May 1, 2010

Saturday May 1, 2010 Robert H. Wolfe

Theme: None

Total blocks: 32

Total words: 72

This puzzle is anchored by three 15-letter grid spanners:

17A. "Be realistic": DON'T KID YOURSELF

39A. "Count on me": I WON'T LET YOU DOWN

59A. "Who knows?": IT'S A MYSTERY TO ME

All of them are lively common colloquial expressions and are seldom seen in any puzzles. Actually I don't remember seeing any of them in our LAT before.

In his interview, the constructor Robert H. Wolfe also mentioned that there are 15 compound words in today's offering.

A much easier puzzle for me today. Very few obscure names/words to frustrate me. I had fun.


1. Beachgoer's pursuit: SUNBATH

8. A film may be shown in it: THREE D. 3D. Did you have problem parsing THREED?

14. Like some bandits: ONE-ARMED. One armed bandits, the slot machines.

16. Item in the news, perhaps: COUPLE

19. "I'd hate to break up __": A SET. Felt silly not nailing this one, considering I collect baseball cards. "I'd hate to break up your marriage" is all I could think of.

20. Salon stuff: GEL

21. Thin piece: SHEET

22. She played Carmela in "The Sopranos": EDIE (Falco)

25. Trois counterpart: DREI. "Three" in German. Trois is French, Tres is Spanish.

27. Return recipient: SENDER

30. Dedicated verse: ODE

31. Influential Harper's Weekly cartoonist: NAST (Thomas). He created the Democratic donkey and Republican elephant.

35. Mobile home site: TRAILER CAMP. My initial reaction is: Somewhere in Alabama?

38. Actress Benaderet who first voiced Granny in Tweety cartoons: BEA. Recognized her face when I googled.

41. Lip: RIM

42. Promotional campaigns: SALES DRIVES

43. Sound of locks being changed?: SNIP. Nailed it. Knew immediately that locks refers to hair.

45. "Unlikely!": NOT

46. Queen of fiction: ELLERY. Ellery Queen, the mystery author.

47. "Flash of Genius" actor: ALDA

49. "I ran away from you once. I can't do it again" speaker: ILSA. From "Casablanca". I am used to the "Play it again, Sam" speaker clue.

50. Russian emperor after Catherine II: PAUL I. Between 1796 and 1801. I've never heard of the dude. Paul does not sound Russian, doesn't it?

53. Pops: DAD. And SODA (1D. Pop).

55. Some mil. personnel: NCOS

63. Put (together): PIECE

64. Arrive, with some difficulty: MAKE IT IN. New phrase to me.

65. Highlight: STRESS

66. "Ozymandias" et al.: SONNETS. Gimme, thanks to Clear Ayes and J.D.'s previous discussions.


2. Ones in Madrid: UNOS

3. Island goose: NENE. Hawaii's state bird. It's wild.

4. Driven home: BATTED IN. Baseball.

5. Chest with tablets: ARK

6. "More than I need to know!": TMI (Too Much Information). Needs an abbr. hint.

7. Waffle: HEDGE

8. Fort Worth sch.: TCU (Texas Christian University)

9. Dressage trainee: HORSE. Who do you think will win the Kentucky Derby? I'll go with Lookin at Lucky, then Ice Box.

10. Raid the joint, say: RUSH IN

11. Olympics weapon: EPEE.

12. Cosmo rival: ELLE

13. Handy: DEFT

15. Color: DYE. Wanted HUE.

18. Past: OLD DAYS

23. Forward raises strengthen them: DELTS. Shoulder muscles. Here is a picture of forward raise. Looks like it strengthens lots of muscles.

24. Cork's place: IRELAND. Cork is a county in Ireland.

26. Do over: REMODEL

27. Moves slightly: STIRS

28. "Desert Fox" Rommel: ERWIN

29. Woman in the Book of Ruth: NAOMI. Ruth's mother-in-law.

30. Scale notes, e.g.: OCTET. Group of eight: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So/Sol, La, Ti, Do.

32. Over: ABOVE

33. Escape site in "Les Misérables": SEWER. Did not come to me readily.

34. Aster family plant: TANSY. Yellow-flowered. Had no idea that it belongs to the aster family.

36. Puts in a new clip: RELOADS

37. Knitting stitches: PURLS

40. Anticonvulsive drug: DILANTIN. No idea. Maybe Buckeye can tell us more. Wikipedia says this drug made an appearance in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", both as an anticonvulsive drug and as a mechanism to control inmate behavior.

44. Regal residence: PALACE

48. Bartender's supply: LIMES

49. They can be bright: IDEAS. Or dumb. Great clue.

50. Card marks: PIPS

51. Busy: AT IT

52. __ ID: USER

54. Cash source, briefly: ATM

56. Dove shelter: COTE

57. Cut: OMIT

58. D.C. VIPs: SENS

60. NFL gains: YDS (Yards)

61. Old MGM rival: RKO

62. Hunger: YEN. Still no yen to visit Japan, Jazzbumpa? US dollar works there!


Barry G. said...

Hey, folks!

Overall, I thought this was a fine, fun and challenging puzzle. THREED had me scratching my head for a bit, since the word is actually 3-D and not THREE-D, but that's OK. I have to give a big "boo, hiss" to SUNBATH, however. Is this a back formation that Mr. Wolfe just made up out of thin air, or is actually a real word? I resisted putting it in until the very last, and sighed deeply when it became obvious that it had to be that.

Otherwise, as I said, great puzzle!

Lemonade714 said...

Saturday: hmm. I guess you need to love it, but this was hard in places, though all the 15 letter fills were easy, and let me finish in less time than usual for a Saturday. Mr. Wolfe’s last Saturday puzzle had a similar three 15 letter layout.

It took a while to unwind from the horror of TRAILER PARK, and who has ever heard of TANSY . As a flower, PANSY, sure, but…would never in a million years put in THREED as 3D, but the perps were okay. The OLD DAYS, DREI cross took a bit to see, but at least we got our German lesson (DREI = 3 = TROIS) and our French lesson all at once.

It was a little eerie to see DILANTIN in the puzzle while we worry about KQ’s child; I once had a PI case go down the toilet because the client stopped taking his DILANTIN.

When I was a kid there was joke that included KNIT one PURL two, but I cannot recall the joke, but it helped as it all I know knitting.

DRIVEN HOME : BATTED IN was a nice seasonal baseball clue, which took getting the thought of getting a ride home out of my brain. COTE was hard, never heard of it and COOP fit. PAUL I was unknown and SALES DRIVES was eh, but overall, I do enjoy the 15 letter fills and working off of them.

It is law day, so kiss your lawyer….

Ciao chow

It is ERWIN ROMMEL, btw.

Argyle said...

Good Morning All,

Sunbathe, to take a SUNBATH. Straight from Of course, I looked it up because I didn't like sunbath either. :-)

Around here, the mobile homes are in trailer parks and travel trailers are in camps(or campgrounds).

I fixed the EDWIN/ERWIN typo.

Andrea said...

Morning all -

I must have tried this too early this morning - had difficulty all over, and needed CC's help to get things going. Zoe had a bad dream at 5:30, which woke me up, but not her... She was crying and shouting so loudly, and wasn't consoled by my gentle snuggles and whispers, so I had no choice but to wake her up. Now here we sit three Mickey Mouse Clubhouses and a stump pot of French Breakfast tea later... Good news is, we'll be able to hit the Farmer's Market before the crowds roll in!

Really enjoyed the interview with Mr. Wolfe. He seems to have a great sense of humor!

Enjoy the weekend.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers - Almost. Almost a pure fill, but couldn't see THREED without red letter help. So close...

BTW, my laptop often struggles to load the LAT puzzle page. Today it choked on the duplicate Robin Hood film ads, and later the Audi video. Anybody else having trouble with this resource hog of a page?

BarryG - I wonder if you saw all the late posts yesterday.

Barry G. said...

BarryG - I wonder if you saw all the late posts yesterday.

Well, I have now... ^_^

I consulted with a lawyer friend of mine who specializes in employment law, and he agrees I should be able to get unemployment benefits with little hassle since the state makes the determination of eligibility and not the company. The only way to get my severance pay and/or retention bonus, however, would be to sue the company, and I'm not sure it's worth the effort.

I realize that the job market is tough all over and many people are worse off than I am, but it's still frustrating. For years I kept telling myself that it wouldn't happen to me, since my company was growing and becoming more and more profitable. Plus, I was good at what I did and relatively indispensable. Obviously, I didn't count on the whole company being sold and relocated. A quick search of the various job hunting sites reveals very little available in my area (both geographical and field of expertise) right now, so I'll just have to chill out for awhile.

Gee -- maybe I can become a professional crossword puzzle constructor?

Dick said...

Good morning All, this was a very easy puzzle today and had some nifty clues. I got all of the long fills very quickly which allowed me to get many of the perps the first time through. The remainder of the fill was pretty easily after that.

I did not care for the clue/answers for aster family plant/tansy and Beachgoer’s pursuit/ sunbath. Both are obviously correct, but how often have you seen/heard either of them?

Today is the day to get together with all of the family that will be in the Pittsburgh Marathon tomorrow. Lots of preparation to do so I will probably not be back today.

Hope you all have a great Saturday.

Andrea said...

Barry - having been through the job loss situation myself 18 months ago, I know it's no picnic. Fortunately, I did receive severance and outplacement, so had a bit of a cushion. It sounds like you won't be getting outplacement support, so if you'd like to chat at all about networking and other job search tips, please let me know, and I'm happy to chat off-blog. Hang in there - as frustrating as it can be, it can also be a time of exciting new change. There are lots of resources out there to help you!

PS I have a feeling you'd be a great constructor!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Nice Saturday puzzle. Not too difficult with a little red letter help. Always like Mr. Wolfe's c/w's.

Barry G. Sorry about your job situation. Bummer. You're a bright guy and I know you'll land on your feet; and in a better situation than you had. Time to look around and make a mid-course correction in your career.

Dudley - no trouble loading the LAT puzzle into a Macbook.

Enjoy the weekend.

Bob said...

Not too tough. 26 minutes. No errors or help. Ended up working last on the NE corner. Fun Saturday puzzle.

Chris in LA said...

@ Dudley:

I've had the same trouble w/LAT site from time-to-time (nothing more frustrating than getting 2/3 of the way thru a Sunday puzzle and having the site lock up and losing all your work, huh?)


It uses less resources & so doesn't lock up as often. The interface is a little different, but is user-friendly enough.

Hope this helps!

tfrank said...

Good morning, C.C. and all,

This was a surprisingly easy puzzle for a Saturday. The long fills were familiar terms and came to mind readily. Threed gave me pause, but not for long. I don't remember tansy as a word, but sunbath is pretty common lingo where I come from. Dennis' favorite answer, "atit" reappeared. We have not had it for a while.

Sorry about your job loss, Barry. Been there, done that, and it is not much fun. Losing a job is like losing your identity; the first question men ask when meeting for the first time is, "where do you work?". Take some time to have fun, and keep a positive attitude. We are all pulling for you.

The Derby is shaping up to be a mud bath, with the favorites drawing lousy PPs. Glad I am not betting on it.

Have a good day and weekend.

Anonymous said...

Devil May Care.

Dudley said...

Chris in LA - Ah, you understand! I've had lots of glitches with the LA Times site. I think it's too top-heavy. Thanks for that Fredricksburg alternative - it loaded fast, and the interface looks the same as the Times, but that's without doing a whole puzzle. I hope it has a "Ta Dah!" and Mr. Happy Pencil!

MJ said...

Good morning All,
A fun puzzle, though it did seem a bit easier than a typical Saturday, as others have already said. For me, getting the three long, familiar phrases easily was very helpful. I, too, went to Alabama for 35A: Mobile home site. Nice to see BEA Benaderet rather than BEA Arthur for a change. Favorite clues were 43A: Sound of locks being changed? (SNIP) and 5D: Chest with tablets (ARK).

C.C., thanks for the very interesting interview. I appreciate your investment of time and energy to introduce us to the constructors. And thank you, as well, to Mr. Wolfe for sharing with us.

Enjoy the day!

Lucina said...

Happy May Day, C.C. and everyone!

It's a beautiful day here; hope yours is too.

Easy puzzle for a Saturday! Once the long answers worked out, not too bad at all. Just had to search for ERWIN Rommel, unknown to me. All else fell in fairly quickly, only a few erasures here and there since I started with "KOA" for mobile home site (oh, Mobile, AL). There's a Mobile, AZ, too not as well known.
Many mobile home parks here in AZ.

I believe Tsar "Paul" is actually "Pavel" in Russian.

Hand up for "sunbath" and "threed"; it took a while to accept them. Sunbathe is much more commone.

I truly hope all health and work issues will soon be resolved.

Have a happy Saturday all!

Lucina said...

Another great interview, C.C. I just went back to read it. Mr. Wolfe sounds delightful and funny.

Also I rechecked my puzzle and found some glaring errors that I didn't recheck, NASP, Pansy instead of Nast, tansy; "omot" instead of "omit" and "make it on" instead of "make it in"; just need to reread after I finish.

Gunghy said...

SUNTANS, not SUNBATH. It's a TRAILER PARK and that was hardest to give up, because OLDDAYS fit and I was clueless on the rest. CASTLE not PALACE. NASH looked good, and I knew it was a name. TRES comes easy too in the West.

Every name except ELLERY came from perps, which except for my insistence on PARK made this pretty easy. I need to put in a shout-out for TANSY: 1. Ive seen it used before, and 2. I like the little buggers.

My son is a low ranking NCO (HM3) and just made it to Afghanistan. It appears that the only casualty was his camera.

I, too, immediately thought of KQ at 40D. Hope your son is doing well.

Daughter just closed on a short sale, and I'm off to replace doors, locks, windows and toilets. The last owner had some fun as he left.

Gunghy said...

I forgot to mention, read the section on uses of tansy and it's toxicity.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, I originally had TRAILER PARK for 35A TRAILER CAMP. This would be my notion of a Trailer Camp, or this would be a Trailer Park. Over the past 20 years or so, mobile homes have crossed the line to manufactured homes and are only mobile when the sections are moved from the factory to the home site. Any way you figure, I guess they are all "Mobile homes".

I have no problem with SUNBATH. Back in the OLD DAYS, my daughter's pediatrician recommended a four or five minute sunbath for her several times a week. Of course we were in Southern California, so the weather was cooperative for much of the year. She did love wiggling around naked and I have some very cute photos of her.

I was very impressed by DILANTIN. That is definitely a Saturday word. I also thought of the coincidence with our discussions about KQ's son.

With BATTED IN, RUSH IN and MAKE IT IN, maybe just a little heavy on phrases ending in IN.

Let me add my concern to Barry G. You are fortunate to have so many experts on this blog to help you get aimed in the proper direction to get what is rightfully yours. Good luck.

Jeannie, glad to hear that your mom is home and is recuperating well.

Jerome said...

"Gee... maybe I can become a professional crossword puzzle constructor"

Great idea, Barry! You can hook up with me. I'll cook the beans and you can keep the tent swept.

Chickie said...

Hello All--Except for a few unknown proper names--Russian Emperor, Desert Fox, and Benaderet, the rest of the puzzle fell into place rather nicely.

I did have to Google the names I mentioned, but the rest of the puzzle fell into place with the help of the known phrases for the theme answers and the perp help. I had fun with this Saturday Wolfe puzzle.

I enjoyed the visual picture of Trailer camp. We had friends who lived in a trailer camp and I could just see their little economy kitchen, pull down table, and bench seats. They lived in that, rather in migrant camps and a tent, as they followed the havests here in California. We were lucky as my Dad was a mechanic and had permanent work or we might have been in the same camp! If I remember it was dusty and dirty.

Thank you C.C. for your interview with Mr. Wolfe. It was very insightful.

JD said...

Hi all,

Fun puzzle this morning. So glad you cleared up threed; I had no clue what it was. I was going to ask why ark was the answer to chest with tables and saw that I read it wrong. LOL!

Dilantin, tansy and pips were gnu to me.Also put trailer park at 1st until I filled in purls.

Favorite clue: dressage trainee. Maybe it wasn't a new clue for many of you.

So sorry about your job, Barry. I haven't read yesterday's blog yet. My sil(from Wales) has lived here for 2 yrs without a real job. When he had no luck he worked at Toys R Us putting bikes,etc. together part time. Yesterday he was hired at an architectural firm. Hooray! So, the job market is beginning to change.Like Andrea said, change can be exciting.

Warren said...

Hi C.C. & gang, a fun puzzle that my wife and teamed up on and finished in under 17 minutes with me doing it online and she does it on paper. We had to rush some today because we're having a pottery sale this weekend.

For yesterday's Anon question - my Wife and I always try to team up on the puzzle, she usually knows more than I do but not always, sometimes I come up with some answers that she wonders where they came from and all I can say is it's in there somewhere...


dodo said...

I liked this puzzle, too. Lots of fun. I put Erich for Rommel which stalled things a bit but straightened it out and went right through. Did it on online; I don't like that interface much. I keep forgetting about the filled in letters and of course end up with many black triangles that are not really mistakes. And again I wasn't able to retrieve it. I know it's there because I've had some finished ones pop up unexpectedly. Go figure!

Lucina, I can see why you look forward to 'sitting' that adorable little boy! What a sweetie!

I have seen 'tansy' before but I thought it was one of those 'healthy'or 'curative' herbs.
I'll look it up right away!

Bill G. said...

Dodo said: "Did it on online; I don't like that interface much. I keep forgetting about the filled in letters and of course end up with many black triangles that are not really mistakes."

I don't like that about AcrossLite either. I know some other disagree but I prefer the LAT applet.

Clear Ayes said...

Just about time to leave for our local Derby Party. Yes, folks around here love an excuse to drink mint juleps. I'm not horse race knowledgeable, but I'll pick Paddy O'Prado, just because I like the way he looks.

See you all later.

Bill G. said...

CA, your good-looking horse did pretty well. If I had been betting, one of my bets would have been on the winning horse because of his jockey, Calvin Borel. He seems to have a lot of skill or maybe a knack.

Barry G. said...

Man, it just keeps getting better and better...

My 5-year-old son fell off the monkey bars at the playground this afternoon and landed on his arm. According to the ER doctor, it's a "buckle" fracture. He's in a temporary splint and sling right now, and Monday I have to bring him to an orthopedic surgeon for a full cast. He'll probably be in it for at least 6 weeks.

God really gets pissed off when you say you don't believe in him, huh?


Anonymous said...

Barry G. It`s the thief that "cometh for to steal, kill and destroy"...but God came to give us life and life more abundantly...God doesn`t need for me to defend Him, but please quit blaming God for bad stuff! The best place to run when you have trouble is to Him....and He can even take a joke!

Barry G. said...

Well, if I'm supposed to give God credit for every random good thing that happens in my life, it only makes sense to blame him for every random bad thing that happens as well.

I was just kidding, though -- don't worry. I outgrew imaginary friends years ago.

MJ said...

Barry G.-Still shaking my head at this last setback for you and your family. Hope the little guy isn't in too much pain. It's hard to see our children hurting, and heaven only knows you and your wife have had more than enough stress in your lives these past couple of weeks. Good thoughts sent your way.

Lucina-Lovely new avatar, I'm guessing of your younger granddaughter. Isn't grand-parenting "the bee's knees"?

DH and I attended a matinee production today of "The Buddy Holly Story" at a nearby theater. ( Buddy was one of hubby's favorite performers from his teenage years.) So-so acting, but the music, singing, and choreography were fabulous! Such fun!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your response. You always mention her so I've wondered about the synergy.

Clear Ayes said...

Watching the Kentucky Derby was fun, even if my horse didn't win. He was still one of the prettiest though. The mint juleps were fine too.

Barry G, had to laugh at your 8:06 comments. I hope your son recovers well and doesn't have any lasting problems. Kids are so resilient, he will probably be proudly showing off his cast by the end of next week. Secondly, I hope you and your wife recover from your scare as quickly as he will. Nothing is more terrifying for a parent than to see their child in pain. Thirdly, I sure hope your insurance is still in full, that is scary!

Anonymous said...

Goodnight, all.

I forgot to tell you my favorite English saying: "Haroo, hooray, the first of May. Outdoor screwing starts today!"


Lucina said...

Thank you, MJ and Dodo. Yes, those are the apples of my eyes, my two granddaughters, the older is 13 and the baby is 4 months. Lots of angst for mommy in between them; sometimes conception just doesn't come naturally but thank God for these two.

Barry, I'm sorry for yet another setback. Sometimes, it is all just a test and I'm certain you have the mettle.

Bob said...

Bea Benaderet had a long career, as a regular on the Burns & Allen Show, as Cousin Pearl in the early episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies and later as the same character in Petticoat Junction, as the voice of Granny in the Tweety & Sylvester cartoons at Warner Brothers, and as the voice of Betty Rubble in the Flintstones cartoons (early seasons). I guess I liked her best as Cousin Pearl, especially when she was trying to cozy up to the oilman, Mr. Brewster.

A Skeptic said...

One of the good reasons not to discuss religion on this blog, I would hate to think that the Almighty would be so petty that He/She/It would set up tests to see if mortals could "pass". Placing a child at risk would be a poor test of anything.

tarrajo said...

Barry, I haven't shown up here lately but have been a "lurker" as I have changed jobs and no longer to view this fine site at work. Brady Joe has had his tumbles, and yes had a broken arm at 4. The recovery was quick (5 weeks) and it didn't slow my little man down a bit. One precaution though...Brady wanted to keep the cast after it was taken off but take heed, those little men can give off STINK.

Jeannie, good to see you are your same old self and I hope you enjoy your trip later this month to see your Mom.

Lemonade...Hi! Brady Joe and I are just fine and we're getting ready to plant our garden tomorrow. It was way to windy to even attempt fishing in our canoe which was the plan today.

C.C. I hope you didn't take any offense of my absence. Your blog ROCKS!

Lois, you are as funny and clever as ever. When are you going to "guest blog"?

Newbies you might not know me, but I am a single Mom out there trying to make the best of life for my boy.

Bob said...

Correction. Petticoat Junction was a spinoff of The Beverly Hillbillies, but Bea Benaderet played a different character called Kate Bradley in that series. She also did a lot of other voices for Warner Brothers.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm not sure why I couldn't go blue but I'll give it another shot. Tashajo (my twin) has Brady Joe this weekend and I find myself suddenly alone. For those of you that had followed. Brady and Sierra are still thick as thieves and he continuially astounds me with his "gentlemen" qualities, as he really doesn't have a "father figure" in his life every day. My young son is a good little man.

MJ said...

Welcome back, Tarrajo!
I was a newbie last summer, and always enjoyed your posts. So good to see you again. Looking forward to seeing how the zucchini grows. Hugs to you and Brady Joe!

Lucina said...

i believe that life tests us; we respond in diverse ways.

Barry, I know your little son must be in pain and distress and I am sorry.

Good night all.

dodo said...

Lucina, forgive me! I guess I'm not too good at gender cluing! My girls were both bald as billiard balls and people would say "What a nice little boy" even when the elder one was wearing a bonnet and pinafore! It didn't seem to bother them , just mom! Anyway, she's still adorable!

Barry, keep the faith! Things will get better!

Lemonade714 said...

Tarrajo, what a pleasant surprise, and thank you for stopping by. As an experienced single parent, whose boys are now grown and off, in shcools, give children enough love andf they will figure out the rest.

Both my brother and my oldest son broke their wrists when young, but they healed quickly and except for some aches, seemed to have no lasting effect.

Sallie: you are amazing.

I had my 2.00 on Super Saver, so I now have 18.00, it was time Pletcher won the Derby and Borel does no wrong at Churchill Downs
I am not much of a gambler, but I have a friend who bets the horses daily and it irritates him that I pick th Derby Winner more often thab he does after hours of study.
It is tomorrow, so see you all later

HUTCH said...

My only comment is about "tansy". Here, in Washingtons cattle coutry "tansy" is not a pretty plant but a killer.It"ll kill cows and acts like arsenic. It accumulates like lead and arsenic and you end up with a cow with four hooves in the air and lying dead on its back. It is very difficult to eradicate.

Chickie said...

Tarrajo, I am so glad to see you on the blog today. We've been wondering how you and Brady Jo have been doing. All the beginning of school stuff we discussed last fall and now here it is almost the end of the year already. I'm glad to see that you two are doing well, and that your garden is going to go in tomorrow. How much zucchini this year?

Barry G. I'm so sorry to hear about your son's broken arm. As has been said, he'll get over the trauma faster than you and your wife. That is always the case when you see your child hurting and can't fix it with a kiss and a band aid.

Good night all. Time to turn off my computer.

Anonymous said...

Brady Joe came home somewhat spoiled as Tashajo tends to do that. She has girls. It was a little chilly here this weekend so all I did was take my cast iron rake over the garden to "mellow it out". Brady would never forgive me if I planted it by myself. Next weekend we will. He made sure we didn't replicate the zucchini mistake this year as we won't be planting a whole row of the stuff.
Jeannie, you out there? I hope your Mom is doing fine.