May 3, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010 Nancy Salomon

Theme: Greetings - Three phrases (one split into two entries) used to greet old friends.

17A. Warm welcome for an old friend: "LOOK WHO THE..."

27A. Warm welcome for an old friend: "HELLO, STRANGER!"

43A. Warm welcome for an old friend: "LONG TIME NO SEE!"

59A: See 17-Across: "... WIND BLEW IN!"

Argyle here.

Much as I like starting a puzzle with some
BABAS (1Across Rum cakes), and easy theme entries, I feel some of the fill isn't Monday material. I will say the perps usually filled in the difficult words. I wonder if "Look what the cat dragged in!" didn't meet the nothing untoward before breakfast rule.


6A. Greek god of love: EROS.

10A. Quite a long time: AGES.

14A. Got up: AROSE.

15A. Light fog: MIST.

16A. Knight's lady: DAME.

19A. Big bore: DRAG. Someone or something tedious, perhaps in the sense time drags when around them.

20A. Calligraphers' supplies: INKS.

21A. Mr. T's TV gang: A-TEAM.

22A. Othello's false friend: IAGO. Shakespeare. As adviser to Othello, a general of Venice, Iago lies to his master and eventually drives him to murder his wife.

23A. Wheels connector: AXLE.

25A. Kentucky Fried piece: WING.

32A. Levels in the ring: KAYOs. The letters KO (knock out) spelled out. Boxing ring.

33A. Make, as money: EARN.

34A. Urgent call at sea: S-O-S.

36A. "__ a man with seven wives": I MET. (Nursery Rhyme) As I was going to St. Ives I met a man with seven wives, Each wife had seven sacks, each sack had seven cats, Each cat had seven kits: kits, cats, sacks and wives, How many were going to St. Ives?

37A. Tubular pasta: PENNE.

39A. Sail support: MAST.

40A. Exerciser's unit: REP. Repetition.

41A. Saintly glow: AURA. And 18D. Angel's topper: HALO.

42A. Flower associated with Holland: TULIP.

47A. Welcome word on a bill: PAID. Indeed!

48A. Fontanne's stage partner: LUNT. Alfred Lunt (1892-1977) and Lynn Fontanne (1887-1983) became known as the first family of the American theater. The Lunts lived for many years at Ten Chimneys, in Genesee Depot, Wisconsin.

49A. Make a backup of: COPY.

51A. Loathing: ODIUM. Almost straight from Latin.

54A. Took a bus, say: RODE.

58A. Hertz competitor: AVIS.

61A. One of Columbus's ships: NIÑA.

62A. Moniker: NAME.

63A. Puppeteer Bil: BAIRD. One of his better known creations was Charlemane the lion. He and Cora Eisenberg produced and performed the famous puppetry sequence for The Lonely Goatherd in the film version of The Sound of Music. From Wikipedia.

64A. Uptight: EDGY.

65A. Iditarod racer: SLED.

66A. "Golden Boy" dramatist Clifford: ODETS.


1D. "__ Ha'i": "South Pacific" song: BALI. Charlotte Church sings Bali Ha'i.

2D. Elvis's middle name: ARON.

3D. Library volume: BOOK.

4D. Makes daunting demands (of): ASKS A LOT.

5D. Do some quilting: SEW.

6D. Hams it up: EMOTES.

7D. __ of passage: RITE.

8D. Fed. workplace regulator: OSHA. Occupational Safety & Health, signed into law on December 29, 1970.

9D. Goblets and such: STEMWARE. Tinbeni's favorite glass.

10D. Tacking on: ADDING.

11D. Event for unloading junk: GARAGE SALE. Does your town have town-wide garage sales?

12D. Online periodical, briefly: E-MAG.

13D. Lily with bell-shaped flowers: SEGO.

24D. Big tee sizes: XLs.

26D. Quaint lodging: INN.

27D. Veronica of "Hill Street Blues": HAMEL. Picture. Description below. (Oops! Right description, wrong actress. This is Sophia Bush, from One Tree Hill, TV show.) Veronica Hamel

28D. Amazing to behold: EYE-POPPING.

29D. Common coffee break hr.: TEN AM.

30D. Made tracks: RAN.

31D. "__ Radio" (O'Donnell talk show): ROSIE.

32D. White wine apéritif: KIR. And a good use of stemware.

35D. Gas additive brand: STP.

37D. Belittling remarks: PUT-DOWNS.

38D. Verdi aria "__ tu": ERI. For a baritone voice.

39D. 3-Down not to be missed: MUST READ.

41D. Form 1040 calc.: AGI. Adjusted gross income.

42D. Whole bunch: TON.

44D. Reject: NAYSAY.

45D. Sidestepped: ELUDED.

46D. Feeling no pain: NUMB.

49D. Vaudeville dancer's prop: CANE.

50D. Roman poet banished by Augustus: OVID.

52D. Retro phone feature: DIAL.

53D. "By the power vested __ ...": IN ME. And another wedding 57D. Comes to a close: ENDS.

55D. Boo-boo, in totspeak: OWIE.

56D. Dust and grime: DIRT.

60D. Debt-heavy corp. takeover: LBO. Leveraged buyout.

Answer grid.



Dennis said...

Good morning, Argyle, C.C. and gang - I know the puzzle must be easy if I can blow through it this quickly with just a few hours' sleep. I was glad to see fresh cluing for one of the beginning-of-the-week puzzles, and thought the theme answers were quite coincidental (see below). As Argyle said, even the answers that were a bit tough for a Monday were easily obtainable from the perps.
Nice juxtaposition of Veronica Hamel and 'eye popping'.

Today is Lumpy Rug Day, and World Press Freedom Day.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "He that lives upon hope will die fasting." -- Ben Franklin

It's been an exhausting week - my buddy of some 45 years, from Alaska, showed up unexpectedly last weekend for a two-week visit (prompting me to use almost all of today's theme answers), and we've spent a lot of very late nights catching up, as well as taking some long bike rides during the days, and visiting some of our old haunts. He's done some amazing things in recent years, including animal tracking in Africa, mountain climbing (including Denali last year), kayaking in the Arctic ocean, and many other great adventures. It's really taking all I've got to stay with him on the bike rides and act like it's no big deal, lol.
From yesterday, Dodo, regarding 'schwa', you might've missed C.C.'s explanation in yesterday's write-up.

Tarrajo, great to see you back; hopefully, you'll have more time for us now.

Hope it's a great Monday for everyone. I'll be scouting out rest homes.

Dudley said...

Morning, C.C. and fellow puzzlers – No trouble with this puzzle, although ELUDED sorta EVADED me for a while, which left me with VUNT as somebody’s name. LUNT sounds a little nicer – but not much!

That said, we live near the quaint Lunt factory where rather nice kitchen knives are made. I assume these are sold across the nation.

BABAS and ODIUM are both new to me. Glad they filled themselves in.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Click on the schwa link on my yesterday's write-up. You confused schwa with German umlaut.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, CC and all. I agree, Argyle, that some of today's puzzle was beyond the usual Monday level. I, too, was trying to fit "Cat Dragged In" in lieu of "WIND BLEW IN", which of course didn't fit. Overall, though, a good puzzle.

I liked the long fills, like GARAGE SALE, ASKS A LOT and MUST READ. We were talking about a MUST READ just last week with "Three Cups of Tea."

I was not familiar with Bil Baird. His puppets look scary.

Argyle, the answer to your question is One (1). Only 1 was going to St. Ives.

Dodo, from last night, about the only things I make foodwise are reservations. I don't have a recipe for funnel cakes, but I know they are deep-fried.

The oil spill is threatening the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to the Florida panhandle.

QOD: Morality is the theory that every human act must be either right or wrong, and that 99 percent of them are wrong. ~ H.L. Mencken

Hahtoolah said...

I think you have the wrong Veronica Hamel. Your girl is way too young to have been on Hill Street Blues. Your description of eye-popping, however, is apt.

Dennis said...

Hahtool, you're right - I assumed she had work done. I didn't know there was another one. Good catch.

Dick said...

Good morning Argyle and All, a really easy puzzle today. The only hick up I had was inserting XLG for 24D in lieu of XLS. This caused me to stare at 32A for a bit before the light came on. Like some others I wanted “Cats drug in” instead of “Wind blew in.”

Today is the first time I could not log into the LAT site. Did anyone else have a problem?

Good easy way to start the week.

Hope you all have a great Monday.

tfrank said...

Good morning, early risers,

I echo others' comments about this puzzle; pretty much a walk in the park. I did not attempt to answer 59A until I had enough of the down perps to avoid the "cat" trap. I usually work across and down at the same time.

Welcome back, Dennis. Your friend sounds like quite the guy. Hope you can keep up with him.

Good job, Argyle.

Have a great week.

Bob said...

Easy puzzle. Took 13 minutes, without hurrying. Nothing difficult. "Odium" is directly from Latin (not almost).

Dudley said...

CORRECTION: Lunt is the name of the silversmith company in Greenfield, MA. The knife maker is Lamson, in Shelburne (where Bill Cosby lives).

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning, everyone.

Argyle, nice write-up.

BarryG, so sorry for the trials you are currently facing. I hope your son bounces back quickly. The little ones are usually pretty resilient. Time to make lemonade from the lemons.

Tarrajo, so pleased to get some updates from you. Keep on keeping on, and don't be a stranger around these parts.

I hope that all who are hurting find solace in this new day, and all who are ailing make great strides back to good health.

EddyB, be sure to wave from Indy. That's a dream that I might fulfill in the next few years. Growing up in Cincinnati, I was always caught up in the excitement of the May run up to the race. I still get that rush somewhat, even from the left coast after all these years out here.

Happy Monday!

Argyle said...

Yeah, Good catch, bad caption on Google. The picture is Sophia Bush, from One Tree Hill, TV show.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

My mom was up for the weekend. Taking her home today, and have some outdoor work at my M-I-L's house.

Printed off the puzzle. Will do it later.

Officiating crew from Wings-Sharks game last night should be fire immediately.


Spitzboov said...

Good morning Argyle and all.

Dick, I had no trouble logging into the LAT site, although one key file didn't load at first. I just hit the reload button in the browser.

No problems with today's solve. Couple questions resolved by the perps.

Have a good day.

lois said...

Good morning Argyle, and CC. Excellent job, Argyle. What a fun puzzle w/one of my favorite lines: Hello stranger...reminds me of The Duke, John Wayne for some reason.

Please pray for Brooke right now. She's getting her new heart as we speak. It came in yesterday and after a major setback on Thurs with an emergency surgery we were so worried that she wouldn't be able to hold on. She did. That girl is a fighter! I'll be back later.

Annette said...

Lois, I'm so happy a heart came in for Brooke! I'll check back later for an update on the surgery and her condition. Great news to start the week!

kazie said...

Great news for Brooke.

On catching up after a weekend away at a convention, I still have to go through the comments for Saturday and Sunday to see Tarrajo's return and news.

But KQ, I don't envy you your upcoming summer, but I'm sure you'll be glad you insisted on the regimen when it's over.

So sorry to hear of your job loss. I hope the legal machinations are successful. If there are blessings here, it's that it's summer and not winter, which will allow you to enjoy some of the freedom more.

I'm having problems with my ankle that was broken 5 years ago--huge swelling each of the last three days and soreness, feeling bruised for no apparent reason. I'm heading for the Dr's today to see what it could be and hoping nothing seriously in need of further surgery which could impact my trip to Oz in 3 weeks!

The puzzle was an easy ride today, except for LBO--I didn't know the perp names and guess LBA for "acquisition" at the end. Fun clues though throughout.

Crockett1947 said...

Lois, so good to hear of Brooke's good fortune. I hope her surgery is successful and that she has a speedy recovery to full health.

lois said...

Brooke Update: the heart is in and beating strong. Thank you for all your support. It's working!
The miracle of modern medicine at its best. wow!

Dennis said...

Lois, wonderful, wonderful news - and just amazing when you think of what's been accomplished, almost routinely.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, LOL, LOOK WHO THE...CAT DRAGGED IN isn't exactly a friendly greeting, so it is a good thing it didn't fit.

I alternated the Downs and Acrosses today and didn't have any trouble until I came to 41D AGI and 60D LBO. Curses! Almost foiled by my three letter abbreviation nemeses. At least I remembered that 35D was STP and not what I usually enter....SST.

It must be a good start to the week, when we have to decide who is more attractive, Sophia Bush, or Veronica Hamel. My opinion is that Sophia is very pretty, but Veronica is really gorgeous.

Dennis, glad you had a good visit with your buddy, but it sounds like you had to be girding your loins a lot. Oohhh... Too bad we couldn't be around to watch.

Lois, an even better start to the week is your news about Brooke. Simply wonderful!

Al said...

DAME comes from Old French via Late Latin: Domna, which in turn comes from Latin Domina: lady, or mistress (not the current meaning of mistress) of the house. And before you go there, dominatrix is not the same root; that comes to us via dominari (to rule over), which comes from dominus: lord, or master of the house (domus). Domus also gives us the word "domestic".

Related DAME words are: DAMSEL, and DAM, the former was archaic until it was revived by romantic poets, and the latter means literally: "animal mother", but spellings diverged between DAME and DAM, probably because of the "people are not animals" concept.

Dick said...


Grreatttt news on Brooke. Keep us posted.

ARBAON said...

It`s a rare Monday when I have to "peek" at some answers...but all in all a good ride. Funny how things just pop into your in "Fontanne`s stage partner". I don`t where the "Lunt and Fontanne" duo came from...never saw them.

Dennis; Isn`t another of your friends scheduled for surgery Friday? Could that be why your other buddy is in from Alaska? Does he have a take on Palin that you can share? (I`m reading s series of books by Lee Child, about a member of an elite, special ops Army group... except that he`s 6`5" and Army to the "corps", I see you on most pages. Might want to read him...he`s especially good.)

Note (on hand) to self:
"Self, be careful not to betray that you are a fiscally and "much less intrusion by the government" conservative on the blog because they don`t like it and, therefor, you. After all as a wise man once said, "There`s a little Salley in all of us."

Lois, Brooke is in my conservative,
Supreme and benevolent-being believing prayers.

Argyle said...

Leftover from yesterday:
How to make funnel cake....

windhover said...

Thanks for the compliment, and I'm pretty sure you and I can get along, divergent worldviews notwithstanding.

Jeannie said...

I was on the same wavelength of several of you today. I just typed in the answers without much thought. I have to admit that I got Lunt, Iago, odium and Odets from the perps. One answer not to my liking was KAYOs. I thought that was a bit of a stretch.

Dennis it sounds like your friend would be exhausting to be around. Did you two grow up together? Have you ever been to Alaska to visit him?

Lois, fantastic news about Brooke! Modern medicine is just phenomenal and all thanks to someone with “heart” enough to be a donor.

Andrea said...

Morning, all.

Pretty smooth sailing this am, except for apparently Evaded/Vunt instead of Eluded/Lunt.

Lois - such great news about Brooke!

Tarrajo - nice to see you back.

I'm going to be spending a fair amount of time this week getting ready for our city-wide garage sale this Saturday. Haven't had one for three or four years - LOTS of baby stuff to unload.

Enjoy the day.

eddyB said...

Hello all.

My, My. The Anons were hungry last night.

Didn't see much of the game last night. Listened to Jill scream at the tv screen. So, I knew what was going on.

Lee Child has a new Jack Reacher
novel (61 Hours) due out on May 18th. A 39D on my list.

Down-loaded the puzzle from the Archives last night and breezed right thru it.


Tinbeni said...

Argyle Great job again.

For Monday this was OK but I would have preferred "Look Who the Cat Dragged In" as the expression.

LUNT, BAIRD and ROSIE (two great talents and an O'Donnell) all via crosses.

Lois: My best friend had a Heart-transplant on 12/3/95. So this is very good news for Brooke. But let's not forget the "source" and a prayer to her, the doner, and her family is also in order.

ARBAON: Nothing wrong with being a conservative provided those views don't stomp on the rights of others. MOI, I consider myself Fiscal-Conservative, Liberal on most other stuff.

Dennis said...

Clear Ayes, I'm not out of the woods yet - he's here until Saturday. I've pre-booked the local spa for a few massages Sunday. Unless of course, Mustang Mel is available????

ARBAON and others, thanks so much for remembering about my friend's upcoming surgery. Yes, it's Friday, but no, my Alaska buddy hardly knows him; just here coincidently. Jeannie, I've never been to Alaska to visit (yet); he and I were coworkers, both entering the computer field in the mid '60s, and we just hit it off.

ARBAON, thanks for the book recommendation - I'll definitely check it out. As far as my views on Ms. Palin, this is really not the place for it. And a just a friendly word of caution to you and others from yesterday: it's fine to identify yourself as a conservative or liberal; the problems arise when you cast aspersions, with a broad brush, on those with whom you disagree, or the people/party they support. It's got no place here, as C.C. has repeatedly pointed out, and as someone said yesterday, it really shows a lack of consideration for C.C.'s wishes.

I hope everyone takes the above in the spirit in which it's meant; we've got a wonderful, fun blog, and it's bad enough that we have the late-night cowardly 'anon' attacks without us doing it to each other.

Jerome said...

This is a perfect example of a great Monday puzzle. Simple, but filled with lots of great entries and a fun theme. Being the pro she is, Nancy knows how to jazz up an early week crossword with terrific fill. ASKS ALOT, GARAGE SALE, PUT DOWNS, MUST READ, NAYSAY, and the fabulous EYE POPPING.

Sorry, but LOOK WHO THE CAT DRAGGED IN would not work in this puzzle. The letter count is all wrong.

Cool crossing- BALI BABAS. A hybrid South Pacific/Arab name.

To believe this ASKS ALOT, but
ST. KOALAS is big in Australia.

OWIE looks like the start of an ode to golfer Michelle.

JD said...

Good morning Argyle and all,

Lois, great news about Brook. We will continue to send all our energy to her.

Tarrajo, so good to have you back. I think you might be responsible for the start of Jeannie's wonderful recipes last year.

Good puzzle, but it did take a few min. longer than a normal Monday.The s on XL got me, and also wanted "cat Dragged in".Kir? Luckily rep finally came to me.Last fill was that O (LBO) and it was a WAG as it looked good.

I just G'd "verdi aria eri tu" and felt very stupid as I see it was an aria-LOL- and I am not a fan of opera.Don't think I've ever heard it.

In honor of Bob's odium and Al's domina, here is my Latin quote for the day. I'm hoping to remember some of these words for later use.Taking 4 yrs of Latin didn't stick.

"Optime positum est beneficium ubi meminit qui accipit."

It's best to do favors for people with good memories.

dodo said...

A perfect Monday puzzle. I wondered about 'what the cat dragged in', too, C.C. I've never hear this one before. I like, "Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! Look who'e here!"
(Saw it on a doormat.)

eddyB said...


I case someone is interested: camSF_large.htm.

They are a little larger and more active.

27 to go and counting.


Gunghy said...

Greetings all, I didn't get yesterday's done until way past your bedtimes, because I spent the day rafting the Kings River with my future sil (By the way, it took me quite a while to figure out that meant son, not sister. I've not had the former, but I've had more than my share of the latter.)

Yesterday's NYT had the clue "How some people solve crosswords" and the perps gave me IN_E_. After all our discussions, I really didn't want to put in INPEN.

One complaint about today's. Stacking BAIRD and ODETS, with LBO providing the lead-in and OWIE (owee, owey) as well made the SE corner seem way past a Monday to me. But then, I never like names, so I may be way off base.

Politically, I registered Libertarian, because in the last primary the 2 republicans ran on the platform of "I'm more conservative than him." Neither made one suggestion about how to fix our problems and both swore they would never get caught working with a, GASP, Liberal. I just want someone who can think and might remember that the title Representative means they are there to work for me. A cogent plan of action would be a plus.

I'll leave you all with a thought about our Anonymous: Never wrestle with a pig, you'll just get covered in mud and he will enjoy it.

dodo said...

Oh, boy! Am I embarrassed! You're so right, C.C. I was confusing the schwa sound with the umlaut! Head goes right IN the V-8 can for this!

Chickie said...

Hello All--A little tougher than most Monday puzzles, mainly due to some unknown names. I was able to fill in most of them with the perps, but Lunt had to be looked up. Monday isn't usually a day that I need to use Google for an answer.

All in all, the down long answers gave this puzzle a run for it's money. Eye popping, Asks a lot, Garage sale, and Must read took a while to fill in. However, A-team, Earn, and Axle all filled in and I didn't even read the clues.

Lois, Wonderful news about Brook. With all the thoughts coming her way she has a strong force working for her.

Dennis, I get tired just reading about everything you've done with your friend this week. The spa will be good down time.

Happy Monday to everyone.

dodo said...

Lois, such wonderful news!

Kazie, I hope you'll get relief for you ankle. Try not to worry until you have to. Chances are it's something easily treated.

Re: Veronica Hamel. Very beautiful and probably very old (the picture), or as someone said, she's had some work done.

dodo said...

P.S. Argyle, thanks for the funnel cake link. Makes my mouth water.

Jeannie said...

Dodo, for a quick fix, head to your local Burger King. They now carry "funnel cake sticks". They are very similar to the ones you get at the fairs and are surprisingly good!

eddyB said...

Are any of the local artists going to have a booth at the Berryessa
Art and Wine Festival this week-end?


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, everyone.

This was a good, but a tad hard, Monday puzzle. I spent some time on it waiting for DH to get his cumodin checked. Then we eat at the cafeteria in what used to be Naples' Cleveland Clinic. It's cheap, very good, and what more can you ask? I had only one mistake, but the time between looking at clues did help the neurons dig up some of the answers. It always amazes me where these come from: Baird and Lunt,

Lois, so glad to hear that Brooke is on her way to be cured. Such good news. I've forgotten how old she is.

Happy rest of Monday.


Tinbeni said...

Of course in my earlier post I meant to type:


Lois's precious Brooke is a recipient because someone marked on their Driver License that they would be an Organ Donor.

One family's tragedy is another family's blessing.

I hope this experience gets everyone to check this box. Be an organ donor, too.

Also, her donor was a women.
Men have XY chromosomes, women have XX.
Men can receive organs from either sex.
Women can only receive from another woman.

When my friend had his Transplant we joked that he got a women's heart because he became "more understanding" and could dance.

tfrank said...

Arbaon @ 10:37,

I have been a conservative member of this blog for a little more than a year, and feeling pretty lonesome at times. Welcome aboard! Our hostess is very gracious about allowing us to express our opinions, as long as they are brief and not political. There are one or two bloggers who have apparently appointed themselves as liberal policemen, and their views on what is acceptable conservative comment are pretty narrow. My advice is to ignore them. It is hard to fight if your opponent chooses not to, as I do most of the time. You can always challenge someone offline if they make their email address available.

I am a Lee Child fan and am looking forward to his next Jack Reacher novel, as mentioned by EddyB.

Lois, great news about Brooke. I will keep her in my prayers.

carol said...

Hi all -

Had my problems with a few of these clues but it all worked out and my V-8 can is hardly dented, but it is a new can, the old one having been destroyed several months ago:)

I also thought of the phrase "look what the cat drug in" but as CA wisely pointed out, that is not the best greeting one could receive.

Never having done taxes in my life (I am very math challenged), I had no idea about 41D. Didn't know Fontanne or her partner.

Lois, so happy to hear about Brooke and Tinbeni is right, thanks go to her donor. We should all be donors, there is always some part(s) of us that could benefit others.

Dodo (12:07) LOL - that is one good welcome statement. I thought of "If I knew you were coming, I'd have baked a cake".

Kazie: So sorry to hear of your ankle problem, that is a puzzler...let us know the cause.

Dennis, hope your young friend's surgery is successful. Hope you survive your 'old' friend's visit - LOL

ARBAON said...

CC and Dennis: I certainly hope I haven`t
"cast apersions" or "painted with a broad (although I am one) brush." I try very hard not to.

WH: My requirements for friendship, cyber or otherwise are:
Wit, intellect and an open mind. With you and me, two out of three ain`t bad (since we are both firmly convinced we are correct. These qualities should make for some lively discussions. Bring it, my cyber friend.)

Clear Ayes said...

Dodo@12:07 A big LOL at that one!

One of my dearest friends is a Lutheran tea-party Republican. She is always ready to do a favor, or to offer support when it is needed. She is the next thing to a sister to me. I understand what her political and religious views are and she knows mine. We just don't discuss them, except to make a joke once in a while. The key to not offending one another is that she tells jokes about conservatives and I tell jokes about liberals. Hey, if you can't laugh about politics and religion....

Jeannie, are the funnel cake sticks available all over the country? Flour, sugar and hot grease ...what's not to like? My mouth is watering. I love fair food, cotton candy is a long-time favorite. Has anybody ever had a deep-fried Snickers, or a deep-fried Oreo? (These are some of the reasons I seldom go to a fair.)

eddyB, what is the Berryessa Art and Wine Festival?

Frenchie said...

Hiddy-Ho Neighbor:

My thoughts...

10a quite a long time-ages,
tried eons, eras

12d online periodical, briefly-emag
I haven't heard this 'computerese' before,though I am aware of the
periodicals and such available online

15a dame-knight's lady...or dame,(Urban Dictionary)

22a Othello's false friend-Iago,
wasn't fooled this time!

25a Kentucky Fried piece-wing, yuk,`
I can't take the smell of frying chicken!

32a Levels in the ring: KAYOs. The letters KO (knock out) spelled out. Boxing ring. what does the a and the y stand for? Never mind a KO, this is a death match! Japanese Bug Fights

55b boo boo in tot speak/owie; rum cakes-babas...I have a plump Chihuahua named "Brutus" and I call him "boo boo bear," and have on occasion called him "buddha" for obvious reasons!

59a look who the 'cat' dragged in...wind, cat...both light hearted and fun!

@Tinbeni, hi, what does MOI stand for? (French)me?

@Lois, I am so happy for Brooke and all of you surrounding her!

@Kazie, positive thoughts to you!

and I'm out!

Mainiac said...

Good Afternoon Argyle,CC and All,

Just had a minute to do the puzzle quickly. Kind of a Blah experience for me even though I needed red letter help for the Bali Babas cross. Never heard of a Baba and not much for show tunes even though my wife probably knows all of the lyrics for Bali Hai.

Lois, Great news on Brooke. Will continue sending positive thoughts.

Time for Parks and Rec.

Have a great evening!

Anonymous said...

Clearayes, I live in CA and have tried the funnel cake sticks at Burger King so I believe they are available nation wide if Jeannie lives in MN. Just like she said they are really good and come with a frosting dipping sauce.

Frenchie said...

from previous post, link didn't go through the 1st time:
Japanese Bug Fights

Hey, something isn't right!!!! Where is Lemonade714?

@Hahtool,'The oil spill is threatening the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to the Florida panhandle."
Oh my God, I read what a fix we're in! Or the lack of a fix. I just don't know what is going to happen!

@Dudley, as they say in Transylvania, "I vunt to suck your blood!"

@Al, thank you for that write up! It is really interesting how one root weaves into another. That particular word, 'dame,' is pretty powerful.

Tinbeni said...

MOI was me ... or was me, MOI?

Of course I should have written it as:

MOI? I consider myself Fiscal-Conservative, Liberal on most other stuff.
(with a question mark after the MOI and not a comma)

Clear Ayes said...

it is amazing what a person can remember from before he or she was born! I knew I had heard the name KAYO someplace. It turns out he was the little brother of comic strip character Moon Mullins. KAYO Mullins If I heard, in utero, my mother laughing at Moon and Kayo's antics, I'm glad she didn't pick up on Moon's disciplinary techniques.

First time for everything...Thanks Anon@3:22

Bob said...

J.D. : This Latin quote is one of several maxims from Publilius Syrus (Publilius the Syrian), an educated Roman slave of the first century BC. The translation you provide is close but doesn't precisely capture the idea. It literally says, "A favor is best done when he who receives it remembers (it)." So it does not suggest doing favors preferentially for those with good memories in the abstract but for those who tend to remember, specifically, favors done for them. No doubt a good reader would read between the lines and figure that out, but the Latin is clear and unambiguous, so a good translation should be also. I'd give the translation you provide a B for unnecessary ambiguity. It's typical of a lot of Latin renderings found online. A free English version might be, "Do favors for those who will remember them."

Susan said...

Hello everyone. I have been reading your comments for a couple of weeks and am in awe of your easy fellowship and vast knowledge. I am starting to feel like an eavesdropper and have decided to introduce myself. I am a transplanted Californian who still misses that wonderful state. I now live in equally beautiful, but different, New Mexico.

I am a retired schoolteacher who spent twenty-five years teaching drama and creative writing to 8th graders. I loved my career and have had many students contact me with their success stories. Also since Santa Fe is realitively small, I rarely leave home without running into former students. I can never leave the house without my face on!

I am now a fledgling realtor and am busy learning the business. I have not had any success as yet and am taking advantage of the slow market by taking as many classes and attending seminars and meetings as I can.

I am a member of the League of Women Voters and a volunteer at the Santa Fe Opera.

I have two wonderful adult daughters. One is an American Airlines pilot in the Bay Area and the other is an office manager in Albuquerque.

I hope to be welcome to your site and may even have the courage to leave a few comments myself.

Bob said...

JD: I'm having second thoughts about the ambiguity issue in this maxim. At first I thought it was pretty clear and unambiguous, and the translations I've seen are consistent with my earlier rendering, which is pretty cynical (only do favors if you can expect to get credit for them). Maybe that's what he meant, but I see another almost opposite, less cynical possibility, now that I think about it. He might be saying that the best favor is the recognition of a thankful recipient who has remembered a kindness. It seems possible that the literal translation could be taken either way. "Bestowed" might be a better word than "done" in my literal translation, and "meminit" actually just means "remembers," giving "A favor is best bestowed when the recipient (he who receives it) remembers." So who's doing the favor here? That's the ambiguity I overlooked at first. Anyway, an interesting thing to puzzle over.

Dennis said...

Susan, welcome. It is indeed an 'easy fellowship', and it's good of you to join us. Please don't hesitate to add your comments each day; new viewpoints are always welcome and we look forward to your input.

carol said...

Susan - a warm welcome!! You are in the company of many school teachers here, most of them retired too. They are such a great group, always ready to help people like me with their expertise. By all means, comment!

CA: I don't remember Moon Mullins either as it was before our time...but do remember that name. I was too young for Fibber McGee's famous closet, but I remember the discussions about it and the old radio show. I did listen to lots of radio as we did not have TV until I was 11. Good memories of popcorn Mom made in the cast iron frying pan and sitting around the radio and all those great old shows. Sure developed a child's imagination - they don't get much of that today!

Hahtoolah said...

Welcome, Susan. I hope we "see" you around her often.

Lois: I am encouraged to hear your words about Brooke. Let her know that all your friends here are thinking of her and wishing her a speedy recovery. At Tinbini noted, we need all say a blessing to the donor as well. Her family is as special now to yours even if you never meet.

I have a friend who had a heart transplant 12 years ago. She is healthy and has a growing family.

Tinbini: I was not aware that women are universal organ donors and that men are the universal receivers, although it makes sense if I had ever stopped to think about it. It seems to complement women's and men's roles in life as well, doesn't it? (That is a rhetorical question, people, so don't get your dander up.)

Bob said...

Hi Susan and welcome to the blog. There are several teachers or ex-teachers who are regulars here, myself included. And there's a wide diversity of opinion on just about everything, although we generally steer clear of controversial topics like religion and politics. There are plenty of other places online for that. School keeps me really busy so I don't have much time to socialize here, but I try to check in every day. I'm pretty new to this blog myself (several months now), but I read the daily posts and add a little something from time to time. Don't feel shy about participating. Hope to be reading your posts.

Lemonade714 said...

I am working, Frenchie, sorry, but it happens. Am I the only one who thought of this BEDTIME STORY when doing the BALI, and BABA cross?

Bil Baird was but a distant memory and a little vague for Monday, but as most have said, it did not matter. We have had LBO quite a few times. If you finish a puzzle and write down any new people or words in a notebook, I think you will find they will stay in your brain longer. Of course since we have a million teachers and ex-teachers, I may get some disagreement. Welcome SUSAN. Say as much or a little as you are inspired to add.

Lois, no news could be better, as the recipient of a much less exotic organ (3 cornea transplants) I include those who left me with a present when they left this earth in my prayers, always.

Dennis, suck it up, you are a marine. No Alaskan salmon is going to outdo you!

Tinbeni said...

After my buddy, Charlie, had the Heart-Transplant I read everything I could get my hands on about the operation and healing process, etc.

One day I was talking to the doctor about his "new heart" when he told me about the "XY -v- XX" chromosomes thing.

Of course, being a man, I thought to myself. "OK that's good, another thing (along with all the beautiful women) to be grateful for."

I now consider (and joke about how) the Mexican Beer, Dos Equis (XX) to be a beer for ladies.

And let's face it, the ladies we know do love us for all our faults but when they are alone they think to themselves "Why, why, why?"
Yup, the "X" is OK, but our "Y" drives them crazy.

kazie said...

Well, I still haven't had time to check on Tarrajo, but I truly am grateful for all the concerns expressed for my minor (compared with Brooke) ankle problem. The doctor couldn't find a reason for the redness, swelling being common enough after such surgery. She compared the x-rays with the originals and couldn't see anything changed. So we're playing a waiting game and if it doesn't stop feeling bruised or lose the redness in a few days, we'll consult the orthopedic specialist who treated me after the breakage. Worst case scenario would be having to remove the offending screw, if any, and as far as I'm concerned that would have to wait until after the trip.

Welcome Susan!
We are indeed a friendly lot. I am somewhat isolated in a small town, and many of my friends are former colleagues who are still teaching. Thus I have come to feel as if the bloggers here are real (substitute) friends. I hope you will too.

dodo said...

Thanks, Jeannie for the suggestion. Now I won't have to make the funnel cake. The sticks sound a lot like Churros. I haven't really looked at a recipe and my sound was disconnected when I watched Argyles' link, so I'll look it up again and hear the ingredients. How was the sailing?

Hahtool, I've been thinking about you and all Louisianans (?), You certainly have had more than your share of disasters! This one is particularly worrisome because, as far as I have heard up to now, they haven't been able to cap the well, so who knows how long the oil will keep flowing! What with the LA. situation and Arizona's mess, there's a lot to be concerned about. May things return to 'normal' , whatever that is, soon!

CA I don't know the area that well, but Lake Berryessa is somewhere around here. When we lived in the Bay Area our babysitter used to go there for water-skiing. By now, you've probably searched it online. Lots of places are having spring wine fests. I'll see if my daughter who's an artist knows anything about it. She's in Marin.

Welcome, Susan. I, too, am a newbie and as you can see I'm getting very wordie!
This one is number 5 so I'll have to say, "Th-th-that's all, f-f-folks" and call it a day!

Jayce said...

Hi everybody,

Gosh, I remember Kayo too. My cousin has been called Kayo all his life, because his initials are K.O. Even he likes "Kayo" better than calling him by his real name: Kent Otho.

It was a kayo of a Monday puzzle, I thought. That is, a little bit hard.

Super good news on Brooke's new heart!

Best wishes to you all.

kazie said...

Bill G.,
I just skimmed through Sunday's comments, and found your lament that you didn't understand schwahs. I think at that time you were referring to Umlauts in German, which Dodo had them confused with.
As someone else explained, schwah is just a name for the neutral sound we use so much in English instead of the pure vowel sound the letter would normally be pronounced as.
Umlauts are an entirely different animal:
'Um' in German means 'around' or 'about'. 'Laut' as a noun means sound, so literally, an 'Umlaut' is a sound turned around, or changed. We often represent those sounds in anglicized spellings by adding an 'e' if we can't get an Umlaut in whatever format we are using. So 'ae' represents 'ä', 'oe' is for 'ö', and 'ue' is for 'ü' and those are the only vowels on which they are used in German.
You do see 'ë' in French words, where it is called a diaeresis and serves to separate its sound from an adjoining different vowel, like in the word 'Noël', whereas in 'oeuvre' all the vowels run together into one combined diphthong.

So, you might ask, how are the German sounds changed by the Umlauts?
'a' is like in Bahn (Autobahn), but ä is more like an open 'e' as in egg: Men is Männer, where the ä sounds the same as the 'e' in 'men'.
'ö' is like the French diphthong 'oe', but 'o' can be open or closed like in (British) English--'hot' and 'home'.
The 'ü' is more difficult to achieve correctly, but an approximation is a cross between the sound of 'you' and the letter 'i' in 'Katrina'.
Regular 'u' is mostly pronounced like 'oo'. They joke about Pizza Hut, pronouncing the 'hut' as they would in German (hoot), where it means 'hat'.

TMI, I know, but I hate to leave anyone confused. End of language lesson for tonight!

I see that you are still enjoying Brady and your motherhood. Wonderful!

Dot said...

I seem to go against the flow. I found this puzzle to be super easy. The ones others comment on as being easy, I wind up unable to comlete!
Lois, so glad Brooke came through the surgery well. What is the extimated recovery time? I will pray it goes well & she does not reject the heart.

Kazie, take care of the ankle. maybe the weather is affecting it.

Andrea, what area is having the garage sale?

Best wishes to all the other sick and afflicted.


Bill G. said...

Kazie, thanks for you helpful input regarding schwahs. It seems to me that they are a short 'e' sound made when whizzing by some insignificant vowels. Are they more significant than that?

Welcome Susan! I'm relatively new around here too. I'm also a retired middle school teacher from Manhattan Beach, California.

eddyB said...

CA. The BA&WF is held each year the
Sat before Mother's Day for the benefit of the Berryessa School District. Wine makers show up and offer samples. Artists show up and
display their art like hand painted
silk scarves and original oil paintings. There is music all day,
Food booths, and the library sells donated books. ($1.00 for HB and $0.50 for PB) Great time to meet old friends and see who came.

Several cities around here also offer these type of festivals during the spring and summer months

BUSD is in NE San Jose where Jill taught.


Dudley said...

The ongoing discussion about the schwa sound is interesting. I seem to remember being taught about it in early grade school, probably at a time when we were learning to use a dictionary's pronounciation key.

Unless I missed it in an earlier post, there hasn't been mention of the dictionary symbol "ə" for the schwa sound. A quick tally of this symbol's appearances on a dictionary page shows how common the sound is in our language.

Bill G. said...

My old G5 iMac is starting to act up again. It has not been as reliable as I would have liked. I have replaced the mother board twice. Rather than fix it again, I decided to get a new iMac; 21.5 inch monitor, 500 GB harddrive. My worry wasn't money but that my old programs on my G5 Mac wouldn't work on a new Mac with the newer processor. My computer guy tells me that he will be able to transfer programs and files intact. So I'm sold. Luddite no more. Full speed ahead!

JD said...

BOb, thanks for the grade of B, probably a better grade than I received in H.S.,but the grade goes to Rose Williams who put these quotes into Latin Quips at Your Fingertips.I unfortunately assumed that her sparkling wit would enliven the blog. I shall not quote her again.

Anonymous said...

Dennis at 11:49 "it's fine to identify yourself as a conservative or liberal; the problems arise when you cast aspersions, with a broad brush, on those with whom you disagree, or the people/party they support."

Tfrank at 2:12 "There are one or two bloggers who have apparently appointed themselves as liberal policemen, and their views on what is acceptable conservative comment are pretty narrow."

Sounds like an aspersion to me, Tfrank.

Anonymous said...

Bill G. : Just found out that my Windows program doesn`t "like" Apple search should have told us...we don`t like living in Luddite-ville either!

Kazie: Hope this does not spoil your trip "Down Under." Have you seen the movie with Tom Selleck as a bounty hunter hired to hunt (unkowingly) Aborgines? "Quigley Down Under"...good story. Of course I`d watch circa 80-90`s Selleck read the phone book.

BTW: Aspersions (like beauty) are in the eye of the beholder...

Tfrank: No one can offend me without my permission, words to live by. "Like a duck saying `quack`, words just run off my back."

I must be getting tired...good night to CC and friends.

ARBAON said...

That long, silly diatribe was from me..

Dick said...

Ca, we can get funnel cakes here in western PA at the BK. I also remember Fibber McGee and Moon Mullins. God it's great to be older.

Dick said...

Welcome Susan, comment as you feel compelled.

Anonymous said...

Post @2:12:
A great crossword clue:

"The Pot calling the Kettle _____" (5 letters)

Andrea said...

Dot - citywide garage sale Saturday is in Middleton. Come on over to the west side!

eddyB said...


The sun doesn't set for another
50 min so the Anons are out early.

Down-loaded tomorrow's puzzle so I can finish it before Chuck comes on. Castle looks like fun tonight.

Amazed but not surprised. Nite


Anonymous said...

First of all, thank you for the welcome back. Somehow in the back of my mind I knew an ugly anon would post something mean which is why I stopped posting in the first place. He or she didn't dissapoint which is why you won't be seeing me on a regular basis. I wish all of you that are going through angst the best.

One more thing...and this is for you anon. My son BradyJoe is an A-B student and is a little man. He steps up for girls and the underdog. He might get into minor scrapes because of that but he's one heck of a fisherman and a diplomat of sorts. He is punished when necessary. Yes, it's hard being the "dad and mom" at once but I am proud of him. BTW, he is going to be 10 this June and doesn't care if I tuck him in and kiss him good-night. As someone else quoted today, "put that in your pipe and smoke it".

Bill G. said...

Tarrajo, don't let an anon win.

Frenchie said...

It took all day but I finally realized simple to see...

@Tinbeni, merci!
@Lemonaid714, Oh, working, I tried that a time or two!

"Open Sesame!" I don't recall if it was a movie or a series. My older brother and I were great fans and would run around and imitate the characters ordering doors to open on command. Disappointment ensued when nothing happened!

@Susan, this group is very interesting and once ensconced here, you will find them to be quite enjoyable! Welcome!

Jeannie said...

Tarrajo you ROCK! I want to meet your little man. Please don't be scared away from anon's that don't know their head from their 'you know what' or you for that matter.

Try the funnel cake sticks all. They are phenomenal and in my opinion not advertised enough on BK's side. The last conference call I was on, I mentioned that they should sample them. So far, that hasn't happened.

Clear Ayes said...

Jeopardy is over and I can check the goings on here before I head over to I love Celebrity Jeopardy. The answers and questions are always easy.

Apparently "Bringing Up Father" (Jiggs and Maggie) ran in the comics from 1913 until 2000. For some reason I remember that strip too...weird.

I also remember listening to Fibber McGee and Molly on the radio. I had to laugh at Carol's description of sitting around and staring at the radio. Such innocent times!

Tarrajo, you have many more friends than not around here and we are glad to see you. Keep that in mind and try not to let cruel unhappy people get you down. Stop by often, you are always welcome.

Annette said...

Crockett: Beautiful avatar!

I know some people who just got a dog. It's a boxer, so they named him TKO or "Tico", sounds like Tee-ko.

Susan: Welcome to the blog. I'm glad you decided to join in.

Dennis said...

Tarrajo, sorry, I thought I deleted that 'anon' post quickly enough, but obviously not.

My only advice, as I told you before, it to truly consider the aim of this little boy: if he can upset you, he wins. That's his only purpose for posting. If you and everyone will simply ignore him until the post is removed, he'll have to find some other way to amuse himself.

Probably by switching hands.

Jeannie said...

Susan, I have been blogging here for ?? C.C.? Anyway, welcome to this fine bunch of people with all different sorts of characters. It is one the reasons I still chime in most every day. Whatever your forte' is it will coincide with others. I can tell you I have met some really good people on this blog that I consider friends.

My warm welcome. Now if I could offer you a piece of tomato basil pie.

Tinbeni said...

Your son sounds like an amazing little guy.
And you ... a great Mom !!!

I agree with Bill G and Jeannie, if you like the "Blue People" here then please stay.

All the "non-English" I know, I learned, or remembered, only from crosswords.
That High-School French & Spanish classes were over 40 years ago.

Oh, you and your brother played "Ali Baba and the 40 thieves?"

I always wondered why you, C.C. & Argyle didn't just delete ALL anon comments.

Dennis said...

Tinbeni, some people prefer to remain anonymous, and that's certainly their right. C.C. adamantly supports this. Only attacks on other members are removed.

Anonymous said...

Dennis, you of course are correct but it's still a little hard to take. Being a single parent does tend to make you second guess everything you do. I know I made the right decision of having him and 'trying' to raise Brady Joe as an upstanding young man. So far, so good in my opinion, and more importantly my Dad's opinion. He was against this from the start and thought I should give him up for adoption. That wasn't an option. He's come around and been a big supporter (not moneywise, okay some) but in the Grandfatherly way of accepting it. He loves Brady Joe to death. I make my own way for my boy and myself. Somehow, I think my dad is prouder of me for that. Go figure.

Mary said...

Good evening all,
I had trouble getting the puzzle from the LA Times site too. Didn't think to refresh, just waited until I had access to my paper, which the cat didn't drag in.

Susan, welcome and greetings from a transplanted New Mexican. I grew up in Los Alamos and spent many happy hours in Santa Fe with my grandfather. I live in Chicago now but still get back once a year or so.

Lois, I'm glad to hear of Brooke's successful surgery. Our prayers are with her. I'm a big believer in organ donation too. Three of the four in my family have signed their drivers licenses. My newest driver is too new to the idea so far, but I told him about Brooke as a little nudge.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Long day of (for me) hard work, and several more on the horizon. Remind not to go cycling with Dennis.

My good thoughts and best wishes go out to those of you and/or your friends and families who are having medical issues.

My son-in-law has his shoulder surgery tomorrow.

One of my female former co-workers is having triple by-pass surgery. Her husband took her to the hospital thinking she was having an asthma attack. Turned out to he congestive heart failure.

Medical technology is amazing - especially for radical intervention.

I had some difficulty with the puzzle. Some obscurities for a Monday, I thought.

Susan -

TJ -
Welcome back. And, what Dennis said.

For me - off to bed.

JzB the shrubbery replacing trombonist (Ni!)

Tinbeni said...

I perused the Anon comments and I see your point.
C.C. policy is good in the overall.

But you can see a few here today that have no connection to the puzzle we did this morning or the community ... but are directed AT a comment someone made earlier, yet they remain cloaked in their darkness.

Dennis said...

Dennis, you of course are correct but it's still a little hard to take. Being a single parent does tend to make you second guess everything you do.

No, I think it comes down to something quite simple: If the people who matter to you, the people whose opinions you say mean something to you, think that you're doing an amazing job, why would you give some cowardly pussy (sorry) more credibility than those people? That's all you need to ask yourself.

Annette said...

Dennis, we'll remind you of that the next time we see an anon. getting your goat (or one of Windhover's goats!)

kazie said...

Anon @ 8:37pm,
Yes, I really liked that film. Of course having Tom Selleck as the star helped quite a bit. Most memorable scene is at the end, the tribesmen appearing silently all around on the hilltops, and the old servant stripping and walking off into the wilderness.

carol said...

Dennis:(9:44) Good 'hands on' advice!! :)

Tarajo: welcome has been said, don't let the A.H.'s get you down, they are not worth anything.

Dennis said...

Annette, I'm certainly not without guilt when it comes to responding to anons, and I need to do a better job. I do believe Windhover feels the same.

Lemonade714 said...

Dennis ate his goat years ago....

Crockett1947 said...

Annette, Thank you. It's Mouth Hood from the Hood River Valley during the blossom fest.

Crockett1947 said...

That's Mount Hood!

Gunghy said...

Bill G, You won't be able to use any of the old classic stuff. Mac OS 9 isn't supported. I did the same upgrade 6 months ago and have had no compatibility problems at all.

L714, Where do you keep your third eye??

Jeannie, yes, how was the sailing? I just got back. It was a real drifter, but we had 3 boats and a pretty good pizza after.

Susan, Welcome and if you want to trade war stories, I'll match you even up. I will confess I tried to stifle their creative writing; I preferred the truth from them.

Tarrajo, I'd rather see one post from you and your young'n than anything from anon. Please stay around.

On the subject of anonymous, there have been some really good posts from one or more contributors. If you don't want to go blue, why not pick a name like Arbaon did and at least let us give you kudos on line?

Lois, I forgot to extend my best wishes earlier. Let me do so now.

Hey, I like goat. Dennis, it wasn't nice that you didn't share.

Lucina said...

Good evening, Blogger friends.

My, I have missed this lively chatter.

Stupendous news about Brooke, Lois. My prayers continue for her.

Very nice puzzle today from Nancy Solomon. I, too, liked Bali /Baba However, those pesky three letter fillers, LBO and AGI stung me again! Kir I know!
Thanks for the advice, Lemonade714 I have started a notebook listing the particularly obscure (to me) ones.

Bob, I am always impressed with the depth of your knowledge of history and Latin. Usually I return and reread your passages several times. I believe you must be a briliantly effective teacher.

Susan, welcome. I'm a newbie too and a semi-retired teacher and I love this blog and its eclectic group of comenters.

Kazie, keep an eye on that ankle. I hope the pain is not too intense.

Good night All.