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Jan 5, 2010

Tuesday January 5, 2010 Donna S. Levin

Theme: Illuminators - Familiar phrases whose first word can brighten up our paths.

17A: Instant of realization: LIGHT BULB MOMENT

33A: Lyrical lament of lost love: TORCH SONG

38A: Idaho ski resort: SUN VALLEY

53A: Elton John tribute to Marilyn Monroe: CANDLE IN THE WIND

Argyle here. There are some Wednesday words in here but for the most part, it's a Tuesday puzzle. I might be a little short because of the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl but, boy, what a game. So I miss a little sleep. Meh.

My all-time favorite torch song - "What's New? by Linda Ronstadt.

Oh, Happy 60th Birthday to legendary crossword maker Merl Reagle!


1A: Hip-hop headgear: DO-RAG. It is also biker headgear. Pic.

6A: Aral, for one: SEA.

9A: Yeast cake highlighted in a "Seinfeld" episode: BABKA. A short clip.

14A: Treat badly: ABUSE.

15A: European peak: ALP.

16A: Ancient theater: ODEON. We have had this before. I relate it to Nickelodeon>

20A: Slow start?: ESS. The letter 'S' is the start of the word "Slow".

22A: Dogs from Japan: AKITAS. A noble looking breed. Anyone ever had one?

23A: The Big One: Abbr.: WWII. World War Two. It came after the War to End All Wars.

24A: Move like moths: FLIT.

25A: Like many Quechua speakers: ANDEAN. Quechua is a Native American language family spoken primarily in the Andes of South America.

28A: Clark's crush: LOIS. Superman. She could melt his 61A: Superman's makeup?: STEEL.

29A: Texas __: oil: TEA. "Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea." from the Beverly Hillbillies Theme Song.

32A: Word with trap or prize: BOOBY. 40A: Cantaloupe, e.g.: MELON.

35A: Throw __: fly off the handle: A FIT.

36A: Social division: CASTE.

37A: Telegram: WIRE.

41A: Official lang. of Malawi: ENG.. Clever. A landlocked country in southeast Africa (yet they have a navy).

42A: Peculiar mannerisms: TICS.

43A: Beaver or hamster: RODENT.

45A: Tiny parasite: MITE.

46A: Lay a wet one on: SMOOCH.

49A: Ed of "The People's Court": KOCH. TV. Former New York City mayor Ed Koch presided over the court from 1997 to 1999. The first judge was Joseph Wapner and the current one is Marilyn Milian.

50A: Xbox 360 competitor: Wii. (video game systems)

56A: Holy Roman emperor crowned in CMLXII: OTTO I. That's 962 CE, if you care. And if you do, you might like this site.

57A: Caviar, e.g.: ROE. Fish eggs.

58A: Prepare beans, Mexican-style: REFRY.

59A: Thrash: WHOMP.

60A: Cobbler's tool: AWL. Used for making holes in leather.


1D: Racing legend Earnhardt: DALE. aka "The Intimidator". Died in a crash at the Daytona 500, February 18, 2001. His son, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., still races but has never reached his father's status. Pic.

2D: Geisha wardrobe items: OBIS.

3D: Toupees: RUGS. Locks bought from a store.

4D: Volcanic residue: ASH.

5D: Escape: GETAWAY.

6D: King Abdullah subject: SAUDI.

8D: SFPD broadcast: A.P.B.. (San Francisco Police Department - All Points Bulletin)

9D: Devoted to reading: BOOKISH.

10D: Own up to: ADMIT.

11D: Borscht need: BEET. Soup made with beets, and/or other vegetables and served hot or chilled, often with sour cream. Quite a few food references in the grid.

12D: Hawaiian coffee-growing district: KONA. On the west side of the "Big Island".

13D: Aardvark's dinner: ANTS.

18D: St. Petersburg pancake: BLIN. Another recent word, plural is blini.

19D: Evil intent: MALICE.

23D: Former Internet-on-the-tube co.: WEB TV. The product and service was founded in 1995 by WebTV Networks and was purchased by Microsoft Corporation(in April, 1997, 20 months after WebTV's founding) and absorbed into MSN (the Microsoft Network).

24D: Two score: FORTY. (score = 20)

25D: Humiliate: ABASE.

26D: Like a wet blanket, so to speak: NO FUN. Like some of our ANONs.

27D: "Nothing __!": DOING.

29D: Fabric with a repeated scenic pattern: TOILE.

30D: 2000s symbol of corporate misconduct: ENRON.

31D: Ten percenter: AGENT.

34D: Garbo, by birth: SWEDE.

36D: Trite expression: CLICHÉ.

39D: In one sitting: AT A CLIP.

43D: Loaded: RICH. Hi, Rich (Norris)!

44D: City of sin in Genesis: SODOM.

46D: Flat-bottomed boat: SCOW.

49D: Be sure of: KNOW.

51D: Memo phrase: IN RE.

52D: Pastoral poem: IDYL.

Answer grid.



Anonymous said...

BillG, again, the post limit is still 5, not 9.

Bob said...

Another easy one. 12 minutes. No help.

Anonymous said...

Merl Reagle’s Syndicated Crossword last Sunday is “Doing 60". Happy Birthday on your very special day, Merl.

Donna L. said...

Hi, everyone.

Actually, I intended for the entire word LIGHTBULB (not just the "LIGHT" part) to be the first theme entry ... but I guess it works your way too, Argyle.

Thanks for taking the time to do the puzzle!

Dick said...

Good morning all, just got back from a couple of hours of snow plowing so I haven't addressed the puzzle yet.

I can't wait for the wife to retire so we can go to warm places in the winter months. I'll be back later to check on the c/w.

Bill said...

Good Morning and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Been hard at the x words M to F. I still ignore Sat and sometimes even Fri, but if I can get M to F, I'm happy.
BEET and BABKA threw me, so that left the others wanting. Should have known both but............... eh, what was I saying????
Have a good day,
CY'all Later

tfrank said...

Good morning, all,

This was a good Tuesday puzzle - just a little difficult, but not too much. My time was 23 online.

The only unknown was babka. Must be a deli term; enjoyed the clip, Argyle.

I never saw the theme until I got here. Thanks also for the Linda Ronstadt clip. She is one of my favorites, not only for her singing, but also for her beauty. I don't care much for her politics, however.

I am glad you read our blog, Donna. We start out talking about the puzzle, but by the end of the day, have wandered far afield.

Have a great day.

Bill said...

OK guys and girls. Not to be too picky but the new decade doesn't start till 2011. 2010 is the 10th year in the first decade of the 21st century.
CY'all later

Argyle said...

Donna L., my pleasure.

I saw it could be LIGHTBULB or LIGHT BULB and I went with the shorter version. I felt it matched the other three better but if SOURCE OF ILUMINATION is the theme, then LIGHTBULB is better.

What was the original theme?

Thank you for stopping by.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, Thanks Argyle for starting the morning with Linda Ronstadt and then a Seinfeld clip. Add a Donna Levin comment to that and how can it go wrong?

It was a very nice Tuesday puzzle today. I always enjoy the answers that span the whole grid. Sometimes I get them quickly, which helps tremendously with the perps, and sometimes I have to hack away at the perps to get those long ones.

My first thought for 17A was LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. Waaay too long, but CANDLE IN THE WIND practically wrote itself.

My only real hangup was ANDEAN. Yeah, I wrote INDIAN the first time around and both WEB TV and ENG were slow in coming because of my glitch there.

I loved Donna's SMOOCH for "Lay a wet one on"...our kind of gal.

Holy Roman Emperor? Gotta be one of those crazy OTTO's.

Anonymous said...

Argyle, you outdid yourself. I think I enjoyed reading your write-up more than doing the puzzle today.

I was stumped on BLIN, and I spelled ANDEAN wrong so WEB TV and WWII weren't coming to me. Otherwise, was able to complete everything.

Our neighbor wears a DO-RAG when he does yard work. He's a pretty humorous guy. Looks kind of silly in it, but it gives me a chuckle I guess.

KONA is one of our favorite places ever. The Ironman Tri is done there. The marathon run is in the middle of a lava field. Blackness everywhere and hot to boot. I personally cannot understand wanting to do this, but it would be my DH's dream to complete (don't think it will happen though.)

Filling in LIGHT BULB MOMENT was an aha wasn't it?

Fun morning puzzle, and with no frozen pipes and a repaired car, the mood has elevated around here.

Very much looking forward to the Orange Bowl this evening. Good day to all.

eddyB said...

Good morning all.

For those who don't go to cru- site, Rich has a nice note about Dan's passing and reference to a face book page.
Scroll down a little way.

Welcome to the group mpk18. It's
time we got some younger blood.

The APOD photo today is of a roll
cloud - a very interesting


Dick said...

I’m back and have finished the puzzle. Nice puzzle today and a nice write up by Argyle. I particularly liked the Linda Ronstadt clip, one of my favorites. My only sticking point was in the NE corner as I did not know “BABKA” and I always seem to misspell the Japanese dogs so that made the corner a bit of a struggle.

Donna thanks for reading our blog and for stopping by to post a comment.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday. Off to the gym to work off the birthday cake.

Lemonade714 said...

As someone who still reads three of four books per week, and is therefore BOOKISH, whenever I see the word IDYL, I am reminded of the two books which I have started and not finished, one of which is Tennyson’s IDYLL’S OF THE KING and the other a rather obscure book by Robert Traver known as LAUGHING WHITEFISH which followed his immensely successful and wonderful book ANATOMY OF A MURDER .

The puzzle was fine, though, I must confess I am all a titter at the prospect of what comments we will get from our DF brigade to the inclusion of 32A: Word with trap or prize: BOOBY. 40A: Cantaloupe, e.g.: MELON.

Welcome new people, it is important we continue to get new voices to make us work harder, and welcome back those who have been away; great to have you back. Again, my thoughts are with you all for a healthy year, and happy birthday to those who need it. I am working from home, as the office building I work in was built without a heating system, and it takes until about 11:00 am for it to warm itself from the sun. Dennis, I would apologize, but I do not know what you lacked when you came south.

Thank you Ms. Levin for reinforcing our sense of relevance.

Lemonade714 said...

Dr. Freud, wake up; I meant to type, "what you Packed..." but hey it is in stone, so there

Argyle said...

Babka, or Bobka, also known as baba, is a sweet yeast cake and can be an East European version or a Jewish version. I googled for an image of Babka and there are so many different looks to them, I couldn't decide.(but it sure made me hungry!)

Anonymous said...

MPK from last night, feel free to email me. Just click on my profile and the email link is on my blog.

Lemonade, we saw Anatomy of a Murder when my hubby started law school. One of the professors did a great presentation with it. What a great movie. Never read the book though. I do remember the prof pointing out the fatal mistake of asking a question on the stand that you didn't know the answer to. What a great litigating lesson. Thankfully my DH is a transactional guy.

kazie said...

Good morning all, and it was good to "hear" from Donna this morning.

My only real stumble was KONA/BABKA. I had an "H" for the "K". I also had to guess the D for DALE/DORAG, and BLIN but got them right.

Clear Ayes said...

Lemonade714 is right. There are all kinds of DF possibilities here. Of course, it all depends on how you look at it and we all know that the brain is the most erotic organ.

Lady i will touch you

Lady,i will touch you with my mind.
Touch you and touch and touch
until you give
me suddenly a smile,shyly obscene

(lady i will
touch you with my mind.)Touch
you,that is all,

lightly and you utterly will become
with infinite care

the poem which i do not write.

- e e cummings

;o) Now having got started in that direction, I'm heading to town this morning to have a check up on my newest dental work. See you all later.

Spitzboov said...

Hi all. Nice of Donna to drop by.

Almost as easy as Monday's. Had wigs for RUGS but perps gave me a LIGHTBULBMOMENT. As CA said, CANDLEINTHEWIND wrote itself.

We have BABKA during the Easter season. Very similar to the Russian 'kulich', and very good!

Enjoy the day.

eddyB said...

@mpk. Don't worry about giving us
your full name. Mary Patrica Foley
was one of my favorite people in the Jack Ryan series. She taught John Kelly how to be a CIA field agent.
@BillG. Yeah, why are you hogging
all of the memory space?
@Dick. Your current weather is why I left W PA in '66. I remember one three week period when it never got above 0. That was BWCF.
I am also waiting for the DFness to start.
Well, I've been up for two hours,
it is time to go back to bed for
two hours. The next time that I'm up, I have to go to the store.


PS. Now that Boise St has beaten
"someone". I wonder what their final ranking will be.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Nice puzzle today. To lemonade's point, it should have included ATIT.

C.A. -

That cummings poem reminds me of a non-P.C. cartoon I saw a long time ago. A man and a woman are in an elevator. All her clothes are scattered on the floor and she's trying to hide behind her hands. The man says, "Oh, sorry. I thought I was mentally undressing you."

That Jonny Burks song is pretty emotional for me, having actually experienced that poignant LIGHTBULB MOMENT. It's OK, though. We lived happily ever after.


kazie said...

A propos the DFness, or lack of it so far, there's also a bird called a booby.

Argyle said...

Just for JzB, a new What's New?.

JD said...

Good morning Argyle, CC and all,

Donna, how great of you to stop by. I loved your c/w because there were some a-ha's and some clever clues.

Argyle, your posts are not only informative, but give me laughs (Seinfeld) and bring back some of the good ol' days. Jerry Brown's old love was lovely."Different Drum" was my favorite song.

Nickelodeon is a good way to remember that unused word...thanks

I love Mon/Tues puzzles because I refuse to look up anything and it's usually not necessary. Today I had trouble ending the word bookish. I had bookist, then bookism.Like Kazie, I also had trouble with Kona/ babka..last fill for me.

Can't wait to hear Lois's version of "the big one"!!I have to admit, WWII was not the 1st thing I thought of.I asked DH what 1st came to mind for him: a sporting event,an erection,or heart attack.Donna, stop by later.

CA, hope all is well with your new "toof".Ouch!!!Loved the poem.

Jeannie said...

What a fun puzzle today. It always helps when I get the theme early on. A couple of things though. I always thought a do rag was a “dew” rag. I also didn’t know a “beaver” was a rodent, and that’s all I am going to say about that. Favorite clue was ten percenter – agent. I didn’t really like “bookish” either. I immediately thought of Dennis, Lemonade and Windhover when I saw “booby” and “melon” not sure why.

It seems everyone is experiencing unusually cold weather. Try to keep warm. I actually have my long underwear on today. Gotta love Minnesota!

Welcome'll fit in just fine.

DCannon said...

Difficulty level 2, maybe? Some were givens like "candle in the wind" but some not so easy, especially when I made things hard on myself. I spelled 36D "clicee" instead of "cliche," which made "smooch" impossible. I wanted this to be an erasure-free day, but it was not to be! Many of the fills were automatic, so I didn't even read those clues until I came to the blog. I did get the theme today.

In all the time "Seinfeld" was on, I watched only one episode and this was it! Consequently, I did get "babka."

I am an avid reader, so "bookish" was a good one for me, although my first desire was for "bookworm" until is saw it didn't fit. (My first CB "handle" was "bookworm.")

@Lemonade, the only book that I have started (3 times) and left unfinished is Don Quixote. Fortunately, I never had to read it in H.S. or college.

Our low temp was 27º this am. It is up to 36º now. "They" are forecasting another cold front for tonight, so I guess I'd better get out and get some things done this afternoon.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Bill G. said...

Argyle, I love almost everything by Linda Ronstadt (and Emmy Lou Harris). My sister-in-law has had several Akitas. Marilyn Milian of The People's Court is sure one smart, attactive lady. MPK, feel free to e-mail me too. My address is on my profile.

Sorry about too many posts. I guess I get carried away with the interesting topics and people to interact with. I'll try to do better.

~ Bill G.

windhover said...

Bill @ 7:32,
I had this elaborate (well, lengthy) argument about why you were wrong. When I started typing it, I saw you were right. So I guess Susie left for nothing. Susie, come on back. I'll leave. (Just kidding. I'm addicted).

Anonymous said...

Yes, 2010 is the last year of the decade but the first year of the teens, or tens if you will; as opposed to the 0's or zeros or aughties. For example, 1969 was the last year of the sixties but 1970 was the last year of the decade that began in 1961. I'm confused.

Jazzbumpa said...

Argyle -

Great find on the trombone choir.

At least two Wows! Thanx.

And Bill is right. Think of it this way, anon - you don't start counting with 0, you start with 1. Thus the first year was the year 1. The last year of the first century was 100. Etc. und so weiter. Fangen Sie an.

JzB the fin de la décennie trombonist

Anonymous said...

When will I ever learn "Slow start?". Thanks.

Anonymous said...

REFRY: Prefix RE means "very" or "well" in Mexican Spanish,

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning, everyone!

@donnal. Nice of you to stop by and make your presence known. Enjoyed the puzzle.

@tfrank If there's a fire in the field, we'd better get it put out!

@bill If 2010 is the 10th year, what was 2000? I think 2000 was the first year of the 21st century. (Revised -- see below)

@kq Glad to see the Tuesday is already better than Monday.

@eddyb Thanks for mentioning Rich's note about Dan on I didn't think to do that. Thoughtful of you.

@lemonade714 Yes, with LOIS, BOOBY and MELON in the grid, there's a bit of fodder for the DF grist mill.

@ca Thanks for the cummings.

@jeannie TMI!! Pink?

@billg It's easy to get carried away in the banter, but every post goes directly to C.C.'s Inbox, so it can be overwhelming for her when the number of posts gets into three digits, although we haven't done that in a while. I also think maybe some of the newbies aren't totally aware of the requested limit unless they've been lurking for a while.

@jazzbumpa What you said. So, If the first year A.D. was 1 (which I agree with), and the year before that was ..... 1 B.C.? No zero? Interesting thought, eh?

OK, enough of this long post. Have a great Tuesday, all!!

Spitzboov said...

Jazzbumpa re: und so weiter. Fangen Sie an. My only comment is:

+ = -

Je mehr
die Sonne scheint
desto mehr
Wasser verdunstet
Wolken erscheinen
und die Sonne
- scheint weniger

Je weniger
die Sonne scheint
desto weniger
Wasser verdunstet
Wolken werden weniger
und die Sonne
- scheint mehr

da capo

Beruhige dich
das meiste was geschieht
geschieht ohne dich

Joseph Albers

Mainiac said...

Good Afternoon Argyle, CC and All,

Finally getting a chance to post. Had a good time with this one this AM.

Typical Tuesday for me with the exception that I finished with no red letter help. I usually have one or two on a Tuesday. Couple of erasures were Flap instead of Flit and had the same experience as Cleareyes with Indian instead of Andean. Once those were straightened out in was fairly smooth sailing from the SW to the NE.

Ahhhhhhh..........I always enjoy seeing Lois in a puzzle!

Send your cold weather this way folks. The lakes haven't hardened enough for my fat ass yet. Therefore my wife is still, yet to be, an ice fishing widow. Lucky her!!

Have a great day!

Tinbeni said...

@BillG 7:32 & @Anon 11:42

This reminds me of the discussion regarding the "New Millenium" in 1999 into 2000.

They interviewed Arthur C. Clarke, the author of 2001 A Space Odyssey who explained (like BillG did at 7:32 the decade ends at the end of 2010) that the new millenium began on the first day of 2001.

"There was a reason I named it "2001 A Space Odyssey" it was not on a whim, there was no year 0 (zero) ... the millenium begins on January 1, 2001."

The same principle applies to decades, as BillG. correctly stated.

@Anon 11:42 your confusion is caused by the 'dim minds' of the media.

Tinbeni said...

oops, I meant just Bill 7:32

(dang, you read so many comment you need a program)

Anonymous said...

I'm signing in as anon so that this doesn't count as one of my five. I was taught that zero was the first positive integer. Back to my algebra teacher, he made us start counting from zero.

The Romans didn't have a symbol for zero so they went from 1BCE to 1AD.

The 21th centry started with the year 2000 and the abscissa crosses the ordinate at zero.


billG keep posting. I was making fun of the other anon.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:10pm
Your argument that the Romans went from 1BCE to 1AD due to not having a zero indicates that the 21st century began as A.C.Clarke stated on Jan.1,2001

Or does your first statement about the no zero just ignore your second statement.

Now I am really confused.

Anonymous said...

There is no post limit on other blog.

Dennis said...

Hey gang - back from a great 10 days in warmer climes. Well, maybe not so warm towards the end, but still better than the 20+ here in NJ. I enjoyed reading the posts every day, but decided to take a break from posting while I was gone. Yes, I can hear the 'thank you's from here.

Argyle, I've owned two Akitas - they're wonderful dogs. Very tough to train, but extremely loyal and very smart.

The puzzle's pretty much been commented out, but it's always a pleasure to see any combination of Lois, booby and melon. And JD, I think you had your 'big ones' out of order; it's more often 'erection', then a 'sporting event', and then a heart attack.

MPK, very good of you to join us. It's nice that you thought enough of the group to become one of us after lurking for a while. Sounds like you'll fit right in.

A belated (yesterday) Happy Birthday to Dick; hope it was a good one. And also, Happy Birthday to Merle Reagle - and thank you for making my Sunday mornings so enjoyable.

Donna L., thanks for taking the time to comment here - it really means a lot to all of us.

And lastly, EddyB, if you post as an anon and tell us, it still counts towards your 5. The purpose of the 5 limit is for C.C.'s sake, and I hope you'll respect that.

Argyle said...

New avatar, devil dog?

Dennis said...

Yeah, taken just before coming back, after the weather had turned a bit.

By the way, great job on the write-up today.

carol said...

Hi Argyle, C.C. blog buds:

What a fun puzzle!! No troubles just a hesitation on Babka and Blin but the perps took care of those.

Laughed at The Big One...sure did not think of WWII at first blush either :)
Hey, find a 'motel', 'sing a torch song', go for the 'wet smooch' in a good 'motel' and don't do it 'all in one sitting' as that is 'no fun'.

Donna L - thanks for stopping by, we love hearing from the constructors.

Dennis had an Akita. He was very attached to it.

eddyB said...

Okay, this is as silly as what to
call this decade. There is/was a year zero. You don't celebrate your first birthday the day you were born.
Do any of you say that the winter solstice is the shortest day of year because the weather people forget that all days are 24 hours?

Zero is a number and a place holder.


Anonymous said...

I will just chime in that I don't think we will come to an agreement on what to call this decade, or when it starts. What is important is how we live it anyway.

As for posts in a day, CC has requested we limit to 5, which should be more than ample to say what we need to say. If you want to get into a more in depth communication, that becomes the time to use personal email or another form of communication. As it is her blog, and she does such an outstanding job, I think this is very little to ask.

Anon@2:05, if you want to post indefinitely on another blog, be my guest.

Finally, there are certain people who are exempt from the limit, those being CC herself, the blogmaster of the day (that being Argyle today) and I believe Dennis, as CC has requested that he assist in maintaining the conversation and monitoring for inappropriate content.

Am I right folks? Hope this clears things up for everyone and please no hard feelings. Sometimes we all get a little excited and go beyond the limits. But try to keep it within.

Dennis said...

KQ, perfect.

Clear Ayes said...

Thanks JD, the little snaggle edge of my tooth is now smooth.

Welcome back, Dennis. Nice photo, looks like you picked up a little tan, anyway.

KQ, Very nicely done.

Spitzboov, or maybe Kazie...A little translation?

Mainiac said...

Right on KQ! Being one that constantly pushes other limits, I am pleased I have yet to max out on the five post per day.

Dick, Missed it yesterday, Happy Birthday!

Dennis, Nice pic and welcome back.

lois said...

Good evening Argyle, CC, et al., Holy Roman Hotwick! What a puzzle! 23A 'The Big One' just about set me free! Then with the added
'abbr' I was reminded of Dennis and
'shrinkage' and downsizied his 'candle in the wind' to perhaps more votive in stature. I 'admit' I could be wrong. Don't
'know'for sure since he's mostly all thumbs, but if he goes out in the cold and sings a 'torch song' I think I 'mite' have to reconsider my thinking. I'd love to be a 'booby' on a 'wire' when that happens though...ok,ok, being past 'forty', my 'melon's are 'wire'd all the time anyway, but that's a 'lightbulb moment' I wouldn't want to miss. Here's a 'wet' 'smooch' for you, Dennis. Welcome back from your 'get away'. You were missed.

Thanks for the fun puzzle, Donna L., and thanks from dropping in.

Enjoy your night.

Spitzboov said...

Clear Ayes; I was trying to pick up on what I thought was Jazz's take on the decade discussions. Back & forth, etc. This short little poem on the hydrologic cycle by Albers was, for me, an allegory for that. Here goes:

The more the sun shines, the more water evaporates, clouds form and the sun shines less.

The less the sun shines, the less water evaporates, clouds decrease, and the sun shines more.

Da capo - - ( return to the beginning and repeat}

Rest easy, most of what happens, happens without you.

Tinbeni said...


21st century
From Wikipedia

The 21st century is the current century of the Christian Era or Common Era in accordance with the Gregorian calendar. It began on January 1, 2001 and will end on December 31, 2100[1]

Cite [1] ^ "The 21st Century and the 3rd Millennium:When Did They Begin?

Turn of the 21st century (2001–present)
The new century began in culture on New Year's Day 2000 even though the actual mathematical and scientific change was on New Year's Day 2001.

lois said...

Happy Happy belated Birthday, Dick! I hope you have many many more.

Dennis: Great picture! What's in your hand?

Dennis said...

Lois - same thing that's always in my hand.

Oh, you mean the hand with the drink? Rum and coke.

Dennis said...

Lois, great new picture. They finally caught up with you, huh? Incapacitate too many Bobbies?

Warren said...

Hi Argyle, C.C. & gang, welcome back Dennis!
The only part left of today's puzzle after my wife left was the center right, 29,30, & 34D. I think I finished it in under 5 minutes after she left...

With all the hubbub about 2010 does anyone remember what happened shortly before Y2K?

Don't look now, but Y2K is light-years behind us this site compares Y2K with 2K10. It's amazing how far we've come in 10 years.

JD said...

Dennis, great having you back.

Dick, happy belated birthday!!!

Lois, wonderful write-up, and give us a clue about your picture.

KQ- well said!

CA, did the dentist give you a no cavity sticker?

I have spent the better part of my day weeding and pruning the rose bushes at our rental duplex. Some of the lemons have grown larger than a grapefruit! How weird is that!

Anonymous said...

JD. Yes, I had a pneumonia shot a year or so ago. Nothing is 100%. I have severe COPD and caught a cold in November. Was never able to clear my lungs after that.

COPD = Courageous, Optimistic, Passionate Doreen

Glad to be back.


lois said...

Well, you know those Beefeaters? 3 of them, several Bobbies, a mime and some spotted dick all got me thrown in the 'clink'- for being hot handed. They called it brandishing a fire arm. The 'clink' by the way had a cat-o-nine tails that would really make an old Tom cat croon. Fun times!

More later.

MR ED said...

Wasn't 'candle in the wind' written for Lady Diana ?

eddyB said...

You are right KQ, we are never going to agree. So people, keep beliving you celebrate your first
birthday the day you are born, that you can get from a minus one to a plus one without going through zero, that the soltice is the longest or shortest day of the year, that Wiki is accurate and everything in it is true and that the Church is infallable.

It is a good thing that Dennis wasn't here when I used GTH. He may have deleted the whole post.

I do suggest that all posts by anons and new people be deleted because I'll be posting as someone
new each time.

Five and out for eddyB for TODAY.
I do hold grudges and hard feelings do abound.


Chickie said...

Hello All--Finished the puzzle during my lunch. It was easy for me, except for one error. I put in Babba instead of Babka, therefor Kona didn't fall until I came here. Thank you Arglye for a great write up today. I always enjoy something by Linda Ronstadt.

My only comment on the 2000 vs. 2001 controversy is: If 2001 is the first year of the decade, what was all the hullabaloo about a new century and a new millennium in 2000? There was a letter to the editor in our Mercury-News just yesterday about this very same discussion. KQ, you are so right in stating that it is how we live it that counts!

H B'day Dick. A bit late, but heartfelt.

Welcome Donna L. We always enjoy hearing from the Constructors of the puzzles that we are so addicted to.

Chickie said...

MPK, Welcome to our Blogging family. I lurked for many moons before I commented, and now I'm more than hooked. We always like hearing from new voices.

CA, I lost a crown a couple of days before Christmas, and went in today to have it recemented. I'm now all glued back together again. I can relate to your tooth problems lately. Don't you just love visiting the dentist?

Dennis said...

EddyB said, I do suggest that all posts by anons and new people be deleted because I'll be posting as someone new each time.
Five and out for eddyB for TODAY.
I do hold grudges and hard feelings do abound.

Eddie, one of the facts of life about this blog, or virtually any blog that gets dozens and dozens of posts each day, is that not every comment will get a response. I read the blog all last week and you have no reason to feel like you're being ignored. If you're having medical problems I can understand how that could affect your mood, but rest assured you're treated the same as all of us.

windhover said...

"I do hold grudges and hard feelings do abound."
And we should care because.........?
Grow up, man, or peddle that whiny crap somewhere else.

Dick said...

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes. Lois and Dennis nice to see you back. Would like to know the sordid details of Lois's new avatar. Wow, it must have been a hell of a trip. Way to go Lois, you are my heroette.

Jeannie said...

Okay, catching up...

@Crockett no they aren't pink. They have pretty little daisies on them. Surprised?

@Lois, good to see that you showed those proper Brit's a good time or a run for their money.

@JD-Rub it in dear...the only thing growing here is the icecycles off the roof. Hint to all you newbies to the north...don't put your tongue on one of those.

@EddyB, comeon...we've all been slapped on the hiney one time or another for overposting. We learn to play nice.

@Carol, nice play on words today. I must be slipping.

@Dennis, welcome back, but I always thought you always had a melon sized booby in your hand.

Jeannie said...

I forgot you Dick, Happy Birthday a day late and a temperature short.

Sorry all, had to go for it.

Crockett1947 said...

@jeannie Surprised? Yes, surprised that you responded, LOL! We do know how you like your numeric position.

carol said...

Happy birthday Dick - enjoy to the fullest and may you have many, many more!

Dennis - welcome back, good new picture and I am glad you are 'holding your own':P

Lois - you little devil, got yourself in the clink, didn't you? I know your style, you are very happy behind 'bars':)
Those poor Brits will miss you.

eddyb - I am sorry for you, perhaps a medical update could help.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa anon. I am a secret Jeannie fan. She can cook and from what I understand holds a pretty important job. I would say she is far from a "dumb" blonde.

Zumbrota, MN lurker.

Jazzbumpa said...

Henceforth, to avoid confusion, I'm going to start decades on years ending in five.

And I'm going to ignore all comments from everyone.

Spitz: Thanks for the translation. Interesting little poem.

My little German phrase means: And so on. Continue (or begin - German is funny that way.) It's about all I remember from German class so many decades past.

Or maybe it end decades on the fives. Hmmmmmm.

JzB why follow the crowd? trombonist

carol said...

Jeannie - pay no attention to the idiot behind the curtain!

Mr Ed - 'Candle in the Wind' was ORIGINALLY written for Marilyn Monroe but Elton John changed it as a tribute to Princess Diana after her death.

Robin said...

Loved this puzzle, thank you Donna Levin.

Don't have any thing to add other than I hope you will all join me in the hot tub! EddyB fer cryin out loud, come sit by me for awhile.

Jeannie it is time for a little HOT TUB eh?

windhover said...

Last one out turn out the lights. Surf's up and so am I.

Bill G. said...

I have been trying to be good regarding posting more than five times. I didn't know that was a rule, or if I did, I subsequently forgot (CRS, don't you know.) I want to follow the guidelines because this is such a good blog with high-quality people and hosted by C.C. doing an excellent job. However, a few points.

I vaguely remember several times since I have been around that a few people made lots of clever little posts and cute responses back and forth. It seemed like more than five to me (though I wasn't counting) and nobody said anything.

If I have several things I want to respond to, I can post several times or make one long post. I can't see much of a difference.

Somebody (Dennis?) made the point that all the posts end up in C.C.'s inbox and it can get overwhelming. I understand that but I'm guessing that most of us, like me, read all of the posts anyway.

Anyway, I will try to be better about following that guideline but I don't see it as a huge problem if somebody oversteps once in a while.

Jeannie said...

@Robin, turn up the heat in that hot tub...heading over there but am a bit embarrassed as we must shop at the same store. worries, I am comfortable with who and what I am.

@BillG, enjoy your posts. There was a time WAY BACK WHEN when we tended to get a wee bit out of hand here.

@Windhover, hope you catch your wave.

@Zumbrota, MN lurker (southern MN as I checked), you are sweet. However, turn blue and be an active part of this party. I need all the fans I can get.

Dennis said...

Bill G., I understand that you're still reasonably new to the blog, but it is a big issue to C.C., and therefore to the blog.

This discussion has taken place off and on almost since the inception of the blog, and each time C.C. has asked everyone to respect her wishes, which we all strive to do. Doesn't matter if she reads all the posts or not, it's what she asked.

You're certainly an asset to the blog, and I trust you'll honor her request.

Clear Ayes said...

Spitzboov, thanks for the translation. I liked the sentiment very much. What's going to happen will happen. Let us control what we can (not much) and why not enjoy the rest for as long as we can..... matter what people consider to be the beginning year of the decade, I am willing to agree with whomever it means the most to, that you are absolutely, incontrovertibly correct.

Personally, in the grand scheme of things (let's pretend there is one), it doesn't matter much, as least not to to point of getting upset about it, so you, whoever you are, get my vote.

BillG, as you have found out, there is always an Anon or two out there who counts posts. Everyone who has been here for a while, except as KQ noted, is VERY careful to stay within the five.

Now, on to the good stuff. Lois tell us about your time in the Clink. And Jeannie, got any good recipes for the New Year?

MR ED said...

Carol, thanks for clarifying that for me. I didn't think Elton John was around during the time of Marilyn Monroe.

Robin, all I can say is WOW. I would join you in the hot tub anytime. Woo Woo!

Dennis said...

Robin, is that you in the picture??

If so, how far do you guys go for a medevac? I feel a 'big one' coming on.

windhover said...

This isn't my job, and in any case I
have a personal rule to not argue with more than one blogger a day. And how many times you or anyone else posts is really none of my business. I don't make the rules and I make no effort to enforce them. But here is my take on the issue.
No, it is not a "huge problem". It isn't "the law" and no
one is going to come to your house and drag you away for overposting. What it is - it's a rule, arbitrarily established by the person who maintains the blog. Obeying it, at least most of the time, is simply a matter of respect for her. I think it's clear that respect for her is nearly universal among the people who post here, both regulars and occasional posters (with the possible exception of anons who hide and insult others.
So I would suggest to you that no
matter how profound that 6th comment is going to be, it would in most cases be best to forego
it. Tomorrow is only a few hours away. I am in
no way chastising you, so please don't take offense.
Just gentle advice.
Four for me, and unless there's a hot tub in my future, I'm

Anonymous said...

8 posts from dennis.

JD said...

Jeannie, oops... I wasn't gloating about our weather; I meant it more as a chore. Your weeds are all covered up with snow. Ours are brown, yukky, covered with snail slime and they are everywhere.The rose bushes were all covered with rust and there are aphids on the citrus trees and hibiscus...which brings ants. At home I love to garden, but at the rental I don't weed as often.And, it was a "Spare the Air" day to boot..not good.

Robin said...

The hot tub is very empty, Jeannie is on her way. Yes the girl in my avatar is me and I am a pathological liar, but as ClearAyes has told us many times, the brain is our most important erotic organ.

Dennis, remember we also have fixed wing....
Mr Ed I love horses.....
WH there is always a future in hot tubs :)

windhover said...

As Jim Morrison (aka The Lizard King) said:
"The future's uncertain and the end is always near".
Roadhouse Blues

Pathological or not, Lie to me, darlin'.

Five and out. We'll finish burning this bridge tomorrow.

Think you'll agree, we'd need more than a wing fixed.

Jeannie said...

Clearayes, gonna bore the crowd tomorrow with a recipe. Now I gotta head on over to AZ. Robin can you send that medevac over here once you pick up Dennis with that "big one" going on? I might have to assist you. WH, buy stock in hot tubs.

Robin said...

Jeannie, will we fight over WHO does the rescue breathing? Paper, rock, scissors? Chopper is on it's way, hang on Marine!!!

WH I just started reading The Bridges of Maricopa County LOL!!

Anonymous said...

68 1/2 posts by Robin

Dennis said...

anon said, 8 posts from dennis.

Ah, there's our little coward.

That's 9 now, by the way.

Robin said...

9 what???

Dennis said...

lol, sorry to disappoint, but just the number of posts.

Robin said...

;) niters and cannot wait to see you all tomorrow xoxo

carol said...

Now, Now Dennis...don't be fibbin' to know how you stand out on your front lawn! I'm sure the chopper Robin is sending will be able to find your 'post'.

Clear Ayes said...

Hey Robin...and I thought your new avatar looked exactly like the first couple you posted.

Jeannie, recipes for good food are never boring to people who enjoy sensual tasty know who you are!

Too bad we haven't heard from Tarrajo lately. One of the spunky ones, she is missed.

I'm counting, so that's five for me.