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Mar 25, 2020

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 Patti Varol

Theme: March Person

17. March commander: DRILL INSTRUCTOR. Base training.

41. March composer: JOHN PHILIP SOUSA. "The March King".

64. March creator: LOUISA MAY ALCOTT. The March family,

Boomer here again. I hope you are not sick of me, and especially I hope you are not sick!!  Bowling centers and my church are still closed. C.C. and I are pretty much situated at the home front.  Maybe if the weather warms up a bit here, we might take a chance at a walk in the park, but we will stay away from any other humans.  Enjoy the puzzle, we're here for you!

Forward March, Hup, Two, Three, Four, - You had a good home when you left, You're right, Your girlfriend was home when you left, You're Right! Am I right or wrong ? You're right ! Are we weak or strong ?  We're Strong ! Sound off, one, two, Sound off, three four. Sound off - one, two, three, four, one two, THREE, FOUR !! 


1. Furniture chain that also sells lingonberry jam: IKEA.  Been there once.  Their furniture seems half-finished and I only like strawberry jam.

5. Highlander: GAEL.

9. Irritable: CROSS.  A symbol for Good Friday or go from one side of the street to the other.

14. December temp: MALL SANTA. A frequent visitor to our Northtown Mall.

16. Overseas coppers: PENCE.  Or a vice president.

19. Count who has a cameo in "Blazing Saddles": BASIE.  I don't remember him, but I really liked Mel Brooks' Movie.

20. Thus far: YET.

21. Airport with many connecting flights: HUB.  Our MSP is a Delta hub.  They are really struggling in these critical times.

22. Rathskeller rejection: NEIN.  While I was in Germany, this was one of the words we all knew.

25. Tenants: RENTERS.

28. SFO overseer: FAA. I think this Airport is in even worse shape than ours. Not sure if international flights are even allowed.

31. Not just assume: KNOW.

33. Merit badge spot: SASH.  I made it through Cub Scouts.  Did not get any higher.

34. Gaga over: INTO.

36. Shellfish serving: CLAW.  Does not sound too appetizing to me.

38. Smug look: GLOAT. Nothing to GLOAT about for awhile.  Bowling centers are closed.  I am wondering if the golf courses will be open. I never buy food there. I bring a couple of sandwiches and some Diet Pepsi and load it on the cart.

44. Fritters away time: IDLES.  A decent way to warm up your car up here in the North.

45. French 101 verb: ETRE.

46. Old Russian ruler: TSAR.  Look at it - it spells RATS.

47. Not demanding: EASY.  A BIG one could be New Orleans or Ernie Els who is on the Champions tour now.

49. Citrus peel: ZEST. Or a bar of soap.

51. Greener Living org.: EPA.

52. English blue cheese: STILTON.

55. Whiskey cocktail: SOUR.

57. Form 1099 org.: IRS.  We already filed, but I hear you have until July now this year.

58. "Wonder Woman" actress Gadot: GAL.

60. Run out: LAPSE.  So many health care agencies have RUN OUT of masks and safety equipment.

69. Hides in the shadows: LURKS.

70. "Shape of You" Grammy winner: ED SHEERAN.

71. Direct: STEER.  A big Cow with horns.

72. "Gone Girl" actress Ward: SELA.

73. "Queen of Country," familiarly: REBA. 


1. Website for looking up "that actor on that show": IMDB

2. __ Zor-El: Supergirl's name on Krypton: KARA.

3. Yale students: ELIS.  Poor little lambs.

4. Totally wiped: ALL IN.  Or when you bet your entire roll as a final bet in poker.

5. Moo goo __ pan: GAI.

6. "Commonwealth" novelist Patchett: ANN.

7. "Unique everything" online shop: ETSY.  I have never been there.

8. "Gotta run!": LATER.  "See you LATER Alligator!"

9. PC core: CPU.

10. Copying button: REC.

11. Music to a bar customer's ears: ON THE HOUSE.  At Christmas, listen for reindeer.

12. Really clean: SCOUR.  You'll need an SOS or Brillo pad.

13. Some Slavs: SERBS.

15. Stylishly smooth: SLEEK.  I believe I have seen that word on a Corvette ad.

18. GPS displays: RTES.  I don't have GPS, but I usually do not get too lost.  Although people have told me I don't have a clue to where I'm going.

23. Go very slowly: INCH.  "A pinch to grow an INCH and a smile to go a mile".

24. "I'm not kidding!": NO LIE.

26. Torments with reminders: NAGS. Someone in our house tells me to take a pill or eat more veggies.

27. Letter-shaped opening: T SLOT.

28. "Natural artesian water" brand: FIJI.

29. Give __ to: okay: A NOD.  "And giving A NOD up the chimney he rose."  A little out of season, sorry.

30. Fashionable sportswear portmanteau: ATHLEISURE. This sounds like the overpriced clothing I see on the rack at the PGA Superstore.

32. Ballroom dance: WALTZ.  Our MN Governor is Tim Walz, and he's been dancing around the coronavirus for a month.

35. Tatum who plays Amanda in "The Bad News Bears": ONEAL.  Ryan O'Neal's daughter, she was also a hit in Paper Moon.

37. Tangle around a surge protector: WIRES.

39. Pronto: ASAP.

40. "Teen Titans" and "Teen Titans Go!" voice actress Strong: TARA.

42. Hissed summons: PSST.

43. 100 centavos: PESO.

48. Tranquil discipline: YOGA.  Reminds me of the great Yankee catcher, #8

50. Veil material: TULLE.

52. Opera great Beverly: SILLS.

53. Brook fish: TROUT.  Not too many in Minnesota lakes.  You need to try a river.

54. Identifies: NAMES.

56. Regatta entrant: RACER.  I don't know if the Kentucky Derby is a Regatta, but I've heard it has been moved to September.  Don't worry, all the horses will be three year olds.  Their birthdays are all January 1.

59. Put on cargo: LADE.

61. Peruse, with "over": PORE.

62. Wild guess: STAB.  "BATS" spelled backwards.  We won't be seeing any soon.

63. Italian peak: ETNA.

65. '50s prez: IKE.  Mentioned him previously.  Great General, decent President.

66. Pre-1991 atlas initials: SSR.

67. Couture monogram: YSL.

68. "I've got it!": AHA. And A HA HA HA to you, we are done.


Feb 22, 2019

Friday, February 22, 2019, Patti Varol

Title: Does a male deliver your mail?

Today Rich's assistant Patti provides the entertainment with a very consistent homonym puzzle. 5 in the language phrases are repurposed using their sound-alike equivalent with humorous results.  This is my seventh trip as the guide for a PV puzzle, one of more than 30 she has published in the LAT. All five themers are four-letter words ending "AIL" replacing the "ALE."  WHALE is the outlier, as it is five letters. The puzzle does not feel like a Friday, with 78 words which average less than 5 letters each. It has some non-theme glitter like ATHEIST, EGOSURF, FLITTED, MULCHES, PADLOCK, SIDE BET, CAROL KANE, and  KALE CHIPS. There are some challenging words, some unknown directors, and a few that were hidden to me as clued, but lo and behold it is done, so time to discuss.

17A. Totally rad electric guitar performance?: KILLER WAIL (10). After last Saturday's WHALE tribute by HG, we start with a nice guitar solo. BOBBY BARTH.

23A. Emergency bucket on Dior's boat?: CHRISTIAN BAIL (13). Christian Dior has a hole in his boat which he needs to BALE the water and becomes the Welsh actor who has been Batman and Dick Cheney on screen but is HIMSELF accepting his awards.

37A. Jib made of clothing labels?: TAG SAIL (7). When I was a child, my grandmother worked in a tag factory, where they made all the labels used to show at a Tag SALE.

51A. Where to find more beach toys?: BEYOND THE PAIL (13). Beyond the PALE  a rather negative concept changes to evoke an idyllic scene by the ocean.

60A. Impressive New York zoo peacock display?: A BRONX TAIL (10). This is my favorite as the cult classic A BRONX TALE, a dark movie becomes a lively display at the famous Bronx Zoo.


1. Information desk sign: ASK ME. I do not see that often, my favorite is below.

6. Sits in a cellar, say: AGES. Wine, it was Chairman Mao's birthday recently.

10. Chuckleheads: SAPS. I have not heard the phrase chucklehead in years.

14. Yuletide name: CLAUS.

15. Philanthropist Wallace: LILA. Co-founder of the READER'S DIGEST. Do you remember her?

16. Grammy-winning rapper: ICE-T. Tracy Lauren Marrow reappears. HG one.

19. Short copy?: DUPE. Cute.

20. Upper bod muscle: PEC. Bod tells you it is an abbreviation. It also is a word not popular any longer IMO.

21. Poor Richard, really: BEN. I did not know Mr. Franklin well enough to call him Ben, I do like to look at him in my wallet.

22. Brusque: TERSE.

27. Nonbeliever: ATHEIST.

29. Shoreline flood protection: DUNE. According to the Waikato Regional Council, sand dunes protect our shorelines from coastal erosion and provide shelter from the wind and sea spray.

30. Caper film event: HEIST. What is your favorite of all time?

31. Actor Danson: TED. Again a repeat from Husker's Saturday.

32. Dessert chain with Cotton Candy Freeze: TCBYThe Country's Best Yogurt.

36. Travel guide: MAP.

41. SE state: ALAbama.

42. "When all __ fails ... ": ELSE. People say THIS many ways.

44. "Let 'er __!": RIP. Speaking of ripped...

45. Zac of "Baywatch": EFRON.

47. Error: GOOF.

49. Master piece?: PADLOCK. Very cool clue.  This fill has never appeared in the LA Times and referencing the lock company MASTER  was brilliant.

55. Expunge: ERASE.

56. Mahershala of "True Detective": ALI. This is his BIOGRAPHY.

57. IMAX purchase: TKT.

59. X-ray, Yankee, __: ZULU.  Your cheat sheet.

64. Phone button abbr.: OPER.

65. X-ray units: RADS. The rad is a unit of absorbed radiation dose , defined as 1 rad = 0.01 Gy = 0.01 J/kg.

66. Starbucks size: VENTI. We have had this discussion recently.

67. Double __ Oreos: STUF. We have had this discussion recently.

68. "If you don't mind?": MAY I.

69. In other words, in Caesar's words: ID EST. Not Sid, but one of the Emperors speaking Latin.


1. "Crikey!": ACK. I do not see these as synonymous. My SOURCE.

2. Berth place: SLIP. A nice sound alike pun/clue.

3. Healthy snack: KALE CHIPS.  That claim is being DEBATED.

4. Puts a cover on, as a bed: MULCHES.  A bed of flowers, again, cool misdirection. These are probably healthy as well,  just as tasty, but too high in fiber.

5. Jargon suffix: ESE.

6. Astros' MLB division: AL WEST.

7. Really big: GIANT.

8. "The House With a Clock in Its Walls" director Roth: ELI. I have not seen this movie, but would never have known the DIRECTOR even if I had. His work seems promising.

9. "On the Road" narrator: SAL. Sal Paradise was the central character in Jack Kerouac's anthem to the post-World War II freedom of the open road.

10. Secondary wager: SIDE BET. There are various situations where this occurs. Side bets can involve any topic, such as a bet on a sports game occurring at the same time as the poker game or a bet on a piece of trivia that players are arguing over. However, usage is traditionally confined to bets that in some way involve occurrences in the poker game.

11. Integra maker: ACURA.

12. "For every generation" soft drink: PEPSI. Do you like the new Steve Carrell commercial?

13. 1943 penny metal: STEEL. Copper shortage due to WWII.

18. Hitting stat: RBIsRuns Batted In.

22. Paramount Network, once: TNN. The NASHVILLE NETWORK became Spike TV before the recent switch to its current name.

24. "Norma Rae" director: RITT. Another DIRECTOR I do not know. Sally is back after also seeing her in this part in HG's Saturday.

25. Writer's block breakthrough: IDEA.

26. German wheels: AUDI.

27. Words of lament: AH ME. Ask me?

28. Marsh duck: TEAL.

31. Cough syrup meas.: TSP. Abbreviations.

33. Actress who plays Kimmy Schmidt's landlady: CAROL KANE. Her role in TAXI will always be what my memory of her is, I have never watched the new show.

34. Allied group: BLOC. Bloc is also back.

35. Jerk: Next to...

38. "Sunday Night Baseball" analyst, familiarly: A-ROD.

39. One often taking a bow: GIFT. Ah, bow not bow!

40. Helen of Troy's mother: LEDA. The STORY is much more complicated than that clue/fill suggests.

43. Try to find oneself?: EGOSURF. I still do not know this term, but it is in the OED and was introduced to us by Brad Wilber on Saturday, Mar 27, 2010, here at the LAT. I also said then I did not know the concept while commenting on a rare JzB Saturday write-up.

46. Made moth moves: FLITTED. A very cute clue also.

48. Half and half: ONE. Another time a simple clue adds up as something other than for coffee.+

49. House speaker after Ryan: PELOSI. No apolitical way to comment on this.

50. Neat as __: A PIN.

51. Amazon founder: BEZOS. How will his FEUD with the National Enquirer turn out? For 500 million, I might have married him.

52. Blow one's stack: ERUPT.

53. Ivy in Conn.: YALE U. Glue.

54. Resistant to cold, as plants: HARDY. Such a versatile word.

58. Small songbirds: TITS. Snicker, snicker.

60. Parka sleeve: ARM.

61. "Listen, ewe!": BAA. Sheep humor.

62. Income tax Amendment: XVI. "The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration." The origin of the income tax on individuals is generally cited as the passage of the 16th Amendment, passed by Congress on July 2, 1909, and ratified February 3, 1913; however, its history actually goes back even further. During the Civil War Congress passed the Revenue Act of 1861 which included a tax on personal incomes to help pay war expenses.

63. Hammered: LIT. There are endless synonyms for this (maybe I shouldn't mention that after the last week kerfuffle); here are SOME.

Patti is a pro, though puzzle still did not seem like a Friday even with the hard clues and other obstacles, but I had a great time. I hope you did, but either way, thank you for being here. Lemonade out.

Notes from C.C.:

Malcolm told me that Fermet Prime (Lorraine) stays at the Northridge Hospital, but is expected to be released on Saturday. I'll call her later today. Malcolm talked to her yesterday and said  "She’s a bit groggy because of the pain-killers she’s on". Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Nov 11, 2018

Sunday November 11, 2018 Patti Varol

Theme: "Hunger Games" - Each theme entry starts with a synonym for "eat" and it's punnily clued as what a hungry person whose profession is mentioned in the clue might do.

23. A hungry actor might __: CHEW THE SCENERY.

30. A hungry film critic might __: TAKE IN A MOVIE.

53. A hungry locksmith might __: BOLT THE DOOR. This is a really hungry locksmith.

68. A hungry librarian might __: DEVOUR A GOOD BOOK.

 89. A hungry janitor might __: BITE THE DUST.

107. A hungry banker might __: DOWN PAYMENTS.

120. A hungry angler might __: SWALLOW THE BAIT.

What a great title, so apt describing what's happening in this puzzle. 

You all know Patti is Rich's assistant. She's also the editor for The Crosswords Club. This puzzle represents nicely what Patti is looking for in a puzzle: fun theme, tight theme set and clean fill. No weird abbreviations or entries only known to sports/musical fans, etc.

Patti Varol


1. Comfy cover-up: CAFTAN. Same structure as tunic.

7. Didn't toss: KEPT.

11. Elemental variant: ISOTOPE.

18. Loosen, in a way: UNLACE. Here is D-Otto's Hook and Loop New Balance, in case you wonder. He said they're the most comfortable walking shoes.
19. "Spare me your excuses": SAVE IT.

21. Spot for doodles: NOTEPAD.

22. Land at Mexico City Airport?: TIERRA. Spanish for "land". Nice misdirection.

25. Poison sumac exposure risk: ITCH.

26. Nonstick cookware brand: T-FAL.

28. "It matters how you get there" app: LYFT.

29. Dollars for quarters: RENTS.

34. Compote component: FRUIT.

36. Polish literature?: EDIT. Another fun clue. Of course I was thinking of Poland.

37. Exile: CAST OUT.

39. Bird feeder food: SUET.

43. "How you holdin' up?": FEEL OK?

46. "No __ done": HARM.

48. Subjects of the film "Blackfish": ORCAS. Unfamiliar with the film.

50. Music-licensing org.: BMI. OK, Broadcast Music, Inc.

51. Not quite right: AMISS.

52. Some is changed regularly: OIL. And  56. Pentagon address: SIR. Love both clues.

57. Clever barb response: OH SNAP.

60. Loch with a mystery: NESS.

61. Seriously ticked: IRATE.

62. Cartoon desert island sight: TREE.

64. Passé: OLD. This bag was super popular in China around 1981. Imagine my surprise when I saw Cameron Diaz sported it again.

65. Special forces mission: RAID.

67. Competed using blades: SKATED.

73. Cherry-topped dish: SUNDAE.

76. Venerable English school: ETON.

77. Dinghy need: OAR.

78. "Thor: Ragnarok" actor Idris: ELBA. Sexiest Man Alive.

82. Live, TV-wise: ON AIR.

83. Bouquet bearer: VASE.

85. Mariano Rivera, memorably: YANKEE. Rich is a Yankee fan. Patti loves her Mets.

88. Alley in comics: OOP.

92. Shade: HUE.

93. Curved plumbing piece: P TRAP.

95. Call __ day: IT A.

96. Monopoly buy: HOTEL.

97. Somber notice: OBIT.

99. CafePress purchase: T-SHIRT. Barry G has a shop at CafePress.

100. Comes together: GELS.

102. Kellogg's toaster pastry: POP TART. Never had one.

104. Philistine: BOOR.

105. Inched: CREPT.

113. Point of contention: ISSUE.

116. Swearing or swearing-in words: OATH.

118. Cookie grain: OATS.

119. Mystique: AURA.

124. Lanai furniture material: RATTAN. Never saw a rattan palm in person. Looks very spiky.

126. "One man's struggle to take it easy," for "Ferris Bueller": TAG LINE.

127. Intimidating words: OR ELSE.

128. Password preceder: USER ID.

129. Poor rating: ONE STAR.

130. Actress Falco: EDIE.

131. Reason: SANITY.


1. Measure up: CUT IT.

2. Singer Baker: ANITA.

3. 14-time Grammy-winning banjoist Béla: FLECK.

4. North Carolina team: TAR HEELS.

5. Unlike this ans.: ACR. Across.

6. One who picks up a lot: NEATNIK.

7. Mexican painter Frida: KAHLO.

8. Night before: EVE.

9. Chapel bench: PEW.

10. Champ's collection: TITLES. The kids Boomer coached the past eight weeks finished 3rd in their division (4 teams) last Friday.

11. Trains: INSTRUCTS.

12. A behavioral sci.: SOC.

13. Ferrell's "SNL" cheerleading partner: OTERI.

14. Guiding principles: TENETS.

15. Willing to listen: OPEN.

16. Auto store buy: PART.

17. "Grand" ice cream brand: EDY'S.

19. Ponzi scheme, e.g.: SCAM.

20. Psalm pronoun: THY.

24. Sincere attempts: EFFORTS.

27. Oft-chewed item: FAT. Tiny clue/answer dupe with one of the themers.

31. Defiant response: I DO SO.

32. TiVo predecessor: VCR.

33. Foot that's part of a meter: IAMB. Poetic foot.

35. Four Corners state: UTAH.

38. City on Lake Erie: TOLEDO.

40. WWII sub: U-BOAT.

41. Gush on stage: EMOTE.

42. Wiped out: TIRED.

43. Ramadan ritual: FAST. I can't imagine the will it takes not to eat.

44. Abu Dhabi dignitary: EMIR.

45. Name on Irish euros: EIRE

46. Veda reader: HINDU.

47. Resembling: A LA.

49. Omega rival: SEIKO. Only Grand Seiko.

52. Capital north of Berlin: OSLO.

54. Like some bagels: ONIONY. We also have 71. Breakfast-on-the-run pickup: DONUT.

55. Pond papa: DRAKE.

58. Stopped at sea, with "to": HOVE. Another learning moment for me.

59. Chatters: PRATES.

63. Terrier on "Frasier": EDDIE.

66. Before now: AGO.

67. Fit to be tied: SORE.

69. Word before or after "mother": EARTH.

70. Outcome: RESULT.

72. Really feel the heat: BAKE. Excited that the local Hmong farmers here started to grow Asian sweet potatoes. The ones I got at the farmers' market this year were so good. Taste of Xi'an.

73. Pulitzer-winning Ferber novel: SO BIG.

74. Work together: UNITE.

75. Present at birth: NATAL.

79. Actress Petty of "Orange Is the New Black": LORI.

80. Tusked critter: BOAR.

81. Cal. entry: APPT. Thank God for Google Calendar and reminders.

83. Naysayer's weapon?: VETO POWER. Great fill.

84. Highly skilled in: ADEPT AT.

86. Often-seared tuna: AHI. You can find it in your local Aldi.

87. English Derby town: EPSOM.

90. Last element in Pandora's box: HOPE.

91. Lawn-Boy parent company: TORO. Based here in MN.

94. Menace: THREATEN.

98. Texter's "Oh, and another thing ... ": BTW.

99. Geoffrey the Giraffe's store: TOYS "R" US. Still open in China.

101. River racers: SCULLS.

103. Stick (to): ADHERE.

104. Carlsbad Caverns dweller: BAT.

106. Bright again: RE-LIT.

108. White __: NOISE.

109. Party spread: PATE.

110. __-Grain: breakfast bar brand: NUTRI.

111. Blue eyes, e.g.: TRAIT.

112. Baseball Hall of Famer Koufax: SANDY. One guy at our flea market has this Life magazine.

113. Ratio phrase: IS TO.

114. Adult cygnet: SWAN.

115. Herb used in turkey dressing: SAGE.

117. E'en if: THO.

121. "Based __ true story": ON A.

122. Retirement spot: BED.

123. "Moonlight" Oscar winner Mahershala __: ALI.

125. Comparison words: AS A.

Boomer updates:

We had a consultation with a radiation oncologist on Thursday. Then Boomer got tattooed. He's going to start his daily radiation treatment on Nov. 14th. The procedure ends on Nov. 28th. Weekends are rest days. At the moment, they're just going to focus on the area where he has the T 11 fracture.

He's also going to have more blood work done next week. Then we'll meet with Dr. Thomas Downs for the monthly follow-up. Eager to see if the Eligard shot works on him. So far, Boomer still has not had any hot flashes, so I'm a bit nervous. 

He's also going to have the Zoledronic acid infusion next week.

Happy Veterans Day to all the veterans on our blog: Spitzboov, Boomer, Jayce, D-Otto, TTP and Anon-T! Sorry if I forget others.


Aug 25, 2018

Saturday, August 25, 2018, Patti Varol and Doug Peterson

Themeless Saturday Puzzle by Patty Varol and Doug Peterson

What could be a better followup to yesterday's ICE CREAM puzzle by Jeffrey Wechsler than a day that celebrates one of the true delights made with it? 

Latrobe, PA is famous for being the home of golfing legend Arnold Palmer but in 1904 an apprentice pharmacist in Latrobe, David Strickland, invented a banana triple ice cream sundae that sold for a dime which was twice the price of other sundaes and it was a huge hit. Strickler bought the drug store and although his invention endures, the building was torn down years ago.

Latrobe is celebrating The Great American Banana Split Festival yesterday, today and tomorrow with many events. I wonder if anyone washes down a banana split with an Arnold Palmer? 

On this day celebrating this legendary sweet treat, Patty Varol and Doug Peterson have concocted this lovely puzzle that entertained me greatly but took 23 minutes before I could put the cherry on top! Patty is our esteemed editor Rich's very able assistant as well as being a constructor herself and I have received some great feedback from her and some "thanks, but no thanks" notes as well. I blogged a puzzle Doug constructed with Neville Fogarty this past February.
Patty Varol                    Doug Peterson
Let's see what else Patty and Doug have for us today as this (soda) jerk tries to make sense of it:


1. Knot remover: NECK RUB 

8. Not pointless?: ON TOPIC - Politicians always steer debate back to their talking points rather than staying ON TOPIC

15. Took too many courses?: OVER ATE - We had Thanksgiving FOOD COMA recently which could include the portmanteau 21. Hybrid roast: TURDUCKEN (a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck stuffed into a turkey)

16. "Marvelous": HOW NICE.

17. Sent along: RELAYED - Norman Rockwell captures Americana as well as anyone

18. One pulling his weight around Christmas: BLITZEN  - But neither he nor his friends would let poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games

19. Caper: ANTIC.

20. Stuff on the deck: STAIN - After 15 years we have given up on STAINING and a 37. House coat: PAINT JOB and so we are installing a synthetic deck this week

22. Proactiv target: ZIT.

23. European underground nickname: THE TUBE.

25. Forbids: BANS.

26. Flood insurance, once upon a time: ARK - Professor Paul Esperante and others believe this could be the remains of Noah's ARK in Eastern Turkey near Mt. Ararat

29. Copycat's talent: APERY - I suppose... 

30. Alley goop: TAR - I like the play on Alley Oop! 

31. Toasting candidate: RYE BREAD

33. Grizabella the Glamour Cat's solo: MEMORY - It is the show stopper from Andrew Lloyd Weber's Cats

36. Single from Dylan's "Blood on the Tracks": TANGLED UP IN BLUE - Has never crossed my turntable, CD player or MP3 device

38. Some navels: INNIES.

39. Puerto Rico's __ de Morro: CASTILLO - CASTILLO (San Felipe) de Morro 

40. Hosp. sections: ERS where they are prepared to 58. Do an inside job?: OPERATE if need be

41. Warehouse supplies: SKIDS.

42. Darn things: SEW.

43. Vince with 18 CMA Awards: GILL - Not familiar with any of Vince's work that got him those Country Music Awards

45. Lacking versatility: ONE NOTE - Can you decipher this equivalent phrase? (* answer below grid at end of blog)

47. Raised eyebrow, e.g.: ARC.

48. Nine Inch Nails founder Reznor: TRENT - Okay

49. Stomach: ABIDE - Do you, like me, no longer ABIDE things you did years ago?

53. Brewery sugar: MALTOSE.

55. Where old records may be kept: JUKEBOX - Five plays for a quarter in my 6. Sporty truck, briefly: UTE (Yeah, I know it's a Utility Vehicle but I couldn't resist)

57. Congo line?: EQUATOR - Here are people in the Democratic Republic Of Congo (formerly Zaire and Belgian Congo) standing on said line

59. Fair rewards: RIBBONS - Granddaughter got many purples at the Lancaster County Fair this year

60. Small restaurants: BISTROS.


1. "Brothers & Sisters" matriarch: NORA - NORA is played by...

2. Square: EVEN - Game sevens are played when the series is EVEN at three games apiece 

3. Gael, for one: CELT

4. Nocturnal Asian snake: KRAIT - India's deadliest, 10X more poisonous than a cobra

5. Singer ranked #10 on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time: RAY CHARLES - Too many hits to pick a favorite but this one always moves me

7. Framework for retiring: BED STEAD - No IRA here

8. "Yowza!": OH BABY - Sounds like a Ray Charles lyric to me

9. "Honestly!": NO LIE - Truman won??

10. Matching: TWIN - The TWINS and their mother - Joyce, Martha and my bride  Joann

11. Toronto's prov.: ONT - Would you do The Edge Walk from the 1800' foot tall Toronto, ONTARIO CN tower?

12. Party bites from the toaster oven: PIZZA ROLLS - A fav around here

13. Maroon at a chalet, maybe: ICE IN - A meteorological event not a color scheme 

14. Coppers: CENTS  - A man in England was not allowed to pay a £800 debt using 166 kg (365 lbs) of these 1 cent coppers

24. Olympic gear: EPEES.

25. Film fawn: BAMBI - Disney refused to let the National Forest Service use BAMBI in their anti-fire PDA's after one year and so Smokey the Bear was invented in 1944

26. Basic studio class: ART I - My college class so-named was boring beyond belief because all we did was take notes

27. "Deadpool" actor Reynolds: RYAN Deadpool is the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time

28. Group concerned with good breeding: KENNEL CLUB - Looking like your owner is not necessary 

30. Camper's anchors: TENT STAKES - Not quite enough here. Definitely a 33. Bungle: MISDO.

32. Speakeasy circulator: B-GIRL - Father Mulcahy, "Why Hawkeye, I earned my way through divinity school as a B-GIRL in San Francisco!"

34. Word with home or slide: RULE - I might as well show my math students a buggy whip as much as a slide RULE. 

35. Stinging response: YEOW.

41. Ugly looks: SNEERS.

43. Xbox devotee: GAMER - How many hours/day is too many?

44. Kirkuk native: IRAQI - McDonalds is not allowed in Northern Iraq so... 

45. Name on "The Magnificent Ambersons" theater poster: ORSON - Mercury Players ORSON Wells, Agnes Morehead, Joseph Cotten, et al moved on to this project after Citizen Kane.

46. Pulitzer-winning film critic: EBERT - Of the above movie, EBERT wrote, "The Magnificent Ambersons" (1942, a masterpiece with its ending hacked to pieces by the studio...)

48. Terry's role in the original "Wizard of Oz": TOTO - Terry/TOTO's memorial at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (dog picture for our Irish Miss)

50. Structural beam: I-BAR - A baby I-BEAM?

51. Inflict on: DO TO - "What did you DO TO your hair?"

52. They're split: EXES - George Strait sings that all his EXES live in Texas while he hangs his hat in Tennessee. 

54. Check for drinks: TAB = Jay Z's bar TAB that included an $11,000 tip. I've never heard of Ace Of Spades Champagne. 

56. Org. with an "Odd News" web page: UPI - They recently led with a Calgary Museum that says it now has the world's largest working Rubik's Cube

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*45 Across deciphered is "One Trick Pony"