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Sep 13, 2017

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - Adam T. Cobb

Theme -- Hey, what's in this drink?  Here we have a complex theme: circled letters [and good luck if you didn't get the circles, since the letters are scattered] within the theme entries are anagrams of hidden words.  And better yet, the hidden words are liquid assets [so to speak] of the things in which they are hidden. 

17. Name on a two-liter bottle (and what's inside) : ROYAL CROWN.   ROYAL CROWN, is, of course, a brand name and COLA is the generic name for the product variety.

23. Independently owned suds producer (and the suds in question) : MICROBREWERY.  MICROBREWERIES are independently owned and operated purveyors of craft BEERs and ales.  The quaffs that they offer typically have more flavor and character that what you find in mass produced products from the big, international BREWing companies.  I'm a fan of Bell's Two-Hearted Ale.

38. Where Starbucks began (and a product it popularized) : SEATTLE.  LATTE's are not unique to Starbucks, but you certainly can get one there.  Our wildly over-achieving oldest granddaughter is, among other things, a certified barista and trainer at Starbucks.  A LATTE is a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk.

49. Pepperidge Farm treat (and its ideal companion) : MILANO COOKIE.  This is a sandwich COOKIE with a dark chocolate inner layer between two flat biscuits.  It's marketed to adults, but even they can enjoy a nice cold glass of MILK with it.

And the unifier -- 59. What's clued in parentheses for each of four answers, and found in corresponding sets of puzzle circles : MIXED DRINK.  This is an in-the-language phrase indicating a libation made with alcoholic spirits and some sort of mixer, such as some flavor of soda.   Here, the word MIXED is a hint that the letters of the respective DRINKS have been scrambled.

Hi gang, JazzBumpa here, your host for today's adventure in a glass.   Let's pop a few lids and see how this tastes.


1. Green Angry Birds animals : PIGS.  I dunno.  Never played the game.

5. Salon style : PERM.   Short for PERManent wave.

9. "Jabberwocky" opener : 'TWAS.  This poem by Lewis Carroll is included in Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, from 1871,

’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
      Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
      And the mome raths outgrabe.

13. Les __-Unis : ETATS.  United States in French.

15. Eye layer : UVEA.  This includes the iris, which displays eye color.  Brown-eyed people like me have irises pigmented with melanin.  Blue eyed people have no little or no pigment in their irises.  They appear blue due to Rayleigh scattering - the same optical phenomenon that makes the sky appear blue.  Other colors are due to combination effects from various levels of melanin and collagen, which causes Mie scattering

16. "For __ jolly ... " : HE'S A. Good fellow, and I can't deny it.

19. Double-crossers : RATS. Figuratively speaking

20. Like microwavable meals : PRE-MADE.  

21. Valued caches : TROVES.  Have you ever seen the word TROVE not associated with some sort of treasure?

26. Parthenon goddess : ATHENA.  From Greek mythology, the goddess of wisdom, craft and war..

29. "How cool!" : NEATO.

30. Length of most TV dramas : HOUR.

31. WWI battleship Graf __ : SPEE.  Read about it here.

33. Kin by marriage : IN-LAW.  

37. CIO partner : AFL.  The American Federation of Labor merged with the Congress of Industrial Organizations in 1955.  The organization is made up of 56 national and international labor unions.

40. __ snail's pace : A TA.   Moving slowly.

41. Note above A : B FLAT.  It's enharmonic equivalent, A Sharp is rare, but I have encountered it already this week.

43. Snoop (around) : NOSE.  Because that is what gets poked into a place, whether it belongs there or not.

44. Blockage : CLOG.

45. Slangy "It's cool" : NO BIG.  I guess the "DEAL" is implied.  Anyway it's not a problem.

47. Currently combusting : ABLAZE.  On fire, right now.

53. Novelist Waugh : EVELYN.  Arthur Evelyn St. John Waugh [1903 - 1966] was a prolific English journalist, and author of novels, biographies and travelogues.

54. Scolds harshly : BERATES.  You could be BERATED if your behavior were less than A-rated.

58. Jones with a locker : DAVY.  The origins of the phrase are unclear.  DAVY Jones' locker is the bottom of the sea, where the remains of drowned sailors and sunken ships find their final resting place.

62. Don Juan's mother : INEZ.  I only know this from crosswords.

63. Just : ONLY.  Only this article can do it JUSTice,

64. __ protector : SURGE.  A device to shield your electronic items from potentially damaging power fluctuations.

65. Give a darn : CARE.  Be concerned. There is a lot to CARE about these days.

66. Horseshoes turn : TOSS.  Having your turn at the game of tossing horse shoes.

67. Dijon dad : PERE.  More French.


1. Cop's quarry : PERP.  The PERPetrator of a crime.   Or, in Corner lingo, a word in a puzzle that is PERPendicular to a given word.

2. "Like __ lump ... " : IT OR.  Take it or leave it.

3. Marvin of Motown : GAYE. [1939-1984] He was a singer, song writer and producer who helped create the Mo-Town sound.  Sadly, he was killed by his own father who shot him when he tried to intervene in an argument between his parents.

4. Speech therapist's challenge : STAMMER.  Speech with involuntary pauses and repeated initial consonant sounds.

5. More virtuous : PURER.  Like even whiter snow.

6. President Morales of Bolivia : EVO.  Juan Evo Morales Ayma [b 1959] has been president since 2006.

7. DVR "back up" button : REWind.

8. Chanted word : MANTRA. A word or sound repeated as an aid in achieving a meditative state.

9. Add, as a shrimp to the barbie : THROW ON.  Aim carefully when adding a shrimp to the grill.

10. Go this way and that : WEAVE.   Zig-zag.

11. Autumn bloom : ASTER.  The name is derived from the Greek word for star, due to the shape of the bloom.

12. Flip : SASSY.  Said of disrespectful back-talk.

14. "'And hast thou __ the Jabberwock?'" : SLAIN.  A bonus mini-theme.

“And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
      Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”
      He chortled in his joy.

18. Music box? : CD CASE.  Protective box for music medium storage.

22. Deal with, as loose laces : RETIE.  Which is why I prefer slip-ons.

24. "Almost there!" : ONE TO GO.  I associate this phrase with American football, in a situation when one one yard is needed for a first down.

25. Borscht veggies : BEETS.  I think it was on a long-ago Rocky and Bullwinkle episode when one of the characters said, "When it comes to borscht, you can't beat soup!"

26. Quaker captain of literature : AHAB. Pursuer of the great white whale, Moby Dick.  I didn't recall him being a Quaker.

27. Fashionable Brit : TOFF.  A derogatory stereotype for an aristocratic Brit is what I found.  Perhaps Steve can explain.

28. Ship frame : HULL.

32. Freak out : PANIC.

34. 2016 Best Picture nominee "__ Land" : LA LA.  2016 movie, 2017 Oscar nominee.

35. All-inclusive : A TO Z.  Everything from A cups to Zebras.

36. Salary : WAGE.  Not exactly.  Wages are based on actual hours worked, while a salary is a fixed amount per week or month, irrespective of actual time on the job.

38. Like a path that's cobbled together? : STONY.    My favorite way of thinking about a cobblestone path.

39. Allowed to get out : LEAKED.  As information, not caged animals.

42. Examine in detail : ANALYZE.

44. Go from cloudy to fair : CLEAR UP.  Better weather.

46. Wisecrack : BON MOT.

48. Tweeters : BIRDS.  Not stereo speakers.

49. Physician at the front : MEDIC.  In the military.

50. The first Mrs. Trump : IVANA.

51. Prying tool : LEVER.  A beam or rod pivoted on a fulcrum.

52. Acts like a good dog : OBEYS.  Sits, begs, and rolls over.

55. Lose steam : TIRE.  Get used up.

56. Elec. or mech. expert : ENGR.  Engineers.

57. __-Ball: arcade game : SKEE.   The game is played by rolling balls up an incline and scoring points by having the balls fall into holes with different values.

60. Suffix with concert : -INO.  A concertino is either a composition that is a smaller version of a concerto, or a subsection of an orchestra that is featured in a composition.

61. Big tee sizes : XLS.  Extra Larges.

That wraps another Wednesday.  With the libation of your choice, a toast to all.  It's always 5:00 somewhere.

Cool regards!

Aug 20, 2017

Sunday August 20, 2017 Adam T. Cobb

Theme: "Music Exchange" - One word in each common phrase is replaced by a musical instrument.

30A. Janus-inspired stringed instrument? : TWO-FACED LYRE. Two-faced liar.

43A. Task for roadies? : LOAD THE BASSES. Load the bases.

65A. Bit of criticism from Ravi Shankar? : CLOSE BUT NO SITAR. Close but no cigar.

93A. Percussionist's answer to "When do you practice?"? : IN MY SNARE TIME. In my spare time.

110A. Hi-hat for high society? : STATUS CYMBAL. Status symbol.

5D. Instrument carved from the Tree of Knowledge? : FORBIDDEN FLUTE. Forbidden fruit.

51D. What Tubby brushes with? : TUBA TOOTHPASTE. Tube toothpaste.

No label for Adam in our blog, so this must be his LAT debut. Congratulations!

As I mentioned in our "Something's Fishy" pun theme two weeks ago, I just don't have grasp of this theme type. Some are homophones, some have added vowel sound, some have consonant change.

I love the grid design. Two of the Down themers intersect two other Across themers. Amazing.


1. Spiced rice : PILAF.  I need to eat more spicy and salty food to increase my low blood pressure. Scary to feel dizzy.

6. Idle in sketches : ERIC. Eric Idle.

10. Popular tablet : iPAD

14. Potential replacement sites : HIPs. Hip replacement.

18. Mexican marinade : ADOBO

19. Former Cubs slugger : SOSA. Such drastic change, TTP!

20. "__ cloud in the sky, Got the sun in my eyes ... ": Carpenters lyric : NOT A

21. '50s pol Stevenson : ADLAI

23. Starting blocks user : RACER

24. Rejects : TURNS DOWN

26. Wikipedia policy : NO ADS

27. Chinese tea : CHA, Literally "tea". Does the Chinese character look soothing to you?

28. Author Harte : BRET

32. Tiny colony defender : SOLDIER. Ant colony.

34. Safari sight : LION

35. School interlude : RECESS

36. Pkg. payment methods : CODs

37. Used a dugout : CANOED. Dugout canoe.

39. Top note in a common triad : SOL. Stumped me.

40. Airer of old MGM films : TCM . Also 110. "I'm Dying Up Here" airer, for short : SHO

46. Cross : SORE

47. Text ender? : UAL. Textual.  We also have 22. Expert's conclusion? : ISE. Expertise. Also 96. Bar opening? : ISO. Isobar.

48. SEC Network owner : ESPN

49. Employs : HIRES

51. The Willis in Chicago, for one : TOWER

52. Contempt : SCORN

54. Discontinue : STOP

57. Spirit of Saint-Louis? : ANGE. I did not know the this French king was a saint. 

58. Join : UNITE

59. Deprived (of) : BEREFT

61. One of the U.S.'s 435 : REP. Eight are from Minnesota.

63. Radii, e.g. : ARM BONES

70. Have faith in : RELY UPON

73. Require treatment, perhaps : AIL

74. Britain's Penny Black and Two Penny Blue : STAMPS. Wiki says "The Two Penny Blue or The Two Pence Blue was the world's second official postage stamp, produced in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and issued after the Penny Black."

78. Legislate : ENACT

79. Voting coalition : BLOC

82. Quarter of a bushel : PECK

85. Red, yellow or white veggie : ONION. Also 34. Black or yellow pet : LAB

86. Like certain gases : NOBLE

87. Envisioned being : SAW AS. Yeah, Jayce, new contact lenses for this astigmatism.

89. Transient with a bindle : HOBO

91. PC dial-up upgrade : DSL

92. Skin product enhancement : ALOE

97. __ gibbon: zoo animal : LAR. Learning moment for me.

98. A.L. East squad : TOR (Toronto)

101. Delivery on deliverance : SERMON

102. "Now I get it!" : AH SO

103. Cold-weather wear : PARKAS. Ah, winter! Somehow the smooth ground of malls often trips Boomer, who can't get himself up without help. Asphalt ground is hard on his left hip. Thankfully we have many trails to choose in the summer. Boomer loves cushion-y soft trails.

106. Appearance : MIEN

107. Tariffed goods : IMPORTS

113. She, in Capri : ESSA. How is it different from ELLA?

114. "Science Guy" Bill : NYE

115. "The King and I" group : HAREM.

116. They have ideas : INVENTORS

118. "Cheese!" consequence : SMILE. Here is Boomer in front of the Mary Tyler Moore house, close to Lake of the Isle.

120. Not bottled : ON TAP

121. Dark genre : NOIR Also 33. Classic O'Brien 121-Across film : D.O.A.

122. Biblical brother : ESAU

123. In shape : TONED. Followed by 124. Places to get in shape : GYMS
125. Polish, in a way : EDIT

126. Gambit : RUSE

127. Some MIT grads : ENGRS
  1. __ nationaux: French tourist attractions : PARCS. Never heard of it. Looks pretty.

2. Pocatello locale : IDAHO

3. Regional asset : LOCAL COLOR. Lots of great long fill in this puzzle.

4. Face on a fiver : ABE

6. Glyceride, for one : ESTER

7. Force into ignominious retreat : ROUT

8. Mideast nation: Abbr. : ISR

9. Baja bar : CANTINA

10. World's largest island country : INDONESIA. Plenty of coconuts there. Aroy-D (Thailand) is the tastiest canned coconut brand I've found. So incredibly rich. But the cream does not rise to top as other canned coconuts do, even if I put them in fridge for a day or two. So odd. Must have some hidden emulsifier.

11. [It's gone!] : POOF

12. Clashing : AT WAR

13. End zone celebrations : DANCES

14. "Water Music" composer : HANDEL

15. Hollywood faves : IDOLS

16. Goes for the gold : PLAYS TO WIN. Another fantastic fill.

17. __ City, Iraq : SADR

25. "Just Do It" logo : SWOOSH

29. Breaks : RESTS

31. Novelist Umberto : ECO

37. Red coin? : CENT
38. Laura of "Jurassic Park" : DERN

41. Labyrinth site of myth : CRETE

42. Parisian parents : MERES. Mothers. Ma mere. Mon pere.

43. Tatting fabric : LACE

44. PC options : HPs

45. Genesis and Dreamcast : SEGAs

46. Arizona desert : SONORAN

47. Thumb drive port : USB

50. Pak of the LPGA : SE RI. Retired now. She opened the door for all the Korean golfers.

53. Get more out of : RECYCLE

55. Ball : ORB

56. Little, in Lille : PEU. "Un peu".

60. Finest : TOP

62. Harper Valley org. : PTA

64. Cascade components: Abbr. : MTs

66. Blubbers : SOBS

67. Zhou __ : ENLAI. Very faithful to Mao, even during Cultural Revolution. But his reputation was untarnished. He just quietly saved many lives from prosecution.

68. Bit from a bottle : NIP

69. Flamenco shout : OLE

70. Concerning kidneys : RENAL

71. __ Gay: WWII bomber : ENOLA

72. Group once led by Meir and Rabin : LABOR PARTY

75. When some late risers get started : MID-MORNING. Reveal of a puzzle Agnes and I made.

76. Model act : POSE

77. NBC skit show : SNL

80. Admits, with "up" : OWNS

81. Creamy French cheese : CAMEMBERT. Another great fill.

83. Actor/stuntman Jackie : CHAN. It's spelled CHEN in Taiwan and Mainland China. Same character.

84. "MASH" milieu: Abbr. : KOR (Korea). The life expectancy is so high there. The magic of fermented food.  

88. Damascus denizen : SYRIAN

90. Rays : BEAMS

94. Ore refinery : SMELTER

95. __ compos mentis : NON

98. Outdoes : TRUMPS

99. Approves : OKs

100. Wisconsin city on Lake Michigan : RACINE. See it? Were you born in Stevens Point, D-Otto?

104. Mr. T's troop : A-TEAM

105. Layer in ecclesiastical governance : SYNOD

107. Give out : ISSUE

108. Tenth American president : TYLER

109. Planted pips : SEEDS

111. Sharpness : TANG

112. XIX x LIII : MVII. Got via crosses. Too complicated to calculate.

113. Ballpark figs. : ERAS

117. The Beavers of the Pac-12 : OSU

119. Calendar abbr. : MON. Santa's Day.