Jan 28, 2012

Saturday, Jan 28, 2012, Barry C. Silk

Theme: None

Words: 72

Blocks: 28

Saturday Silk~! Either I am still dreaming, or my confidence with Saturday puzzles, specifically this one, is getting very high - I did happen to know a great many answers off the top of my head, but my "WAG"-ing ( Wild Azz Guessing ) has gotten bolder. For example;

19A. Manhattan's __ Place, named for a wealthy early American : ASTOR - I live on Long Island, about 50 miles from Manhattan, but do not know this spot; but "five-letter" wealthy Americans? Well, let's try "ASTOR" ~!!

23A. Albemarle Sound's st. : N. CAR - Even though I know nothing about the location, I threw in "NDAK", (for North Dakota), since four-letter state abbreviations have the possibility of including "N" or "S" - close enough for "perps", and then I went back and fine-tuned 'North Carolina'

34A. They shine in theaters : EXIT SIGNS - Aisle lights? no - Usher's beam? no - Exit Signs - well, it fits....

I think what I am saying is that a "daunting" triple-ten pinwheel puzzle such as this can be less blank if you "go with your gut" on some of the clues - but don't 'forget' that it was a WAG, or you'll paint yourself into a black & white corner....

Yes, No, Maybe, Not ~??

Onward ~!


1. Mascot whose first and middle names are Horatio Magellan : CAP'N CRUNCH - This guy; he was on my breakfast table every now and then

11. Employs : USES

15. "No kidding?" : ARE YOU SURE ??

16. Nonspecific filing abbr. : MISCellaneous

17. Situations with no legal moves : STALEMATES

18. Mlle. counterpart : SRTA

20. Retired fliers : SSTs

22. Whale group : GAM - now here's a WAG gone wrong; I had POD, but my 13D HAD to be right; see below

26. Improvisatory composition : TOCCATA - DAH ~! I should have known this; it's one of my favorite pieces - you all know this one

28. Case worker: Abbr. : DETective

31. "... harken __ die": Tennyson : ERE I - we have many a poet on this blog

33. Carpenter's gadget : NAILER - How Ironic is it that I did NOT WAG this? In truth, it's actually worse being a carpenter, because now I start thinking about the hundreds of gadgets it could be....I do own a dual-function Bosch nailer, does both common nails and metal bracket nails, which are stubbier; C.C. asked me to put more of my work up here - right now, I am doing a big drafting project

37. Stretch : TRACT - This word always makes me think of this clip from Monty Python

38. Russian auto : LADA - I am just curious - I am going to count the "NICs" - Nailed It Clues; this is #1 - from doing crosswords, this car

39. Apply gently : DAB ON - #2, from doing crosswords

41. Traditional Indian beverage : CHAI - #3, from doing crosswords

42. Devil : SCAMP - put in SATAN at first - note that the "S" stayed

44. Baylor University hoopsters : LADY BEARS

46. Piece of protective gear : HELMET - another WAG

48. Jutland native : DANE - I put in JAWA here, since they lived on Tatooine, and the "Jundland Wastes" were there, too - totally wrong, but again, the "A" stayed

49. Haw. doesn't observe it : DST - I know that some parts of Indiana don't deal with Daylight Savings Time, but the HAW. did not click until just now - HAWaii; - I think it's silly now, too

50. Judge : ARBITER

52. Harmony : SYNC

54. 2011 lockout org. : NBA - #4 - conflicting with the NHL, I was hoping that they stayed locked out - alas, you get the sport with the biggest waste of quality hardwood...

55. Citi Field predecessor : SHEA #5 - live here, been there, the NY Mets old stadium

57. "Quiet!" : ZIP IT ~!! - thought we were on our way to a pangram

61. Political mascot creator : NAST (Thomas) - #6 - Uncle Sam

63. Washoe County seat : RENO NEVADA

66. Publisher Chandler : OTIS

67. Task assigned at a meeting : ACTION ITEM

68. German pop star since the '80s : NENA - #7 - You know this song

69. Sewer's accessory : NEEDLE CASE - ah - not the etui we always see....

DOWNward ~!

1. Latin quarters? : CASA - the "A" was there from my ASTOR WAG, so I put in the Spanish word for house - I knew quarter from "No Quarter", the Led Zeppelin song; I didn't think it meant 25¢ in the song, so I had to look it up, when I was about 13 years old

2. Newspaper section : ARTS - this filed in by itself; all perps

3. Garden supply : PEAT - WAG, since the "T" was there

4. Hose material : NYLON - #8 - oh, I know these

5. More than wheedles : COERCES - after that, it's "Arm Twisting"

6. Punch spirits : RUM

7. "Miracle on Ice" team : USA - #9 - but I dig hockey

8. "Phooey!" : NUTS - tried RATS first - half right

9. Surfer's perch : CREST - of a wave, not the toothpaste....

10. "El Cid" star, 1961 : HESTON - Charlton

11. Sounds of hesitation : UMs....

12. Round Table member : SIR GALAHAD - More Monty Python, at :30

13. English station wagons : ESTATE CARS - I got this one because I record every single episode of the BRITISH original series "Top Gear" - both funny, and informative - and I was never a big car enthusiast

14. Hustler : SCAM ARTIST

21. Improvisational style : SCAT

24. Parched : ARID

25. Majestic : REGAL

27. She turned Odysseus' crew to swine : CIRCE

28. "Runaway" singer, 1961 : DEL SHANNON - quite a lot I didn't know about him; committed suicide the day before my 19th birthday

29. Make worse : EXACERBATE

30. National Cherry Blossom Festival focal point : TIDAL BASIN - Image

32. Out of favor : IN BAD

35. Motown singer Terrell : TAMMI

36. Pops : SODAS - was not fooled by this one

40. NASDAQ setting : NY, NY

43. Some are exotic : PETS - I had an iguana, Zeus, and a ball python (third reference) named "Snickers" - he ate live mice

45. Coal tar product : BENZENE - a WAG with the "Zed" there

47. 1974 Asian Games host city : TEHRAN

51. Ex-model Gabrielle : REECE - Volleyball player, here

53. Honda model : CIVIC

56. Deal prerequisite, maybe : ANTE

58. "__-Pan": carol : PATA - did not know this at all; more here

59. Fateful day : IDES

60. Subdue : TAME

62. Dept. of Homeland Security org. : TSA

64. Suffix with fact : OID

65. Lon of Cambodia : NOL

Answer grid.



Argyle said...

Good Morning, Splynter.

I had pretty much the same experience that you had, WAGs and SWAGs. Missed out on my Ta-Da because I had spelled Ms Terrell(35D) with a Y instead of an I. There were a lot of 'look-ups' afterward.

Argyle said...

Oh yes, here is a clip of Gabby Reece on a talk show, Clip(5:14). OMG, she is 6' 3", that is a lot of leg.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

I forgot to thank everybody for their kind words the other day about my son's health (and my lack of sleep). He's much better now and I actually got a decent night's sleep for a change. Which is good, because we're having a big pizza party for him tomorrow to celebrate his seventh birthday and it would be a shame if he couldn't enjoy it.

The puzzle was mostly smooth with a few extremely rough patches thrown in. At the end, I just couldn't get the DET/DEL SHANNON crossing and had to turn on the red letter help. I wasn't familiar with the singer, thought a case worker might be a REPresentative, couldn't remember the Russian car (thought it might be DACA or something) and never would have guessed TIDAL BASIN from the clue provided in a million years.

Elsewhere, I couldn't believe LADYBEARS was a team name, until I finally realized it must be the women's basketball team. That crossed SODA, which I mistakenly had as SOCKS (wrong type of pop).

Lots of other missteps that I managed to correct eventually on my own, but methinks I have reached my post length maximum...

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Barry, for a great Saturday puzzle. Loved it. Thank you, Splynter, for the very good review.

I finally figured out how to view this puzzle late at night, the night before. That is why I am here so early. On the train going to Chicago and just finished it.

Got started with the downs first in the NW. Most came easily. That gave me CAP'N CRUNCH, ARE YOU SURE, and STALEMATES.

TIDAL BASIN came after a struggle. But I used to work in the Tidewater area of VA and I equated that to this. Hey, it worked.

Had POD first for 22A. Perps fixed that.

Was not sure about TOCCATA and SCAT, but they fit and sounded good. I lucked out.

Remembered John Jacob ASTOR quite well. I believe he owned Mathattan. The fur trader.

Washoe County seat was easy. I worked in Stateline, NV and that was close to Reno.

See you tomorrow.


Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Flew right through like a Wedenesday, going clockwise, getting smug, and then...hit that SW corner. Ultimately had to Goog DEL SHANNON, never heard of him, but at least that broke the logjam.

What in the world is IN BAD supposed to mean?

Frenchie from yesterday - that's more like it! iPad puzzling rocks.

Splynter, loved the Bach link, I couldn't stop watching it! Jugglers may have a lot to keep track of, but not much compared to an organist.

Argyle said...

Dudley, I had to google "out of favor" and "in bad" together to get the meaning. The phrase is "to be in bad with ...", like with a person or organization. A stretch that is not a tract, I know.

HeartRx said...

Good morning Splynter C.C. et al.

Wow, easiest Saturday Silkie I can remember. Great triple stacks pinwheeling around the grid, all solid and many lively, make a wonderful solving experience. Each section let me get a toehold into the next one.

PATA -pan might have given me fits if I had needed it, but the perps filled it in for me.

Dudley, I did not see IN BAD either (again, perps). It seems to be a slang phrase, though. I know "my bad". Maybe it is similar?

Lemonade714 said...

Good morning all:

I agree, by far the fastest Silkie ever. I knew it was going to be a good day when I put in SIR GALAHAD and all the crosses fit. Lots of fun.

Off to watch a great nephew play hockey; yes hockey here in Florida.

Ciao chow

desper-otto said...

Morning, Saturday Strugglers!

Splynter, enjoyed the Monty Python links and TOCCATA...but for the first 30 seconds I kept cranking up the volume, and then almost blew out of my chair when the music actually started.

There was some great fill today. Don't remember ever seeing EXACERBATE, ESTATE CARS or TIDAL BASIN in a puzzle before. I should have guessed it was a Saturday Silkie!

DEL SHANNON was a gimme. But hand up for POD before GAM, SATAN before SCAMP, and RATS before NUTS. Also had BOARD before CREST. My page has lots of overwrites on it today, but I still finished with 10 minutes of my "budget" remaining, so all is well.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm getting old when several people commented they never heard of DEL SHANNON!

Del had many hits during the 1960s and was the first artist to hit the Billboard charts with a Beatles song, "From Me To You", even before the Beatles did!. His real name was Charles Westover and he unfortunately committed suicide at the age of 55.

Avg Joe said...

Very few gimmes for me today, but Del Shannon was one of them. For a more recent reference to Del, we have Tom Petty (at the :36 mark).

Really struggled with this Silkie. Took a lot of wags and some were bad. Locked myself up in the NW with Lycra for 4D and Checkmates for 17A. HTG for the Cap'n to get out of that mess. The rest was just a slow crawl.

desper-otto said...

For those of you who don't remember Del, here's Runaway. As I recall, this was also the theme song for a 90's-something, not too memorable TV cop show set in Las Vegas.

Dudley said...

D-Otto, I did the same thing!

Marti - I guess Argyle's explanation is as good as we can hope for. It does make more sense as part of a longer phrase...

I am stunned by that video of Gabby Reece. Assuming there is a man in her life, I wonder how tall he is.

Dudley said...

I should have put D-Otto 8:15 in the prior post.

I was referring to the fact that the Bach video begins, unexpectedly, without sound.

Those large old European pipe organs are spectacular instruments!

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning, Saturday Silkie solvers all. I really liked this puzzle... probably because it didn't stump me. I picked off the easy three and four letter fill aand that gave quite a few of the long ones. I did have a few miscues, though, with most of them being the same as desper-otto listed.

DEL SHANNON took a lot of perps. I could hear the tune in my head, and the instrumental portion is stuck there for the rest of the day, but I just couldn't come up with the artist until SHANNO was in place. Neon SIGNS and Satan had me locked up in that corner and I couldn't remember the LADA. I finally changed neon to EXIT and everything else fell into place.

Susan Cooney said...

Just found this site while looking for a 80's German pop star. Thanks for the answers. Enjoyed your comments. We will look for your columns in the future when we start to use the internet to find an answer.

Husker Gary said...

Barry took me through this lovely exercise with no problem. I am in awe of the “gettable” triple stacks. How in the world do you do that? The tAmmi/ladA crossing was my only WAG.

-Horatio Magellan HORNBLOWER? Nope!
-I wasn’t the only CHECKMATES, was I? I also had my surfer on a BOARD and placed EXOTIC BETS
-Oh, that’s what every nut job in the haunted house is playing on the organ
-Britteny Griner is a LADY BEAR who is the best woman college woman hoopster in the country but her payday will be much smaller than most any man turning pro
-The ARBITERS of fashion and cuisine on cable TV seem silly to me
-Why would Ed Norton need a SEWER CASE? Oh, not that sewer!
-Paul Newman was the Hustler with broken thumbs
-I put in DEL SHANNON instantly

Tinbeni said...

Splynter: Excellent write-up & links.

Saw it was Barry Silk, almost put it down.
Glad I didn't. FUN 1-Mug-of-java Saturday.

Desper-otto: Our solving was in SYNC.
DEL SHANNON, a gimmie. Rats before NUTS.
Pod before GAM. NE was the last to fall 'cause I just wasn't gettin' off the Whale Pod. geez.

CHAI fell since it was on Jeopardy last night.

Also, my Fateful day, was D-Day before the V-8 can smack reminded me "Day" will not be in the "clue and answer" and ZIP-IT revealed the IDES.

TOCCATA & CIRCE all perps. (The 'C' in Circe a Wag-v-being an 'S'. Got lucky).

IN-BAD is just 'in-bad' ...

ARRRRGH! It's Gasparilla Day here in Tampa Bay.
Time to "talk-like-a-pirate" and swill RUM grog.
Laugh at-the-drunks on Bay-Shore. (Rookies, lol!)

Many "toasts" will be made before Sunset.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Good write-up Splynter. Looked for your comment on NAILER.

Barry's long Saturday fills can be daunting, but are usually fair. STALEMATES was a slam dunk. Liked TIDAL BASIN and EXACERBATE, too. Wasn't sure about Washoe County, so made a rare visit to Mr. G to get RENO, --- and obscure whale group, GAM. Had 'pod' for a long time. CHAI was on Jeopardy last night so that was easy. Overall, a good Saturday workout.

SODAS - Apparently there is a fault line for usage west of here, maybe Syracuse. In western NY, they say 'pop', from our area eastward, they say SODA. Don't know about the rest of the country.

Have a great day.

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~

A Saturday/Silkie/Splynter/Spectacular!

Del Shannon was my first fill. As I wrote it in I could hear, "I wa-wa-wa-wa-wonder..."

One long answer in (almost) every section helped this along fairly quickly: STALEMATES and RENONEVADA being the others. The NE gave me the most trouble. Like others, I had 'pod' before GAM which really messed me up, but I made it even worse by having 'Uhs' before UMS. MISC and SCAMARTISTS were the last to fall.

AT 39A 'Apply gently' - DABON, that annoying (but memorable) commercial kept running through my head: "HEAD ON -Apply directly to the forehead..." Ugh.

I wondered, as I jumped out of my chair to Splynter's link for the TOCCATA, if I'd be the only one ...I see I was joined by desper-otto and Dudley and probably others! :-)

A really fun, very doable Saturday ... thanks Barry Silk and Splynter!

Irish Miss said...

Good morning to all:

Great write- up Splynter. I finished without help but it was a struggle. Unlike others, I thought it was a toughie.

Happy Saturday, everyone.

Irish Miss said...


Just checked out the Toccata link and was pleasantly surprised to see the magnificent pipe organ. My mother played a similar pipe organ for years as our parish church organist. Unfortunately, the church burned to the ground and all was lost including the most beautiful, life- like Stations of the Cross. Sadder still because it was a case of arson.

Anyway, the sight and sounds of the link brought back some cherished memories. Thank you.

Avg Joe said...

Must....get.....head.....on.....sound out of head! (Thanks a lot, Linda).

This might do it: A Super Bowl ad teaser.

It even sort of ties in with the organ clip.

Avg Joe said...

Here's a pretty good one. We were just talking about JIF the other day.

desper-otto said...

Great clip, AvgJoe.

Thinking of earworms, remember this one?

Pssst goes the Bactine
Pssst goes the Bactine
Down go the mean old germs.

Bill G. said...

I don't really enjoy Saturday's themeless offerings but I did OK with this one. I managed with just a little help from red letters.

The Tidal Basin is near the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. where all the Japanese cherry blossom trees are planted. It's beautiful for a week or two in the Spring.

Virginia said...

Hmmm, now that I can do puzzles on my iPad I will get to see an actual Sunday puzzle tomorrow. After this one as a Saturday puzzle, that scares the crap out of me!

This was yet another DNF this week. Sad. I thought a GAM was a leg. Could hear "Runaway" in my head (still can) but couldn't think of Del Shannon.

Stitzboov, I cover it all and say Soda pop.

desper-otto said...

Virginia, the Saturday puzzles are the toughest. Sunday puzzles are easier -- just bigger.

NJ Irish said...

Saturday puzzles usually are a dnf for me but this one just seemed to fall into place. Del Shannon's Runaway was playing in my head loud and clear. Then Splynter's 26A made me think of this link which I'm sure many of you have seen. The largest working pipe organ now at Macy's, use to be Wanamaker's in Philly. Sorry I don't know how to link it other then this


Lucina said...

Hello, weekend warriors. Thank YOU, Splynter, for another great blog.

I loved this Barry Silk puzzle, especially with fill like EXACERBATE, ESTATE CARS, COERCES, ARBITER, etc.

Was in SYNC with his wave length through most of it but forgot DEL SHANNON, had YADA instead of LADA. Sought Google help.

Also waving my hand up for POD and would not let go then finally realization hit me like a NAILER.

Thank you, Barry.

Have a super Saturday, everyone!

Vairnut said...

Wow, this was the easiest Silk Saturday puzzle in ages. No lookups at all. Got DEL SHANNON and LADA instantly. I had some answers in all areas on the first pass, went through again and filled in the rest with perps. I particularly liked EXACERBATE. Had a few WAGS, but, amazingly, all were correct for once!

Vairnut said...

Wasnt RUNAWAY the theme show for "Crime Story", set in Chicago??

Misty said...

Ooooh, a Silkie! See, I'm learning to look at constructors and even remembered that Barry does those tough but clever Saturday ones. I almost thought this one was a NAILER until I got to the SW. DEL SHANNON and LADA turned out to be a Natick for me. But this still was a lot of fun. And Splynter, you're absolutely right with the advice to follow your gut on puzzles like this. I'm very timid about trusting my hunches, but have learned that if I pencil them in ever so lightly, more than half the time I turn out to have been right.

Had POD for GAM, of course, but I watch 'Jeopardy,' like a lot of folks, and so got CHAI right off. Anyway, fun puzzle, fun write-up, and @Barry 6:37, I wish your son a wonderful pizza party 7th Birthday!

Debbie Harry said...

A more contemporary version of TOCCATA.

Steve said...

Wow, quickest Saturday ever for me!

I found that I could write in one of each of the four stacks right away, and those were the key for me (ESTATE CARS, STALEMATES, DEL SHANNON and ACTION ITEM).

Loved COERCES, what a great word!

Super write-up Splynter, and a wonderful Bach link.

Off to get a haircut, I look like a cross between Beethoven and Einstein on a bad hair day.

Have a great day, everyone!

desper-otto said...

Vairnut, I think we're both right. It started in Chicago and moved to Las Vegas. Crime Story Blurb

That's five...over and out.

Sfingi said...

Had POD not GAM.

Naturally, with Barry Silk, I DNF. Googly and educational.

Not all Jutlanders are DANEs; some are Deutschers.

Why would basketball players call themselves BEARS? Not exactly speedy or high-jumping.

tawnya said...

today is one of those days that i feel like wayne and garth and you guys are all alice cooper.

i knew what i was up against when i saw it was a silkie puzzle, went thru my first run with 12 completed - whew! figured most of it out but i am big fan of google today. i'm ok with a struggle on saturdays, just means lots of learning opportunities!

thanks to barry, splynter and everyone else!

great links by all today (and yesterday too!) - naturally i will share the Bark Side commercial...

have a good weekend all!


Erik said...

Avg Joe-
Are you authorized to use the term S-p-r B-wl? It would appear that the No Fun League thinks the phrase is more sacred than G-d!

The musical interlude in Runaway brought this song to mind. In fact, both parts would be even better if accompanied by me on the pipe organ.
Mwha ha ha ha ha...!

Anonymous said...

NJIrish: Look just to the right of the blog and read how to post a link where your readers just have to click on it.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Sam was done by Flagg,
Nast created the Donkey/Elephant for the Dems/ Repubs

Scotty said...

Anonymous, being old isn't my excuse for not knowing Del Shannon. I'm 83, and I never heard of him. I was never into Rock 'n Roll, but I got SCAT and in my day adored Sarah Vaughn and jazz combos Got hung up on the SW corner as I had MSW for case worker (my daughter is one), thus Washington (my son lives there) instead of Tidal Basin. So I had to go to the blog to finish. It was a fun puzzle anyway. Enjoy the weekend everyone.

Bill G. said...

Hey NJ Irish, I'd be happy to explain how to create a link if you'd like a little help. E-mail me if you want.

My favorite Super Bowl ad from last year was where the boy dressed up as Darth Vader tried to use the 'Force' to start his father's new car.

It must take Gabrielle Reece a long time to shave her legs. Time well spent though...

RealDucky said...

Arizona also doesn't do DST

fermatprime said...

Hi everyone!

Wind woke me up after a small modicum of sleep. Tried to get back--to no avail--so tried this puzzle. Cheated a lot. Never heard of DEL SHANNON--never into pop music. Got EXACERBATE from the TE. Lovely word.

Never finished watching Jeopardy on DVR but got the CHAI from the H eventually.

Great to hear from you, Scotty!

SPLYNTER: Wonderful link to TOCATTA and Fugue etc.--my favorite organ piece!

Avg Joe said...

On the topic of DST, it's pretty easy to understand why Arizona doesn't want to "save" any daylight during the summer, so that one never raised a question in my mind. But I always wondered why parts of Indiana chose to stay on daylight wasting time in the summer.

I had a physical therapist from Gary, IN a few years back. On the day after the spring change, he mentioned that it was tough to get used to changing since he'd never done it growing up. I asked why only parts of the state take that option. It's very simple. It's the areas near Chicago and they want to be in sync with main business and population center at least part of the year. Sometimes Occam's razor proves true.

Anonymous said...

I've been visiting your blog for a couple of months now and have enjoyed it. This is my first post, so here goes.

I crunched the captain. After I couldn't get Sutton to fit into 5 boxes I found Astor. So the NW corner fell pretty quick.

In the SW corner I got EXIT SIGNS and worked the crosses to get Shannon, but it took awhile to remember his first name.

In the East I congratulated myself that I remembered from an earlier puzzle this week that whales traveled in a POD, only to find out later that King Arthur never knighted a Sir P--- anybody. And then further down I guessed that the Lady bOars played for Baylor and not being much of a big basketball fan that seemed kind of fitting.

But it was an enjoyable puzzle none the less.

Thanks all for putting up with my babbling.

geni said...

i have been using this Crossword Corner for over a year now and decided to say hi. not an expert like y'all and often just cant get that final one or two to fit in. thanks to all contributors.

and naturally you're reading Game of Thrones. i also just discovered the series a year ago, and read all 5 straight through. something about "great minds"......
thanks again, geni

January 28, 2012 11:09 AM

Argyle said...

Geni's profile.

JD said...

Good afternoon Splynter, C.C. et al,

I sat and admired the grid before delving into this Silkie. I love his use of long words; always a learning experience ( a-ha .. Tehran and Lada). With only 2 visits to Mr. G and a few questions for DH, I almost completed it.SW corner got me.

Not getting Capn Crunch(love the berries), I worked down. Had tidal pools, but knew it was wrong with NBA fill.Surprised me at what fell easily and many WAGS worked.

Enjoyed the Del Shannon clip...was that the watusi? Perfect "flips"!

sewer---I was stuck underground.
Did laugh at "zip it."

Exacerbate was a word I knew, but it took FOREVER . I was saying it, but not quite saying it.

Welcome geni, love your avatar. Many of us have a hard time with the end of the week puzzles, but enjoy the challenge.

JD said...

Oh, forgot to comment on The Lady Bear.She is 6'8! Bill, she must go through the razors too.

Argyle, enjoyed the Gabby Reese clip.

Splynter, great write up, and after listening to Toccata, it reminded me of the Adams Family.

Anonymous said...

Compared to today's Newsday Saturday Stumper, this Silkie offering is so much more fun.

CrossEyedDave said...

Silkie, should be a Noun,
oh well, i tried red letter, and then discovered that "solve" button. it dings when you ask for a letter, and chimes when you ask for a word solve.
honestly, my memory is so bad that i cant wait to do it again in ink!

Computer question?

i am trying to change my profile, but Google is not very user friendly. All i want to do is change my favorite movie from African Queen to To Kill A Mockingbird, bit the damn thing will not let me near it. Any advice would be appreciated.

Mike Kilgore said...

Fun puzzle without leaving me gasping for air. My time spent watching "Top Gear" just paid off with Estate Cars! Thanks for the usual Saturday diversion...

Irish Miss said...


You have to be signed in for your profile page to show the edit button. Good luck.

kazie said...

I finally finished this late this afternoon after a meeting that went all morning and well into the afternoon. I amazed myself by WAGging most of it, but like Splynter, I find if I go with my gut it works surprisingly often. My only look-up was DEL Shannon--I remembered the last name but couldn't come up with Del. I was totally unaware of most geographic references today too.

I watched Nena in the background while we were partying on New Year's Eve this year in Germany. It was a concert performance with videos added. She still looks beautiful at almost 52.

CrossEyedDave said...

Irish Miss @6:25

Seriously, i am signed in, and the "dang thingy" will not let me change
my movie favs.

It is giving me more aggravation than my wife!

:) (just kidding)

Dang Thingy said...

I see and know all. And I know that you are mistaken. African Queen IS your favorite movie.
If and when you truly feel the change in your heart, will you be able to make the switch. But be wary. I think Bogie might have something to say about it...

Anonymous said...

The area from Gary to South Bend
is already in the CST. There is no further need to sync to Chicago.

Arizona did go on MDT one year.

CrossEyedDave said...

Dang Thingy @7:27

Alright, you are really freaking me out. I put African Queen because Katherine Hepburn reminds me of my mother, (god rest her soul) but she always got mad at me when i said it because she couldn't stand the way she talked. (maybe cause my Mom was Australian) I wanted 2 kill a mockingbird because it was from a childs point of view. (like my profile)

kazie said...

Cross-eyed Dave,
My sons' are half Aussie too--from my side. Where was your mother from?Are you remembering to "save" once you've edited the profile? You have to scroll right to the bottom to find the "save" link.

CrossEyedDave said...

Kazie @8:29

My Mom is from Sydney, Specifically 3 Manion Ave, Rose Bay. But i grew up in Geelong, Victoria, for the first 8 years of my life.

i cant even get to a save option on Google, very frustrating.

dodo1925 said...


Splynter, I loove your blogging!

My computer is giving me serious problems. I'm trying to rise above it!

Last weekend I attended a Chamber Music concert which was surprisingly all horns and tympany; no strings. I mention this because they played the Bach Toccata. I thought it was going to be awful but it was good. JazzB,I hope youre reading this: they had just ONE trombone!
I'm not sure if it was by choice or necessity. He did hold his own but it would have been better if you had been helping!While I love that magnificent piece of nusic on the organ, whis was interesting.

I don't care to comment on the Silkie puzzle, clever as it was!

Avg Joe said...

Dave, Are you trying to change your profile from this page or from someplace else? If there's a horse as my avatar, I just edited mine by clicking on the blue from right here.

kazie said...

I'm from Sydney too, Bondi Road, Bondi. I went to (high) school with several people from the Rose Bay area. Small world, isn't it?

Lemonade714 said...

Welcome Susan Cooney, NJ Irish, geni and anyone I may have forgotten. great to see you all. YR where are you?

With all this talk about magnificent organs, it is unfortunate Carol and Lois do not do Saturdays; their perspective on organs is always so uplifting. Dennis, no cold yet, maybe tomorrow

CD, when you post does it show your identity under the Choose an identity?


Dudley said...

Wow Lemon, as mall flash mobs go, that one's the best.

NJ Irish said...

Thanks BillG and Anon 1:01 I found the info and now know how to create a link like this

Bill G. said...

NJ Irish, ya done good!

JD said...

Great link Lemon and NJ Irish!

Frenchie said...

Hi CC, Splynter and folk,
Good puzzle! I did it late. I went over to my daughters new home and helped mask off edges for paint. I'm pretty beat.
Enjoyed the puzzle and all the comments made are interesting. Thanks!
I know whales travel in gams as Peter and I go whale watching so often then promptly put pod. Go figure! Do
dolphins travel in pods? I like the creativity used in collective nouns.
Welcome all new puzzlers. Please don't apologize for adding to the chat. You have interesting points! Feel comfortable sharing. It's what we come here to do. I'm jus' saying'.
I'm yawning and ready for a nice sleep. I'll be back here tomorrow!
I'm out.

Vairnut said...

geni: trust me, we are NOT all "experts" here! I have been doing puzzles for nearly 30 years, and I often still have trouble, especially on Fridays and Saturdays!