics, but I don't have the right to vote. I don't have the patience and courage to go through INS application again. They screwed up my green card big last time. Obviously my Chinese name Zhouqin needs a "u" to make sense to others.

I'd like to have a survey today. If you read this blog every day, can you pop into the Comments section and introduce yourself? Tell me which city/state you are from. Maybe your favorite breakfast too.

Here is the detailed instruction on how to post a comment. I look forward to hearing from you. (Note: Please post your comment on today's Comments section rather than the instruction Comments part).


1A: Chocolate coffee: MOCHA. Named after the Yemen port city MOCHA, from which the coffee was exported. Yemen is the birthplace of coffee cultivation. But Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee itself.

10A: Cartoonist Addams: CHAS. No idea. Nickname for Charles? The creator of "The Addams Family".

30A: Nearby things: THESE. Oh, "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)". I always thought they are made of THESE.

35A: Full of worthless stuff: DROSSY. Only know DROSS.

38A: Golfer Mediate: ROCCO. Gimme. ROCCO Mediate finished second at US Open last year. I don't know. I can never warm up to this guy. Maybe he needs to change his glasses.

40A: A-Team guy: MR. T

42A: Pianist Blake: EUBIE. Ah, EUBIE, why did you pick up this nickname? So hard for me to remember.

43A: In heaven: ON HIGH

47A: Chinawood oil: TUNG. Glory be! Have never heard of TUNG oil before. It's used as varnish ingredient for furniture. I recognized the Chinese character for TUNG tree (油桐) when I googled. Did not know it's also called China wood-oil tree.

56A: Martina of tennis: HINGIS. Shocked to learn she used cocaine. Maybe she should not have broken up with Sergio Garcia. They were cute together. Sergio is a close amigo of Rafael Nadal. And Tiger Woods is of course rooting for his pal Roger Federer. Now you know Tiger and Sergio are no real buddies. Hope US Open (Bethpage Black) this year is as entertaining as the 2002 one.

59A: Caspian sturgeon: BELUGA. This looks dangerous. I did not know BELUGA is that huge. What is the average size of BELUGA caviar then?

66A: 750 in letters: DCCL

67A: Cinema pooch: ASTA. And ASTRO (22D: "The Jetsons").

68A: TV journalist Frank: SESNO. I know how he looks like, but would not have got his name without the down fills. He used to appear on Wolf Blitzer's "The Situation Room" often.

71A: Hebrew letter: TSADI. Nope. Can also be spelled as TSADE or SADHE. 18th of the 22 Hebrew letter. I only know the first one ALEF.


2D: Can or cup ending: OLA. I cook with canola oil. Oliver oil is too strong for me.

4D: One hundred : pref.: HECTO. As in hectogram. I know this prefix when I see it. But I can't spell it out without adjecent help.

12D: "Toys in the __": ATTIC. Easy guess. Not familiar with this Aerosmith album. Hmmm, Aerosmith sounds like a great name to play for an AERO clue. "Smith intro/head?".

23D: Eating utensil: SPOON. Bet Dennis wanted FORK. I really really like this Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture. That SPOON weighs about 5,800 pounds. Walker Arts Center just removed the cherry (1,200 pounds) to give it a fresh paint.

26D: Religious deg.: TH. D. (Theologicae Doctor). Doctor of Theology. Not a familiar abbreviation to me. Know SEM (29D: Theol. sch.) though.

32D: Minute trace: SCINTILLA

34D: Altar constellation: ARA. See this diagram. Latin for "Altar".

37D: Safecrackers: YEGGS. I wonder what's the origin of YEGG. It sounds Hebrew to me.

46D: Yep: UH-HUH

49D: "__ Cannonball": WABASH. Is this a very well-known song? I've never heard of it before. Very strange song title.

51D: Abridged version: DIGEST

55D: Fracas: SET-TO. Reminds me of the slangy & obscure squabble word RHUBARB we had last time.

65D: You, to Yves: TOI. "... C'est TOI pour moi. Moi pour TOI...."



C.C. Burnikel said...

Barry G,
Thought of you when I read Gisele Bundchen's SCALLOPED edge wedding gown.

Chow Chin is the Cantonese spelling of my given name Zhouqin, hence C.C.

Anonymous @1:10pm,
Thank you so much. I will try hard to DIGEST and assimilate what you wrote.

JD, Crockett et al,
Thanks for all the answers. I like your clue for OUSTED, Crockett.

Anonymous said...

Harold from Whitehall, NY
I really enjoy your comments and the pictures.

Lemonade714 said...

Good morning C. C,;

Still in Davie, Florida, and as I watch the snow storms, pretty happy about that choice. We are at 53 degrees, so I must scurry through my closet for warm clothes.

This was a most challenging Monday puzzles, especially since I never heard of Frank SESNO, and it took a while for the Social Security Admin. to come to me. All the hats helped, but the Pharoah spelling was also a stretch. CHAS (yes, an abbreviation of Charles) Addams is one of the most macabre entertaining cartoonists ever, and the inspiration for the TV series about his cartoon family, Gomez, Morticia and Uncle Fester Addams (later two movies). I liked having ASTA and ASTRO both popping up in this puzzle. The Hebrew letter is challenging, because they keep changing the English version of the letters; it was Tsadik, as I grew up. YEGG is a popular pulp fiction word, but there is debate where it came from; supposedly there was a Swedish crook by that name, but I think it just appealed to Damon Runyon et al.

As far as summons and summon, they mean exactly the same thing as verbs.
Yesterday was day off from puzzle, though I did do the NYT, but with many, many interruptions.

Good morning Harold, how did you get there so soon?

Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - a bit late today, tons of snow to play with.

Not much to comment on - needed the perps on a few, but otherwise straightforward. One error - a hat trick is not 3 consecutive goals, rather 3 goals by a player in a single game. They could be interspersed with other teammates' goals.

Today is Old Stuff Day.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "A man can only do what a man can do. But if he does that each day, he can sleep at night and do it again the next day." -- Albert Schweitzer

And today's Fun Fact: Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, carries the designation M-1, so named because it was the first paved road anywhere in the world.

Dick said...

Good morning CC and all,..nice puzzle for me until I got to the SE corner. I was pretty smug at the speed and accuracy of my answers and then I hit the wall. I was unable to complete that area without visiting Mr G. Oh well, almost a perfect one.

High of 21 degrees here today. Ugh! Hang on Dennis it is going your way.

Hope you all have a great Monday

Anonymous said...

I have not yet mastered the art of leaving a comment on the blog page. I did want to tell you tho in response to your request I often read the crossword blog - especially weekends.

I live in Northern Ontario Canada. It is presently -38 degrees as I write this. We have had a cold and long winter which began in November and will be here until about April. Not a ton of snow (2 feet) but cold.

I will continue to read and do enjoy completing the crosswords my husband can't finish. I am not a good starter but usually can finish- except for the obscure ones - which is where you come in.

Again, you do a great job and I enjoy reading you and everyone else. Its like a little extended family.

Keep it up.
E. V.
Hornepayne Ont.

Anonymous said...

Hello - I read the blog every morning in the Detroit Free Press after working the Tribune Crossword. I have to say I'm always amazed that, no matter how early I check in, the daily blog is there!
Elaine in Michigan

Dennis said...

C.C., great idea asking for the 'readers-only' to check in. I think we'll see a lot of new faces today and that's great; maybe some will see how easy it is and become regular contributors. We should shoot for contributions from each state/country.

No wonder your blog hits are over a million; unlike some, you don't have to create numbers to make yourself seem popular.

Anonymous said...

C.C., I usually get stuck on one or two clues and have come to rely on your blog to help me finish. I appreciate all of the comments from you and your fellow bloggers.

BP in Naperville, IL

Anonymous said...

Hi CC.

My name is Laura & I am from Chicago, IL. I read your blog almost every day & really enjoy it. I do not often comment, as usually I am on my Blackberry, which for some reason cannot navigate to the comments page.

I very much like your explainations of some of the obscure words & it helps me remember them for the next puzzle they appear in. I think I am starting to actually know some of the Hebrew months now.

Keep up the great work & thanks.

Anonymous said...

New Commenter Gladys from Boca Raton, Fla. I found you by accident and enjoy your wise insight. Some words sound "made up" but, oh well, they do fit in. I like the way you researc the do I.

Dr. Dad said...

Good morning to all. We are getting a mild "blizzard" here in RI. The office is closed today and I will be working from home but have found time to visit the site.

Had to google a couple of items but otherwise not too bad. Didn't know Frank Sesno or Drossy or Eubie. Couldn't remember Tsadi either.

Favorite breakfast - bacon or sausage with eggs and hash browns/home fries and white toast. Coffee is a must. Alot of people here know I am from Coventry, RI.

Yes, Chas is short for Charles.

I also thought it was "these" for Sweet Dreams. Must be the way she pronounces it.

Mr. T - born Laurence Tureaud. Played Bosco "Bad Attitude" = B.A. Baracus alongside George Peppard (Hannibal Smith), Dirk Benedict (Templeton "Face" Peck), and Dwight Shultz (Howling Mad "H.M." Murdock). Also played Clubber Lang in Rocky III. He does good work for kids with cancer.

The picture of the Beluga is that of a Beluga whale. They are supposed to be quite friendly. Here is a picture of a Beluga sturgeon.

Wabash Cannonball is familiar to me and probably to all Roy Acuff fans.

Today is (in addition to Old Stuff Day) Read Across America Day and Dr. Seuss' Birthday. And it is Fun Facts About Names Day, Namesake Day, and Orthodox Green Monday.

Have a great Monday. I will be spending a good portion shoveling snow. Dick @ 6:20 a.m. Forget about hanging on because it is heading our way. It is already here. I am tired of friggin' snow.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning C.C. and to all readers! I am from Providence, Rhode Island. I have been doing this crossword as printed in the Providence Journal almost everyday for the last 10 years. I work in a group home for the mentally ill and we get the paper delivered. I am the only one who even attempts to do it, which is fine by me. The residents of the group home even save the section of the paper for me on my days off! I like to google the clues of the crossword to help with answers i have difficulty with. That is how I stumbled upon this great virtual community! I have been a stalker of this page for about 9 months, I think. Today is the first time I have contributed any comments. I'm glad I found you!!! By the way, we got over a foot of snow over here, YUCK!!

Anonymous said...

read your column daily - Kevin, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Favorite breakfast - blueberry scone and coffee!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Well, today's puzzle started out so ridiculously easy that I was all set to come here and complain about it. And then things took a surreal turn for the worse....

The middle section was awful, with all those three letter monstrosities. I initially went with EMT, YES and CUP instead of EMS, YEA and TSP. What saved me there was that I finally remembered ARA from puzzles long past. That unlocked the MRT mystery, which let me get everything else in that section.

Unfortunately, I was wasn't so lucky in the SE corner. HATSHEPSUT, SESNO and TSADI were all completely foreign to me. I nearly got them via the crosses, except that my limited knowledge of French (I think I've mentioned that before) got me only so far as VOU for 65D. And as I type that, I realize I was thinking of VOUS. Either way, I didn't get TOI. As a result, although I did manage to get SESNO, I ended up with HATSHEPSUV and TSADU.


Other unknowns today from the wonderfully obscure world of sports were ROCCO and HINGIS.

On the bright side, I did get WABASH (I know the song) and TUNG (I've used the oil on antique furniture), so I didn't feel completely stupid today.

Oh -- and today's "word that makes me go WTF?" is definitely DROSSY. Yeah, I've seen DROSS before (in crossword puzzles), but that doesn't mean you can just slap a Y on the end and call it an adjective....

And in other news, Dr. Dad's "mild blizzard" is producing significant snowfall here in the Boston area. We may see upwards of 14-15 inches by the time it's done. I am soooo ready for Spring!

Mary Ann said...

Good Morning from sunny Jacksonville, Fl. cold but sunny. My favorite breafast is a over easy egg with an english muffin and coffee. Read blog every day so helful.

Anonymous said...

I do the crossword in the Concord Monitor (NH) and check in with the blog most days. I like the"family" feel of the comments/commenters although I don't always understand the lingo (ex. perps?) I like dinner for breakfast, comment occasionally as anon and am always amazed how early some people get up and think.I'll reveal myself today as Nana, but I'm nobody's grannie.

Dennis said...

Drdad, BarryG, we've got 14" here so far and it just started snowing heavy again. This storm stretched almost the entire eastern seaboard, so be prepared - you've got a ways to go yet.

Hard to believe next weekend kicks off Daylight Savings Time.

dons_mind said...

hi cc - - don from west texas here - enjoy the blog! we do the puzzle each morning here in the office and enjoy the comments on the blog. usually we lurk - seldom post :)

favorite breakfast - biscuits n gravy, grits, couple eggs over easy and hot black coffee! (i actually eat cereal or fruit - but you said favorite!) :)

Anonymous said...

Hi read you everyday to see what kind of neat comments you come up with dealing with every answer. I am always learning things from your attachments to the answers.

Bill/ New Orleans/ La.

Andrea said...

Good morning from Madison, WI - not far from Kazie. I've been lurking for about six months now, and really enjoy starting my day with this board, especially the family feel. I also like learning what day it is from Dick.

My favorite breakfast includes corned beef hash, although I try not to indulge too often... usually it's just coffee, yogurt and berries or oatmeal.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, CC,
It looks like WRW may be one of your million hits. Much better puzzle today. I haven't been complaining about difficulty; I like a challenging but workable puzzle. I DONT like clues repeated every day, and apparently others here don't either. So, if you're listening, Mr. Williams, thank you.

I may have said before that I live near Lancaster, Kentucky, and in answer to CC's earlier question, did not grow up here but about 100 miles North near Maysville, Ky. On the Ohio River. There are those who say I haven't grown up yet.
Breakfast: two eggs over light, a pile of bacon, toast, fruit, and coffee very strong and black.
Argyle from yesterday: I like your version better, as long as the wind is very warm and humid, but it wouldn't go over too well on business cards or the farm sign.
BTW, I didn't know 35A,62A,71A even withnperps filled in. I've been a little too present lately, so I'm out of here till at least tomorrow, leave space for others. This damn thing is addictive for a no-TV person like moi.
Windhover aka Windf&@!?r

Andrea said...

Oops, I meant Dennis's days, not Dick's...

Unknown said...

Love your blog - especially when I am really stuck! (like today, NE corner...) I especially enjoy your comments - and others'.
I'm a grandma in Naples, FL, trying to keep these old cells alive and percolating.

Dennis said...

Andrea, it's ok - I get called both, frequently.

Anonymous said...

I love this Blog. I'm from Port Coquitlam BC Canada.

Cindy said...

Hi, Y'all,

Cindy, from Mandeville, Louisiana; French Toast w/gran sugar, OJ, and Earl Gray hot tea works for me.

I so enjoy the friendly bantering and look forward to the great explanations/pics.

C.C. & all, thanks for your time.

Submaster said...

Read only here, checking in from Chesapeake, Va. Great place to come when I'm stumped and need a word to break me open.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the instructions. Had a bit of trouble today. I made a guess with Tung oil just because I knew of it and thought it sounded Chinese.

Cullman, Alabama

lois said...

Good morning CC et al., Good theme for today...put on a Hat (or 2)...and layer everything b/c we have out first snow FINALLY! The winds are taking a little of the fun out of it, but it's still beautiful. In fact, the winds are sooo gusty that even Dennis might have a hard time staying erect out in the front yard today.

I agree w/Barry so won't repeat. Did know Tung but not Yeggs. Glad to see Hatteras, one of my favorite fishing spots...well, I don't really fish, I just dangle bait and see what bites. I don't reel 'em in usually, unless they're big and irresistable. Use a lot of lines that way, but it's safer.

CC: I'm so sorry the INS messed you up. I hope you don't give up forever.

Enjoy your day. Stay safe.

papajim said...

I read this blog every day, but I decided to keep my opinions to myself after my "negative g's" comment. More knowledgeable people are qualified on these matters. So, I'll stick to what I know best and that would be ATC and beer.
I'm going to be a papa any hour now, my daughter is due tomorrow, our first grandchild.
As for my favorite breakfast, it's kinda bland, 1/2 bowl of cheerios with 1/3 bannana, 1/2 glass of oj, maybe an english muffin.
Keep up the good work on this site, it's the only one I use for these matters.

Mrs.BC said...

CC., Great blog! I've been coming here for quite a while. I live on the north shore of Chicago. I was wondering why you don't post all the answers? Is it a space issue or do you think some answers are too obvious? Regardless, the help I get here usually helps me finish.
Favorite breakfast, earl grey tea!
Thanks and keep up the good work!!

Col_Gopinath said...

Hi there,
I am from half-way around the world from Bangalore in South India, being twelve hours ahead of you'll I get to see the blog in the evening, in fact I do the crossword online long before you'll wake up:-) ie at 1PM local time. Like I have mentioned earlier I get stuck when it comes to names especially the baseball ones, anyway I enjoy doing the CW. Have my own blog of a cryptic CW which comes in my local paper.
I envy you guys with the snow, Summer is building up here and it was 35 degrees centigrade today (that should be around 95 F). By the way your crossword comes in a local paper here but after 3 months. The CW's of Dec 08 are being published at the moment in 'The Times of India'
Ciao from India

Anonymous said...

I am a RN,in Ohio, everyday at lunch, the other nurses and I work the puzzle,and then compare our answers.They know that I often go to your blog,when I get home, to check answers. I really enjoy how you set it up so we can SEE the answers on the WEB.Breakfast? Whole wheat toast with jelly and coffee.

Anonymous said...

I live in Western Springs, Illinois and I love your comments. I am a crossword freak and look forward to solving these without your help. However, when I do get on your site, I feel I get smarter. Oh yea, I have Cheerios for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

I read most every day, I enjoy the different viewpoints. I live in Sandy OR (Gods Country to the locals). If I had to choose a FAVORITE breakfast, is there anything besides steak and eggs? My biker friends call me Fireman Fred, my firehouse friends call me Biker Butler. just 1 stump. DF?

lois said...

Dennis (8:46): LMAO! Funny guy!

Submaster: we're neighbors. NN here. Chime in more often.

papajim: congratulations on the impending birth. Hope all goes well. Let us know what you have - if you're really a mamajim or papajim (blonde joke).

Anne said...

I refer to you almost every day...when I can't figure out the puzzle...and English is my first language!! For breakfast I almost always have scrambled eggs, toast and tea, with a half piece of fruit. Thanks for doing your blog every day!!!

Unknown said...

Doug from Oak Park IL (suburb of Chicago). keep up the good work.

Kashi Good Friends cereal.

Anonymous said...

good morning! I am in Vancaouver WA and visit you everday and have been for about 8 months. I wake up at about 4 4:30 and attempt on my own to fill in as much as I can but for those squares I cant get I always visit your blog. Even if I dont need your help I just visit anyways, I think its relaxing to start my day this way.
My favorite breakfast - Coffee and the puzzle :)

Anonymous said...

good morning! I am in Vancaouver WA and visit you everday and have been for about 8 months. I wake up at about 4 4:30 and attempt on my own to fill in as much as I can but for those squares I cant get I always visit your blog. Even if I dont need your help I just visit anyways, I think its relaxing to start my day this way.
My favorite breakfast - Coffee and the puzzle :)

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm Linda from Kildeer, IL.; a Chicago suburb. I have been reading your blog almost daily for the past few months since I often need help completing the puzzle. I came upon this site when trying to goggle for an answer to a clue a while back. I really enjoy your comments and those of the others, it really helps in remembering for future puzzles.

Favorite breakfast-chai tea and biscotti.

Anonymous said...

Hi CC and gang. I read the blog as much as I can. My wife and I do the crossword every morning when I am in town. Very helpful. Not much of a poster but enjoy reading other's comments. Great weather in Colorado Springs - almost ready to get the boat out. Favorite breakfast = omelet any style.

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning, everyone!

Crockett1947 in Portland, OR.

I think 10A should have an abbreviation clue. CHAS is definitely a shortening of CHARLES.

C.C., your picture link was of a BELUGA whale, not a sturgeon. Here is a picture of this seriously endangered fish. I see has a link as well.

I see dennis chimed in on the HATTRICK clue error. Love today's WoW.

It's nice to see so many "new" posters today. Welcome to all!

Anonymous said...

Here in Modesto, CA it's chilly and raining. I've been checking your blog each weekday when stuck. You are so helpful, especially on the quips. My favorite breakfast is homemade granola with vanilla yogurt. Thanks! Sandy

winfield said...

"Real" name Thomas "SAM" Samsak - Winfield is my middle name - Don't look everyday but a few times each week - usually start puzzle later in day and by that time most people have answered your questions - Although I have contributed when I knew answer - Rarely eat breakfast - more of a night owl - am from Womelsdorf PA - Amish/PA Dutch country - between Reading and Hershey/Harrisburg - Lived in Philly until moving out here 2 years ago - Retired teacher/Spec Ed Supervisor - Really only started doing puzzles since retiring to keep mind active

Anonymous said...

Hi there.
Cheryl from Vancouver, B.C.. I do the crossword every morning and consult your blog for the answers that I cannot get. Thanks a lot.

P.S. My favourite breakfast is waffles!

Anonymous said...

Good morning CC: I've been visiting the blog every morning for a few months. Thanks for all the help and everyone's fun comments. Usual breakfast: cereal, banana, coffee. Sunday breakfast: biscuits & gravy made from spicy sausage & lots of Tabasco; favorite restaurant breakfast here is crawfish omelet w/ red gravy and hashbrowns. What I'd eat for breakfast every day if I could: cold pizza.
12 degrees and sunny here in snowy Moorhead MN.

Sea-She Sheila said...

Good Morning, everyone--I'm Sheila from Norfolk, VA. Light dusting of snow this morning, 25 degrees with howling winds. You probably have more snow in Chesapeake, Lois, where my spouse headed for work this a.m. We're closer to the Bay and don't always get as much white stuff.
I've tried offering a comment before, but wasn't sure it was kosher to just blog uninvited, so I appreciate the opportunity. I've also enjoyed seeing where others are actually located.
This puzzle was more difficult for me. I agree with Barry G., there's no excuse for "drossy!" Best wishes to Papa Jim and his daughter.
Almost forgot: lately, I'm on a softboiled egg in an egg cup kick. I prefer cereal for lunch.
Ciao, Sheila

Anonymous said...

Retired RN from NW MN, where it's warmed up to -2 degrees this am. Been lurking for about 5-6 mo. Have to say I've been addicted to cw puzzles most of my life and now this blog site is one of my favorite bookmarks. I enjoy all the comments. Thanks! Favorite breakfast is Holiday french toast, sausages, oj, and a cup of strong coffee.

Anonymous said...

Redwood City, CA
read this every day

Dennis said...

Just a quick note to all the new posters: First off, welcome, and please make this a habit.

A couple people have remarked about being tentative towards jumping into the conversation. Please do not feel that way - I'm sure I speak for most of the 'oldtimers' on here when I tell you that there can be a lot of repetition among us, and the opportunity to learn from your experiences and knowledge is something I know everyone values.
I, for one, love seeing the new faces; it's just further testimony to the brilliant job that C.C. has done in creating this 'monster'.

Anonymous said...

Hello all,
First time posting. Time to say thank you C. C. for ending daily frustrations for me. I'm amazed at your crossword savvy in that English is your second language. Favorite breakfast: combination of homemade granola, branbuds, topped with banana or fruit and soy milk and lowfat vanilla yogurt. This is worth trying folks! An addict from isolated spot in Northwest Wash. state-the other Washington.

Anonymous said...

Great idea to see the readers who've been quiet so far. Join in. It's fun.

When I traveled in Egypt the tour guide said the female pharoah's name is pronounced "hot cheap suit". that's easy to remember!

For those who wonder about all the answers not given, I've found that if you fill in the letters C.C. has given and make corrections as needed, you'll have the puzzle. Today I still had two holes, but got them when Barry G wrote that it was EMS, not emt.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and read it every day! Thanks for all the extra puzzles lately. I enjoy the puzzles from your blog more than any others.
I live in Clovis, New Mexico. My favorite breakfast - fruit and cereal.

Dr.G said...

Hi all. Low twenties and blowing with about seven inches on the graound and more falling. Caused me to change from Cheerios to oatmeal today in contemplation of shoveling. E. Montgomery County outside of Philly hasn't been this white for quite some time. Floridians, eat your hearts out. I stop here most mornings for enlightenment and education. I, too, am amazed at how early this blog is up and running.
C.C., you are fantastic. Ieep it going and lets go Phillies!

Anonymous said...

Mary from Clarks Green, PA (just outside of Scranton, Pa) Check this blog every day. I have been lurking for about six months. Really enjoy your blog and thank you for all of your hard work.

carol said...

Wow C.C. what a wonderful response to your invitation to all of those who do not normally comment!!! Welcome to all of you and please continue to put your '2 cents' worth in each day. As Dennis said, we 'old timers' welcome new insights - a chance to learn and make new friends.

I had a bit of trouble with some parts and had to resort to the G spot, but still enjoyed it. (usually do ;))

Lois (9:05) LOL, great comment..I don't really think Dennis will be in his front yard in the kind of weather you are describing, he could get injured!!

Dee said...

Good Morning....reading in sunny, for the moment, Portland, Or. Post occasionally, read daily. My local paper The Oregonian went through layoffs and is not what it once was, but still arrives on my doorstep. I am grateful for that. I eat a bowl of steel cut oatmeal (soaked overnight so it cooks faster) with a piece of fruit and chai tea for breakfast. Trying my best to contain that middle age spread deal that seems to happen with no effort at all!

Anonymous said...

I like to have your website when desperate since I always must finish the puzzle. Otherwise, I prefer to Google for answers and learn about these arcane names and words so often found in the CW.

I enjoy reading your comments and the occasional links to descriptions. My home is in the San Jose CA area and my typical breakfast is a Mix of Cheerios, All Bran and Bananas.

WM said...

Good morning C.C. and all.

C.C. what a fabulous challenge and I double-ditto Dennis@10:30 it is fantastic to "see" "lurkers" out there...please make it a habit to join in. New points of view are encouraged...all the time!

BarryG pretty much said it for me again today, although I did have most of the center fills. Had to reverse the final T and P in HATSHEPSUT. This was a bit of work today, but fun.

Papajim...big congratulations!

C.C. and long last, the new website is finally up. Can connect through the blog acct. All comments, pro and con are welcome.

C.C. If you check yesterday's blog at the end of the day there is a photo of me with my granddaughter and mom.
Re: Beluga caviar ...even if you look at the size of the fish, the caviar can be around 1/4 in in dia.
FYI there is also a goat dairy that makes a little round chevre calle the Wabash Cannonball...very yummy.
Off to visit mom in hospital.

Yoga Fogy said...

Sorry for the repetition, I am new to this blogging stuff and clicked the wrong button and didn't identfy myself.

I like to have your website when desperate since I always must finish the puzzle. Otherwise, I prefer to Google for answers and learn about these arcane names and words so often found in the CW.

I enjoy reading your comments and the occasional links to descriptions. My home is in the San Jose CA area and my typical breakfast is a Mix of Cheerios, All Bran and Bananas.

prider said...

Dennis-there is not a camp Onondaga anymore. There is a camp Woodland on the north shore of Oneida lake and a FT. Onondaga which is a salt museum on Onondaga lake

bjtexs said...

OK, C.C., you've "guilted" me into commenting as I have been lurking for about 6 months now, enjoying the comments (and getting a few answers when I was stuck.)

I live in eastern PA about 30 miles west of Philadelphia and have only been doing crosswords for about a year. Favorite breakfast? Sausage, broccoli, mushroom and cheddar cheese omelet with rye toast, french press coffee (Sumatran) and apple juice.

Today's was easier than usual although the "female pharaoh" was a complete fill. BTW: Three goals in a row is called a natural hat trick.

Nice to meet all of you. I'll always be late as I do the crossword during lunch, EST.

Anonymous said...

C.C. -
Live in San Jose, CA area. I have been reading your blog since Jan 2008, when I lost my job and started doing the crossword. I check once or twice a day, every day that I am home. Your blog has helped me get better at solving. I totally admire your language skills and your perserverance with the blog, and also enjoy the daily comments (and the associated personalities).

weather321 said...

I generally lurk but could not live without this blog. Very informational. I never finish xd but come close. Always work in ink and never google. I am a retired weatherman from the REAL God's country, southwestern Oregon. Very dry and mild winter, over four inches below normal precipation.

Since I am the house-husband, breakfast is coffee (black), wheat toast with home-made blackberry jelly. Favorite is eggs over hard (don't break the yolks), good country hot sausage, potatoes O'Brien, and black coffee.

Regulars, keep up the great comments. This blog has moved to the top of favorites. Oh, real name is Howard.

Mary of Los Gatos said...

HI CC. I read the blog every day after I do the puzzle.
It is my one of my must do things for the morning.
Thanks. I live in Los Gatos California.

thebumpyblog said...

All I can say for those who hadn't heard of "Wabash Cannonball" ; you must not be old enough to remember Dizzy Dean.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, I had to smile when I got HAT TRICK. After that I filled in all the theme answers and went back for the rest. I felt like a dope when I had a problem with the cross of 40A and 34D. I blanked out and couldn't figure out who MRT (nickname for already abbreviated Mort? Myrt?) from the A-Team was. Finally a lightbulb for MR T. The other sticking place was the SE with SESNO and TSADI. The perps looked fine, but I'm glad I could check here to make sure I had them right.

Hi Sandy from Modesto. Nice to hear from a close neighbor. We're right up the hill toward Sonora. Looks like more rain for a couple of days. We sure can use it!

Bjtexs, Now THAT'S my kind of breakfast! Sadly, I usually make do with toast, yoghurt and coffee.

C.C. What a terrific idea to ask the "silent partners" to drop in to say hello. I won't include a poem today, just one welcoming line from Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland

Lobster Quadrille

Will you, won’t you, will you, won’t you, won’t you join the dance?”

Lemonade714 said...

While it is FABULOUS to see some of the lurkers come forward, where are all the pancake eaters? Chocolate chip pancakes, they dont call it IHOE (eggs) (yes perhaps a door open for the lewd, crude intelude); CC asked your favorite, not what you actually eat. Reality is coffee and yogurt, but pancackes, yummmmy.

A US team won the four man bobsled championship at the World games in Lake Placid, wow!

Lemonade714 said...

Meanwhile, Chicago area, Oregon are apparent hotbeds, with a nice response from RI and Pennsylvania. Now if we got the rest of the lurkers...

Anonymous said...

I check your blog almost every day but have never commented (nor rarely made it to the comments section). You do a great job. My Trib Crossword newspaper is the Detroit Freep Press. Unfortunately, the Freep is reducing home delivery to three days a week soon.

Oh, my favorite breakfast is a big bowl of Grape Nuts.


Auntie Naomi said...

Good Afternoon C.C. and Co.,

I usually opt for a large glass of Ruby Red Grapefruit juice, something sweet like a pastry or granola, maybe yogurt and tea, rather than coffee. In other words a 'continental breakfast'. It must be very cold up there, since it is even kind of cold here in Wilton Manors, FL. I feel bad for you guys ... really ... I do.

I always thought HATCHET FACE meant someone really ugly, as in it looks like someone took a hatchet to his face. I chose YES for 33A. I don't get that one, but I would have changed it had I noticed that SRA makes no sense for the constellation clue. I did not know TUNG or YEGGS, but got them from the fills. I also had never heard of Frank SESNO. I chose SSI instead of SSA and wound up with TSIDI. I knew HATSHEPSUT right away, so that helped.
Whose show Jerry Reid on? I vaguely recall seeing that as a kid.

"They could be interspersed with other teammates' goals." Or opponents goals, for that matter.
Bjtexs beat me to the punch regarding a 'natural hat trick'. Does this mean you are a Flyers fan, bjtexs?
The Panthers made the Capitals look like amateurs yesterday :D

Everyday is 'Read Across America Day' for me.
Judging from his avatar, I can tell dons_mind is a twisted one ;)
papajim, Congratulations! I hope everything goes well for your daughter and her new baby girl.
wolfmom, I look forward to checking out your new site.

Anonymous said...

Long time lurker, 1st time poster. I'm in a five letter suburb of Minneapolis that's NOT Edina, MN. This post has slowly creeped into an everyday must! Enjoy the write-ups, C.C., & the comments from the crowd.

Favorite breakfast.. a properly prepared Eggs Bennidict [sp?] with hash browns covered in Hollandaise sauce. Mimosas to top it off.

TJ in Osseo

robtmor said...

Thank you C.C. I enjoy all the comments every day. I work the CW in the San Jose, CA Mercury News. My favorite breakfast is bacon and scrambled eggs.

Anonymous said...

I usually look here when stuck or want to confirm an unexpected answer. I really do appreciate the help.

Walter, Los Gatos, CA

Jeannie said...

Haven't had time to post in awhile but I always read the blog every day. My favorite breakfast? Take a quote a chef that used to post here it's an ear pulling muffin!! Breakfast of champions. Sorry, C.C. couldn't resist!

Anonymous said...

re. Wabash Cannonball:
When I saw that clue the tune immediately popped into my head and is still going there. It has been "forever" since I used to hear it, but I as I recall the theme was about a railroad train that sped directly (cannonballed) to Wabash, Indiana.

Clear Ayes said...

Whenever I think of HATCHET FACE, the first person who comes to mind is Margaret Hamilton, whose most famous acting role was The Wicked Witch in The Wizard Of Oz.

Wolfmom, what a terrific website! I am really fascinated by your 'aerial view' landscapes. How did you come up with the perspective?

It looks like there are a lot of people here today who know the way to (and from) San Jose.

Anonymous said...

My name is Rosemary. I enjoy your blog very much. I live in Chicago, IL. and do the crossword in the Chicago Tribune. English muffins are my favorite!

shron said...

hello from boise, idaho - i visit crossword corner often - for help! i found you, cc, one day while googling a clue. i check the comments often as well and have become very fond of a few of you. i have been wondering - just how early do some of you DO the crossoword? i realize there is the time difference here - but still!

my favorite breakfast is sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles accompanied by a diet coke - but i always have a bowl of frosted cheerios and orange juice or mayhaps a slimfast.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoy what you do.
Breakfast: Hash and eggs over easy.

Anonymous said...

I'm J.R. from Kenner, LA (a suburb of New Orleans) and have read your blog daily for more than a year. I've been doing crosswords for 30 years and have 6 children.
I Enjoy the comments, even though I don't write much. I have posted anonymously several times.

I noticed there wasn't a mention of Mardi Gras last week, unless I missed it - due to Mardi Gras.....

Breakfast is usually:
2 Grilled cheese sandwiches, 2 eggs over well, bacon and a big glass of milk. I want some right now.

Anonymous said...

My name is ellen Stimler, I sm one month short of 90, living in a CCRC in Medford, NJ, doing the Xword puzzle every morning, along with 3 other puzzles,with a deadline of 10 am, Also exercise from 6-7am. Favorite breakfast is an omelette with lox, chive, and no-fat creamcheese, with half a bagel on the side.....I enjoy your comments. I am also an immigrant, but way back in the 30's and urge you to become a citizen.

Dennis said...

Ellen, my hat's off to you. Exercise at 90? For me, that'll be yawning.
By the way, I'm right next door in Medford Lakes; I'm retired and own the hobby store in Medford.

Favorite breakfast for me would be 3 eggs scrambled well, a dozen slices of well-done bacon, crisp home fries, english muffin, orange juice and milk. Low-fat milk of course, so it nets out the calories of the food.

Anonymous said...

Cathy from HIghland Beach Fla.

This one had me twisting hair....finally gave up and cheated. Enjoy your blog ever day. Favorite breakfast?
Crawfish ettoufee over rice!! My roots are in South Louisiana.

Chris in LA said...


WOW - you've "outed" a bunch of lurkers today - thanks, it's been fun to hear from some new folks.

Especial welcomes to Bill, Cindy, Robbie & JR as I have felt very lonely on this blog being the only "guy" (generically speaking, of course) from the deep South (excluding FL - sorry FL folks, but the "deep" is reserved for LA/MS & AL, just ask us). I hail from Hammond LA, though am originally from Cleveland, Columbus & then the Bay area - it's long story best left to history, but don't we all have those.

I hope that everyone contributes frequently as all opinions, thoughts & ideas make a difference & add to the community. Don't be scared, dive in!

Chris in LA said...

PS - You, too, Cathy in Highland Beach!

Anonymous said...

I am from Syracuse, NY. I try the puzzle everyday using only the knowledge in my head. When I get stuck I peak in here for some help and C.C.'s daily puzzle editorial. ;) Oh and if it's my choice: 2 eggs over easy on wheat toast, bacon, O.J. and coffee.


Auntie Naomi said...

"excluding FL - sorry FL folks, but the "deep" is reserved for LA/MS & AL, just ask us"
Chris in LA, Pensacola is just a hop, skip and a jump from Mobile. Also,IMO, Jacksonville is at least as much a part of the Deep South as Atlanta.
Of course, we all know that, South Florida is part of New York.

I love Crawfish Etouffée, but I never would have dreamed that anyone would consider it 'breakfast food.'

sharon said...

Hi, C.C. and all ~
This is Sharon from SF Bay Area, California. I read you almost daily, but rarely comment, as I don't get online till after all the East-coasters and Midwesterners have weighed in. Sure enjoy your blog and the banter!

Anonymous said...

I use you all the time when I get stuck, though not usually this early in the week.

McDonald's hash browns and coffee with lots of sugar (Disgusting, yes, but very fast)

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm from Detroit,MI by way of the Detroit Free Press...I've been checking my answers on your blog daily for the last 8 months or so; I love your observations on the puzzle clues/solutions...great to get a fresh perspective on our shared language & culture. You've become a part of my daily morning routine, please continue as long as possible! BTW, my favorite is chocolate chip/banana pancakes & Starbuck's coffee.

Chris in LA said...


It's the "hop, skip & a jump" that make all the difference betweeen "the Panhandle" and "The Deep". I'm certainly not a native, but I appreciate the reality - nothing personal (believe me), just the reality. Facts is facts, I quit being fooled a long time ago, and FL isn't (ain't?) and will never be "the Deep South" for oh, so many reasons...

Anonymous said...

Hi. My name isn't really Anonymous. It isn't really Hayrake either. I use that because it's part of my email address and hayrake is the name of a contraption atop the bridge of aircraft carriers back in the day - a thing that maybe saved my live a couple hundred times in the Korean War days. My real name is Don. I grew up in Miami, went away to college, was in the Navy a few years, later lived in some garden spots - Atlanta, San Francisco, Tiburon, and at Lake Tahoe. Now I'm back in South Florida and happy to be 'back home'.

My favorite breakfast is a bowl of fresh fruit covered with no-fat vanilla yogurt and fresh brewed black coffee made with ground beans from Java. Unless I'm going to the tennis courts and I add a bowl of Post Select Great Grains Crunchy Pecans cereal and a banana with skim milk. I think the breakfast Cathy from Highland Beach has sounds better tho.

That's enough, right? I just have to add that I am extremely impressed with the huge following of nice people our editor and publisher C.C. has developed. This is a lot of fun, thanks to her wonderful way of finding the right answers and putting things in her own charming way. I think you are super, Chow Chin. My dream is to some day get to meet you and tell you first hand how much enjoyement you have added to this old timers days.

Best wishes to everyone here.


NYTAnonimo said...

Late today as I had to go to the dentist early this AM. Welcome to all those checking in for the first time. C.C. does do a great job!

I made several mistakes today. Didn't know DROSSY, SESNA and forgot ARA. There must have been another mistake too as I didn't get the "Outstanding You Solved the Puzzle" signal but don't know what it was as I didn't have time to check before I closed the computer. Should have taken a snapshot of the desktop before I closed it-oh well!

My favorite breakfast is eaten in the Caribbean after an early morning snorkeling expedition. It consists of a buffet with several plates of food- first plate has lots of fresh fruit-pineapple, oranges, grapefruit, bananas, strawberries and blueberries. Second plate has hash browns, scrambled eggs with salsa, few strips of bacon, pancakes, butter and syrup and maybe a few more strawberries with cream. Third plate consists of Greek/cinnamon pastries, maybe a roll with jelly or cream in the middle along with coffee and juice. However, most every day here in Ohio, is oatmeal with dried apricot slices, little sugar and milk and coffee, maybe a piece of fruit. I'd much rather be in the Caribbean eating breakfast! My sympathies to all who got the snow. Nor do I envy you the 95 degrees Farenheit Col. Gopinath!
Hope everyone has a good Monday despite the temperatures and the snow!

Almost forgot Dennis-the Fun Fact isn't precise enough. "In 1909, the stretch of Woodward Avenue between Six Mile and Seven Mile Roads became the *first mile* of road in the world to be paved with concrete."
From Wikipedia. Found earlier paved road info here."The first road to be paved with asphalt was in Babylon between 625 and 604 B.C. The Romans built an impressive road system in Great Britain during their occupation of the first through fourth centuries, of which many roads have been used as templates for modern British roadways."

And DROSSY info here Barry. I missed it too!

HipHapa said...

Nathan from Minneapolis, MN

I love the blog, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I read this almost every day. You must have a wonderful memory!
Barbara from Grand Rapids, MI and Hudson, Fl

Anonymous said...

My day is not complete until I do the Mercury News crossword puzzle, and then read your blog (an essential part of the process). Thank you!

My favorite breakfast is a low fat (ha!) oatmeal scone and coffee.

from Nancy in San Jose, California

Chris in LA said...

@ PMT:

For what it's worth, the fact that you wouldn't consider Crawfish Etouffee a breakfast food (especially cold & leftover from last night - back me up "guys"?) is enough reason.

Just kidding, ha-ha, & nothing personal (seriously), but ya' gotta' be here to understand.

Who's eaten cold crawfish etoufee for breakfast? Be honest! For that matter, who's eaten cold pizza? Leftover steak? Cold pork chops? C'mom, we've all eaten "weird" stuff in the morning - dare ya?

Anonymous said...

Randy K 51 Omaha, NE
Not really a big breakfast eater, although I keep getting told I should at least eat an apple to get metabolism going. On the weekends though, I love to have bacon and eggs with some TJ around 10-11am. More of a brunch eater I guess.

Used to do a couple of puzzles a day but having to work harder at work now, so sometimes lucky just to find the time to do this one. It appears in our daily paper, Omaha World-Herald.

Always amazing to me how you don't provide the answers to some of the tougher questions. Lots of times the one I need is one you don't post! Still enjoy. Thanks.

Dennis said...

Randy, you have but to ask on here, and you'll have a quick answer.

Chris in LA said...

@ Randy & Dennis:

Ditto - it's sometimes almost a race to see who can help out the fastest!

crazyhorse said...

I am an occassional poster, but a better lurker. I visit this blog at least once a day. I have learned much from all of you, just don't think I have much to contribute.
Favorite breakfast? Any omelet that is hot and spicy!
Usually eat oatmeal and yogurt

Northwest Indiana

crazyhorse said...

I am an occassional poster, but a better lurker. I visit this blog at least once a day. I have learned much from all of you, just don't think I have much to contribute.
Favorite breakfast? Any omelet that is hot and spicy!
Usually eat oatmeal and yogurt

Northwest Indiana

xchefwalt said...

Hi gang! As this is a coming out party, I’ll jump in. Time is short, as it’s high season here in Naples, Fl., work is busy and I’m coaching 2 roller hockey teams and the Ft. Myers high ice hockey team (go Green Wave! Another non ‘s’ team name). I do read at least once every day, so I’ll just add the following:

1. Happy birthday (late) Lois!!
2. Dennis- you’re the funniest man I’ve never met.
3. Lemonade- As a huge Rush fan, your assessment of Neil Peart is incorrect. He was the band’s lyricist (and is one of the best 5 drummers ever), but it was Lifeson and Lee (top 5 bassist of all time) who wrote all the music; and Geddy Lee was MUCH more than a bassist, often on stage he would be playing bass, keyboards and pedals, often more than one at a time and all within the same song.
4. C.C- your blog is brilliant and better than ever
5. Jeannie- when’s breakfast??

Bye for now, kiddies. Hopefully I’ll be back before Easter.

xchefwalt said...

Chris- cold pizza, the best hangover breakfast EVER!!

Anonymous said...

Read your blog every day. Have to admit I can rarely solve the puzzle without your help. Also enjoy your references. Favorite breakfast food - always Eggs Benedict!

Argyle said...

Hey there, xchefwalt, good to see you're still around. Now if Buckeye will show up....

Nobody has mentioned huevos rancheros. Hard to find up here in upstate NY though.

Anonymous said...

First time blogger. I read you often when I am stumped. I work with teaching English as a second language and yours is wonderful! We live in the Pacific Northwest but I am originally from coastal Virginia. Today we had a low country breakfast Shrimp and grits and fruit.
Yegg I was told comes from a Swedish immigrant who loved to rob people. Can't remember his whole name. The word was popularized by Damon Runyon and F.Scott Fitzgerald.
Wabash Cannonball was an train on the old Wabash Rairoad line that traveled along the Wabash River. It was favorite transportation for hobos going from Chicago, St Louis and South. It is said that the whistle could be heard in the states that bordered it. We sang the song in elementary school.
Keep up the good blog.

Stewie said...

Stewie is from Pawtucket, RI. Like the little baby on Family Guy, but my real name is actually spelled Stuart.
Been doing this puzzle for about a year in the Providence Journal and found this great blog shortly after that. Enjoy reading all the comments from CC and others.
Just dug out from 10" of snow!
Favorite breakfast- 2 eggs over easy, hash browns, smoked cheese , eng muffin w/real butter and Starbucks- any dark roast.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm from Old Town, Maine. I get up early every morning so I can do the puzzle with my coffee before I go to work. I also bring it to work with me to do during my lunch break if I don't get it finished. My favorite breakfast would be French toast with fresh fruit on the side!

Anonymous said...

Hello C.C. and everyone,
First time blogger. My name is Pamela. I'm from Texas. I stumbled on this site and was reading it today. I wonder if the people giving you (C.C.) a hard time about your name, realize that if you put that other 'u' in, that it would change the way it's pronounced. The letter 'q' is not always followed by a 'u'. I think they need to bone up on their spelling, don't you? My hat is off to you and this site. I will keep coming back. Thanks for letting me add my two cents worth...

Anonymous said...

Caucasian married male, living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Will be 71 years old last day of April. Still work full time and hope to for a long while to come. Rarely eat breakfast during week, only coffee, but on week ends enjoy eggs, grits, bacon or ham, and toast or biscuits, or alternately my late Mother's recipe' of salmon, eggs, and onions cooked together. Great meal!
I enjoy crossword in local paper, attempt most every day except Sunday. Which is how I found you, when I Googled an unknown clue one day, maybe a year or so back, and stumbled upon your daily posting. Born and grew up on farm in North Carolina, came to Virginia Beach August 15, 1964, seeking my fortune, never earned enough money here to get back home. I ace maybe about 1 out of 10 of the crosswords, most days have a few unknowns, and on occasion,some days, almost a washout. I usually check with you to get the last few fill ins as the puzzle gets cold on me if I wait until following day for answers. I am occasionally entertained when you are perplexed as to the root of the colloquial meaning of something because you were never exposed to it during your growing up years. And, sometimes, those meanings or inferences change over the years. Words change their meanings or intent or connotations and have on occasion caused some embarrassment for me. I enjoy your postings and appreciate the efforts that you put into them. Old Sage in Virginia Beach

Unknown said...

C.C. I thoroughly enjoy this blog. I usually do the puzzle late morning so I get to read most of the comments. Thanks, Cres McFall, Sunnyvale, CA. My website is

Auntie Naomi said...

Chris In LA, When I eat breakfast, I tend to stick to carbs and (if I eat protein), pre-digested protein such as yogurt or, perhaps, miso soup. I am aware that there are people in SE Asia who breakfast on such things as 'rice with a fried egg on top' or 'noodles with some fish.' That is really not much different than having Crawfish Etouffée in the morning or Anon@4:06's 'low country breakfast (of)Shrimp and grits.'
As for the Deep South, I am convinced there is no significant difference between the culture of Mobile and that of Pensacola. However, those who make the distinction that you have, probably don't consider Mobile to be part of the Deep South either. I am guessing you are not from New Orleans, as it, along with Atlanta, is likely to also be ostracized(to say nothing of Richmond). As for Jacksonville: What was it that Good Ole' Boy, Charlie Daniels, said? Oh yeah ... "People down in Florida, they just can't be still when ol' Lynyard Skynard's pickin' down in Jacksonville." Those of us who are either from here or have been here awhile know that there is definitely a part of Florida that is part of the Deep South.

ClearAyes, I was certain that you would post an Ogden Nash poem today. However, I thought your quote was most apropos.

Jeannie, Nice to hear from you again :)

Rian said...

Am writing from La Grange, IL, a western suburb of Chicago. I found your site about 6-7 mos ago when I googled one of the clues from the Chicago Trib crosswords. I have been hooked on your site ever since. I really enjoy reading your posts and thank you for taking the time to do so. Not sure what I would choose as my all time favorite breakfast. It depends on my mood. I used to love the strawberry and aspen omlettes at a couple nearby restaurants, but they have both gone out of business and I haven't found any place near that make something like them.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your comments daily. Thanks for the help:)
Norfolk VA
Black coffee for me, please.

Anonymous said...

My name is Mandy, I attend California's UC Davis, where this crossword appears in our school newspaper. I love CC's blog! She's great to learn from.

DoesItinInk said...

This was all in all an easy puzzle, though there were a few unknowns such as HINGIS and TSADI that I could only get from the crosses. I am very familiar with the WABASH Cannonball from Dizzy Dean who would on occasions begin singing it during his baseball broadcasts.

I am showing a new picture today. My middle daughter turned 20 last week, and as a gift her friends chipped in so she could get this tattoo that runs down her right side from just under her bra line to just above her panty line! This daughter is from Paraguay, and “Paz y justica” are on the Paraguayan flag. “Roa” is the last name of her biological mother. I suppose I should be grateful that the tattoo is in a location that will not normally be seen.

Despite the snow I had to shovel today and the chilling temperatures, tomorrow will be my FIRST day of spring as that is when I will be putting my first seeds into paper pots, then setting the trays of potted seeds on heating mats under lights!

@cc: My favorite breakfast would have two eggs, sunny side up with a side of sausage gravy over biscuits accompanied by many cups of steaming coffee! My name is Donna Lee, and I live in Chicago, IL.

@Stewie…I hope your comparison to the baby of Family Guy ends with the spelling of your name! I saw that show for the first time recently in reruns, and Stewie is a bit scary!

WM said...

Whoo Hoo!!!I just got back today and this is absolutely freakin' awesome. I am hoping that all of you new bloggers will stay with us. Even if you feel all the puzzles fills have been answered there are always related discussions going on and sometimes unrelated...jump right in, join us, add your 2 cents worth. That is how we learn so much. Plus, C.C. always throws out some interesting ideas, word questions, quotes, etc that get things started and keep things going...This a truly awesome day and it is so cool to see all the SF Bay Area people.

SHRON...Way to go on that breakfast thought...I'd add cupcakes with sprinkles too...gotta have those sprinkles. I settle for goat yogurt topped with homemade granola and fresh blueberries with coffee, then a latte to read this site and finish up the puzzle.

ClearAyes...Thanks. The perspective thing just keeps evolving...I wanted to be able to see the same thing from diffenent angles...The mural is going to be based on this principle with views from Mendicino County from the wine country to the coast.

I think I'll lurk the rest of the day...this is just so much fun! 80)

deberglu said...

Dennis B. in Englewood, FL. Get the crossword in the Englewood Sun. Stumbled on your blog several months ago looking up cw hints. Love a western omelet on Sunday mornings. 68A: never heard of Frank Sesno. 71A: my Crossword Puzzle Dictionary spells #18 as 'sade'. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

HI! I love your blog! My name is Wayne and I live in Chicago, Illinois. My favorite breakfast is homemade iced coffee (sweet with milk) and a glazed donut.

Anonymous said...

From Seattle, Wa. I love your comments and read you every day after finishing the crossword puzzle. My favorite breakfast is shredded wheat with grapenuts, 1/2 banana, brown sugar and skim milk. I also have O.J. and coffee. I have had this every morning for 25 years and never get tired of it. I also am a registered dietitian. GMT

Anonymous said...

Hi, I very much appreciate your help with the crossword corner every day. It keeps my vocabulary sharp. I live in Yakima, Washington-in central Washington. I eat cold cereal with banana & soy milk, o.j. & coffee each day of the week. On Weekends, it's French toast, or omelet, or Edam Cheese on wheat bread.

Anonymous said...

Jane from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. The crossword is published 6 days a week in the Virgin Islands Daily News. I check in almost daily and check my solution and enjoy C.C.'s comments and observations.

Anonymous said...

Hi C.C. and all. Dave from the northern Oregon coast here. I comment on rare occasions...mostly to keep the Oregon numbers up!

Favorite breakfast? Gotta be bacon and eggs. Reality? Some kind of "anti-cholesterol" cereal and copious amounts of coffee!

bobbi said...

C.C., I read your blog almost every day. I'm new to Crossword Puzzles within the last year and am enjoying them immensely but feel lucky you and Google are there for back up.
I'm in Palo Alto, CA.
My favorite breakfast would be French Toast or Waffles with crisp bacon. The actuality most mornings is fresh juice, homemade granola with fruit. Plus chai (which is also the name of my dog.)
I bring up your blog on my iPhone while finishing my breakfast.
I used to live in Southern Mendocino County.
My grandson tells me that Crossword puzzles aren't for his generation and I laugh. I know all the words to "Wabash Cannonball!"

Anonymous said...

Have been reading blog and comments for approx 3/4 months. Read everyday except Sun.

Favorite breakfast, bacon and Egg with hash browns.

Attended last U S open at Bethpage. Used to live nearby and played there many times. Not the Black as too difficult for the average golfer.

Live in Myrtle Beach S.C.

Jimmy, S Carolina

Anonymous said...

I'm from Los Altos, California, near Stanford University and San Francisco. I wrote a novel called "Lawyer, Liar, Pants on Fire". I have yogurt for breakfast and I am learning so much doing the crossword and reading your blog. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Re your survey:

I read your blog every day, and enjoy it very much, especially the links, which help me remember obscure clues.

I live in Corpus Christi, TX, and have been getting the puzzle in the Caller Times. Was shocked to read in this morning's paper a notice saying the puzzle would no longer be carried. Thanks to your blog, I discovered it can be downloaded and printed every day. What a relief!

My favorite breakfast, from my Beantown days is baked beans and corned beef hash.

Keep up the good work, C.C.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting to see where all the bloggers have been lurking. Special greetings to the one from New Mexico - one of my favorite states! My husband and I do the CW after supper. By that time all the comments I would like to make have already been made.

There have been several comments on Tsadi but have any of you actually seen it spelled with an 'i'? Three dictionaries and the Bible give various spellings but they all end with an 'e'.

I'm Dot from the Madison, WI area.

P.S. Breakfast is an uninteresting meal for me.

WM said...

Hey JD...look at all the people who live near us...more crazy California Bay Area people...we welcome you all and hope you continue with us...

Elissa...checked out your book on Amazon...what an interesting life you've had.

Bobbi...I grew up in CA as a 3rd generation Bay Area native. we have now added 2 more generations...In my adult form I live just across Hwy 237 but am in PA to visit my mom and do most of my shopping. So cool you joined us.

Ellen@2:04...I want to be you when I grow are one neat lady.

Auntie Naomi said...

That's a very witty title, Elissa. It is interesting that you were a female Navy JAG officer.

Anonymous said...

Good evening all:
Most of you know I've been lurking around for quite a while. I live in Apalachicola FL, which is in the panhandle, between Tallahassee and Panama City, so get both newspapers. About 3 months ago, the PC paper stopped using the Trib xw except on Sunday....and the daily xw is the same as the Tally paper. Needless to say, I have bookmarked the Chicago Tribune to print out the puzzle. Kinda nice, because I can get it at 5:30. Except on Sun. when I have to wait till after 7 a.m.

Been working puzzles for more than 50 years and still don't "know it all" and really enjoy C.C.'s insight into the constructor's mind.

No breakfast...just xw, decaf, and this blog site....then off to volunteer...this is called retirement.

Lived most of my life in Florida, but spent many years in a little town, Hilton, NY, (west of Rochester) and promised myself I would never shovel snow again!!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't know there were so many Bay Area folks on this blog. Glad to see it.

Wolfmom: It has been a very interesting life. And getting more so. Check out my website to see the latest chapter.

Promisemethis: I only watched JAG twice. Couldn't relate to saving the free world in an hour every week. But I'm very glad you didn't link to the picture of Demi Moore in A Few Good Men - a movie that always makes me rant and rave.

Chocolate chip/banana pancakes. YUMMMMMM.

Vern said...


You are amazing! I feel somewhat embarrassed that I am 76 and native born U.S. and your command of the language is so much greater than I--how do you know our "slang" words?
Breakfast: 4 days weekly--Oatmeal with white raisons; 3 days weekly--graham crackers & biscottis.

Vern said...

CC You are amazing. I'm embarrased that your English is far better than mine and I've been around for 76 years, born in Alhambra,California and raised in Chicago. Now in Elmhurst, IL. Breakfast: 4 days weekly--oatmeal with white raisens; 3 days--graham crackers & biscottis.

Elissa said...

I decided it is time to admit I'm a blogger, so I've signed up with Google/Blogger

WM said...

Elissa...your silk paintings look vaguely familiar( and absolutely beautiful!)...have you ever hung any of your work at the Pacific Art League? My new website just loaded last night:
I hope you stay with us as a regular...along with all these other wonderful new people, of course.

PromiseMe...I just absolutely knew what that link was going to be before I openend it!!! LOL

All in all I think this has been a stellar day!

Argyle said...

PromiseMeThis said...
That's a female Navy JAG officer.

That's a female Marine JAG officer.

KQ said...


Okay this is my first posting as a real blogger. I am curious to see what it looks like when I post. I am from Plymouth, MN, and a big Twins fan as well as a golf fan too. Our daughter plays golf for the University of Iowa. I almost always look at your blog late in the day and have only posted anonymously, but have signed my name. I love your posts. I have been doing crosswords for years, but this makes it even more fun.

Thanks for taking the time to do this daily.

How do I get a picture to show up like you guys? I am generally pretty computer savvy, but haven't started the whole blog thing yet. I won't even get a facebook because I am too afraid I will spend too much time on it.

Lemonade714 said...

This has been a pretty exciting day, really enjoyed all the new voices, xchefwalt, my comment about neil peart was because it appeared to me that when he joined and began producing the lyrics, the true soul of Rush was born. I think he has a very interesting mind, and what the did musically with those lyrics was great. This also, is part of what I like about this blog, because we are a diverse group, we can get very different perspectives, which is a good thing. After all, this meant to be fun, which it clearly is for me. Thanks C. C.. and good luck responding to 100+ comments, yes banana chocolate chip, yum

WM said...

Karen Q...this is probably an Argyle or ClearAyes question...but if you go to the area right under the Leave Your Comment section it says "No Google Account? Sign up here." Click on that and it takes you to a page where you can create an account. If you already have a gmail account you can use your user name and password and click on the "sign in here".
On the Create a Profile page you can put in as much or little info as you would like. There is also a place where you can attach a photo image. It is just like making an attachment in an email. I just pull images from folders on my desktop. If you go farther afield for images you will have to ask Argyle or one of the actual computer literate people here to give you additional info...I can only handle the basics...and ...Welcome Aboard! So glad you are joing us...Same to Elissa!

KQ said...

I forgot to say my favorite breakfast. I usually just have a bowl of cereal - various kinds - but there are just too many great breakfast foods to name. Today I went out with a friend and we shared a veggie omelet with pancakes. Yummy stuff. But I love Belgian waffles too.

CC - tomorrow you should ask where everyone found your blog. I think I originally found it trying to google an answer. I do the crossword in the newspaper and always try to complete it without help. But it is great to have the your blog when I get stuck, and it helps me retain strange answers by reading more about them.

KQ said...

Thanks for the tip wolfmom. I am just posting to see if the picture shows up now. Spent too much time on this already, but it is fun.

Yea - it worked. This is me with my husband and daughter at a golf tournament. Can't wait for the next one as I will be going to Texas where it is warm out!!!

Auntie Naomi said...

"That's a female Marine JAG officer."
Good catch Argyle .. sort of. Yes, she was a Marine and not a Navy Officer. However, according to Wikipedia, the "The Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Air Force do not maintain separate corps (the Judge Advocate General's Corps)." So, while she was, ostensibly, a Marine, she was still an officer assigned to the Navy JAG Corps., and therefore, a Navy JAG officer.

Karen, I see you managed to post a photo. Nice looking trio. Congratulations and welcome :)

Dennis said...

Argyle, you're right - she's a Marine JAG officer. The Marines have a Judge Advocate Division comprised of some 400 Officers, mostly Captains. Good catch.

Great blog today; thanks to all the newcomers for saying hi, and again, please contribute often. We'll keep coming up with new questions. Have a great night.

JD said...

Hi C.C. and all new/old bloggers!

This was soooo amazing and fun, C.C.! Such a great idea to lure out the lurkers.
EV from Ontario. I love the way you and your husband share the c/w!

papajim, congrats on 1st grandchild.It will be a lovefest.

Ev, mary, Walter,Nancy, Elissa from Los Gatos/ San Jose area, WELCOME! I am from L.G. and my favorite breakfast is found at the Los Gatos Cafe (used to be Iron Skillet), apricot french toast.

Wolfmom, can't wait to view your new website.Love the latest painting!!
Elissa, am anxious to see yours too.

I got so excited about all the new faces that I didn't say anything about the puzzle.
I was so proud of remembering beluga and tung.Hatshepsut was a gimme. When her father (Thutmose I) died, she married her 1/2 brother, as it was the women who carried the "royal blood." That's why they married sisters and cousins.Then Thutmose II died, leaving them a daughter, and a son with another wife. He was too young to rule, so she became his regent and ruled peacefully for 20 years, wearing all the garb of a pharaoh, even the false beard.She expanded trade and was well liked.She disappeared mysteriously.

I seemed to fizzle out on the SE corner once more.Did not fill in Sesno,Tsadi, or the end of digest. That was a new meaning for me. Makes sense,Readers' Digest.DOH!

If Dennis is still out in his front yard, I'm sure he will remain erect forever!

Elissa said...

Technically Marine JAG officers are (or at least in my day were)closely associated with the Navy, going through training at the Navy Justice School and sometimes serving at Naval Legal Service offices. But the only time any Marines feel like they are part of the Navy is when they're squared off with Navy "squids" (as Marines often refer to members of the Naval service) against Army or Air Force members.

Dennis said...

Elissa, we squared off against sailors more times than I care to remember. When I was in, they were the natural targets, due to our usual close proximity with Navy personnel.

Anonymous said...

I'm a family Doc who works the Trib. X-word between patients and during my lunch break. At the end of the day, I usually drop in here to find out what I missed. I'm disappointingly bad at this. But find your comments (and your blogger's) helpful and fascinating. Thanks!!
---Geo. Gay
thanks for all your help and inspiration!

kazie said...

I just got through reading all 149 comments from today. I was gone all day and didn't have time to post this a.m. before I left.

Welcome to all the wonderful newbies, especially Andrea--now there are three of us Badgers! What a great crowd they are, and it was good to see xchefwalt and Jeannie again after so long.

I had to google quite a bit today especially the SE corner, but at this point it's not important.

All the newcomers,
If the post takes a while to come up, don't click a second time, that's why a couple of you have duplicate posts. If that happens though, use the trash can under one of them to delete it. You only see the trash cans under your own posts--we all do.

My favorite breakfast is an omelet of any kind, as long as it has a variety of fillings, as well as OJ and coffee. I make a pretty good batch of whole wheat pancakes from scratch too, but I could live on nothing but eggs, cooked any way at all.

I'm really happy for you that this blog is such a success. You deserve all the praise and then some. I know I have enjoyed this addiction immensely since joining in July.

I echo the advice someone gave to become a citizen. I did it in 2004. It simplifies a lot of things and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, to say nothing of the tax advantages if you outlive your spouse. I most of all have felt good about being able to vote. I gave up that right in Oz back in 1974 when we moved here, and I felt frustrated having no say in this government until 2004. I waited 30 years only because that was the earliest it became possible to hold dual nationality as an aussie. I didn't want to give up my birthright.

Congratulations Chow Chin, and all our new friends.

Maybe the map needs some additions?

Anyone wanting their location added to our blog map, contact Crockett to have him add you. It would be terrific if we did have people from all over the world, or even just every state!

Anonymous said...

Just another lurker here. Do the puzzle in Detroit Free Press, but no time for it until evening. First discovered the puzzle about a year ago, while hospital-sitting. Found the blog while Googling an obscure clue. Now I rely on it for answers I can't figure out--but also enjoy the conversation. I am a former English teacher, now working as a public librarian, near Ann Arbor MI. Breakfast? Nothing like a fluffy Belgian waffle with real maple syrup. But that's an occasional treat. Most days it's corn flakes with blueberries. Thanks for providing me with lots of good information and many laughs. You are a clever and interesting group

Crockett1947 said...

@kazie Good suggestion about the map. If anyone wants to be on the map, go to my profile page, send me an e-mail, and I'll put a placemark in your approximate location.

kazie said...

Thanks Crockett,
I wasn't sure you would welcome the extra tasks.

New bloggers,
If you want to have a marker on the map, one of us will tell you how to find the Star Tribune Crossword Corner Blog Google map we are talking about.

Clear Ayes,
Do you remember where those instructions are for first time use? I haven't a clue, or I'd give them out.

BobR said...

Hello all - - Wow, I was kind of surprised that there were that many lurkers out there ( or interested observers as I've also been called ).

I'm with DrDad - Bacon,eggs,toast, and coffee. Yes, its bad for me, so maybe only on Sunday morning.

DROSSY, TSADI and SESNO - killers... or as CC says - "Blue Murder".

Cold here in beautiful Eden Prairie, MN.

Crockett1947 said...

To see Crockett1947's location map:

1. Go to Google Maps for a map of the U.S.

2. To the right of the multi-colored Google logo, type Star Tribune Crossword Corner Blog.

3. Farther to the right side of the page, there is a blue underlined "Show Search Options". Click on that. A drop down menu will appear directly to the left of "Search Maps". Arrow down on the drop down menu and click on "User-created content"

4. Now, click on Search Maps.

5. On the left side of the page, click on the blue underlined Star Tribune Crossword Corner Blog under Placemark 19's name. This should bring up Crockett's Blog map with all our locations.

6. On the left side of the page, directly above everyone's name, there should be in blue underlined Save To My Maps. Click on that. (The map is now added to your maps.)

Whenever you come back to Google maps, just click on My Maps, under the Google icon and click on Star Tribune Crossword Corner Blog. It will take you directly to Crockett's map.

Col_Gopinath said...

Hi Crockett,
Followed your instructions but never got the map!!
You will need to really expand your map to fit me in from halfway round the world!!

daffodilly said...

Hello from Modesto, CA. Thank you for helping out another foreigner who gets stuck frequently!

Toast and tea get me going in the morning!

Anonymous said...

Went to bed once tonight, but got up to finish yesterday's puzzle which I find in the Philadelphia Inquirer everyday. Live in the Fox Chase section of Philly. And always check this blog when I get stuck and give up. First time poster, have been reading the blog for over a year. Name is Clarita. Favorite breakfast is a white cream donut from Dunkin' Donuts and a cup of DD coffee with half and half.

Anonymous said...

@cold pizza
Takes me back to my bachelor/college days. Always had cold pizza in the house. Used to blend & microwave 3 eggs in a omelette micro-wave safe dish, then slide the toppings from last nites za into it 4 a morning hang-over meal! Pepperoni, mushrooms, green pepper....

Am amazed that the invite 2 contribute brought forth so many fellow "lurkers'! I feel welcomed to this post, & feel that I am not alone in reading and appreciating all that C.C. and the gang have to say.

TJ in AH-Cee-Ooh, MN

Thomas said...

Second favorite breakfast meal... Turkey Bacon Club Omelette... eggs, turkey, bacon, tomato, Hollandaise sauce. It's obvious I'm a Hollandaise fan!

And I really love steak & eggs Australian style! Throw in some home-fries & I'm a happy camper!

TJ in Osseo

Anonymous said...

Louis from Plainview LINY.I do not read the blog everyday but when i do i enjoy all the comments and witticisms. I love eggs anyway with any thing.

Anonymous said...

In response to your request for feedback from viewers I submit this. My husband picks up our morning paper and takes it off to work so I get to do the puzzle the next morning with breakfast (usually hot oat bran or peanut butter toast). I always read your posts to check my work or to get a hard clue to let me finish a knotty spot. Our paper is the Concord Monitor from Concord, NH, and it publishes the same daily puzzle. We have a son who is a constructor and just came home from the New York annual contest. He did better than last year. Now that he sells a few puzzles he can deduct his expenses for this. I enjoy your comments and I am amazed at your grasp of English quirks. Way to go! Thanks for publishing it.

Sheila Mitchell
New London, NH

Anonymous said...


I love your blog. I just found it a few weeks ago and check it every day, you are very clever and funny. I eat oatmeal for breakfast and live in Oregon. Keep it up!

embien said...

9:43 today (or should I say yesterday since I'm posting this on Tuesday).

I'm usually one of the late posters because I don't do the puzzle until I get back home from breakfast and errands (usually after noon Pacific time).

Speaking of breakfast, I usually have a healthy breakfast of hamburger patty fried in grease (euphemistically called "ground sirloin" at the restaurant), hash browns fried in grease, eggs (over medium) fried in grease and white toast with whatever that stuff is that greasy spoons use in place of real butter and orange marmalade.

I generally eat breakfast at the same greasy spoon restaurant every day. I work the NY Times syndicated puzzle at breakfast (of course I don't usually finish the Friday or Saturday NY Times), then do the TMS puzzle (this one) online when I get home.

"Home" is a rural area west of Banks, OR, about 40 miles west of Portland.

It is so nice to see all the new posters--welcome.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday's puzzle was miserable. Many misleading clues. Portico in the dictionary is a covered porch, not a walkway, some of the words she has don't even exist and are just made up. There's no "plant factory." Ellen

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you Jeannie I have missed you!

snatchbeast said...

Hazel, from Portland, Oregon, and while I don't read daily I do pop in every now and then. I work graveyard shift, so my breakfast is typically my dinner and vice versa. I'm really into bagel and fake sausage sandwiches lately.

Anonymous said...

Crockett 1947

I followed your instructions but this is what I got......

Your search for Star Tribune Crossword Corner Blog around this map area did not match any locations.