Jan 15, 2015

Thursday, January 15, 2015 David Steinberg

Theme: "Crop of the Cream"?

20. About whom Alice said, "... perhaps as this is May it won't be raving mad" :

29. Dirty politics : SMEAR CAMPAIGN.

44. "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" event : DANCE MARATHON.

53. Dessert topper ... or a literal hint to what's hidden in 20-, 29- and 44-Across :

Hmmm, I seem to have hit a pattern of hidden jumbled word themes lately. I guess WHIPPED is the hint that it is CREAM that gets all mixed up today.  Last week we had circles to help us out.  This week, we were on our own. I think I like it better this way, for a late-week puzzle. Your experience may vary.   


1. Impresses big-time : WOWS. The Trans Siberian Orchestra WOWS audiences all over the world with their over-the-top laser light / pyrotechnics displays.

5. Aquarium growth : SCUM. Anyone else fill in "alga" without checking perps? ("Guilty.")

9. Development site : TRACT.

14. Desktop since 1998 : iMAC. Yep, that's what I'm typing on right now.

15. Cream-filled cake : HO HO. Nit: The brand name is Ho Hos. So one cake is a Ho Ho?
16. Try to pick up : HIT ON.  "I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?"

17. __ mining : DATA. Read here why some supermarket chains put the beer next to the baby diapers.

18. Slaughter in baseball : ENOS. I knew the clue was referring to the guy named Slaughter, but do you think I could remember his first name?

19. Facebook posting : EVENT. Since when is a picture of your lunch an "event"?

23. Guffaw syllable : HAR.

24. PC heart : CPUCentral Processing Unit.

25. Doodlebugs and polliwogs : LARVAE.

33. Enjoyed a trail : HIKED.

35. Skin care brand : OLAY crossing 22-Down. Skin care brand : ALMAY.

36. Like many a joke : OLD. Did you hear the one about...? [Insert 23-Across here.]

37. "Gotcha, man" : I DIG.

38. Count : TALLY.

40. Baffin Bay sight : FLOE. They can be beautiful, but...

41. Molokai memento : LEI. My book club read MOLOKA'I by Alan [sic] Brennert.  Great book, but I wish he'd learn how to spell ALLEN.  ;-)

42. Game divided into chukkers : POLO.

43. Bleachers filler : CROWD.

48. Only vice president born in D.C. : AL GORE.

49. Word of feigned innocence : MOI? I associate the term with Miss Piggy.

50. Shares an email with : CCs. Shout out!

57. Bossa nova ancestor : SAMBA.

60. Agent's favorite sign : SOLD.

61. Ticklish Tyco toy for tots : ELMO. Nice alliterative clue.

62. Posture problem : STOOP. I wish I had a nickel for every time my mother told me to "Sit up straight!"

63. Bed covering : SOIL. Garden bed. Although on second thought, it could apply to my cat's beds. And, why is it that they love to jump up on the white coverlet when they come back inside with muddy paws??

64. Knighted Guinness : ALEC.

65. Ed Asner septet : EMMYS.

66. Trap, in a way : TREE.

67. Knight's neighbor : ROOK. Chess.


1. Side to side? : WIDTH.

2. Beach near Utah? : OMAHA. Crucial targets during the allied invasion on the Normandy coast. Map.

3. Sport invented using boards and a clothesline : WATER SKIING. In 1922, Ralph Samuelson had a brilliant idea.

4. It may involve wiring : SCAM. and 12-Down, 4-Down : CON. I associate a police "wire" (microphone) with a "sting" operation, not so much a SCAM. [Update: Many scams include wiring money to the scammer, on the promise of receiving the millions of dollars that are waiting for you. ]

5. Mountain guide : SHERPA.

6. See eye to eye : CONCUR.

7. "This spells trouble!" : UH-OH.

8. __ pit : MOSH. Do they still do MOSH pits? "That was so '80s!"

9. Curative treatment : THERAPY.

10. Baseball's career save leader : RIVERA. (Siggghhh...more baseball.)

11. Had : ATE.

13. Big bang producer : TNT. Oh, not Chuck Lorre or Bill Prady?

21. Served to perfection? : ACED. Tennis serve.

26. Solo instrument for which six Bach suites were written : VIOLONCELLO. It was the precursor to the modern day cello.

27. Radiant : AGLOW.

28. Put the kibosh on : ENDED.

30. Eldest March sister : MEG. Gaaaah!  I filled in "Amy" at first.

31. Lemon or tangerine : COLOR.

32. The whole schmear : ALL.

33. Broom-__: comics witch : HILDA.

34. Perfectionist's goal : IDEAL.

38. Marisa of "The Wrestler" : TOMEI.

39. Mode lead-in : À LA.

40. Pendulum direction? : FRO. It only goes in two directions: to and fro.

42. "Could happen" : PERHAPS.

43. Smart : CHIC.

45. Drive rider : COWBOY. Cattle drive.

46. 2001 Audrey Tautou title role : AMELIE. It seems to have received high ratings on IMDb.

47. Take baby steps : TODDLE. I wanted "totter," but at least I checked the perps first.

51. Stan Lee had one in "The Avengers" (2012) : CAMEO. "Super heroes? In New York? Give me a break!" Watch here - he shows up at 5:12.

52. Clothes protector : SMOCK. Hands up for "apron" first?

54. Sibilant summons : PSST.

55. __ Tax: $15 Monopoly fee : POOR.

56. Derriere : REAR. A friend of mine sold pharmaceuticals in N.H., and spent the first month telling all the physicians that she was their new rep for the Derry area...

57. Coeur d'Alene-to-Sun Valley dir. : SSE.

58. Cabbage source? : ATM. Cabbage, dough, lettuce, moola, etc. etc. etc.

59. Palindromic tat : MOM. Surprisingly, very few guys get tats that say "Able was I ere I saw Elba."

That's all I got!

Note from C.C.:

I mentioned JD's New Zealand/Australia adventure yesterday, the Big Easy (George) sent me these two pictures. Which year did you visit the Down Under, George? 

Regarding the second picture, he said

"The 'Bride' and the 'Bride' that I captured a photo of in Wellington Botanical Gardens. I don't know if it was before or after the ceremony but neither of them were women."

Big Easy and his wife Diane


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

VIOLONCELLO. Man, that looked wrong in the grid today, but all the perps were rock solid. Or where they? Had I solved on paper, I'd still be looking this on over trying to find my nonexistent mistake.

Minor missteps elsewhere, such as ALGA for SCUM, PEG for MEG and AWES for WOWS, and I did try THE MAD HATTER at first despite the fact that MAD was also in the clue and therefore shouldn't have been in the answer as well.


Montana said...

Although I used some red letter help, this seemed easier than a normal Thursday puzzle.


Bill V. said...

Not being familiar with skin care products,I had CAMAY instead of ALMAY until the LARVAE showed me the way and then NW corner was last to fall.

Lemonade714 said...

I too thought this was easier than most Thursday's though the theme did not appear until the reveal.

Nice to see the C.C. shoutout.

I never heard of VIOLONCELLO and wider why is it O and not I.

Marti the wire referred to in the clue is telegraph wire which is how many bank to bank money transfers are still classified. That is why there are mail and wire fraud statutes.

I loved Brennert' s book which I read after one of our Corner Hawaii posters suggested it.

Thanks David for go easy on us. Miss m. Thank you

John Lampkin said...

Montana, this seemed way too easy for a Thursday to me also. Except for VIOLONCELLO perhaps this could have been a Tuesday. This is the type of theme where the gimmick is discovered last and you say, oh yeah, there are the anagrams. Knowing the gimmick doesn't help with the solve.
Marti, nice writeup and I agree that circles would have detracted.

Argyle said...

The Sting was based on an old con called "the wire".

The Plot

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Yup. I checked, double-checked, triple-checked that VIOLONCELLO. Finally came here for my comeuppance. Whew!

I was thinking Lawrence of Arabia with that desert topper. And I wondered what Marti was saying with "It was so Sos." Time for that eye exam...

Marti, I think the Wire SCAM refers to that Nigerian get rich scheme. Your $3 million is waiting for you. Just wire us the $15K processing fee.

TTP said...

Good morning all. Thank you Marti. Great writeup.

As I was doing the puzzle, an ad for ALMAY came on the TV. So I threw it in at 22D and built around it. How fortuitous was that ? It would never happen at the ACPT !

Failed in south central. Started with IMELDA for Tautou title role, but changed that to AMELIa when I got DANCE MARATHON. Also somehow hit the E beofre the L, and ended up with TODDel rather than TODDLE. Never noticed it.

Should have had coffee. Haven't played Monopoly in years, and didn't remember there was a POOR tax, but wagged it. Still, couldn't overcome my typo, so I couldn't make sense of "Bed Covering" and "Trap, in a way."

Great job David. Lots of great clues and fun fill. What Barry said about VIOLONCELLO.

I liked "Drive Rider" and "Cabbage source."

Having OCK at "Clothes protector" I first thought frOCK before SMOCK.

Hand up for first filling ALGA.

Young people are finding Facebook passe and are up-trending other social media such as Instagram. Facebook is still a powerhouse, and isn't going anywhere soon.

Mosh pits are still "in" for young people. Saw my grand nephew (the rock star) leap off the stage and body surf while still playing his guitar. They surfed him back up on stage. They'll be touring the world again this year.

Early start at work today. Also have to reboot to install this important update from Microsoft... See all y'all later n'at !

Yellowrocks said...

I soon dropped to the bottom and worked "bottoms up." The theme helped a lot, knowing that the letters CREAM appeared next to each other in some order.
I confidently tried ALGA at 5A only to need SHERPA for 5down one second later.
With ELLO, I "knew" it was going to be VIOLINCELLO until CROWD forced the O instead of I.
I had to go through all the vowels for the E ending of AMELI- and the E for TREE.
I hate the data mining results. When finding things in a store which I don't frequent every week I expect the goods to be arranged by logic. BEER and DIAPERS? Do you drink so much beer you need diapers? LOL
DRIVE RIDER was my favorite clue.
TODDLE reminds me of "toddlin' town." CSO to all you Chi Town bloggers.

Big Easy said...

A great big DNF for me today. I tripped up on 46D writing AMELIA for AMALIE. I had no clue what Audrey Tautou was about, but knew TODDLE had to be correct. TRAE just didn't look right but I quit.

Let's just hope some anonymous sniper doesn't start a SMEAR CAMPAIGN today. Getting the long fills was easy but I never caught the theme- I rarely do.

I loved the clue for WATER SKIING as it was out of left field. Lemon & Tangerine- CITRUS- too many letters so we can now eat colors.

Beauty THERAPY with the crossing of ALMAY & OLAY so the women can do the SAMBA at a DANCE MARATHON.

Weren't those brides good looking?

HeartRx said...

Thanks for the "wiring" info, everyone - I have updated the post. I don't know why I didn't think along those lines, since I just received one of those emails last week.

YR, re: beer and diapers. Too funny!

Avg Joe said...

Lots of erasures today, so I didn't think it was easy at all. Alga, HiHo, Haw, Larvas, Amelia. But it all worked out with help from the wrong end of the Ticonderoga.

When Violoncello appeared from all perps, I parsed it as Viol on Cello. That sounded like two instruments, so it didn't gibe with the clue, but I accepted it anyway. The theme wouldn't have assisted, but it was needed to get the gimmick.

HeartRx said...

Big Easy, thanks for sending the pics. How could you tell they weren't women? (^0^)

Anonymous said...

Look at the biceps on that bride!

Jerome said...

For those of you who don't know, David is the editor of some of the Orange County Register's crosswords.I've worked with him a number of times and found it a very enjoyable experience. He's sharp as a tack, insightful... and a lot of fun.

Not so fun-

SMEAR CAMPAIGN- OBGYN's PR work promoting Pap tests.

... and if you don't want to get one based on religious beliefs, do not SCREAM "I'M PAGAN!"

Barry G. said...

Wow, talk about a learning moment! I finally got around to looking up VIOLONCELLO and discovered that it's actually the full name of the instrument more commonly known as the CELLO (sort of like how piano is short for pianoforte).

I'm not a cellist, but I've been singing, playing and listening to classical music for most of my life. How did I not know that CELLO was an abbreviation of VIOLONCELLO?


OwenKL said...

A geneticist in his field was the top;
To combine D-N-A he was sought.
One time, crossed some grain
With a dairy-cow strain,
The result was the CREAM of the crop!

This is a hiway sign I've passed heading south in southern New Mexico. It's two separate towns, so northbound, they're in the opposite order!

Stan Lee has had other cameos.

thehondohurricane said...

Morning folks,

This sure was no walk in the park for me today, but lucky wags got me through unscathed, minus one eraser. Never grabbed onto the theme until Marti explained it.

I wasn't sure about THE MARCH HARE until I read the write up. I was unfamiliar with ALMAY & SHERPA, but I couldn't see any other alternatives either.

All my other issues/comments have already discussed so I'll get back to business. Picked up a badly needed collection last week that's been keeping me very busy and out of trouble.

Enjoy your day.

Big Easy said...

Heartie dear- How did I know? I talked to them. More muscular arms than me, that's for sure.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

For me, this was easier than Wednesday's puzzle, even with going astray on awes/wows, alga/scum, Mad Hatter/March Hare, and hah/har.

Thanks David and Marti for an enjoyable Thursday outing.

Have a great day.

Lucina said...

Hello, friends. Thanks for your sparkling review, Marti.

Seeing David's name as constructor led me to believe this would be harder than it was, except for VIOLONCELLO, that is. WBS about it sans the singing and playing. I'm a classical music devotee and it's news to me.

Overall, a quick sashay over most of the puzzle though RIVERA was slow in appearing and my learning moment, AL GORE was born in DC. Had many long pauses at 28D, ENDED until I changed LARVAS to LARVAE. That ENDED it.

AMELIE was an ok film, nothing great but Moloka'i, now that is a good book as you said, Marti. Too bad about Alan/Allen, LOL. We're currently reading The Orphan Train.

Thank you, David and Marti, for today's entertainment.

Have a happy day, everyone!

Ergo said...

Thank you David and Marti.

Wow, finished a Thursday in one sitting. The only question that lingers is "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" event: DANCE MARATHON. I have no idea what this refers to. An obscure reference to a line from an old movie?

SCAM was a clever reveal, albeit bittersweet due to recent instances locally where elderly victims coughed up upwards to $80k never to be seen again.

Madame Defarge said...

Thanks David and Marti. I thought this was easier than yesterday, although I never saw the theme; thanks Marti.

Ditto here for alga, Amy, and Mad Hatter. Realized the errors of my ways pretty quickly.

All clues Normandy are a breeze for me; my dad landed at Utah. In French, pronounced at Uta, as in Uta Hagen. The term D-Day is of course not used. Sometimes J-Jour, but most likely, "Le Debarquement"--more or less, the landing.

Before data mining, the milk was always in the back of the store. If you needed a gallon of milk for breakfast tomorrow, you would seldom come to the check-out with only the milk. I realized this when I worked in the grocery store in high school, and almost everyone in that situation said, "I only came in for milk" as I bagged the groceries. Today, milk remains at the rear of the store.

Some useless knowledge for a Thursday. Have a good day.

kazie said...

A challenge today as always with the remarkable young David Steinberg. However I made it through unscathed, but with much patience, slogging, WAGging, and plain good luck. I tried MAD HATTER before MARCH HARE, but other names were a mixed bag--those I knew helped me guess those I didn't when they perped.

Both ALAN and ALLEN are acceptable spellings of the name. I've known men with both spellings.

prairie Woman said...

Re: the comment about milk in the back of the store. The new Menard's, a big box home improvement store in our area, now carries milk. This is just an addition to "I only came in for milk." I don't dare send DH for milk or we would get milk and a new cordless drill!

The puzzle was fun but with all the same snags as the rest of you encountered.

Thanks Dave and Marti,

Madame Defarge said...

Prairie Woman:

Oh, I know. Although in our house I'm the likely candidate to end up in the hardware store. When my husband was Pres of the Chamber of Commerce, at the annual dinner, I introduced him to the hardware store owners in town!

Unless you know you need a new drill, best pick up the milk yourself. ;)

desper-otto said...

Kazie, Marti was "funnin'" with you. That was tongue-in-cheek about all the ways we've misspelled her husband's name, Allen, here on the blog.

Argyle said...

A very gritty movie.

'They Shoot Horses, Don't They?' trailer

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Did this in the wee hours, still no Cruciverb at that time. Hand up for Alga and Apron. Didn't have trouble at Violoncello, a word I learned in High School while studying a Bach Brandenburg Concerto (#3, in G Major, if my memory is right). The instrument was, I assume, known by its full name in Bach's time.

Morning, Marti! The answer to one of your questions: it's because they want to get the mud off of their paws. :-)

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

I didn't think this was easy at all. Got the theme quickly, but the rest was a slow go.

Except for VIOL_CELLO. There are excerpts from the Bach cello suits that I love dearly practice often, so I knew that right away, except for that one tricky letter.

Here's a performance on euphonium. I don't play it quite this fast. Or this well, tbh.

My problems were in 3 of the 4 corners, but eventually made it through.


Cool regards!

Husker Gary said...

Very nice for a Thursday with no clue on the theme.

-If you think SMEAR CAMPAIGNS are harsh today…
-We’re on our 6th year with our iMac where iPhoto has EVENTS
-Great diaper story (and write-up) Marti
-A former principal had 3 OLD jokes he told over and over
-TALLY score at Chez Husker
- That is Molokai in the background from a nice place in Maui
-If I wanted to share my med quantities with our blog mistress, I could CC C.C. about my CC’s
-Joann’s uncle regaled us on Christmas Eve about landing on Utah Beach soon after D-Day and advancing toward Berlin
-Has anyone here ever sent or received a wire?
-3 ACES in a row by Roddick against Nadal
-Don’t let IDEAL get in the way of possible
-Galileo timed the to and fro of a chandalier in the Pisa Cathedral using his pulse to see that it took the same time to swing small and large arcs
-The star of Mister MOM is up for an Oscar in a very different role this year

Bill G. said...

Good morning! I enjoyed this but found it harder than I anticipated. I was tempted to turn on red letters several times but I resisted the urge and soldiered on, plugging away little bit at a time. I originally had The Mad Hatter instead of THE MARCH HARE, alga instead of SCUM and so on. But it eventually yielded to my feeble attempts but it took me longer than usual for a Thursday. Thanks David and Marti.

(After reading the comments, I see some others found this puzzle easier than usual. Oh well...)

Misty said...

A Thursday toughie, but totally satisfying in the end--many thanks, David! I got nothing until Broom HILDA (thank goodness I know my comics) and then slowly the south and then the northeast filled in. But like others, I had AWES and ALGA and that kept me from getting that corner practically forever. I already had the theme figured out and everything, before I finally got HOHO and HAR, and then everything fell into place. Whew! But it's very satisfying to have a challenge end so well. And enjoyed your fun expo, Marti.

Thought the clue of "feigned innocence" for MOI was perfect.

Fund TRAP a cleverly misleading clue for TREE.

Wasn't Jane Fonda in the movie "They Shoot Horses Don't They?" About the Depression, if I remember, and with a heart-breaking DANCE MARATHON? I should look it up.

Great pics, Big Easy.

Have a wonderful day, everybody!

Anonymous T said...

Hi all!

Well, no one can complain about the lack of circles today :-)

This must have been an easier than normal Thursday - not a DNF for me! There was much head-scratching and many WAGS.

Hand up on alga @ 5a and for some reason SAlsA @ 57a (must be lunch time).

WEES on favs.

Well, TALLY-HO (HO), there's lunch.

Cheers, -T

Ergo said...

--> Argyle

Thank you for the link on "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?"

I had always viewed Dance Marathons as the fun-loving 30 hour events from my college days. Little did I know that they had such a shabby origin.

It makes sense though (in a morbid way). It was the Depression era and people would do anything for a few dollars, promoters knew it, and they exploited it mercilessly.

I'm not sure that I could watch the movie or read the book, but I do appreciate your clarification.

coneyro said...

After reading the comments on everyone's mistaken entries, I really feel good about myself. I got the theme right away, and then the answers followed. Before I put anything in, I always check the clues around it first to see if the letters fit. That is why today, knowing that 8D was mosh, the answer to 5D couldn't have been alga. Sherpa had a "r", so mad would not be in the 20A answer. Never enter unless it passes this test. Rarely do I have wrong entries based on guesses. Not sure? Come back later. Perps will help. Getting this puzzle done DID require some
help, but not so bad for a Thursday. The "REAL" fun starts tomorrow. Have great day!

HeartRx said...

d-otto @ 10:19, thanks for picking up on my "tongue-in-cheek" comment.

Tinbeni said...

RIVERA was a gimmie ... VIOLONCELLO was all perps.

Thought the OMAHA (beach) clue was clever.

Hand up for alga before SCUM.
Didn't catch-on to the WHIPPED CREAM theme until reading Marti's excellent write-up.

Fave was WATER SKIING the only way I ski on Lake Tarpon.

Bluehen said...

I found this puzzle to be a faster fill than yesterday's. No mistakes because I solve like coneyro does. Very entertaining. Thank you, Mr. Steinberg and Heart Rx.

YR from yesterday; yes, it looks like we have similar crosses to bear. All we can do is persevere and plan for the future when we can no longer help.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. I saw that David Steinberg was the constructor and immediately expected to have a lot of difficulty solving it. Turned out to be easier than I expected. Most of the time I solve the way coneyro described, but sometimes I just pencil an answer right on in. Thus I made the same ALGA misstep many of you did. But it was okay to immediately pencil in gimmes (to me) such as ELMO, ALEC, ENOS, OMAHA, POLO, AMELIE, and even VIOLONCELLO without checking possible perps first. Overall a fun puzzle. Thanks to Mr. Steinberg for creating it.

Best wishes to you all.

john28man said...

The picture Husker Gary linked is one of the Kapalua Golf Courses at the Ritz-Carlton on Maui.

In the mid-90s there were three courses of increasing difficulty, the Bay, Village and Plantation. The later is where the PGA Tour Tournament that ended Monday is played. Google Earth shows thq the Village one has been abandoned.

The time I played all three on successive weeks I shop 90, 105 & 150.

Anonymous said...

Your scores seem average for duffers playing these courses. Bay was easiest, Village was medium and Plantation had the pros complaining.

Dudley said...

A golfer? Moi? Bien sur que non.

So, when the pros complain about a ritzy American course, what happens? Does management smirk and accuse them of whining, or do they re-work the course?

TTP said...

My nephew's son... Would that be my grand nephew or my great nephew ?

Here is a favorite highway exit sign of mine when on 1-35 between Oklahoma City and Texas.

CrossEyedDave said...

Tough puzzle, I had to look up Rivera to finish it. Loved all the witty clues,
side to side = width
pendulum direction? = fro

Hand up for ALG (no last letter because I never know how to finish it.)

Very enjoyable.

HeartRx said...

TTP, I would call him your grandnephew. If he then had a son, that son would be your great-grandnephew. (Three generations apart, just like your great-grandparents.)

fermatprime said...


Chewy puzzle, David! But muddled through. Thanks to you and Marti!

Got theme after reveal.

Always thought VIOLONCELLO was spelled with I for O.


Abejo said...


windhover said...

So, TTP, who (or what band) is your grand-nephew?

Abejo said...

Good evening folks. Thank you David Steinberg for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Marti, for a fine review.

I had to send a Testing message just to see if I could do this from my phone. The last time I tried it dumped my whole message.

Looked high and low in the puzzle for ERIE. No cigar.

Did not get WOWS right away, but did get IMAC. My wife and I each have one and generally like them.

All the theme answers were quite easy after a letter or two.

POOR tax was easy. As a youth we all played Monopoly continually. Fun game.

Never water skied in my life. Nor do I intend to. Even though I splashed around in Lake Erie as a youth, I am not a water person. Took me forever to get my swimming and lifesaving merit badges as a Boy Scout.

TOMEI was unknown. Perped it.

On my way to Johnsonburg, PA, as we speak. Now that I am off my nine week fast from Earl Grey tea and beer, I expect to drink lots of tea and have a few Yuengling Beers. I have lost 11 pounds since I got the shingles. Maybe I will gain a couple.

See you tomorrow.

A who

( )

Abejo said...


Darned auto correct

TTP said...

Marti, thanks. That makes sense.

Avg Joe, Alan Ashby of metalcore band Of Mice and Men. Not for the faint of heart. They rock. Their genre, and they own it.

Avg Joe said...

Um. OK. That's a bit odd.

TTP, I'm honored to be mistaken for Windhover......however, we're friends, not one and the same.

Regardless. Welcome back Windy!

TTP said...

oh duh ! my bad.

Anonymous T said...

TTP - I know of that band. Speed/core-metal isn't my cup o' tea, but I have buddies that like it. Maybe Splynter is a fan.

I failed to thank David for the doable challenge and Marti for the wonderful write-up. What SCUM am I? :-)

I went to the Rockets game tonight. They dominated OKC in the 1st qtr and the Thunder never got closer than 10 pts the rest of the way. My buddy's seats are 5 rows back from the Rockets bench. I'm sure we were on TV. The game ENDED 112-101.

Cheers, -T

Maverick said...

Aww c'mon guys. That was a great reveal. ADD ONES TWO CENTS by putting in the ¢ and ¢ rather than just a couple of C's and you have the crossed out C's that reveal the bonus phrases. Less X-ER; more a slasher (PSYCHO).

NE corner was a toughie for me, until I changed PLOP (PLOP) or FIZZ (FIZZ) into ALKA, and GOOD SHOT into NICE SHOT. Then I was able to back into the CROCK and XENA (not ANNA) and EMIL (not PHIL)! 😄

Messed up OCHOA when I was changing DOVER to DEVON (DEVEN).