Feb 10, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014 Bruce R. Sutphin

Theme: Make Them Laugh - Three funny characters.


17A. Bil Keane comic strip : THE FAMILY CIRCUS. Circus Clown. Family Circus web site.

28A. Bygone Honda CR-V rival : ISUZU RODEO. The very important Rodeo Clown.

44A. Flier's upgrade : FIRST CLASS. Class Clown

60A. Sondheim song, and a hint to the ends of 17-, 28- and 44-Across : "SEND IN THE CLOWNS". Clip(4:11) by Judy Collins with lyrics and an extensive write-up.

Argyle here and one time 44-Across. Two spanners today and some sneaky fill. Some nits that if you're doing LAT puzzles, you should know and get over it. I think Bruce(interview) had fun constructing this one.


1. Class with numbers : MATH

5. One making a coffee run, say : GOFER. (from 'go for')

10. Spot to shop : MALL

14. Lot measurement : ACRE

15. Skip over, in speech : ELIDE

16. Reed to which an orchestra tunes : OBOE

20. Briny : SEA

21. Buzzing homes : HIVES

22. Tree houses? : NESTS

23. Journalist Sawyer : DIANE

25. Chess pieces : MEN

26. Chess piece : PAWN. If a pawn makes it all the way across the board, it may become any man it wants, excepting the King.

34. Teacher's Apple : iMAC

35. Expansive : VAST

36. Gardner of Hollywood : AVA

37. Strip of latticework : LATH. Makein' lath the old way.


38. Low card : DEUCE

40. "It's Your Space" rental company : AVIS

41. Gobbled up : ATE

42. "The Clan of the Cave Bear" author Jean : AUEL. I almost remember her now.

43. Diet label word : LITE

48. Fruity quenchers : ADEs

49. It may be doffed : HAT

50. Backup strategy : PLAN B

52. Like an enthusiastic crowd : AROAR. …asmell of the greasepaint, aroar of the crowd…(sic)

55. Guiding principle : ETHIC

57. Sub sandwich dressing item : OIL

63. Wear a hole in the carpet : PACE

64. Dance studio rail : BARRE

65. Actress Fey : TINA

66. Winter transport : SLED

67. Prints and threads, to detectives : CLUES

68. __ in Show: dog prize : BEST


1. Wrestling surfaces : MATS

2. Workout woe : ACHE

3. Stay afloat in place : TREAD WATER. Do you remember Bill Cosby's, "Noah, how long can you tread water?"

4. Pajamaed mogul, familiarly : HEF. (Hugh Hefner)

5. Zodiac's Twins : GEMINI

6. Martini garnishes : OLIVEs

7. Store in a folder : FILE

8. Ice cream brand : EDY'S

9. TiVo button : REC

10. Multitalented Rita : MORENO

11. Basic lessons : ABCs

12. Big oaf : LOUT

13. Not as much : LESS

18. "Figured it out!" : "A-HA!"

19. Unmoving : INERT

24. Creep (along) : INCH

25. Source of inspiration : MUSE

26. Rice dish : PILAF

27. Vintage violin : AMATI

29. Throat dangler : UVULA

30. Tween heartthrob Efron : ZAC

31. "Life on Mars?" singer : DAVID BOWIE. Video(3:57)

32. Online party notice : EVITE

33. Desert retreats : OASES

38. Conduit for tears : DUCT

39. Slippery swimmer : EEL

40. Oscar winner Arkin : ALAN. Best Supporting Actor for "Little Miss Sunshine"(2006)

42. Arcade pioneer : ATARI

45. Out of the sun : SHADED

46. Region of influence : SPHERE

47. Cuts for a sandwich : SLICES

51. Commonly injured knee ligament, for short : ACL. (anterior cruciate ligament)

52. Deadly snakes : ASPs

53. Genuine : REAL

54. A single time : ONCE

55. List finisher: Abbr. : ET AL.

56. No __ traffic : THRU

58. Travelers' stops : INNs

59. Future D.A.'s hurdle : LSAT. (Law School Admission Test)

61. "The Voice" network : NBC

62. Gambling letters : OTB. (off-track betting)




OwenKL said...

There once was a CLOWN named Romeo
Who thought he would join a RODEO.
But things got too thorny
When a bull got too horny.
Now Romeo sings sopran-eo!

Hermes was a CLOWN with a purpose,
From a cannon to be shot at the CIRCUS.
To make the gun louder
He used too much powder.
Now Hermes is sans epidermis!

Percy was known as CLASS CLOWN.
He would sit in his seat upside-down.
He made teacher miserable,
So was sent to vice-principal
With a paddle, who said "SEND IN THE CLOWN!"

OwenKL said...

Easy even for a Monday until I got to the east section. 31,32,&33d didn't come, which left me without enough perps for 28,40,43,&57a. The reveal finally gave me RODEO, and from that the rest fell into place.
Not familiar with the song "Life On Mars?", but should have known of it and its singer because I followed David Bowie (despite not caring for his genre of music) after his starring role in the excellent SciFi (cult) movie The Man Who Fell To Earth.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Mostly smooth solve today, but like Owen I stumbled a bit on the East Coast. For me, though, the stumbling block was the cluing on DAVID BOWIE, ISUZU RODEO and AVIS. A little help from the perps took care of those, however.

More snow last night to shovel. Fun, fun, fun...

thehondohurricane said...

Good Morning,

Looks like it's going to be one of those week's! North and South went quickly and the Central was difficult, resulting in one spelling error resulting in the dreaded DNF. Had Isuru instead of ISUZU. The clue for 30D was no help at all.

Only other mis-step was 33D where I began with Oasis . 43A, LITE, straightened me out. Guess the E means it's plural and I singular.

Everything else was what one should expect for a Monday....easy.

In a hurry, Tahoe in for service at 8:00 AM. I'll read Argyles comments later.

Have a good one.

Anonymous T said...

تحيات Puzzle Pals!

WBS - nice and easy.

My only write over was SLICES for SALAMI.

I knew Life on Mars? was BOWIE, not from hearing it but from the BBC show titled the same. It was the song that the main character was listening to before he went back in time 30 years. If you haven't seen the programme, check it out - but start at episode one.

So far, so good in Cairo; I've not seen an OASIS nor have I been bitten in the ASP!

Cheers, -T

Bruce S. said...

Thanks for the write-up Argyle. Glad that it played fairly easy for most, that was my goal in constructing this one.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Zip, zip, done. No nits to pick. I even remembered AUEL and how to spell it.

Anonymous-T, thanks for reminding me of Life on Mars on the BBC. I remember watching that series, but completely forgot the name.

Argyle, the class clown? Nah! More likely the guy the teacher wouldn't call on, because he always had the answer. 42.

Wow, got a numeric captcha. I'm not gonna waste it was a "preview."

desper-otto said...

"with a preview." Shoulda previewed!

Husker Gary said...

-A controversial Rodeo CLOWN last year
-Here, indoor MALLS are giving way to outdoor ones like recently opened Nebraska Crossing on I-80
-Grandson loves TREE HOUSE Masters on the Animal Planet
-It was scandalous in 1951 when Frank got a divorce to marry AVA. It’d be page 17 today
-On Monday it’s the car rental company. On Friday it’s the rare bird.
-What would HEF have thought if his daughter Christie had married an 80 yr old man when she was 21?
-My retirement credo: LESS is more
-Does Zac appeal to TEENERS?
-History’s most famous DUCTS?
-Yeah, we all remember playing “high tech” PONG
-Mission accomplished, Bruce, for a just right Monday!
-Off to a funeral for a man I hardly knew who was a father of a niece I hardly know. It’s what you do.

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~

A fun, fast puzzle just right for a Monday. Thanks for the write-up, Argyle ~ I'm wondering about the potential nits you referred to.

It was probably just my morning brain, but I stumbled a bit at 'Pajamaed mogul' because the - AED looked so strange to me. For just a few seconds I was thinking of a mogul from a foreign land. Duh. The perps made HEF easy, though.

Quite a few proper names, most of them people, but they were common enough (or perpable enough) to cause no problem.

Bright and sunny with just a bit of additional snow, here ~ enjoy your day!

Avg Joe said...

Other than the same "Huh?" moment LaLaLinda mentioned with Hef this was very smooth sailing. Not sure I would have gotten the theme without the reveal, but it was clear with it. Also enjoyed hearing both Judy and David. Thanks.

I have one minor nit. The Rodeo is not in the same class as the CR-V. It's bigger and, IIRC, has a full frame. It was a stable mate of the re-badged Honda Passport, so that clue would have been awkward, but there were likely other choices for the clue that would have been more accurate than a sport-cute.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Bruce Sutphin, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the fine fine review.

Actually used the newspaper today. Got started a little later.

I had THE FAMILY CIRCLE until I got the theme and then CIRCUS worked better.

AMATI was easy. We just had a Stradivarius stolen up north of us in Milwaukee the other day. Cops located it and arrested the perps. Valued at 5 million dollars according to the news.

EVITE is appearing a lot now in our lives. I prefer getting a letter.

Did not know AUEL, perped her.

I love OLIVES. But not in a martini. i do not drink martinis.

3 below zero this morning when I arose.

See you tomorrow.


(one twequo)

Abejo said...

Anonymous T:

I assume your arabic text means Anonymous T. What's happening in Cairo?


Anonymous T said...

Abejo: The Arabic is supposed to read "Hello" unless a trick has been played upon me. R-Doc, do you know?

Things are going well in Cairo - no unrest that we can can see. Security is tight. My buddies and I went to the Four Seasons for dinner and our car was inspected by a bomb-sniffing dog before we could proceed. Dinner was good and I did have a Beefeater martini with an OLIVE.

Cheers, -T

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Woke up at 5; couldn't get back to sleep so had some orange juice and did the puzzle.

Liked the theme but had the fill by the time the unifier came up. Threw an 'i' into MORENO, but NESTS showed the way. No searches were needed.

INCH - Wonder if metric nations like Canada centimeter when creeping. And is it 2.54 times slower? Retirees have time for wondering.

Have a great day. Another Arctic vortex is INCHing toward us. Hopefully its sojourn will be briefer.

CrossEyedDave said...

I remember the Bill Cosby original Noah bit, but not the "how long can you tread water" later version. So I had to look it up.

I still play some of the old Atari games online, here is one site that probably will not work with Ipads (or anything Apple.) But it doesn't have my favorite, Battlezone. This site works much better, but I think I downloaded it as an app years ago. (I don't remember.) but it has no commercials, & the games run like the originals.

Argyle said...

LaLaLinda, the main two nits I was thinking of were 48A, "ADES isn't a word" and 8D, "EDY'S is only on the east coast".

CanadianEh! said...

What a lovely Monday romp (12 minutes with no red letter or Google help). Thanks Bruce. AUEL, LSAT, HEF all filled in with perps and I was not even aware of them until I came here. Had OTB but didn't know what it meant. Thanks Argyle.

I think it was last week on Jeopardy that one of the ladies guessed UVULA when the answer was EPIGLOTTIS. Close but not a match!

LOL Spitzboov @9:14. Love your "retirement wondering"!

I have used EVITE quite a few times over the last few years. It certainly saves stamps, collects all the info in one location and works well and avoids duplication for family celebrations where guests are bringing food.

Sunny but crisp here. Come on spring! I can't believe there is only 1 more episode of Downton Abbey.

Argyle said...

Noah, the full version. Poor quality because it sounds like somebody just recorded the record and posted it as a video. Still funny.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I thought this had a bit of a bite for a Monday, but all fell into place easily enough. Had no clue about the theme until the unifier.

Thanks, Bruce, for a good start to the week and for dropping by, and, thanks, Argyle, for your fun expo.

Another cold but bright, sunshiny day. Have a good one.

Montana said...

Good morning to my Crossword friends!
Montana is back home in Montana and can now get back to posting each day after solving the puzzle.
It took less time to do the puzzle than to read Argyle’s expo, listen to the links and read the first 10 comments.
Monday’s are supposed to be easy, but this one was really easy. Bruce S. said that was the intent.

I didn’t know RODEO, so kept going. Got it when I did the few downs I needed. OIL and sandwich didn’t go together for me, even with the word, dressing, in the clue. But I had the I and L so figured it had to be.

Happy belated Birthday to Splynter and others I have missed in the last few weeks.
I have done the puzzle every day, but often was unable to read the Corner. I had very poor wi-fi in my apartment. I also ended up in hotels that had poor wi-fi. Glad to be home. It is interesting how much a part of our lives, connecting over the Internet, has become.

I drove through the tail end of that last storm, but with blizzard conditions and icy roads, I took 3 days to make the trip. (When I was 30, I would have done it in 12 hours.)
I should have stayed another month in Denver. It has been -38° to -18° here at home. It’s in the 40s in Denver. This morning it is up to -7° now!

Have a good day, everyone,


Lemonade714 said...

Well Brice S. is back after just over a year absence; he was one of my favorite Friday regulars for a while.

ADES not a word! Shocking!

If I were the nit type, I would say I never cared for AROAR or EVITES but why complain, it was a fun Monday meander. I assume we all had a leg up on the repeat BARRE and the timely reference to BEST IN SHOW since Westminster is back on USA tonight and tomorrow.

Did not know the new (?) slogan but how many 4 letter car rentals are there?

Loved the Donald O'Connor.

Thanks Bruce and Argyle

CanadianEh! said...

Oh good. There are 2 more episodes of DA! Cliffhanger on Feb 23?!

Lucina said...

Hello, friends!

Very easy romp today with Bruce's puzzle. Thank you for stopping by with your comment, Bruce. I enjoyed this but I do like a more crunchy puzzle where I can savor the fill.

Nevertheless, this was fun with some clever CLUES. I especially liked:

buzzing homes: HIVES
throat dangler: UVULA

I do wonder about INERT, however. Physics is not my field but doesn't inert mean that once a body achieves static movement it is considered inert? For example, the planets move at a steady pace, are in constant motion, yet are inert. Please correct me on this because it is my very weakest field of knowledge.

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!

Lucina said...

Oh, no! I'll be gone that weekend and won't return for some weeks later. Fortunately I'll have it recorded on DVR.

I can't wait to see what Bates is planning for Mr. Green and what the family will do once Edith's condition becomes evident.

CrossEyedDave said...

An interesting (?) bit of trivia you may not be aware of regarding clowns...

In May of 1968, the BBC showed Season 7, Episode 11, of The Avengers (Tara King had replaced Ms. peel) titled "Look, (stop me if you've heard this one) But There Were These Two Fellers...

An interesting episode in which two retired clowns were killing Directors of a large company. The only piece of evidence left behind was a large red nose, which Steed brought to The International Clowns Club which registers the faces of clowns for copyright purposes by painting their faces on eggs...

The curator of this delightful establishment was played nervously by none other than Mr. John Cleese in his 1st appearance other than The Frost Report. (You can imagine what happened to the eggs...)

To my amazement, it turns out that this museum of clown faces painted on eggs is a real place!

Here is an image...

Misty said...

A great fun speed run--the perfect way to start the week. Many thanks, Bruce, and it's great to have you check in with the Corner. And thanks for your always fun expo.

I love THE FAMILY CIRCUS cartoon in the LA Times every morning. It's so innocent, it's almost like a by-gone era. And of course it helped with the theme this morning.

LaLaLinda, thanks for a great new word: PERPABLE.

Welcome back, Montana. Hope the weather won't be too bad for the remaining 40-some days until spring.

Have a great week, everybody!

Lucina said...

It is amazing to learn how those violin thieves were caught! The technology was in the taser they used! What a world we live in now.

Bill G. said...

I enjoyed the puzzle and found it appropriately easy for a Monday. I got stuck for a bit in the upper-right corner where I discovered I had Family Circle instead of Circus. Ah me...

Lucy, I think of INERT as a term from Chemistry instead of Physics. It refers to an element like Helium or Neon or Krypton that won't interact or form compounds with other elements. I don't think I would use it in Physics, but if someone did, I would think they would mean "motionless" or "steady."

KentuckyKate said...

Argyle at 9:33. I'm pretty sure I've see Edy's here in Kentucky and Ohio and Graeter's has a well-deserved hold on Black Raspberry Chip...but Ohio is really missing out on BlueBell!

Meanwhile, OASES are much more satisfactory than Caves and a RODEO than a Radec. How embarrassing! Because the rest of it was as smooth as Blue Bell's Homemade Vanilla! hope I was distracted by the thoughts of ice cream on a hot Texas summer day.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, The puzzle went very quickly this morning. Those areas that gave others problems were done and over with before I knew it. Evite is a regular event invitation for two organizations to which I belong.
But, David Bowie had to come with the perps.

I thought Buzzing Homes was clever today.

Appointments to be kept this morning, so I'm off.

Have a great day, everyone.

john28man said...

I looked up the definition of INERT (in Merriam-Webster) which does include motionless. in fact, it listed this definition first before chemically inactive.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Bruce! Great Expo, Argyle! A speed run with only minor hold-ups.

I had the strangest thing happen. I played and enjoyed the Donald O'Connor clip which I'd somehow made full screen. Then I couldn't get it to quit or reduce. After clicking around on it for quite a while it just kept getting louder. Finally when I had the curser at rest, the picture just went smaller and I was able to get the picture to leave the screen but the sound was still going, but garbled. Weird!

JD said...

Good morning all...oops, it isn't morning, but that is the way it looks,

Almost too quick to enjoy, but a perfect Monday run. Few write overs: elude to elide; treds to tredd to tread... and sphere was perped.

The Family Circus never gets old.

First Class: I wish.

Only ONE more episode? REALLY?

Yellowrocks said...

Happy Monday, all.
Italian subs are our specialty here in North Jersey. A large majority of them have OIL as the main item in the dressing, sometimes alone and often with a splash of vinegar added. Oregano is frequently sprinkled on, as well. Some places use bottled Italian dressing made of oil and vinegar. Mayo or mustard are good, but to my taste they don't make a real sub, but only a sandwich. I have found subs disappointing in other states on my travels. Our corner deli makes the best ones. Yummy.

River Doc said...

Happy Monday everybody!

What the DUECE...? This one went by faster than a downhill skier in Sochi...! In other words, TGIM.....

Life on Mars was also redone for American TV (ABC) a few years ago. It starred Harvey Keitel and Gretchen Mol....

Anon T, I never bothered to learn Arabic, so I can neither confirm nor deny. Good to see that unlike Qatar, you are able to order an alcoholic drink without having to get a liquor license....

Learning moment for today was that Stephen Sondheim wrote a song to usher in either a Congressional or a Senatorial session....Trying to stay bi-partisan here with an equal opportunity critique of our reps in DC....

Anonymous T said...

It's almost Tuesday here says...

R-Doc: Yes, we have beer nightly with our dinners. Its almost a pre-req for us to patron a restaurant

I do remember the ABC remake, but then they tried to stretch out Life on Mars. BBC does it right - run through the story and full-stop. L.O.S.T. lost me when they tried to extend stuff.

Bill G. The noble gases came to mind too. With their full valence shells, they're INERT -- kinda like me tonight after filling my valence with very good Indian food and more beer.

Montana - welcome home must be nice even if on ice.

YR - I've never lived on the East Coast, but I don't like that creamy stuff on my subs. OLIVE OIL a splash of red-wine vinegar and pepper is all good cured-meat needs.

I'll just rabbit-rabbit re: FAMILY CIRCUS....

For anyone who cares:
Right now I'm sitting on the balcony of our flat watching bats swoop left and right. Life is still teaming a few blocks over and anything-you-want delivery motor-bikes ride by (you can get McDonalds delivered here - not that we will, but still (oh, and beer :-)). The men who watch the streets are gathered and gossiping as autos dance around each other going either way. It's fun to watch. The weather is gorgeous - like Sonoma Vally in the early summer; a slight chill but deliciously so.

Good night from Cairo.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

OK not quite good night says...

I forgot to mention how awesome technology is... Before I posted I was able to FaceTime my youngest. From 1/2 way 'round the world we could see each other and chat for a few min after school. She did well on her test and is going to go play with the neighbor kid. C, -T

Yellowrocks said...

Anonymous T What creamy stuff? Our Italian dressing is olive oil, vinegar and spices. It is preferable just to splash them on individually. That was my point. But they also comes bottled that way.
It is wonderful that you had face time with your youngest.

Marge said...

Well, hello everyone,

I am glad to get back to the blog. We were in Ga. with our kids for 6 weeks over the holidays. We stayed with our son.

I did the LA Times puzzle most days, or tried to. They have the answers in the paper the same day so it's too easy to cheat.

I received an e-mail from a friend and she asked how it was in the sunny south. But it was cold there too,got down to 5 above one day. Thank goodness we left before Atlanta had that snow and ice problem.
Our granddaughter works in downtown Atlanta and it took her 8 hours to go 15 miles that day.

This puzzle was fun,I enjoyed it.

Thank you C.C. for the birthday greeting on Jan.22.

Have a great evening all!


Anonymous T said...

Still won't sleep because it's too much fun trying to figure out the tenor of the street gossip says...

YR - The mayo & mustard creamy stuff... I re-read my post and it is ambiguous. I'm with you, just OLIVE OIL, vinegar, and herbs/spices on cured meet subs. C, -T

River Doc said...

Anon T, Doha also had the delivery bikes. And the traffic seemed to consist of a lot of vehicles basically weaving from lane to lane, all using their horns, so having a bike got you through a lot easier. Traffic signage was, for the most part, merely a suggestion.... I actually used the iPad to film one of my rides home (I had to take taxis everywhere) which I titled Doc's Wild Ride....

That trip was where I first learned how to Skype - the biggest deal being aware of the 10-hour time difference....

Montana said...

Marge, you are back home too. Isn't it nice?

I do like technology. I Facetimed with my 4 youngest grandkids, Sunday.

When my AF son was deployed to Qatar and his three children lived with me for the school year, we Skyped every Thursday night at 7 our time. He worked the night shift there, so the time worked for him, also. My kindergarten granddaughter wanted on last--she would read a little book to her dad showing him pictures as she read, just like adults read to kids. Good memories of how we managed the long separation.


HeartRx said...

Good evening, all!

Well, I guess it's WEES ("What Everyone Else Said…")

It was pretty easy-peasy, as Monday's should be. Thank you, Bruce, for stopping by!! I had an inkling of the theme with CIRCUS and RODEO, and thought they both have clowns. Then when CLASS appeared, I was sure! Yay!!! I actually didn't need the reveal to "get it."

No probs with AUEL - I have read and enjoyed her books. No other write-overs, and I missed many of the down clues until I read Argyle's write-up.

Too tired from painting all day to think of anything else but BED!!

fermatprime said...


A real speed run today! Thanks, Bruce and Argyle!

ACL was only thing perped.

Woke up feeling horrible. A-fib acting up. Took a Xanax and went swimming anyway. Hope that I can take a nap!

Really do worry about what Bates will do!


Lucina said...

Montana and Marge:
It's great to know that you are both home. No matter how enjoyable a trip is, home always feels best.

Glad you are safe in Cairo and enjoying the sights. Your children must be thrilled that you can talk to them from such a distance.

I told you, physics is a very weak area for me. Thanks for your response.

fermatprime said...

Bill: I would not be surprised if they ran all of Foyle's War From the beginning yet another time. I have watched every episode twice. Don't know why the fellow with the black (gangrenous, I think) foot was never operated on.

Bill G. said...

River Doc: Ooh! I remember that show! I really liked it, all except for the hokey ending that is. It was my first exposure to Gretchen Mol. Really appealing! Did you see even more of her in the Notorious Bettie Page?

It was a dull day so I'll write about my trip to the supermarket. One lady had her young kid along and he had his annoying screaming down pat; not because he was hurting but because he was always wanting something he couldn't have. His mother never fussed at him or suggested that he should use his indoor voice because he might be bothering other people. I didn't understand her or the perfectly content look she had on her face. Oh well. Both of them are out of hearing range now.

The lines were pretty short but a very nice checker invited me into the automated self-service line where she volunteered to do everything for me . I didn't want to because when I have tried by myself, it takes about five times longer than a good checker. With her doing it for me, it only took about twice as long.

Lucy, you are welcome. I think of Newton's First Law: A body at rest tends to remain at rest and a body in motion tends to remain in motion in a straight line unless acted on by a force. So I guess it would make sense for somebody to say something is INERT if it is sitting still. I wouldn't use it that way though. BTW, how brilliant was Newton to figure out that law of motion (and other stuff) even though we never observe objects continuing in motion. They always stop. He figured it all out in between inventing calculus and figuring out gravitation. A scientific giant. Another science hero of mine was Galileo. I'm in awe.

River Doc said...

BillG, yes I did see the Notorious Bettie Page, and was impressed with Gretchen Mols performance....

Anonymous said...

anonT, if you are reading this you should be ashamed. go do something,

Anonymous T said...

Anon Anon - I did the puzzle at 8a* and followed posts while I worked. Then we did do something... Dinner followed by Seshaa (sp?) and more. We are just now turning in at 1:50a.*

The puzzle was fun, but I ended with a DNF at 58d perped with 64a. And at 62a/56d I put an "I" instead of an "A" so double-doh!

I've never watched Breaking Bad, but NPR had the cast/writers on so often I know the arc and filled 57a in early. I still can't recall the in-between parts of RUB-A-DUB and the butcher but it was almost a gimme.

Ed - thanks for the fun; Argyle (a well deserved shout-out) nice writeup, and Anon Anon thanks for goading me to post (though, I probably shouldn't Sheesah(?) and post...)

Cheers from Cairo, -T
*Time = GMT -2; or +8 CST