Nov 4, 2009

Wednesday November 4, 2009 Dan Naddor

Theme: INLETS (43D. Coastal irregularities, and word anagrammed in this puzzle's four longest answers) - The starting word of each theme entry is an anagram of INLETS.

17A. Respond to Uncle Sam's poster request: ENLIST IN THE ARMY. Pat Tillman did.

28A. Movieland: TINSELTOWN. Hollywood.

40A. "Pay attention!": LISTEN HERE! "Here" did not come to me readily. I could only think of "Listen Up".

53A. Passive-aggressive tactic: SILENT TREATMENT. It causes bitterness on both ends.

Today's Dan Naddor Index (non-theme entries with 6 or more letters) is 19. Quite high. And 13 of them are Down entries, several crossing two theme entries.

Smooth sailing for me. Simple theme and mostly straightforward clues. I tend to have trouble with Dan's sound change puzzles due to my poor command of English pronunciations.


4. Absurd sham: FARCE. A tragedy played at a thousand revolutions per minute.

9. Music performance rights org.: ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers). And TIN PAN (2D. __ Alley: old music-publishing district).

15. Where work may pile up: INBOX

16. Bit of wisdom: PEARL. Pearls of wisdom (succinct sayings).

20. Navajo relative: APACHE. The Military helicopter is named after this tribe.

21. Wood decay: DRY ROT. Caused by fungi.

22. Tall and long-limbed: LANKY. Can you use LANKY to describe Gisele B√ľnchen?

23. Hope/Crosby film title word: ROAD. "The Road to ...".

24. Captured: TOOK. Tricky past tense.

33. Outdoor nap site: HAMMOCK

36. Women, in old-fashioned parlance: FAIR SEX. I remember Dennis used this phrase before. Maybe he is old-fashioned.

38. Blow one's top: ERUPT

39. Chasms: GULFS. See, letter L is pronounced in Gulf, but not in HALF/CALF.

43. Pesky little tyke: IMP

46. Retailing pioneer R.H. __: MACY. Odd to see the old Marshall Field's become Macy's.

47. Eternities: EONS

48. Zellweger of "Chicago": RENEE. She played Roxie.

56. Land along the ocean: COAST. Alas, "Coastal irregularities..."

57. Two under par, on a hole: EAGLE. "On a hole" seems so unnecessary.

59. Aches: HURTS. Not PAINS.

60. Father of Beau and Jeff: LLOYD (Bridges). OK, here is a picture of Jeff, LLOYD and Beau. Stumper for me.


1. Lofty principles: IDEALS

3. Old White House middle name: DELANO. The "D" in FDR.

4. Suspicious: FISHY

6. Sac fly stat: RBI. I wonder what's the record for the most sacrifice flies in a ball game.

7. Approve tacitly: CONDONE

8. Crowd scene actors: EXTRAS

9. Copycat: APER. Reminds me of DEEMER.

10. Furry North Pacific swimmers: SEA OTTERS. And FURS (38D: Animal rights activists' concerns).

11. Hanna-Barbera output: CARTOONS

13. Thickness: PLY

19. Jekyll's alter ego: HYDE. Dr. Jekyll's evil side.

23. Actuary's calculation: RISK. Did you hear the news about a 4-month old 17-pound baby being denied health insurance because he's too fat? Just absurd.

25. Cut or scrape, in totspeak: OWIE

26. Lego relative: K'NEX. How can I remember this brand name? What the heck does it mean?

29. Eric the Red's son: LEIF. Literally "heir". Learned from doing Xword.

30. Loneliness syndrome when kids leave home: EMPTY NEST. I am sure many of you have experienced such loneliness.

33. Captain's position: HELM

34. "Carmen" highlight: ARIA

35. Like weightlifters: MUSCULAR. Don't often see this word in a grid.

37. Draft choice: ALE. Was thinking of sports draft.

39. Five-star leader: GENERAL. My first thought was hotel ranking.

42. Low-cost lodging: HOSTEL

44. Stinker: MEANIE. Are they synonymous to you?

45. Mortar and __: PESTLE. Great to ground toasted sesame seeds.

51. Tolkien tree people: ENTS

52. Six-time Emmy winner Tyne: DALY. Dan Naddor (or Rich Norris) must not like John Daly. They keep cluing this Tyne lady.

54. Chit: IOU. We just had CHIT clued as "IOU" on Monday.

Answer grid.

I'd like to update the list of newspapers that carry LA Times Daily Crossword. Come to the Comments section if your paper is not there, or your paper has dropped LAT. Thanks.



Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - definitely the fastest Dan Naddor puzzle yet. The only screw-up was putting 'rate' instead of 'risk' for 'Actuary's calculation'. And of course I had no idea as to the theme until 43D; very clever. I saw the similarity of letter grouping in the first words of the theme answers, but couldn't make anything out of it.

The only clue I didn't really like was 'stinker'/'meanie'. Don't think they're synonymous.

C.C., as far as remembering K'nex, it's just a marketing spelling of 'connects'.

Today is King Tut Day. Please walk accordingly.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "We do not really 'come into' the world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree. As the ocean 'waves', the universe 'peoples'." -- Alan Watts

And a few words on aging:

"Wisdom doesn't automatically come with old age. Nothing does - except wrinkles. It's true, some wines improve with age, but only if the grapes were good in the first place." -- Abigail Van Buren

"Age is mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." -- Satchel Paige

From yesterday - no one has any Thanksgiving plans?

Hahtoolah said...

Morning, CC and Friends. I couldn't sleep last when I remembered that someone said that the crossword came on line at 11:00 california time. So, at 101 am, i tried the puzzle for the first time on line.

I easily got the long fills, which is just as well, as I am not keen on anagrams and wouldn't have figured them out otherwise, even though I got INLET.

Maybe Stinker is a New England term. We used that a lot as kids ~ calling each other "stinker" when we felt insulted or infringed upon.

QOD: Censorship is the height of vanity. ~ Martha Graham

C.C. Burnikel said...

Thanks for K'NEX and "connects". I remember Satchel Paige said hot shower and fried foods are his aging secrets. Are you going to California to see your LA Kings hockey buddy?

I totally agree with your 12:20am comment. Once a while DF talk is fine (Yep, it's I who added the DANGLING remark to the blog post yesterday), but any sustained such back and forth chatter belonged to the past and is definitely not what I want.

Martin said...

Another puzzle finsihed without googling. My first thought for TINSELTOWN ("Movieland") was VIDEO STORE, for LISTEN HERE I had LISTEN TO ME and for ACHES I had PAINS.

You don't want to know what three letter word came to mind when I saw the clue for ARM ("Escort's offer").

FAIR SEX is usually "the fairer sex". In this sense "fair" means "beautiful" as in "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all". Fair can also mean light as in "fair skin". This is a pet peeve of mine. (Note that the name Snow White suggests she was fair in both senses of the word.)

Another meaning of fair would be the opposite of unfair. It is also a grade for baseball cards or comic books. So FAIR SEX could be what you get from that escort whereas GOOD SEX would be what you get if you spend the evening with your wife instead.


Dennis said...

Hahtool, we too used 'stinker' as a kid, but it meant more of a jerk than a 'meanie'.

C.C., yes, hopefully we can get out there this year; I miss warm weather already.

The blog has changed dramatically since I first coined DF/DFettes; I certainly miss those days, but agree with C.C. and understand that it wasn't necessarily the best thing for the blog. I do think we've swung too far the other way, however.

Chris in LA said...

Good morning CC,
In response to your update request, the Times Picayune in New Orleans LA carries the Newsday puzzle Mon. through Sat. and LAT only on Sunday.

Lemonade714 said...

Good morning:

Interesting that one set of letters of 6 letters could generate 5 different real words. A fun puzzle which brought some nice memories, from watching the Hope/Crosby movies to Lloyd Bridges and the Airplane movies.

Draft choice: ALE is an example of Dan Naddor's wit and twisted cluing which we all love.

When I was young FAIR SEX was the gentle way to refer to women.

Well, my NEST is so EMPTY I am moving to a smaller place; I must pack before work.

I like wit in any form, and if being DF is funny or clever it is great; if it is merely titillating, then it becomes tedious, like internet porn, I imagine.

Dick said...

Good morning C.C. and all, a very straight forward puzzle today with no real problems although 4A “farce” was a little slow in revealing itself. I was thinking of army draft for 37D and as for “stinker” and “meanie” they may not be synonymous, but my mother used them interchangeably, with me, when I was a kid. I did not get the theme, but got inlets rather easily.

There are two changes here; First, The Beaver Valley Times now carries the LAT Mon thru Fri. and Sunday and secondly, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette is currently experimenting with other puzzles, on Sundays, and may not return to the LAT. I will confirm this when they are done with the experiment.

I can find better words to describe Gisele Bunchen! Wow!

As for Thanksgiving my wife’s family will be here for Thanksgiving dinner with 17 of them staying at our house overnight. I am always glad when this event is over and I can go to my camp for peace and quiet and opening day of hunting season on Monday.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday.

Barry G. said...

Morning, folks!

I'm afraid this one gets a solid "meh" from me today. Not a bad puzzle; just not particularly interesting or challenging. The theme, while perhaps impressive from the constructor's point of view, really added nothing to the solving experience and, in fact, was completely invisible to me until I had completely solved it.

Ah well, I guess they can't all be memorable gems.

I have to ask, though -- does anybody actually say "IT'D be an honor" instead of "It would be an honor?" I mean, obviously it's a valid contraction, but the phrase as a whole just doesn't really seem "in the language" to me.

Mainiac said...

Good Morning CC and All,

I really liked this puzzle. The NE gave me the hardest time with Ascap, Sea Otter and Pearl. I first wrote Tincan which Apache fixed.

I'll bet Lois will have fun with this one!

While I was hollering for the dogs this morning I brought in the Hammock the kids gave me for Father's Day this year. I think I used it once.

Cat and Dog Story: A few weeks ago we were awaken by a bunch of thrashing by the dogs and cats. One of the cats caught a red squirrel and brought it in the house. Of course they didn't kill it and it wedged itself behind the dresser. Between the dogs and cats I couldn't get at the thing and by this time the wife was awake yelling at me to do something. I pulled the dresser out from the wall, the squirrel dropped to the floor, pets dove at it and it jumped back behind the dresser. One quick shove of the dresser, a squeak and crunching, and episode #1 of this story was over. Of course the real kick in the pants was the wife calling me a "f****** gross bastard" after I thought I saved the day.

More later.

Here's to King Tut.

Have a great day!

Argyle said...

Good Morning, All.

No change in the Post-Star (Glens Falls), daily or Sunday.

Carol2 said...

Hi CC and Gang,

I must sound like a broken record, but I really love Dan's puzzles.
I agree about the meanie/stinker connection. Also do tots say "owie". I though a scrap was a "boo boo". Thought it was interesting that there were 10 words starting with an "E". Liked the intersection of imp and meanie.

It's the whole ball of wax for the Phillies tonight. Do any of you fans think they can take the next two? I really want a win for the "old guy", Pedro Martinez!

Have a wonderful day!!

Argyle said...

Walk Like an Egyptian - Bangles

tfrank said...

Good morning, C.C. and all,

A good puzzle this morning, presenting no real problems for me. The theme was interesting, but as Barry said, did not give any solving aid. I worked it online in 24 minutes.

The Corpus Christi Caller Times dropped a second puzzle when the old Star Tribune version was discontinued, and now carries only the NY Times. I wrote the editor requesting they carry the LA Times version, but they are having so many problems staying afloat, they opted out.

I am off to the eye doctor for a test. Have a good day.

kazie said...

Good morning to everyone.

I really enjoyed this puzzle even though I thought it was a little easy for a Wednesday. The few names in it were known or guessable and the theme fun and clever once I got INLETS; though like others I wouldn't have seen it without that. Jeff Bridges is one of my favorite actors.

I was hung up for a bit by having TO ME for HERE, and didn't know KNEX, but perps took care of it.

Barry G,
I would never say "it would be an honor". I think IT'D is more in the language, though I'd be more likely to be in situations where 'pleasure' would be more appropriate than 'honor'.

I see nothing wrong with stinker/meanie. Both words probably depend on the local jargon.

The Wisconsin State Journal only carries LAT Monday through Saturday. Sunday we get the NYT so I always do LAT online that day.

Jeanne said...

Morning all,
I thought the theme was very creative, and I guess that is why I didn't realize it until I got to the blog! Fun puzzle.

Thanksgiving will be spent in Houston, TX with son and his wife. First time I'm having one of my kids cook a holiday dinner for me. That should be fun. Has anyone heard from JD about her safari? Hope she posts some pictures--what an amazing trip.

Winning the next two games for the Phillies will be difficult but I'm hoping for the best. Have a great day.

kazie said...

We will likely be at our son and d-i-l's for T'day too, and it will be a first for us as well. I think they are gung-ho to try it!

We did turkey and trimmings for both her grandparents' visits during the year, so now it's her turn. It was part of the American cultural experience we were giving the German visitors. But she is an excellent cook, and our son and she work wonderfully well together in the kitchen, so I have no fear.

Dick said...

@ Mainiac, your 7:19 story about the squirrel was hilarious!!

@ Jeanie, JD is in Hawaii and she had a great time on the Safari.

Spitzboov said...

Another nifty Naddor puzzle. But relatively easy and no look-ups needed.

GENERAL There are no serving nor surviving 5 stars today. Omar Bradley was the last appointed, and last 5 star rank survivor.

HELM Except on a small boat the captain does not man the "helm". It is manned by a helmsman. In the sense of this clue, the captain's position would be on the "bridge". Somewhat of an awkward clue to those who have had sea service.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, I admire people like Dan Naddor and Jerome, for whom anagrams come easily. Alas, I am not good at them, so I didn't catch onto the theme until 43D INLETS.

The puzzle wasn't difficult to complete today, but I enjoyed a lot of the fill. I particularly liked SEA OTTERS,CARTOONS, HAMMOCKS, FAIR SEX, MUSCULAR and EMPTY NEST.

I got IT'D, but I don't think it goes any better with "be an honor", than it does with "be swell", "be a shame", or any other phrase where IT WOULD is contracted to I'D.

My D'oh moment was ALE for "draft choice". I had AL filled in and was thinking "American League", as in a football or basketball draft.

Thanksgiving this year will be local, with my cousin as hostess. There will be about 10 of us there.

For Dennis' sake I hope a Manhattan Beach Thanksgiving will be warm and clear. It is a great town. GAH was born in neighboring Redondo Beach and I lived in another neighboring town Hermosa Beach when my daughter was born. But FAIR warning, Dennis, most Californians are hoping, praying and dancing for lot of rain in the next few weeks.

melissa bee said...

good morning c.c. and all,

zoomed through today, shaved a couple minutes off of yesterday's time even. had i attempted to unscramble the anagrams it would have taken alot longer - anagrams are not my thing. very clever i thought, to embed them in a crossword puzzle.

several kiddie words today, KNEX (never heard of it), EENIE, MEANIE and OWIE. then there was TINSEL TOWN, TIN PAN ALLEY and ASCAP. the phrase 'LISTEN HERE missy' makes me cringe whenever i hear it, since missy is my nickname.

thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and i'm thrilled that barb b is coming to spend it here. i host an annual 'leftover passover' get together on the saturday after, where everyone brings and shares their leftovers. very casual and fun.

(btw, barb b has limited access to internet now, which is why she's been missing.)

thanks for the watts, dennis.

Moon said...

Good Morning!
Work has kept me away but I've read the blog everyday and completed the puzzles.
Today's was a delight to me: six letters that make so many words.
At first pass, I hardly got any. But then slowly INLETS formed with SILENT TREATMENT (I'm great at it, just ask the DH :) ). And the other theme fills were easy from then on.
The only problem was GENERAL, GULFS, LIEF and ALE (was thinking about sports and put in ACE).

Have a great day, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Update for newspaper carrying the puzzle:

The Stuart News
Stuart Florida

Warren said...

Hi C.C. & gang, we finished today's puzzle easily without any need for online help. I got the "draft choice" before my wife this time.

RE: Thanksgiving? We always have a get together at our pottery studio and BBQ a turkey. I bring my signature mashed potato's and my wife bakes some great pumpkin pies.

Dr. Dad said...

Good morning everyone. I have a week's vacation so can visit here for a brief period of time.

Dennis, I didn't remember K'nex for awhile either. Took some time to get the "connects" part down.

In honor of King Tut Day, here is the King Tut that I remember.

Thanksgiving plans probably will involve Turkey. I know, pretty lame but that's all I have for now.

I see where DF-ness is out of style. I miss those days too. Of course, we may have gone a bit far with it so it is understandable to put a bit of a hold on it so it isn't here as much.

Stinker to me was like an imp. Not necessarily meanie.

Yankees will finish it tonight. That was their plan all along. To lose a couple and bring it back to the Bronx.

It is also National Chicken Lady Day. Also, the Perigean Spring Tides Spring tides occur today. They are the highest possible tides, which occur when New Moon or Full Moon takes places within 24 hours of the moment the Moon is nearest Earth (perigee) in its monthly orbit at 4 PM, EST. These tides are not named for the season of spring but for the German springen, "to leap up."

Everyone have a great Wednesday.

Auf Wiedersehen.

MJ said...

Good morning, C.C. and all,
I found Dan Naddor's puzzle today to be a very clever use of anagrams, albeit rather easy to complete. ENLIST, TINSEL, LISTEN, SILENT, INLETS--five words using the same six letters. I enjoyed seeing TINPAN and TINSELTOWN in the same puzzle.

Our only T-day plans to date are for breakfast with extended family.

Dennis-There is a 5k/10k race Thanksgiving morning in Dana Point not too far south of Manhattan Beach that perhaps you'd enjoy for diversion. You can get details at:

Does anyone remember the Farrell's Ice Cream Parlors of yore? They were popular from the late 60's to mid 80's. It seems that they are making a comeback. A new franchise at our local mall is having its grand opening today. We had the opportunity to attend a pre-opening celebration there over the weekend, and it was a lot of fun. The wait-staff are a group of high energy young folks, and beyond serving diners, they use comedy and fanfare to entertain. A great family-friendly atmosphere!

Enjoy the day!

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning everyone.

My new avatar is going to stay for quite a while. It's a memorial to my buddy Leo. We had to have him put to sleep last Friday. He had a good run of more than a dozen years. He was a great cat and is/will be missed around here.

Caught up on all the puzzles and comments after a quick trip to Cincinnati for a memorial reunion for my cousin. Where is Tarrajo? And PJB?

Really enjoyed the last week's worth of puzzles. Made me think and scramble. but all were doable.

Have a great Wednesday!

Dennis said...

Not so fast, DrDad. Chicken Lady Day??? What the hell is that?? Are you hitting the chemicals again?

Dennis said...

Crockett, my sympathies on losing your cat. I know how gut-wrenching that is, as do most of us, and I hope all the good memories get you through this.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Dan certainly is a prolific constructor. We get one of his just about every week. I'm often quick to criticize, but there is very little to dislike in this puzzle. The theme is awesome, lots of fresh long fills, and clever cluing. LISTEN HERE, what could be more fun than SEA OTTERS and CARTOONS? Also, I didn't find it quite as easy as many of you. Had UNEASE in the middle and SE corner.

I'll give a constructor a few proper names, if they're wide spread.

"IT'D" seems in the language to me. But MEANIE for stinker is inexact.

For my money, this is Dan at his best!

Jerome, where are you - this puzzle was made for you.

Somehow, LANKY seems like a word used to describe men, not women. So, no, I would say Gisele is SVELT.

I remember LLOYD Bridges from the Sea Hunt . TV how when I was a kid.

FAIR SEX is the opposite of a foul ball. No cheating!

I wonder if my poor Bradford Pear had DRY ROT. It split at the crotch. Pix and a poem (it's Wednesday) on my blog.

Our traditional Thanksgiving is for the clan to convene at our house. We provide the turkey & cet., and everyone else brings another hot dish. Usually we watch the Lions lose, but the way this season is going, the game will probably be blacked out.

Lots of sick kids here in MI. Nate has H1N1. (That's the assumption - too early for seasonal flu.) He seems to be getting through it OK. The rest of the family has escaped so far. Motrin keeps the fever down, and he isn't having too much respiratory distress.

After cleaning up all the leaves, I'm giving the grass one last cut.

JzB the non-LANKY trombonist

Anonymous said...

In California, the "Press Enterprise" no longer used the L.A. Times puzzle.

Clear Ayes said...

Hi Dr. Dad, Always nice to read your posts. I'm curious too. Who is the Chicken Lady and how are we supposed to celebrate her day?

Crockett, So sorry to hear about Leo. All of us "pet people" understand that you have lost a dear member of your family.

I always go back to the previous night's posts before checking in for the current day. Perhaps our angry unknown visitor(s) should take a lesson from this poem. Thanksgiving Day is coming up, so this is also a reminder to the rest of us (me too!) that life is too short to spend time "sweating the small stuff".

The Chip on the Shoulder

Learn this now before you are older:
Don’t go through life with a chip on your shoulder,
Always aggrieved and ever offended,
Fancying wrongs that are not intended.
Let not a sense of humor desert you,
Take it that nobody means to hurt you,
Find no insult in idle chatter,
Pass it over; it doesn’t matter.
Look for the best in everybody,
Value the wool, forget the shoddy;
Get in the habit of liking people.
Love is the spire on every steeple.

- Arthur Guiterman

Dick said...

Crockett, so sorry to hear about Leo. They is the problem with having pets, they just never seem to live long enough.

Jerome said...

Hi friends- I'm going to say something that I may regret, but I'll say it anyway.
For five years Dan has been battling against an extremely serious health issue. He pretty much survives on a liquid diet. Two weeks ago he was back in the hospital to have more surgery, released and sent home. He's now back in the hospital with complications post-op.
Through puzzles, Dan's given us a hell of a good time and tons of fun. He's become my friend and my life is richer for it.
He's been a part of this community and for that reason I'm asking all of you to send a thought his way. I've no doubt that he will feel it.

Jazzbumpa said...

Jerome -

I don't see any reason for you to feel regret. You're a caring person, and I think most of us here are, as well.

Dan mentioned being in the hospital a few days ago when he posted here.

Dan - I am sorry to hear of your illness. Please have a speedy and complete recovery. We grouse and niggle and criticize here, but (if I may be so bold as to speak for the regulars) we have a great deal of respect and affection for the constructors. And you are one of our favorites.

JzB the encouraging trombonist

Robin said...

Hello CC and all.
I'm new to this blog but have enjoyed Dan Naddor puzzles for several years.
Dan, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you a speedy recovery and relief from your chronic illness.

@Crockett1947, so sorry for your loss.

Thanks for the links to King Tut, I had not seen that one and it is hilarious! I still can't figure out how to link from a mac??

National Chicken Lady day is in honor of a motivational speaker Dr. Tina Dupree. She was given that tag by President Bush for her community service. She sounds like a great lady.

Hope all of you are staying well and avoiding the H1N1 as much as possible.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Robin said...

Oh yeah, spending Thanksgiving in Vegas, at an all you can eat buffet!!

Any other takers?

Dennis said...

Robin, wow, now that's the way to do it!

Dennis said...

Jerome, thanks for the heads-up.

Dan, you've long been a favorite constructor on this blog, and from the dialogue on the blog itself, you've become a favorite person as well. As Jazz stated, we all send you positive thoughts for a speedy recovery; you've made a lot of friends here and we're all pulling for you. Kick whatever it is in the ass.

Clear Ayes said...

Best wishes to Dan Naddor and sincere hopes for a full recovery.

Dick said...

Jerome, thanks for the heads up on Dan. He has become a friend on this blog and has given most of us many hours of creative and fun puzzling. I wish you the very best and a quick recovery. God bless!

kazie said...

I certainly join the others in wishing you the very best and quickest recovery possible. Again, I'm sorry if my remarks last week caught you at a particularly difficult time. This makes your reaction at that time even more understandable. Get well!

Dick said...

Guess we should all remember ClearAyes poem post today "The Chip on the Shoulder." You never know what is going on in other peoples lives.

Rex Parker said...


You're a good friend. My best wishes to Dan.


Mainiac said...

Dan Naddor, Sending positive mental brain waves. Get Well!!

Crocket, Condolences on your loss. Quite a handsome animal.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Collegian, the daily student run newspaper at Penn State University has it everyday :) Keeps me entertained in class.

JimmyB said...

Jerome - Thanks for sharing your news of Dan Naddor. I hope Dan can sense the prayers and thoughts coming his way from this part of the left coast. I always look forward to Dan's puzzle every week. I know I can count on a challenge and usually a couple of chuckles as well. Today was no exception.

Mainiac - Loved your story about the squirrel. I was laughing so hard my wife came from another part of the house and wanted to know what was so funny.

MJ - I remember Farrell's well. I had a memorable date there. They used to have these communal desserts that everyone at the table would share. One was the "Pike's Peak", literally a mountain of ice cream over a foot high. The menu said it was for 10 people. My date and I polished it off just the two of us. I was quite impressed. My date and I have long since parted ways. She was quite stunning then, but I've often wondered if she weighs about 400 pounds now.

Jerome said...

Some notes from the Peanut Gallery-


A for effort- Only 33 black squares and a pretty wide open grid for a Wednesday.

Super oddity- empTYNEst DALY. And who is that DALY LADY?

Would you like to stay in the HOSTEL? OH, LETS!

There exists not A CHEAP APACHE.



In the movie "Ben" all the EXTRAS had RAT SEX.

"Let's Stay Together, Major" was a hit by GENERAL AL GREEN.

Dan, take your meds... I obviously did.

embien said...

5:46 today. I guess the string of slightly more difficult puzzles we saw last week has ended, as this is more like a couple of weeks ago (i.e., "easy as pie").

Cute anagramming theme, on a word you wouldn't have expected, and a couple of nice long 15's for theme entries (along with the shorter ones). So, although easy, the puzzle was full of fun fill and I enjoyed it.

Thanks to Mainiac and Argyle for the links to Steve Martin and The Bangles (Susanna Hoffs is without doubt one of the sexiest lead singers of all time and The Bangles remain one of my favorite bands).

I join with others in wishing all the best for Dan Naddor.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Thank you!

Dan Naddor,
Take good care of yourself and don't work so hard. You are very special to us.

I am sad to hear the news about Leo.

kazie said...

Add my condolences on your loss of Leo. It's always hard when yu have to make that decision.

Maybe Rich is going to alternate weeks of harder and easier to keep everyone satisfied?

Warren said...

I was very sorry to hear of Dan Naddor's condition. He's always been one of the best LAT puzzle masters.

Here's hoping for a quick recovery!

Aside: I heard on today Dr. Dean Edell's radio show that putting out several raw cut onions seems to prevent people from catching H1N1 flu?

Buckeye said...

Guday, all. Nice Naddor puzzle. I have little problems with anagrams, what with being dyslexic and all. (Get well Dan. Our positive thoughts are with you.)

Croc: Sorry to hear about Leo. A loss is never fun.

Embian: You are SO right about Susanna Hoffs. What a BABE.

Mainiac: I can relate to your squirrel story. Years ago, when my girls were young, they, and their mother, talked me into letting them have a gerbil. I told them they could get one if they fed it, watered it, kept the cage clean, bathed it and taught it tricks - like playing dead for about three days in a row. They named it Billy, thinking that if they gave him my moniker, I would get to like the little rodent. We learned a valuable lesson early on, which is "don't buy a gerbil a plastic cage". Billy ate through it and escaped from our finished basement play room and vanished. The kids were a mess. "Where's Billy?" "Help us daddy." So I helped by telling them they better find the little varmint before Sugar (our Westie) did, or Sugar would bring him to them with all Billy's feathers gone.
I went to my office, which was also in the basement, and heard a noise on the floor inside one of my office walls. I yelled out, "Kids, I think I found your rat!!" They came running in and I peeled back a small section of my floor molding and stuck in my hand and Billy, having skipped breakfast, mistook my index finger for a gerbil treat and with his "gopher-like" teeth latched on to it. My hand came flying out of that hole at the speed of light with Billy attached to my finger and at the apex of my movement he let go and went sailing across the room like a flying bat. He, fortunately, landed on a love seat I had in there and proceeded to just sit here and shake like a leaf. My kids and wife are all tending to the "man eating Ben of the gerbil world" while I sat on the floor and bled on my carpet.
I only wish MY story ended as happily as yours.

I must be off

Robin said...

Where do we put the onions Warren? LOL

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nador: My best wishes for a speedy recovery. Don`t be upset with Jerome...he appears to be a good friend.

A Rose by any other name...

PJB-Chicago said...

Here's my first time posting in a while (I have been lurking when possible) and I want to say to everyone that I have genuinely missed being "in the mix" with you here and will try to get back whenever I am able.

Dan Naddor: I send positive thoughts and wishes for relief and health. Jerome, you are a a good friend. Please make sure he knows we're thinking about him.

Crockett: Condolences on the loss of your companion Leo.

CA: Thanks for the aptly chosen poems. I like reading them aloud. Other people like them too.
Barry et al: As CA said, I do hear people contract "it would be" further from "it'd be" to "Id be" where the ID rhymes with HID:
"Id be nice to win the lottery."

Enjoyable puzzle--need I add that I didn't get the anagrams until the very end? Am glad that "empty nest" was NOT clued as "parental stage of tremendous relief"!

Back this weekend or next week with my usual mix of salacious gossip and tales of my scandalous, newsworthy behavior.
In the meantime, I am missing you all and our collective puzzle mayhem,

Crockett1947 said...

Thank you Dennis, Clear Ayes, Dick, Robin, Mainiac, C.C., Kazie, Buckeye, and PJB -- and any others who have expressed condolences that I might have missed. This is a fine group of people.

@jerome Thank you for the Dan information. I'll add my voice to the chorus of get well wishes.

@mainiac, yes, he was a handsome fella.

Annette said...

Dan Naddor: Please add my best wishes for a speedy recovery to the others. You're in all our thoughts, and may that give you as much strength to fight this, as you've given all us pleasure with your clever and witty puzzles!

I enjoyed the puzzle, but did it hours ago on paper while awaiting jury duty, and can't think of any specifics to mention, other than being impressed by the anagrammed theme!

Dennis: Going to my sister's house in Greensboro, NC for Thanksgiving. We were all just together in June for a wedding, but it feels much years! I'm really looking forward to seeing everybody.

Dick: You're making me homesick for Western PA. Where's your camp? My father used to get a cabin in a place called Black Moshannon (sp?) for many years. His birthday was on December 1st, during the 1st week of Buck season, so we never got to celebrate it with him. I have one of his sets of antlers mounted in my computer room.

I've heard tots saying "owie", but it may have been on TV or in movies. I don't think the kids in our family used it.

Crockett1947: I'm sorry to hear about Leo. He looks very sweet. My cat is 21.5 years old and I thought his time had come recently, but he seems to have bounced back.

"Actress Tyne" is a much clearer clue for DALY than either John or Tim, and doesn't require further qualification of their role or show titles.

Chickie said...

Hello All--I'm another one who didn't get the anagram theme until I filled in inlets. I'm terrible with anagrams, so had to have it spelled out before I found the hidden words.

Sorry to say that the K'nex/Lego relative was a total unknown for me,so the middle east section went begging until I came here for C.C.'s answers.

My thoughts and prayers are with you Dan. We all enjoy your puzzles and hope to see many more come our way.

Crockett, I'm so sorry to hear about your Leo. It is always hard to have to put down and animal. Those of us who have had to do so know how you are feeling.

carol said...

Hi C.C. and everyone:

It's difficult to come here so late, so many comments have been made and I will have a long post to address them all, I hope that is ok.

I really enjoyed the puzzle, and being a Dan Naddor made it even better. I am so very sorry to hear of his illness. Jerome, thank you for letting all of us know so we can send him good thoughts.

Crockett, I am so sorry about Leo! I (and most of the rest of us) know that pain. Think of the wonderful times he has given you and know he is not in distress any longer.

Jeanne, JD is now in Kauai, Hawaii and will return on Nov 6. I am sure she will let us know all about their wonderful African safari.

Melissa Bee, thanks for the update on Barb B...we missed her (you too).

Dennis, I totally agree with your comment at 5:47a. It used to be fun, sigh.

Dick, you must live in a mansion to be able to house 17 people!! Good for you but don't blame you for wanting it over with. Hope you or Irene don't have to fix breakfast to them - LOL...maybe my Ziploc omlettes would be a good idea if you do.

Thanksgiving will find us at Joe's niece's house. Fun family gathering and I don't have to cook THAT DINNER.
(I always fix a turkey dinner for Joe the next day because we had dinner here for years, and he misses the 'left-overs' and since it is just the 2 of us, it seems so much easier).

more later - maybe

MJ said...

Dan Naddor-My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy, complete recovery and return home.

Crockett1947-I can empathize with your loss of Leo. We had to have our two kitty-girls (womb-mates) put to sleep within about six months of each other a year or two ago. We'd enjoyed them as part of our family for over 15 years.

On a lighter note,
@Maniac-Thanks for the entertaining squirrel story!

Lemonade714 said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Naddor.

carol said...

Mainiac: I cannot believe you did that to a cute little squirrel...I guess I am siding with your wife. Now to be fair, maybe I don't understand that you could not have done anything else, but it seems SO SAD to me.

MJ: I do remember Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor(s). We had one here in Portland (close to Lloyd Center) in the early 60's and it lasted until the early 80's (I think). It was THE place to go for your child's birthday party. Woe unto the unsuspecting adult(s) who went in there hoping to have a nice lunch and were rendered deaf by the noise that erupted to celebrate a kids birthday! We took our son in there for his 4th and he really loved the huge ice cream cake.

Warren, as Robin so aptly asked...WHERE DO THE ONIONS GO???? LOL
I can think of several orifices but geez, I wouldn't want to be around the recipient!

lois said...

Good evening CC et al., Fun puzzle and clever theme. Loved seeing K'nex. Brought back a lot of memories. Bet we still have a case of 'em in the shed.

Maniac: loved that story. Hilarious!

Buckeye: I learned the same lesson about plastic cages. Funny story but sorry about your finger tho'.

CA: great poem. Perfect!

Crockett; I'm so sorry for your loss of Leo. That is so sad. He really was a handsome dude.

Jerome: thanks for sharing that news about Dan. I also would like to extend my wishes for a speedy recovery to him. You both are such favorites.

Dennis: I'm cooking Tday dinner for the fam and friends. It's our favorite holiday but it will be our last one together as 2 of the girls will have moved away by next Fall. We've been so lucky being together for so long, esp since one is a military wife, stationed here. This will be a very special Thanksgiving holiday.

Enjoy your night.

Hahtoolah said...

Wow, we were a chatty group today. I'm just back after a very long day going through Katrina-damaged buildings (yes, there is still a plethora of them), to see what, if anything can be repaired.

Crockett, so sorry to hear about Leo. I have two cats and they are truly part of the family. I know Leo is greatly missed.

Dan, I wish you all the best. I will include you in the Mi Shebeirach.

It's way past my bed-time, especially since I got virtually no sleep last night.

Mainiac said...

Gerbils, cats, dogs ect:

Buckeye, I whined like crazy to get dogs when I was 10-12 years old. I got gerbils. Dad bought me some sort of rig that had a place for the critters to crawl up, which became the outhouse. Dad thinking the poor things needed more room, built an addition. Well, they still used the outhouse but you had an additional area to clean up. (now, we mix drinks on that counter)!

The Squirrel (continued): So I wrangled the thing away from the pets getting scratched, bit etc and pitched it into the woods. (okay we're done here) Couple days later one of the cats shows up with the thing as I'm taking down the garden. I get it from her and chuck it down into the woods. That evening, we're all home and having family fun (Pirate's Dice and a couple of cocktails for the elders) in comes Thelma with something in her mouth. The wife screams, Pirate's dice scatter everywhere and I'm chasing the cat around to chuck the freakin' red squirrel out again!! There is no end to this particular varmit!!!
More Later.

It looks like we are heading to western Maine to celebrate Thanksgiving. My parents are in 100% and my younger sister is 95% sure. Awaiting the two older sibs decision at this point. Whatever the outcome, if it cools down enough, we are psyched for some skiing!!!

Positive thoughts!!

Good night all!!

Al said...

Getting to the party pretty late tonight, but will add my best wishes for Dan to get well. I hope he has a good quality, slow speed, veggie juicer if all he can have are liquids.

Also sympathy for Crockett. We also had to bring in a 14 year old pet quite a few years back and have only about a year ago given in to rescuing two more from the shelter.

Definitely had a major crush on Susanna when Egyptian came out.

"Stinker" always meant mischievous to me. My younger brother as a toddler always got into everything he shouldn't and mom always called him a little stinker. Of course, with me at about 5 or 6 and him still in diapers, I used to think that was hilarious.

Jeannie said...

Crockett, sorry to hear about Leo, but it appears to me that in his last pic he looked comfortable.

I enjoyed this puzzle and am curious if anyone else noticed some of the answers' threads. Enlisting in the Army, Pearl, Gulfs, Coast, Hammock, til hurts.

Let us not forget our troops that are still out there fighting for what they believe in.

Jerome, I thought of you right away when I finally figured out the theme. This one was right up your alley. I am thinking of you right now as Dan is one of your friends.

Dan, my thoughts are with you and I hope you will be okay. I enjoy your puzzles very much.

I am probably going to be MIA Thurs and Fri as I have the opportunity to help a friend cater a big event. She is a good cook and we work well together.

Jeannie said...

Karma...#69, that's for your WM, Clearayes, Windhover.

eddyB said...

CC. Don't know about the print edition but the SF
edition has the Universal C/W.

Annette. Your spelling is correct.
The grand parents' farm was in Munson, right next door.

Dan. Get well soon. I hope they aren't waking you up at 6AM like they did me.


Jeannie said...

I forgot my favorite Counselor and partner in crime, Lemonade.


WM said...

Couple of quick comments...first,for Dan Naddor, best of wishes and positive thoughts for strength and a steady uphill climb to health as you are a shining star in the world of cruciverbalists...get well, and stay that way.

Crockett I am so, so sorry. It is never easy to make those choices and we were there last year when we had to put down our 15 1/2 year old Chow/keeshound and our loving 18 1/2 year cat who was the single best cat I had ever owned on the same day. We are again at the same place with our 18 year old kitty that my husband rescued all those years ago from Oregon...tough times ahead. Vet appointment tomorrow to see if anything is fixable.

CA... perfect poem and I try to live that way, but there ARE moments...

Great animal stories to which I would add mine. When I was about 7 mos pregnant with our first daughter our charming cat brought in a very live alligator lizard(he was teaching the kitten to hunt)and released into the house. It ran under the sofa bed that we had and I couldn't find it. After several days we gave up looking and then about a month later when I was sitting in the livingroom, something caught my attention in the kitchen...a mostly grown alligator lizard up on all fours walking across the kitchen floor...if I remember correctly, that time we caught him and got him outside. glad to see you up and have been greatly missed...stay healthy and continue to entertain us with the charming snippets of your exploits.

And lastly but not leastly, for Jeannie...what a stellar opportunity for you to shine...have a terrific time with the catering...

WM said...

Forgot...Dennis, as is our tradition, we have about 18 people, family and friends, over for Thanksgiving dinner and everyone contributes a part of it. I cook 2 18-20 lb organic free range turkeys using my grandmother's stuffing recipe which I have been forbidden to change...cooked my first turkey on my own in about 5th grade and have been doing it ever since...

Warren, perhapse you wear the cut onion, like garlic, around your neck to keep people at a with vampires. *snicker*

Crockett1947 said...

Thanks to all who have added kind words and stories of your losses. It helps to know that others have been through this and come out the other end.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to The New York Yankees 27 time World Series Champions!

Yankees win

Frank Sinatra

Anonymous said...

In Bend, Oregon the "Bend Bulletin" newspaper carries the LA Times Crossword.

Unknown said...

The Fresno Bee (McClatchy) in California runs it at least M-F. I don't check it on weekends so I'm not sure.