Oct 2, 2017

Monday, October 2, 2017 ~ Brock Wilson

Theme: No Reveal Monday - Add ten.

17. Evening show with headlines and stories: NEWS AT TEN. 10

29. Like perceptive hindsight: TWENTY-TWENTY. 20

47. Generic pre-sunrise hour: OH DARK THIRTY. 30

64. Farm's remote acreage: BACK FORTY. 40

Argyle here. Not much to say so I won't.


1. Ophthalmic sore: STYE. ophthalmic : of or relating to the eye.

5. Season-ending college football game: BOWL could end in 25-Acrosses. Periods that may decide 5-Acrosses, briefly: OTs. (overtimes)

9. Stories spanning decades: SAGAs

14. __ hygiene: ORAL

15. Bounce off a wall: ECHO

16. Chopin piece: ETUDE. Chopin - Etude Op. 25 No. 11 "Winter Wind"

19. Flabbergast: AMAZE. We have gone from heat wave to frost warnings.

20. Swiss convention city: GENEVA

21. Fist-pump cry: "YEAH!"

23. Sales force member: REP. (representative)

24. '60s protest org.: SDS. (Students for a Democratic Society)

27. Andean animal: LLAMA

33. Promise before testimony: OATH

36. Take to court: SUE

37. Journalist Couric: KATIE

Katie stops for coffee in Fremont.

38. German coal valley: RUHR

39. Lifts on slopes: T-BARS

42. Gotten a glimpse of: SEEN

43. Uncomfortably pricey: STEEP

45. One collaring a perp: COP

46. Watch displays, briefly: LEDs. (light-emitting diode)

51. Prefix for Rome's country: ITALO

52. Use a shovel: DIG

53. Pound sound: [ARF!]

56. __ Palmas: Canary Islands city: LAS

58. "No damage done": "I'M OK"

60. Five cents: NICKEL

62. Yellowish brown: OCHER

66. French sweetie: CHERI

67. Inland Asian sea: ARAL

68. Eve's opposite: MORN

69. Frankfurt's state: HESSE

70. Lowdown: DOPE

71. Soon, to a bard: ANON


1. Billy Joel creations: SONGS

2. Trapped on a branch: TREED

3. Signs of boredom: YAWNS

4. "Is there something __?": ELSE but also 29-Down. "... or else!" remark: THREAT

5. Software trial: BETA TEST

6. Halloween mo.: OCT. This month; the stores are ready.

7. Food for Miss Muffet: WHEY

8. Needing company: LONELY. Just a lonely spider.

9. Seattle athlete: SEAHAWK

10. Fast-cash spot, for short: ATM

11. "Money-back" assurance, perhaps: GUARANTEE

12. Carving tool: ADZE

13. Ooze: SEEP

18. Swear to be true: AVOW

22. Bottom-row PC key: ALT

26. Dismiss with disdain: SNUB

28. Insultingly small, as a payment: MEASLY

30. Instruct: TEACH

31. Even on the scoreboard: TIED

32. Strong desires: YENs

33. Not exactly: OR SO

34. Writer: Abbr.: AUTH

35. Things to wash after dinner: THE DISHES

40. __ rage: PED user's aggression: ROID. PED - performance-enhancing drug.

41. Very light rain: SPRINKLE

44. Grassland: PRAIRIE

48. Netherlands airline: KLM

49. "That's a shame": TOOBAD

50. Jubilant end-of-week cry: TGIF

53. Ohio rubber city: AKRON

54. Back in style: RETRO

55. Swashbuckling Errol: FLYNN

56. __ Ness monster: LOCH

57. Steady pain: ACHE

59. Corn syrup brand: KARO

61. Unconscious state: COMA

63. Ambulance destinations: Abbr.: ERs

65. Golfer's hat: CAP



Boo LuQuette said...

Wow hardest Monday I have ever seen so far.

Maybe because I went across with no peeks at the downs. Then I went downs with no peeks.

Then I went across and downs, but I did miss a few downs not seeing the clues.

I usually do my puzzles going across and looking at the downs sort of in a square, but not filling the downs just to see if the crosses are right.

Bon Lundi from Cajun Country Mes Ami ~!~!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Right with ya, Boo. I missed reading lots of down clues on this one. Thanx, Brock and Argyle.

Shocking news coming out of Vegas. What can make a person do something like that?

Hungry Mother said...

A bit crunchy for a Monday, but not too bad. Easy theme helped.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everybody.

Thanks Argyle for leading us into today.

Struck me as kind of a plain vanilla. No problems solving. ROID was new but perps were clear. Agree w/ HM that theme sequence helped. Not familiar with OH DARK THIRTY, though.
RUHR - 4 letters. Had to be that or Saar. Ruhr area includes Essen and Düsseldorf.

MJ said...

Greetings to all!

No unknowns today, with all four of the theme answers easily attained. Although I have heard of ROID rage, I did not know what it stood for. Thanks for the enlightenment, Argyle, and for guiding us through today's puzzle, including some lovely photos. Beautiful two-L LLAMAs.

Enjoy the day!

Yellowrocks said...

Typical Monday puzzle. At first with NEWS AT TEN and TWENTY TWENTY, I thought the theme would be news shows. Then thirty showed up.10-20-30-40.
Thanks for the Chopin, I am letting it play in the background.
The Las Vegas shooting is totally insane and hard to understand.
ROID RAGE reminds me of road rage. The news reported a car was crosswise in the street so an oncoming driver beeped her horn. The first driver pursued her and shot up her car, hitting her toddler in the head. I can understand driver annoyance, justified or not, but I cannot understand lethal rage at such a small thing. Lately, I am becoming afraid to beep in such situations. The last time I did, the people in the other car became enraged, shouting and giving the middle finger salute. I'm glad they did not have a gun.
OH DARK THIRTY- "According to the handbook Air Force 101 - Military Time the time between 00:01h and 05:59h can be referred to as 'oh-dark-thirty'."
"And according to this military website 'oh-dark-thirty' is equivalent to 'zero-dark-thirty' and 'zero-dark-hundred / oh-dark-hundred'." It's been around since the 60's, but I have only heard of it recently. Zero Dark Thirty is a 2012 movie about the shooting of Bin Ladin.
SAGA brings to mind, Michener. I have read most of his sagas. Among my favorites are Chesapeake and The Source, a history of the Jewish people and the land of Israel from pre-monotheistic days to the birth of the modern State of Israel.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

After reading DO's comment, I turned on my TV. All I can say is God help us all.

Coach J said...

After two "could not finish" over the weekend I had a nice run through this morning. I quickly changed road to ROID since, to be consistent, the number had to come at the end of the entry. On CC's advice I recently purchased and read Patrick Berry's "Crossword Constructor's Handbook" to familiarize myself with all the construction rules that need to be followed (at least the vast majority of the time). It was very interesting and even came with 70 of his puzzles that were referenced in the text.

OWEN, I hope your spirits are up this morning in spite of the news coming out of Las Vegas. Depression runs in my family and I have to work to keep it at bay as well. My therapy is a quick trip to the zoo (member for a long time) to see my furry friends and eat lunch. Anyway, I hope you, and everyone else on this blog, are doing well.

Husker Gary said...

-FB BOWLS love the Huskers because our fans travel well
-KATIE Couric was in our town last week
-A NICKEL used to buy a pinball game and one play on the juke box. Oh YEAH, gas was $.25/gal.
-Several places in Nebraska are trying to take the PRAIRIE back from the brome grass planted for cattle to the original grasses that grew here 200 years ago

-Re: Yesterday’s topics. I only use a pencil on the puzzle in the Omaha World Herald. Ironically the paper shrunk its width last month but the puzzle is slightly bigger.
-I always think of the puzzle as a learning experience whether I get a 100% or not. I never look up a word while I am solving but make my best “educated” guess and then check it out in the write-up. I still can’t remember that salad from Saturday’s puzzle even though I got it.

GJ said...

Yellowrocks, I am also a Michener fan with my favorites being Centennial and Hawaii. Many of his sagas were made into movies.
ROID rage is one of the side effects of prolonged steroid use, primarily showing up in males who take the drug in order to artificially build muscle.
Solid Monday puzzle, thanks Argyle for your tour.

PK said...

Hi Y'all, Thanks, Brock and Argyle for a good start to my day.

The theme was pretty easy to see after three were filled and I confidently filled in FORTY. Being a farmer the BACK came easy.

Couldn't figure out the football game was a BOWL for a bit. Not a head-slammer fan, but should have known BOWL. Our town had a lot of KSU grads. Whenever they were in a BOWL game, buses were hired and our town became a ghost town. Eerie.

Since I didn't have BOWL, I didn't get OTS. The software trials crossing with that didn't come easy either. Finally got BETA_EST and tried bEST. Duh! rEST? TEST! Oh, sure!

PED wasn't known. I finally tried ROaD rage which didn't work so ROID was apparent. I think the "ROID" is short for SteROID because body builder athletes on SteROIDs developed raging tantrums with its use. I think I mentioned some time ago that there was a shooting death at a major intersection less than two blocks from my house. Road rage with drugs in the system. Scary times!

Now I'll go take my car off its plug-in and go to the grocery store. Thanks to you guys who suggested getting a plug-in battery charger. I sounded so smart when I asked my son about getting one and he came equipped.

Now I'm trying to decide whether I want to turn on the TV to see what Vegas thing you mean, or go to the store first. More bad news might kill my appetite.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling thoughts":

Hi all; been crazy busy here, trying to get a routine going. My new work schedule is anything but normal; but hopefully once "season" begins in S FL, things will be better.

I had a FIFTY-FIFTY chance of finishing today's puzzle with no errors, but I didn't!

O DARK THIRTY is a favorite expression I use for early hours. I'm not a morning person so I'm rarely awake before 6:00am

Had MEAGER before MEASLY; OCHRE before OCHER; and ROAD before ROID; NEWS AT TEN was normal for those in the Central Time Zone; it's on at Eleven here

My lame attempt at a "limerick du jour":

If Jackson had lived in this century,
And ordered his coffee as Venti
From the local Starbucks,
Would he say that it sucks
That two cups there had cost him a TWENTY?

Tinbeni said...

Nice write-up Argyle.

Brock: Thanks for a FUN Monday puzzle.

Fave today (since there wasn't a "booze" answer) was the LOCH Ness monster.
Always liked ol' Nessie.


AnonymousPVX said...

Nice Monday puzzle, not much to add.

Jayce said...

Same as some of you, I changed ROAD rage into ROID rage in order to get the needed THIRTY. I misread "Even on the score board" as "Event on..." so TIED was not forthcoming and didn't make sense when I filled it. Then I re-read, correctly, the clue. Seeing GUARANTEE reminds me of George Zimmer, the founder of The Men's Wearhouse, saying, "I guar-un-tee it!" in the TV ads he used to do. For some reason, perhaps because my mind was saturated with tens, twenties, thirties, and forties, I couldn't parse THREAT as anything other then the senseless THRE AT for far too long.

Argyle, thanks for the lovely pictures. Best wishes to you all.

Dick Swart said...

Easy except for 'roid'. I didn't know the clue PED, I thought it was short for pedestrian. Also didn't know 'roid'. Answer is more interesting than top-o-mind 'road'.

Ol' Man Keith said...

A nice pzl for a Monday morn, thanks to Mr. Wilson and to Argyle: Ta- DA! - something pleasant to briefly distract from the horror in Vegas.

If this terrible toll were just one of a kind, I doubt there'd be any hindrance to anti-gun legislation. It would soar into effect. But since this sociopath is only one of a long series of *#@! a***holes, we have become inured to the havoc they wreak - and politically inert.

Who was it said that 1/3 of our population is killing another 1/3, while the remaining 1/3 looks on?

In other respects, it's a balmy Monday morning here in SoCal. Have a nice week...

CrossEyedDave said...

News at Ten?

Twenty Twenty?

Oh Dark Thirty...

CrossEyedDave said...

Back forty explained...

Aaand, 10 more introduced by a LLama, featuring a LLama, and signed off by a LLama...

Ol' Man Keith said...


Your BACK FORTY link is priceless!


PK said...

CED: thanks for the funnies. We needed that!

Jayce said...

LW and I loved that Meaning of Life story. Thanks for that, CrossEyedDave.

fermatprime said...


Thanks to Brock and Santa!

Cute puzzle!

No problems!

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

Dow Jones said...


Tomorrow's edition of the Wall Street Journal (October 3) features a C.C. Crossword Puzzle (Troublesome). Go to, hover the cursor over "Life & Arts" and click on "Puzzles". You can solve online or print from that page.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Just home from our camping trip. We had a lot of fun, but it's good to be back. I erased Adam for MORN and dirt for DOPE, but didn't have any problem with ROID rage.

Gary, when gas was $0.25 around my home as a ute, cigarettes were $0.18 per pack, MacDonald's hamburgers and fries were $0.20. Schmidt's of Philadelphia beer was routinely on sale for $0.69 per six pack. A new (low end) Mustang would set you back about $2,500. Color TVs were around $500 each. (TVs were actually worth repairing in those days.)

PK - Good show for sounding knowledgeable and impressing your son. More importantly, let's hope the trickle charger eliminates the problem.

OMK, do you REALLY think this dirtbag obtained the automatic weapons legally? Maybe we should just wait until the origin of them has been determined. If he DID own them legally, I'm with you.

SwampCat said...

A bit crunchy I thought . But fun, and I eventually got 'em all. Thanks Brock and Argyle.

CED! The back forth is priceless!! Thanks

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Brock for a quick by-the-numbers Monday. Thanks Argyle for the fine expo with beautiful landscapes.

WOs: Hand-up; I didn't read the whole clue and put in ROaD rage. I didn't know there were two Is and only two Rs in PRAR^HIRIE.
ESP: RUHR (one day I'll learn this)

Fav: GUARANTEE just because it made me think of Justin Wilson [2m]

Runner-up: ITALO


Dow Jones - thanks for the heads up re: C.C.'s puzzle.

Welcome back Jinx.

Thanks CED for the much needed smiles today.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Anyone recall Ralph the Wonder LLAMA in the opening credits for this documentary?

//sorry, had to be done :-)


Ol' Man Keith said...

Jinx in N'folk,
I don't know whether the weapons were obtained legally or not (although early reports from the sellers suggest they *were* legal), but whatever the facts of these particular purchases, there are simply far too many military grade firearms loose in our land.
With all respect, I am sure you're aware of the several loopholes in sales protocols that allow for just about anybody to buy guns w/o background checks.

The conditions created by the NRA's financial hold (Is bribery too stark a term?) over our congress are such that the sheer quantity of guns must be in itself a contributing factor to the frequency of their use.
Please, please join with me this time...!

Picard said...

I rarely do Monday puzzles, but glad I did as it was indeed a bit "crunchy".

Thanks for the images of GEVEVA and LLAMAs, Argyle. Both beautiful scenes are familiar to me. And thanks for explaining PED.

KARO and HESSE unknown as was OH DARK THIRTY.

I had watched the CBS News since I was a child watching Walter Cronkite with my father. But KATIE Couric lost me the first day she anchored. She started a new segment called "Free Speech" to give a voice to new people and ideas. Seemed like a great idea to me.

So, what voice did she put on the first show? One that few people had ever had a chance to hear? Someone with a minority view that is usually hidden? Not exactly. She put on a man who gets millions a year in corporate sponsorship to advance corporate messages for three hours every day: Rush Limbaugh. I never went back to CBS News after that.

And the irony of it all? Limbaugh attacked her and said she had "destroyed" CBS News. Yes, but not for the reason he claimed.