Jan 19, 2013

Saturday, Jan19th, 2013, Steven J. St. John

Theme: None

Words: 68

Blocks: 30

   I do believe this is my first time blogging a puzzle from our SJSJ constructor~!  As I look, I see that this may be his first Saturday LAT.  Thick triple stacks/10-letter corners - one I got, one took way too long.  I did have to check ONE thing on Google (see below), but the rest of the grid did fill in slowly and steadily.  A crossing of a spanner and a climber;

35A. "Hold your horses!" : "ONE SECOND PLEASE"~!

8D. One-on-one strategy : MAN-TO-MAN DEFENSE - I see it's predominantly used in basketball and football; I am just happy that hockey is back; dad is watching with EddyB tomorrow....

3 and 4 word answers, and two more -

53. Loving way to walk : HAND-IN-HAND - oh, if only there were a hand for me....

11. Erect : STAND ON END - ummm, yeah, that too....

Sorry if this one turns out to be a little rough, Cruciverb was not available until 4am, and I usually stay up Friday to do the write up. 



1. World Series components : POKER GAMES - locked into baseball; night games wouldn't work with OMEGA, which I knew was right

11. Unleashes : SICS - and a semi-clecho  23D. Cut free : RELEASE - which was unLEASh at first

15. Better : AMELIORATE

16. Hardware item : T-NUT

17. What good debaters pounce on : WEAK POINTS

18. No longer tied up : ASEA

19. FBI employees : AGTs - Like Sculder and Mully, I mean Mulder and Scully - do you think he was "stand on end"?

20. Fills : SATES

21. Too curious : NOSY

22. Some grad students : TAs - ah - not EEs, AAs, BAs, MAs, but the Teaching 56A's

23. __-Tahoe Open: annual PGA Tour event : RENO

24. USCG VIP : ADMiral

25. File manager menu option : RENAME

27. Ancient Aegean region west of Lydia : IONIA

30. Sweet-talk : CAJOLE

33. Decking : ADORNING - total WAG for me; I was trying to get TimberTech to fit (it's what I used on the church ramp)

37. Ran out of clothes? : STREAKED - HAR-HAR~!!  Running across the baseball diamond 'sans skivvies', 'bare-ass naked'

38. Colors : TINCTS

39. Memorable swimsuit model Cheryl : TIEGS - she's 66 now

40. Put a new cover on, as a book : REBIND

42. Space shuttle astronaut Jemison : MAE - and another semi-clecho, 47D. Curiosity org. : NASA

43. It may be lost or saved : FACE

44. Learning ctr. : SCHool and a TRUE clecho, 28D. Learning ctr. : INSTitution, not UNIV

47. "Sunset Boulevard" genre : NOIR

49. Better : AMEND

51. TV's "__-Team" : THE "A"

52. Not much : A TAD

55. Hypotenuse, e.g. : SIDE - of a triangle

56. Helping people : ASSISTANTS

57. Gp. with common goals : ASSN

58. Least helpful, as a description : SKETCHIEST


1. Investigate, as a toy mouse : PAW AT - had NUDGE to start

2. Greek horseshoe? : OMEGA - sure looks that way ~!

3. "Beauty is truth, truth beauty" poet : KEATS

4. Big bucks : ELKS - ah, not the money kind, like THOU, or GEES

5. Let-'er ender : RIP - "Let 'er RIP~!"

6. Manipulable lamp : GOOSE-NECK - ARGH~! I knew what the word meant, but I just couldn't get my mind off "touch" something; this is what we're looking for

7. Richards of "Jurassic Park" : ARIANA - My mind was stuck [again] on Richard Attenborough (John Hammond), so I finally went to find out who the "other" Richard was - little Lex is all grown up ~!

9. Kitchen add-on : ETTE - Kitchenette

10. Court period: Abbr. : SESSion

12. Hardly a dreamer? : INSOMNIAC - I keep a journal of all my dreams, and I try to recall every detail I can.  Then I go online to see what certain imagery pertains to; once had a dream about a fish hook stuck in my neck -you can find out what it meant here

13. Sticks around the pool hall : CUES - the sticks that one shoots with

14. Vacation period : STAY

24. Delta, but not gamma : AIRLINE

25. Metaphorical dream world : ROSE GARDEN - I didn't promise you one....

26. Onetime Leno announcer Hall : EDD

29. Forever, it seems : AGES - ugh, not EONS

30. Pain from a sticker? : COST - Sticker shock, like on new cars

31. Foe : ANTI - meh

32. Lamentations : JEREMIADS - new word to me; more here

34. Anatomical blind spot site : OPTIC DISC - see more here - unless it's in your, well....

36. Poetic location word : O'ER

41. Oater baddie : BANDIT and, his 50D. 41-Down's accessory : MASK

44. "A man has to be what he is, Joey" speaker : SHANE

45. Single divisions : CENTS

46. Possessed, biblically : HADST

48. __ B. Driftwood, Groucho's "A Night at the Opera" role : OTIS

49. Cries of clarity : A-HAs

51. Pad __: stir-fried noodles : THAI

54. Degree in algebra? : NTH - just about every Saturday, it seems


Notes from C.C.:

1) Some of you might not be aware of this, Splynter lost his father to dementia and kidney failure last Saturday. He never let this on through his posts, but it was really tough the past few years for him, his  mom and his brother. 

Baby Splynter and His Parents

2) Here is the obit of dear Spitzboov's daughter Gretchen. She's a beautiful person with a great family and a great career. My heart aches for Al & Betty, Gretchen's 8-year-old son Max and their whole family. A big "Thank you" to Manac for finding this link.

3) I'm also sad to say that Jazzbumpa's mother-in-law Rita was put into hospice on Thursday. Our thoughts are with him, his loving wife Gloria and his whole family.

We probably will never meet one another in this life, but we're a family. Thank you so much being supportive of those who're in difficult time.


fermatprime said...


Nice puzzle, SJSJ! Swell write-up, Splynter! I'll catch your links after I catch some ZZZZs.

Had trouble in NE corner and cheated a bit. Sob. Still do not get STAY.

Looking forward to a visit from a friend who lives rather far away, tomorrow! She likes to swim!


fermatprime said...

Just read yesterday's comments from 2 PM on, I think. I am very saddened by your loss, Spitzboov. Please accept deepest condolences.

(Now to deal with evil captcha again.)

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Spitz, I am so sorry for your loss. Same to you, Splynter. I hope the best wishes of us, your cyber family, will bring some comfort to you both.

SJSJ really made me work for it. What a beefy grid design! Crossing grid spanners, thick corners, the guy must have worked on this for ages. Excellent!

Managed to complete this puzz as an honest no-peeky, but I admit to being surprised Jeremiads was correct. All the perps looked solid, so I put it in and got the Ta Da. S'prise!

desper-otto said...

Good morning, Saturday Soldiers!

Finally, a quickie from SJSJ to finish the week. After the slog yesterday I wondered what today would bring.

Splynter, yes I think he was "stand on end", and I loved your GOOSENECK lamp. Fess up, did CED find that image for you?

Fermat, think of your STAY at a resort as a vacation period. And JEREMIADS are lamentations. Who knew? I thought they were bullfrogs. SKETCHIEST, AMELIORATE -- some great fill in this one.

Spitz and Splynter, very sorry about your losses.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Heartfelt condolences to both Splynter and Spitzboov this morning.

Had a few rough spots, but the puzzle was mostly smooth sailing. Of all things, I struggled the most with STAND ON END for "Erect." I was thinking adjective instead of verb and just didn't want to let go of STANDING UP for the longest time.

Was not familiar with ROSE GARDEN as anything other than a place whence the President occasionally makes speeches.

ARIANA was also hard to get. It finally dawned on me (after getting all the letters via the perps) that the clue was referring to the little girl, whose name I never knew.

Proud that I knew JEREMIADS. Only because I've sung a song called "Lamentations of Jeremiah" before, I think...

Dennis said...

Good morning, gang - I agree with desper-otto, this was a rare SJSJ quickie for me, although it took until the very end for me to let go of STANDING UP for erect. Might be a reason for that...

Also had ASSISTANCE for 'Helping people', but the perps forced the change. JEREMIADS was an unknown, and probably will be again within a couple days.

Overall, outstanding cluing -- I fell for most of the deceptions. Fun puzzle, as always from SJSJ.

Splynter, deepest sympathy. Treasure the memories.

Back to bed.

TTP said...

Good morning all. Thank you SJSJ and thank you Splynter. Great puzzle, great write up.

Started slowly and took a while to get any traction. Had everything right except the following when I finally turned on red letter help at 45 min.

Thought Baseball at 1A. Since I had OMEGA and ETTE, nothing was working in the genre of (baseball) GAMES, so didn't put in Games. 15A "Better" looked like improve(something) so entered IMPROVE. Had no clue for 7D Richards in Jurassic Park since I've never seen the movie, but Denise fit, so I entered her. Solved pretty much everything else and came back. Absolutely nothing was making sense in the NW and south of there into the middle. Finally came to the realization that Denise and improve couldn't be correct, and restarted that area with -----GAMES, ---POINTS, SATES and RENO. Then it fell pretty quickly. So in the end, Denise really screwed me, but I wanted her badly since she appeared to be a good fit. Live and learn.

Also had issues in the mideast, but those were solved when I realized MAN TO MAN DEFENSE, so 43A "It could be lost or saved" could no longer be GAME and FACE was entered, leading to OPTIC and then the east fell.

JEREMIADS was new but the perps were there.

D-O, I agree, Splynter's goose neck lamp pic looks like a classic CED.

Splynter, my condolences again. Hang in there.

HeartRx said...

Good morning Splynter, C.C. et al.

Admirable job blogging today, Splynter, considering you couldn’t get the puzz till 4am!! I loved the gooseneck lamp – not what I was expecting at all!!

All the misdirections in this one made me feel leery about entering anything at all without having some perps to confirm. But then I realized that all the perps were misdirections, too! Finally decided to enter a few that I was pretty sure were right, like OMEGA, KEATS, TNUT, CUES, RENO, IONIA, TIEGS…but it was looking pretty barren for a while. JEREMIADS was almost my undoing, with the M crossing MAE. It could have been either RAE or MAE, but JERErIADS didn’t look very likely…

Anyway, thanks for the fun romp SJSJ!

Steven J. St. John said...

"I thought they were bullfrogs." Hilarious, desper-otto!

JEREMIADS was the word that gave me the most trouble during construction. I kept going back and forth whether it was a unique and interesting bit of fill (which also gave me CAJOLE, which I liked) or if it was too obscure to take up so many letters.

Much of the clever cluing was Rich Norris. I had "Studs" for POKERGAMES. I had "Location of the Obama's beds" for ROSEGARDEN. Too risque? Rich gave us "Ran out of clothes?" which was really nice.

Al Cyone said...

I took one look at all those long answers and almost quit before I started but decided to give it a shot and, in fits and starts, got all but the SW corner. But CAJOLE gave me JEREMIADS and ROSEGARDEN gave me the rest. A favorite clue: "Ran out of clothes?". Not so favorite: "Decking". [21:58]

Condolences to those coping with loss today.

Husker Gary said...

I truly believe Rabbi Grollman’s quote that “Grief shared is grief diminished” and hope that our comforting thoughts for the hurting members of our little community can serve as some solace.

Yellowrocks said...

What a fun puzzle, so full of misdirections. I used a few red letters for the first time ever in the SW. I was sure of CAJOLE and JEREMIADS, but the S in COST did me in. After I found it, I took a while to understand it.
That gave me STREAKED. I was thinking NAKED. I had ROSEG and should have known GARDEN. GRR.
Great puzzle in spite of technical DNF. SJSJ you beat me fair and square.

Splynter, my condolences on the loss of your dad. May memories of better times comfort you. Jazz, my thoughts are with you as you face your m-i-l's hospice.

A dear friend was put in hospice at home yesterday. Her kidneys are failing and her cancer has become overwhelming. We have been expecting this for months, but it is still sad.

Husker Gary said...

Someday someone will tell me how the Saturday constructors come up with such long fills that stack together so well. Trial and error after one seed entry or…

-I just started Splynter’s write-up but I’ll bet he had to look up JEREMIADS. I did.
-Seahawks beat Falcons and Broncos beat Ravens! ONE SECOND PLEASE!
-HAND IN HAND with a grandchild – it don’t get no better! Just wait Kazie and Lemon.
-Equating the motley, random group of World Series poker players with real pro athletes is silly
-Woe unto a presidential candidate that lets a Weak Point out (i.e. tell the truth).
-Did you ever have a TA that didn’t speak English very well? Me too.
-Yeah, Splynter, I was thinking of the decking someone in your profession would use or what Mike Tyson used to do.
-_ _ _ _ AKED begged for NAKED but nope it was this guy
-MAE was a gimme for us NASA guys
-The Hypotenuse from Home plate to second base is 127.27’ according to Pythagoras
-With ELKS can SHEEPS be far behind?
-I used a 16 oz. unvarnished CUE in my misspent “ute”
-I suffered sticker shock last week at the car show. Is that $80,000 Audi really that much better or sop to someone’s ego? This from the guy who wouldn’t pay millions for a Klimt ;-)
-Cisco and Pancho chased BANDITOS here in The Gay Amigo

Montana said...

What Al said, "Condolences to those coping with loss today."

I debated on whether to even try this puzzle with so many long words, but I often do well with SJSJ's so I tackled it. I did vertical first-got 15 answers, then horizontal-got 12 more. Then back and forth as perp by perp hinted at a correct answer. At the end, I had one letter to solve. I was reading AT _D crossing with Jeremi_ds and nothing made sense. Finally WAG with A and got the ta-da. I still read AT AD. It didn't sink in until Splynter wrote A TAD. After knowing a fair number of difficult ones, A TAD almost did me in.

Have a nice weekend,


Anonymous said...

another clue answer that might be better. 41 accross - Jewel is a pop singer (from Alaska). So a box item from Jewel would be a CD-rom of her music.

Java Mama said...

Good morning Saturday Solvers! This was a fun romp from SJSJ, challenging enough to be Saturday-worthy, but not frustratingly so. Learning moment was JEREMIADS – thanks for the explanation, Splynter. LOL’d at your “yeah, that too” remark on 11D.

Greek Horshoe ? = OMEGA and Ran Out of Clothes ? = STREAKED were my favorites today. Thanks for the Ray Stevens link, Gary. Anybody else remember this streaking episode?

One of my slightly spoiled relatives frequently laments that her life is no ROSE GARDEN – and doesn’t like it when I remind her that having a rose garden requires picking up a shovel now and then.

Saturday chores are calling. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

A difficult Saturday offering, Mr. SJSJ, with lots of interesting fill. A technical DNF because of jeremiads, an unknown to me. Nice expo, Splynter.

Happy Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Am I missing something with the Big bucks clue? Aren't male elk called bulls?

CrossEyedDave said...

That Gooseneck Lamp looked a little wierd to me, I would have gone with this one...

Husker Gary said...

-One more question on my way to the golf course. Look at the Cisco/Pancho video to which I linked above and see if you agree with me that the speaking cavalryman at 3:20 is an unmasked, pre-Lone Ranger Clayton Moore. That voice sounds right to me.


desper-otto said...

Husker, his name is fifth from the top on the "And" screen...

LaLaLinda said...

Hi Everyone ~~

A very enjoyable Saturday puzzle, Steven J. St. John/SJSJ. I didn't breeze through it, but made steady progress and came to an unassisted finish - thanks to my lucky guess at the crossing of MAE and JEREMIADS. Both were unknowns.

~ Had In a SECOND before ONE SECOND. That held up that area for a bit.

~ Loved the clues for STREAKED and PAW AT - my cats "investigate" such things often. =^..^= (All three seem a bit better today - waiting for a call from the vet)

~ What a fun write-up, Splynter! Loved your GOOSENECK lamp and your "stand on end" comment. Your explanations and commentary really added to the enjoyment of the puzzle.

~ I'm glad to hear you're feeling better, C.C.

~ Since my husband was in the hospital at Christmas time, our "Christmas Eve" gathering is today. Tomorrow I finally get to put all the decorations away.

My thoughts are with Spitzboov, Splynter, and JazzB & Gloria and they face these difficult times.

Lucina said...

Good morning, weekend soldiers. Great review, Splynter. Appreciate that you went to so much trouble accessing the puzzle.

Yowza! It's rare that I can sashay through a SATURDAY puzzle! Started slowly but knew KEATS and CUES were firm so soldiered on from there.

Finished each quadrant though had to think deeply in the NW. First I had POKER FACES and WEAKNESSES but that didn't work so realized changes were needed. As soon as POKER GAMES appeared so did GOOSENECK and MAN TO MAN. KitchenETTE was the key.

In the SW I was sure RAN NAKED would stand but then TIEGS came to mind and the whole section came alive. I've heard of JEREMIADS somewhere in the distant past so my LINE at 55A changed to SIDE.

Thank you, SJSJ, for a lovely time today. It was actually easier than yesterday's disaster for me.

Again, condolences and prayers for those suffering losses or pending loss, Spitzboov, Splynter and Jazzbumpa. Intense prayers for all including the families.

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!

Yellowrocks said...

HG, a TA? I had a professor who had each class write papers and then saved the best of them to use verbatim instead of developing her own lectures. There were many words she mispronounced, among them, names. She was insulted when asked to repeat, so I became the world's worst speller. I always raised my hand and asked to have the word or name spelled. She could read the spelling right from the paper.

In one test we were asked to name the most influential act regarding education passed by Congress in a certain period. There were many equally influential acts during that period. The remainder of the test was answering questions about this unnamed act, and it had to be the one she had in mind. Most of the class failed some of her tests and she discarded the results instead of failing all her students. A few students dropped the course and went to the dean , who did nothing. I persevered because I needed the course for graduation.

Misty said...

I love SJSTJ puzzles, even on a Saturday, it turns out. I got the bottom third of the puzzle before I had to cheat. But after looking up only one item, the rest slowly and pleasurably filled in. I got STREAKER right away, and RENO, but not POKERGAMES. In another life, I would have been a gambler, I think. Anyway, great fun on this Saturday morning--many thanks, Steve. And Splynter, you have just been heroic staying with us through your difficult time. Thanks to you too!

JazzB, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. And Spitzboov, I almost cried reading Gretchen's obituary. She was clearly beautiful both inside and outside.

Have a good weekend, everybody.

JD said...

Good morning Splynter, CC and all,

All I can say is anyone who creates and/or completes a Sat is a genius! "Thick triple stacks," sounds like pancakes, and I surprised myself for filling those NW and SE corners, but the rest looks like Swiss cheese.Got man to man defense, but not one second please, nor insomniac.So many great fills, SJSJ.

Java Mama, laughed at your shovel reply.

My thoughts are with you Splynter, Bumpa, and Spitzboov.Life is not a rose garden, or maybe it is - with thorns.

Lemonade714 said...

Really great first Saturday SJSJ. Splinter my best to you, I lost my mother to dementia and it was a very sad end to a wonderful woman. JzB well that makes three, more prayers.

Tinbeni said...

Splynter" Outstanding write-up & links. (Esp. considering your "time" constraints).

Spitzboov: I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter.
tears ...

Jazz: Hospice was wonderful in caring for my mother years ago. I hope Rita gets the same dignity.

SJSJ: Nice FUN Saturday. Won't bore you with the DNF details, but it is a sexy Ink Blot.

OK, how does a TOY mouse PAW-AT something?

BTW, Anon @10:14
Thanks for the "timely" comment regarding YESTERDAYS 41-A clue/answer for Jewel box item/CD-ROM.

A "toast" to all at Sunset.
Cheers !!!

Pookie said...

Tinbeni @ 12:45:
I had the same question, but I guess the CAT is doing the pawing (investigating)
Just finished getting the last of Mom's stuff out of her house that sold.She passed more than a year ago, but I couldn't let go and felt more comforted if I saw her stuff and remembered.
But I had to go forward and DH and I finally got out the last of it last night.
My brother helped so much, but he lives in OR and wanted to come and finish up with us. I just said no, we can handle it. And we did.
JazzB, No words can express how it feels for a loved one to be in hospice.

Read the obituary of Spitzboov's daughter Gretchen.
Just cried. I feel so bad for your whole family.

We picked this for Mom's service.
It helped.
I want to stroll over heaven with you

Qli said...

A DNF for me today, but fun to read Splynter's write-up! I'm reasonably sure that Agent Mulder was 11D, given the reason he went to rehab...

So sorry to hear about Splynter's dad and the passing of Spitzboov's daughter. Hospice is a wonderful thing, Jazz and Gloria; it helped make the last days of my mother's life better for her and for us.

Just found out that the wonderful little nursing home that my Dad has lived in for the last four years is closing. But wait-the company is opening a facility in China. Sounds like a bad joke, doesn't it?

Lucina said...

Have you recovered from the flu? I hope so and that you feel better.

Bill G. said...

Gary, I'm sure you are correct about Clayton Moore. It's hard to mistake his voice once you've heard it a few times. Plus, I saw his name in the initial credits. (Oops, I see where Desper-otto beat me to it.)

Here's a great video and slide show of the Northern Lights and some other pretty sights. There's a video about halfway down the page and then a slide show. Auroras

Husker Gary said...

-Otto, thanks for the info! I read that cast of characters about as well as I read Internet agreements of - X I accept ;-). That dialogue rang a bell in my head and I said to myself, “Where have I heard that voice before?” Everybody has to start somewhere.
-YR, that professor sounds like what Sheldon might do as far as flexibility is concerned although I’m pretty sure he would never read anyone else’s paper and represent it as his own. Some college Profs are not trained to teach and just present the information however they want. You’re on your own!
-BTW, my calculus II teacher was from Calcutta and had all the mini-skirted coeds in the front row and the rest of us were ignored. I understood about 60% of what he said.
-Golf course was a little muddy and some snow remained but I loved being out there!

Steven J. St. John said...

So many nice comments today. You guys are great.

Husker, I had the pleasure of a round of golf today, if you can call a triple-digit score a pleasure...

Bill G. said...

Gary, when I got to Cornell, I discovered that I'd already experienced the best teachers, both in grade school and high school. Most of the professors were knowledgeable about the subject matter but were poor at explaining the concepts. The worst ones were those who had written the textbook.

I had to take one summer school class in Psychology at George Washington University in Washington D.C. It was after dinner and I was already sleepy. The professor lectured from his own textbook and parroted what I had already read. He was painfully dull and never made eye contact with anybody in the class. I was sitting in the front row and kept nodding off. I was sure he was going to notice and get angry at me but he just kept droning on while looking in the general direction of the back wall of the room. He never noticed me and I slept through most of Psychology. I actally enjoyed the subject material in spite of him.

I've been reading a number of people opining about how much they enjoyed TBBT though it seems most people agree it's gone downhill lately. I tried a couple old episodes and a couple of new ones. I agree. The older ones were funny and the new ones were like most sitcoms with a laugh track these days. So I've lost interest. My recommendation is to give Modern Family a try. It's got a crack comedic cast, two gay adoptive fathers, several funny kid actors and Sofia Vergara (sexy, smart and funny). Hard to beat these days.

Anonymous said...

There is no plural for elk, deer, antelope, etc.
You say "I saw ten elk this morning." Never elks! Sorry to have to correct you "city folk" out there!
Your Montana friend, Lulu

Yellowrocks said...

I always do a double take on Sofia Vergara's name. I read it as Sofia Viagra. Maybe she is so hot that no medicinal Viagra is needed.

Redneck said...

The OED Definition of elk
noun (plural same or elks)

1British term for moose.

2North American term for wapiti
We're not all city folk Lulu!

Husker Gary said...

Steven, I don’t know where you live but a 50F day here is gold and so out I went. Our course is very close to the Platte River, which means there is all manner of fauna on the course (deer, geese, rabbits, beaver, muskrats, etc.) and if things are not “kept up”, the, uh, residue can be quite daunting. Oh well, I play it where it lies and clean off the golf ball later ;-) My course is only 5,700 yards and so my score was below triple digits.

As I posted earlier, I wonder how you come up with these incredible long triple stacks and some of the long fill that is so seemingly random. Is it trial and error or are constructors like magicians who never reveal their tricks?

Thanks for dropping by!

Vairnut said...

Only had two problems today- not bad for a Saturday. Originally wanted POKERchips, then changed it to POKERfAcES, finally figured out it is GAMES. Hand up for difficulty with JEREMIADS. I had JEREMIAnS... and SInE for hypotenuse. Bit of a forehead slap when I saw it was SIDE.
Condolences to Spitzboov and Splynter.

downtonabbey said...

Husker Gary,


Yellowrocks said...

We had a 50+ degree day in NJ, too. Spring like! Blazer wearing weather. In the middle of this week our low was in the teens. It is not the cold weather which is hard to stand. It is the wild swings. I could become inured to highs in the 20s if we didn't have almost 40 degree variations. However, single digits and below, especaily as highs. are anathema to me. Fortunately they occur here only a few days a year, if at all.

Now I know how all manner of fauna on the (golf) course (deer, geese, rabbits, beaver, muskrats, etc.)are related. You want the real poop on this? They all leave "residue." Maybe the kinship of glads and mums is that they all release oxygen during respiration. LOL

Anonymous said...

Spitz and Betty: the obit for Gretchen is wonderful. The whole world will be missing her. Condolences and best wishes for her son.

So sorry, Splynter, about your dad. You surely are strong to not mention and to go ahead and do today's write up.

JazzB and Gloria, I hope your mother's time is good in hospice. All good reviews from friends who've had to use it. It will help you too.

Manac said...

Double Dang!

Two DNF's in a row!

Ameliorate and Ariana

Jeremiads and Mae

I didn't stand a chance.

Steven J. St. John said...


I'm in Florida, so I have the opposite problem... we play in January when it's tolerable. By May you're in for a bad sunburn and heatstroke by the 12th hole. Today I saw many heron, anhinga, and hawk. No elk(s). (<-- In my defense I had that clued as "Some lodge-men", though I appreciate Redneck's OED info.)

As for how it happens, yes, it's a whole lot of trial and error! I probably started with the central 15s and then kept trying to push more and more white space. But it's been a year since I submitted this one so I can't really remember the details.

Chickie said...

We have a beautiful, award winning Rose Garden here in San Jose. It is a glorious sight when all the roses are in bloom and you can tell you are near when the fragrance reaches you before you reach the garden.

It is the site for HS Granduations, Memorial Services, and just long walks.

The Master Gardeners in our area teach rose pruning and rose care by having people come and help prune and care for the roses throughout the year. It is truly a city wide effort.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter, Spitzboov. My condolences to you, your wife, and your extended family. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

Splynter, I am also saddened to hear about your father. My thoughts and prayers are also with you, your mother and your family at this time of loss.

C.C. said it so well. We may never meet in real life, but this internet family is a real family in the true sense of the word.

As for the puzzle today, It was a real DNF for me. I had the entire SW corner filled in with no problems, but only bits and pieces here and there for the rest of it.

Thanks, Splynter for a great writeup. I came here to learn new words, and see where my mistakes took place.

I did get Omega, and Streaked. I thought the clues for these were excellent. Decking was another story. I had teakwood--go figure!

Have a great weekend everyone. Enjoy the long holiday. We have Monday off, so we're looking forward to the three days with only household chores to occupy us.

Go 49'ers!

Chickie said...

Oops, The entire SE corner was filled. My directions are a bit fuzzy today.

Anonymous said...

Male elk(s) are called bulls.

Blue Iris said...

C.C., the blog going down while you are suffering from the flu did not seem like great timing!

Splynter, Thanks for writing an interesting explanation of clues and fills. It really made my experience enjoyable. I'm still remembering you in my prayers.

My daughter has to work as TA this semester. She is not looking forward to this experience as she would rather spend her life in the lab. This will be the end of her 4th year working toward her PhD.

I think this is my first time to see ASSISTANTS spelled out.

Jazz and Gloria, I hope your hospice experience is as sweet as I remember. They were so good to my mom and our family. It left that difficult time with some good memories.

Spitzboov, I keep telling my husband how much you remind me of my retired Navy FIL. Now I see your name is Alvin. My FIL was Albert. Unfortunately, he lost a daughter at age 37 yrs old to cancer and she left 3 children behind.
Your Gretchen was so beautiful and accomplished. So sad for you both and Max.

Manac said...

HG, You only used a 16 oz. cue? I use a 21 oz. to break and 19 oz. to play.
Have an 8' Olhausen in the basement.
Stop in any time and we'll Shoot some
pool :)

JD said...

Lulu, many of us who reside in cities and towns do get out to enjoy the wildlife. In fact, in many cases, we probably love those elk, moose and wolves more than many of you who live among them.When bobcats are killed in our area, our city folk are angered.

Bill G. said...

JD: ¿In your town, do they go by Los Gatos de Roberto?

No big animals running around untethered locally. We get the occasional skunk or opossum. However, I've seen a few gray whales and dolphins about a mile west of here.

Argyle said...

I've started the captcha early because we maybe having a lock-out problem again. Email me if you can.

Argyle said...

something is wacky. I deleted 237 spams. maybe we shouldn't have let them build up like that. It was only from this morning!

Bill G. said...

Looks OK. This Captcha can really be tough to translate.

What does all the spam look like on your end?

JD said...

well, I'm not sure I can prove I'm not a robot... but will sincerely try. It is a good thing.

Bill, we live close( about 2 miles) to the foothills, so we have lots of critters in our town, which starts in the foothills: bob cats, wildcats, deer, very brave raccoons, skunks, possums, and some wandering coyotes.I have never seen any wild cats or bob cats, but we read about sightings.A raccoon was coming into our house nightly for awhile and eating the cat food, until I locked the cat door each night.

Anonymous said...

If you are having trouble with the captcha, keep refreshing till you get a good one.

I took 4 trys to get a good one.

Argyle said...

If you can't find us in the morning, check

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Bill G. said...

I know some folks are having problems getting onto the blog but things are running smoothly for me so far. I hope things are back to normal by tomorrow. 320KenyEgy

C.C. Burnikel said...

Anyone else besides Bill G can read this blog now? I know all the blog authors (our Monday to Sunday bloggers) can.

Dudley said...

CC - I seem to be reading the posts just fine.

Now if I could just fall asleep...

C.C. Burnikel said...

Thanks, Dudley. Great to see you!

Dudley said...

You're welcome. Now go to bed! :-)

Dudley said...

Now that it's Sunday, I find I can still write to the Saturday blog, but only because I had left it open all night. Blogger is disallowing any new access attempts.

Montana said...

I just read last night's posts.