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Jul 6, 2013

Saturday, Jul 6th, 2013, Bill Thompson

Theme: None

Words: 70 (missing F,J,V,X)

Blocks: 26

  Now that's what I call a Saturday grid~!  Triple 8's and 6's in the across AND down corners, with a grid spanner, AND a grid climber, to boot~!  Mr. Thompson was last seen here over a year ago with his "Box Set"; I have not had the "39A".  Completely intimidating, but with a few educated fills from crossword experience and a lot of WAGs, I did get this one done, and in a relatively short time.  Here's the 15-letter answers:

35A. Film based on junk science, say : SCHLOCKUMENTARY - anyone think of an example~?

8D. Biased interview features : LOADED QUESTIONS

And some of the others;

36D. Licorice stick in a pit : CLARINET - HA~!  I get it~!


And I am guessing some of you are wondering what happened with miss Home Depot?

63A. Premature plot giveaways, e.g. : SPOILERS - can't tell you now....have to wait to the end~!



1. Onetime college All-Star football game : HULA BOWL - Once I had HU--, I WAGed the rest

9. "Hasn't scratched yet!" cleanser : BON AMI


15. Song played at the 1920 Olympics when music for the Italian national anthem could not be found : "O SOLE MIO" - one of the educated crossword fills

16. Enmity : ANIMUS

17. Colorful headwear : BANDANNA - the second (er, third) "N" got me; I went with BANDANAS, since headwear could be plural

18. Sorbetto alternative : GELATO - oops~! put in GelatI

19. Sister : NUN - I have a friend, Sister Barbara, in the "Friends of Bill W." clan - she is a character, let me tell you; I used to joke that she could get thru the "Third Step" (the one about God) easier, because she has the 'hot-line' somewhere in the nuns' Villa....

20. Blitzes, in old football lingo : RED DOGS - I did not know this; it was mostly perps for me

22. RSA neighbor, in the Olympics : ZIMbabwe - map

23. Grizzlies, in Granada : OSOs

25. Not at all swank : SEEDY

26. "He who hath many friends hath __": Aristotle : NONE - this is my take on people who go around claming they have 763 "friends" on Facebook - I am probably the last 42yr-old who still does not have a presence there; I am trying to get my H.I. business a page - anyone help me with that?

27. Did some farm work : BALED

29. "Crusade in Europe" memoirist, initially : DDE - Dwight David Eisenhower, seemed like a good choice to me (I also had D-E....)

30. "Bouquet of Sunflowers" painter : MONET