Jan 7, 2019

Monday Jan 7, 2019 Bruce Venzke & Gail Grabowski

Theme: WINDBREAKER (50. Lightweight jacket, and a hint to 21-, 26- and 44-Across) - WIND is broken up in 3 different ways.

21. Sommelier: WINE STEWARD.

26. Court spot for giving testimony: WITNESS STAND.

44. One constantly fretting: WORRYING KIND.

Boomer here.

I witnessed the WIND on the PGA tour in Hawaii, but no WIN for my friend Desper-otto's a bit unLUCKy Houston Texans, (who I identified as Oilers by mistake a few weeks ago.)  The same fate the Vikings handed me last week. Congrats to the LA Chargers, who took care of the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

Bowling - last Monday 525, Thursday 522. Feeling a little better about my game.  We'll see what happens this week.


1. "Forever" mail attachment: STAMP. Forever stamps price is going up to .55 on January 27.  Stock up because whatever forever stamps you own will be worth 5 cents more on the 27th.  Probably a better increase than the stocks you might own.

6. Time travel destination: PAST. Add an A if you are hungry.

10. __ and chips: FISH. Fishing is a year-round hobby for many in Minnesota. C.C. and I have drowned a few worms in the past. 

14. Deed holder: OWNER.

15. Drink with a polar bear mascot: ICEE. Drink it fast and your forehead will feel it.

16. "The __ Ranger": LONE. Who was that masked man? I wanted to thank him.  Clayton Moore.  There was a bowling center in St. Paul, West Side Lanes, which had many autographed 8 X 10s in their banquet room.  Clayton Moore was on that wall.

17. Specialized vocab: LINGO.

18. Workers with antennae: ANTS. Don't let them get in your pants!

19. Had bills to pay: OWED.  I owe, I owe, so off to work I go.

20. Psych 101 subject: EGO. Lego my Ego. (spelled it wrong on purpose to see if anyone complains.)

24. Range above tenor: ALTO. Okay but as I have complained before, I always knew Alto as a Female voice, and tenor - Male

25. '60s pop singer __ Lee: BRENDA.  I liked Skeeter Davis' rendition of "The End of the World", but Brenda Lee was okay too.

31. "The Gift of the Magi" author: O HENRY.  William Porter.  I think he invented a candy bar.

32. Years and years: EONS.

33. Litter cry: MEW.

36. Organic smoke detector: NOSE. A nose by any other name, still smells the same.

37. Uppercut target: JAW. Add an "S" and you might need a bigger boat.

38. Bavaria-based automaker: AUDI.

39. Adorns with Angel Soft, briefly: TPS.

40. Sandler of "Hotel Transylvania" films: ADAM. Happy Gilmore! A Hockey player joins the PGA.  (I won't tell you how it ends.)

42. Bit of corn: KERNEL.  There's a whole kernel of wheat, in every Wheaties flake. I drive by General Mills HQ 1-2 times every week.

46. Major road: ARTERY.

49. Strips of developed film, briefly: NEGS.

53. Proofs of age, for short: IDS.  We have an IDS Tower in Minneapolis. Built for Investor's Diversified Services.  (Now known as Ameriprise Financial.)  The tower was built in 1972 and is the height of about 910 feet.  It was behemoth at the time, and although many tall buildings have been added to the city, none are as tall as the IDS, I believe out of respect.

56. Hyped-up: AGOG.

57. Hard-to-resist feeling: URGE.

58. Harriet's TV hubby: OZZIE. Sitcom of the fifties.  Younger son Ricky Nelson, became a famous crooner who turned girls into swooners.  He competed quite well opposing stars like Elvis Presley and Pat Boone from 1957 - 1964.  His career hit a snag called the Beatles in 1964, yeah, yeah, yeah.  Ricky died in a plane crash in Texas in 1985.  RIP.  

60. Like kitten videos: CUTE.

61. Dark movie genre: NOIR.

62. Africa's Sierra __: LEONE. A relatively small country on the West Coast of Africa.

63. Risked a ticket: SPED.  I have had three or four lifetime speeding tickets, most when I was young and stupid and the fine was about $10.00. However, I got one when I was old and stupid and paid about $150.00.

64. Boys, to men: SONS.

65. Gave false hope to: LED ON.


1. Fish served "amandine": SOLE.  A member of the flounder family.  In our fishing expedition with C.C. in Minnesota, the goal was walleye or northern pike, however the result was usually sunfish.

2. Bit of kindling: TWIG. There once was a British model named after a Twig.

3. Part of A.D.: ANNO. The other half is Domini - Year of our Lord.  Told you I took four years of Latin.

4. "Little Women" woman: MEG.  Three letters, could have been Amy. Jo and Beth would not fit.

5. Cat, or cat burglar: PROWLER.

6. Upright and grand: PIANOS. I wish I would have learned to play the piano. But I was too busy bowling and playing golf.  Sigh.

7. Clearasil target: ACNE.

8. Tennis match segments: SETS. Or a set can be a complete run of Topps Heritage Chrome baseball cards.

9. Nuclear restraint topic: TEST BAN.  We don't hear much about test ban treaties anymore.  Unless you live near North Korea. 

10. Moved like water: FLOWED.

11. Hawkeye State resident: IOWAN. Just south of me, I've been there many times. Elizabeth Warren was there this weekend.  I hope she likes corn.

12. McCarthy's friend Mortimer: SNERD. We don't see ventriloquists on TV anymore. Where is Ed Sullivan when you need him ?

13. Ibsen's "__ Gabler": HEDDA.  Never heard of her, but I have heard of Ms. Hopper.

22. __-bitsy: ITSY. Teenie Weenie yellow polka dot bikini.  That she wore for the first time today.

23. Sea eagles: ERNS.

24. "Worst Cooks in America" judge Burrell: ANNE.

26. "This __ take long": WON'T. I hope you are not talking about a crossword puzzle. It usually takes me an hour to get about one third, then I give up.

27. Breakfast chain: IHOP.  Pumpkin Spice pancakes for Halloween. Now they have green pancakes to honor the Grinch. Ted Geisel was Dr. Seuss who wrote about the Grinch. I don't remember because I was 2 years old but I met Dr. Seuss in a San Diego library. My Mom purchased a copy of "If I Ran the Zoo", and Dr. Seuss autographed it.  I wish I still had it. 

28. Thomas Hardy heroine: TESS.

29. Disreputable: SEAMY.

30. Stranded driver's need: TOW.  Tow, Tow, Tow your car, Gently down the street.

33. City bond, informally: MUNI.  Tax free dividends.  You may wish you had these in a couple of months.

34. Garden locale in a Sistine Chapel mural: EDEN.

35. Like animals in the Serengeti: WILD.  Also a Minnesota NHL Hockey player.

37. Cookie container: JAR.  When is a door not a door?  When it's ajar.

38. Torah holders: ARKS. Noah's used boat lot.

40. Choice of two: A OR B. This choice occurs on "The Chase".  I cannot stand the shouting Brook Burns, and the Beast is no treat either.

41. Practice exercises: DRY RUNS.

42. Replaceable joint: KNEE.  The quarterback might take one or two with a lead at the end of the game.

43. Chinese appetizer: EGG ROLL.  I'll check with C.C.  A lot of American Chinese food is fake.

44. Squeezed (in): WEDGED.  Should have used a nine iron.

45. Comic book artists: INKERS.  I was a flyboy at a newspaper, but we had inkers too. They did not have comic books to read, or print though.

46. Spy plane acronym: AWACS. Airborne Warning and Control System.

47. Construct haphazardly: RIG UP. "Fry up another batch of bullheads, Muriel, I smell another election coming." Words of famous Minnesotan, Hubert Humphrey. Although the elections were NOT rigged up.

48. Govt. security: T NOTE.

51. Suffix with sock: EROO.  I think this started with the Kangaroo, but now we see the suffix every where.

52. Not fer: AGIN.  Someone has been watching too many "Beverly Hillbillies".

53. Longtime seller of Lacoste shirts: IZOD.

54. "The Flintstones" pet: DINO.  Remember the "Sinclair" gas stations ?

55. Observed: SEEN.

59. Middle of Arizona?: ZEE.  Arizona, Take off your rainbow shades, Arizona, hey won'tcha
go my way.



Boo LuQuette said...

Well the WIND wasn't in my sail this morning..... I was eating breakfast though ...

Glad you feeling better Boomer.....

I had trouble on the STAMPS and 1 more on the top.... But other than those few and SLANG for LINGO it was smooth sailing with the WINDS to my back LOL......

Ok back to editing......... Oh and finally we had 2 days of full sunshine in a whole months time ..... Not have been able to till our 1/2 acre garden with a engine tiller in 5 months ..... Hathoola and Swampcat also Big Easy knows what I am talking about ....

Plus Tard from Cajun Country ..........

OwenKL said...

When a fisherman's line he starts to unwind,
In hopes of a dinner of a FISHY kind,
If he blocks a breeze
Coming thru the trees,
And interrupts his cast, is he BREAKING WIND?


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Started right off with YOURS -- the "Forever" mail attachment. Wite-Out, please. Had the same thought as OwenKL when WIND BREAKER showed up. If I'd read further, I would've figured out that it was the reveal. D'oh! Well done, BV, GG and BB. (I bowled years ago, and had many 200+ games, but never a 600 series. I'd always totally blow at least one game in the set.)

IOWAN: I'll call that a CSO since we don't have any other corner Iowans. I only lived there five years, but it seemed like a lifetime.

SPED: I've had two speeding tickets over the years, the last one in '82 in Kendleton, Texas on Highway 59. I learned after the fact that it was a notorious speed trap.

BRENDA: Probably best known for this early hit -- I'm Sorry (2:44) In the background you'll hear the Anita Kerr Singers who were ubiquitous in Nashville recordings of the '60s. I've got a two-album anthology of Brenda's greatest hits on my music server.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thank you, Bruce & Gail! Oh What fun it is without unknown far out names!.

Thank you, Boomer, for supplying the quantity of wit we all look forward to.

Got STAMP right away, but there were still some words I didn't get the first pass like ARTERY & NEGS. I hung a lot of those strips in my day but I never called them NEGS.

Coke before ICEE.

Didn't quite get the theme. Didn't realize WINDBREAKER was the reveal. Duh! I thought after the first two W__S__ was the theme so had a minute of hesitation on #3 & #4. Down perps showed the fills. No red runs! Yay, me!

Boo, sorry you are so soggy down there. That may be why my granddaughter who goes to Loyola U. in NOLA seemed in such low spirits while home for Christmas. She's grown up with the sunshine of the Sunflower State. Dark & dank makes anyone grouchy. We've had more of that than usual lately -- like yesterday.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Boomer and friends. Like PK, I immediately got the WINE STEWARD and WITNESS STAND, so though the theme must be something to do with W and S. When I got to the clue for the unifier, my first thought was WIND BREAKER, but that didn't fit what I "knew" was the theme. Then the light bulb went on ... oh, the word WIND is "broken."

Thanks for the visual shout-out, Boomer! We also had a little CSO to Lucina with the ZEE in Arizona.

I won't complain about your "misspelling" of Lego. I'll laugh instead!

I wanted my Fish Amandine to be Trout, but not enough letters. I'll settle for the SOLE instead.

My favorite clue was Organic Smoke Detector = NOSE.

Boo: I think we are in for another day of sun. What is that bright orange ball in the sky??!!

QOD: Those that don’t got it, can’t show it. Those that got it, can’t hide it. ~ Zora Neale Hurston (Jan. 7, 1891 ~ Jan. 28, 1960)

inanehiker said...

Nice Monday romp - WEES about thinking all the themes would be W/S at first, but it was a more refined WI---ND WINDBREAKER theme.
Boomer - definitely wish more people would leggo of their egos!

Off to work!
Thanks Boomer for your punny as usual blog and Bruce & Gail for the puzzle!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

"Breaking Wind" would have been an apt title and would have added a small modicum of levity to today's travails. I thought it was a bit gnarly for a Monday, but perhaps Rich is trying to get us to a higher level. I always enjoy Bruce and Gail puzzles and I did this one.
AWACS - I guess spying is in the eye of the beholder. AWACS are pretty much in plain sight but operate in the background. Much of their data collection is highly classified but I don't think that makes them a spy plane per se. JMHO.
KNEE - BH has had her left one replaced. Getting 6 mo. shots into the right one. So far so good. German Knie, L. German Knee, Dutch knie. (the k's are all pronounced.)

Yellowrocks said...

A walk in the park today. I, too, thought at first that the theme was WS. I needed the reveal to see WIND. We surely needed a wind breaker this weekend. The wind has died down, but we have below average cold this morning. I think I will pass on that walk in the park.
Thanks to you all for your thoughts last night. Spitz, maybe I should get on a waiting list. The problem is that I could be able to live in this house for ten more years, or only ten more months. The luck of the draw. My 90+ MIL was criticized for having no future plans. Now, I can see why.
We will see ho9w work goes fro Alan today.

CanadianEh! said...

Early to the party today after lurking all weekend. Thanks for the fun, Bruce and Gail, and Boomer (love your puns!).
I went back and saw the broken WIND after I read the reveal. (I expect that there will be some "breaking wind" jokes here today.) I was a little disappointed the the "breakers" in the middle did not have any meaning, but I accept that to manage that would have been a real construction feat (and certainly not Monday level).

Just a little crunch today or maybe Canadian disadvantage. It started with 1A because I had no idea about "Forever" mail attachment. We call those stamps Permanent stamps and they have a P on them instead of a value. Yes, our postal rates are increasing too - $.90 from $.85 starting Jan. 14. And they wonder why people don't mail anything anymore!

But this Canadian did enter ZEE for the middle of Arizona (and smiled at the double Zed in OZZIE).
MUNIS is the other term that we do not hear very much here. (I saw that we had TNOTEs today also.)

Was that a NoNo that I spotted with 10A FISH answer and 1D Fish in the clue??

Enjoy the day.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Another hand up for thinking the theme was going to be a W/S something or other, until Worrying Kind showed up. Therefore, the reveal was a surprise that I never saw coming. No w/os or unknowns but that's pretty typical for a Monday puzzle. An uncle used to call me Twiggy; I was thin but not as thin as the real Twiggy.

Thanks, Bruce and Gail, for an easy, fun start to the week and thanks, Boomer, for bringing some much-needed sunshine and cheerfulness into another dreary, sunless day in the Northeast. Keep up the good work on and off the lanes!

CED, I hope you're back from sunny Southwest Florida soon; I miss you mischief and mayhem!

Have a great day.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Gail, Bruce and Boomer !

The clock on the puzzle board says 5 hours, 5 minutes and 48 seconds. But hey, I got the tada ! It must have been the spicy food that woke me up in the middle of the night.

Bruce and Gail gave most of us a deke by getting us to head in the WS direction, only to quickly change direction at WORRYING KIND. Also, when I read that clue, "One constantly fretting" I thought the answer would be worrywart.

Boomer, your game will be getting back to normal as you build your strength back up... I got a late call to bowl last Thursday night. Finally broke through. A little bit. Got my first 6xx series of the year with a 211-170-234 for a 615. The 234 was an interesting game. Had three blown 9 counts to start, moved up 4 inches, hit eight in a row, and then a 7 count.

Unusual January weather pattern here, but I'm not complaining. It got up to almost 60 on Saturday. My bowling buddy was out riding his big Indian motorcycle and stopped by. Another buddy went golfing. I spent most of the day cleaning up the yard. Yesterday the temp got up to almost 40, and today we are supposed to get up to the mid 50s again. It's been overcast and raining all day, and supposed to continue into the evening hours. A good day for inside activities.

Husker Gary said...

-Since Mickey D’s doesn’t have a sommelier, here is what the Food Channel says goes best with a Big Mac
-I’ve posted it before but Dave Letterman says this is the funniest story ever told on his show (3:38)
-Brenda Lee’s repertoire took many a spin on my Hi-Fi
-While watching Hotel Transylvania, grandkids woke me and said, “This is stupid Papa, let’s go!”
-Every corn KERNEL has one of these attached to transfer pollen
-My NOIR search on Netflix last week turned up Bogie’s Dead Reckoning
-I saw a pickup illegally TOWING a straight truck with a log chain last week
-A OR B? Take it from me, C is always the best guess on M/C questions
-All school custodians have had to RIG UP something the super was too cheap to replace

Lucina said...

Thank you, B & G for a fun run. I finished it halfway through my coffee and didn't pause to look for the theme.

I love sending Christmas cards but I may have to pare my list come December if a STAMP will cost $.55. This year I sent 110. I know it's pricey but in some cases it's the only time I contact some people. Decisions will have to be made.

During one semester I taught the stories of O HENRY. He was a masterful writer.

Some weeks ago TWIGGY was featured on Sunday Morning; she is still thin but has filled out a bit and is in business for herself.

PBS showed a beautiful version of Little Women last month. It's still a timely story of family love, generosity, kindness, and many other values.

My kitchen is still without hot water; long story, short version: our plumber couldn't come on Saturday because his FIL had surgery to have a stent placed. However, the new refrigerator is gorgeous and sturdy. In the old ones most of the drawers and other parts had broken parts and shabbiness all around.

Have a magnificent day, everyone!

Lucina said...

Boomer, thank you for your entertainment! I'm so glad you are still in good form and enjoying your favorite sport.

Lemonade714 said...

If you are curious, this TWIGGY NOW

I am not sure BREAKING WIND is a an appropriate subject for a morning papaer, but what do I know.

Boomer, very happy you are getting back in the groove. Continue to improve. We all approve. Just don't move.

Misty said...

Oooh, a Monday Bruce and Gail puzzle--bound to be a treat, and it was. I sailed right through this one with trouble only in the southwest. But even that worked out after a while, and once I got WIND BREAKER, I saw the clever theme in the three puzzle answers, nicely arranged, right away. So, many thanks Gail and Bruce, for getting my week off to a good start!

Always happy to see you here and in great spirits on a Monday, Boomer. Great that your bowling scores are getting better. And thank you for bringing back to many memories. Haven't thought of TWIGGY in decades, or RICKY NELSON--what a sad ending he had. My goodness, when you think of all the celebrities who died in plane crashes--there were quite a lot, weren't there? And finally, nice to see a picture of HUMBERT HUMPHREY. Haven't thought about him for ages, either.

Have a great week, everybody!

Yellowrocks said...

HG, interesting Mickey D.and wine combos. I like burgers 'n' beer (IPA) and steak with Merlot or cab.
Beautiful sunny skies today, but cold. "Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy." I agree PK.
I lucked out, not having to cancel tonight's square dance. We are expecting snow and freezing rain from 2:00 AM tonight until 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning. Funny, we get more visitors than locals when the forecast is "iffy."
No hot water, still? What a pain, Lucina! At least you have the great fridge. Mine needs replacing, but I am thinking of redoing the kitchen and am trying to wait til then.
Boomer, glad you are getting your mojo back.

Picard said...

Boomer thanks for the humorous review! I am curious how your bowling scores are over 300? Forgive my ignorance.

Also, what was the verdict from CC about EGG ROLLs? Real or fake?

Lemonade I was actually curious about TWIGgy now. Not quite as TWIGgy, but still beautiful.

Photos in the SISTINE CHAPEL are strictly forbidden. So I only took this one.

My Solstice artist friend Mary sent us a Christmas card with these amazing vintage STAMPs!

Yes, the FOREVER STAMP is a good deal. But I also like the fixed denominations. Mailing prices are very complex now depending on issues like whether an envelope has something "rigid" inside. I am sorry that they have discontinued most of the fixed denominations that I used to assemble these odd prices and fees.

At Christmas we went for a walk in Palo ALTO with my brother and his family near the Stanford radio telescope. We saw this coyote up close.

I know for some of you a coyote is no big deal. But I have rarely seen a coyote up close like this so it was really cool for me!

Anyway, I enjoyed the puzzle and theme! A WIND BREAKER is usually the only jacket I carry when I am hiking or biking. With a scarf it keeps me warm under most conditions.

PUNxsutawney Phil said...

We named our stove "ALTO", because of its limited range ...

When the sea eagle died, of course we placed its ashes in an urn ...

Do mothers of flatulent children force them to wear WIND BREAKERS?

Picard said...

From the recent past:
desper-otto and AnonT made me aware of the ALAN TURING puzzle. I finally had a chance to solve it. Knowing that it was about ALAN TURING was a bit of a spoiler, but it was still a challenge to figure out the many intricacies of this puzzle! Thank you very much for the tip, desper-otto! Very enjoyable!

Here again is that ALAN TURING puzzle in PDF form if you have not yet tried this fun challenge!

Here was an extensive Crossword Fiend blog review, including a visit from constructor George Barany.

This was clearly an amazing feat of construction. And it was sad to see that much of it was lost on the solvers!

CrossEyedDave said...

(OK, is the breakfast crowd gone?)

My Dad always used to say, "Where'er you be, let your wind go free."
(He also used to say, your nose will be as big as the largest finger you use to pick it...)

But this puzzle begs the question, "why do your own farts smell sweet?"

OK, I'll leave now...

(Irish Miss, I'm Ba-aack!)

AnonymousPVX said...

First off, im with way AWACS is a spy plane.

Otherwise, a themed puzzle with no obvious giveaways, always appreciated.

No markovers, but’s it’s Monday so no biggie.

Not much to add...have a good one.

Irish Miss said...

CED @ 1:00 ~ Yes, you are and in rare form at that! Anyway, your bark is worse than your bite. Or should I say, your meow is worse than your scratch! (Welcome back, you 😈 !)

Ol' Man Keith said...

Thanks, Boomer, for praising the LA Chargers. Wasn't that a masterful 3 quarters yesterday? They took the Ravens to school.
Nice to see the Ravens weren't completely wiped out; they almost recovered their mojo at the end.

Ta ~DA! Cool pzl today... the Venzke/Grabowski team exercising their wits and up to their much-appreciated wiles.
Didn't notice the theme until the end. I was just aware of all those "W"s.

Nice to see the state of Arizona receiving attention for something other than reactionary politics. (Take that Madam Secretary!)
A nice 3-way on the mirror side.
The anchor line contains an anagram of pure appreciation, as if gazing at fireworks.
It says...

Anonymous said...

When visiting many museums, mosques, monasteries and the like, they usually very politely and purposefully ask the visitors to refrain for taking pictures. But there always seems to be that one guy...

Mr Postman said...

Lucina, please dont pare down your Christmas card list! I'm from a different generation but my dear departed mother always looked forward to receiving those cards, especially in her last years. She would open them, admire the chosen artwork and then proceed to explain who sent them and how she knew them and even told the story of when I might have met them(sometimes hearing the story for the umpteenth time). Then she would display them around the house throughout the season. When it became too much for her, she stopped sending so many of her own. This was a very tough thing for her to accept and we kids would try to find time to help her send out a few more.

Think of the stamp cost, 60 buck, as no more than a nice dinner. A small price to pay for such a noble endeavor.

Yellowrocks said...

I cooked Blue Hen's Old World Stew this afternoon. Delicious. I placed it in a 350 degree oven for three hours after bringing it to a boil on the stove top because I had no time to babysit it. Then I turned the oven off and let it sit for another hour. It needed no thickening. You said adjust to your taste. Next time the only thing I would change would be to eliminate the brown sugar. I am not into sweet for entrees. Thanks for adding a great recipe to my repetoir.

Lucina said...

Mr. Postman@3:22
When it comes to a final decision it's unlikely that I'll leave anyone off my Christmas card list. Thank you for your encouragement, though. I enjoyed the story of your mother's reaction to receiving Christmas cards. My mother was much the same and she would recount our relationship to the sender if it was someone from far away whom we hadn't seen or met. Usually I send a newsletter but this year I didn't and heard about it! I received calls asking me about it!

Yes, I am consoled with my gorgeous, clean new refrigerator. Truthfully, it's a joy to open it. However, I suddenly seem to be hemorrhaging money, first the plumber (who still hasn't come btu will have to be paid) and today a new car battery. For about a week my car was reluctantly starting so I knew it was only a matter of time and today was the day. AAA service came, tested it, then replaced it. I was told, though, that the starter might be on the way out, too. But things could be much worse so I'm not complaining.

I had two cash gift cards which I hadn't used and that went toward the battery so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

If you lived here or stayed for a long time, coyotes would be a common sight in certain areas of our city. I see you captured that one well.

Boomer said...

Hello Picard. Sorry, I did not break down the bowling scores. Those 520+ scores are three game totals. However Mr. TTP - Nice set ! My high game this season has been 214, This morning was fairly interesting. I started with 190, then 195, I needed a 215 to hit the 600 mark. I started game 3 with a four bagger so I was on my way, however I missed a four pin spare leave, and then left a 7-10 so finished with a 200 and 585. Still room to improve. Next week the travelling league goes to a tough house, so I might have to wait two weeks to attack the 600 mark.

Jayce said...


Misty said...

I just re-read my post today, and boy, did I have a lot of spelling errors. Not good for a retired English teacher. I'll be more careful tomorrow, and proofread this message before I send it.

Picard said...

Boomer thanks for explaining your bowling scores! Glad you are getting back to your former levels!

So... What did CC say about the EGG ROLLS being real or fake?

Lucina thank you for the kind words about my coyote video in Palo ALTO. I had you and PK in mind with regard to seeing coyotes. Glad to know you indeed do see them often.

Here are my photos of the first time I ever saw a coyote up close. And it was indeed in your part of the world, Lucina!

This was at the Saguaro National Park near Tucson. I was at a conference there and had a rental car. I took a German visitor out with me and he was also excited by the sighting. He is now a star at the conference, by the way. (The conference speaker, not the coyote.)

fermatprime said...


Thanks to Bruce, Gail and Boomer!

No problems. IZOD filled itself in.

Have a great day!

Lemonade714 said...

I am watching the AMERICA'S GOT TALENT: CHAMPIONS SHOW and that triggered a comment that 3 ventriloquists have won on that show, and I am sure we recently had a comment about the absence of ventriloquists.

1. August 21, 2007 Terry Fator
2. September 16, 2015 Paul Zerdin
3. September 20, 2017 Darci Lynne Farmer

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Bruce and Gail for this fine Monday puzzle. WEES - thought WS was theme for a spell.

Thanks Boomer for the humorous expo. DW is getting back into sketching and did Hahtoolah's old Avatar last Friday. Van Dongen's The Corn Poppy is at MFAH.

WO: The B in T-bond before checking perps and realizing NOTEs
Fav: c/a NOSE


Lucina - sorry to hear you still don't have hot water.
YR - FLN: Last night, while talking to Pop, he told me how he found one of his clients (was passing by and thought to take her mail in; client is 91yro) on the floor with a broken hip. She'd been there for 3 hours, her life-alert was still on her night-stand, and no one was to come for another three days. When Alan finally gets the place you've paper-worked for, you'll lose the buddy-system, so make sure you keep a life-alert on or move yourself. Think about PK's neighbor lady :-(

Dow Jones FLN - thanks for the heads up on WSJ puzzle. Fun C.C.!

Cools STAMPs Picard. From the other day: I finally looked at the pictures you posted of the Tut exhibit. Many, many different pieces.

Welcome back CED!

Theme brought to mind Spinal Tap's album Break Like the Wind [4:44 - don't watch all of it]. :-)

Cheers, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

Not much to add. Like IM II flew through but forgot to SUSS the theme

It did seem to start slow.


Spitzboov said...

FWIW - I did CC's cw in the WSJ this afternoon. Unlike the LAT, the WSJ gives a title, in this case, BRAIN FOOD. The fill was: MELON BALLS, NOODLE SOUP, COCONUT PIE, and BEAN SALADS. The longer downs, although not theme, included: UGLY AS SIN and NOT SO FAST.
It was fun to work on and I'm glad I had the time to do it.

Lost 50¢ at bridge tonight.

Lucina said...

That is a frightening situation with your Dad's client and he was an angel of mercy who got there just in time. As we all get older we really need a connection and if the life alert is on the table, what good is that?

Thanks for your sympathy but it will be Saturday before the kitchen hot water is on again. The plumber is a friend and will come on his time off. My BFF somehow got the hot water to the dishwasher connected and so that was a big help.

I don't know what is going on with the Jumble. I tried to post today, was given a different window, and my comment never got posted.

Lucina said...

Oops! I spoke too soon. Checking the J just now I see my comment there.

TTP said...

Boomer, thanks ! Also, neat how your scores improved by 5 pins each game. Keep it up !