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Apr 18, 2020

Saturday, April 18, 2020, Mary Lou Guizzo

Themeless Saturday by Mary Lou Guizzo

Today our constructor is Mary Lou Guizzo who C.C. calls "a very talented constructor". Here is her gracious reply to my note to her about crosswords, C.C. and her name that evokes memories of Ricky Nelson:

Hi Gary,

Yes, I’ve been serenaded with that song more than once, LOL!

You and my husband have much in common. He taught science (Biology and Anatomy primarily) for 43 years before retiring. I met my husband at The University of Dayton  and we now live in Oakwood, OH which is a suburb of Dayton.

I am a retired medical technologist with a Specialty in Blood Banking (SBB). I’ve worked in hospitals, private labs and the Community Blood Center for many years.

The youngster in that picture is my grandson who I miss immensely during these days of quarantine. I cut back on the time I devoted to constructing when I started watching this little guy shortly after he was born. But I still keep my hand in creating puzzles a little.

I most definitely have heard of the crossword rockstar, CC! I followed her blog almost from it’s start until I started watching my grandson, 3 days/week, 10 hours a day. She is a very inspiring and impressive person.

I’ve been constructing crosswords for a few years now (my first having been published in the WSJ in 2013, a puzzle co-constructed with Jeff Chen). I do like to include women’s names in my puzzles whenever possible as you will see in today’s themeless. I hope you enjoyed the solve. Thanks to Rich and Patti for accepting and editing this puzzle.

Thanks again for your kind words and for getting in touch with me. Stay safe and be well.

Mary Lou

[Gary p.s.] - Mary Lou is still disappointed that her Dayton University Flyers didn't get a shot a the NCAA Tournament. They were very highly ranked and as good as anybody this year

Let's say Hello Mary Lou and explore her lovely puzzle!


1. Joe __: SCHMO - Slang for "Joe Anybody". From English from the use of the "schm" prefix in Yiddish to dismiss something; as in, "Fancy, schmancy."

6. Exude: OOZE.

10. Classified times: EVES - December 24th and 31st, e.g.

14. Distant: ALOOF.

15. Foam footwear: CROC - Often seen at my clinic 

16. Place for a grinder: DELI.

17. Metropolis nickname: MAN OF STEEL 

19. 2004 International Tennis Hall of Fame inductee: GRAF - Steffi 

20. Liqueur flavoring: MENTHE.

21. "Wrong!": IT ISN'T.

23. Money layouts, say: PHOTO SPREADS - Of all the magazines Mary Lou could have chosen...

26. Engaged: BUSIED.

29. John Wayne film set in Tanganyika: HATARI - Swahili for Danger!

30. 15th-century ruler Axayácatl, e.g.: AZTEC - Here ya go! Blue on the map below

31. Sean who played Samwise: ASTIN A stouthearted Hobbit

32. Trip-taking aid: LSD.

35. She plays Watson on "Elementary": LIU - She plays Dr. Joan Watson in an updated version of Sherlock Holmes

36. Medalworthy acts: HEROICS - We see them every day now!

38. __ Day: Hawaii celebration: LEI - While we are celebrating May Day...

39. ISP choice: MSN.

40. Watts on the keys: ANDRE - ANDRE Previn on the keys would have more familiar to me

41. Absconds: FLEES - No one saw 
Andy Dufresne abscond with the duplicate bank books from Shawshank Prison

43. Sharper-tasting: TARTER.

45. Mall booths: KIOSKS.

46. Nakia portrayer in "Black Panther": LUPITA NYONGO - She won for 12 Years A Slave. We only saw the fabulous June Squibb in Nebraska

49. Melodic pieces: ARIOSI - A vocal piece falling somewhere between recitative and an aria. It literally means "Airy"

50. Doesn't toss: REUSES - Clever recycling cluing took some time 

53. __ waiting: CALL.

54. The better of a familiar pair: LESSER EVIL - Yeah, I vote too.

58. Wells' Weena et al.: ELOI - A true H.G. Wells tribe of Crosswordland 

59. Nevada city straddling the Humboldt River: ELKO - About 17 hours from me on the Platte River

60. Uplift: ELATE.

61. Old swift fliers: SSTS.

62. Cannon of Hollywood: DYAN - Jennifer Grant is shown here with her mother DYAN Cannon. Considering her dad was Cary Grant, her gene pool was pretty good!

63. Newton parts: DYNES More than you would ever want to know


1. "In the Lonely Hour" singer Smith: SAM A song of unrequited love

2. Refuse to talk, with "up": CLAM - "Get me a lawyer!"

3. Sharpen: HONE.

4. Heavenly dessert?: MOONPIE.

5. Beyond expectations: OFF THE CHARTS - The success of the Big Bang Theory show above 

6. String group: OCTET.

7. Bank deposit?: ORE - The Cornwall, PA Iron ORE Bank map from 1873

8. Kazan of "Olive Kitteridge": ZOE - ZOE, 
the granddaughter of Elia Kazan, played Denise Thibodeau. Frances McDormand played the title role in this Emmy Winner and is at the mic below. Zoe is in the red/white striped dress. Trailer

9. Like a much-watched 8/21/2017 alignment: ECLIPTIC - It was an ECLIPTIC event for Joann and me when the Moon's shadow came across Eastern Nebraska on this date

10. More out-there: EDGIER.

11. Pre-revolution French royal residence site: VERSAILLES The story of Versailles after the revoltuion (2 minutes)

12. African antelope: ELAND.

13. Sieves: SIFTS.

18. Rough end?: SHOD - Husker FB used to run ROUGHSHOD over most all comers. Sigh...

22. Altered for the better: TRANSFIGURED A part of Christianity 

24. "My bad": OH SORRY.

25. "Mercure" composer Erik: SATIE - A 1924 opera with decor and costumes designed by Picasso 

26. Skin soother: BALM.

27. Israeli weapons: UZIS.

28. Aerial daredevil: STUNT PILOT - Barnstormers

31. "As You Like It" forest: ARDEN - A lovely golf course is located near it in central England

55. English cathedral town: ELY - It is a 2-hr drive east from Forest of Arden golf course. The magnificent cathedral

33. Strive for: SEEK.

34. Ph.D. hurdle: DISS 8 most unusual DISSERTATIONS of all time

37. Necessitated: ENTAILED.

42. How a blown-open door may have been closed: LOOSELY.

44. Pungent spreads: AIOLIS - Burger King has it in here somewhere

45. One may be replaced: KNEE.

46. Ties: LACES.

47. Eurasian range: URALS.

48. "Ender's Game" author __ Scott Card: ORSON.

51. John in Wales: EVAN John in MANY languages

52. Surfer's stop: SITE.

56. Jamaican music: SKA.

57. Guitarist Paul: LES - Rick Harris wound up paying $90,000 to LES Paul's nephew on Pawn Stars for this guitar with a lot of provenance. 

Should you comment? Let Ricky Nelson tell you with another song:

Jul 29, 2017

Saturday, Jul 29th, 2017, Mary Lou Guizzo

Theme: None

Words: 72 (missing J,Q,X)

Blocks: 30

 I did not recognize the constructor's name until I reviewed the list on the blog, and discovered we had Mary Lou twice on Saturday last year, both with Jeff Chen - and my success with those puzzles was mixed.  This week, she is flying solo, and I did fairly well, tho I did cheat and gave myself the "M" at 43a&d because my "ESE" corner was a mess.  Quite a few "quote" answers, and just a few too many proper names (* - 17~! - and I left out the geographic names) to make this really fun, yet I did get through them, and in my personal time.  Triple 10-letter across corners, and paired 10 and 11-letter downs crossing two nines;

17*. George Washington in New York, e.g. : TOLL BRIDGE - funny how recent events can alter one's perception; I was watching "The Story Of US" on History, and they discussed George Washington as a general in New York during the Revolution.  Totally missed the link to a bridge I regularly traveled over.  I crossed the new Goethals bridge from Staten Island a month ago - at a cost of $15, the same as the George - geez.  At least it's only one way.

It was supposed to be faced in granite

 30. Audacious : BALD-FACED - oops - I had bOld, but that's acceptable, too

36*. 2013 Nelson Mandela portrayer : IDRIS ELBA - WILL SMITH fit, too - but I was wrong

50. California Raisins ads production technique : CLAYMATION - like Gumby

O Drawn~!


1. Two-sided : BIPARTISAN - pondered something like JANUS FACED, the Roman god

11. Shows one's hand, in a way : GINS - I considered "TELL", since I have been following the World Series of Poker

15. "Is anyone else here?" : "ARE WE ALONE~?"

16. "My turn" : "I'M UP"

18. Middle of a classical trio : VIDI - ah, not AMO, AMAS, AMAT, but VENI, VIDI, VICI, Caesar's boast of "I came, I saw, I conquered."

19*. Tolkien character : ENT - the walking talking trees

20*. Pindar works : ODES

21*. 2,000-year-old portrayal for Eden : GENIE - oh, Barbara Eden.  Got it.

22. Word with steel or square : TOED - steel toed I got; I had to look up square toed - can you tell I don't own a pair of high-end men's footwear~?

23. "Semper Fidelis" group : MARINES

25. Baseball statistic : AT BATS

28. Tuscan treat : GELATO - oops, had an "I" at the end

29*. Model Cheryl : TIEGS - I knew the name, not sure of the spelling, but got it right

33. React to dizziness : REEL

34*. Kazantzakis title character : ZORBA - filled via perps

35. HR dept. concern : RELOcation - I have an appointment with my HR guy at UPS on Wednesday next week to discuss opportunities within the company - and I am not opposed to being re-located if it means I can get paid from the neck up; not sure I am willing - or able - to put in another 18yrs doing what I do today

38. Strained : TENSE

39*. Voice of Magoo : BACKUS - I remembered the name Thurston Howell the third....and I just found out he was in "I Dream of Jeannie", too

40. Shade-tolerant foliage : HOSTAS

41. Busts, e.g. : STATUES

43. The better part : MOST - ah.  I was on the wrong wavelength here

44. Took the trouble : CARED

45*. Fashion designer Jacobs : MARC

46*. Arctic coast explorer : RAE

49. Fling : HURL

53*. Pitcher Hershiser : OREL - the one proper name I did know

54. Cylindrical stuffed pasta : CANNELLONI - knew the name, got the spelling wrong

55. River in Rwanda : NILE - well, now, I didn't think of that river....

56. Not taken : UNSELECTED


1. Subside : BATE - dang, I had EASE

2. Pressing agent : IRON - at first I thought there'd be a "?" here, but an iron really is a pressing agent

3. Skin : PELT

4. Its point is often boring : AWL - oooh, I went with BIT

5. Completes an installation, perhaps : REBOOTS - last week I had to install a printer on the network at the restaurant - what a chore, with all the rebooting and connectivity, but I succeeded

6. "Buenas __" : TARDES - considered DIOS and AIRES, both too short, and I needed buenOs for the second try - this answer translates to "good afternoon"

7. Jaw-dropping courtroom admission : I LIED

8. Does lawn work : SODS - dah~! Not MOWS

9*. Director Lee : ANG - OK, I knew two names

10. Born : NÉE

11. "Enough already!" : "GIVE IT A REST~!"

12. "It wasn't me!" : "I'M INNOCENT~!"

13. Film with few costumes? : NUDIE - new term for me.  My generation calls it 'porn'.  I went Googling, and I kept getting this; when I forced Google to connect the word with film, the original term was "nudie cutie", and I found this website

14. Infiltrators : SPIES

21. German count : GRAF - I shoulda known this - I am reading the "Bernie Gunther" novels from Philip Kerr, mostly set in WW II Germany

22. Pasta commonly served with Bolognese sauce : TAGLIATELLE

23. Peach __ : MELBA - interesting history
recipe~? It's ice cream, syrup and fruit....

24*. Pierce portrayer : ALDA - Captain "Hawkeye" Pierce, portrayed by Alan Alda

25. Abruzzi bell town : ATRI - dah~!  Took too long to recall this crossword staple

26. Even : TIED

27. It might be tapped : BEER BARREL

28. Costumes : GARBS

30. Hard pill to swallow : BOLUS

31*. "Frozen" queen : ELSA

32. Impersonates : DOES - argh~! Not APES

34*. Cowardly Lion's farmhand alter ego : ZEKE

37. Skim along, as clouds : SCUD

38. Built like models : TO SCALE - oh, those kind of models, the ones I used to build in my "ute"

40. Spam source : HORMEL - the "other" kind of SPAM

41. "Danke __" : SCHON

42. Alpha __: Bull constellation star : TAURI - Aldebaran, the red eye of taurus the bull - we should get some data from Pioneer 10 in about two million years....

43*. ESPN journalist Kenny : MAYNE

45. Operates : MANS - ugh.  Not RUNS

46. Fracas : RIOT

47. Excellent : A ONE

48*. Lover of Geraint : ENID

50. Ward for heart patients, briefly : CCU - the Coronary Care Unit

51. PC connection : LAN - Local Area Network, like the one at the restaurant

52. Attention in a 50-Down : TLC


Nov 3, 2016

Thursday, November 3rd 2016 Mary Lou Guizzo

Theme: Rocky Horrors, or Let's do the Time Warp. Allow the reveal to explain:

52A. Period needed to fulfill a request ... and a hint to words hidden in three long puzzle answers : TURNAROUND TIME. 

The turnaround time for getting your car repaired when rats have chewed the main wiring harness to bits is three weeks. The dealer just called me to tell me my car is finally ready.

20A. Goal for some college-bound students : EARLY ADMISSION. (Day.) A higher percentage of early applications to the top schools result in admissions, vs. regular applications.

34A. Record-setting slugger in the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame : SADAHARU OH. (Hour.) He olds the world lifetime home run record with 868. Like Babe Ruth, he started his career as a pitcher.

41A. Ocular organs of cephalopods, say : CAMERA EYES. (Year.) We have camera eyes too - apparently the octopus's version is superior to ours as the optic neve doesn't penetrate the retina, causing our blind spot in each eye.

Two genuinely obscure theme entries here (for me at least). It might be World Series fever time, but if you're going to throw me a fastball, a breaking ball, a curveball, a slider, a change-up and a knuckleball all in one baseball clue, you'd better be sure that the crosses are solid.

I'm also not a squid squint expert, so once again, please give me some help!

Fortunately, Mary Lou and Rich are good at this stuff, made tougher by the fact that five of the crosses intersect the two theme entries, Bravo!

Even when I'd filled in Mr. Oh, I simply couldn't parse his name. SADA HARUOH was my best guess, so I went to go look him up.

Let's see what else we've got:


1. Workbench gadget : CLAMP

6. Antlered beast : STAG

10. Glasses, in ads : SPEX. In comics, usually the X-Ray variety. I'd post you a punk rock link to the quite appalling Poly Styrene who had  her 15 minutes of fame with the band X-Ray Spex in 1970's London. I quite liked them at the time, but the passage of time has not done them any favors.

14. Popular depilatory : RAZOR. Occam makes a reliable brand, I hear.

15. Campaign staffer : AIDE

16. Rochester's bride : EYRE

17. Part of the soft palate : UVULA

18. Lady of the knight : DAME

19. Concussions generally aren't visible on them : MRI'S

23. "What was __ was saying?" : IT I

24. Tie __ : ONE ON

25. Rat Pack member : LAWFORD. Peter. JFK's brother-in-law among other things.

29. Growing concerns? : FARMS

33. Like a used hibachi : ASHY

38. General on a menu : TSO. Never tried this concoction. Anyone?

39. Gadgets : DEVICES

40. One of 34-Across' 2,170 : R.B.I. Runs Batted In. I guess you'll get a ton of these when you hit a boatload of homers in your career.

43. Aspirin target : PAIN

44. Nocturnal carnivore : HYENA

45. Perambulates : STROLLS

47. Piece of cake : CINCH. Tried CRUMB, was wrong.

51. Poet's contraction : O'ER

Gliding o'er all, through all,
Through Nature, Time, and Space,
As a ship on the waters advancing,
The voyage of the soul—not life alone,
Death, many deaths I'll sing.

Walt Whitman.

58. Homey : COZY

59. Pack firmly : TAMP

60. "__ making this up" : I'M NOT

61. Spigot issue : DRIP

62. Site with tech reviews : C-NET

63. Trilateral trade agreement, briefly : NAFTA. North American Free Trade Agreement. Mexico, USA and Canada.

64. Tag line? : COST

65. Grinder : HERO

66. Speed units : KNOTS. Nautical miles per hour. The yacht I used to charter from Marina Del Rey would make somewhere around eight knots in a good sailing wind across to Catalina Island if the sails were trimmed just right. There's formula to calculate the maximum hull speed of a yacht, you can't just keep getting faster.


1. Mötley __ : CRUE. Should be pronounced "murt-ly" if we're going to pay attention to the umlaut, but of course we don't.

2. Fiery flow : LAVA

3. Bleu hue : AZUR. The French Riviera between Toulon and the Italian border is also known as the Côte d'Azur. The first time I saw it I couldn't believe a sea could be so blue, Growing up in England, I thought all seas were gray.

4. Placate : MOLLIFY

5. Beseech, as a deity : PRAY TO

6. Anti-DWI gp. : SADD. Tried MADD first, natch!

7. Venetian valentine message : TI AMO. This is a serious declaration in Italian.

8. Ones in charge, for short : ADMIN

9. Sixth-day Christmas gift : GEESE. A-laying. That's a lot of omelets just after Christmas.

10. Workshop : SEMINAR

11. One who likes to light up? : PYRO

12. "__ go bragh!" : ERIN. "Ireland Forever".

13. Chooses, with "in" : X'ES

21. Two-front, as a Coast Guard rescue : AIR-SEA.

22. Divans : SOFAS

25. Trunk piece : LATCH

26. Put a value on : ASSAY

27. Words before "Yeah, you!" : WHO, ME?

28. Brubeck of jazz : DAVE

30. Like much of New York : RURAL. Not "URBAN" then. Steady on there, Turbo!

31. Company with a longtime travel guide : MOBIL

32. They often have guards : SHINS

35. Self-help letters : D.I.Y.

36. Super-duper : ACES. I suppose that "aces" can mean "Super-duper" but I can't find a reference anywhere. Accept and move on.

37. 1959 Ben-Hur portrayer : HESTON. I think all that I remember of this movie is Charlton yelling "heYAR heYAR" at his horses in the chariot race.

39. Let out gradually : DRAIN

42. Use an Enigma machine, say : ENCRYPT

43. "Black Swan" Best Actress Oscar winner : PORTMAN. The very talented Natalie. Many people think she's related to British actor Eric - she's not.

46. Bad bottom line : RED INK

48. "No prob!" : NATCH!

49. Origami staple : CRANE. According to Japanese lore, if you fold 1,000 cranes in a single year, you will be granted a wish (or eternal good luck, depending on who you believe).

50. Reason to trot : HOMER. 868 reasons, in Oh-san's case as we heard earlier.

52. Corrida beast : TORO. Food! Oh, no, wait - that's tuna belly. Darn.

53. Israeli weapons : UZIS

54. Until : UP TO

55. Scoop : INFO

56. Suffragist Lucretia : MOTT. Her maiden name was Coffin, and her uncle, Mayhew Folger, was a whaling boat captain who found the last living "Mutiny on the Bounty" mutineer on Pitcairn Island. The things we learn.

57. RR station predictions : ETA'S

58. Govt. health org. : C.D.C. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Someone forgot the "P" in the abbreviation.

Oh look - here's the grid creeping up on me. I'd better skedaddle before I get flattened by it.


Oct 17, 2016

Monday, October 17, 2016 Carolyn Farmer & Mary Lou Guizzo

Theme: Four Letter Jumble - The word is FATE.

17. Noir film temptress: FEMME FATALE

28. Football-like sport played with a disc: ULTIMATE FRISBEE


56. Ironic change in destiny ... and, literally, what happens in this puzzle's circles: TWIST OF FATE

Argyle here. We have a lot to like here. No stretching of the 'in language' themes to make them fit even though two are grid spanners. Many six letter fill and a good mix overall.

These two partnered before on a BuzzFeed crossword last year. Food-themed Star Wars puns. LINK


1. Solidifies: GELS

5. Extends, as a building: ADDS TO

11. Triple __: liqueur: SEC. An orange flavored clear liqueur.

14. Golfer Aoki: ISAO. Isao Aoki, crossword regular.

15. Unfortunate event: MISHAP

16. Thurman of "Kill Bill": UMA. Also a regular.

19. Writing implement: PEN

20. Therapeutic ointment: BALM. I swear by it.

21. Tenants: RENTERs

23. Engineer Nikola: TESLA. A former regular.

25. "__F!": pre-weekend cry: TGI. A bit early for Thank God It's Friday.

27. Homer Simpson's wife: MARGE. She of the blue hair.

31. Falsehood: LIE

32. __ Angeles: LOS

33. '50s prez: IKE. DDE, Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th President.

34. Kareem's former name: LEW. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was Lew Alcindor. (Basketball)

35. Dangerous current: RIPTIDE. I know you should swim perpendicular to one if caught in it. Don't try to swim straight back to shore. Today's PSA.

37. Female pronoun: SHE

40. Cupid's mo.: FEB. Valentine's Day, Tuesday, February 14, 2017.

41. Year, in Spain: ANO. 6-Down. Day, in Spain: DIA

42. Ate: HAD

49. "__ Rae": NORMA. Norma Rae is a 1979 American drama film.

50. "__ who?!": SEZ "Sez IMDb, that's who!"

51. Execs, or outfits hanging in their closets: SUITS

52. Goes on the offensive: ATTACKS

54. Gentle: SOFT

55. Life story, briefly: BIO. (biography)

61. Egg cells: OVA

62. Transition slowly: EASE IN

63. __ out a living: EKEs

64. Crossed (out): Xed

65. Same-as-above marks: DITTOs. "

66. Fender damage: DENT


1. Animated Internet file suffix: GIF. (Graphics Interchange Format)

2. Suffix with Siam: ESE

3. Meaty dish that would make Mary sad?: LAMB STEW

4. Mogadishu native: SOMALI

5. Radio band-switching switch: AM/FM

7. Hrs. that begin when we "spring forward": DST. Daylight Saving Time 2016 began at 2:00 AM on Sunday, March 13 and ends at 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 6. Another Public Service Announcement.

8. "Doctor Zhivago" actor Omar: SHARIF

9. "Tall" story: TALE

10. Amateur night at a comedy club, e.g.: OPEN MIKE

11. Exquisite: SUPERB

12. Come into view: EMERGE

13. As far as the eye __: CAN SEE

18. Jack of old Westerns: ELAM. Just one of his many deaths.

22. Stun with a gun: TASE. Jack was being shot long before tasers.

23. Rock's Jethro __: TULL

24. Nobelist Wiesel: ELIE

25. Sporty sunroof: T-TOP

26. Develop in the womb: GESTATE

29. "I was with my girlfriend all night," say: ALIBI

30. No longer encumbered by: RID OF

35. Edited: REDACTED

36. "Mockingbird" singer Foxx: INEZ. A different video for Splynter here.

37. Asian mushroom with an odd spelling: SHIITAKE

38. "Freeze!": "HALT!"

39. Breyers competitor: EDY'S Ice cream.

40. Storm relief org.: FEMA. (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

43. Packed up for shipping: IN A BOX

44. Whodunit reason: MOTIVE

45. "The Wind in the Willows" croaker: MR. TOAD

46. Help out: ASSIST

47. Dating from: AS OF

48. Bungled: MUFFED

53. "The Bridge on the River __": KWAI. 1957 British-American epic war film.

54. Daughters' brothers: SONS

57. Part of a tennis match: SET

58. Padre's hermano: TIO. father's brother/uncle

59. On a scale of one to __: TEN

60. Approx. figure: ESTimate.


Sep 3, 2016

Saturday, Sep 3rd, 2016, Mary Lou Guizzo & Jeff Chen

Theme: None

Words: 70 (missing J,V,X,Z)

Blocks: 26

 Second time this duo has connected on a Saturday (1/9/16), and reviewing the last puzzle, I had my doubts on today's success.  Yet once again there were just enough "I got it" answers to allow me to finish, in good time, and a "ta-DA~!" that came without searching for any bad cells.  Triple 11's in the Across and triple 10's in the Down and a classic pinwheel design with some other chunky fill;

15. "Tristes apprets" from "Castor et Pollux," e.g. : SOPRANO ARIA - I sensed it was going to be "OPERA---" or "---VOCAL" but let it "go to the Downs" before trying something; see the crossing 6d.

13. It has its kinks : GARDEN HOSE - Oh, I so wanted PANTYHOSE to make the puzzle; Lemonade has been spot-on two weeks running now

55. Al Jazeera and Yomiuri Shimbun : NEWS OUTLETS - I know the name Al Jazeera, so I threw in "NEWS---" and waited

25. Betty Crocker brand of instant mashed : POTATO BUDS



1. Subject of the 1998 Supreme Court case New Jersey v. New York : ELLIS ISLAND

12. Information __ : AGE

16. Billy's reply? : MAA - dah~!  Sheep go BAA, goats go "MAA"~? - tho we could be talking about a human kid named Billy

17. Group sharing a name with a cranberry cocktail : PINK MARTINI - never heard of the group or the drink

18. Docs' work areas : ERS - "to "E" or not to "E"; that is the question; I went with "O"RS

19. Slip or clip follower : ONS - nice misdirection; needing the plural for a singular clue - slip-ons, clip-ons

20. Rich rocks : ORES - Diamond didn't fit

21. Hot : TRENDY - unsure if this was the "IRATE" or "HIP" definition

23. Satyr's kin : FAUN - one of those "I got it" clues

24. Rear : KEISTER - spelled it wrong; I before E, right~?  wEird....

25. Obvious : PATENT

28. Holiday decor item : PINE CONE - check this out

About $1mil - the site

29. Final announcements : OBITS - eh, could have used an abbr here

30. Comes across : FINDS - dah~! Not MEETS

31. "__ Crossroads": Bone Thugs-n-Harmony song : THA - shoulda known it was not "AT A"

32. Hue : TONE

33. Game with a varying number of cards : BINGO - ah, those cards

34. Like many horses : SHOD

35. __ Nova : ARS - the Wiki

36. Turkestan tents : YURTS - another "I got it"

37. Full moon, e.g. : PHASE - there was a solar eclipse on Thursday, but couldn't see it from my house; the lunar semi-eclipse in two weeks can't be seen from here, either

38. Sports nail-biters : TIE GAMES - OVERTIMES didn't fit

40. Felix __, CIA friend of Bond : LEITER - "I got it" clue - if you get the chance, try this book, a history of the making of the Bond films - great read

41. Siouan tribe : OGLALAS - mostly perps

42. Portrayer of Buddy's father in "Elf" : CAAN - I just can't sit through this seasonal movie; I'm more of "A Christmas Story" buff

43. Acrimonious : BITTER - My high school Latin teacher had this T-shirt;

44. Prince in "Frozen" : HANS - just saw it on TV; I find most of the CGI animation movies do an excellent job of re-telling classic stories; I'm tired of the endless "superhero" films that have been popular over the last decade

45. Wise chip flavor : BBQ

48. Low número : UNO

49. Actress in "Spy" (2015) : MIRANDA HART - perps and a WAG

52. Wet blanket : DEW - ah.  Not the metaphoric "DUD"

53. "Grown Ups" star : ADAM SANDLER

54. Loan application fig. : SSN


1. 1960s-'70s Orr teammate, to fans : ESPO - Phil Esposito; hockey players on the Boston Bruins - we are almost to the new season~!

2. Prime cut : LOIN

3. OR teammates : LPNs

4. Needle : IRK - Dah~!  Not RIB

5. Apia natives : SAMOANS

6. Suffering from ennui : IN A RUT - reminds me of this song - talk about soprano

Stuck In A Rut

7. "Either/Or" author Kierkegaard : SØREN - another "I know it" clue, as I like to 'dabble' in personality types

8. Muscles strengthened by muscle-ups : LATS - better fit than PECS, which was my other WAG for this clue

9. Shipping nickname : ARI

10. Longtime Seattle Mariners' majority owner : NINTENDO - I did not know this

11. Jersey homes : DAIRIES - clever; cows - not dose guys across the bridge (see 1a.)

Local (NY) humor

12. "Couldn't agree with you more!" : "AMEN TO THAT~!"

14. Basic kids' book : EASY READER

22. Key to backing up? : ESCape - that kind of 'key'

23. Regale : FÊTE

24. Some royals : KINGS

26. Indigenous Tasmanians : ABORIGINES

27. Show biz nickname : TINSELTOWN - ah.  A general name; thought it was going to be a proper name

28. Gelato units : PINTS

30. Kindles : FIRES - TABLETS didn't fit

33. Hitchhike : BUM A RIDE - I know two guys who bummed a ride from the Vogons

 Arthur and Ford from HHGG

34. __ splints : SHIN

36. Every Skull and Bones member, until 1991 : YALE MAN

37. Serf : PEASANT

39. Hood's weapon : GAT - I had the "T", so I knew it was that hood, not Robin Hood, and "BOW"

40. Convertible carriage : LANDAU

42. "I'll show you!" : "CAN SO~!"

44. Acting coach's banes : HAMS

45. Bundle in a field : BALE

46. Maverick on TV : BRET - another "I knew it"

47. Game divs. : QTRs

50. Unembellished : RAW

51. Med. number that's better when it's higher : HDL