Jul 30, 2011

Saturday, July 30, 2011 Neville L. Fogarty

Theme: None

Words: 72

Blocks: 29

Saturday Number 5 in this July, and a fun one, I thought - but that might be because I cruised through it with little trouble. Perhaps it was not the same for you, so I will do my best to break it down. Another pinwheel design, this time with triples of 10's and 8's.


1. Revisiting the past? : TIME TRAVEL

11. __ shot : SLAP - Hockey, the kind of shot where you really wind up - and a great movie, if you're into hockey....

15. "Been there" : I CAN RELATE

16. Country with a green, yellow and red flag : MALI - Image here

17. Israelites, to many : CHOSEN ONES - here I thought it was Ozzy Osbourne....@ 1:55

18. Hone : EDGE - the verb, in this instance

19. The sport of shooting, in Soissons : TIR - I did not know - here is the Wiki

20. Took in : ATE

21. Finn's friend : SAWYER

23. Sarah McLachlan's record label : ARISTA

25. Chinese port also known as Xiamen : AMOY

27. 2012 games host country, in Olympics code : GBR - Great Britain; not a great logo for the Olympics, IMO

28. Come to : COST

29. Like some boxers : CANINE - Boxer, the dog, although Mike Tyson put his canines to use, too....

31. "Who __ we kidding?" : ARE

32. Personification : AVATAR - we have some good ones on the blog - I think we should do a weekly theme, and have the avatars change accordingly - like we did with the "days gone by" first suggestion? How about your home/ dream home?

34. Tales you can also read backwards? : SAGAS - a little play on the palindrome concept

36. Fakes : RINGERS

39. "To reiterate ..." : AS I SAID...

41. Notable Nixon gesture : V-SIGN - Image

42. Jenny Fields's son, in a 1978 best-seller : T.S. GARP - Technical Sergeant Garp - a strange story

44. Luv : HON - Lovey, Honey-bunny

45. Talked up : TOUTED

47. Certain dieter's concern : CARBohydrates

51. Go (for) : OPT

52. Objects : ENDS - a stretch; as in attaining objects, the "ends" of a search, or is it the verb, and one "objects" to something, and ends it?

53. Glassy-eyed one : STARER - funny, I had "STONER" at first, and was 66% there....

55. Brand named for two states : ORE-IDA - Argyle just linked this Monday, OREgon, and IDAho,the tater-tots makers

57. __ favor : POR - Spanish, for "please"

58. Whitman of "Arrested Development" : MAE - many images

59. Essex neighbor : KENT - England, or GBR; map lower right

60. Female pop trio since 1979 : BANANARAMA - I knew them from "Cruel Summer", and not much more, tho they did hit it with a remake of "Venus"

64. Go back, in a way : UNDO - Thank God for "undo", especially in blogging and AutoCAD~!!!

65. Only place on Earth where crocodiles and alligators co-exist : EVERGLADES - Florida; I lived in Jacksonville for a time

66. Lowly worker : PEON

67. Pans, and how : TEARS APART - as in a bad review


1. Popular mint : TIC-TAC

2. Mariner from Japan : ICHIRO - Seattle Mariners, got me at first.

3. "The Piano" extras : MAORIs - Some more, here ; did not see the movie; not my thing

4. USNA grad : ENSign

5. Pay for : TREAT

6. Airport offering : RENT-A-CAR

7. Succulent genus : ALOE - Total WAG on a Saturday, of course, but succulent....

8. Cargo carrier : VAN

9. Summer abroad : ETE - French summer

10. Good thing to learn : LESSON

11. Duck in the Eurasian taiga : SMEW

12. Singer known for unconventional outfits : LADY GAGA - I like her, despite the outfits

13. Basic math course : ALGEBRA I - two clues in a row that might have been hard to parse

14. Second-least populous st. capital : PIERRE, SD - the city, and its state - nailed it. (Thanks for pointing out the error.)

22. Bridge response : AYE, SIR - this time, the bridge is referring to that of the Enterprise, as in Star Trek, or yesterday's "Argo" clues

24. Immortal college coach : STAGG - Immortal, perhaps, famous? Not in my wheelhouse - more here

25. Santa __ : ANA

26. Illusion : MIRAGE

30. Ready to father : AT STUD - horses

33. Let it all out : VENTED

35. Shepherd-protecting org. : ASPCA

36. KOA amenity : RV HOOK-UP - KOA is the "Kampgrounds of America", sort of the Wal-mart of camping....

37. Petroleum processing by-product : ISOPRENE - actually, quite fascinating reading for me

38. Pioneer in side-scrolling video games : NINTENDO - like Mario did, from right to left

40. Tearjerkers of a kind : SAD SONGS

43. 61-Down crossers: Abbr. : STs, & 61. See 43-Down : AVE - a really UGH pair of clues for a Saturday

46. How some stunts are done : ON A BET

48. Fighting force : ARMADA - Ensign, Aye, Sir = a mini-theme going here

49. Hole widener : REAMER - yeah, but to follow with

50. One may come with wings : BREAST - well, I could just get DF here....

54. Refrain from singing? : TRA-LA - fresh cluing here

56. "Bring __!" : IT ON

57. Tudor widow : PARR - Catherine, survivor of Henry VIII; more good reading

62. Gp. for teachers : NEA

63. Emulate Sir Mix-A-Lot : RAP - I linked him last time....

Answer grid.



Anonymous said...

ICHIRO I tried his last name first but then settled on his first

50. One may come with wings : BREAST
Didn't make since at first until I thought of Popeye's fried chicken.

Sarah McLachlan's record label : ARISTA great singer with a nice voice.


Great write up Splynter

Fun Facts by Dave Letterman

When Nightline can't book an interview with a major politician, they often use look-alikes.

The completion of Star Wars was delayed several weeks when the actor playing Chewbacca dropped gum in his fur.

fermatprime said...

Hi All!

Great, fun write-up, Splynter. Interesting puzzle, Neville.

Not too much besides EVERGLADES, SAWYER, LADY GAGA, PEON and PARR right away. The first of these begat AVE and STS. Turned on red letters after a while. Still took 41 minutes, but no outside sources. Clues way out of knowledge base, like STAGG, AMOY, filled in by perps. Most far out answer: TIR. Some clues rather misleading, as PIERRESD. Poor ALOES are cheapened by their constant usage, methinks (having been a succulent collector for over 50 years).

Note to self: Do not eat raw ground turkey to be polite, even if you are starving.

Have a superb weekend!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Definitely a challenging one for me. It almost did me in, in fact. Of course, that was primarily due to a mind-bogglingly stupid typo on my part. For some reason, BANARARAMA looked perfectly fine to me, despite error checking multiple times. As a result, I was left with SADSORGS for 40D. I really thought that should be SADSORTS, but that would have given me EVERTLADES at 65A.

I knew that SADSORGS just couldn't possibly be right, though, and eventually (5th or 6th time through), I discovered my error.

As for the rest of the puzzle, I did manage to eventually call up ICHIRO, AMOY, SMEW and ARISTA from somewhere, but those were very tough answers for me to get (even after I figured out that Mariner was referring to a ball player and not a seaman). MAORIS was a complete WAG, seeing as how I've never seen "The Piano" and thought it was set in Australia instead of (apparently) New Zealand.

TIMETRAVEL threw me for awhile, simply because the clue had a question mark and the answer seemed pretty straightforward to me -- I kept looking for a tricky answer...

Barry G. said...

Oh, yeah -- TIR. WTF? No idea whatsoever about that one. I couldn't even figure out the clue (Soissons??) And that one crossed both ICHIRO and MAORIS. Lovely. Thank heavens I at least had TICTAC...

Tinbeni said...

Splynter: Wonderful write-up.
It explained my Ink-Blot test.

EVERGLADES was this Floridian's gimmie.
I love the salty crocs, not so much the Gators (or the Noles, for that matter).

Whenever I see a clue that asks for some singers "record Label" I know the perps will have to do their job.
To tell you the truth, I really don't care (EVER!) about this type of info.

Summer abroad = ETE
Hmmm, the only place to go abroad is France?
I'll stick with my trip to Jamaica.
Where being a stoner will make you a STARER.

RE: Your comment about our AVATARs.
Well mine IS my dream home. lol

Cheers to all at Sunset.

HeartRx said...

Good Morning Splynter, C.C. et al.

Thanks for the nice write-up, Splynter! I Learned stuff today that I will probably forget even before I finish this post.

I was missing the second "I" in ICH_RO to complete this one. You know - that "I" that crossed "T_R"...? Having no idea who he was, or what the name for shooting sport was, or where Soissons was (but it sounded French), it was a complete WAG that got it done.

I did really enjoy this one, though. I liked seeing PIERRE, S.D. as a full city and state for some reason. TIME TRAVEL, I CAN RELATE, BANANARAMA and AS I SAID are all quite lively and made for an enjoyable solve. Thanks Neville!

Do something fun today, everyone!

(BTW, I have already forgotten that Japanese Mariner baseball player guy...)

Lemonade714 said...

Hey all, Splynter really fine write up. Tin man you can go to Martinique, St. Maarten, or Quebec for some real French cooking, without going across the big pond.

I apparently like Barry, had the east done first and had to piece in the west. TIR was the ridiculous obscurity of the day, but it does seem French has taken over in LA. I enjoyed the witty palindrom SAGAS.

I did like the links and learned more stuff to store in the attic which is my mind, though did not need a million images of Mae Whitman who I do not recall and probably will not.


Argyle said...

Tir à l'Arc is the sport of archery.

Lemonade714 said...

Actually Martin you should not forget ICHIRO as he is one of the most accomplished hitters in the history of baseball having had 200 or more hits in each of first 10 seasons. He did this after playing 9 years in Japan, so this is his 20th season. He is a great fielder, and runs the bases well.

Husker Gary said...

Good Morning All. The NE fell immediately and then like Fermatprime I relied on a few red-lettered helpers. Splynter’s write up was well done – except the part about how easy the puzzle was!

-Hockey is not my thing but the “Miracle on Ice” was one of the most historic moments in American sports history! Al Michael’s call of “Do you believe in miracles?” still resonates!
-THESEMITES fit with ICHIRO and ENS at first
-I called UNDO (Ctrl+Z) the Oh Damn Function when I taught Office for Educators
-LADYGAGA was in Nebraska again last week with her Husker boyfriend and was filming a video (oxymoronic?) out on some country roads near Omaha and was outrageously garbed, of course.
-Ready to father? Great retirement gig!
-Two towns near here have numbered streets crossing numbered avenues. Confusing! Too lazy to think of named streets?
-Splynter, does my backyard qualify as a New Avatar

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning all. Great write up Splynter.

This one had enough toeholds to keep me from wandering too far off the reservation, so I picked and poked until it almost all came together. I wound up staring at ICH_RO/T_R and could not decide between a 'U' or 'I'. Murphy's Law: When you have a 50/50 chance of being right, you'll be wrong. Yup, I was.

I thought stunts were done ON A sET. That left me with sANARAMA, which I knew couldn't be right. Finally, the light bulb came on and lit up the dark recess of my brain where BANARAMA was hiding.

It's been years since I've seen "The World According to Garp". As I recall, the initials TS stood for different things, depending on who asked. 'Terribly Sexy', 'Terribly Sorry' etc.

Interesting that yesterday it was "The World According to Arp". Coincidence? Or the clever hand of Editor Norris at work?

Avg Joe said...

I hate you Splynter. There, I said it. :-)

This was a serious challenge for me. Nothing at all easy about it. My first fills were Sawyer and OreIda, and that took a good 10 minutes. From there it was just a random fill here and there. But I did get it done and even got the final wag on the I in Tir right.

Gary, Columbus is one of those towns. But if you check their address scheme, it's actually quite foolproof. Streets have numbers up to 50, Avenues have numbers from 51 to 99. I guess it could be lazy, but at least your mail isn't likely to be lost.

Grumpy 1 said...

HuskerG, the naming of numbered streets and avenues may lack originality, but it makes it easy for me to find my way around. As a general rule, streets run north and south, avenues east and west. I learned about naming and numbering conventions back when I was about 19 years old, driving a delivery van around Cleveland and the suburbs. Of course, the exceptions to the conventions got me lost on more than one occasion.

Husker Gary said...

AJ, We have been going to Columbus for basketball games for years and I disagree. See Columbus, Nebraska and zoom in.

Husker Gary said...

Grumpy, I see what you mean but when you live in a town with numbered and named streets, it can be confusing to try and find the corner of 5th and 5th in a strange town. Oh well, I just thought it was odd the first time I saw it and it seems to work in NYC!

Map man said...

Now boys........

Grumpy 1 said...

Here in Naples we have (number)Ave North and (number)Ave South, all crossing (number)Streets. The street numbering starts at the Gulf and continues east. Some people can't figure out why there are two avenues with the same name, except for that N or S on the end. I find it very easy to get around, but it totally confuses my LW. But then, there are other things that she understands that totally confuse me, so we make a good team.

Lemonade714 said...

If it were not for all the canals and therefore dead ends, I would love the use of numbers here in Ft. Lauderdale, but the gps has made it all academic.

MR ED said...

I'm in the same boat as many of you, I couldn't answer most of the clues. The clue to 17A should have read "who the Israelites think they are". Plus many of the other clues were 'far out man'!

to recap....not a fun puzzle at all.

HeartRx said...

Lemon, there you go, changing my gender again, LOL! I couldn't open your link, but I did gg ICHIRO. Yes, he seems to be quite an amazing player, in addition to having a fill-friendly sequence of letters in his name. So maybe I should just commit him to memory:
(ran out of lines...)

Husker Gary said...

One more swing at that dead horse before we leave to pick up the grandkids. Schuyler, NE numbers its streets from 1st St. and up going north from the Platte and then the streets going east of the main drag (Hwy 15) are A, B, C,... and the streets going west are Adams, Banner, Colfax, Denver... alphabetically. Sounds logical to this physics teacher.

Hoping to have a good day here on Skylark St. (which is really 8th St. in a town that renamed triskaidekaphobian 13th St. Linden but that is another story!).

Ain't minutiae fun?

MR ED said...

Fermatprime, you're cool!

Dudley said...

ARRR, Puzzlers, and avast ye. 'Twas some o' them fancy words what tried to blow me riggin' down. I'd like to find me the scurvy dog what put ICHIRO in me grog an' bother 'im with a belayin' pin. I never heard o' no ISOPRENE in all me days, an' I'll declare me it's made up an' all. An' the bilge rat what put in that ALGEBBER ONE oughtta be keelhauled right sharp.

(Translation: a fine Saturday puzzle and good work, Splynter!)

Tinbeni said...

Thanks for the suggestions ...
I've been to Martinique and St. Maarten (way back when).
Lovely islands, NICE beaches, pain-in-the-ass getting "To and From" and face-it ... I don't speak the language.

Plus French food is wwwaaaayyy DOWN on
MY LIST of preferred cuisines.

This is just my personal choice.
To each their own.

You did have room for one more

eddyB said...


68 days and counting.

New doc, new meds, new results.
Where has she been for the last 20

take care

Zcarguy said...

Morning All
Fine write up Splynter, enjoyed the links

When Lady Gaga's agent told her about the dress she had to wear to the VMA ,, she had a cow..!!

Ok now let's talk turkey, this was a tough one for me, I had a tough time getting any traction, so I visited my friend GG and got SAWYER, ARISTA, AMOY and TS GARP
Wagged ICHIRO and the rest of the puzzle just unraveled in no time.
Wanted IN A CAR for how stunts are done which I had to UNDO.
A good golf score for a sailor PARR would've been a great clue .
Have a good weekend

Lucina said...

Good afternoon, Weekend Warriors!
Splynter, wonderful blogging and thank you for so many explanations I didn't know like ICHIRO and TIR.

On Saturdays I simply gasp, drink a cup of coffee while STARING at the blanks before me and look for one fill I might know. That was ETE then LESSON. After that I inched downward and aha, completed the SW corner.

After that effort I decided to return to bed which was a good thing because I awoke thinking of TIMETRAVEL! So the NW fell in except for the above mentioned ICHIRO and TIR. I had WAGGED TOR.

Googled STAGG since I had SELIG, a name I had heard but knew nothing about and it wasn't working.

Also TSGARP as I never saw the movie. Finally, BANANARAMA, which I'd forgotten about and finally finished. No tada feeling, just glad it was over.

Have a lovely Saturday, everyone!

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Man oh man was this a hard one! Well it is Saturday, after all.

I only had to look up one thing, ARISTA, to get it all solved. So many things I didn't know, both in the clues and in the answers. Like some of you, I'll forget them in a day or two. Never heard of a SMEW. I always thought a concern of certain dieters were CARBS, not CARB. Sagas canot be read backwards, although the word SAGAS can be. ISOPRENE????

Gotta admire the construction, though. Well done.

Basically, as I filled in the answers one by one, my reaction most of the time was, "Oh, okay."

Best wishes to you all, and don't go eating any raw meat now, y'hear?

Anonymous said...

Shame. There should be NO apostrophe in IT'S in clue 14 DOWN.

Jayce said...

There is no "it's" or "its" in the clue for 14 Down. There is a "st." in the clue.

a blog fan said...

Jayce, "the city, and it's state" is Splynter's blog comment. Anon@12:59, just a simple one time error. S**t happens, ease up. Splynter did a great blogging job.

Grumpy 1 said...

I, too, questioned the word CARB instead of carbs, but then noticed that "certain dieter's" concern, apostrophe before the 's', indicates one person. That one person could be concerned with a particular carb, not all carbs, so I guess it's legitimate. Sneaky, but legit.

Lucina said...

I wanted CARBS as well but I've learned not quibble with those details. No one knows what lurks in the constructor's mind, or Rich's for that matter.

Neville said...


Probably best not to explore my mind. Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Always nice to see what works and doesn't :)


Nice Cuppa said...


On a technical note "Great Britain" is not a country. The host country for the 2012 Olympics is the U.K. (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland). Pretty mean-spirited of the Olympics committee, Id' say, to use "GBR" for United Kingdom, and so ignore the Northern Irish.

@Red State Democrat

Re Mr. Bean - your avatar suggests you are accustomed to being in the minority.


Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, Great writeup Splynter. For me, who didn't finish today, I had a lot of learning from your blogging today.

I usually try to do the Sat. puzzle, even though it is usually a DNF. I always find something that I can use in another puzzle later on.

Tir, Stagg, Arista, Amoy, And TS Garp had to be looked up, (among others). The first time through I only had about 6 known answers, so it took me a long time to finish up today.

Eddy B. It sounds like some new meds are doing the trick. I hope so.

We're going to a big fund raising party today so we'll have a lot of fun this evening.

kazie said...

This was a HGSBGU puzzle for me--hardly got started before giving up. I did get TIR, ATE, MAORIS, LESSON, ETE, ALOE, ANA, HON, POR, PEON, NEA. But nothing else was on my radar, so I spent my day otherwise.

The verb tirer means to shoot/fire in French, so that came easily despite never having heard of the game.

Hope you all had fun.

Unknown said...

This was a tough one for me too! Oddly enough, I got the long themed clues before the shorter ones.
Great job Splynter!
While we are nit-picking; 42A should read, Jenny Fields' son, not Fields's. Good Grief!
My avatar is a peak at where we spend some dream time. Michigan is too cold in the winter for it to be my year-round home!
Dinner with friends soon, so off I go to get ready! Bring on the spackle! I need a putty knife instead of make-up brushes these days.
Have a wonderful evening everybody!

Lucina said...

Neville, thank you for visiting us. Even though it's difficult, I enjoy the challenge.

Lemonade714 said...

Heart RX,

You know my mind is a whimsical but I have not made a linking error in a long while. Glad you now appreciate ICHIRO .

Neville is one of the constructors who stops by after his puzzle is published. Thanks NF.

Argyle said...

I was all set to do the puzzle with the red letters on when I saw Neville's name. I respect Neville's puzzles so I went back to Master mode. When I had filled it in and didn't get the Tada!, I turned the red letters back on.

Looked like a target with a red bull's eye!

Clear Ayes said...

Good Afternoon All, Visitors are on their way and I have spent the last hour with a crossword V-8 can bouncing off my forehead.

I thought I was doing well, starting with Downs TIC TAC, MAORIS, ENS, ETE and LESSON. What else could 1A be but TIME TUNNEL? So it went, one step forward and one step back.

24D STAGG might be immortal to some, but it shoulda/coulda been KNUTE.

I also wanted ROOTER for 49D

T.S. GARP's world was a strange story, but then all the John Irving books I have read are unusual...enough rape, revenge, incest and wrestling for anybody.

Nice of constructor Neville L. Fogarty to stop by.

Our house isn't a "dream house", but I think the view from the kitchen windows is. The avatar is a spring photo, but it is just as lovely in other seasons.

Annette said...

Many unknowns today, but some strategic red letters helped.

"The World According to Garp" was a strange story; I thought "Forrest Gump" was almost as odd.

44A - Sweetie is my endearment of choice.

24D - I was trying to fit PATERNO...

30D - My boyfriend just left to go home and have The Talk with his 9 year old son! These are crazy times we're in...

56D - BRING IT ON is becoming one of those phrases whose time has passed. I never thought it made all that much sense in the first place.

eddyB: I'm glad to hear you're feeling better under the new regime! What's in 68 days? (Sorry, I was out of town a few days, then catching up has left me a little more out of the blog loop than usual...)

Annette said...

65A - My avatar is the view from the front door of my dream (current) home, and it's located just east of the EVERGLADES National Park. We spent all afternoon out there weeding and pruning today. It looks very different than this photo of 5 years ago, but sitting there looking at it this evening after all the work we did, I love it just as much!

CA: Beautiful view! No wonder you're so reluctant to move closer to the action... I hope you take your time and find a place just as beautiful!

Loved your college sports reference, Tinbeni!

dodo said...

Evening, friends,

DNF for me, so I can't add much to the comments.

Re: Stagg! I can't believe that I, who have absolutely no information or even interest in most sports, wagged 34D and got it right; especially after so many of you never heard of him. Well, neither had I but here in the middle of the California Central Valley is a high school named after Amos Alonzo Stagg. So after I got the St I added the agg and Caramba~!
Because it's a high school, I almost rejected the notion.

MSO @ 4:51 P.M. It has always been my understanding that either s' or 's is acceptable for a possessive ending in s. I verfied that in my old college rhetoric book (somewhat dated but still pretty accurate).

dodo said...

I didn't see "The World According to Garp" but I read the book. Seemed much earlier than 1978, but I was way off. I found it pretty distasteful in some parts. As Clearayes says, a strange book!

eddyB said...

Annette. I'm into what Splynter
isn't - Hockey. First games are Oct 6th.

Papa Joe didn't fit either.


Dudley said...

Since TS Garp is in today's news, I'll mention that John Irving was a professor at nearby Mount Holyoke College when the book was published. I heard him give the commencement address there in 1981. At the time, it was controversial to have someone from the school's own faculty give the address. A good many students were annoyed, but no fistfights broke out. It was a loooooong speech - about an hour as I recall - and was more like the News From Lake Wobegon, but with lots more sex, than a typical rousing go get 'em rally.

Splynter said...

Hi again ~!

Well, I am glad to see some new avatar's, and so heres mine - a 3-D rendering of a floor plan I have been tweaking for about 20 year's. Now its time for me to begin putting a'side the money to build it ~!

Thank's for the compliment's ~! :-P


Anonymous said...

Nice Cuppa

What does my avatar choice have to do with whether or not I like Mr Bean?

Clear Ayes said...

Splynter, nice "dream castle". How many square feet and how many servants to maintain it? I wish you luck with that savings account.

Good links today.

I'm still pondering the GBR Olympic logo. I thought it was meant to represent the five participating continents. Turns out it represents the number 2012. It doesn't look like either one, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

RSD, I get a laugh out of FF by Dave Letterman every day.

windhover said...

I think he was saying being a Sox fan & a Dem. Makes you a minority.
Sort of like being a UK football fan, perpetually looking forward to "next year".

Anonymous said...


UK has had a better football team in recent years than U of L my Alma mater.

Anonymous said...

Clear Ayes thanks for the kind words about Fun Facts I'm glad I'm doing my part to make someones day better.