Mar 19, 2019

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 Gail Grabowski & Bruce Venzke

"It's Show Time !"

17. Period with dreams, e.g.: SLEEP STAGE STAGE SHOW

25. Subject of some weather advisories: SMALL CRAFT. CRAFT SHOW

37. Apple tablet from 2013 to 2016: IPAD AIR. AIR SHOW

48. Summit Plummet at Disney World, for one: WATER SLIDE.  SLIDE SHOW

57. Perform in the theater ... and what can be done to the end of 17-, 25-, 37- and 48-Across: PUT ON A SHOW.


1. Factory work period: SHIFT

6. Choral part: ALTO.

10. Stand the test of time: LAST.  Has legs.

14. Hang around: TARRY.  The verb is pronounced differently than the adjective.

15. Deliberately avoid: SHUN.  That's a definition for the "English" but in the Amish community,  shun means to expel and ostracize.

16. Nabisco nibble: OREO..

19. Screenwriter Ephron: NORA.

20. __ Ark: NOAH'S.

21. Rest area array: SEMIS.

22. Timber shaper: ADZE.

28. Stars and Stripes squad: TEAM USA.

30. Soup spheres: PEAS.

31. Delivery doc: OB-GYN.   Obstetrician-Gynecologist

32. Movie lab assistant: IGOR.

33. App annoyances: ADS.

36. Gp. that isn't gun-shy: NRA.

40. Real estate buy: LOT.

41. Have some grub: EAT.

42. Ranch grazers: COWS.

43. Botanical swelling: EDEMA.

45. Yellow Brick Road dog: TOTO.

46. Back-of-book lists: INDEXES.

52. Bit of pageant attire: SASH.

53. Fashionista Mary-Kate: OLSEN.   She and business partner / twin sister Ashley.

54. Flowers, in Florence: FIORI.

56. Pothole's place: ROAD.

62. Drive-__ window: THRU.
Wendy's claims the fast food industry innovation.   McDonald's opened their first drive-thru in 1975 in Arizona.

63. Chicago mayor Emanuel: RAHM.  The new mayor will be either Toni Preckwinkle or Lori Lightfoot. 

64. Scrabble 10-pointer: Z TILE.  The answer RAZE at 55d gave it away.
65. Diary securer: HASP.

66. Vein yields: ORES.  Pay dirt.

67. Several hairpin turns: ESSES.


1. Wall and Bourbon: Abbr.: STS.  Well known streets in Manhattan (NYC) and the French Quarter (NOLA).

2. Kubrick's out-of-control computer: HAL.  Stanley Kubrick / HAL 9000.  The groundbreaking film was 2001: A Space Odyssey

3. Dublin's land: Abbr.: IRE.

4. Faux ally: FRENEMY.  Psychiatrist Paul Dobransky M.D.,  explains, in How to Spot Friends, Enemies, Frenemies and Bullies

5. Proofer's find: TYPO.  If you see teh in my write ups, assume I meant the. 

6. Bronchial woe: ASTHMA.

7. Capital of Tibet: LHASA.

8. Yank: TUG.  

9. Ace's value, at times: ONE.

10. They don't like company: LONERS.  Henry David Thoreau and Ted Kaczynski both went off to live in the woods.  Compare and contrast.

11. Taco truck allure: AROMA.

12. Calligrapher's swirl: SERIF.

13. Wedding reception highlight: TOAST.

18. Mouth off to: SASS.

21. Visibly healed, as skin: SCARRED

22. Advice to sinners: ATONE.

23. Messing of "Will & Grace": DEBRA.  Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace.

24. Restaurant survey creator: ZAGAT.

26. Lexi Thompson's sports org.: LPGA.   The Ladies Professional Golf Association.

27. Sainted fifth-century pope: LEO I.

29. Mythical horned equine: UNICORN.

32. Cards with pics: IDS.

33. Amazon Echo's assistant: ALEXA.  I turned her off.  We no longer speak to each other.

34. Mosque toppers: DOMES.

35. Narc's discovery: STASH.

38. Cookware items: POTS.

39. AFB truant: AWOL.  Air Force Base / Absent Without Leave

44. Calls it off: DESISTS.

45. Ready to drive, as a golf ball: TEED UP. It's better to be teed up than teed off.

46. Figures of speech: IDIOMS.  They're a dime a dozen.

47. Hard-to-miss sign: NEON.

48. Value: WORTH.

49. Hawaiian hi: ALOHA.

50. Romanov royals: TSARS.  The Romanovs ruled Russia for 300 years until 1917.

51. "__ shoe fits ... ": IF THE.  Wear it.

55. Use a wrecking ball on: RAZE.

57. In favor of: PRO.

58. Former Mideast org.: UAR.  United Arab Republic.  The coalition of Syria and Egypt.

59. Embroidered pronoun: HIS.

60. World Cup shout: OLE.

61. Jazzman Montgomery: WES.

Note from C.C.:

Agnes mentioned their epic annual St. Paddy's Day celebration at her sister's house. Here is a picture of their gathering on Sunday night. Of the five sisters here, dear Agnes is the youngest (78 in a few weeks). Anne is the oldest, 91 years old. Agnes also has three older brothers: Bud, Bill and Jack.

L-R: Anne, Agnes, Eileen, Mary, and Peggy, 3/17/2019


thehondohurricane said...

Another tough Tuesday, but surprisingly made it thru error free.

for 54A, I wanted Flori but I passed on idloms for 46D saving FIORI. Was sure 4D, FRENEMY was wrong, but no solid alternative came to mind.

6So far in Spring Training, Aaron Judge has sure PUT ON A SHOW. Hope he continues when it will count beginning next week.

OwenKL said...

SMALL CRAFT warnings predicted a blow
Which would affect the Ark's on-board CRAFT SHOW.
The thunder did rumble,
But the cookie opera didn't crumble.
NOAH still had the COW sing the OREO aria ALTO!

He tried to DELIVER the DOCument again,
But still the addressee still wasn't in.
Could not access
The delivery schedule of the O.B.-G.Y.N.!

{B+, B.}

D4E4H said...

Good morning Cornerites and Cornerettes.

Thank you Gail Grabowski & Bruce Venzke for this enjoyable Tuesday CW. I FIR in 25:07 min.

Thank you TTP for the enjoyable review.

Thank you C.C. for the PIC of Agnes and her sisters.


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Aaah, a Wite-Out-free day. Missed the theme, until the reveal. Wasn't needed for the solve. Thanx, GG, BV and TTP.

SLIDE: Took my slide projector to the curb last fall. Donated the screen to a pet shelter that was asking for one.

LPGA: Don't all of the others begin with a W?

ALEXA: There are no ALEXA-enabled devices chez d-o. No Siri, either.

ROAD: Rumor has it that the potholes in the road out front will get repaired this summer. We've only been waiting for a short twelve years.

SCARRED: Guilty, as charged. Driving a motorcycle through a wire fence is not advised.

IF THE: According to Spooner, "If the Foo..."

TTP, those mayoral candidates, Toni Preckwinkle and Lori Lightfood, sound like a song and dance team.

Lemonade714 said...

Great picture of Agnes and her sisters, thank you. Thanks, TTP for the write-up and the link to FRENEMIES

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Lovely family, IM. Thanks for the picture, CC.

FIR, but erased SCAbbED for SCARRED and aDEMA for EDEMA (UNTIE!!!).

Lucina, did LEO I call himself that? Seems very pretentious, even for a pope. I would think that the first one would be just LEO, then the rest LEO II, LEO III, etc. Maybe the "sainthood granters" added the "I" for consistency?

DO, my scariest scar came from sailing a land yacht (think ice boat with wheels instead of skates) at dusk in a dry lake bed in California. I ran into a barbed-wire fence going about 30 mph. Ripped the sail to shreds and would likely have beheaded me had the mast been a little flimsier. To those rude enough to ask, I say it's from bringing rhetoric to a knife fight.

OKL, just the last line in the first 'lick makes that one an A in my book.

Thanks for another fast and fun puzzle, Gail and Bruce. My favorite was "cards with pics" for IDS. Would have been easy, except "ace's value, at times" led be down the primrose path. And thanks to TTP for the colorful review.

Anonymous said...

Good puzzle. Only one B.S.clue today. Frenemy.

inanehiker said...

Fun run - didn't get the theme until the reveal clue.

TTP - I have typed "teh" so many times at work that now I have it in my list of auto correct words on my work software - so it immediately changes it to "the"

Fun pic of Agnes and her sisters- longevity runs in the family it seems!

desper-otto said...

Agnes, that photo looks like a rowdy bunch! I imagine you have quite a hoot together.

Oas said...

Lucina @1:07 AM
I feel you are attributing comments to me that I never made with your statement “we all would have understood you had you said Natik. “ I had no problem with the puzzle yesterday, The remark in quotation marks you referenced was nowhere in my comments. I find it too offensive to repeat . JohnE and now you are much like the trustee I mentioned who by constant repeating keep the offense alive. BTW I can’t help taking offense when I’m falsely accussed of despicable behavior or use of degratory language.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

My only problem was that my paper printed yesterday's puzzle (again). So I called them up and asked for and received a credit for the day. I then came to CC's site and downloaded today's puzzle.

The solve went well and quickly. Only had a slight pause in the SE to properly parse the Z_TILE entry. Proper spelling of FIORI came from perps. Had not seen FRENEMY before but it made sense. Cute theme. No searches were needed.

Northwest Runner said...

Good linking of otherwise unrelated items. Editor could have made a last minute change though. Apple just announced a new iPad Air, so now it's a current model.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I'm always delighted to see Gail and Bruce as the constructors as it means a clever theme and a fun solve, which is what we got today. I, too, needed the reveal to grasp the theme. I liked IDs and ADs and Nora and Noah(s). CSO to Tin at Toast!

Thanks, G and B, for a fun Tuesday and thanks, TTP, for the great write-up and visuals. I especially like the photo of the gorgeous Fiori! I chucked at your comment re Idioms being "a dime a dozen!"

Thanks, CC, for posting the picture of the "5 Sissies"; it's not often that we're all together, mostly due to age limitations and logistics.

DO at 8:06 ~ I detect a slight bit of tongue in cheek in your comment. 😇

Have a great day.

oc4beach said...

Good puzzle from Gail and Bruce. Along with TTP's write-up. I didn't get the theme until TTP splained it, but didn't need it for the solve.

I wanted REM SLEEP instead of SLEEP STAGE, but I had a few blank squares after I filled it in. Waited for perps to fill it in correctly.

I just read an article in today's paper that Apple just reintroduced the IPAD AIR with some different features so that's what I entered. It was correct.

FIORI was an unknown that perps filled in. Interestingly or un-interestingly there is a family named FIORI in Altoona that own a few car dealerships and other businesses. Their annoying ADS fill the TV airwaves here.

Had a new water softener installed yesterday. So, I have now replaced all of the major appliances and systems that were in the house when I bought it more than a dozen years ago. I've also replaced some of the replacements. Ahhh the joys of home ownership.

Have a great day everyone.

Prairie Woman said...

Good morning! Fun puzzle. Thank you for the explanations.

I have read the word frenemy in printed material but have never heard anyone use it.

Irish Miss, that looks like such a fun gathering. I do not have a sister but my mother and her three sisters always had a grand time at family gatherings and my two daughters can hardly stop talking when we have our celebrations four or five times a year. I am sure you enjoy your blessings of longevity and family.

ALEXA has saved much turmoil for me when we travel. “She” and our smart phones can access my iron, the thermostat and the garage doors. If there is a question about any when we have “left the building” we check to see if the garage door is closed, the heat is turned up/down, and my iron is off. I piece quilts and use the iron continually; when I leave the room I tell Alexa to turn off my iron. Less worry for DH that way.

Everyone please enjoy your day! At least here in Central Illinois we have sun. It looks wonderful!,

Husker Gary said...

-6th day without a newspaper. Hopefully roads from Omaha will be passable tomorrow
-Clever and fun - Gail and Bruce never disappoint
-SLIDE SHOW - 2,000 slides stored in the basement haven’t been seen in years
-Convoys of SEMIS yesterday being escorted into our flooded town with supplies
-Miss America SASHES had more material than the bikinis. The competition will now SHUN the “swimwear”
-Italian flowers (blooms) – FIORI. Italian flowers (rivers) – FIUMI
-Potholes are less of a problem now when entire ROADS are gone
-The Irish Rovers sing The UNICORN Song and how NOAH’S Ark caused their demise

Madame Defarge said...

Greetings from sunny blue-skied Evanston, IL. Yay!!

Thanks for some crunchy Tuesday fun, Gail and Bruce. My "problems" today had to do with my parsing on the first couple runs. Then I had a lot of aha moments.

Thanks, TTP, for the tour and the links.

I still have a little EDEMA from last week's Ortho Access visit. I had 25 ml. of fluid removed from my knee and a shot of cortisone. The needle and the syringe were pretty bad a*s huge. (which made the smaller injection needle a breeze.) I knew it would be since I've seen photos of Dick Butkus having the procedure in the 70's. When I came home I told my DH I had my own Middle Linebacker moment. The relief was nearly immediate. Still icing, but I can walk again!

IM: I love the Paddy Party gals!! I made St. Patrick's Day dinner yesterday for my Irish MIL and SIL yesterday. SIL was working Sunday so we extended the celebration. It was fun and my MIL's first outing from assisted living in a bit. She didn't want to go out during this polar vortex winter. DH thought it was all very nice. Not bad for an Italian gal!

Have a fine day wherever you are--especially down river. My grandson's birthday card in a two-day USPS envelope went from Illinois to Fresno CA on the way to Dallas. I guess they flew it to avoid road travel and they'll come in the back way. He's okay with it. Was due to arrive Friday, now maybe tomorrow.

John E said...

Please read the note I wrote on yesterday's blog at 8:47 pm.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, TTP and friends. I found this puzzle to be easier than yesterday's fare.

I misread the clue for FRENEMY as Faux Alley. The perps led me to mend my ways.

I found Soup Spheres to be a very odd clue.

QOD: In every calm and reasonable person, there is a hidden second person scared witless about death. ~ Philip Roth (né Philip Milton Roth; Mar. 19, 1933 ~ May 22, 2018)

Inspector general said...

I just received a phone call that at first had me somewhat taken aback but after a few seconds had me laughing out loud.

The caller ID showed a number from area code 202 and the screen actually read "Washington D.C.". I answered and a fast paced recording was already in progress. The voice said something to the effect of the Social Security Administration needed to talk to me within 48hrs or they were going to SUSPEND my S.S.N. due to fraud appearing on my account. It then rattled off a number so quickly no one would have been able to write it down. Confused, I looked around for a pen and paper but then the recording stopped and the call ended. I was stunned, looked at my wife and then broke out into laughter. She was now the one confused! I told her that they are going to suspend my S.S.N. ! She asked, Why is that funny? I told her to think about it. Why would they ever SUSPEND my number? What does that even mean? And, if true, why would they notify me with fast paced, barely comprehensible PHONE MESSAGE? Wheres the letter? The lawyers? C'mon man!

She was nervous for a bit so I Googled "social security number suspended" and sure enough several articles appeared that have bee posted in the last day nor so explaining the con.

It seems that they aren't even trying anymore. Wheres the Nigerian prince, the policemans ball or the computer representative? No live person? I guess they dont have the time to con us in person anymore.

Oas said...

I did read your note yesterday and again just now . I’m sure that you are inteligent enough to sincerely applogize with out repeating the offensive remark and fingering the person to whom it’s origen is attributed.

CrossEyedDave said...

In a rush, must take the Dog to the Dog Park...


65. Diary securer: HASP.?

I have trouble communicating with my Alexa Echo because I am too polite...

Don't have time to figure out how to get to the direct video link,
so just scroll down to the video of Dad. I think we have all put on this show... (don't forget to unmute...)

Misty said...

Great to see a Gail and Bruce puzzle on a Tuesday, and this one was doable and fun--many thanks! I pretty much breezed though this one, with only a couple of challenges. SMALL CRAFT just didn't look right for a weather advisory--are they giving advice to small craft when there's a storm or something? And I've never owned an Apple tablet, so I got I PAD but then what, since I didn't know Lexi Thompson's sports org. either. But I figured a pope in the fifth century wouldn't have been a V or an X, so I put in I, and that gave me the I PAD AIR. Whew! My favorite clue was the delivery doc--OBGYN--easy but fun. And nice to have IGOR show up. Thanks again, Bruce and Gail for a fun puzzle. And TTP, your FIORI picture is gorgeous!

Liked your second poem, Owen.

Irish Miss, what a wonderful family you have--you are so lucky! I just loved that picture of you lovely women!

Have a good day, everybody. I teach my class on Joyce's "Ulysses" at the Senior Center tomorrow, so may not have time to check in with the blog.

Hey bartender said...

What a fabulous photo!!

My favorite aspect? Well, it's the secret to a long and enjoyable life!

Each of the sisters has a libation in front of them. I spy three glasses of white wine, perhaps pinot grigio? A Dewars and soda for Agnes. And a pint glass in front of Mary. I cant read the label on the glass but I suspect it says either Guiness, Harp or Smithwick's. I love it!

And for God's sake, will someone please refill Mary's and Peggy's glasses. Drinks are running dry around here!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

OK, reading the comments FLN it was apparent that the responses to my statement had become religious, not objective, so I was going to leave it alone. But the piling on has continued, so I'll respond.

1. S-Hole country didn't originate with the Trumpster. Ask any enlisted man who has done a tour or more in Afghanistan before Trump even rode down the escalator and ask if that is a to-strong term for that place. Tying the term to Trump is a problem in YOUR mind, not mine.

2. In no way does identifying a country in that way imply that the people are somehow s-hole people. Again, ask a service person. Much to admire in people who persevere in those conditions. Assuming that I condemned the PEOPLE in those countries is YOUR logic fallacy, and is something that I did not imply.

3. Stating that I written off an entire continent is just idiotic. The puzzle called out two countries that are in different continents. Which one did I condemn? Iran may be hated and feared, but it is not a S-Hole country, and it is in Asia. Egypt may be a fair-weather friend, but it is not a S-Hole country, and it is in Africa. By the way, Venezuela is well on its was to being a S-Hole country with people eating pets, zoo animals and raiding garbage trucks. If your geography is iffy, it is South America. If you really think that Yemen and Nigeria are on the same continent, or that my remarks about two countries somehow apply to all countries and inhabitants in those continents, I suggest you need professional help.

Regulars here now that I am quick to apologize when I think I was wrong. But not this time.

Crossword fan said...

Love this glass craft!


Lucina said...

Thank you, G.G., B.V. and TTP! Thank you again, TTP, for posting those beautiful FIORI.

This duo know how to PUT ON A SHOW with so much new and fresh fill! As far as I can recall, it's my first time seeing ZAGAT, OBGYN, FRENEMY and maybe even TARRY in a puzzle. Well done!

I believe the first Pope LEO had no idea there would be others later; it was the one who canonized him that attributed the number. The same with all other popes who followed those with the same name. I recall Pope Benedict XVI immediately assigning himself that number.

I sincerely apologize but I'm confused. Was someone else using your name, OAS? I read the post several times to ensure myself of what I was addressing. And who is John? I'm going back to yesterday's post to reread it.

Irish Miss:
What a lovely picture of you and your sisters! If you are like us, you spent a lot of time reminiscing, laughing and just having a good time.

Have yourselves a splendid day, everyone!

Lucina said...

I had never before heard that expression since I don't know many ex-service men. I will tell you it was a shock just to see it there regardless of the reference.

AnonymousPVX said...

I think there’s a world of difference between an “enlisted man” and a President referring to any country in that way....but that’s me, I expect more from any President....I guess your standard is lower. Much lower.

This Tuesday puzzle was an easy solve today. No issues.

No markovers.

Oas said...

Thanks Jinx - I totally get it.

Oas said...

Lucina which comment did you think you were addressing ? What was the time of the comment?

Irish Miss said...

Hey Bartender @ 12:28 ~ I have mentioned from time to time that I have a quirky sense of humor and have no explanation for what strikes my funny bone but your last sentence caused me to crack up. There's nothing like a good, out loud belly laugh so thank you. Your libation observations are keen but a little off track: the white wine is Chardonnay, my Dewar's is with a splash of water (no soda for me) and lots of ice (Sorry, Tin), and Mary's beer is probably Bud. (Guiness et al would be too esoteric for Mary.) I enjoyed every word of your post.

Thanks for all of the kind words about the photo and the "Sissies". Yes, Lucina, there is much reminiscing and story telling when we're all together. BTW, I forgot to mention that one of Peggy's granddaughters announced that she and her husband are expecting a child in September. They were married on the same day last year as Meaghan and Harry.

Tinbeni said...

Irish Miss: Nice photo. I could sit my whole family at a "two-top."

Gail & Bruce: Thank you for a FUN Tuesday puzzle. I enjoyed the theme.

Fave today was that 64-a, Scrabble 10-pointer, Z-TILE ... had to wait to see if was going to be the Q-TILE.

The "PRO'S" have it TEED-UP at the Copperhead Course just 2miles south of Villa Incognito this week.

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset.

Jayce said...

I am reminded of when I was in high school and wrote "feck" on the blackboard before the teacher came into the room. We students had been discussing quirks of the English language, such as "whelmed," and I wrote that to illustrate "feckless" without the "less." Okay, so then the teacher comes in, sees that non-word on the board and blows his top. When he demanded to know who wrote it, every head in the room turned to stare at me, so of course I admitted it, not thinking I had done anything wrong, or at least nothing worse than leaving the blackboard un-erased. Well, the teacher accused me of writing a "back fence" dirty word, and he raged and raged. When he paused. I had the gall to ask him what dirty word he was referring to, as I certainly didn't see anything dirty about "feck." Of course he wouldn't say the word that he thought I had in mind, but I had to wash the blackboard off with soap and water. My position on the student council, to which I had been elected by my peers, was also revoked. Other than my original question asking him what word he was referring to, I never got an opportunity to question, protest, or discuss in any way what happened to me. Needless to say I felt extremely wronged, and obviously the fact I mention it to today shows what a profound effect it had on me. Even now I am (overly?) sensitive to even the smallest hint that I am being accused of something I have not done or said.

Hey bartender said...

Irish Miss, I'm glad you enjoyed my post. I wrote it with your sense of humor in my mind.

I too am a September baby. Something about all those Christmas parties in December! I read somewhere that mid September is the most popular birth day in America. Different each year but usually between the 9th and 19th. Mines a little later due to me not wanting to leave the womb. My mother often tried to tell me the story of the holiday party to which I would cover my ears and recite "la, la, la, la, la" until she relented, so I still dont know the details. All I ever hear is "eggnog".

Irish Miss said...

Hey bartender @ 2:30 ~ You did it again with the last sentence! Eggnog, indeed. In our family, St. Paddy's Day "Celebrations" got the nod for 4 December babies! No egg nog involved!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Bar and IM - My maternal grandparents were married on December 21st. According to my parents, my grandfather bragged that they selected that date because it was the shortest day and longest night of the year. They had an even dozen kids, so the magic carried long past the honeymoon. (In fact after long and productive lives, they died within a few days of each other.)

Ol' Man Keith said...

Hail G-V!
I always enjoy pzls from the Grabowski/Venzke team. They offer esoteric information with style & wit. The theme of today's opus also happens to partly fall in my old profession.
In addition to all the SHOW answers, we find STAGECRAFT at the ends of the first two theme fills.

FIORI reminds me of one of the more awkward moments of my youth. I was 21 and on my own in Italy for the first time. From Rome, I wanted to visit Florence. At the train station, I examined all the posted schedules and could not find a train to Florence!
I was stuck for well over an hour before I finally learned (did I figure it out? did somebody help me?) that Florence is Firenze!
Today we are blessed with a 3-way, mirror side.
The main line anagram offers the reason given by the old geezer who courted a wealthy widow of his own age, wooed her and yet refused to kiss her! When pressed to explain himself, this misogynistic old fart blurted his excuse, blaming her ...

Ol' Man Keith said...

Irish Miss & Bartender ~
I Googled to check, and August turns out to be the month in which most U.S. babies see the light.
I was a February child, the month for the least number of babies. Sure, there are fewer days in Feb, and that might account for the lower birth rate. Whatever the reason, I like to think we are the rarest and therefore most treasured.
I don't recall whether my Mom was a June bride or not, so what my folks were up to the previous June is anybody's guess.

OwenKL said...

Z TILE --Hadn't parsed it as 2 words, so thought it was a Scrabblese word. I've only played S. a couple times many years ago, but thought the highest tile was only 5, so 10 would have to refer to a whole word.

Cards with pics, I wanted JQK.

Can't recall all the contexts, but I'm sure I've seen FRENEMY a lot, e.g. "Heavenly Nostrils".

Lucina said...

I'm sorry but it was the comment by Jinx that I was referencing.

Your point about being unfairly accused and not given the opportunity to defend yourself is well taken. I shall incorporate that concept as I reflect on my Lenten resolution to be a better person.

Oddly, instead of the Scriptures I am using the poems of the late Mary Oliver on which to meditate. She wrote such subtle yet meaningful poetry.

Mark Twain said...

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

- Benjamin Disraeli

Avg Joe said...

Jayce, I can relate. There were two times in my school years that I had a teacher declare me to be a "liar!". Both were in the classroom in front of the entire class, and in both cases I had solid proof that my comments were accurate. No apologies were issued, but life went on. Still, I can't help but wonder if they ever thought about the potential damage they'd done.

Oas said...

No worries . And thanks

Jayce said...

Wow, Lucina, I am truly honored and humbled that anything I said has motivated you to be a better person.

I admit that some of the things that you all say on here have incentivized me to do better, too. Of course, on the other hand, some of the things that you all say on here have tempted me to say something retaliatory, snide, stupid, shitty, spiteful, and hurtful, but I feel pretty good that most of the time I am to bite my tongue successfully with causing my tongue, or you, any injury.

Avg Joe, I'm glad you can relate.

Lucina said...

You are usually kind and complimentary to everyone here!

Our TV meteorologist just announced that on this last day of winter we reached a temperature of 85! Of course, I've been wearing shorts for the second day now. I think it's time to put away the jeans.

Wilbur Charles said...

FLN. Thank you -T for HBD to Betsy.

Tin, it'll be a little less hectic this year with Tiger taking the week off. Golf channel folk finally acknowledged that Tiger was exhausted at the Ryder Cup. Furyk should have sat him.

Jayce, are you telling me that teacher accused you of being "disingenuous". ? Btw, I had a young woman ask if she could sleep on my couch. She did, I went to bed upstairs and never thought twice.
Later a friend said "Nancy said you tried to rape her the other night". Fortunately, my friend was not to be bs'ed and she quickly recanted.

FRENEMY is pretty common among Betsy's friends, frenemies too. You've got a friend or two and they have fiends. But they are not friends of you, hardly. But you have to coexist


Ol' Man Keith said...

Hey bartender ~
As is often the case,
Mark Twain deserves the last word.
"The world owes you nothing.
It was here first."
~ MT

Jayce said...

Wilbur Charles, you’re cool. By the way, that “disingenuous” guy was Chuck Lindgren.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks G&B for another swell puzzle. Thanks TTP for the fine expo. I've read everyone during the lulls of the day (when the computer whirls) and enjoyed it.

Only hiccup was the wrong TSAR at 1st.

Great pic IM!

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

I hope you are not being affected by the roiling smoke emanating from the burning oil!