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Jul 29, 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011, Chris A. McGlothlin

Theme: C you later. The letter "C" is removed from in the language expressions to create a new and witty thought-provoking phrase.The puzzle had lots of new fill and tons of themeage. Our second puzzle from this constructor, whose last effort also was a letter puzzle. Lots of French and lots of music, grab your wine and some brie.

Lemonade, back in the Friday saddle; let's ride!

18A. Sailing attire for 1-Across?: (C)ARGO PANTS. More Jason and his ship the Argo drawn from those 90's favorite stylin pants with all those damn pockets.

23A. Dearth of frost?: LOW (C)RIME RATE. Rime the fancy way to say frost, coming from Crime. Dearth not like in Vader.

38A. Celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day?: USED (C)ARS. ARRGGGH.

40A. Regional poem?: AREA (C)ODE. man we have so many odes these days, let's call them off.

50A. Do some tweezing?: PULL UP A (C)HAIR. I am not a big tweezer, and think of it as pulling out not up. Another example of women being tougher than men.

61A. "I've completed the flag"? : (C)ROSS WORDS. Betsy and self promotion for cross word puzzles, or maybe all those cross words people should not say.

The three part unifier:

10A. With 42- and 66-Across, words to an old friend, whose end is a hint this puzzle's grid and theme: LONG. 42. See 10-Across: TIME. Across 66. See 10-Across: NO SEE.


1. Golden Fleece seeker: JASON. Well, since everyone knows my name it is fitting the puzzle after my short vacation starts with me.

6. Disputed strip: GAZA. No politics here.

14. Nimble: AGILE. Jack be ....but why over a candlestick?

15. Offenbach's okays: OUIS. This is tricky, as you have to know the composer, who pioneered the can can, and obviously spoke French, where OUI mean yes.

16. Kentucky border river: OHIO. That part of the country always confuses me, you land in Kentucky at Cincinnati, Ohio airport.

17. The world according to Arp: MONDE. More French (pay attention Jeannie) MONDE means WORLD, to Jean ARP the artist; interesting pun with GARP. My favorite clue.

20. Miracle Mets star: AGEE. Tommie, the flamboyant center fielder.

21. "From __ Zinc": vitamin slogan : A TO. Centrum I believe.

22. Gives a facelift : REDOES. Any work out there ladies, or gents? A little Botox? A nip, a tuck?

26. Rowan Atkinson character: MR. BEAN. I like him in Black Adder, Bean leaves me cold.

27. Understood KNOWN.

32. Antenna shelter: RADOME. A portmanteau of RADAR and DOME.

35. Hosp. test: EKG. Electrocardiogram.

37. PayPal owner: EBAY.

43. Funnyman Kinison: SAM. One of the screaming comedians, who wore his beret and died young.

45. Run in: ARREST. You boys go home or I'm goin' run you in.

46. Comes down hard?: HAILS. Not where my head was going.

48. Sole man: HERMIT. My ex-wife's great grandfather ended up living in a cabin as a hermit. I thought of this IMAGE instead.

55. Players try to hit triples with them: Q TILES. I like this scrabble reference.

59. Mama bear, in Madrid: OSA. OSO male.

60. First name in courtroom fiction: ERLE. Stanley Gardner, creator of Perry Mason, my role model (not).

63. Had a home cooked meal: ATE IN.

64. Smack: SWAT. Sounds like Adam West.

65. Pâté base: FOIE. French for liver. Pate de Foie Gras is also a fine short story by Asimov.

67. Sounds of disapproval: TSKS. Tsk.Lots of those around.

68. Cans: AXES. Again, I was thinking of this IMAGE.

69. Touch and shuffle: IPODS. I have never owned an Apple product, except when I used to eat them.


1. Jazz pianist Ahmad __: JAMAL. Not familiar with this jazz PIANIST.

2. Disco era suffix: A GO GO. Any of you left coasters go to Whiskey A Go Go?

3. Tough tissue: SINEW. It's a new way to clue this.

4. It's often traded in: OLDER MODEL. Remember this TRADE IN.

5. Alumna identifier, perhaps: NEE. More French, referring to the birth name of a female.

6. Chin hider: GOATEE. Because you look like a billy goat, how sweet.

7. Sky lights: AURORAE.. Do you all go to watch the Aurora Borealis?

8. Turn sharply: ZIG. Why not ZAG?

9. "__ of Homecoming": U2 song: A SORT. A nice SONG.

10. Put in a clip: LOAD. Ammunition into your Sig Sauer 9mm. Pretty violent.

11. "Think I'm kidding?": OH NO. Mr. Bill where are you?

12. Evening, in ads: NITE.

13. Former CIA director Porter __ : GOSS. Information, not POLITICS.

19. Glance: PEEK. Why does peek sound so much more salacious? Carol, Lois, our experts, please explain.

21. Some ales: AMBERS. Now the weekly beer reference; any Amber Bock drinkers?

24. "__ la Douce": IRMA. Shirley McClain was quite PRETTY.

25. "Diana" crooner: ANKA. When I was a kid this was a HIT.

28. Second or third, for instance: NEAR THE TOP. A toughie to parse.

29. The orchestra tunes to one: OBOE. We will let JzB explain this.

30. Bankrolls: WADS. A very visual word if you see someone pull a lot of 100's from a pocket.

31. Dmitri's denial: NYET. The Russian No.

32. "The Book of __": Jane Hamilton novel: RUTH. A novel not to be confused with the Biblical Story.

33. Aral Sea locale: ASIA. Between the World Cup Soccer and the LPGA, Japan's ladies have done much to bring joy back after the tragedies.

34. Starting half?: DEMI. More French, the prefix for half, not a suggestion that Demi Moore play half back for the Jets.

36. The old man's old man: GRAMPA. Did I mention I am GRUNCLE Jason?

39. "Is there any group I haven't offended?" satirist: SAHL. Mort Sahl, a 60's stand up icon.

41. Ranch addition?: ERIA. A Spanish concept RANCHERIA.

44. French art song: MELODIE. More French, not to be confused with a CHANSON.

47. Erupt: SPEW. I am reading Harris' book on Pompeii.

49. Ballets __: early 20th-century dance company: RUSSES. Do we have any fans of BALLET?

51. Yank's home, briefly: US OF A. Oh, all of us, got it, not the evil empire.

52. Playground retort: ARE SO. Are not!

53. "Well ... not exactly": I LIED.

54. Magritte and Descartes: RENES. The surrealist and the philosopher.

55. Queue before U : QRST. The old letter string clue, with a new twist for its list.

56. Pulls along: TOWS.

57. Writer Dinesen: ISAK. The pseudonym for an interesting WOMAN who wrote great books which became great movies, like Out of Africa and Babbette's Feast.

58. WWII craft: LSTS. Landing Ship Tanks

62. Colorado sports nickname, with "the": ROX. I guess the Rockies get this so it rhymes with SOX.

63. Singer DiFranco : ANI.This feminist icon sings this SONG.

Answer grid.

Well the month is almost gone, the week as well and we survived, so onward and upward.


May 1, 2011

Sunday May 1, 2011 Chris A McGlothlin

Theme: Unfinished B Movies - B is changed P in all the 11 movie titles (Added later: Letter- wise, P is an unfinished B).

23A. Film about an embarrassing fig leaf situation? : ADAM'S RIP. "Adam's Rib". Tracy & Hepburn. Watched it long time ago.

25A. Film about winning the chicken breeder's trophy? : SILVER PULLET. No idea. "Silver Bullet". Stephen King horror film.

30A. Film about great cornbread? : THE LOVELY PONES. "The Lovely Bones". Stanley Tucci is a great actor.

51A. Film about where to put Melba sauce? : ON THE PEACH. "On the Beach". Unknown to me. Melba peach.

54A. Film about clashing egos? : PRIDE WARS. "Bride Wars". Starring Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway.

66A. Film about swabbing drudgery? : MARRIED TO THE MOP. "Married to the Mob". Michelle Pfeiffer.

85A. Film about Milo's pal Otis? : A PUG'S LIFE. "A Bug's Life". Pixar animated film.

87A. Film about a tick at a kennel club event? : PEST IN SHOW. "Best in Show". Clear Ayes might know this movie.

102A. Film set in a sty? : PIG MOMMA'S HOUSE. "Big Momma's House". Another unknown to me.

114A Film about a celebrity golf tournament? : STARS AND PARS. "Stars and Bars". Starring Daniel Day-Lewis. Not on my radar.

116A. Film about V-chip users? : PORN FREE. "Born Free". Hello Elsa!

Very theme-heavy. We often see 7-9 theme entries in a Sunday grid. 11 are tough to maneuver around.

Great LA Times debut by Chris A McGlothlin, who had a NY Sunday puzzle earlier this year.


1. Words preceding a pronouncement : I DOs

5. 2010 Heisman Trophy winner Newton : CAM. First overall pick by the Panthers. Lots of sports talk about this guy.

8. Novel digits : ISBN

12. Trig function : ARCSINE. Hated math.

19. Guy : MALE

20. In the style of : ALA

21. Popeye's __' Pea : SWEE

22. Sentence alterations : PAROLES. Prison sentences.

27. Toast triangle topper : CAVIAR. Yummy!

28. Link letters : URL. You should definitely subscribe to Paul's free "Word of the day". Full of nuggets.

29. Most prone to brooding : MOPIEST

35. Buffy's love : ANGEL. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

38. Simpson judge : ITO. He must know that Simpson did it.

39. Tallow source : SUET

40. Scrub over : REWASH

45. Italian mine : MIO. "O Sole Mio". My sun.

46. Walk pompously : STRUT

48. Strip : PEEL

50. Bassoon relative : OBOE

57. Catholic college near Oakland : ST. MARYS. No idea. We've got a St Mary's here in MN too.

58. 45 players : HI-FIs.

61. Bridge supports : TRUSSES

62. "... the whites of __ eyes" : THEIR

63. TV intro opening : HERE'S

64. With 115-Down, wrinkly pooch : SHAR. 115. See 64-Across : PEI. Shar =Sand. Pei = Skin.

65. Computer add-on : ESE. Computerese. Great clue.

71. Some four-yr. degrees : BSS (Bachelor of Social Science).

74. Really could use : NEED

75. Afterward : LATER

76. Bribable : VENAL. Don't confuse it with Venial (Venial sin).

80. Moves back : RECEDES

82. "Kills 99.9% of bacteria" product : LYSOL

83. Lennon classic : IMAGINE. My brother loves this song.

89. Colorado River feeder : GILA

90. __ bene : NOTA

92. Am : EXIST

93. First name in despotism : IDI (Amin)

94. Run fast : GALLOP

97. Team-player liaisons: Abbr. : AGTs

99. Saucer contents? : ETS. Flying saucer.

100. Setting for "Starry Night Over the Rhone" : ARLES. Loved van Gogh's yellow and blue. 
106. Trapped : UP A TREE. Nice answer.

109. Opener's target : CAN

110. Prepared for baking, as flour : SIFTED

118. "The Kids Are All Right" Oscar nominee Bening : ANNETTE

119. Art Deco designer : ERTE

120. Clampett patriarch : JED

121. The Auld Sod : EIRE

122. Painters' plasters : GESSOES. Always a challenging word for me.

123. Pastoral poem : IDYL

124. Madrid Mrs. : SRA

125. Way out : DOOR


1. All-in-one Apple : iMAC

2. Word from a crib : DADA

3. Norwegian royal name : OLAV. Hi there, Lord Magnus Shadrack of 64th Street.

4. Hebrew, e.g. : SEMITE

5. Writer John le __ : CARRE

6. Rhyming fighter : ALI. Clued as "Poetic boxer" in Gareth Bain's March puzzle.

7. Tourist's aid : MAP

8. Disputed point : ISSUE

9. Ice cream lines : SWIRLS

10. Bankrupt : BELLY-UP

11. Harry Reid's st. : NEV. He always seems so gloomy.

12. Cook's protector : APRON

13. Fast-talking performer : RAPPER

14. Princess jaunt : CRUISE. Princess Cruises.

15. It's always underfoot : SOLE

16. Troubles : ILLs

17. Bygone Nair competitor : NEET

18. D.C. setting : EST

24. Satirist Mort : SAHL

26. Drama queen, e.g. : EMOTER

31. Some Millers : LITEs

32. Neither esta nor esa : OTRA (other). Neither this nor that.

33. One with backing : VOUCHEE

34. Friends, in slang : PEEPS

35. "__ Wanted Man": 2008 novel : A MOST

36. Amendment dealing with unenumerated rights : NINTH. I forgot all I learned during the Citizenship exam.

37. "You win" : GOT ME

41. Amazes : WOWS

42. Belittle : ABASE

43. Tender spots : SORES

44. "Steppenwolf" author : HESSE (Hermann)

46. Watch secretly : SPY

47. Lead-in following a second point : THIRDLY

49. Supple : LITHE

52. Corey of "The Lost Boys" : HAIM

53. Going concerns? : ERRANDS. Nice clue.

55. Apothecary's weight : DRAM

56. Old VW camper : EUROVAN

59. Greek cheeses : FETAs. I came to the US when I was 30, how about your Greek wife, Husker Gary? I'm guessing Barry G's wife (Tianjin, China) and Jayce's wife (Hongkong) arrived here at a slightly earlier age.

60. Carbon-14, e.g. : ISOTOPE

63. Buried : HID

64. NASDAQ unit : SHR (Share)

67. Projection booth item : REEL

68. Common conifer secretion : RESIN

69. Fax forerunners : TELEXES

70. Cribbage pieces : PEGS

71. Fayetteville fort : BRAGG. Fort Bragg.

72. Tone of the Kansas sequences in "The Wizard of Oz" : SEPIA

73. Oar : SCULL

77. It meant nothing to Nero : NIHIL

78. Battery current entry point : ANODE

79. Comedian Black : LEWIS

81. It's the same in Paris : EGAL. Literally "the same".

82. "Unhand me!" : LET GO

83. "__ Easy": Guns N' Roses song : IT'S SO. The constructor did not have much choices here, with ?T??O arrangement.

84. Charles River sch. : M.I.T.

86. Got all bubbly : FOAMED

88. Jedi adversary : SITH. "Star Wars".

91. Payment option : ATM CARD

95. Decides one will : OPTS TO

96. Somalian menace : PIRATE. Brutal!

98. Wisenheimer : SMARTY

100. Speller's clarification : AS IN. Q as in queen. People always want to add an U after my Q.

101. Made calls, in a way : REFFED. Ref can be a verb?

103. They're found in pools : GENES

104. Photographer Adams : ANSEL

105. Fed. nutritional no. : US RDA

106. __ Reader : UTNE

107. "Only the credits held my attention" et al. : PANS. I don't get this pan.

108. Greek war god : ARES

111. Crosby, Stills & Nash, e.g. : TRIO

112. Architect Saarinen : EERO

113. A few bucks? : DEER. Cute clue.

114. Lose support : SAG

116. Short sleepers? : PJs

117. Anthem contraction : O'ER. 

Answer grid.