Jan 1, 2019

Tuesday, January 1, 2019 Derek Bowman

"A Classic to Start the Year"

21. With 27-Across, 50-Across classic: THE CATCHER.

27. See 21-Across: IN THE RYE.

45. 50-Across work featuring the two youngest Glass siblings: FRANNY AND ZOOEY.

50. Author born 1/1/1919: JD SALINGER.   CSO to a member of our California Coven contingent,  JD !

68. Title heroine in one of 50-Across' "Nine Stories": ESME.

Great start to the New Year !   It is also the 100th anniversary of the JD Salinger's birth.

I must admit that I've never read The Catcher In The Rye, nor any other of JD Salinger's work.   I knew of Catcher, and have learned that the main character was Holden Caulfield, but that was about it.  I learned of Esme as a crossword staple, but never heard of Franny and Zooey.

See where The Catcher In The Rye ranks on various Ranker listings.  You can add your vote on the various lists.


1. Language of southern Africa: BANTU.

6. City west of Tulsa: ENID.

10. Gas station machines: PUMPS.  Fuel dispensers.   Tokheim was a leading manufacturer of fuel dispensing systems and point of sale (pay at the pump) that began in Cedar Rapids, grew to dominance while based in Ft Wayne, and fell to bankruptcy in the early 2000s.

15. Bran benefit: FIBER.

16. Traditional teachings: LORE.

17. Undersea WWII threat: U-BOAT. English for the German U-boot.  Undersea boat.   On June 4, 1944, the first enemy warship captured by the U.S. Navy since the War of 1812 was the German U-boat 505.   She was captured off the coast of West Africa and towed to Bermuda.    The U-505 is on display at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.   There are also some neat videos on YouTube such as showing her being moved into her final resting place,  as well as a video tour taken by someone that visited the museum and the U-505 exhibit.   Spitzboov might have read about this before, given his background and interests.

18. Pre-euro coin: FRANC.   As in France, Belgium, Luxembourg.   The Swiss franc, not the Euro, is still the official monetary unit of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.  Fair warning: Euros will be accepted, but your change will be given in francs, and you probably won't get a favorable exchange rate.

19. Historical times: ERAs.

20. Email back: REPLY.  

24. "Star Trek" captain Jean-__ Picard: LUC,  looking exasperated here.  Maybe Data just told him he did a Reply All, rather than a Reply.    Crossword shout out to Santa Barbara Picard.

28. Dean's list no.: GPA.  I'd wager there were some pretty high ones by the regulars here. 

31. Number that's a square of itself: ONE.  Squaring a number means multiplying that number by itself.  The result of squaring is a square.  For example, squaring 2 (2x2) is 4.  4 is the square of 2.  Squaring 1 would be (1x1) which results in a square of 1.  One is the loneliest number.

Let's do a little more algebra.  Cubing a number means to multiply a number by its square or to multiply a number by itself twice.  So, 2x2x2=8.   Let's try it with a larger number, say 26.   26x26x26=17,576.   Not coincidentally, that result represents the finite number of all possible letter combinations in an English language non-Rebus crossword puzzle three-letter answer.  All you have to do is remember all 17,576 three letter abbreviations and words from AAA to ZZZ, and you'll be on your way to crossword solving stardom. Or maybe not.

(Fermatprime and Bill G subconsciously checked my math on that one.)

32. "Neither snow __ rain ... ": NOR will keep C.C.s blogging team from blogging the daily puzzle.  An occasional mental lapse or technical difficulty might, but not snow nor rain nor holiday.

33. Tags on bags: IDs.  We know that Steve's luggage tags are current.

34. Fishy bagel topper: LOX.

35. Play sections: ACTS.  Hahtoolah is a patron of the arts, enjoying the opera and the theater.

37. Words repeated after "Whatever" in a Doris Day song: WILL BE.  The lovely Doris Day sings Que Sera Sera

40. Halloween garb: CAPE.  Supeman and Batman weren't as big this year, and there were a few other caped characters that sadly I did not recognize, yet still so cute !

41. Because of: DUE TO.  I guess it was due to not having any big Batman or Superman blockbusters in the last few years. 

43. With 59-Across, liver delicacy: FOIE
59. See 43-Across: GRAS.

44. Tear up: SHRED.  Dash T would have wanted me to embed a video of Alex Lifeson of Rush shredding his guitar playing Working Man, but I'd already channeled CrossEyedDave.
That cat is keeping time with Alex's guitar and Neal Peart's beat.   Must have an unseen IPOD Air in the far ear.

48. "La Cage aux Folles," for one: FARCEA musical play and movie.   Never heard of it.  Just learned that it was the basis of the American remake, The Birdcage, starring Robin Williams.

49. Come up: ARISE.

55. "Assuming that's true ... ": IF SO.

58. John Roberts' group: Abbr.: SCOTUSSupreme Court Of The United States.

63. Having regrets about: RUING.    "When tomorrow comes, and we regret, the things we said today"  are lyrics you'll hear in the video at 26D. 

65. Corn cover: HUSK.   Once dried, the traditional wrapping for Mexican style tamales.  I believe Lucina and family use these.  On Saturday, my friend that hails from Honduras brought us some of his mother's Honduran style tamales wrapped in banana leaves.  Chicken, potatoes, rice and an olive encased in the masa. So good !

66. Kitchen strainer: SIEVE.

67. Come to terms: AGREE.  Fair enough. 

69. Trip around the sun: ORBIT.

70. Adventurous expedition: QUEST.

71. Like pink hair: DYED.

72. And/or divider: SLASH.   Guns N' Roses guitarist: SLASH. 


1. Bud 4 life: BFF.  Buddy for life / Best Friend Forever.

2. Broadcast: AIR.  Not sure what genre of music aired at KHAK in Cedar Rapids when Desper-otto worked there, but it is now "#1 In Country".   JzB wouldn't be a fan.  He doesn't care for Country music.  

3. Cavs' org.: NBA.  The Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association.   Not getting as much national broadcast air time now that LeBron has packed his bags and moved to L.A.    PK is an NBA fan. 

4. Camp shelter: TENT.   Yellowrocks said she is now past her tent pitching days.  Me too.  A cabin with a fireplace and a comfortable bed appeals to my older bones.  

5. Sea __: spiny critter: URCHIN.  Seems that puffer fish can be spiny as well.  See 56D.

6. Really amaze: ELECTRIFY.

7. "CBS This Morning" co-anchor O'Donnell: NORAH

8. Infuriated: IRATE.   I know of a certain thespian who has been infuriated with the recent delivery  performances of the Los Angeles Times

9. Gave details of: DESCRIBED.   Remember when Dudley described one of his contractors as "Ed the Enthusiastic Blaster" ? 

10. Baby food options: PUREES.  Oas traveled last week to see his newest grandchild.

11. Ride-sharing app: UBER.  Husker Gary is a satisfied user of this app, based on his comments upon returning from his trip to Washington D.C.

12. Messy hairdo: MOP.

13. Bud: PAL. Clecho w/ 1D.    Gal Pal: Tinbeni's significant other. 

14. Farmyard pen: STY.

22. Plenty, in old poems: ENOW.  This means ASAP in the internet era, along w/ email, e-tail, eCommerce...

23. Jekyll's bad side: HYDE.

24. "Get a __ of this!": LOAD.

25. Release from shackles: UNCUFF.

26. Part of etc.: CETERA.  Et's brother Peter was a singer, songwriter and bassist for the rock band Chicago, before launching his solo career.   Here's Peter singing a song he wrote when he was still with Chicago:

28. If-looks-could-kill looks: GLARES. I'd probably be a goner from all the glares of the Peter Cetera fans.

29. Olive Oyl's guy: POPEYE.  They were played by Shelly Duvall and Robin Williams in the 1980 musical comedy. 

30. Used a hatchet on: AXED.

36. Original co-host of "The View": STAR JONES.

38. Hawaii's Mauna __: LOA.  Michael Sherline can probably see it from his lanai.

39. "Mary Poppins Returns" actor __-Manuel Miranda: LIN.    inanehiker will have have nailed this one.  She wrote on Sunday that she saw it last week !   BTW,  Miranda is also the name of one of Uranus' 27 moons.   Miranda means "worthy of admiration."

40. Miss singing on Sunday?: CHOIR GIRL.   Boomer sang in the church choir, but as a choir boy.

42. Like some audiobooks: ON CD.

44. Irritated: SORE.  I think Irish Miss was irritated when she discovered her Discover Card had a fraudulent charge for a airline flight.  An unneeded hassle, for sure.

46. Bitter end?: NESS.   Canadian end ?:  Eh.   She's never shown any bitterness.

47. Turns abruptly: ZAGS.  Some of OKL's lines take abrupt zags that I didn't see coming !

51. Throbbed: ACHED.  Long suffering  Red Sox fans like Wilbur Charles ached for a World Series Championship ring, and were finally rewarded in 2004.

52. Crummy: LOUSY.  Wally, Beaver and Eddie Haskell used the word crummy quite often.

53. "I'm here": IT'S ME.   Pretty song.  Love the piano and horns.

54. Microwaved: NUKED.

55. Baghdad's country: IRAQ.  Abejo worked next door in Iran. 

56. Japanese pufferfish: FUGU.  Almost looks unreal.   Jinx, what say you ?

57. Colt's father: SIRE.

60. Country's McEntire: REBA.   If you look at that graphic of Oklahoma above, she was born and raised southwest of Lake Eufala and northeast of Lake Texoma.  The city of McAlester and town of Kiowa respectively.  

61. Rental car choice: AVIS.   Their catchphrase was, "We try harder."   I had a Hertz gold card.  It was really nice when flying into Minneapolis or New York in the winter months.  The car was always warmed up and running.  Their motto was "Hertz puts you in the driver's seat."   After Hertz failed me, I started renting from Enterprise.   "We'll pick you up" is their slogan.   

62. Actor Rogen: SETH.

64. Understand: GET.

66. Distress letters: SOS.    Save Our Souls (or Ship).   If you didn't care for Reba above, perhaps Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid are more to your liking ?

Here's the grid.


OwenKL said...

Rabbit 🐰, rabbit 🐇.

There is LORE among the tribe of rabbit
That luck depends upon good habit.
An URCHIN bunny
Isn't funny
If he's lost his shoe where people grab it!

PUMPS are needed on a U-BOAT
Marine boots just do not float!
Sharp stiletto heels give
Deck-plates like a SIEVE --
They leak so much you need a new-boat!

I'm POPEYE the sailor man.
I started out MOPPING the can.
The Cap' orders said
"You're swabbing my head!"
So now here in the brig I yam!

He says he has one last request.
"If I should die,
Set my REPLY:
'I had to pick hard where to rest!' "

{B+, B, B+, B+.}

fermatprime said...


Happy New Year to all!

Thanks To Derek and TTP!

Nice theme!

Needed help with NORAH and LIN.

Dudley said...

Rabbit Rabbit

Boo LuQuette said...

Happy News Years to all ......... it wasn't a quick run like yesterday, but I had other side distractions so I will take a guess and say 17 minutes... the clock said 20 ....

I finished, but no TADA I inadvertently put ENOf for enoW. I knew that across looked strange, but hey when I was younger, Marry Poppins was a lil strange to me also .....

Lin was easy because I love Foie Gras or any liver for that matter.....

Plus Tard from Cajun Country......

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Happy New Year! Zoomed right through and, for once, I happened to notice the nonstandard grid size. Impressive symmetry in this puzzle.

Morning TTP, and thanks for ‘splaining. That pufferfish looks dangerous. I seem to recall reading they’re quite toxic, but maybe I’m thinking of the wrong fish.

desper-otto said...

Good morning! And Happy New Year!

Wow, TTP, shoutouts galore to the corner denizens! This one was a snap, after exchanging my MASK for a CAPE. The Catcher In The Rye is a major plot point in the '97 movie Conspiracy Theory. Enjoyed the tribute puzzle, Derek, and the tour, TTP. (KHAK, which we called K-Hawk for the Hawkeye State, was a country music station way back when as well as now. Cringe if you must.)

UBOAT: I've visited U-505 at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. Most of their exhibits were really dated, but hey, it's a museum.

SHRED: TTP's graphic is exactly why we load the TP "backwards" chez d-o.

LUC: Brent Spiner, who played Data in Startrek TNG, does a spot-on imitation of Patrick Stewart, who played Captain Jean Luc Picard.

Dudley, I had that same thought about the pufferfish. Great minds....

CartBoy said...

Nice Tuesday/Happy New Year puzzle. Snow in the desert just north of Phoenix/Scottsdale last night. 39℉. Brrr...☃️🌵

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, TTP and friends. Fun New Year's Day puzzle with lots of shout-outs to this crossword "family."

Like, TTP, I knew of all the J.D. SALINGER references, but have read nary a writing of his. When he was 53, Salinger was in a relationship with the 18-year old Joyce Maynard. She went on to be a writer in her own right, despite him discouraging her.

My favorite clue was Miss Singing on Sunday = CHOIR GIRL.

I learned the Oklahoma city ENID from doing the crossword puzzles.

I learned that to Understand is GET and not See.

Back in the late 1980s when we were living in France, we went to Switzerland for the weekend. We changed some money into the Swiss FRANCs. When we left Switzerland, we didn't want to convert our money back, so went into a chocolate store, dropped out change on the counter and asked to buy as much chocolate as our Swiss Francs would allow.

Happy 2019, Everyone! May this be a good year for us all.

QOD: I am a kind of paranoid in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make me happy. ~ J. D. Salinger (né Jerome David Salinger, Jan. 1, 1919 ~ Jan. 27, 2010)

desper-otto said...

I think my favorite tribute puzzle of all time is this one from 2012 by George Barany. Note: It's a rebus puzzle with 8 squares containing two letters rather than one.

Husker Gary said...

-A new year, a nice puzzle, TTP’s always fun write-up, a CSO to Picard and ABBA! Now for some FB! Life is good.
-I remember pumping gas where my dad worked at 12 and thinking, “Any idiot could do this”
-Hawkeye, “Frank, The Catcher In The Rye is a classic!” Frank, “Oooo, it has “that word” in it!
-Always truthful, M*A*SH character’s money in Bern: Frank Frank’s FRANCS
-I wonder what they call people who remove the HUSK from CORN?
-KC Chiefs have been ELECTRIFIED by their new QB this year who pulled off amazing plays like this (:08)
-We’ve used in UBER in three cities and AVIS, et al, will never see us again
-Four MOPtops from Liverpool stood the world on its head in the 60’s
-Car CD players are going the way of the tape deck and 8-track player. Just sync up SIRI from your phone and tell her what to play
-Lovely REBA sang The National Anthem at a Husker/Sooner FB game in Norman and she put more syllables in FREE than I could count :)

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased mask for CAPE, silk for HUSK, and irked for IRATE. I wasn't crazy about this puzzle, but TTP's tour more than made up for it. Thanks, TTP, for pointing out the pufferfish in the gif. At first I just saw the lovely diver in the wet white tee shirt.

FLN: OMK and Misty, it is good to hear that the LAT has become fair and balanced. Interesting that it became right-leaning. When I left LA circa 1989 the LAT was an ultra-left rag.

FLN: PK, I also thought that the new management might be trying to drive subscribers away from hardcopy papers with poor customer service. After I thought about it I now think that the value of the land and buildings and some of the infrastructure is worth more than the value of the business, and the owners would be just fine if they "have to" liquidate.

Yellowrocks said...

Happy New Year,dear friends. Derek and TTP, thanks for getting 2019 off to a great start.
TTP, I still miss tent camping, nothing like being that close to nature, the smell of the outdoors, wind soughing in the tree tops, the songs of the birds, the play of light and shadow inside the tent....
I have read at least half of the books "Everyone lies about reading." I read Catcher in the Rye in my 20's and didn't care for it. I just now read a synopsis of it and found none of it even vaguely familiar. I also have read some of the "most overrated books." I really liked some of them.
TTP, thanks for the Doris Day clip, "Que sera sera." Nostalgia.
Alan watches the Reba TV sitcom frequently. Although he has all the seasons, he mostly watches a single episode over and over.
I love The Bird Cage and have watched it several times. Nathan Lane and Robin Williams were great.
Audio books are not for me, unless my eyes fail at some point. I like to read at varying speeds, stop and reflect, go back and reread, give the words my own inflection and emphasis. With computer news which is voiced and printed, I always turn down the sound and read it instead.
Fugu, puffer fish, are indeed very toxic. Japanese chefs study for years to prepare them safely. Most deaths result from home prep. This is one Japanese dish I will not try.
Today I will start on my main New Year's resolution - to control the great paper chase, the bane of my existence.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year. I spent way too much time on this. What a slog and its only Tuesday. I am not a fan of cross reference cluing.

Big Easy said...

TTP- I must admit it also; I never read any of them either. So FRANNY AND ZOOEY, and ESME were solved by perps. I've never watched The View or any of those bitch-fest shows; STAR JONES was another unknown solved by perps. No CHOIR GIRLS on those shows.

Add NORAH, FUGU, & LIN to that list of unknowns solved by perps.
Happy 100th Birthday J. D. SALINGER. That's a fill that I knew.
Happy New Year to everyone else.

Yellowrocks- I don't miss tent camping. Nothing like a comfortable bed in a new hotel or rented motor home. Running water, flush toilet,...etc.

Anon@9:09- C'mon, it was an easy puzzle. I AGREE with you on the cross references. But A&E fills are my weak points. Celebs, movies, and their ilk don't interest me in the least. When do you watch TV or go to a movie? When you have absolutely nothing else to do. You're not 'doing anything'; it's done to you.

billocohoes said...

HNY everyone. Saw the ball drop in Times Square last night, but it was Times Square in Fort Myers Beach.

I have to get to Chicago to the museum someday. My father was on a destroyer escort (the USS Flaherty) in the task force that captured U-505. U-boot itself is a German shortening of unterseeboot (under-ocean boat)

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I'm not a fan of cross-referential puzzles, either, but this was an easy one because of the classic novel and famous (notoriously reclusive) author. CSO to our own JD. I've not read any of his work but am familiar with Holden, Esme, and Franny and Zooey from crosswords. My only unknown was Fugu, although I've heard of a Puffer fish. "The Bird Cage" is a hilarious movie with outstanding performances by Robin Williams, Hank Azaria and, most of all, Nathan Lane.

Thanks, Derek, for an enjoyable solve and thanks, TTP, for an outstanding review. Judging by the extensive nods to us Cornerites, you have an excellent memory and are a note taker extraordinaire. Bravo!


Jayce, I admire your positivity and I hope your DIL and grandson have successful outcomes.

Best wishes to my Corner pals for a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

Have a great day. (It's rainy and dreary here, not bitter cold but windy.)

inanehiker said...

Appropriate tribute puzzle on Salinger's birthday! I'm in the camp of not that impressed with "Catcher in the Rye", though I can see how it was groundbreaking at the time it was written (1951)- not many raw, teen angst books back then. By the time I was reading it there were tons of them, so "meh" was my response. I did enjoy the biography "JD Salinger: A Life" by Kenneth Slawenski. He worked hard to get the background story since Salinger was a notable recluse. Especially interesting was his time in WWII when he certainly suffered later from PTSD after the brutal winter/combat he observed.

I have been to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago many times- but too cheap to pay the extra to go on the sub! We had a lot of visitors during the 3 years we lived in Chicago. I was often working/on call- so my husband always did most of the tourguiding. But amusingly whenever I WAS off - the visitors always picked going to that museum as their choice. So at the end of our time there I had probably been there 10 times but never to the Field museum or the Frank LLoyd Wright house etc- so before we moved we took time to go to all the places I never got to visit!

Happy New Year - enjoyed the blog and all the CSOs TTP! and the puzzle Derek!

Lucina said...

Happy New Year, all!

This was a quick romp! Thank you Derek Bowman and TTP!

Yes, we use corn HUSKS to wrap our tamales and they are becoming harder and harder to find in good condition. The outside ones look lovely but the center ones are torn and ragged. We've tried them from many places and all are the same. It's frustrating!

I've also eaten tamales from many other countries brought by my former students. They are all different and interesting.

LIN was easy for me, too. We saw Mary Poppins Returns on Sunday and it's quite good. Of course, no sequel can live up to the original's expectations.

Filling JDSALINGER'S works and his name certainly helped to finish this puzzle quickly. I also have never read THE CATCHER IN THE RYE and all I know about it is from CWDs.

Nice CSO to our Picard and to JD.

Have a fabulous day, everyone! Later.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy New Year!

Mostly easy solve, except I had to wite-out pate to enter FOIE. My fault, I was too quick; I should have waited for a couple perps. I'm not a fan, but I think it was neat to recognize JD on the 100th anniversary of his birth.
QUEST - Price Valiant always goes on a QUEST when he gets bored at court.
HUSK - SO to Husker G. BZ
Bitter end - Nautical: The last part or loose end of a rope or cable. The anchor cable is tied to the bitts; when the cable is fully paid out, the bitter end has been reached.
FIBER - Makes my colon happy.
ORBIT - I'm reminded the Earth will pass perihelion on Jan 3rd. Solar day (the time between successive meridian transits of the sun at a particular place) will be the longest.

TTP - re: U-505 - - I have seen some of the videos but not the exhibit. BTW RADM Dan Gallery, the capturer, has written some very funny comic novels about Navy life. Cap't Fatso comes to mind.

Yellowrocks said...

I think I have never had pate foie gras, but I enjoy most types of pates. My DIL and I are the only ones in our family who like them, so we buy them to share if we are to be together. We also are the only ones who like chicken liver pate, which I order in restaurants from time to time.
My sister lives in the Chicago suburbs. When our kids were little we used to go to the Museum of Science and Industry, the Field Museum, The Aquarium, and Cantigny among other sites. These days my sister and I usually just walk in the Morton Arboretum.

We tent camped until I wAS 75, when I could no longer hammer in the stakes or sleep on the ground. I also became too old to hike, which I loved. Such wonderful memories. But for 35 years (overlapping the tent camping) we have delighted in staying in the WV state park cottages with kitchens, bathrooms and real beds. We spend hours on the lovely big porches beside murmuring streams, surrounded my woods, reading, chatting, and eating most of our meals there. It is a good compromise.

Jayce, sorry to hear about your DIL and grandson. I am sending healing thoughts to all of you.

Misty said...

Wonderful way to start a New Year! Woohoo! The LA Times arrived early, and I easily worked through this delightful Derek Bowman puzzle, comfortably sitting on the sofa with Dusty next to me. And I couldn't believe that we could get a New Year's puzzle on the day of J.D. Salinger's 100th Birthday! How exciting and clever is that! Many thanks, Derek and Rich, for this lovely gift. I had only one erasure--first putting in FRANNY AND JOOEY because I had already put in JAGS for the abrupt turn. But I knew it was ZOOEY so a single letter erasure took care of that. And it was lovely to see ESME down below--I even remember 'For ESME, with Love and Squalor.' The across words even gave me FUGU, though I've never heard of it. And the final treat was getting WILL BE, which immediately put Doris Day's singing of QUE SERA SERA in my head. Then I came to the blog, and there were TTPs terrific pictures--thank you so much for those.

Hahtoolah, I loved seeing the Salinger quote.

Great poems, Owen.

Now I just hope Ol'Man Keith got his paper--to make this New Year morning perfect.

Have a wonderful year, everybody!

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Derek Bowman, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, TTP, for a fine review.

TTP: Thank you for all your links and descriptions. Great job!

Puzzle went quite easily. Caught on to the theme. Knew the book and author. Also knew ESME from numerous crossword puzzles. I have never read The catcher in the Rye. Maybe some day.

FUGU was unknown. Perps. FRANNY AND ZOOEY was unknown. Perps. NORAH was unknown. Perps.

Did the puzzle while watching the Rose Parade. Great exhibit of bands and floats, as well as horses and riders of all sorts. Got a kick out of the Calgary Stampede. They borrowed quarter horses from California because their own horses did not like the warm climate.

The Shriners Hospitals had a nice float, "Fezzy"

Stuff to do today, then our traditional New Year's Day dinner of pork and sauerkraut. Have done that my entire life.

Now to go back to yesterday's puzzle that I did, but did not report in on due to my hectic schedule yesterday and last night. We went to a friends house for a nice get-together in Lake-in-the-Hills.

See you yesterday and tomorrow.

Happy New Year!


( )

AnonymousPVX said...

This was a nice Tuesday puzzle with an appropriate amount of crunch.

No markovers, a nice way to start the year, I’m sure that won’t last.

When I was a Boy Scout I brought a cot to the Scoutmaster warned me “You’ll have to carry that in on your back” as we had to hike in. The next campout almost everyone, including the Scoutmaster, was packing a cot.

That cat/tp video is my greatest dread, I’m so happy my cats have never done that.

Lasted until 12:10 last night...I still think New Year’s Eve is the most overrated event....well, next to St. Patrick’s excuse for all the amateur drinkers to indulge. I’m never on the road on either of those days.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Happy New Year, All!
A quick check-in before I get back to the Rose Parade.
Hurrah! My newspaper showed up this morning. Late, but here it is!
Jinx, no it is hardly "right-leaning." That was way in its past. It has become a serious investigative paper, something we need to keep the local government agencies and national corporations honest. (Well, more honest than they'd otherwise be...)

A pleasant pzl today. I enjoyed the tribute to Mr. Salinger.

Jayce said...

I'm also not a fan of cross-referential cluing, but this puzzle today was fun anyway. Like many of you, I have not read Catcher in the Rye. Then again, maybe I have, but totally forgot it, sorta like that Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo book. Today, having read the article by and about Joyce Maynard that Hahtoolah linked, my opinion of Mr. Salinger has plummeted, not that I had much of an opinion about him to start with. Another nasty man who suppressed women to "enhance" his own stature, is James Watson, of Watson and Crick, who gave no credit or acknowledgment to the work of Rosalind Franklin on which his (their) work depended.

I recall reading somewhere that ZOOEY Deschanel, whom we had in a recent puzzle, was named after the ZOOEY Glass character.

TTL, thank you for your fun and fact filled write-up.

My wife likes to watch CBS This Morning of which NORAH O'Donnell is one of 3 or 4 co-hosts.

Husker Gary, would that be a, um, cornhusker? :)

Happy new year greetings to you all from we (us?) who did not stay up late last night.

Becky said...

Interesting to note that Joyce Maynard was vilified (and still is?) for writing about her time spent with Jerry. I call him that because she did. I am saddened that anyone would blame her and not her abuser. 18 is awfully young and she was easily influenced by someone she respected -- evinced by the fact that she willingly gave up her college life, friends, probably family to be with him. I've read most of his work, really like the novels I have read, but after reading the article by Joyce Maynard I find him to be despicable . I'm so glad she didn't have a baby by him, as I'm sure she is.


Becky said...

Apropos of nothing, One New Year's Day when my daughters were a lot younger I thought this would be a really good time to go to Disneyland. I figured everyone would be tired and hung over from New Year's Eve. Every single member of every single marching band in the Rose Parade was there. Needless to say, we never did it again.


desper-otto said...

Becky I did something similar, deciding that I could visit the Texas Book Depository (the Kennedy sniper nest) on New Year's Day. Lo and behold, there is some sort of football game on that date and everybody and anybody decided to visit the Depository that day. We couldn't get in, so we drove the 250 miles back home.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I'm back.
Funny how the one Rose Parade float that had a fire and broke down and couldn't turn that sharp corner turned out to be the last one in the whole parade.
Did they edit the broadcast to make it appear that way?
Or did the Parade's monitors make an educated guess that the float would come a cropper and so positioned it at the end?

I read The Catcher in the Rye in my first year in grad school. My roommate insisted. I felt sorry for Holden. But I saw his need to feel superior to everyone as an affliction--and so felt superior to him.
Maybe I should have read it when I was an undergrad?

PK ~
(From yesterday.) Yes, I had considered that the Times might be manufacturing missed deliveries in order to force us over to the digital editions. It crossed my mind.
But then I am not much given to conspiracy theories. It would take some evil cunning to calculate how many subscribers they could afford to lose in making the transition to an all digital "paper." And as you can see from my other comments, I'm inclined to trust the editors and publishers.

On that note, Anonymous (also from yesterday) ~
When I said the LA Times is now "left-leaning," I meant in its editorial view, its opinion features.
I find the staff to be scrupulously unbiased in their reporting. Their investigative reports dig deeply and play no favorites. Of course there is always a chance that some personal leanings can creep into seemingly "objective" news. But I read (and watch) material from all sides of the political spectrum, and the Times is one of the sources that comes closest to real neutrality in its journalistic standards.

desper-otto ~
I enjoyed the tribute pzl you linked us to, but I ended up with extra goodies. I got the name of the main subject, but what am I missing?
I feel stupid. What should I do with the six extra letters?
The "D" and "R" might be his title, "Dr.," but then I still have four to go...

Jinx in Norfolk said...

OMK, afer further Googling it looks like the LAT started its leftward trek in 1960. At that time the paper I read was the Weekly Reader (and the comics in the Louisville Courier-Journal). By the time I got to LA seventeen years later, the LAT was full-on lefty - as in Rose Bird and Jerry Brown lefty. But they carried GREAT coupons, which more than paid for a subscription, and the sports section was excellent. Good to know they are at least striving for objectivity.

Bill G said...

I would love to see that U-boat exhibit.

TTP, all of your math explanations about powers deserved an 'A.'

I remember reading The Catcher in the Rye years ago. I remember that I enjoyed the experience although I can't remember much about it. I read a few of his other books and was only whelmed.

Our cleaning lady is from Guatemala. She always brings us tamales at Christmas time. She forgot this year but called me and invited me to come by her house and pick them up. Each of hers contains an olive and they are wrapped in banana leaves.

We too like pate in all forms. Calves liver/bacon/onions is enjoyed too, the secret being to leave it somewhat rare. Otherwise it gets tough.

Jayce, best wishes for your daughter-in-law, grandson and for you too.

I hope everyone has a good day and a great rest of the year.

In the words of Fred Thursday, Mind how you go...

Bill G said...

When I stumble upon it, I rather like "The View" except when they all start talking or arguing at the same time. I do remember not being a fan of Star Jones. She seemed too full of herself though I never could figure out why she was special in any way. She planned her wedding on the show and practically begged sponsors to contribute. She was the definition of a 'bridezilla.' I'm getting annoyed all over again just by seeing her name in print. Yuck...

Anonymous T said...

Happy New Year!

Lots of snow until I solved ON CD and, with sufficient perpage, remembered STAR JONES. "Oh, no, a J next to a D?," I thought. Read the clue and knew it had to be JD SALINGER. The snow quickly melted.

Thanks Derek for the fun puzzle. Thanks TTP for the wonderful musical & informative write-up choc-full of Shout Outs! //BTW, the iframe around Working Man is broken.

WOs: CHioR [sic], Fra? GRAS
Fav: I'm w/ Hahtoolah on c/a for CHOIR GIRL //and it's a CSO to Eldest

I read Catcher in the Rye in HS. It was one of 60 books on the list for the Academic Decathlon. I read all 60 in 6 weeks. After all this time, if I remember anything about a particular book, It's likely jumbled up with another's story.

{A, B, A+, B+}

Jayce - FLN: Positive thoughts to you and yours.

Dudley & D-O. YR mentioned it but here's a video of FUGU preparation.

Well, TTP pretty much covered all the tangential links, so, um...

Cheers!, -T

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thanks, Derek, for providing my midnight celebration puzzle. Really celebratory expo, TTP! Thanks.

Never read Salinger. Did not know what he wrote or any of his characters. All perps & WAGs.

Sang "Que Sera Sera" a lot in the "olden days".

Hand up for pate before FOIE -- well, phooey!

SCOTUS? Sounds like something you need to scratch.

FUGU: I've seen pictures of them but thought they were about the size of a human hand. Surprised they're so big.

Jinx: you may be right about the real estate etc. value being worth more than the business of newspapers. I've read of several papers selling out big buildings and moving into suites in other buildings. Get rid of the printing presses & a large percentage of employees then only smaller offices are needed.

Keith: there is a huge difference in the mentality of the publisher & business manager/CFO of a newspaper and the editors/reporters. I always considered my first duty to the public as a conscience of the community. This clashed at times with the money men. I'm sad to think of fewer news reporters to work out the in-depth truth in many circumstances. I find many online reports poorly written and maybe largely fabricated. Ditto what you said about Star Jones.

oc4beach said...

Finished it without ever having read JD Salinger, but I did know the name, so when the JD showed up via perps, I put in Salinger and it was right. Perps helped with a lot of other clues today.

I'm primarily logging in to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

OAS said...

Happy New Year to all on the corner .

I could not find a paper on the weekend with L A Times crossword but managed a NY times and a couple of other CWs.

I came to read the blogs anyway and enjoyed it all.

TTP I read your review and realised my comment about going to see " Baby Girl " last week may have been misunderstood !

Baby Girl is my pet name for our youngest daughter , though middle aged she's still my baby girl. She's the only one of our children that hasn't yet given us a grandchild.

Had a wonderful time visiting planning for spring and summer get togethers etc. Some more grandkids getting married this year!! Time marches on tick tock tick tock--
Though we see her once or twice a year , I think it's about 20 years plus that we had not counted down to the new year together.

Happy to be home :) Great to go away , just as great to come back home.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed Derek's NY puzzle and TTP's writeup. TTP, I can see Mauna Loa's snow-capped peak from my front yard, above the invasive trees across the street. It's about 80 miles NNW of us.
I can't be the only one who read (and enjoyed) Catcher in the Rye - I think around age 19 or so - and strongly identified with Holden (everything is fake). Also later 9 Stories and Raise High the Roofbeam, Carpenter (or was that one of the 9 Stories)? Well I guess I don't remember much, except that I liked most of them.
Happy New Year, all.

Mike Sherline

Wilbur Charles said...

I assumed it was ROSIE O'Donnell. I tend to rush these early weekers. Hence, being familiar with the author of " ...Rye" I still had to perp the associated clues mumbling about"TV Guide" xwords.

And.. What a disappointment to find "Catcher.. " was not about baseball and no one ever told me about Malamud's "The Natural"*

Yep. The obligatory CSO to M Picard. Trek has replaced Simpsons as the Pop de jour.
I agree with-T, #3 is s keeper and an lol

RE underlying RE vs market value. Howard Johnson's was bought out and closed. Stock price was geared to profit. An English Co bought them out and closed the restaurants. Cracker Barrel fills their old niche.


PS. Nice job on the write-up TTP

Pat said...

Happy New Year! I hope life is good to all the Cornerites! I do the puzzle every day and read the blog and enjoy all of it. Thank you to everyone for the education and entertainment.

I read Catcher In the Rye for Book Club. I didn't like it. The discussion was lively and most ladies liked it. They must have read a different book than I did.

I made it to 9:45 last night. New Year's Eve holds no interest to me.

I hope 2019 is a great year for all of us. Thank you for being my friends.

Lucina said...

Hahtoolah and any other LA residents:
Congratulations to LSU! They won the Fiesta Bowl today against Florida. I didn't watch but heard it on the news.

TTP said...

Yellowrocks, I enjoyed camping out for the same reasons you did, but DW didn't, so that was the end of that. BTW, I checked, and I only read 13 out of that Ranker list of 100 books everyone lied about reading...

Lately I've been reading a book about anti-gravity. I just can't put it down.

I decided to have a little fun with the CSO's.

There's the rub. So many glaring omissions. No slights intended.

Dash-T, I fixed Working Man in the write-up. Now you can watch the cat while listening. I swear that cat is keeping time.

Oas, I've had some brain cramps lately. I must have read daughter, baby girl, going to see...

Abejo, that's our tradition as well. Pork roast, sauerkraut and kielbasa.

Buckeyes just won the Rose Bowl. Now, "Hook 'em Horns !" in the Sugar Bowl.

See all y'all later n'at !

Roy said...

Shouldn't the first day of the year get three rabbits?

Anonymous T said...

TTP - I've read ~17 out of the 100. //Who'd lie about HGTTG?

RUSH! Thanks for fixing; not that I couldn't find it ;-)
Sidebar got me this recent interview w/ Geddy [for serious fans & string players - 17m]

WC - I assume you were referring to OKL's 3rd Opus presented today(?)

Cheers, -T

Lemonade714 said...

Lucina, it was the University of Central Florida which lost 40-32 to LSU in the Fiesta Bowl ending UCF's unbeaten string. Florida crushed Michigan 40-15 in their bowl game.

I am surprised because reading CATCHER IN THE RYE was always a requirement when I was in school. I think it spoke to most teenage boys.

Lately I've been reading a book about anti-gravity. I just can't put it down. classic.

Becky, thank you for adding personal insight to the JD Salinger history.

CanadianEh! said...

Late to the party but wanted to thank Derek and TTP for the fun.
Extra thanks to TTP for all the shout-outs to our Corner friends.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Lucina said...

Thank you, Lemonade 14; as I mentioned, I only heard it on the news and the announcer said Florida, not the full name.

I've read 26 of the 100. Many of them were on the list of 30 in American lit class and some I've read on my own. I read constantly.

OwenKL said...

This week's New Yorker XW includes one of the same JDS SOs as this puzzle!

The story, about a CHOIR GIRL, may be available to some of you at The New Yorker, others may find it via Google.

Wilbur Charles said...

Of -T's list I'd say about half. "The Idiot"* should be on the list.

I had to look back at the poetry. Yes, Popeye. I just got the pun on #4. Also, Popeye is the movie of Robin Williams I liked best.


*That's Dostoevsky

PK said...

Lucina, weren't you reading "Becoming" by Michelle Obama? That reminded me that I intended to get it and hadn't. I am now enjoying it. Like her down-to-earth style. I'm just to the place where she is about to meet Obama.

Boo LuQuette said...

Yes Lucina LSU got the bowl game today 40 to 32 over UCF ..... It was a nail biter for a few folks... UCF has a great team this year, but lost their QB in the last game of their regular season .... They are not a SEC team though but still ranked 1st in their division ....

LSU got some well deserved money from the game today for their athletic division for certain.....

Anon T I grew up in South Louisiana and I am a baby Boomer one of the last of that era though.... I was raised on Country Music and Cajun French music in the early 60's and yes I do remember the old 8 track tapes which my mom would buy with the 33 LP's...

Then I got a lil older and some friends were more on the rock music side in the 70's like Chicago and then Orleans then ETC ETC ... when I was a teenager I started to like some rock and roll like Blue Oyster Cult, Molley Hatchet ETC ETC. Then came RUSH .... Oh yeah they had a sound like no other .... I still like the older rock but I still stick to my French Cajun Roots and Swamp Pop... My cousin owns a LOCALLY owned radio station 5 blocks from my house and I do a Thursday nite show with Todd almost every week ...... We have a great time on there all the time .... It is on the WWW and anyone can listen for free over the internet.... here is a video I made a made a while back on a Thursday Nite .......

Ya'll enjoy ............

Anonymous T said...

WC - Glad you clarified that it was Dostoevsky; thought you were referring to me :-)

PK - I think Lucina & Bill G. were both reading Becoming. I'll lie and say I read it...

TTP - I tried the "I'm reading on Anti-Gravity, and I can't put it down!" gag on the family. Youngest got it 1st with a swell laugh thus cluing in Eldest & DW... groans ensued.
//I guess some guys can't sell a joke :-)

Cheers, -T

Bill G said...

TTP, good one. Very good one!

Anonymous T said...

BooL - I moved to Shreveport 'cuz of Pop's work in the late 80s and found out all about Louisiana culture. Friends introduced me to more and more South Louisain' food & musing. And finally real Cajun. I fell in love with Zydeco -- the spirit; the energy; the Joy! of the music.
Here's your link for all to enjoy.
Keepin' it real, y'all are.

Cheers, -T

PK said...

Tony: some guys can't sell a joke? You do fine here.

Anonymous T said...

stupid fingers... South LA food & Music -- not musing //though y'all can be deep when it comes to the meaning of life (after a few beers!) :-) -T

OwenKL said...

I tried to read a book on the planet Jupiter, but I had a hard time picking it up.

Saw a magazine on forestry the other day, but just leafed thru it.

My wife doesn't know a chess knight from a rook.
I try to explain end-games, and just get "that look".
But on the phone yesterday
I overheard her say
How much she was enjoying her new "Check Book"!

Anonymous T said...

{cute, Ha!, Good luck with that :-)} -T #Out; nite.

OwenKL said...

Math takes:

Number (other than one) that's a square of itself?
And a different number that's a cube of itself?