Jan 26, 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015 Clement McKay

Theme: It's Clobberin' Time! - Just read the first words of the entries and you have Batman meeting The Thing.

17A. Like the 1920s-'30s, economically : BOOM OR BUST  BOOM!

24A. Excellent work : BANG UP JOB                                       BANG!

35A. Dramatic weight-loss program : CRASH DIET              CRASH!

49A. Deadeye with a rifle : CRACK SHOT.(or crackshot)     CRACK!

59A. Hectic pre-deadline period : CRUNCH TIME               CRUNCH!

No reveal.

Argyle here with what appears to be a new constructor. The theme probably has been done before but if so, I doubt it was done as well. Impressive grid with the seven letter risers in two corners. I'm running late and I have some linkin' to so, so here goes.


1. Parking lot fillers : CARS. Too easy?

5. "Me too!" : "SO AM I!"

10. Cutlass automaker : OLDS

14. Nike competitor : AVIA

15. Valuable violin, for short : STRAD. (Stradivarius)

16. Genesis or Exodus, e.g. : BOOK

19. Wild revelry : ORGY

20. Audition hopefuls : ACTORS

21. Enjoyed a sail, say : BOATED

23. Indian melodies : RAGAs

27. Dean's email suffix : .EDU

28. Japanese sash : OBI

30. Back of a flipped coin : TAILS

31. 2,000 pounds : TON

32. Uncooked : RAW

34. Greek messenger of the gods : HERMES. Hermès, if you're fashionable.

38. Geek Squad member : TECHIE. The boys at Best Buy.

41. Fireworks reaction : [OOH!]

42. EPA-banned pesticide : DDT. Some controversy now that maybe an out-right ban was too strong for the good that it does.

45. Roger who broke Babe Ruth's record : MARIS

46. Refusals : NOs

48. Prior to, in poems : ERE

53. "A Doll's House" playwright : IBSEN

55. Decorative inlaid work : MOSAIC

56. Watchful Japanese canines : AKITAs

57. Comet Hale-__ : BOPP

61. Thought from la tête : IDÉE

62. Hayes or Hunt : HELEN. Both great actresses but from different eras.

63. Slaughter in the Baseball Hall of Fame : ENOS

64. Surrender, as territory : CEDE

65. Grab : SEIZE

66. Emailed : SENT


1. Musical set at the Kit Kat Club : CABARET

2. Guacamole fruit : AVOCADO

3. Tear gas weapon : RIOT GUN

4. Margaret Mead subject : SAMOA. "Coming of Age in Samoa"

5. Georgia and Latvia, once: Abbr. : SSRs. (Soviet Socialist Republic)

6. Horseplayer's haunt, for short : OTB. (Off Track Betting)

7. Island near Curaçao : ARUBA. Win enough at OTB and you can be here.

8. Perry in court : MASON. With Della Street at his side.

9. Convention pin-on : ID TAG

10. Section of a woodwind quintet score : OBOE PART

11. Conrad classic : "LORD JIM". A novel by Joseph Conrad originally published as a serial in Blackwood's Magazine from October 1899 to November 1900. I missed it. My subscription lapsed.

12. Guard that barks : DOG

13. Big __ Country: Montana : SKY. Big shout out.

18. Approximately : OR SO

22. One-to-one student : TUTEE

24. Prejudice : BIAS

25. Corrida cry : ¡OLÉ!

26. Undergraduate degrees in biol., e.g. : BSs. (Bachelor of Science)

29. Scottish hillside : BRAE

33. Detective's question : WHO

34. Sunshine cracker : HI HO

35. Massachusetts city crossed by four Interstates : CHICOPEE. Two are auxiliary Interstates.

36. Insurance covers them : RISKS

37. "Please stop that" : "DON'T!"

38. Film lover's TV choice : TMC. The Movie Channel is on Showtime. Yes, I tried TCM.

39. Corn serving : EAR

40. Hardly roomy, as much airline seating : CRAMPED

42. Preordain : DESTINE

43. "It'll never happen!" : "DREAM ON!"

44. Most uptight : TENSEST

47. Many a Punjabi : SIKH

50. Goldman __: investment banking giant : SACHS

51. New employee : HIREE

52. Eyelike openings : OCULI. Oculus, singular.

54. Tugs at a fishing line : BITES

56. Clearasil target : ACNE

57. Clic Stic pen maker : BIC

58. Poem that extols : ODE

60. Pince-__ glasses : NEZ



OwenKL said...

Explosions, gunshots, cars destroyed
With BOOMs, and BANGs, and CRASHing noise!
Breaking bones and rabbit punches
Making sounds of CRACKs and CRUNCHes.
Gang wars, riots, S.W.A.T. deployed?
No, just computer games enjoyed!

DESTINE is an interesting word. It's in dictionaries, but it is never used. Never. It's the base word, but every example given is for the term "destined"! It also appears in combined form as clandestine, predestine, destiny. I googled for it excluding destined, and all that came up were a rock band named DESTINE, and far down the page a Marvel superhero named Adam DESTINE.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Wow, this would not be a good puzzle to do while suffering a hangover. Way too noisy... ^_^

I struggled a wee bit up top with DITTO and SODOI before finally settling in with SOAMI, but everything else was pretty smooth sailing today. I didn't know CHICOPEE from the clue, but got it quickly enough after a perp or two. I can't say I've ever actually been there, but I know of it.

In other news, I'm starting to get a bit freaked out by the weather forecast. "Historic" and "crippling" are not words you want to see in the same sentence when reading about the weather...

Rainman said...

Nice Monday effort today by Clement McKay, congratulations. Thanks Argyle for a pleasant, brief summary and yes, my subscription lapsed also, or I could have missed my renewal notice.

Guacamole fruit = AVOCADO, made me think...
At one time I tried to find someone who would graft a branch onto my lemon tree so I could call it my guacamole tree. Kind of a lost art, maybe. No one seemed interested, even after printing out the process from the internet.

Not much to talk about and I'll look forward to reading everyone's comments.

thehondohurricane said...

Good day everyone,

Nice puzzle to begin the week with enough bite be a fun challenge. Figured out the theme after finishing......a smashing discovery! Can't say I have ever heard BOOM OR BUST used before, but I wasn't around until the late 30's.

Not crazy about TUTEE or HIREE. In my lingo it's Student & New Hire. IDEE, I believe it's French, so 'nuff said.

Traveled or four interstates in Chicopee, but never thought of I-291 or I-391 as more then a local expressway.

Armageddon arriving in Ct, next two days in the form of 15" to 30" OR MORE of winter. It's one event that makes me uncomfortable about our living in a remote area. We'll be isolated at least until Thursday, but we're well stocked so we should be OK,

Jerome said...

Groucho and Harpo were so damn funny they made CHICOPEE!

HeartRx said...

Good morning!

Fun puzzle. Thanks for the nice write-up and links, Argyle! I liked how you isolated the bang-up words. It really gave some extra POW! to the theme.

I went back to read the late comments, and had to chuckle when I saw Dudley's last post:
Oh, for cryin' out loud! Cruciverb is broken again!
I said the same thing this morning when I tried to download the puzzle. Oh well, at least we have some alternatives.

Jerome @ 6:29... (^0^)

Unknown said...

For those expecting to be impacted by the Nor'easter, click here for a good, no-frills radar site. As of 7:50 EST it looks like the leading edge of the storm is nearing Philadelphia.

Stay safe. Stay warm. Check on a neighbor.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Can't believe it. I almost DNF'd on a Monday. I figured that town was CHICkPEE or CHICaPEE. I went with the A and couldn't see MOSAIC for the longest time. So it's CHICOPEE (thanks for the image, Jerome.)

Nice CSO's to Montana (Big Sky) and Bill G (with his TUTEEs). Also to me with BRAE -- I used to live on BRAEwick Dr.

Well done, Mr. McKay and Mr. Claus.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. A fun way to start the week day. I saw the theme and thought of a Klutz.

If the storm in the northeast is as bad as predicted, it occur on the 37th anniversary of the Blizzard of '78. Good luck to all of you in its path.

QOD: Sometimes you can’t see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others. ~ Ellen DeGeneres (b. Jan. 26, 1958)

Yellowrocks said...

CSO to all you Big Bang Theory devotees. Hi MONTANA and Bill, our favorite tutor of TUTEES.
So far we have had only a light dusting of snow which is melting on the salted roads. Most schools are having a half day, morning only session.
I, too, wanted ChicApee which obscured MOSAIC. The C in OCULI cleared that up.
All you fellow northeasterners, stay warm and dry.

Montana said...

I must comment today after knowing "Big Sky Country" is Montana. We are heading into a heat wave--record high temperatures for a few days! Nice! I am sending photos of snowmen to my CT grandkids to see what they might build.

A DNF for me today for one cell. Didn't know IDEE or CHICOPEE. I forgot to look for a theme. Been up sick most of the night. Hope it's only a 24 hour bug.

Cruciverb has been down enough lately, I am learning to operate the LA Times site on my iPad. It doesn't have settings I prefer, like Cruciverb does, but I am getting more comfortable with it.

Have a good day everybody,


Avg Joe said...

Monday level, fer sure. TMC and Tensest filled with perps, and as for DO and YR Chicapee was corrected by mosaic once oculi made that clear. The only other erasure was Sith to Sikh.

Per the Weather Channel, 28 million people are under a. blizzard warning through tomorrow. That's nearly 10% of the US population! May the force be with you.

Husker Gary said...

The first three theme answers made me think of “The drummer boy from Illinois went CRASH, BOOM, BANG, The whole rhythm section was the Purple Gang.” Anybody else?

-Subbing today on a day where the weather, unlike our east coast friends, is supposed to be wonderful
-RAGAS, DESTINE, and SIKH added some zing
-Don’t you hate CARS park like this in the lot
-Have you ever used BOOK as a verb, as in “We’d better get bookin’”
-BOOM OR BUST is a good phrase for farming
-St. Peter’s Basilica has some of the most beautiful MOSAICS in the world.
-Yesterday we had a map of what Mexico CEDED to America in 1848
-Roger Miller sang of “Grape wine in a 8D MASON jar” and Jim Croce sang of someone “meaner than a junk yard 13D DOG”
-It doesn’t take long to hear the BIAS in certain news/opinion shows
-That’s’ WHO did it!
-HI, HO, HI, HO, it’s off to work, I owe
-I’m a TMC addict. It’s like going back in time.
-In hot weather, athletes get CRAMPED up
-BIC pens are ubiquitous

Madame Defarge said...

Hello, all.

Thanks, Mr. McKay. Argyle, thanks for the photos and links. This was a nice Monday run for me. I worked corners today because my son said when I work across then down, I'm wasting time. It was fun to work his way, but as I said yesterday, I have never worked for time--just for fun. Of course, he forgets I am retired and time is my luxury commodity right now.

I hope all of you in the East are ready for the possibilities of the big storm. Mother Nature is a powerful dame. Enjoy the solitude of a grand snowstorm. In Chicagoland this is the 48th anniversary of 29 hours of snow that produced 23 inches. Stay cozy!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had DREAMIN' instead of DREAM ON and ENIS instead of ENOS. So close.

Husker Gary said...

I just received a message through Facebook that my best friend in high school died last night. He flew helicopters in Vietnam, started a business in Arizona and then flew tourists into the Grand Canyon in helicopters.
My most vivid memory of him is going to Omaha to buy his brand new 1964 Impala SS with a 409 mill. The next day he got it up to 140 mph on the way to school.
He is now the 5th person to die out of our merry little band of 28 from the class of ’64. Every such event reminds us all too well of our mortality.
Facebook has allowed me to reach out to many of my classmates and to reminisce. Sorrow shared is truly sorrow diminished.

desper-otto said...

Marti, just saw your groupies (from last night). Those were great! I don't understand why Rich nixed 'em.

Madame Defarge, I remember the winter of 78-79. I was living in a northern suburb, not far from the Wisconsin line. The snowbanks on either side of my driveway were so high that if we got any more snow, I wouldn't be able to shovel it up there. Backing out of the driveway was an adventure in terror. I remember hearing that O'Hare was closed for snow for more hours that winter than in all of the preceding winters combined. What a difference from the southland. Here any snow which manages to "stick" causes a major sensation.

TTP said...

Good morning all !

Perfect title Argyle. Also, thank you for the great write up.

Nice puzzle. A couple of learning moments. Never heard of CHICOPEE or LORD JIM.

What OwenKL said about destine. No problem with it. Seems like one of those words that's evolving it's way out of usage.

See all y'all later !

HeartRx said...

HG @ 8:01, whenever I see a car parked like that, I am sooooooo tempted to scrape my key down the entire side.

Oh, and your best friend is lucky to have lived this long, I think. 140 mph in an Impala SS????

OwenKL said...

I hope you NorthEasterners realize you're stealing much-needed moisture from us out here in the drought-stricken West. That's right, stealing! That's why HG said "The weather, unlike our east coast friends, is supposed to be wonderful!" (Well, maybe a few of you are wonderful, but you're still depriving us.)


Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Pretty easy today, which is a good thing when forced to use the LAT site. It's clunky, but as Montana said, I'm getting more comfortable with it.

From the clue I wouldn't have guessed at Chicopee. I-291 and I-391 are just minor bypass routes.

Chicopee is about twenty miles east of here. It's a large city by land area, but not by population. As with so much of New England, its historic development took place around water power from the Chicopee River.

CanadianEh! said...

Enjoyable Monday level puzzle, with an impressive theme,some old favourites like EDU, OBI,TON, CEDE and some with more crunch like RAGA, CHICOPEE.

I have a BSc (we have had the BS vs. BSc discussion in the past).

Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake performed CABARET last season.

I had CROWDED, then CRAMMED, before I changed my comet from BOMP to BOPP for CRAMPED and the Tada!

I remember the Blizzard of 77. It was very severe in the Niagara/Buffalo area. Hopefully we are not going to be hit too severely by this current storm. Stay cozy all!


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

A little crunchy but easy enough. No searches needed. The theme became evident after sussing CRASH DIET.
35d - CHICOPEE - Agree with Argyle's and Dudley's take.

Canadian Eh - I was stuck at work for 2 days during the '77 blizzard. Luckily I had use of a company car with a 2-way radio. My work required me to work with my Canadian counterpart to resolve Niagara ice matters. They were only letting people on the bridges who had 'official' business.

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A fun, easy-peasy start to the week. Thanks, Mr. McKay and thanks to Argyle for the summary.

Our forecast calls for 8-14"', 25 mph winds, and temps in the teens. Not pleasant but not as severe as the predictions for NYC and other coastal areas. Stay safe and warm everyone.

Nice CSO to Montana. HG, condolences on the loss of your friend. Hatoolah, I well remember the blizzard of 1978. We lived in Stamford, Ct. at the time and the then-Governor, Ella Grasso, closed the entire state's roadways to all but emergency traffic. I think we were housebound for 3 days.

Have a great day.

Lucina said...

Good day, friends!

Unlike Argyle and Dudley, CHICOPEE meant nothing to me and so I waited for perps. Luckily, all other fill was an easy sashay although I first had SACKS then SACHS with Goldman. HELEN made me see the error. Oh, ditto for DITTO before SO AM I.

Nice CSOs to BillG and Montana. It really is a BIG SKY there.

Thank you, Argyle and Clement McKay for a BANG UP JOB.

Stay warm all you northeasterners. Lately I've seen many license plates from those states as the Super Bowl approaches. They are probably glad to be here and not there.

Have a delightful Monday, everyone!

Madame Defarge said...

H-G Sorry about your pal. Keep telling great stories about him. I agree with Marti. Ah, to be so young and foolish again!

D-O I sure do remember the '78-'79 snow in Chi-land. I had a baby on 2-2 and the staff dimmed the lights in delivery to guarantee my little groundhog wouldn't see her shadow!!!

Tinbeni said...

Husker Gary: My sincere condolence.

Argyle: Thanks for the email re: NEAT in Saturday's puzzle.

Well this was a FUN Monday puzzle with some BITES.

Learned the name of a town (CHICOPEE) that is not on my "Bucket List" of places to visit.

Glad I'm not living in the area about to receive the RAW weather.

A toast to ALL at Sunset.

Grammar Guy said...

"Seems like one of those words that's evolving it's (sic) way out of usage". Kind of like "its", huh?

HeartRx said...

OwenKL @ 8:38, as far as I'm concerned, you can have the %$#^@% stuff! It's not looking very good: I am smack in the middle of the forecasted 24-36+ zone.

CanadianEh! @ 9:18, I looked at the photo gallery from that blizzard. I sure hope we get off easier than they did!

Barry G. said...

Yep, snow totals of 24-36" likely with wind gusts up to 75mph. Fun, fun, fun...

I was 12-years-old during the Blizzard of '78 (the version that hit New England in early February, not the one that hit the midwest states in January). One of my two main memories is walking to the grocery store with my family, dragging my newspaper delivery bag behind me, since there was a week-long car ban in effect.

The other memory is being unable to open our front door due to drifted snow and my father having to unscrew the top of the storm door and toss me outside, followed by a shovel, with the directive to "DIG!"

oc4beach said...

A nice chewy, but not crunchy puzzle for a Monday. Enjoyable.

Barry G. and the other NorthEasterners: You know it's going to be a bad weather day when you turn on the Weather Channel and see that Mike Siedel or Jim Cantore are doing a remote down the block from your house.

OwenKL: A lot, but not all, of the moisture that the NE'ers will be getting will be coming from the Atlantic Ocean as the Low pressure moves off of the coast.

Let's hope that everyone comes through this storm.

JD said...

I needed all 8 perps to fill Chickopee-never heard of it, and I'm no techie or crack shot, so it took awhile. When I grew up my dad was all into baseball, and even though we were an all girl household, that was a big topic at the dinner table, so Roger Maris was a gimee. On the other hand, oculi , tutee, and destine were not.

Guacamole is almost a staple in our house, although the price of avocados has escalated to over a $1 each. Hmmm, maybe I'll check out that grafting.

Thanks Argyle for the great write up, and Mr. McKay, thanks to you too for a nice Monday puzzle.

Gary, so sorry about the loss of your friend. I have found FB to be a great communicator with my HS friends too.

Madame Defarge, your 2/2 story tickled me. What if she had seen her shadow??!!

Ergo said...

Thank you Clement and Argyle.

A solid Monday offering with just a little mustard. The shared "K" of SIKH and AKITAS required an alphabet run, and even then I was doubting my entry.

My condolences Gary on the loss of your best friend from high school. A class of 28? Far too small for Fremont. Perhaps Arlington or Cedar Bluffs? I knew folks from both and my youngest brother attended the 'bluffs.

Misty said...

I had such a great puzzle week last week, that I was hoping for another one this morning. But although the East filled in quickly I hit a natick with CHICOPEE and BOPP, neither of which I knew. So not a perfect Monday puzzle, although it had some good moments. Loved seeing two favorite modern writers and works, IBSEN and LORD JIM. I got TECHIE although I haven't always had great experiences with the Geek Squad. And I was a big fan of Perry MASON, in the day. So, thanks, Clement, and especially you, Argyle, for great photos and explanations!

So sorry to hear about your loss, Husker Gary. It gets scary when we start losing classmates, doesn't it? And it's very sad.

Fun poem, Owen.

Have a great Monday, everybody!

Bill G. said...

Hi everybody. I'm having a hard time concentrating or thinking of anything appropriate to post. We got a call last night letting us know our son in Portland, OR was involved in an accident. He was on a motorcycle on his way home from work and was hit by another driver. He was taken to the hospital with multiple serious injuries and he passed away about an hour later. It's slowly sinking in.

I feel the need to talk a little bit to my friends right now. A loss of this magnitude has never happened to me before and my reactions aren't coming naturally. I feel lost. I hope Gary is right about "Sorrow shared is truly sorrow diminished." Thanks for being there.

Rainman said...

So sorry Bill for your loss. Let me know if I can do anything for you. Ray

Lucina said...

Irish Miss,
I'm so sorry I missed your birthday on January 18th as I was on an airplane flying to visit a friend. I hope you had a spectacular celebration.

Thanks for asking, but I'm afraid I missed Sunday morning for the reason stated above. I was gone all week and am catching up with comments.

TTP said...

Bill, my deepest sympathy.

Anonymous said...

Bill G.--I am crying for your loss.

Husker Gary said...

Ergo, I did graduate from Arlington and, as fate would have it, am subbing there right now. All I’ve done today is supervise study halls and administer tests. The kids are so good maybe I should let them keep the money… Nah, it’s 60F out and I could be playing golf. I am sitting 20’ from where I was when I was told JFK had been shot. The school is 52 years old but to me it will always be the “new school”.

Having nothing to do today, I have done two puzzles from this fabulous site. The one with the Tom Swifties is a hoot. I am getting ready to start the “Karat Shtick” puzzle by George Barany to finish my day.

Steve said...

So sorry, Bill. You and your family are in my thoughts.

Husker Gary said...

Oh No, Bill. I can’t think of a worse loss. We always hear that we are never given more than we can handle but this will test that axiom to the max. My sincerest sympathy to you and your family.

Irish Miss said...

Bill G - I am so, so sorry for your and Barbara's pain and grief. You both will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Unknown said...

Bill G.: I'm so sorry for your loss.

When my "little" sister died (she was 40) I found some comfort in the music on Before Their Time. Well, "comfort" isn't the right word. And now might not be the right time. I just wanted to let you know about it.

CrossEyedDave said...

Bill G, (&HG)

Crap!, now I have no desire to post anything funny.

I am so sorry, & will not be able to stop thinking about this.

My dear friend next door had his Mother pass away yesterday, they decided to have the wake where they lived as that is where her friends are. We were supposed to be there, but the weather is making it impossible. I just got a text to check on their Grandpa & the dog next door as they are spending the night there with his Dad.

She lived in Breezy, a tiny spit of sand jutting into the Atlantic just East of Kennedy Airport that was under 10 feet of water during Hurricane Sandy. Now they are calling for storm tides & flooding.

I am concerned....

Pat said...

This wasn't a speed run but it was still a quick solve. Thanks, Mr. McKay. Enjoyed the review, Argyle.

Bill and Barbara G., my sincere condolences. I cannot imagine the pain. You are in my thoughts.

East coasters: I hope you are safe during this storm.


Ergo said...

Bill G. I am so very sorry. Whenever you need to, share your grief here. Cry, scream, remember, whatever you need to pour out, do it here.

You are among family.

Sending prayers your way.

Lucina said...

Oh, Bill, I'm so sorry. Earlier I posted without reading the prior posts. Do take comfort in the knowledge that we are with you though I'm sure nothing can really stop the sorrow. My condolences to you and Barbara and all your family.

desper-otto said...

Bill G, I'm very sorry to hear about your son. Parents aren't supposed to out-live their children. I can't imagine anything tougher than losing a son or daughter. Our thoughts are with you.

Tinbeni said...

Bill G.
tears ...

Avg Joe said...

BillG, I can't imagine anything worse. My sincerest condolences on your loss.

Dudley said...

Bill G, I am so sorry to hear the news. It's simply unfair. We grieve with you, cyber-friends.

Hahtoolah said...

BillG: I am so sorry for your loss. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I can't imagine the depths of your loss.

HeartRx said...

Oh, Bill...I just sent you a private email, because I know exactly what you are going through. Rely on your friends here on the corner, and trust that your love of Barbara will help you withstand this shattering change in your lives.

Prairie Woman said...

Bill G: Please know that I am so sorry that you must live through the loss of your son. The loss of a child is a hard, hard burden to bear. You are in my prayers!

inanehiker said...

Sorry you are going through this, Bill G - prayers for you and your family

Anonymous said...

Bill G. I am so sorry for your loss.


SwampCat said...

Bill G, please accept my condolences on your terrible loss. You and Barbara are in my thoughts and prayers. Others have said, and I echo the thought, we are all here for you when you need us.

OwenKL said...

My deepest condolences to you, Bill, on the loss of your son. (Was he an only child? How old was he? Who was he, if telling us about him might help.) Also to you, Gary, on the loss of your classmate.

aka thelma said...

So many things today that one could comment on..... but when I read Bill's post I could no longer think of anything else.... it has taken me a while to get any thoughts back together....

Bill G, my sincere and deepest sympathy for your loss.... you and yours will be in my thoughts and prayers... please know that my mailbox is always open ....

Condolences also to Husker G and CED.... the lose of anyone close to us is a very sad thing...

Husker G, do you know where your friend was stationed ? my brother was a gunner out of Soc Trang .... he was not fortunate enough to come home alive...

My thoughts and prayers are also with all you in the path of the storm.... I do hope you all will be safe and warm....

I was in Ohio a couple of blocks off Lake Erie in the winter of 77-78... we heard quite a bit about the winter of 76-77 as we dug out of the snow we had that year....

And... while I am here.... Owen.... I truly hope you were trying to make a joke about stealing the moisture.... at that point I will say no more....

My thoughts and prayers are with you all....


fermatprime said...


Bill: Tears are running down my cheeks. So very sorry.

thehondohurricane said...

Bill G,

My sincerest condolences. Please extend my thoughts to Barbara. You both our in my prayers.

chefwen said...

Bill G. Thoughts and prayes to you and yours.

Manac said...


My sincerest condolences to you, Barbara and your family.
Stay strong my friend.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Anonymous T said...

Bill G - was just going through everyone's posts while preparing my own - but now I don't want to. I am so sorry and sad for you. Like D-O said, its not supposed to work that way. Take care and email if you just want to get it out. Your eFriends are here. -T

GarlicGal said...

BillG, so, so very sorry. My condolences.

Bill G. said...

Wow! I am overwhelmed by all of your thoughtful words. It's amazing to get so much support and kindness from people I've never met in person. You have provided much-needed solace during this tough period. Thank you so much. I love you all.

~ Bill

Crispy816 said...

Bill G.,

So much sadness today. Try to stay strong for each other, no matter how difficult. My thoughts are with you & your wife.


OwenKL said...

Thelma: rest assured. Just solve the puzzle at the end of my 8:38 posting (which was written before I'd read HG's 8:21 post).

Sallie said...

Sorry to be so late. Bill G.: my sincerest condolences to you and Barbara. Losing a son (or daughter) is so hard.

Spitzboov said...

Bill G. - My heartfelt condolences to you and Barbara on the loss of your son . What a shock. I will pray that you have peace and the strength to cope with your loss in the coming time. Check in and write as often as you can. When we lost our daughter 2 years ago, this Corner gave us much solace to know that so many people cared so much. And they care for you, too. You have friends here.

oc4beach said...

Bill G: Words are not adequate to express my sympathy for your loss. Please know that we all feel for you and your family.

Children are not supposed to precede their parents.

aka thelma said...

OwenKL.... my apologies.....

I am hoping that all in the path of the storm are safe and warm... my thoughts are with you...


Occasional Lurker in Dubai United Arab Emirates UAE said...

I was just reading the comments to keep my sanity in a beautiful but strange and alien world.

... And I read the terrible news from Bill. G. .

Losing a child is one of the saddest events to happen to anybody. Bill, both you and your wife and also your other extended family are in our thoughts, and distance does not ameliorate the loss in any way.

I pray earnestly to God that all of you may find succor and peace and the strength to bear the loss.

God bless.

Occasional Lurker in Dubai UAE said...


I have just been informed by a flunkey of the local potentate pooh bah that the Tuesday L A crossword

Has a Prohibited word as One Across ....

... Therefore the L A crossword has been 'blacked off' for the region.

RATS. - now I have to wait until I reach the 'permissive' USA. Until I can solve my favorite puzzle again.

This is the truth. !!!

Solving the d--- Crossword is tough enough.

But Life here is more tough with someone looking over your shoulder.

Having a so called "tax free" income just got a little less palatable. Later.

Dr Jay said...

Bill G-
Occasional reader for relaxation.

God bless you in your loss. Peace and comfort at this time.