Aug 16, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010 John Lampkin

Theme: Get Moving - The actions indicated by the first word of the four theme entries might describe the start of a person's day, in an orderly fashion.

17A. Be inactive, like a volcano : LIE DORMANT.

26A. Be in a favorable position : SIT PRETTY. John has a few photos demonstrating theme answers 26A and 55A, please scroll down to the end of my write-up.

42A. Don't give in : STAND FIRM.

55A. Proceed very cautiously : WALK ON EGGS.

Argyle again.

A bit of a stiff breeze for a Monday but diligence allows headway and safe passage into port.

Quite low black square (34) and word (74) count, which bring us plenty of non-theme long fill, including nine 7-letter and fourteen 6-letter entries.


1. Trig or algebra, e.g. : MATH. We also CIRCLE (21D. Geometry shape) and TRIANGLE (36. Pool rack shape).

5. Range dividing Europe and Asia : URALS. Geography 101

10. "Java" trumpeter Al : HIRT. I always picture the Muppet version.

14. Professor 'iggins : 'ENRY. From "My Fair Lady". Both Hs are dropped in Cockney accent.

15. Brown-toned old photo : SEPIA. So called because of a brown pigment used was obtained from the ink-like secretion of the cuttlefish.

16. Basie's "__'Clock Jump" : ONE O. Some more jazz.

19. Johnson Space Center org. : NASA. Originally known as the Manned Spacecraft Center, the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center is located in Houston, Texas.

20. Showing profound knowledge : ERUDITE. From Latin ērudītus, from ērudīre to polish, from ex-(not) + rudis (unpolished, rough). Sort of a backhanded compliment.

21. Red bullring props : CAPES.

22. To the extent that : AS FAR AS.

24. Like many old movies : SILENT. Very old!

25. Highlands family : CLAN.

29. Tony of "Some Like It Hot" : CURTIS. Here with Jack Lemmon (Tony on left) from the 1959 film.

32. Brother's daughter : NIECE.

33. Pro __: for now : TEM.

34. TV surfer's selection : CHANNEL. Not a block in the middle of the grid, John?

36. __ chi: martial art : TAI. Tai chi chuan (literal translation "Supreme Ultimate Fist"). That is what Wikipedia said.

39. Bobby of the Black Panthers : SEALE. Founder, chairman and national organizer of the Black Panther Party.

40. Remains of a wreck : DEBRIS.

46. Dublin's land : EIRE.

47. Go berserk : LOSE IT.

48. Satisfy by offering concessions : APPEASE.

51. '50s "The Tonight Show" host Steve : ALLEN. Classic clip of Steve Allen cracking up at himself during a sportscaster sketch on live TV. Every time he looked at a monitor, he'd go off again.

52. From abroad : FOREIGN.

54. Make a sharp turn : VEER.

58. Crossword constructor's germ : IDEA. How did you get the IDEA for today's theme, John?

59. Spruce oneself up : PREEN.

60. St. __'s fire : ELMO. I've never seen it. Any of you sailors witnessed it?

61. Egyptian Christian : COPT. The word "Coptic" was originally used to refer to Egyptians in general, but it has undergone a semantic shift over the centuries to mean more specifically Egyptian Christian. Per Wikipedia.

62. Given to pouting : MOODY.

63. Splinter group : SECT.


1. Singer Tormé : MEL. The Velvet Fog.

2. Singer DiFranco : ANI. The Righteous Babe.

3. Supplier of firs : TREE FARM

4. Firefighter's water source : HYDRANT.

5. Vitamin intake std.: US RDA. std = standard. RDA Recommended Daily Allowance.

6. Neglectful : REMISS.

7. Give __ on the back : A PAT.

8. "Come here often?" is one : LINE. This could be clued as geography related too.

9. H.S. senior's exam: SAT

10. Puff the Magic Dragon's land : HONA LEE.

11. Acting peevishly : IN A PET. Being petulant.

12. Take offense at : RESENT.

13. Warm and cozy : TOASTY.

18. Lord's Prayer starter : OUR.

22. Bank statement no. : ACCT..

23. Revolve on an axis : SLUE.

24. Radar gun reading : SPEED.

27. Word before self or sanctum : INNER. An echo to the INNER SELF (ego) puzzle last week.

28. Oz Woodman's makeup : TIN. And no heart. From "The Wizards of Oz".

30. Stranded in winter, perhaps : ICED IN.

31. Mine passage : SHAFT.

35. Self-proclaimed "Greatest" boxer : ALI.

37. Runs on TV : AIRS.

38. "Understood" : "I SEE".

39. Show disdain for : SNEER AT.

41. "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack singers : BEE GEES.

42. Like Serbs and Croats : SLAVIC.

43. Holy Ohio city? : TOLEDO. There are many theories of where "Holy Toledo" came from.

44. Catching z's : ASLEEP.

45. Like cards in a crooked deck : MARKED.

49. Showy perennial : PEONY.

50. Wrestler's victory : PIN.

52. Casino card game : FARO.

53. Nondairy spread : OLEO.

55. Typing test fig. : WPM. Words Per Minute.

56. Maker of Terrain and Acadia SUVs : GMC. Terrain and Acadia The Acadia is bigger and much more expensive.

57. Boozehound : SOT.

Answer grid.

Constructor John Lampkin is also an avid Nature photographer. He writes:

"Last month I shared some of my butterfly pics as a tie-in to one of my theme entries, PAINTED LADY. Today, two entries, SIT PRETTY and WALK ON EGGS, reminded me of a photo journal I self-published six years ago. “Into a Nest of Tree Swallows” chronicles the hatching and development of a family of young birds from egg to fledgling. The book is a hand-crafted set of 16 pages of the best of the hundreds of images I created by photographing the inside of a nest at a local park over a three week period. Coincidentally, the shots were all taken with a Coolpix, the same camera C.C. received as a gift in June! Here are seven pics from the book, guaranteed to melt even the hardest of heart."

If you are interested in John's photographs, music or other artistic work, please visit his website.


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Lemonade714 said...

Good morning all

No comments must mean we are really having spam problems. John, thank you for a stimulating Monday and the beautiful pictures. Little birdies are amazing, and more fun than watching the ones on the PGA (weird tournament this week end).

Did not realize COPT could be a noun, and do not recall IN A PET, whic balanced A PAT, but a fun fill with new twists.

I must get rid of my week end DEBRIS and PREEN for work, trying to be SILENT as my visiting son is ASLEEP.

Hahtool said...

Good Morning, CC, Argyle and all. Beautiful photos, John. Amazing that you could get so close to the birds and nest.

It was a good Monday puzzle. The theme made me think of dog commands.

Warm and Cozy = TOASTY. This is not a term I would apply to the excessive heat we are experience this summer! More of a winter term.

I hope the blogger issues are resolved soon.

QOD: Inspiration is the act of drawing the chair up to the writing table ~ Ohran Pamuk.

thehondohurricane said...

Well, at least the week started positive with a Monday solve. I always mess up Ural and Aral, but today I got it right although USRDA made no sense to me.

In a pet a new term for me, as was copt. 38d, understood, had me going for a bit. Kept thinking the answer should be past tense.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Nice write-up Argyle

Nice Monday puzzle with some fresh fill like TREEFARM and HONALEE. Did not get the theme before coming here, but didn't need it for the solve.
For 59a, had 'gussy' briefly before WPM indicated PREEN.

All in all, a good way to start the week.

Having a thunderboomer here as I write this.

Mainiac said...

Good Morning Argyle, CC and All,

A bit tougher Monday difficulty giving the eraser a work out. 62A started as Sulky, then Mopey and finally got Moody. Lay Dormant slowed me in the NW and I spelled Al Hert wrong. Should have known it, my brother plays trumpet and he has many of Hirt's albums. Nice puzzle John.

Spitzboov, those storms looked rather nasty on the radar this morning. Hope everyone is safe in that area.

Have a great Monday.

Spitzboov said...

@ Maniac. We're all clear. We had some intense rain and wind for a short while. No damage that I can see. They're heading over to Argyle's area.

Thanks for your concern.

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning, Argyle and happpy Monday solvers all. Thank you, John, for a fun start to the week. It was nice to be able to solve from top to bottom, left to right, for a change after having to go down to bottom right and work my way back on the last several puzzles.

I didn't pick up the theme, but got all of the theme fills as soon as I had a few crosses.

I grew up close to Toledo, OH and spent time working around that area at various time in my career. I'm pretty sure "Holy Toledo!" does not refer to that one. Is Toledo, OH known for anything except the Mudhens and Tony Packo's?

I never heard the phrase "in a pet" but the crosses filled it.

After the 'mishmash' yesterday, it was nice to 'speed' through this one, one 'line' at a time, without a pile of eraser 'debris' getting mixed in with my 'USRDA' breakfast.

Have a Grrrreat day, folks!

Husker Gary said...

A nice walk in the park today! Sunday's puzzle was like the heavy bat that baseball players swing before they come up to the plate!

SLUE and INAPET are new to me but perps negated missing them. I also had to adust verb tensess for LAY and LIE for my dormant volcano.

Steve ALLEN keeps throwing a bone to those of us who grew up with B/W live TV.

Al HIRT's reminded me of his hit Java which I drink every morning that I consume these puzzles.

creature said...

Good morning C.C.,Argyle,John,et al
Good morning everyone,

Thanks,Argyle, for a neat write-up;
interesting info on 'sepia'; had to
laugh at the Steve Allen clip, but
couldn't figure out why the sign said "Bill Allen" on the desk-
maybe it was just for the skit.

John,the photos are dear;I will go back there again today,just for the
'treat of it'.
this is the first time I ever heard
'in a pet';'slue' and 'copt' were also new to me-thank you for those.

Apparently,I don't retain automobile info-cars come in colors and sizes:S,M,L-so I will probably miss makes and models most of the time-what are perps and wags for,anyway?

Your references to Tony Curtis in 'Some Like It Hot' and Steve
Allen took my mind on a 'mini memory lane trip', and I skimmed over your theme until the end.
What a nice surprise!

lois said...

Good morning Argyle, CC, et al., Yeehaw! I just love John Lampkin! Fresh clues, great theme, challenging, doable, enjoyable. Great way to start the week. And excellent blogging, Argyle. Loved the muppets' Java and the other links as well, but that one really cracked me up. Such creativity!

New use of 'slue' for me today. So, "lemme" get this straight. If one were to 'lose it', one can tell some nasty somebody to 'go slue yourself' and then 'silent'ly offer a hand gestured 'shaft' to figuratively use in the process? If the 'moody' nasty somebody
were to 'resent' that gesture, I should think that 'tai' kwon do might be the better martial art to know in order to 'stand firm' or to keep standing at all and not be getting 'hirt' or ending up pushing up 'peony's or buying the 'tree farm' somewhere. I love the 'idea' of having that
'silent' ability 'lie dormant', like it's 'asleep' but there to protect you and your 'inner circle' when others 'in a pet' 'veer' your way. Once that secret 'airs' tho', you're 'marked'
like 'Ali' with the ability to float like a butterfly and sting like a 'bee'...gees!

Where is Dennis? Maybe it's too hard to leave those chili dogs.

John Lampkin: You are amazingly talented in so many ways. Love your music and your photos.

Lemonade: am so glad your son made it home safely. Love your avatar.

Enjoy your day. Our backyard BMX bike park is turning into 'debris' today. Bitter sweet.

Argyle said...

They are here right now. I got back from my walk just in time.

Dick said...

Good morning Argyle and all, a nice easy walk in the park today and one that I needed after last night. There were a few unknowns like “inapet”, but all of the unknowns were filled by the perps. I thought John’s photos were outstanding and will enjoy going back and looking at more of them later today.

Wife and I had a long day trying to fly from Knoxville to Pittsburgh last night. We got stranded in Washington’s Dulles airport because of a missed connection and had to rent a car and drive the 250, or so, miles home. We arrived home at 4:15 am which provided both of us with a very short night of sleep.

I might be back later after the chores are done.

Hope you all have a great Monday.

kazie said...

I think lani might just be a prefix meaning wool, from the Latin noun lanitum = wool. As I mentioned last night, lanolin is made from the grease in wool.

I thoroughly enjoyed today's offering from John. Several new words we don't often see like ERUDITE, wordy phrases, and only two unknowns: FARO and IN A PET--an expression I've never heard before. But perps took over there and I had no erasures. Nice and easy Monday but with plenty of flare.

One other pause was with WALK ON EGGS, since I would have said EGGSHELLS, but no real problem.

Your photos continue to amaze! Thanks for sharing these.

Bill G,
No, I missed Big Sur on each of my three trips to CA. Looking forward to it some day though.

Argyle said...

That was a fast moving storm. It is crossing into Vermont now but I see new ones forming in the Finger Lakes region.

Bob said...

Usual easy Monday puzzle. 10 minutes. I took a short course in Coptic Egyptian at college--an interesting language that looks like and works pretty much like ancient Greek, with a few odd new characters added. Along with the Rosetta Stone, which I saw for the first time in London at the British Museum this summer, Coptic was key to the decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphics. The Rosetta Stone provided the sounds and equivalent Greek letters for hieroglyphic symbols, and Coptic word lists provided the basic dictionary for thousands of words recovered from hieroglyphic texts.

Vidwan827 said...

Mr Lampkin: Very nice puzzle ... I found it somewhat easy ... I guess thats what Mondays are for ... 2 weeks ago, I had an online wish, that ( I wished ... ) all days were Mondays ... now I know, that altho' they're necessary ... I suddenly realized - be careful of what you wish for, you may get it !

I loved your pictures of the tree swallow birds and their habitat ... very artfully done, with great composition, and such precise focus ! Very beautiful !

Argyle - your write up was a 'reel' pleasure !#! ...Thanks for Al Hirt & the Moppets !! , Urals ( MoUntains) and Arals ( seAs ),..

How sepia got its name ... I always wondered ... Silver Chloride, ( used later ) is always ( a shade of ... ) pure black.

Erudite ... fascinating ... how meanings mutate ... like sensuous and sensible, - both mean 'using the senses' - but one has strong negative connotations, and the other one almost never.

I always thought 'Hona Lee' was one word ... like 'Hosay, can you see ...' lol ;-D

Hahtool: re: your great QOD: Mark Twain was once asked, how he wrote so many humorous short stories, and he said...' Put the seat of your pants to the seat of the chair, in front of the typewriter, and think ... till blood sweats out of your forehead.'

Lemonade - love your new 'avatar'.

To all, a great day and a great week.

HeartRx said...

Good Morning Argyle et al.

Argyle - great write-up. I laughed myself out of my Monday morning "PET" when I watched that silly Muppets video!

Strange, but I have heard of the phrase "IN A PET", which seems to have escaped everyone else on this blog today. Maybe it's a regional thing? I always assumed it was a shortened form of "PETulant"??

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers - I like a Monday that's not simply a speed run, and this puzzle is it. Thanks, John, and your photos are remarkable as well!

COPT and IN A PET were complete unknowns to me, and while I know the verb (to) SLEW, I didn't know SLUE. Wiki shows them as having similar meanings. Keeping URAL and ARAL straight is a lost cause.

Argyle - The skies here in W. Mass. are looking pretty dark. Methinks your storms are looking for new real estate to moisten. Thanks for the Count Basie clip! You probably know the story about that tune's on-the-spot name change...

Good Morning, C.C. - I went looking for your voting photo last Friday, but couldn't locate it.

bestbird said...

Good morning all!

John, I have to tell you I love your Tree Swallow photos. I banded Tree Swallows here in central NY for 10 years. The adults were probably dive-bombing and scolding you, so you must have had a steady hand and nerves of steel to get the photos!

As for the puzzle, my husband had it mostly done before handing it over to me! I think he would have finished it himself, but was being polite. His spelling (which he fully admits is horrible) adds another challenge for me. That's where most of my eraser scraps come from.

I, too, had never heard of IN A PET or SLUE or COPT.

To those east of me, the sun is shining here now and you should be seeing it soon! Hope you didn't lose power!

Warren said...

Hi Argyle, C.C. & gang, slightly harder for a Monday puzzle, we finished only 2/3 of it before my wife left for work.

No links? I'll try this one and see...

Puff the Magic Dragon

C. C. said...

Here is the after-vote picture.

Seen was right about the "I Voted" red sticker.

Spitzboov et al,
Boomer took two pictures of me this morning with the Annin flag. In my Chinese skirt and in my American style T-shirt and shorts. Which one do you like?

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone.

Thanks, Argyle, for a great write up.
And thanks, John, for the beautiful pictures.

I had the pleasure of staying with a Copt family in Cairo. The gracious lady host, an Ob Gyn, took us on a tour of the Copt section of Cairo. Fascinating. The Copts were, as I remember, the first Christians in Egypt. One of their churches had a tunnel for escaping when threatened. Lots of history there if you ever get to Cairo.

The puzzle was fun to do. Took a while to get walk on eggs. And I could not remember the first two letters of Honalee. NASA saved me.


Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Excellent Monday write-up.
Very ERUDITE on your part, as always.

Caught on to the theme early, though I'm more familiar with WALKing ON EGGshells.

Thought "Crossword constructor's GERM" was a typo. Read it as "GEM" and put in IDEA.
Either way it works.

Thought it was cute that those Serbs and Croats, SLAVIC, stole the Eqptian Christian, COPT ..."IC".

Then there was my shout-out TIN and my pseudo-personality, SOT.

My Brother's daughter don't exist. Put NIECE in anyway (Sis does have one of those).

AS FAR AS anything else, let's all give John A PAT on his back for a FUN Solve.

Anonymous said...

C.C., I vote for the Chinese dress. Very pretty.

Husker Gary said...

Sorry I missed the Java/Muppet reference in the Original Post this morning. It was a hoot!!

Does anyone remember a trumpet-playing contemporary of Al Hirt who played the music for the cheesy/sleazy TV show The Dating Game?

ps I posted this once but with HTML in it and so I hope this doesn't post twice.

Argyle said...

Dudley, what is the story about the "One O' Clock Jump" on-the-spot name change?

Anonymous said...

I was trying to sing Puff the Magic Dragon to come up with HONA LEE, but would never have really gotten it without the perps anyway. Reminds me of playing that for my kids incessantly when they were young. Thanks for the link Warren. What a fun puzzle.

Lots of unknowns for me, including COPT, IN A PET, SLUE and SEALE. ERUDITE didn't come easily either. Somehow was able to get through he entire puzzle anyway.

CC - I too am for the Chinese dress. What a nice pic of you.

We are getting set to send our son off this week. He had a major setback this weekend with another seizure. He has now become a little skeptical of going off. He had been doing so well on the medication. He thinks he forgot to take a dose though, so we are hoping that was the cause. Gonna be an emotional week I suspect.

Weather here is just fabulous. Have a great day all.

Mainiac said...

CC, Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh........I'm tongue tied. You look fabulous in both!

Spitzboov said...

Bestbird. Welcome aboard. I see you don't live too far away. We occasionally travel to Oneida for medical reasons.

C.C. The flag looks really nice :-). So do you. I vote for the Chinese dress.

SLUE - is a variation of slew. The word is used in connection with training (rotation about the vertical axis) a gun turret or mount or gun director.

daffy dill said...

Mornin' y'all.

It was an easy Monday solve with a few unknowns that filled in with perps. I knew the term "Coptic" so I entered COPT although I didn't know it could be shortened that way. Hand up for the URAL/Aral confusion. I took the 50% chance and put in URAL. I would have used "slew" instead of SLUE if I hadn't already gotten most of the perps.

It will be another hot day here, probably 100+. Fortunately I don't have to go out for any reason and we have good AC.

Interesting pictures of the hatchlings, John. Year before last, we had a hummingbird's nest on a low branch of a pine tree wih only one egg in it. We watched the baby hatch, grow, and then the nest was empty. Soon after, there was a teeny, tiny bird at the H.B. feeder.

I hope everyone has a great day!

john Lampkin said...

Wow! Good morning solvers and thanks to all for the wonderfully warm comments. I am SO glad that you appreciate both the puzzle and the photos.

Argyle, you have a knack of picking just the right number of amazing links. I hadn't heard the Basie clip although I've played the tune many times as a professional jazz pianist (one of my other hats). Although he is known mainly for his signature "licks," Basie shows here that he can play. Jazzbumps, any comment?

And wow, the Muppets! That's a classic "two setups and a punch line" format. It works every time. It's a format we don't see too often in crosswords because usually there are four entries.

You asked where the idea came from. As I recall, it started with a punny LYING DOORMAT. Since I couldn't make puns work, and Rich needed Mondays, I went the straight ahead route. And yes, there is a central entry that is not theme related which I consider to be a minor flaw. I knew my words a few months ago would come back to haunt me! :)

Regarding IN A PET, I knew the phrase from my childhood or wouldn't have used it, quaint though it is. Rich and I made sure that the crossings made it gettable. Boy, I would have loved to clue it as "Where intestinal worms are found," but would you all still love me?

Bestbird, you are correct! I was dive-bombed and pecked at every day rain or shine and was truly sorry to distress Mom and Pop. You obviously are speaking from similar personal experience! It's a great local park, and as Yogi said, you can see a lot just by looking. New boxes are now up in hopes of attracting blue birds with no luck this year. I monitor the butterfly population there, and my latest project is photographing a family of beavers that just moved in and built a dam.

OK Dennis and you other naughty minds, go to town with "photographing beavers" -- can't wait!

Another Sue said...

The only SLUE I could think of was Slue-foot Sue from the American folklore story about Pecos Bill. There was also a 1948 Disney movie "Melody Time" that included Bill and Sue's story.

Vidwan827 said...

Warren:- A MILLION thanks for that wonderful youtube link on Puff the magic dragon ... loved it, watched it 5 times, at full speaker volume ... lifted my spirits that ( I thought ... )no song could ever would !!!!!! ... and they say, real men dont cry.

CC: Could I vote ? ...for the Chinese dress.

Bill G. said...

I too watched and photographed a hummingbird as it went from an egg to a fledgling. I also hand-raised a mockingbird and a jay from a baby that fell out of the nest. It was great fun to walk around with them sitting on my shoulder.

CC, hand up in voting for the Chinese skirt. They're both nice pictures though. Pretty, crisp flag. What a nice present.

I really enjoy the muppet clip and the Steve Allen clip. What a great resource YouTube is.

Nobody has mentioned anything special about today yet. For one, it's my daughter's birthday. But maybe you're more likely to remember that it's the anniversary of Elvis's death, a very sad day for music and for my wife who's a big fan.

Dudley said...

C.C. - The after vote photo link didn't work, but the other two links did. Choosing between the latter two photos is, shall we say, simplified by the logical predisposition of my gender. I'll pick the American garb!

Argyle - I've read conflicting versions, but the kernel of the story is that the tune was originally called "Blue Ball" or "Blue Balls". During a live radio broadcast, either a radio announcer or the Count himself saw fit to change the name right on the spot so as not to offend over the air. I presume this would have happened in the late 30's.

windhover said...

CC @ 10:11,
Both, of course. Dual citizenship may not be possible, but dual hotness? - no problem at all.

Lucina said...

Hello, Argyle, C.C. and cyber friends.

C.C., both are adorable, but the dress is so elegant. I like it.

Lovely puzzle from John Lampkin, a walk in the park and fun for a Monday.

Hand up for never having heard of "in a pet."

Otherwise everything fell into place. And for me it's de ja vu because the last time I went on a trip, Monday's puzzle was a John Lampkin and so it is again. I just hope I don't miss Jerome's as I did last time.

John, the pictures are lovely.

Aloha everyone! Have a super great Monday.

ARBAON said...

Good (and HOT!) morning to CC and friends.

Mondays are my "puzzle glut" days...I can do the three in the paper while I have my coffee. Satisfying!

"In a pet" was new to me as a synonym for "acting peevishly."
"St Elmo`s fire" is the same as ball lightning if I remember physics correctly. A friend saw some during a recent thunderstorm...traveling along the ground. I think it was following an underground, metal pipe.

"Appease" is what will never happen in the Middle East... :(

"President pro tem" of the Senate means "President for now."

The cuttle fish also provides the "cuttle bone" we used to hang in the parakeet cage for "Pretty boy" to sharpen his beak on.

CC: Love your pictures to represent your Chinese heritage plus your "All-American"-ism with the lovely gift flag. Could not choose between the two either...
Did your dress actually come from China?

Must go and "spruce ones self up" now. I`m told that I`m a professional at "preening."

daffy dill said...

C.C., I prefer the Chinese dress, but either way, you are a lovely lady!

Dudley said...

Husker 10:20 - Wasn't that Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass?

carol said...

Hi all: Fresh start to the week with this great puzzle...lots of fun and no V-8 can situations.
John, your pictures are wonderful...sort of made my sad to see the little empty nest...just a few feathers left. You have a gift. (and yes, I am sure there will be comments about photographing the beaver family...I wonder if that is legal).

I would have still liked you is you had clued 11D with the 'worms' thingy. :)

I too had never heard of 'In a pet'...I thought of 'in a snit'.

Also thought of 'Slue Foot Sue'.

Had to laugh at 43D (Holy Toledo)

Lois, you have outdone yourself again - LOL

C.C. Both your pictures are so cute but I really love the Chinese dress.

Dick, sorry about your flight troubles...that is just another reason Joe and I don't fly.

Jerome said...

Top shelf, John. Marvelous Monday. I especially enjoyed all the fill phrases.

Tree Swallow. Wouldn't that make the swordsman's act at a carnival sideshow look like kid stuff.

Gunghy said...

Hi All,
A great weekend with a cousin I hadn't seen in years followed by one of John's. What could be better? ERUDITE on a Monday, yippee!!

Airplanes slue as they perform tricks. Race cars slue as they skid around the turns. I just never realized that it meant to revolve. I always associated it with the skid.

Yeah, hand up for coptIC and walkING. Tried LAY in 17A. And SO far as. Read clue for 41D as Sat. Night LIVE.

Heard of IN A PET, but had to drag it out kicking and screaming. John, all three of my sibs travel extensively in foreign lands. Your alternate clue brought massive shudders: They've all brought home excessive baggage at least once.

Interesting summer here in central CA. The paper had to run a story about how it's not cooler than normal. I don't believe them. We've had very few days over 100 and none over 105. (Incidentally, anything less than 100 is easy to take in low humidity. Really!!) The nicest part is that the nights are in the low 70's. I haven't run the AC in a month.

C.C., if I have to pick, I like you in shorts and T; but either way, you are HOT!

Argyle, that Steve Allen clip made me LOL. My god, that was hilarious.

BillG, I hope my post from last night wasn't lost to the spam blitch. It answered your question.

Gotta prepare for the carpet layer.

Jeannie said...

This was a fun puzzle! Thanks John. I even learned a couple new words today with erudite and Pro-tem. I love it when that happens! I too never heard the term “in a pet” for acting peevishly. Favorite clue for me was “remains of a wreck” – debris, and I got sepia and copt via the perps. All in all it was an enjoyable puzzle with a fun theme.

John, photographing swallows and beavers? Well now…..

C.C. I vote for the pretty dress. Is it silk?

Enjoy your day. The humidity finally lifted here in MN and it’s gorgeous outside.

ARBAON said...

Drat! Out of bluing again!

Finally figured out that "in a pet" most likely refers to "being in a petulant mood."

Plus, I often "slue" when I ski.

Jerome: You see things "out of the box", too! As I`m often told, "Better watch out for guys with the nets!"

Buckeye said...

Top of the mornin' to ya, and also the rest of the afternoon! Nice start of an easy Monday puzzle. No real deep comments.
I'll update you on things here at the Golden Buckeye Retirement Village. Those who are purists and do not want to waste their time on nonsense, please move on and don't bother c.c. or Argyle - who's work today was outstanding, as usual- by making stupid comments. This is not mandatory reading.

O.K. for the six of you still following this holy epistle, I will start with my beloved Buckeyes. We are pre-season rated #2. However, all OSU fans feel we will go 0-12. That way, every win is a TRUE victory. For example, we were ecstatic when we won our opener last year (62-4) against Fargo State Sister's Of The Poor - don't laugh-Sister Mary Francis has a hell of an arm for a 63 year old virgin. More to follow!

I must be off!

JimmyB said...

Seems like a lot of learning experiences for me for a Monday: SLUE, IN A PET, COPT, FARO, etc. But the perps were very helpful, so mostly smooth sailing.

Thanks, Argyle, for the explanations, and to John for the terrific sparrow pics.

Husker Gary: Dudley is right. Herb Alpert is the guy, and "Spanish Flea" is the tune.

Hahtool said...

CC : I love the dress! You are very beautiful.

St. Elmo's Fire was also a movie starring some of the "Brat Pack", including Demi Moore.

Mel Torme was also known as the Velvet Fog. He was often referenced on Night Court.

Despite the spelling of "fir", all I could think of was something related to trapping.

Buckeye said...

O.K. Still here? Snuggled in the beautiful hills of Southwestern Ohio, I must confess, it's been hotter than "Billy-be-damned." In fact, we just throw micro-wave popcorn in our parking lot, and feed the entire village for the day. We thought we had lost three of our residents, but we found them in the meat locker. All were fine, and one actually wasn't too bad with Open Pit bar-b-que sauce.

By state law, we are checked out by doctors once a year. I was told I should have an angioplasty on my circumflex, but they were afraid my pump would collapse -what with all the arteries, veins and metal already in there, so they said "live with it-or not". However, they did say I needed to have "Cadillacs" removed from my eyes. So a month ago they removed one from my right eye and then two weeks later they did the left eye. I asked them if I could have the Cadallacs and they said "It's not Cadillacs, it's Cadillacs." I said, "OK, Can I have one?" They said, "No. The doctor gets to keep them. I also suggest you have your hearing checked."

I replied, "What?"


Buckeye said...

BTW! There's always an up-side and a down-side to everything. My eye-sight is so much better - but I looked in a mirror and saw a 67 year old monkey staring back at me. I guess hallucinations are a part of eye surgery.


Annette said...

John, no photo for STAND FIRM??? Where’s Dennis when we need him to model in high winds for that one, huh Lois? I guess we’ll just have to use our imaginations.

Another great job, John! Your clueing always stirs up memories.

You see the term IN A PET in Regency romances a lot, usually referring to a young woman after she flounced out of the room, pouting. I would have thought it was used in the 30’s too, though I can’t think of a reference for that. I’m really surprised it’s not more well-known than the blog is showing...

TREEFARM is a nice shout out to Dick in Aliquippa (such a fun word to say and spell!)

I’m dying to get home tonight to see all the links!

dodo said...

Good Monday, all,

A lovely puzzle, as everyone seems to agree. I was familiar with "in a pet" although I can't think when I've heard anyone say it. "Quaint" is the right word for it, John. I've always like thatword "remiss" too, but rarely find occasion to use it, or maybee to think of it when it might be useful. I would say we have some very "erudite
"people on this blog. Great writeup, Argyle. I loved the Muppet's "Java"! I guess I'm dim; John, can you explain "two setups and a punch"?

Hand up for the Chinese dress, but both pix are great. The flag looks great, too.

The bird photos are fabulous. What a multi-talented person you are, John! (Have I said that before? It sounds familiar!) And the real beauty of that is that it sounds as though you are doing just the things you really enjoy doing! How many people can do that?

kazie said...

I think both outfits look great, but the dress suits you to a tee. Lovely!

We need you here more often. Looking in the mirror can be traumatic for many at our age. Just use a little imagination!

C. C. said...

Anonymous @1:57pm,
That's just cruel!

Yes, silk.

Yes, from China.

ARBAON said...

Anon @1:57

Here`s some "food" for you, "lower than a troll": In the first place you are infinitely the second place, your soul must be very ugly to spit out such venom. Go eat guano!

lois said...

CC: If we can all vote, I vote for the dress altho' you look adorable in both. It's a hard choice.

John Lampkin: yeah, baby! I can't wait for the dam fine beaver photo ops. I'm sure it will be a real piece.. of art and perhaps even a real hair raising experience, depending on the size of those beavers.

Jeannie: LMAO! You are just hilarious!

Buckeye: At least it wasn't a red-eyed monkey's butt looking back atcha in that mirror. Your vision will be fine! So glad to 'see' you here. You've been missed.

Annette: LOL Dennis is probably out demonstrating 'standing firm' and giving a whole new dimension to 'hot dogging' in the process. Have you been watching the news? He may have become a local hero and spokesman for his favorite hot dog place by now. He does have varied talents and can multitask w/the best of them. I wouldn't be surprised if they name a certain hot dog for him -one possibly in the shape and size of a windsock, knowing his talents. I think that would be just be absolutely

carol said...

Buckeye, so good to have you back with us...glad you were not one of those in the freezer! Quite a place that ol' GBRV of yours, remind me not to come over. I had Cadillacs removed from my eyes too - just a few months ago and my mirror is all fouled up too, lots of lines and wiggly thingies in there now so I bought a new mirror, wouldn't you know, there they were AGAIN! Of course the mirror was imported so that was probably the reason - :)

Annette (1:49) LOL - You are so right, Dennis should be out testing these things, being the stand-up, morel guy that he is. I hope he is ok, all those chili dogs he ate could be having an effect - beanless though they were.

JD said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. & gang,

Holy Toledo! John, that certainly made me laugh,having listened to Bill King for many A's games over the years.I loved this puzzle and had no problems anywhere, although, I must admit, I did not get the theme until I arrived here and read Argyle's write up..which is always a pleasure. I will go back and watch the links I missed after I finish my yard work.

New words today: slue, Ani diFranco, faro and "in a pet".

CC, both pictures are darling. You are one cute gal!

John, I can't wait to see more of your pictures.Those were darling. The blog will be waiting for your beaver gallery.I took a picture of a perfect spider web this morning after the yard had been watered. Not too many people would find that worth seeing, but to me it is a thing of beauty.

Buckeye, so good to hear from you.

Lucina said...

Please do come back more often! We need your humor; you certainly "sound" healthy! Thanks for the laughs.

You too! I really guffawed at the image!

Mainiac said...

Buckeye, you da man!! LMAO as usual. Thanks

Anon @1:57PM, You ain't shit!! Get Lost!!

kazie said...

Maybe we can assume from your not showing your face either metaphorically through a blue avatar or otherwise, that yours looks like SCAT, which is what you should both eat and do, preferably on yourself!

John Lampkin said...

For Dodo @ 2:02

One classic format for humor is two set-up lines or situations followed by the punch line, as in the Irishman, Englishman and the Italian... or whoever.

The punch line always involves a reversal of some kind. if you watch the Muppet sequence again, you will see the little critter come out twice before he turns the tables in a totally unexpected way the third time.

This type of format is very rare in puzzles. In fact, I can't think of any off hand to illustrate. When humor is involved in crosswords, they are usually one-liners, as in punny clues.

To everyone else, thanks again so very much for your many kind reviews.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Fun puzzle today.

John - It's a shame there isn't a picture of you with Steve Allen - two funny, muti-talented and brilliant guys.

My comment on the Basie clip is that's it's refreshing to hear him play in this combo context. Oh - and wonderful playing by all those cats. In the big band, Basie mostly just added sparse little fills. I don't know anything about him, but I guess he must not have been EGO driven. As a band leader he never featured his own considerable talent.

Happy to see my home town show up. I was just there on Saturday, doing mom-maintenance. Didn't see my NIECE (my sister's daughter) this time - she lives in Cleveland.

Katie Holmes, Gloria Steinem, jazz great Art Tatum, Joe E. Brown, Danny Thomas, novelist Christopher Moore, and professional asshat P.J. O'Rourke are all from Toledo.

Tony Packo Sr. and my dad were first cousins.

We visited Knoxville Zoo on Thus. Very nice place, but it was HOT!

Beautiful here today - low 80's, not humid, nice breeze, and no clouds anywhere. Very un-Michigan-like.

Buckeye - You are a hoot.

C.C. - Tough call. The Chinese dress is quite fetching, but you look fabulous either way. I'm just glad you're here with us.

I try to feel pity for someone who is compelled to spew nastiness, but it tends to get crowded out by the contempt. Oh, well . . .

JzB the TOLEDO trombonist

windhover said...

ARBAON @ 2:52,
Love ya, darlin'. You go. You too, Kazie.

(Just trying to shed that "meanspirited" label.)

Marge said...

Hi all!
CC I also love the Picture with the Chinese dress. You are beautiful!

I tried to post on Sat. but it kept disappearing so I gave up.

Liked the Muppets Java song. I always have trouble with Ural and Aral, I'm glad others do.

I knew Coptic- Apostle Mark took christianity to Egypt in the 1st century, so it has been there as long as the Roman Cathlic church has been around.

This puzzle was easier than some are and I did like it.

Our weather has been beautiful for the past 2 days-the heat wave broke Fri. and Sat. when some heavy rains came.

Have a good afternoon and evening.


Husker Gary said...


Your lack of class and 20:20 vision is matched only by your lack of certain sex organs by hiding behind the word anonymous. I would love to see your picture as we have a mouse in the garage I have been trying to frighten away for 2 months.


You are stunning in both outfits and I love your gentle and scholarly posts everyday!

ps I am sad that comments here aren't moderated for content. I assumed only mammals could participate.

Tinbeni said...

With those other's from your home town, the FIRST on your list is Katie Holmes?

I realize you want an open forum.
I believe it's OK to disagree with the consensus.
Was the puzzle a good one?
Was a clue or answer too obscure?
Is it OK to gently rib Jazzbumpa and his list of famous people who hail from Toledo and he listed Katie Holmes ... first?
C'mon Jazz, she should be listed way after YOU!

But the Anon 1:57's and their ilk; should just be deleted.
Personal comments of an untoward nature directed at anyone should see the "trash can" ASAP.

Dennis said...

Hey gang - back, and I'll post more later, but with apologies to C.C., I deleted that anon post.

Anon, if it's attention you're craving, I'd pay good money to meet you and provide you with some much-needed 'attention'.

Back soon.

Husker Gary said...

One more comment on our Trumpeters today (Hirt and Alpert) this reminded me of my Swiss cousin in who plays in a big band there in Eastern Switzerland. Their band plays American music in Germany, Switzerland and other central European venues. He is a trumpeter and if you go to their site Cobana Big Band, you can hear these Europeans playing American sounds by clicking on Sounds and choosing between Mustang Sally (sang with a German accent), String of Pearls, etc. They are good!!

ARBAON said...

Dennis @ 5:04:
I`d PAY to see you stomp anon`s everything! Nothing has made me any angrier in quite a while. I`m STILL livid!

Tinbeni said...

I asked you about a similar situation a few weeks back. You said you were having fun goading that idiot.
Today the line was crossed.

Rex Parker is the constructor of the NYT puzzle tomorrow.
(I get it on-line, annual subscription runs about 12 cents a day. Qualifies me as a puzzlenut!).

Now anyone who has followed the crossword blogs know, Rex can be a handful with his critiques.
Mostly I find him to be fair and rather funny.
Sometimes I think he is too critical and over the top.
The proof-in-the-pudding happens Tuesday.

Jazzbumpa said...

Tinbeni -

In all honesty, I gave no thought at all to the order of that list. A few were from memory, and a few from Google. Putting Katie first is a bit funny, though.

I'm not sure I should be listed ahead of her. She actually is quite talented. Though she went to a Catholic all-girl High School, these days, I guess she's about as good a Catholic as I am.

And I've always been a big fan of
her great uncle Sherlock.


Chickie said...

Hello All--A great Monday puzzle. Any puzzle with Debris, Erudite, Remiss, and Appease is a good one as far as I'm concerned.

I enjoyed Supplier of firs/Tree farm, and Holy Ohio city?/Toledo. Both were Aha clues. I, too, was thinking Animal fur, but the fir spelling squashed that idea.

John, the bird pictures were amazing. My husband and I raised baby mockingbirds, and they were all mouth and always hungry. Parent birds work very hard to raise their young.

We had to have a permit to take the babies from their nest, and then raised them in a sound proof cage to record innate song. this was part of my husband's Master's work in Ornithology. We never took more than one to two babies from any nest as the parents needed to raise the others.

Tomorrow is an election here in our area. I'm on the board again, so a very early morning and late evening awaits.

Chickie said...

My daughter and her family are Coptic Christian. When she married her Egyptian husband, the priest had the oldest family member sign the marriage register (my father) and then the register was sent, for recording, to the church in Cairo. According to my SIL's family It is the oldest Christian church in the world. The church in Cairo is open for tours if you call ahead and is well worth the visit, I'm told.

The services remind me of some Orthodox services that I have attended. The services in their church are done in English and Arabic.

Lemonade714 said...

Wow, a long day, finally a second chance to come to the corner, and I missed all of the excitement of 1:57 Anon.

On to better things, C.C., like the rest, I have a slight preference for the dress, but you look great either way.

For those noticing my new avatar; they are from the viewer's left to right- my youngest Devin, my nephew James (one of two nephew James) my ex m-i-l, my niece Amy and my oldest, Aaron, just back from his two months in Italy.

I will be forced to do and comment on RP's work, though how will he blog himself?

LTL said...

Very nice comments today(not that you need my!)

Did you pick up on the Darwinism aspect of John Lampkin's photographs? Those nestlings should have pooled their food sources and fed the entire nest equally, then none would have been dominated...just kidding.

I feel a little creepy saying this but Gunghy is're hot. For us, its unamimous: men vote for American, woman vote Chinese.

Dennis or anyone:
I'm curious. Is there anyway to explain what was said @ 157p without being offensive? If not, don't bother.

Warren said...

Here's a bit more trivia about Puff the Magic Dragon, we were visiting Hanalei Hawaii a few years back and were told
"Those who explain the Peter Paul & Mary song "Puff, the Magic Dragon" as a marijuana metaphor explain that Puff's homeland "Hanah Lee" is actually the town of Hanalei, which, according to them, is renowned for its marijuana. The cliffs on the side of the beach are said to look like a dragon. " but this claim was rejected by the song's authors.

Tinbeni said...

Rex is having a "guest" do his blog tomorrow.

It better be great or the comments will be / should be as critical as he has been sometimes.

The Tuesday NYT is usually themed and about our normal Thursday level.

LTL said...


It should be: "Darwinian aspect" and "women vote Chinese".

"Woman vote Chinese" sounded like an answer for yesterday's puzzle: Tarzan response to C.C.'s query.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Can't add to the comments that have already been made, with which I agree.

C.C., I vote for the dress. Maybe it's also because you had your hair different.

Some absolutely wonderful and delightful fills today. I'm glad there was a minumum of 3-letter abbreviations and acronyms.

Best wishes to you all.

Bill G. said...

Gunghy, yes, thank you for answering my c/w question. I was confused because the 27 had to be digits instead of letters and the 'and' in Angels and Demons was just the letter A which I guess would have been an ampersand if I had been doing it on paper.

Husker Gary, I enjoyed the Cobana big band. Good stuff!

windhover said...

Email me; Ill tell you.
And: Birds = Human society?
Just kidding, but now I find myself craving your approval.
Kidding again.
Not kidding: let's be friends.

Hahtool said...

Lemonade and Kazie: I like both of your new avatars.

Warren: I knew there was some sort of Puff the Magic Dragon and Hanalai/Hawaii connection.

APPEASE = Neville Chamberlain is a lesson in what not do to do APPEASE.

Did anyone else think of SHAFT?

Mel Torme is also known as the Velvet Fog.

Sorry JazzB, but this is what I think of when I hear Toledo

LTL said...


RE: Birds equal human society?

Absolutely not, birds are smarter!

RE: Let's be friends...

We always were. Also, I will let the whole Darwin thing fade away....

RE: E-Mail me

I will try. This online thing is new to me and I need to embrace it first. Maybe I'll "go blue" or maybe I will go back into my's so comfortable there.

windhover said...

You don't write as if you've been living in a hole (well, except for that Social Darwinism thing). Go Blue, you can call your self F(ormer)LTL.
As you can see in my profile, I'm pretty transparent (although not easily seen through). I don't feel as though I have much to fear by being known.
Buffalo Springfield - "It starts when you're always afraid"........

Jazzbumpa said...

Hatool -

That's typical Toledo weather, but I don't recognize the skyline.


Lemonade714 said...

There are many theories of the oldest Christian CHURCH , with new information and discoveries by ARCHAEOLOGISTS , which is still CONTRAVERSIAL , e ven one found under a modern PRISON .

Anonymous said...

The World's oldest human being, according to Jimmy ' J. J. ' ... Dy-No-mite ... Walker, ex- star of 'Good Times'.

His one man show at the Apollo theater , May 12, 2001.

'They just found the body of the oldest human person in the world ... and he had lived in Africa.

Thats not at all true. The oldest human was a black man in America - he was million year old black man from Harlem ... they knew he was a black man, because there was a million year old Cadillac buried next to him... and there was a payment coupon book in the glove compartment ... and there were 3 payments still due.'

Bill G. said...

Windhover wrote: "I don't feel as though I have much to fear by being known."

I feel the same way. I can't imagine somebody doing me or my family harm by information I provide on a crossword puzzle blog. I think it would be much more likely to be a random act. If you're a bad person and want to do someone harm, there are much more obvious ways than choosing someone on this blog.

Vidwan827 said...

L T L :

I really dont want to get into your little tete-a-tete with Windhover ... but since this has been openly discussed in this obviously public forum, and the rest of us are all bystanders ... may I have a comment ... ?

To the best of my knowledge and understanding ... Darwinism or Darwinian concepts are NOT altruistic ... If - all the nestlings had 'pooled' together their food resources, ... ALL of them would have died ... there was obviously insufficient food for all .

Darwin would have argued, that for the fittest to survive ... the bully would consume more than his/her share ... and thus insuring the speedy demise of the weakest - 'unnecessary' competition.

May I suggest - ( with humility ) - the Pulitzer prize winning book - The Beak of the Finch, by Jonathan Weiner.

gGerry said...

Try this:


Vidwan827 said...

Bill G. -

I just read your 'fearless' statement, and then I just read your 'personal profile' ... and find that you are interested in Math puzzles.

1. I'm sure you are familiar with the books of H (Harry?) E. Dudeney - from England ...

... and ofcourse, Martin Gardner - the Einstein of Recreational mathematics - who used to write for the Sci.American - and who reprinted at least 15 books of his own columns.

2. The Cleveland Plain Dealer carries a daily column, just under the daily L A Crossword, The column is written by Bill Sones and Rich Sones, Ph. D.- local writers who live in Cleveland Hts., a suburb.

The colm is called ' Strange but True' ... and it often carries math articles. You may be able to find archived articles, in the webpage - which is maintained by the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.

Bill G. said...

Vidwan827, Yes, Martin Gardner is a hero of mine. Thanks for your info about the Cleveland Plain Dealer. I'll check that out tomorrow when I'm more awake.

Bill G. said...

Vidwan827, I can't find their column. Can you give me any more direction?

Chickie said...

Lemonade, Thank you for the links to the articles of the '"Oldest church discoveries." They were very interesting.

I enjoyed reading the different views.

Frenchie said...

Good Morning C.C., Argyle, Al and folk,

Today I wish you blue skies, sunshine a pleasant breeze (just under 115 here today) and a smile to start your day which is a given after seeing John's photos. They are awesome! Thank you, John. I'd also like to thank you for helping me recharge my batteries with this puzzle today. I struggled most of last week.

Again, I would like to thank the group for your support when I needed it most.

To our new blues, know that you have joined a brilliant and caring group of people who you will enjoy, learn from, teach, preach and together you will LOL!

15a. Brown-toned old photo/sepia. sepia photo, it is a picture of Peter, I edited it to sepia just for this word/comment. A real sepia tone is old but he, I'm sure, would get in a pet over being called so!

24. Like many old movies : SILENT.

16a. Basie's "__'Clock Jump" : ONE O. (Count Basie, jazz---what's not to love? Fantastic link Argyle!)

51. '50s "The Tonight Show" host Steve : ALLEN. Classic clip. Does anybody know why the name plaque on Steve Allen's desk says 'Bill' Allen?
@creature, "had to laugh at the Steve Allen clip, but
couldn't figure out why the sign said "Bill Allen" on the desk-
maybe it was just for the skit." DITTO

Old photos, old movies, old music and old TV personalities...ah, nostalgia!

21. Red bullring props : CAPES. Looking for the ever present twist, Red Bull, the energy boost drink came to mind. REDBULL, RED CAPE

47. Go berserk : LOSE IT. 48. Satisfy by offering concessions : APPEASE. interesting juxtaposition...

61. Egyptian Christian : COPT COPTIC CHRISTIANS Boutros Boutros-Ghali, interestingly enough, was a Coptic Christian according to this Wiki entry.

63. Splinter group : SECT....could it possibly be? NAHHH! :)GRIN!

11. Acting peevishly : IN A PET. Being petulant. My new word of the day! I would hate to barge in on a couple who were 'in a pet'(ing) session. I wouldn't want to see any swallows or beaver shots, either, unless...

I'm out.

dodo said...

Wow! This has been one of those fascinating conversations that sometimes occur on C.C.s beloved blog! How too bad not to have Lucina and Clearayes here. I hope they're reading it even tho we're not hearing from them. I missed the reason for the Bruhaha that follwed the anon. entry but I've enjoyed the responses! There was a rotten remark several months ago that I caught before it was deleted. It might have been written by a former blogger.

And the best surprise of all: conversation with Buckeye! Buckeye, I hope now that you can see, you'll be around more often!I wouldn't want you to have more trouble with your circumflex!~

Thanks, John, for the explanation! I should really have been able to figure it out! But I appreciate your help!