Jan 18, 2015

Sunday, January 18, 2015 Meryl Jackson

Theme:  "Chlorination" - CL (Chlorine symbol) is added to each theme answer.

23A. "Whatever circus act floats your boat"? : TO EACH HIS CLOWN. To each his own.

36A. Assure satisfaction? : CLAIM TO PLEASE. Aim to please.

58A. Pen in Patna? : INDIA CLINK. India ink. Patna is on the south bank of the Ganges.

82A. Loot from a shamrock heist? : CLOVER HAUL. Overhaul. 36D is one word also.

101A. Moviehouse that always cuts to the chase? : CLIMAX THEATER. Sounds very DF. IMAX theater.

120A. How some defensive boxing matches proceed? : CLINCH BY CLINCH. Inch by inch. Double action.

36D. Devious golf course feature? : CLEVER GREEN. Evergreen. Most greens are clever with breaks.

42D. Mouse user's consideration? : CLICK FACTOR. Ick factor.

I think this is Meryl Jackson's first published puzzle. It's an incredible achievement to have your LA Times debut on a Sunday. Sunday puzzles are just challenging to make due to the sheer size. Small dupes happen all the time. I was tripped twice by ATE/EAT in a finished grid.

Skillful theme answer placement also. Meryl intersected two set of answers. I love when this happens.


1. Clambake trash : COBS. Never had clambakes before. Looks delicious.

5. Santa __ : ANA

8. Blue stone, briefly : LAPIS

13. Gastric maladies : ULCERS

19. Award that's a pronunciation of its initials : OBIE. Off-Broadway.

20. Curse : HEX

 21. Solder, for one : ALLOY

22. Approached : NEARED

26. Yacht spot : MARINA

27. 1983 title character who sings "Where Is It Written?" : YENTL

28. "... ain't quite as dumb as __": "How Long" lyric : I SEEM. I thought the answer would start with A, but NEHI (6D. Vintage pop) told me no.

29. Now : AS WE SPEAK. Nice 9-letter entry.

31. Pro __ : TEM

33. Island east of Manila : GUAM. BALI came to me first. It's east of Java.

35. First century Roman emperor : OTHO. I can never remember this guy's name. Thought of the D-less OTTO.

41. Bolts : LOCKS

45. Dazzle : SPLENDOR

47. __-Croatian : SERBO

48. Warehouse item : PALLET

49. Sheikh Zayed was its first pres. : UAE. Wiki said Sheikh Zayed was the president of UAE for 34 years. Gosh, never heard of the guy.

50. Brain matter : IDEA. Not CELL.

52. Jostle : ELBOW

54. Like Chopin's Étude Op. 10, No. 3 : IN E

55. Hand truck user : MOVER

62. Rodent control brand : D-CON

63. Olds models : ALEROs

65. "Beats me" : DUNNO

66. "The Path to Love" author Chopra : DEEPAK. I'm not the spiritual type.

68. Taint : CORRUPT

70. Actress Samantha : EGGAR. Stranger to me.

72. Mythical eagle-lion hybrid : GRIFFIN

75. Supporting words : GO TEAM

77. Rimsky-Korsakov's "__ d'Or" : LE COQ. No idea. PALME would not work. Literally The Golden Cockerel.

79. Chelsea's __ Square, fashionable shopping area : SLOANE. Gimme for Steve. Learning moment for me.

80. Gideon Fell's creator : CARR. John Dickson Carr. Gideon Fell is an amateur sleuth.

85. Madre's milk : LECHE

86. Storm dir. : NNE

87. Onslaught : SIEGE

88. Adams of "Octopussy" : MAUD.  And 97. "Octopussy," e.g. : SPY STORY

90. Knight in a sitcom : TED. Ted Knight. The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

91. "Toodles" : BYE BYE

93. Reunion attendee : UNCLE
100. Body of rules : CANON

103. Remove : X OUT

105. Iams competitor : ALPO

106. Once named : NEE

107. High-rent game property : PARK PLACE

112. Ancient fabulist : AESOP

115. Bugged a lot : ATE AT

119. Hard one to argue with : EGOIST. Don't engage them.

123. Two-__ : SEATER

124. Monotonous piece : CHANT

125. History book time : ERA

126. Pretender of a sort : MIME. Oh I like this clue.

127. Revered Mother : TERESA

128. Straw sources : PINES

129. Bow raw material : YEW

130. Sistine Chapel ceiling depiction : EDEN


1. Fragrance giant that went public in 2013 : COTY.  What fragrance are you wearing now?

2. Wind with a flared bell : OBOE

3. "Très __!" : BIEN. My ex is dating an Indonesian girl. Je ne care pas. Je ne care pas lots of things.

4. Puget Sound city : SEATTLE

5. Relaxed response : AHH

7. Turning point : AXIS

8. High-tops, e.g. : LACE-UPS

9. Like some choirs : ALL-MALE

10. Ramallah-based gp. : PLO

11. Only state with a two-vowel postal code : IOWA. And 18. 11-Down neighbor: Abbr. : S DAK

12. Dict. entries : SYNS (Synonyms)

13. Not realized : UNMET

14. Lab regulation? : LEASH LAW. Another great clue. Think of dog when you see "Lab".

15. Kind of lane : CARPOOL

16. Iroquoian people : ERIE

17. Soap actress Sofer : RENA. Of General Hospital.

24. Lacking heat, to a cop : CLEAN

25. Showy lily : SEGO

30. Trouble : WOE

32. Dress length : MIDI

34. Côte d'Azur view : MER

37. __ operandi : MODI

38. Forecaster's concern : TREND. Fashion, right?

39. Explorer Tasman : ABEL

40. Reliable : SOLID

43. Game with 80 balls : KENO. I saw it at various casinos. Never played it.

44. WWII weapon : STEN

45. Rash cause, perhaps : SUMAC

46. Author of epistolas : PAOLO. OK, Italian for Paul.

48. Fire inspirers : POKERS

51. Score notation for two singers : A DUE

53. Uncommon blood type, for short : B NEG

56. Goof : ERROR

57. It's not close : ROUT

59. Brit's fireplace : INGLE. I remember this word.

60. Hot state : ANGER

61. Team leader : COACH

62. Green Goblin portrayer : DAFOE. I sure need "Willem" in the clue.

64. Coins : SPECIE

67. Dosage unit : PILL

69. Account : TALE

71. Go nowhere special : ROAM

73. "I'd hate to be __ shoes" : IN HER. I like the movie "In Her Shoes".

74. High-maintenance : NEEDY

76. Slopes challenge : MOGUL. We often see "Mogul" for various ski clues.

78. Put down : QUASH

80. "Street Signs" network : CNBC

81. Novelist Seton : ANYA
83. Word in a boast : VENI. "Veni, vidi, vici".

84. Rapper __ Fiasco : LUPE

87. Parts of writers' queries : SYNOPSES

89. "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice" Oscar nominee Cannon : DYAN. I just told Argyle the other day about a new clue for AVA (DuVernay) & the amazing David Oyelowo. Too bad they're snubbed.

92. Right-angled flier : BOX KITE

94. Nashville awards org. : CMA

95. "Live Young Forever" author Jack : LALANNE. I love my Jack LaLanne juicer.

96. Counts on : EXPECTS

98. Lift : STEAL

99. When to start driving? : TEE TIME. Argyle plays golf in the evening.

101. Transp. group in the Loop : CTA

102. Peter of reggae : TOSH

104. Radical : ULTRA

107. Under-one's-skin type : PEST

108. '40s film critic James : AGEE

109. Big laugh : ROAR

110. Soyuz letters : CCCP

111. K thru 12 : EL-HI. Glue fill.

113. Opposite of buck : OBEY. Verb. Not DOES.

114. Ceremonial pile : PYRE

116. Oklahoma's "Wheat Capital" : ENID. Gimme for most constructors. Not many ways to clue ENID.

117. Crest : ACME

118. "Well __ ..." : THEN

121. Creator of Q and M : IAN (Fleming)

122. Crow cry : CAW

Happy Birthday to Blue Iris (Susan), a school nurse for many years. I enjoy her Bird Seed Salad  every week. It's a simple recipe with endless variations. I hope your physical therapy is doing well, Susan!



OwenKL said...

Considering the difficulty level I don't think I did too bad, even though it was a DNF. WAGs at crosses had given me PEBC instead of CNBC, and DAF?E+SL?ANE was a total natick I had to give up on. Everything else was in the center between INtheCLINK and CLOVERleaf. Once I turned on red letters, I easily got CNBC and the center except naticks EGGAR+INGLE+LECOQ. So three cells I had to have solved for me, even with red letter help.

The theme was interesting enough, but the cluing was inconsistent. Some, like "pen in Patna", had hints to both the original and altered phrases, while others, like "loot from a shamrock heist", clued for the altered version only.

There is swimming in the public pool.
In the water, no peeing is the rule.
Any wee is negated
But pooping in the pool is not CooL!

fermatprime said...


Thanks so much, Meryl and CC!

Swell puzzle when I managed to get everything together. However, took quite a bit of time. (Of course, it is late. Can't wait to try to go to sleep. However, this puzzle and Merl's have made me a bit hyper. Lots of nice moments.)

Had not heard of TOSH, but that was only unknown. Nice to have no cheats after Fri. and Sat. disasters!

Love LeCoq D'Or!

Yes, I still watch The Mentalist! 6 more left. ill miss it.

Happy Birthday to you, Susan! You certainly deserve it!
Have some chocolate cake for me!


Rainman said...

Always thought it was Gryffon, not GRIFFIN. The perps made me change it but I never felt good about my efforts after doing so. Guess it's accepted both ways, but I question it.

Never heard of OTHO, but, I know, what's my point? Got it anyway. In fact, I trudged through this and after a while, it was just a drudge, with no fudge. (OwenKl,, there's a limerick theme for you, free of charge.)

Early on, I got it that CL is added, sometimes twice (isn't that called "shock-ing" the water?, but hey, nothing about chlorination.! Some days you just gotta be in the mood. Maybe a Clunker? Clapper?

MODI operandi? Seriously? No, I'm not going to look it up. I've lost my enthusiasm.

Thanks C.C. and congrats, Meryl. Sorry, but I wasn't in the mood to enjoy this too awful much. At least, I got through it unscathed. Usually, that's enough for me to be satisfied. Hope everyone else enjoyed it.

Rainman said...

Forgot to say...

Happy Natal Anniversary, Susan. Your salad recipe looks like a winner.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

OK, somebody is going to have to explain to me how PINES are a source of straw. The fact that PINES crossed LALANNE didn't help matters much, although LALANNE was more plausible than LALANNT (despite the fact that I could see a PINT of something having a straw in it).

Other than that, things went smoothly. Got the theme early on and it helped immensely. One minor snag came when I went with TRASH instead of QUASH, but once I finally figured out CLOVERHAUL I was able to fix that. LE COT d'OR ("The Gold Coast") seemed just as likely as LE COQ d'Oro ("The Gold Chicken"), but I guess not...

Lemonade714 said...

HBDTY Blue Iris and many more.

This one was all over the place with fill which I enjoy.

Thought CLINCH BY CLINCH did not fit, or if it did CLINDIA CLINK had to be an answer

Never realized Iowa was the only all vowel state, did not recall ABEL TASMAN, liked seeing Aesop again and John Dickson the American who was the greatest at creating locked mysteries.

I am surprised anyone from New England does not use PINE STRAW

Thanks C.C. and Meryl

Lemonade714 said...

CARR was left out of my comment as somehow my keyboard switched to Portugese.


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I struggled with this one. Wasn't bad enough to require Wite-Out, but there are lots of over-written cells this morning. I had a real problem parsing LACEUPS, and had to do an alphabet run to get the X in X OUT. Nice job, Ms Jackson.

"D-Less OTTO" -- cute, C.C. I started out that way, too, but LEAST LAW just didn't work for me.

I wondered about that last vowel in GRIFFIN -- started with E, changed it to O, and then the I finally appeared.

Perhaps LALANNE should have named his book "Live Young For A Long Time." He checked out a few years back at age 96.

Happy Birthday, Blue Iris!

desper-otto said...

I've got more PINE STRAW than I can use or want. My eave troughs are full of it. Southern pines drop their needles year-round, so I have to clean those gutters about four times a year. Want some pine straw? C'mon over! I'll supply the ladder.

Kim said...

I love the blog and the comments. Does anyone blog the LA Times Sunday crossword? It's usually a good puzzle, but sometimes I don't quite get the theme.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, C.C. and friends. I must be out of practice because I struggled with this puzzle even though I quickly sussed out the gimmick with To Each His Clown.

Hand up for Bali before Guam.

I also wanted Tres Chic instead of Tres Bien.

I ain't quite as dumb as I LOOK, I mean SEEM.

I also really wanted Adam in the Sistine Chapel instead of Eden.

Happy Birthday, Blue Iris. Your Bird Seed Salad looks intriguing. I'll have to give it a try.

QOD: Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again? ~ A.A. Milne (Jan. 18, 1882 ~ Jan. 31, 1956)

Madame Defarge said...

Hi all,

Thanks Meryl and C.C. I have a quite a bit to do today, so my focus was off. I liked the misdirection on Lab: chuckled at my insistence on seeing it as laboratory. Like ingle--inglenook, a cozy spot. Right-angled flier led me to something with blades that rises then heads out: Sikorsky? Nah! Maud Adams moved James Bond to the forefront so spy story and Ian were breezy.

Rainman: Modi is plural so Operandi must agree. Modus Operandus is singlular. It is used often incorrectly as "Modus Operandi." I think that's the M.O. in Latin for noun-verb agreement. :)

Have a restful Sunday.

Avg Joe said...

This one was very much in the middle for me. Some clues were pretty easy, others quite hard. Never worked up any real speed, but could always find a way to keep forging ahead. The theme came easily and they fell largely in order. Was a little surprised by the double at the end, and even more surprised by the "orphan" CL in Clean. Wanted Otto, but leash law clearly said otherwise. Also had the same issues with Gryffon as others. Knew both Tosh and Deepak, so that helped a lot. The final fill was the natick pileup in the middle. Samantha had been dubbed Elgar by me, and the cell below was still blank. Never heard of ingle, but the 3rd letter pretty much had to be G, so with that changed I took a wag with the L and called it a day. Lucky guess, at best.

Happy Birthday Susan, and many more!

Unknown said...

The Week in Review:

M 4:16 T 10:44 W FIW T 12:31 F 26:35 S 29:49 S FIW

Well, what can I say? The week started off with what might have been a personal best but that turned out to not be a sign of things to come. On Tuesday I was slowed down by SKOLL/SKOAL.

Then came Wednesday. I had it filled in the usual time and spent a half-hour searching for the "typo". At the 45-minute mark I was convinced that there was some glitch in the software that was blocking the "Tada!" I was sure I deserved. So with great reluctance I turned on the red letters. Any guesses? Yes, it was TomKat's kid, SURI. I least I wasn't alone in this.

I was not a fan of Friday's puzzle but struggled through. Saturday's Silike was about as expected. I was back on track. Or was I.

Now comes Sunday. Like Wednesday, I had it filled in the usual time. And, like Wednesday, I spent a half-hour looking for the "typo". One suspect was OTHO but the perps seemed unassailable. I was most troubled by the "Brit's fireplace" and wasn't 100% sure of actress Samantha's last name. EDGAR sounded plausible but INDLE certainly didn't. So, at the one-hour mark, I turned on the red letters for the second time this week and, of course, there it was: INGLE/EGGAR. Doh! I should have known (the latter, not the former).

Tomorrow, as they say, is another day. See y'all next weekend.

Avg Joe said...

Speaking of empires, I read a list of fun facts the other day. One of them was: "Do you realize that the Ottoman Empire was still in existence the last time the Cubs won the Series?" :-)

maripro said...

Good Morning All - Enjoyable puzzle and write-up.
Merv would be upset that his name wasn't used to clue "griffin." Gone but not forgotten. To add to the confusion,my sons' high school teams were "Gryphons," and my dictionary gives "griffon" as an acceptable alternate spelling.

Husker Gary said...

The theme was not only fun, but helpful as I slogged a little before my, uh, CLIMAX. All constructors have distinctive cluing and fill and Meryl’s made for a very nice Sunday.

-How’s this for a CLEVER GREEN (:15)
-My daughter’s high CLICK FACTOR is hurting her wrist
-Will MARINA ever be clued as Lee Harvey’s wife?
-Dang! I stuck with OTTO and was in a quandary about LEAST LAW
-An ELBOW “jostle” is part of the game here
-It seems questionable officiating has TAINTED many FB games this season
-A friend was the president of this LECHE organization
-We fear these storms from the SSW not NNE
-Are those TWO-SEATERS smaller than they used to be or…
-Phil’s incredible shot off the famous PINE STRAW at Augusta (:31)
-Where IOWA and SDAK meet there is Sioux City, IA, North Sioux City, SD and South Sioux City, NE
-We’re thinking of putting our kitty on a LEASH. Any thoughts?
-An INGLENOOK is a small corner adjoining a fireplace
-ELHI – Ah, the redheaded cousin at the picnic
-HBD, Susan!
-What movie had had this five letter Olds (not an ALERO)?

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I guess I'm a little grumpy this morning because I really didn't enjoy this. (I find the size of the Sunday puzzles daunting and the themes a little too "gimmicky" for my taste. I'll take a killer Silkie any day.)

That said, congrats to Meryl on her Sunday debut; as CC mentioned, that is quite an accomplishment. Nice expo, CC, as always.

I have to claim a FIW due to the x-out/box kite crossing. I had rout/bor kite, totally clueless that rout was already used and totally willing to accept that there was such a thing as a bor kite! (I guess grumpiness goes hand in hand with obliviousness.) Can someone explain coins=specie; I don't get it.

Have a relaxing Sunday all!

Irish Miss said...

I truly AM in the clouds this morning. So sorry, Susan. Have a very Happy Birthday and I hope you can celebrate it in style!

desper-otto said...

Husker, my experience with cats and leashes has been negative. I'd outfitted our Siamese with a harness and leash. She cowered on the sidewalk, refusing to walk. Then, suddenly, she launched herself into the air, Houdinied herself out of the harness, and left me holding the useless leash.

Not sure about the movie. Fargo, maybe?

desper-otto said...

Irish Miss, it's straight out of the dictionary. Specie: Coin, hard money.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday to Blue Iris! Hope your day is special.

Found today's solve straightforward when viewed against the bears of the last couple days. Easy CLever theme accented by the long down bookends at 36d and 42d. Perps helped get the few unknowns.
128a - PINE straw. A learning in usage for me.
Here is a Lowes ad for pine straw mulch. (Probably not as good as desper-otto's)
Re: Willem Dafoe. Willem is the Dutch and L. German equivalent of William.

Rainman said...


Ciera? Fargo.

Stay safe.

Irish Miss said...

DO @ 11:08 - Thanks for enlightening me. ☺️

Yellowrocks said...

Happy birthday, Susan. I hope your therapy is going well. Please keep in touch if you are up to it. I care.
I always spell it GRIFFIN, but I see that there are several correct spellings. I remember Griffin Shoe Polish from when I was a kid.
Easier puzzle than on Friday and Saturday. I made two careless mistakes so had two cells wrong.
These last few days I am not 100% with it. I'm glad I have a very clean heart, but I am feeling kind of let down and bummed out with the delay. I was so prepared for my knee replacement, mentally, housekeeping wise, bills up to date, schedule cleared, responsibilities covered. etc etc. Now I have to redo almost everything, except Alan's paperwork. I do need to call to reschedule him. I will see the ortho. surgeon tomorrow for a new date, so that I can begin planning anew (Good A-word). What a nuisance!

Big Easy said...

I have to say it was a DNF due to the multiple crosses of INGLE with LECOQ with LE COQ with QUASH with MAUD with LUPE. I never heard of the first two, along with MAUD, LUPE, TOSH, RENA, PAOLO, SLOANE, or CARR.

Going to the CLIMAX THEATER? I hear they were usually ALL MALE. Wear gloves.

I remember Jack LALANNE from over 50 years ago from a daily TV show. GUAM came from perps; it's WAY east of Manila.

What do coins and SPECIE have in common? My answer was all crosses.

I've played many golf courses but have never heard of a CLEVER GREEN, just too slow or too fast, never just right.

Bill G. said...

That was a fun nine-inning outing. I still don't get "Straw sources" = PINES. Is it just a collection of pine needles? Apparently so.

My vote is for Fargo.

There's a short residential street near here called Inglenook. Then there's a residential area called Inglewood.

Lucina, did you watch Sunday Morning? Always good.

Happy birthday Blue Iris!

Yellowrocks said...

I use dry pine needles as an instant fire starter when camping. Isn't there a fire danger to using them as mulch?
DO @11:06, my dear departed cat used to sit down and refuse to budge on a leash or in a harness, but he never escaped. I can just picture that. Too funny.

CrossEyedDave said...

HBD Blue Iris!

HG, cat on a leash?

My experience is they make great house dusters when you drag them around, but it is possible.

When all else fails...

CrossEyedDave said...

Walking cats on a leash part two.

OwenKL said...

I live in a condo where pets are only allowed out on a leash. Tried a harness first, but our little houdini figured out how to get out of it. Now, the LW just snaps the leash to her collar, and lets the cat set the pace. If Ravena wants to just lay in the sun, Brenda just lets her do so for a bit before urging her on in whichever direction the cat wants. A previous cat had a harness which she wore all the time in place of a collar, so no training hassle.

reCaptcha? I've discovered that since I'm not a robot, I don't even need to click the "I'm not a robot" box! YMMV.

Anonymous said...

Yellowrocks, of course there is a fire danger using it as mulch. But isn't most, if not all mulch a fire hazard?

I was in a coffee shop once when another customer came in and told the staff, "hey, your dirt is on fire!" Someone has tossed their cigarette in the landscaping before entering the building and ignited the mulch in the flower bed.

Tossed cigarettes and gum just outside business entrances is probably my biggest pet peeve. Also get heated when I see idiots take a cigarette or wad of gum out of there mouth and throw it out a car window. AAAARRGGGHHH!!!

Dudley said...

Anon, I'm with you. I've mentioned before how amazed I am that smokers are so cavalier about tossing their dirty, non-biodegradable butts wherever it suits them.

Avg Joe said...

I'm a smoker. And I agree. Cars have ashtrays. Use them! And tossing a lit butt into clearly flamable mulch is equally idiotic. I guess you just can't fix stupid.

Sidebar: Go Pack!

Anonymous said...

Some forty-five years ago, young and foolish, I took my cat on a cross country camping trip. Somewhere in the wilds of Saskatchewan he backed out of his harness at the camp site and took off into the wilds. Fortunately he allowed himself to rejoin our group. I haven't trusted cat harnesses since that day. And I still wonder at my foolishness.

Manac said...

C'mon Dave,
Quit pussy footing around.

Cat on a leash

And of course..
Cat on a leash 2

Rainman said...

Avg Joe,

Sorry your packers lost but it was a great game.

Pete Carroll, well, I've been a huge fan of his for so long. He just seems to be more altruistic and a better role model. He's a star. More than Bill Walsh was, even.

I'm not a sports fan, generally speaking. Usually, I don't watch the games.

Hope you and everyone here enjoyed the game anyway.

CrossEyedDave said...

Ah Manac, just the clips I didn't want to post. I was thinking more like this...

Avg Joe said...

Ray, argggghhh! It was a good game, but I'm highly displeased with the outcome. But they got beat, and there's no one to blame but the team and fate. I'll go slash my wrists now. And on the AFC side, the Donkeys are out, so I've no further reason to care this year. Hashtag unhappy.

Manac, I think you've nailed it. Cats don't like leashes. Period.

Bill G. said...

I don't know everybody doesn't watch or record CBS Sunday Morning. It's a gentle, apolitical news magazine with a wide assortment of enjoyable stories. One of the regular features is their Moment of Nature. Today it was cardinals in the snow in Norman, Oklahoma. Beautiful! Cardinals

Anonymous T said...

Bill G. I lived in Norman for 5 years, I know that Cardinal! :-)

CED & Manac - you guys never cease to amuse. Thanks for the Sunday eve. diversion.

C.C. here's the potato soup I built tonight:
1/2 stick butter
1 large or two small white onions
2 cloves of garlic
5 lb golden/butter potatoes
1 small cured ham (1lb or so)
1c half & half
2c shredded cheddar cheese
Fresh dill or parsley
Roma tomato (garnish)

Place 1/2 stick of butter in large pot
While butter is melting, cut one large onion and two cloves of garlic; add to butter and cook until onions are translucent

Add two 32oz boxes of chicken broth and 5lb golden/butter potatoes (quartered).

Cook 30 - 45 min until potatoes are fork-soft.

Cube (1/2" x 1/2") cured ham. Put aside.
Chop 1/4c fresh dill/parsley (keep a few sprigs for garnish)
Slice tomato

Mash up potatoes (I used an emulsion blender).

Add black pepper to taste, dill, 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese, 1c cream. Drop in ham.

To serve: ladle into bowel, top with a bit of cheddar, a slice of tomato, and a sprig of left over dill. White, Red, and Green -- an Italian flag in a bowl!

Puzzle with ya'll tomorrow,
Cheers, -T

Bill G. said...

Geez, that sounds good!

Anonymous T said...

Bill G. - And it's easy too. Using gold/butter potatoes with the thin skins doesn't require flashback-inducing KP duty peeling. Wash, chop, & drop :-) C, -T

C.C. Burnikel said...

Anon T,
Thanks. The recipe is in our blog archive now.