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Oct 21, 2019

Monday October 21, 2019 Kevin Salat

Theme: MIXED SIGNALS (62. Communication confusion ... or what's literally found in this puzzle's three sets of circles) - SIGNAL is scrambled in the middle of each theme entry.

17. Vessel for Bond: MARTINI GLASS.

28. "... for the remainder of my days": AS LONG AS I LIVE.
47. Places to get bronzed skin: TANNING SALONS.

Boomer here. 

I am pretty sure that I have played my last round of golf for 2019 last Thursday.  We had a nice weekend but the weatherman says that the future is not looking too warm or dry. Well, our Gophers remained undefeated on the football field while Wisconsin took one on the chin from Lovee's crew.  The door is open to Pasadena. The last time the Gophers were in the Rose Bowl, I watched it on our 19" black and white TV.

In 1961, Calvin Griffith moved the Washington Senators to Minnesota and they became the Twins.  Washington was without Major League Baseball until the Montreal Expos moved to the nations Capital in 2005.  D.C. has not seen a World Series since before I was born and I am pretty old.  It was pretty impressive the way the Nats took care of the Dodgers and Cardinals. Houston has their hands full and it should be fun to watch.


1. Thespian's platform: STAGE.  The last one out of town ??

6. English Derby site: EPSOM.  I believe the salt is named after this site.

11. Earlier: AGO.  "A long, long time AGO, I can still remember how the music used to make me smile. Don McLean - American Pie.

14. Handsome god: APOLLO.  APOLLO CREED, a Heavyweight champ that ran into Rocky.

15. "Me too!": DITTO.  One of the Flagston kids.

16. Coffee hour vessel: URN.  I have heard of this, but I get my coffee from a pot.

19. Sigma follower: TAU.

20. Golf tournament kickoff: PRO-AM.  I have bowled many PRO AMs as a bowler.  Recently bowled with Parker Bohn III at Treasure Island (in MN).  Parker was the PRO, I was the AM.

21. Clairvoyant: SEER.

22. B-ball: HOOPS.  We have Timberwolves in Minnesota.  They are not too good with HOOPS.

24. Spanish "month": MES. See 31. Twelve 24-Acrosses: ANO.

25. Money in the middle of a poker table: POT.  This used to describe my belly, but then I thinned up.

27. Smoke for Sherlock: PIPE.  I tried this after I quit cigarettes in 2001.  It did not last long.

34. No-holds-__: BARRED.  A lot of Viking opponents get "BARRED" by Anthony.

Anthony Barr

37. "Like it __ ... ": OR NOT.

38. 2020 Super Bowl number: LIV.  We had LII in Minneapolis.

39. Lemony Snicket's evil count: OLAF.  We have a St. Olaf College in Northfield, south of Minneapolis. You may have heard of it.  Jesse James wishes he had not.

40. Celestial shower component: METEOR.

42. Ice cream holder: CONE.  David was a great pitcher for the Mets.

David Cone

43. "The Greatest" boxer: ALI.  This guy only pitched his greatest to the media, but he was pretty good.

44. Painter of café scenes: MANET.

45. John of "Three's Company": RITTER.  The son of country singer Tex Ritter.  He had a great career on the sit-com but passed away early at the age of 55.

50. Adolescent: TEEN.  "Well, I'm just eighTEEN got a ruptured spleen and I always carry a purse."  Draft Dodger Blues - The Chad Mitchell Trio.

51. Cuteness reactions: AWS.

52. State-of-the-__: ART.  Mr. Garfunkel.

55. "Me too!": SO DO I.

56. Give off: EMIT.

59. Debate topic: ISSUE.

61. Game with Draw Two cards: UNO.  I think everyone had one of these games when I was a kid.

65. Quito's country, to the IOC: ECU.  That would be Ecuador, down by the Equator.

66. "Time is money," e.g.: ADAGE.

67. Texting devices: PHONES.  It's odd. I mentioned to three of my bowling coach buddies that I mentioned them in "My Nickel's Worth" column on  All three took out their phones and read the column.

68. Filming site: SET.  Six wins in a tennis match or another name for a TV.

69. Tibetan priests: LAMAS.  Okay a man became a monk in Tibet in an order that allowed only two words after five years. So after the first five years he visited the monk superior and said "I'm Hungry".  "No problem brother, we'll see that you receive more food".  After another five years he said "I'm cold."  Once again the head monk said "No problem, we will get you more blankets."  After the third five year period he proclaimed "I Quit".  The head monk said "Brother, I am not surprised,  You have done nothing but complain ever since you got here."

70. Engaged in battle: AT WAR.


1. Fifth tire: SPARE.  No, everyone knows that it's when you leave a ten pin and pick it up on your next ball.

2. Pamplona runners: TOROS.  We have a TORO company in Northern Minnesota that makes lawn mowers and great snow throwers.

3. Utah ski resort: ALTA.  One letter off from a vaping product called ALTO.  I could not help but notice that since the Medicare season is upon us, it seems as though there are a dozen health care commercials on TV every hour.  One of them was followed by one of these ads for ALTO.  I could not help but think if you buy one, you better have the other paid up also.

4. Quick look: GLIMPSE.

5. Ages and ages: EON.

6. Beat by a bit: EDGE.  A smaller Ford SUV.  I once owned an Explorer, but they are really huge now.

7. Paperwork accumulation: PILE.  Not Gomer, his name was PYLE.

8. "A __ Is Born": STAR.  "When you wish upon a STAR, makes no difference who you are."

9. Tense NBA periods: OTS.  It takes a tie game to get there and the Timberwolves seldom squeak out a tie.

10. Slam-dancing area: MOSH PIT.

11. Tesla self-driving car system: AUTOPILOT.  Reminds me of the movie Airplane and the blow up doll named OTTO.

12. Fruity metaphor for a rumor mill: GRAPEVINE.

13. Burden: ONUS.

14. Clock radio toggle: AM PM.

18. "No one __ blame": IS TO.  That's what Rocco said when the Yankees kicked our Twins butts.

23. Crude in a tanker: OIL.

26. 2018 Best Actor Gary: OLDMAN.  Now this puzzle is getting personal.

28. Dog's bark: ARF.  Dennis the Menace says his dog goes "RUFF".

29. What students take at lectures: NOTES.

30. Legendary Garbo: GRETA.

32. Melancholy: SORROW.  "Only one thing that money can't buy, True Love will never die. All my sorrows, soon forgotten." Kingston Trio.

33. Of all time: EVER.  "If you're ever in a jam, here I am." I don't know who sang that one.

34. Yacht or ferry: BOAT.  I once owned a boat, and took my son fishing a lot in the summer.  Now he owns a boat and lives by a lake.  C.C. and I used to go for pan fish off a fishing dock in a small town called Annandale, MN.  Now we go to Cub and buy walleye from the freezer.

35. Suddenly: ALL AT ONCE.  It's a strike if you knock the pins down ALL AT ONCE

36. Postponed, as a ball game: RAINED OUT.  Sometimes it's also a golf game.

41. U.K. language: ENG.

42. Dime's 10: Abbr.: CTS.  Jeopardy's James Holzhauer called a dime, $1,000.00.  Must be Las Vegas talk.

44. Barely enough: MINIMAL.

46. Acumen: INSIGHT.  A Honda Hybrid car.

48. Prefix with liberal: NEO.

49. Pull-up muscles, briefly: LATS.

52. Yoga posture: ASANA.

53. Measuring stick: RULER.

54. Hardy's "__ of the D'Urbervilles": TESS.

55. Takes to court: SUES.  Johnny Cash once touted, "My Name is Sue, How do you do".  Then Elaine Benes of Seinfeld said "Don't call him SUES."

56. More than a quiz: EXAM.

57. Prefix between kilo- and giga-: MEGA.  There's a lottery game called "Mega Millions".  C.C. and I do not play. Once in awhile we might buy a $2.00 ticket and we would be happy to double our money.

58. March 15, notably: IDES.

60. Skiing surface: SNOW.  I think I have heard of this.  I think it was Chrissy's surname in "Three's Company."

63. Wash. neighbor: IDA.  I have a cousin that lives in Twin Falls.  He told me his golf season is not yet over.  I'm not sure if he hits golf balls or potatoes.

64. Hoppy brew, for short: IPA.


Oct 13, 2019

Sunday October 13, 2019 Kevin Salat

Theme: "Flip the Switch" - ON and OFF change positions.  

22A. Lectured about links?: SPOKE ON THE CUFF. Spoke off the cuff

47A. "We have that in stock," e.g.?: ON HAND REMARK. Offhand remark.

70A. Extra-base hit, likely?: FLY OFF THE WALL. Fly on the wall.

91A. Fake modeling material?: KNOCK OFF WOOD. Knock on wood.

117A. Let go of a factory workers unit?: LAID OFF THE LINE. Laid on the line.

32D. Guidebook for throwing a shot?: ON PUTTING. Off-putting.

60D. Stage hog staying sober?: HAM OFF RYE. Ham on rye.

Three Off to ON, Four On to OFF. One more will be an even switch.

Grid design can be deceiving at times. I thought this is a 140-worder, a few spots just feel so chunky.


1. Expert's nugget: PRO TIP.

7. Seaside eatery: CLAM BAR. Never been to a clam bar.

14. Relative challenge for some: IN-LAW. Real "relative".

19. Stand-up sort: MENSCH. So many on our blog.

20. Filmmaker for whom a Golden Globe award is named: DEMILLE. Also 127. Academy bestowals: OSCARS.

21. Part of TNT: NITRO.

24. Got out of the pen: SPRUNG. Jail. And 81. Sentence structure?: CELL.

26. 1974 Peace Nobelist from Japan: SATO. Wiki says he "brought Japan into the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, for which he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1974." He died in 1975.

27. Gram opening: INSTA. Instagram.

28. Word on a towel: HIS.

29. Icky stuff: GOO.

30. __-cone: SNO.

33. Portable preparedness kit: GO BAG.

35. Rang: TOLLED.

37. 2019 NCAA hoops champ: UVA. And 34. 37-Across conf.: ACC.

38. Start of a few choice words?: EENIE.

40. World Golf Hall of Famer Lorena: OCHOA. One of my favorite LPGA players.

42. Big discount events: FIRE SALES.

45. Fabric flaws: RIPS.

46. Govt. health org.: CDC. And 66. 46-Across HQ city: ATL.

49. Uniformed "O Canada" singer: BLUEJAY. And 52. Maple syrup base: SAP.

51. Prom coif: UPDO.

53. Oktoberfest vessel: STEIN.

54. Balaam's mount: ASS.

55. "In memoriam" piece: OBIT.

59. Adjust the length of: RE-HEM.

63. Peach center: PIT. Tried a few white peaches this year. So sweet.

64. "Cabaret" film director: FOSSE.

66. Spanning: ACROSS.

68. Foo Fighters frontman Grohl: DAVE.

69. "__ dreaming?": AM I.

73. Guys: MEN.

74. Frog hangout: POND.

76. Like many awards: ANNUAL.

77. Similarly named rival of a video game plumber: WARIO. Arch-rival of Mario.

78. PDX : Portland :: __ : Chicago: ORD.

79. Heavenly body?: ANGEL.

82. Wetland: FEN.

83. Tips politely: DOFFS. Hat.

85. Complainer who won't quit: NAG.

87. Dressed: CLAD.

89. Fundraiser: BENEFIT.

97. Round number?: PAR. Nice clue.

98. Obama Education secretary Duncan: ARNE.

99. Specialized market segment: NICHE AREA.

100. Big name in grills: WEBER.

102. Utah's __ Canyon: BRYCE.

103. Do brunch, say: EAT. Not a Chinese tradition.

104. Maze navigator: LAB RAT.

106. Cara of "Fame": IRENE.

108. Yet, in poetry: EEN.

109. "That was ages __": AGO.

110. Law firm fig.: ATT.

111. Brief affair: FLING.

113. XL, for one: SIZE.

115. Work intermittently (in): DABBLE.

122. Intel-gathering mission: RECON.

123. Premier League powerhouse: ARSENAL. Quite a few soccer fields in our area. 

124. Syrian city: ALEPPO.

125. Rainbow-shaped: ARCED.

126. Has no wrong answers, say: GETS AN A.


1. Downing St. VIPs: PMS.

2. Union __: REP.

3. "Blueprint for a Sunrise" artist: ONO. Wiki says it's a "concept album of experimental feminist rock". She looks like a Chinese empress here.

4. Chiding sounds: TSKS.

5. Frigid time: ICE AGE.

6. ID card feature: PHOTO. Do you all have a real ID?

7. New Orleans summer hrs.: CDT.

8. Bethlehem university: LEHIGH.  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. (Thanks, billocohoes~)

9. "Absolutely!": AMEN.

10. Prop for an emcee: MIC STAND.

11. Olive pursuer of comics: BLUTO.

12. Sprouts source: ALFALFA. I only like beansprouts.

13. Call the game: REF.

14. First to hear the news: INSIDERS.

15. Little bites: NIPS.

16. P.O. delivery: LTR.

17. Peppery salad green: ARUGULA. Aldi has a spinach & arugula mix.

18. Convinced: WON OVER.

23. Twerp: NOBODY.

25. "Find out": GO ASK.

28. __ mentality: HERD.

30. NBA's Nikola Jokic, e.g.: SERB. Not familiar with him.

31. "Lost in Yonkers" playwright: NEIL SIMON.

36. "Hamilton" creator __-Manuel Miranda: LIN.

39. "Aha!": I SEE.

41. "I'm such a klutz!": OOPS.

43. Char: SEAR.

44. Energetically excited: AMPED.

46. Cooking oil option: CANOLA. Canola field is pretty.

48. Poor spirits?: HOOCH. Oh, I like this clue.

50. Sec: JIFF.

51. Good to have around: USEFUL.

54. All together: AS ONE.

56. Prepared, as beer: BREWED.

57. Waterloo resident: IOWAN.

58. Ruler until 1917: TSAR.

61. From then on: EVER SINCE.

62. Patch: MEND.

63. Rollin' stone, in a Motown classic: PAPA. "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone".

65. What collaborators should be in: SYNC.

67. Small burger: SLIDER.

71. Edie of "The Sopranos": FALCO.

72. Fish-eating bird: LOON.

75. Academy Award winner Dame Judi __: DENCH. I still have not figured out why Rich sometimes uses __ in the clue, esp when the actress is so famous.

80. Limnologist's subject: LAKE. Never heard of limnologist.

82. Wither away: FADE.

84. Funhouse reaction: FEAR.

86. Commit a hoops no-no: GOALTEND. Read more here.

88. Good times to build sand castles: LOW TIDES.

89. Least adorned: BAREST.

90. Many a "Freaks and Geeks" character: TEEN.

91. Manipulate digitally: KNEAD.

92. Falls for someone who's married?: NIAGARA. Good old clue.

93. Red __: fictional sub: OCTOBER.

94. __ party: FRAT.

95. American Heart Mo., aptly: FEB. Valentine's Day.

96. Armed conflict: WARFARE.

97. What "/" may mean: PER.

101. Ardent enthusiast: BIG FAN.

102. Frames around smartphone displays: BEZELS. The middle one is bezel-less. The screen looks bigger.

105. Top-tier: A LIST.

107. Mandarin hello: NI HAO. Literally "you good".

110. Lotion ingredient: ALOE.

112. Hendryx of the "Lady Marmalade" trio Labelle: NONA. We had her before.

114. Util. supply: ELEC.

116. Include covertly, briefly: BCC.

117. Online gaming annoyance: LAG.

118. St. Pete's place: FLA.

119. Beer choice: IPA.

120. "Code Switch" airer: NPR.

121. Dawn goddess: EOS.

Dennis is going to have a full open-heart surgery at the JFK Medical Center (Atlantis, Florida) next Tuesday Oct 15, 2019. The operation is quite risky as they need to replace both valves.

Dennis jokes that he is always a risk-taker and loves new adventures, but this is quite a battle. The surgery is long and the recovery is longer. Tough for someone who's always on the go.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Stay tough, Dennis!


Jul 17, 2019

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 Kevin Salat

Them: 'FRAID SO [Homophonically speaking.]  A bookend theme: the entries all begin with FR and end in AY, which when united spell the word FRAY, not to be confused with the extended FREY clan of Game of Thrones infamy. But I digress.

17 A. Squander little by little: FRITTER AWAY.  To FRITTER [without away] means to break into small fragments; as a noun, it means fragments or shreds.  So the definition given here is apt.

25 A. Unstructured recreation: FREE PLAY.  Also well defined.  Perhaps a way to achieve the previous theme entry with your available time.

38 A. Inlet in an Otis Redding hit song: FRISCOBAY.  Otis finds another way to achieve the first theme entry in this song, released after his death, entitled [Sittin' On] The Dock of the Bay.  This is getting a bit meta.

54. Ruffles snack company: FRITOLAY.   Maker of Fritos, Doritos, Sun Chips, Cheetos and more.  Can theses smallish items be considered FRITTERS?  You decide.

64. Worn-look fabric style that this puzzle's four other longest answers exhibit?: FRAYED EDGES.  Like this on fabric. Are the edges being FRITTERED AWAY?  And, of course, the split word FRAY bookends the theme entries.  So, there you have it.

Hi, Gang, it JazzBumpa, jumping into the FRAY.  Nicely executed theme - not much more to say about it.  So let us venture forth boldly into this puzzle - unafrayed.


1. Santa __: Sonoma County seat: ROSA.  Many Santas. Needed perps

5. Cordelia, to Regan: SISTER.  Daughters of King Lear, along with the unfortunately named Goneril.

11. Small ammo: BBs.  Spherical pellets shot from a certain kind of air gun.  Per Wikipedia, "The term BB originated from the nomenclature of the size of steel shots used in a shotgun. Size "BB" shots were normally 0.180 in (4.6 mm) . . ."

14. At risk of offending, for short: UN-PC.  Not Politically Correct.

15. "Play more!": ENCORE.  An additional song or musical selection played after the planned program is complete, as requested by the audience.

16. Variety: ILK.  Type

19. Foot the bill: PAY.  End up paying for something, especially if the charge is large or unreasonable.  Sad.

20. Expedia info: FARES.  Expedia is an American based travel company that provides FARES and other information for world-wide travel.

21. "__ Tu": 1974 hit sung in Spanish: ERES.

22. Boozer: SOT.  Alcoholic.

23. Nike rival: ADIDAS.  Sports shoes.

28. Back muscle, familiarly: LAT.  More formally, Latissimus dorsi the muscle connecting the upper extremity to the back bone.  Mine are typically tight, probably from my trombone addiction.

29. Garnet or ruby: RED.  Shades of meaning.

31. Double helix part: STRAND.  Come on, baby, let's do the twist.

32. Approximately: OR SO.  In the general vicinity of - or so it is said.

34. Old __: card game: MAID.

37. Small pies: TARTS. Small filled pastries without a top crust.

41. "Hello" singer: ADELE.

44. Subway fare?: HERO.  A sandwich of meat, cheese and vegetables made on a long roll that can be purchased at, frex, the Subway sandwich shop.  A fee is involved.

45. Pollen pouches: SACS.  The structures in seed plants where pollen is produced.

49. Overhaul: REVAMP.  Improve the form, appearance and structure of something.

51. Inquire: ASK.  Asking minds want to know.

53. Stick in the closet?: MOP.  "Stick" is a noun here, and it has a head.

57. Mogadishu native: SOMALI.  A resident of Somalia, a failed nation on the horn of Africa.

59. Master: ACE.

60. __ Bator: ULAN.  The capital of Mongolia, on the Tuul River.

62. "Beauty and the Beast" role: BELLE.  Per Wikipedia, she "is the non-conforming daughter of an inventor who yearns to abandon her predictable village life in return for adventure."  The rest is herstory.

63. Olive center: PIT.  A hard seed.

66. Ginger __: ALE. A carbonated soft drink made with -- wait for it . . . ginger!

67. 2014 boxing biopic: I AM ALI.

68. "Othello" villain: IAGO.  He is Othello's standard bearer, but he hates Othello and seeks his downfall by trying to make him believe his wife is unfaithful with his lieutenant, Cassio.

69. '60s hallucinogen: LSD.  Lysergic Acid Diethyamide. Have a nice trip.

70. Shiny photo: GLOSSY.  Type of finish surface on the photo paper

71. "You said it!": AMEN.


1. Mark who plays the Hulk: RUFFALO.

2. Tracked by air traffic control: ON RADAR.  What the bleep is that?

3. Bar supply: SPIRITS.  Liquors that have been distilled to increase the alcohol content.

4. Didn't just sit there: ACTED.  Did something.

5. "I __ what you did there": SEE.  Acknowledging someone's cleverness.

6. Memo starter: IN RE.  With regard to --

7. Winter neckwear: SCARF.  A fabric item worn to maintain warmth and ward off the elements.

8. Cell network structure: TOWER.  I was so stuck on biological cells that when this answer emerged I was totally confused.  Of course this refers to the place where antennae are place for cell phone transmissions.  Which prompts the question: does anyone still use their phone to actually call somebody?

9. Clears a whiteboard: ERASES.  Or a blackboard. Works either way.

10. King of Spain: REY.  Literal translation

11. Like many magnets: BIPOLAR.  Having both north and south poles.

12. Glaringly obvious: BLATANT.  In your face.

13. Big __ Country: Montana: SKY.  Don't let them fool you.  The sky is the same size everywhere.  But in Michigan, you often can't see it for the clouds.

18. Ivan the Terrible, e.g.: TSAR.  One of many Russian emperors, prior to 1917.

22. Turns the hose on: SPRAYS.   Fun way to end up single.

24. Rig on the road: SEMI.  Tractor trailer rig.

26. James of jazz: ETTA.

27. Golf course meas.: YDS. Distance from tee to green, in yards.

30. Superspeed boy in "The Incredibles": DASH.

33. Recently: OF LATE.

35. Curling surface: ICE.  This is a game in which large, flat stones are slid along a smooth ICE surface into a target area.

36. Toon explorer: DORA.  Found this on FaceBook recently.

39. San __, Italy: REMO.  A city on the Mediterranean located in the extreme western part of Italy.  San and Santa - near clechoes.

40. Overseer: BOSS.

41. Greeting at a dog park: ARF.

42. Throws off track: DERAILS.

43. Thrown out: EVICTED.

46. Dental filling material: AMALGAM.  Despite containing about 50% elemental mercury, it is considered to be safe.

47. Dartmouth, e.g.: COLLEGE.  An institute of higher learning.

48. Watches through binoculars, maybe: SPIES ON.

50. Like lions and tigers and bears: PLURAL.  Yes they are plurals.  No, I do not like self-referential clues.

52. 18-time NBA All-Star Bryant: KOBE.  According to some, the 12th best player ever.

55. Texas mission: ALAMO.  Famous for the battle of 1836, when Texas was seceding from Mexico.  In a 13 day siege the garrison stationed there was almost completely wiped out.

56. "Get Yer __ Out!": live Stones album: YAYASRead all about it.

58. Mass __: MEDIA.  With tulips in my mind, I guess, I confidently filled in MANIA.  That was a set back.  The correct answer refers to news and communication outlets, like publications, broadcasting and the internet.

61. Guitarist Cline of the band Wilco: NELS.  Was this a Natick for anyone else?

63. Buddy: PAL.  Amigo, BFF.

64. Cookie fruit: FIG.  Classic.

65. Kit letters: DIY.  DIYourself.  A kit is the set of parts, pieces and tools required to build some thing.  Good luck and - yeah - do read the instructions.

OK, kids - we've frittered away enough time with this crossword puzzle.  Let's go take on the rest of the day.

Cool regards!

Note from C.C.:

Here are three beautiful pictures from Kazie (Kay). Her youngest son Dave got married last month

During the ceremony--Dave and Aimee.

Family group with all the children including Aimee's niece and nephew as well as her own two girls and our grands (Dave's nieces)
Our older son's family and their gift to the new couple

May 26, 2019

Sunday May 26, 2019 Kevin Salat

Theme: "Abracadabra!"- IT is added then removed from each consecutive theme entry.

23A. For-display-only Greek deli items?: FAUX PITAS. Faux pas.

25A. Twenty minutes of juggling and acrobatics?: SHORT CIRCUS. Short circuit.

46A. Alien with high heat tolerance?: SUN VISITOR. Sun visor.

48A. Einstein's asset?: GREAT BRAIN. Great Britain.

87A. Play part for a giant god?: TITAN LINES. Tan lines.

89A. Bachelor pad?: SINGLE DIGS. Single digits.

111A. Musician evoking compassion?: PITIED PIPER. Pied Piper.

113A. Resist extra calories at Thanksgiving?: DEFY GRAVY. Defy gravity.


68. Magic words ... and a hint to four side-by-side pairs of puzzle answers: NOW YOU SEE IT NOW YOU DON'T.

We've seen dropping IT and adding IT theme before, but never in the same puzzle.

Keven also elevated this puzzle by putting theme entries consecutively. Such an elegant way to display the theme. As a result, we have one grid spanner and four 20-worders. 


1. Mosque leader: IMAM.

5. Language from which "cummerbund" is derived: URDU.

9. Banjo sound: TWANG. Wish I had never seen "Deliverance".

14. Social division: CASTE.

19. Nixed, at NASA: NO GO.

20. Sisters: NUNS.

21. Oklahoma Air Force base: VANCE.

22. Lift up: HOIST.

27. Live: ON AIR.

28. Stumble over: TRIP ON.

30. Capital south of Oklahoma City: AUSTIN.

31. Like things that go bump in the night: EERIE.

34. Pasture sound: MOO.

35. Cubs' org.: MLB.

36. Actor Alda who wrote the best-seller "If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face?": ALAN. Such a long title.

38. Game winner: OOO.

41. Dietary claim: LESS FAT.

43. Salsa singer Cruz: CELIA.

45. "If u ask me ... ": IMO

50. Backup group: B TEAM.

51. Starts after a crash: REBOOTS.

53. Get a feeling: SENSE.

54. Racetrack ratios: ODDS.

55. "SpongeBob SquarePants" setting: SEA.

58. Maryland coll. team: TERPS.

59. Season trio: Abbr.: MOS. Months.

60. Milne hopper: ROO.

61. Herculean acts: FEATS.

63. It may be matched: SET.

64. Hogwarts' first High Inquisitor __ Umbridge: DOLORES. We just had this name yesterday. Related to dolor.

72. Hosp. triage expert: ER NURSE.

73. Ear piece?: COB.

74. Rush's Neil known for his 360-degree drum set: PEART. Learning moment for me.

75. Foxlike: SLY.

76. Shares an email with: CCS. And 79. Driller's deg.: DDS.

77. It's fed on streets: METER.

80. Recover: HEAL.

81. Old calculators: ABACI. I'm probably the only one on the blog who used the abacus at school.

84. Tranquilized: SEDATED.

86. New Zealand native: MAORI.

93. NBA's Magic: ORL.

94. Cats in Cádiz: GATOS.

95. Simon & Garfunkel genre: POP FOLK.  I thought it's "Folk rock".

96. Rent: LET.

97. Palindromic bread: NAAN.

99. "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" channel: CNN. Anyone tried his classic spaghetti with garlic, anchovies, and parsley?

100. Toon collectible: CEL.

101. Après-ski drink: COCOA.

103. Bills featuring Ben: C NOTES.

105. Five o'clock phenomenon?: SHADOW. Five-o'clock shadow.

107. Microwaved: NUKED.

116. Poker strategy: RAISE.

117. Ten out of ten: IDEAL.

118. Standard Oil brand: ESSO.

119. On the calm side: ALEE.

120. Daily Planet name: OLSEN. Jimmy Olsen.

121. Pond critters: NEWTS.

122. Flabbergast: STUN.

123. Camera component: LENS.


1. Facts and figures: INFO. And 40. Info in this puzzle?: ONE DOWN.

2. Lamentation: MOAN.

3. Lo que un desierto no tiene: AGUA.

4. Spunk: MOXIE.

5. Aussie college: UNI. British college too.

6. Boring routine: RUT.

7. MyHeritage service: DNA TEST. No need for me. Just Han Chinese in my blood. Did you know China is shaped like a rooster?

8. KGB country: USSR.

9. Expensive Super Bowl purchase: TV SPOT.

10. "Yippee!": WAHOO.

11. Auth. unknown: ANON.

12. ATM maker: NCR.

13. Earn a perfect report card: GET ALL A'S.

14. Phi followers: CHIS.

15. Ventricular outlet: AORTA.

16. Archimedes, by birth: SICILIAN.

17. Dangerous waves: TSUNAMIS. Literally "harbor wave" in Japanese.

18. Sci-fi staples: ETS.

24. Qualifying match, briefly: PRELIM.

26. Ark unit: CUBIT.

29. Turkish hospice: IMARET. Our old regular.

32. High-__ monitor: RES.

33. Grammar best-seller "Woe __": IS I.

35. Crosses paths: MEETS. This is indeed our Hahtoolah (Susan) with llama. So nice to finally see her. She's always the mysterious Corn Poppy. 


37. Zilch: NONE.

38. "One of Us" singer Joan: OSBORNE. We had her before.

39. Like some pet cats: OUTDOOR.

42. Backing: FOR.

43. Midriff-exposing shirt: CROP TOP.

44. Ruby Red vodka brand: ABSOLUT.

47. Biological duct: VAS. Also stranger to me.

48. Eames' "Law & Order: CI" partner Bobby: GOREN. I've only watched the original "Law & Order".

49. Fix a lawn: RESOD.

52. Wisest choice: BEST BET.

55. Gertrude McFuzz creator: SEUSS.

56. Effortlessness: EASE.

57. "No thanks, I already __": ATE. Common Chinese greeting: "Have you eaten yet?"

59. Keeps from drifting: MOORS.

61. Compelling: FORCING.

62. Formally withdraws: SECEDES.

64. Group of two: DYAD.

65. Perfume ingredient: ROSE OIL.

66. Make bigger: ENLARGE.

67. Job that requires cutting class?: STYLIST. Ha.

69. Joshua tree genus: YUCCA.

70. Minuscule bits: IOTAS.

71. Marry: WED.

77. Runners occupying bases: MEN ON.

78. Like many used cars: RESOLD.

80. "You __ to be there": HAD.

81. Heaps: A TON.

82. Like some children of mixed marriages: BIRACIAL.

83. Athens attacker, in Plato: ATLANTIS.

84. Dizzying Playskool toy, at times: SIT N SPIN.

85. Word with party or skinny: DIP.

86. Vietnam's __ Delta: MEKONG. Look at what she found! Dragon fruit. Quite pricey here in the US.

88. Tied, as skates: LACED.

90. Rams' football gp.: NFC WEST.

91. Sticky stuff: GOO.

92. Partners' abbr.: LLC.

95. Diver's quest: PEARLS.

98. Racket: NOISE.

100. Copier, maybe: CHEAT. One who copies.

102. Hearing-related: AURAL.

104. Many a gamer: TEEN.

105. Eject: SPEW.

106. Poems of praise: ODES.

108. Healthy salad green: KALE.

109. "Why __ bother?": EVEN.

110. Indigo and henna: DYES.

111. Backing: PRO.

112. Suffix with chlor-: IDE.

114. Seminoles' sch.: FSU.

115. "... the dew of __ high eastward hill": "Hamlet": YON.


Inanehiker (Nina) just wrote me yesterday with below message. She also sent me two Before and After pictures.

"We have had a wild ride here in Jefferson City since the tornado went through on Wednesday night.
Lots of destruction -but only a few injuries and no loss of life. One of our congregation had the roof taken off her apartment building - but her ceiling and apartment was amazingly intact!

We had been rehabbing a 100 year old house in a low income neighborhood - to move into when it was done probably December to minister to the neighborhood. But is now pile of rubble. Good thing for insurance which will help some- we are planning at this point to just clear it out and start a new build, but we will see. 

We were in our current house and fine.  We have been out helping clear trees brush and rubble from the area. Our church building is fine- but another friends church is rubble as well.  School finished for the year that day before- so no scramble to figure that out.

Just wanted to give you a quick update - not a lot of time to be on the blog :)"


Here is video that shows not all but a portion of the damage. 
At the end of this this article, there is a link to their denomination's crisis relief. Here is the address again:

901 East 78th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55420-1300
Designate the check with the memo: Tornado Response 3890

Or you can donate to the American Red Cross - with direction to Jefferson City Tornado Relief.

Thanks for your help!