Jan 17, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 Matt Skoczen

Theme: "HB, B.W." - A celebration of Betty White's 90th birthday.

9A. With 66-Across, actress born 1/17/1922 : BETTY 66A. See 9-Across : WHITE

18A. 20-Across role for 9-Across : ROSE and 20A. Sitcom co-starring 9/66-Across : "THE GOLDEN GIRLS"

37A. Dramedy on which 9/66-Across had a recurring role : "BOSTON LEGAL"

55A. Sitcom co-starring 9/66-Across : HOT IN CLEVELAND and 61A. 55-Across role for 9-Across : ELKA

Argyle here. I hope you had a chance to watch TV special honoring Betty White last night. If you want to know more about the three shows in the theme, I will give you a link to their Wikipedia page and a clip from the shows. The Golden Girls / Clip.(8:27); Boston Legal / Clip.(0:40) She played a recurring character named Catherine Piper. There are longer clips but not in English; Hot in Cleveland / Clip.(0:20)

Good thing I got those last two from the perps because I never saw her on "Boston Legal" and never heard of "Hot in Cleveland". Now Sue Ann Nivens on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", that I know. The puzzle is OK; it has a lot of theme which means some compromises. Matt has given us Sunday puzzles before.


1. __ Romeo: sports car : ALFA. Italian.

5. Cleveland NBAers : CAVS. (Cavaliers)

14. Weevil's target : BOLL. Cotton.

15. __ II razor : TRAC

16. Love, in Italia : AMORE

17. Fit to __ : A TEE

19. Infuriates : RILES

23. Really revel in : EAT UP

24. Neptune's realm : SEA

25. NFL position : CTR. (center)

27. "Baby and Child Care" author : DR. SPOCK

30. Entertain in style : REGALE

33. Congestion site : SINUS

36. Frasier's brother : NILES. TV (David Hyde Pierce)

40. Buckeye State sch. : OHIO U

42. Miss America accessory : TIARA

43. Message on a dirty car : WASH ME

45. Becomes fond of : WARMS TO

50. White House advisory gp. : NSC. National Security Council.

51. Skater Midori : ITO. She is the 1989 World Champion and the 1992 Olympic silver medalist. She is the first woman to land a triple/triple jump combination.

54. Went out with : DATED

60. Suppress : SIT ON

62. "American ___" : IDOL

63. Fur tycoon : ASTOR

64. Lender's security : LIEN

65. Canadian vocalist Vannelli : GINO. Clip (2:32)

67. Not as much : LESS

68. Political cartoonist Thomas : NAST


1. Died down : ABATED

2. Mandrake the Magician's assistant : LOTHAR. Lothar is looking rather mod.

3. Armadas : FLEETS

4. Good thing to get in competition : A LEG UP

5. PC corner key : CTRL

6. Yankee slugger, familiarly : A-ROD

7. Flower holders : VASEs

8. Public embarrassment : SCENE

9. Italian seaport : BARI. Map

10. Mideast VIP : EMIR

11. One in a phone bill list : TOLL CALL

12. Bridge support : TRESTLE

13. "That's affirmative!" : "YES!"

21. Marsupial that plays dead : OPOSSUM

22. Long-snouted swimmer : GAR.

26. Legal thing : RES

28. Op. __: footnote abbr. : CIT. (the work has been cited)

29. Necktie feature : KNOT

31. Fencing challenge : "EN GARDE!"

32. Italian actress Scala : GIA. Image She was in "The Guns of Navarone" (1961). Died too young.

34. Prefix with form : UNI

35. Cabbagy side dish : SLAW

37. Dunkable Italian cookies : BISCOTTI. Must be leftovers from yesterday. ("Biscotti" is the plural form of biscotto.)

38. "That's amazing!" : "OOH!"

39. Generation : ERA

40. BYOB word : OWN. Bring Your Own Bottle. If you want something stronger, see below.

41. Cannabis preparation : HASHISH. "It's not mine. I'm holding it for a friend."

44. German article : EIN

46. Bad-mouth : MALIGN

47. Ballparks : STADIA. Plural of stadium.

48. Dovetail sections : TENONs. The projections on the right piece are the tenons and the slots on the left piece that receive them are the mortises.

49. Less than 100 shares of stock : ODD LOT

52. Immune system agent : T-CELL

53. Kukla's puppet pal : OLLIE. They interacted with Fran. Kukla, Fran and Ollie was an early TV show using puppets, originally created for children but soon watched by more adults than children. It did not have a script and was entirely ad-libbed. It first aired from 1947–1957.

56. __ one's own horn : TOOT

57. About, on a memo : IN RE. (in the matter of)

58. Barely gets, with "out" : EKEs. Eek, another EKE.

59. Soccer moms' rides : VANS

60. Went out with : SAW


Note from C.C.

Happy 21st wedding anniversary to Ron (Jazzbumpa) and Gloria! I know you'll make it special, Ron.


Dennis said...

Good morning, Argyle, C.C. and gang - very smooth, very simple solve today and a nicely timed tribute to a truly funny lady.

My learning moment today came with 'weevil's target' - I knew what boll weevils were, but had never bothered looking to see what a 'boll' was. Other than that, not much to comment on, but no complaints. Oh, I did put 'dads' for 59D, but that didn't work out too well...

Have a fun day; Happy Anniversary, Jazz -- multi-decade marriages deserve a lot of credit.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

I found this a bit crunchier than our average Tuesday puzzle. I love Betty White, but had no idea she was ever in BOSTON LEGAL and never heard of HOT IN CLEVELAND (or her character ELKA). So that slowed me down a bit even after getting GOLDEN GIRLS and figuring out who the theme was about.

BARI was another complete unknown that I couldn't get until I figured out BETTY.

It seemed odd to have EAT UP cross A LEG UP, so I hesitated a bit there as well.

Gotta go shovel...

Argyle said...

My goodness, I was so busy watching Betty White clips, I forgot to map Bari. I went back and fixed it.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. How nice to have a crossword tribute to Betty White and to see she is still going strong at 90.

I never watched any of the TV shows listed in the puzzle. In fact, I never even heard of HOT IN CLEVELAND, although got enough letters to make an educated guess.

I laughed at TOLL CALL. Does any one get Toll Calls on their phone bills anymore? My cell phone takes care of all my long distance calls.

Happy Anniversary, JazzB and Gloria. May you have many, many more happy hears together.

QOD: The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them. ~ Mark Twain

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Matt, for a swell Tuesday puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the review and links.

The theme came easily. I saw somewhere that Betty White was about to be 90, so I guessed right. A few perps verified it. Two of the shows I had heard of, Hot in Cleveland I had not.

I think OHIO U is in Athens. That's a guess.

John Jacob ASTOR. Self made man.

T CELL was in a recent puzzle so it came easily.

I don't eat BISCOTTI, but my wife does.

I even got the french EN GARDE. That was easy.

I remember Kukla, Fran, and OLLIE as a youth, livev on TV.

I found an OPOSSUM in our back yard years ago, laying on its side. I walked away and came back and it was gone. I guess it's true.

See you tomorrow.


Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

What a nicely crafted tribute puzzle.

Once I got HOT filled in at 55A, I figured it must be HOTLBALTIMORE but that didn't fit. The real answer came with perps. Had to get red letter help for the CTR/RES cross, just couldn't see it.

BARI was familiar. I once took a ferry from Athens to Bari, during which voyage I befriended a man from Rome who had a cousin in Bari. Upon landfall he arranged for both of us to join his cousin for lunch. Soon a brand new Citro├źn 2CV "Deux Chevaux" appeared, driven by a stunningly beautiful Italian woman of about 24. The trip to a restaurant was my first ride in the funny-looking 2CV, and my first exposure to the sheer wildness of Italian city driving. Bari was fun!

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Nice write-up & links.

SAW the 1/17/22 date for 9 & 66 A.
Watched the BETTY WHITE tribute show last night.
Couldn't write in the themes fast enough.

Got it off the "I" from my memo's IN-RE.

Had the same BOLL 'learning moment' as Dennis.

Also enjoyed the HASHISH / TOOT mini-theme.
There's nothin' quite like a "pick-me-down" to start the day.

Fave was the stock ODD-LOT.

Happy 21st Anniversary JAZZ & Gloria.

A "toast" to you kids at Sunset.

Cheers !!!

HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

First of all, congratulations on 21 years, Jazzb and Gloria!

I happened to see a clip advertising the birthday tribute show, so I knew it was her birthday today. When I hit 9A, I glanced down at 66A to see if BETTY WHITE would fit, and I was off to the races. I knew all three TV shows, and filled in theme entries without a glance at the perps.

I thought this was a fine Tuesday puzzle, and only had a hiccup with 47D STAnds instead of STADIA. This was one case where the theme entry actually helped correct the perps!

Dudley, I’m surprised you’re not still living in BARI, after that introduction to the city!

Have a fun day everyone – we had a smidgeon of snow last night, but I don’t think it’s even enough to shovel.

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

I wouldn't call this a walk in the park today. The main cause of my difficulties were not being a Betty White fan. Other then GOLDEN GIRLS, I wasn't familiar with her other TV roles.

The themes were for the most part arrived at with a lot of perp assistance. OPOSSUM??? I was trying to make Possum work. Hand up for HOT IN CLEVELAND. Never heard of it. Wanted Atra for TRAC, but perps again came to the rescue.

JazzB, Have a happy anniversary. Make the day special for Gloria.

Mari said...

A nice easy Tuesday puzzle to make me feel smart (until later this week!)

I'm not a huge Betty White fan, but she seems to be a media darling these days so I'll give her a pass.

My favorites were ODD LOT and STADIA. Didn't know LOTHAR, GAR or CIT.

I loved your comments in the write up for 40D and 41D!!

Many Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Bumpa!

ant said...

I'm all for TOOTing the horn for my original hometown, but how does CLEVELAND show up as both a clue (5A) and an answer (55A)? Isn't that a no-no?

The CAVS beat the Suns when I went to the game the other day.

Avg Joe, FLEET Foxes is a band you might like. Here's Mykonos (4:27), from their Glastonbury Festival appearance.

BOLL weevil always makes me think of Bojangles. Here's Sammy Davis, Jr, doing his version of Mr Bojangles (6:28).

Yellowrocks said...

As Dennis said, very smooth and very simple solve. I didn't see the Bday tribute to Betty White, but the first perps gave me GOLD..., so Golden Girls and I was off to the races. Thanks to my son's interest in old TV shows I have seen most of the Golden Girls episodes. Very Funny.

Also, I've watched quite a few Boston Legal episodes, most without Betty. But just a few perps tipped me off.

There are many TV promos every day for Hot in Cleveland. It is amazing that Betty can still star in a major role at 90. I like all the actresses in this show, but don't care for the story line.

Hahtool, I thought TOLL CALL was quaint, too.

A student brought me a cotton BOLL from GA which I used in class for years.

Congrats on your anniversary, Jazz and Gloria.

Argyle, thanks for the great clips.

kazie said...

I had much the same experience as others today. Noticed and thought Dennis might mention the clecho in SAW/DATED clues. Also guessed BOLL for the same reason as the rest of you and hadn't heard of HOT IN CLEVELAND but got it after perps gave me HOT IN C--------.

I cringed when starting to see so many names appearing, because even though I got Betty straight off, and knew of her first two theme roles, I can never remember character names.

I went the other direction-- out of Bari to Corfu. Later took a ferry from Athens to Mykonos for a few days too. I had friends when I lived in Montpellier, France, who drove deux chevaux too. That was when the seats were just like metal framed deck chairs with fabric coverings. Poor students used them in Germany back then too.

Anony-Mouse said...

Thank you Mr. Skoczen for a very nice and enjoyable puzzle and lots of references to Cleveland and Ohio. Think it'll help ? This is from an old story when a waiter, with his attention diverted, with all of Gen. Eisenhower's medals, accidentally poured the wine on (the sitting - ) Ike's bald head... Ike said 'Think, it'll help ?'.

'Hot in Cleveland' is filmed in LA and the Rock and Roll hall of Fame induction ceremonies are held in NYC. Go figure.

Ohio Univ. in Athens, is considered the prime 'drinking' school campus in the US. But they did get a graduate who got a Nobel prize last year, who is now living in Cambridge, UK.

desper-otto said...

Happy Tuesday, all.

Missed the Betty White tribute on TV. Did they mention her early work from the B&W days? I think her first show back in the '50's was called "Elizabeth". It featured a couple of short skits each episode, always ending with the announcer asking, "Elizabeth, aren't you ashamed?", and Betty would shake her head, "No." Remember that?

Never heard TENON used in reference to a dovetail joint; the parts are properly called pins and tails. There is a mortise and tenon joint commonly used in woodworking, but it looks different -- both mating pieces are rectangular.

Spent a few moments trying to figure out what a furty coon was. Even so, it all came together pretty fast.


Anony-Mouse said...

Best wishes and Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Jazz Bumpa.

Thank you Argyle for a wonderful commentary.

The temp in Cleveland is a balmy 45oF and we've had only 6 days of snow, this winter. I dont know whether I should just enjoy the pleasant aspects of global warming, or rueful regrets for the $ 750 I paid the snow plow guy way back last November, to plow my driveway...

Have a good rest of the week, you all.

Husker Gary said...

I too loved Sue Ann and remember Betty also on Password with her husband Allen Ludden where they seemed to be a loving couple. I agree with Argyle’s summation and viewing experience with Betty. “90 year old actress” limits the candidates

-Happy Anniversary Jazz!
-Niles’s understated wit and prissiness made Frasier wonderful. The episode with those two taking an auto mechanic class is my fav.
-When Frank Solich got fired at NU (after decades as a player and coach), he went to OHIO U and has recruited a lot of Nebraska kids to come out there and won a bowl game this year.
-Hey, I almost landed a triple/triple walking to my car last year! Where’s my medal?
-Nast is given credit for our current image of Santa. Do you remember how you found out about Santa? I do!
-Stand By Me was a great movie for me and had the famous trestle scene

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Nice commentary, Argyle.

Happy anniversary to JazzB and Gloria.

I usually make a few side notes during the solve, to illuminate fills or clues that I may want to comment on. Nothing today. Straightforward solve, no ambiguities, no strikethroughs, and no lookups. Loved the Betty White theme. She has become one of my favorites although I have not seen HOT IN CLEVELAND. Liked her recurring appearances in BOSTON LEGAL. Favorite clue was for 33a, SINUS.

Todays rumination: We have a word, 'anagram'; rearranged letters to get another word, and 'palindrome' where the sequence can be read either way as the same, like in 'rotor'. Is there a word that signifies when a palindrome is rearranged inside out such as TOOT ⇔ OTTO? I guess it would apply only to even numbered groups of letters.

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2

-I mentioned Golden Girls as a favorite sitcom here yesterday. It actually entertained the idea that some of us north of 60 still have active libidos.
-We often see SPCA in puzzles and am surprised Betty’s long time work with animals did not make the cut.
-Today’s NBA superstars don’t play CTR, they play power forward or shooting guard
-Canada has vocalists but they were/are a treasure trove of comedians who came south, eh.
-Steinbrenner called AROD, “Mr. April”
-KFC makes great SLAW. Today they go by the initials because, among other reasons, like to downplay what the F stands for.

a bioengineer said...

I thought it was to downplay what the C stands for...

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning! Congrats, JazzB and Gloria. Your marriage is now old enough to drink. Enjoy a bubbly or two.

Kazie, that was Dudley, not me, with the BARI experience. That was my lone headscratcher in the puzzle. Never heard of the place, and I thought I knew most of the Italian seaports. It filled by perps but I just wasn't convinced until I came here for the write up.

BOLL was a gimme. I just had to check a down to eliminate the possibility of 'corn'. My parents grew up in cotton country, SE Missouri, and we vacationed there many times. I spent a day with my cousins out in the field picking cotton by hand. Good thing I didn't have to make a living that way.

I've seen quite a few episodes of Golden Girls over the years, but not the other shows. I have heard of them, though and it only took a few perps to help them emerge.

It's been a long time since a TOLL CALL showed up on my phone bill.

Have a great day, all.

Husker Gary said...

Nope, according to, KFC did not change because of the word chicken. That was another urban legend.

Off to the Y to work off some Colonel fare.

Virginia C said...

Fun puzzle and a fitting tribute. Made me remember how I miss Boston Legal. Got Betty right off the bat and it was off and running from that point.

Hot in Cleveland is on TV Land. Very cute show and Betty's a delight as always.

JazzB, Happy Anniversary, do something really fun!

Marge said...

@Dennis - regarding 59D, very subtle but very funny.

xyz said...

Happy Birthday Betty, Love you.

Hung up in SW of puzzle, decent stuff though. Definitely stiff Tuesday fare.

Betty is really a saucy hoot on Craig Ferguson's show where she frequently appears; one wonders if she's always been such a horn-dog.

Go Betty! Get that triple digits.

CrazyCat said...

Nice write up Argyle! Happy anniversary Jazzb!

I did see the the Betty White tribute last night, so the puzzle went down very quickly. I haven't seen Hot in Cleveland. I've wanted to watch it, but haven't found TV Land in my Direct TV line up. I'm sure it's there somewhere. Liked OPOSSUM. We have a family in our back yard. Most people think they are scary looking. I think they're cute. They help to keep pests out of the garden. I also liked BISCOTTI. Wish I had one to dunk in my coffee right now.

carol said...

Hi all,
Dennis - LOL...(Mom's rides = Dad's) Yahooooo!

I sure had a rough time in the SE corner. Didn't know STADIA was a word, forgot those pesky TENONS and had no idea who VANNELLI was. At least I knew AMERICAN IDOL, even though I have never watched it.

Happy anniversary Jazz!! I wish you and your bride many, many more.

11D was sort of confusing, TOLL there such a thing these days? Well, maybe international calls.

Anonymous said...

Watched the birthday tribute and then her new show of which she is executive producer...don`t know when it will regularly air, but it shows older people "punking" younger ones (ala "Cadid Camera" bits). The pilot was amusing but I don`t see how it can find enough material for a series. So be on your guard..the theme song "We`re not gonna take it anymore!" was played as a sizeable group of older folk marched menacingly (or as much as they were able :)toward the camera.

Anonymous said...

forgot the name, "Off Their Rockers."

Bill G. said...

Happy anniversary JzB!

Fun puzzle. The difficulty level was about the same as yesterday I thought.

Hands up for Boston Legal. I really liked that show. It had drama and comedy, all delivered with heart.

From last night: Yes, I too enjoyed Welcome Back Kotter with the Sweat Hogs. Kotter's wife was a really cute actress. I wonder what became of her?

Wikipedia Addict said...

In case, you haven't consulted Wikipedia today, the Wiki people are planning a shut-down Black-out for Jan 18, tomorrow, for 24 hrs. to protest certain Internet bills pending in the US House and the Senate - that would severely curtain their ability to exist.. Pl. go to Wiki, and if you agree, ( as I hope you will - ) please write a short note and give them your support. Thank you.

Lucina said...

Good day, friends. Thanks, Argyle, for the nice links and continuing explanations. ITO was my downfall today as I couldn't recall her.

Congratulations, JazzB and Gloria! I know you shall celebrate in style.

Yes, I watched the BETTY WHITE tribute last night and it was hilarious, part roast and part flashback of her work.

desper-otto, they showed some B & W segments as well including some with her late husband, Allen Ludden.

I have seen all the shows except BOSTON LEGAL so didn't know of her role there and that explains William Shatner's appearance.

HOT IN CLEVELAND is one of those you soon tire of after a few episopdes.

Happy birthday, Betty, you make me laugh.

Have a fantastic Tuesday, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Bari is an interesting city. St. Nicholas ( Santa Claus) is buried in the Basilica there. Well worth a visit. As for the "opossum", I have always contended that that spelling should be "o'possum" since it is probably an Irish term for what we in the South know as a "possum". I remember the 2CV well. I used to know a brother and sister who drove one from New Jersey to Charleston SC in reverse because the transmission was stuck.

len said...

Gloria in excelsis Deo, Anniversary Man, et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis! (I looked it up just for the occasion!)

Saw ALFA as first across clue and thought, aha! 10 yard dash! Then third across clue actress b. 1922. Strike dash. Put in marathon.

Took forever to get BETTY WHITE. Didn't help to not know BARI. Or LOTHAR, GIA Scala. Never heard of HOT IN CLEVELAND. And thought OPOSSUM might have two P's.

Managed to finish in under 20 mins. but too much perpspiration for a Tuesday. Whew!

One and a half cheers!

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Thanks for all the good wishes. Now that my marriage is an adult, I'm not going to know how to behave.

Fun puzzle. Lots of AMORE.

Yep - The OHIO U Bobcats are in Athens

I loved Betty White when I was a kid. She's my mom's age. Here is the first incident from LIFE WITH ELIZABETH. (9:22) Interestingly, she WAS ashamed.

I had rehearsal last night and missed the Betty White special.

Gloria went down to see her mom today. Later, we'll meet at the Olive Garden for dinner, then come home watch the video I got last night of our Spring, 2009 concert, when we premiered my song BLUES For NATE.

Avg Joe - great Crustacean come-back last night.

JzB who understands SINUS congestion

Seldom Seen said...

I wonder if VANS shoes are well known enough to be a tuesday clue.

They are very well know to the younger generation. Sean Penn made them mainstream when he wore them in Fast Times At Ridgemont High. They also sponsor the Warped Music Tour.

Google seems to trend toward the shoes

Misty said...

Matt, this may end up being one of my favorite puzzles of all time. I didn't do the math on the 9A clue, and so struggled with all the clues involving the actress. This meant I was in total suspense about who this could be until HOT IN CLEVELAND fell into place--one of my absolute favorite comedy shows on TV these days. And then it all tumbled into place in the most satisfying way. I'm sorry I missed the birthday tribute because I've loved Betty White since her "Mary Tyler Moore Days," and have seen her in everything except "Boston Legal." She is still so incredibly sharp with the best dead-pan in the business and superb timing. Wonderful.

Thanks for the great write-up, Argyle, and happy anniversary JazzB!

eddyB said...

TV Land is channel 304 on DirecTV.


Seldom Seen said...

Husker: I think you have that football talent pipeline stuck in reverse. :)

Frank Solich was recruited out of Cleveland,OH by Bob Devaney.

Bo Pelini attended Cardinal Mooney H.S. in Youngstown and has a few of their grads on his roster. After graduating from Ohio State, he received his masters from OHIOU.

Athens, OH is located in a beautiful part of the state. I have done alot of camping down there. The area is also known for its mushrooms and HASHISH.

Jerome said...

OPOSSUM- Outlaw chasers, in Latin

"Hey, you can't drive drunk!"
"Oh yeah, jush WASH ME!"

"I'm INRE the eighth Iam, INRE the eighth I am, I am..."

Seldom Seen said...

Spitzboov: I think of your Norwegian icebreaker link when I watch the unfolding drama happening in Nome, AK.

I'm sure you're following it closely. I think its great how "international" the effort is. I hope it all goes well.

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~

It's all been said ... a fast and fun Tuesday. The few I was unsure of were taken care of by perps. Thanks for your write-up, Argyle ... great pics and links.

Love Betty White ... she seems to be willing to take on any role. She fit in so well with the "younger crowd" when she hosted SNL!

Happy Anniversary JazzB & Gloria!

JD said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al,

What a nice tribute to Betty White, although I was baffled for a bit as to whom Betty Rose was.I admire her dedication to animals and ability to keep up with the times. I miss Boston Legal, but the writing on Hot in Cleveland needs canned laughter..or something.

Besides having to use perps to eke out nast, lothar,and tenon, I put Ido, not Ito which gave me a D-Cell.

Happy anniversary Bumpa..and many many more.

Have not been to the Corner since Wed. We ALL flew down to San Diego to celebrate my birthday. Going to the zoo, the Safari Park and Sea World was a delight revisiting it through the eyes of our grandsons.. similar to Christmas.
Hope all has been well with everyone here.

Lucina said...

I'm so happy for you that you had such a lovely celebration with your family. I sent you a tele-hug.

Jazzbumpa said...

Jerome -

Your posts always brighten my day.

In fact, they REGALE me.

JD - your assault on poor Midori's name constitutes battery.

My mom is from the little town of Carpenter, near Athens, OH.


Argyle said...

Brook Benton's song, Boll Weevil(2:37)
It was the #2 song in the nation in June of 1961.

And again Norwegian Icebreaker.

Argyle said...

We better send spam filter to the shop. It got Linda again(11:53) but let in real spam.

KQ said...

Well that was a nice tribute to Ms. Betty White wasn't it. She is quite the character and deserves all the accolades she gets. I think it is difficult to make a puzzle superb given the theme, but this is pretty well done.

I too had trouble with the SE corner, and had a few unknowns, but did alright.

Haven't watched the Betty White tribute yet, but taped it. Might watch it this afternoon. Having trouble with the eyes as they dialated them today. Such an annoyance.

A belated thanks for the b-day wishes. I was a little pooped that day so just hung low. A little sad that my Packers couldn't pull it out for me:-( But had a lovely evening with my family. My 17 year old son wrote me an awesome card saying I am the best mom ever. Cannot get any better than that.

LaLaLinda said...

Thanks for bailing me out of spam prison again, Argyle. I noticed when it got me but didn't want to bother you.

Spitzboov said...

Seen @ 11:45 I think it is quite a story, but the TV media seem more inclined to report the result of some Liner captain hot-dogging it along the Italian coast. Here is an LAT recent article on the Renda's fuel delivery to Nome.

Lemonade714 said...

For the newbies, this puzzle has a clecho (a term credited to our Dennis, just check on Urban Dictionary) with both 50A and 64D, being clued Went out with . (Clue echo, portmanteau).

Betty White is wonderful and the only surviving Golden Girl.

Like Dennis, I was surprised to see EAT UP and LEG UP cross'

STADIA is the plural of STADIUM, a Latin word. The Latin words ending in -UM,_US etc. are made plural by the -A, like ALUMNUS.

After working steadily for 40 years, MARCIA STRASSMAN has deisappeared as often happens to actresses who pass the magic 60 mark. I am afraids her latest role would be Honey I Shrunk My Career

Lemonade714 said...

JZB: Happy and many more to you and Gloria

CrazyCat said...

eddy - thanks. There used to an alphabetical guide on channel 100, but it disappeared. Now I have to look them up on line.

Forgot to mention my other favorite BISCOTTI dunking medium, Vin Santo. It's a real treat at the end of great Italian meal. You can also use Amaretti which is what I wrote in before BISCOTTI.

Sfingi said...

Who is this Gino Vannelli who appears on both this and USA Today's puzzle?
I checked him out. It seems he's been around aehile, is from Montreal, sings and writes in English and Italian, performs in Europe and cruise ships.
His stuff tends to sound the same.

Anyone check out the real St. Nick?
He's dark, skinny, unsmiling, often shown with tears. He rescued some sisters from being sold into slavery by their parents by paying their dowries. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Congratulations Jazz & Gloria. Sharing your anniversary with Betty White, and, as it happens, us. It is our 14th anniversary. We too are going out to dinner. The question now is where in that Naples has so many great places.

I missed all the ones about Betty White. Don't watch any of her shows nor last night's special. But did get many of the rest. Hard for a Wed. given my lack of knowledge.
I so dislike the clues that refer to each other that I don't try very hard.
We are surely seeing eke a lot! Must be a useful fill.


Bill G. said...

Thanks to Seen for posting the link to the Northern Exposure pilot yesterday. I really enjoyed that show. I liked all of the characters although I liked the doctor the least. Dunno why but Rob Morrow always grated on me a little. It might just have been his character though I wasn't crazy about him on Numb3rs either.

Anonymous said...

Liked the puzzle. Thanks Argyle!

Only one glitch: forgot TRESTLE had a second "T"--put two esses.

Possums have been regular visitors to all our outdoor cat feeding pans. Fun to watch! They have such funny delicate little hands. Smart too. When I put the cat pan on a table to discourage them, they pushed a stack of flower pots over to climb on.

JzBmpa, I'm sure the sense of humor we all enjoy has contributed greatly to the longevity of your marriage. May you and Gloria have many more!

- PK -

Avg Joe said...

Late posting today as duty calls. Fun puzzle, no major hangups. Like many, did not know Hot in Cleveland and didn't know that Betty had been in Boston Legal, but it all came together.

Happy Anniversary JazzB! In your honor, I'll take a tour to the dark side....Saxes. David Sanborn's Straight to the Heart.

Marge said...

Hi all,
I loved this puzzle although it was a little harder than yesterdays. I got 9 and 66 down first,I knew it was her birthday. I am always amazed that crossword constructers can do what they do.

I will be 80 this coming Sunday(it doesn't seem possible). My son gave me my gift when we were in Ga. One is an autographed copy of a 'Celebrity Pet Calendar) with a picture of Betty White on the front cover on which she wrote" To Marge-I am 10 years ahead of you-go in 2012! Betty White." Each month has a different celebrity on it.

Boston Legal was new to me,too. I have watched parts of Hot in Cleveland but don't care for it.Mary Tyler Moore was my Favorte.

54A and 60D-same clues,different answers was very interesting.45A wanted warm up which didn't work ,of course.
Good evening to all!

CrossEyedDave said...

is it still called a DNF if you only missed one WAG?
i had Bull Weevil and L"U"thar for 2D

CrossEyedDave said...

Argyle, i think your link for Gia Scala "might" be her sister "Tina", they look a lot alike.

Marge said...

Hi again,
I see we have another Marge again. I have done so few blogs lately, had'nt noticed it before.

Happy Anniversary to JazzB and Gloria. Also,thanks to CC,Argyle and Mr.Skoczen for this blog and puzzle.

Betty White husband, Allen Ludden is buried in Mineral Point, Wi.
Marge again

CrossEyedDave said...


i couldn't believe all the other golden girls were dead, you made me IMDB them all. Bummer!

What made you reference Marcia Strassman? i remember her from Welcome Back Kotter.

CrossEyedDave said...

Blog Etiquette question...

is it too late to discuss Sunday's Blog?

i dug up my 10 year old wrist brace, and while my right hand did not fall asleep, neither did i. The dang thing is uncomfortable, but it made me finish the Sunday puzzle earlier than usual.

Anonymous said...

Re 48 D: Properly termed, the parts of a dovetail joint are " pins and tails". Tenons are the male part of a mortise & tenon joint. A very poor clue.


dodo1925 said...

Hi Gang,

Wow, 100%! For me that's great, even for a Tuesday! Naturally I loved the puzzle, Matt. I've loved Betty White for years! I seldom can find "Hot in C.."; never did know the channel or the time. I have caught it a few times and it's okay. It'll never be as great as The Golden Girls or the MTM Show. How does she do it at 90, anyway. I saw some of that tribute last night.

Just checking in before the end of the day, for once. I'll try to be back.

Happy Anniversary, Jazz and Gloria!. I wish you many more!

creature said...

Nice puzzle, Matt. Really like Betty White tribute.

Thanks, Argyle. As usual, I love
your write ups; so easy going.

I want to wish JD and KO slightly belated Happy Birthday regards. May you have many more.

Jerome, really enjoy your posts; as usual.

WH thanks for your kindness;and those of you who drop me comments and email notes. I cherish them.

I keep thinking I will get on a schedule again, but it doesn't happen.

CA, hope you're settled in and things are smoothed out a little.
Think of you often.

Love to all. The corner is my rock.

creature said...

Forgot Jazz and Gloria! I pray you have many more! Great family.

lois said...

Good evening Argyle, CC, et al., thank you Argyle. Always a job well done.

Love this puzzle mostly for the tribute to Betty White. What an amazing lady...and at 90! Geeze! She was here in Wmsbg a year ago or so and I got to meet her. She was soooo little (maybe 5') but sooo spunky, just the cutest thing. I admire her very much and am so glad that she is getting all the deserved attention. I agree with what she said last night: she is one of the luckiest broads around. She's a lesson...and a caution!

Jerome: hilarious!

Dennis: almost spit my drink out w/your Dads comment. Funny guy!

A LEG UP crossing EAT UP put me EN GARDE for a SCENE w/AROD and a little AMORE. He had plans to SIT ON his AST-OR my Calvin kLIENs and smoke some HASHHISH. One TOOT and bLESS his heart, he was ready to SIN-US up with the WHITE Sox. OOH, BETTY'd regret that move! He only smokes ALFAlfa now. I OTOH may LIEN toward a little special SEAweed, hemp, or ROSE petals, but not the RESt.

Happy Anniversary Jazz and Gloria. Wish you many many more.

Argyle said...

CrossEyedDave, the image came from Tina's site and was of her sister, Gia.

Anonymous said...

Ant, I wondered if you got to the Sun-Cavs game. I watched it on TV. Every time they panned the crowd, I looked for you, but didn't see your shiny black head and perky little antennae. Alas, poor Suns....

- PK -

dodo1925 said...

Sallie! Happy Anniversary to you and your spouse, too!

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. A quick in and out to say hello and wish you all well.

Jazzbumpa said...

Sallie -

Happy Anniversary. Bet you had better weather in Naples. it's getting cold and nasty here.


JD said...

Still trying to catch up. Thanks to all who sent me BD wishes, and HBTY, KQ.

Creature, so glad to have you here whenever you can post.

Irish Miss, WELCOME..we all were newbies at one time, and enjoy the camaraderie.

PK, tell your daughter to make "name" tags for her map using toothpicks.

Bumpa, if I were Ito, a few D cells wouldn't be a bad thing :)

memphisbelle said...

Thanks, Argyle!
Happy Anniversary to Jazz and Gloria!
I giggle every time I hear or see the opossum word. Several years ago our dog brought one into the kitchen! I freaked out. At the time I was making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for our son's lunch . With peanut butter knife and the cordless phone in hand , I raced outside to call my husband, who was picking p dinner at a local spot. He as well a meighbor came to the rescue. The creature was hiding in the pantry and was escorted back outside. Twenty four hours later I was greeting the net leader of the free world, Gov., George Bush! He was here fora debate with Gore and I was in charge of verifying press passes for the media. An opossum in the kitchen and a presidential hopeful the next day! Never a dull moment!
Have a cotton-pickin' good night!

Annette said...

I haven't had a chance to watch last night's tribute yet, but Biography has a nice episode about Betty White that I saw not long ago. She did a lot more to pave the way for women in Hollywood than she gets credit for in her oft-played DF characters she's become most famous for.

The BIO show did mention "Life With Elizabeth", but I'd also come across a DVD in a bargain bin a couple years ago that aired in 1957, called "The Betty White Show". On the cover, she looks very Donna Reed-ish.

BTW, Biography also had a very impressive episode about Dolly Parton and how SHE paved the way for women in Country music, and what a sharp business woman she is.

Anonymous said...

Good night everyone.

Thanks for the good wishes for our 14th anniversary, Dodo1925 and Jazz.
Jazz, we went to the Olive Garden too because of your plans. It seemed fitting in that we had our reception at the Olive Garden, and it was most helpful and accommodating. Had a loverly dinner tonight. Thanks for reminding us.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Jazz, yes the weather was delightful. We even drove with the sunroof open.

Argyle said...

memphisbelle, welcome.

Personal vignettes are always welcomed here, too, and your's was a great one.

kazie said...

Sorry I mixed up whose comment I was answering.

And Grumpy, thanks for clearing up the mystery.

I was in too much hurry this morning on my way to a meeting and when I got back I didn't have time to return to the blog until now.

Good night all!

Dudley said...

Now that it's getting late, it seems OK to add that I agree with Crazy Cat: possums can be darn cute. At one time we fed our cats out on the breezeway, a space accessible to outside critters. One evening a baby possum was out there helping itself to the kibbles in a messy way. We couldn't bring ourselves to chase it off 'cause it was too darn cute!

Seldom Seen said...

Lois @555p: outstanding puzzle story! bLESS your heart.

BillG: I finally finished the pilot. It brings back great memories. Glad you enjoyed it

CrazyCat said...

Dudley: There's nothing cuter than the mama possum waddling along our back wall with a bunch of babies on board. Well, probably there is, but it does makes you appreciate motherhood.

I'm sure BETTY WHITE would agree.

JD said...

memphis belle..cute story

Sallie, Happy Anniversary!

Lemonade714 said...

Crazy Cat, Bill G asked about Kotter's wife a few comments before I linked the actress/

Creature, it so good to see you here.

Sallie both 14 and 21 are multiples of 7, so you and Bumpas have much in common

Jerome said...

DRANG- Director Lee with a PHD


SIREN- What a stud horse is doin'

STEPON- Upside down sign at a motel

Jerome said...

Kazie and Marti- I didn't know what VMI was either. But to the point. There was no reason to start this puzzle with an abbreviation. BOSC would have fit nicely where ROTC is.

Not so nice-

DRANG- Director Lee with a PHD


SIREN- What a stud horse is doin'

STEPON- Upside down motel sign