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Mar 22, 2019

Friday, March 22, 2019, Peter Koetters

Theme: Look Ma, No ADS!  The letters AD are missing from the ends of each theme answer. (Edited later: AD is moved up at the end of each Across theme entries.)

17-Across. Embattled World War II city: STALINGR(AD).  The Battle of Stalingrad was one of the major battles between Russian forces and Nazi Germany.  The city, which is located in the confluence of the  Tsaritsa and Volga rivers, was originally called Tsaritsyn.  In 1925, the name was changed to Stalingrad in 1925 in honor of Joseph Stalin.  Nikita Khrushchev had the name changed to Volograd in 1961.  Just in case it's too subtle, the suffix GRAD means means City in Russian. AD moves up in 8D. Limited-access internet area: DARK WEB.  Everything you wanted to know about the DARK WEB

19-Across. Absolutely bonkers: STARK RAVING M(AD).

Apparently, STARK RAVING MAD was also the name of a short-lived sit-com on NBC. AD moves up to 16. It holds water: DAM.  Can you identify the dam in the background?

36-Across. Capital ESE of Kabul: ISLAMAB(AD).  The capital of Pakistan.  The capital city is located East-SouthEast of Kabul, Afghanistan.

Ad moves up to 27. Pat: DAB.  Here's a DAB of butter on a stack of pancakes.

38-Across. College student: UNDERGR(AD).  The difference in your social life when you transition from being an Undergrad vs. Graduate Student. AD moves up to 32. Tongue-in-cheek award eponym: DARWIN.  Unfortunately, often times the recipient of the Darwin Award ends up dead.

48-Across. Nation of Islam leader who was a mentor to Malcolm X: ELIJAH MUHAMM(AD).  Elijah Muhammad (né Elijah Robert Poole; Oct. 7, 1897 ~ Feb. 25, 1975), was the son of a sharecropper and Baptist lay minister before developing the Nation of Islam, which is an African-American religious and political movement. AD moves up to 44. Stifled: DAMPED.

55-Across. Online annoyances needed to complete five puzzle answers: POP-UP ADS.

1. Foretold: PRESAGED.

9. Biblical spy: CALEB.  As I am sure you all remember from your Biblical history, after Moses and the Israelites wandered through the desert for 40 years, they came upon the land of Canaan.  Moses sent out 12 men on a reconnaissance trip into Canaan and report back about its cities and inhabitants. Caleb was one of the spies Moses enlisted for this mission.  Ten of the spies feared entering the land, but Caleb and Joshua thought otherwise.  You can find out more about this mission in the Book of Numbers.  Spoiler Alert:  The land was deemed safe enough at the time for entry.

14. California resort island: CATALINA.  Fun things to do on Catalina Island.

15. Let up: ABATED.

18. Lady of Las Palmas: SEÑORA.  Today's Spanish lesson.

21. Source of a mole poblano ingredient: CACAO.  History of Mole Poblano.  The bitter-sweetness of the CACAO counteracts the spiciness of the peppers.   You can get some Mole made with ants at Xochi in Houston, Texas.

24. "Now, where __?": WAS I.  I was having a senior moment, there!

25. Spans often presidentially named: ERAs.

26. '60s Hagman co-star: EDEN.  Think of I Dream of Jeannie.  Barbara Eden (née Barbara Jean Morehead; b. Aug. 23, 1931) and Larry Hagmen (né Larry Martin Hagman; Sept. 21, 1931 ~ Nov. 23, 2012) starred in the television show.

28. Turn: GO BAD.  How long has that milk been in the refrigerator?  It has GOne BAD!

33. Rapper __ Wayne: LIL.  His given name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. (b. Sept. 27, 1982).  I am not familiar with his work, but he seems to have a lot of ink.

34. Marble piece: SLAB.

35. Czech currency: KORUNA.  Here are some Czech coins.

39. Partner of Marcus: NEIMAN.  The high-end department store  Or, as we used to call the store ~ Needless Markup.  The store was originally founded by Herbert Marcus (Sept. 6, 1878 ~ Dec. 1950) and his sister, Carrie Marcus Neiman (May 3, 1883 ~ Mar. 5, 1953) in Dallas, Texas in 1907.
I associate the store with Stanley Marcus (né Harold Stanley Marcus; Apr. 20, 1905 ~ Jan. 22, 2002), who was the son of founder Herbert Marcus.

40. Zeno's home: ELEA.  Zeno of ELEA was a pre-Socratic philosopher.  He lived around 495 ~ 430 BCE.  A little before my time.

41. Just out: NEW.

42. Log: ENTER.

43. Deal preceder: ANTE.  Not as a business deal, but the dealing of cards in a poker game.

44. Place to nosh on a knish: DELI.  Yum!

45. Musician Rundgren: TODD.  For years, Liv Tyler (b. July 1, 1977), thought Todd Rundgren (né  Todd Harry Rundgren; b. June 22, 1958) was her father.  Her mother, Bebe Buel (b. July 14, 1953), was living with him at the time, but had a brief affair with Steven Tyler (b. Mar. 26, 1948) of Aerosmith fame.
Todd Rundgren is probably best know for his song, Hello, It's Me.

47. Braves slugger: AARON.  As in Hammerin' Hank Aaron (né Henry Lewis Aaron; b. Feb. 5, 1934).

54. Edible oil: CANOLA.

59. More disturbing, as details: GORIER.  Some of the recipients of the 32-Down Awards meet with very Gory endings.

60. Licorice-flavored brew: ANISE TEA.  Anise tea is actual an herbal tea that is thought to soothe an upset stomach.  How to Make Anise Tea.

61. Because: SINCE.

62. Demoted to the minors: SENT DOWN.  Think baseball.  A player who doesn't do well in the major leagues may be Sent Down to the minor league team.

1. Many Chrome runners: PCs.  As in Personal Computers.

2. Muppet Rizzo, e.g.: RAT.
Not to be confused with Ratso Rizzo.

3. Greek vowel: ETA.  Not the usual Estimated Time of Arrival we see in the puzzles.

4. Burrito seller's array: SALSAs.  Yum!

5. Ginsburg associate: ALITO.  Fooled me.  I was going for Elena Kagan (b. Apr. 28, 1960).  Ruth Bader Ginsburg (née Joan Ruth Bader; b. Mar. 15, 1933), Samuel ALITO (né Samuel Anthony Alito, Jr.; b. Apr. 1, 1950) and Elena Kagan are all Associate Justices of the United States Supreme Court.

6. Actress Gershon: GINA.  As in Gina Gershon (b. June 10, 1962)

7. Many an RPI grad: ENGR.  Hi, Spitzboov!

9. Honduran homes: CASAS.  More of today's Spanish lesson.

10. He played Fish on "Barney Miller": ABE VIGODA.  Abe Vigoda (né Abraham Charles Vigoda; Feb. 24, 1921 ~ Jan. 26, 2016) was a constant victim of death hoaxes beginning in 1982 when People magazine erroneously reported his death.  He lived another 34 years after this fake news.

11. Legal scholar Guinier: LANI.  Lani Guinier (b. Apr. 19, 1950) was nominated to be the United States Attorney General in 1993.  Unfortunately for her, some of her writings were deemed too controversial, hence her nomination was withdrawn.  She specializes in Civil Rights and is now a law professor at Harvard.

12. "The most private of private schools": Hugh Laurie: ETON.  Prince William (b. June 21, 1982) and Eddie Redmayne (b. Jan. 6, 1982) were classmates at Eton.

13. Marine threat: BERG.  As in an Iceberg.

20. Bled: RAN.  Adding a cup of vinegar or a half cup of salt to the rinse cycle will help hold colors from bleeding in the wash.

21. 2010s Caesars Palace regular, familiarly: CÉLINE.  As in Céline Dion (née Céline Marie Claudette Dion; b. Mar. 30, 1968).

22. Out of the sack: ARISEN.

23. "Heads or tails": CALL IT!

26. Vigorous spirit: ELAN.

29. Claim discovery, perhaps: ORE.

30. Phone in crime shows: BURNER.  Lots of burner phones were used on The Wire.

31. San __, Texas: ANGELO.  I am not familiar with this city in Texas, but here are some fun things to do in San Angelo.

34. Wisenheimer: SMART ALEC.

35. Proposal support?: KNEE.

37. __ Zion Church: AME.  As in the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.
38. Last: Abbr.: ULT.  As in the Ultimate.

40. Turn into: END UP AS.

43. Naval brass: Abbr.: ADM.  Grace Murray Hooper (Dec. 9, 1906 ~ Jan. 1, 1992) was a Rear Admiral in the United States Navy.  She was a computer scientist and was involved in the development of COBOL.

46. Orchard Field, today: O'HARE.  The main airport in Chicago was renamed O'Hare in honor of Eddie"Butch" O'Hare (né Edward Henry O'Hare; Mar. 13, 1914 ~ Nov. 26, 1943) who was a naval aviator in the United States Navy.  He was shot down in the pacific theater during World War II.  The name of the airport was changed from Orchard Field to O'Hare International Airport in 1949.

47. Not to be missed: A MUST.  The musical Hamilton is a MUST SEE.  I saw the show last weekend.  It was fabulous!

48. Cardio readout: ECG.  As in an ElectroCardioGraph, sometimes abbreviated as EKG.  

49. Indochinese Peninsula nation: LAOS.

50. Cross letters: INRI.  A crossword staple.  From the Latin phrase: Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum.   As we learned from last week's entry in a puzzle, different theologies have slightly different interpretations on how this phrase should be translated.  So, let's just leave this alone.

51. Become part of: JOIN.

52. Refine: HONE.

53. Could hear __ drop: A PIN.

56. Volume One words, perhaps: A TO.  Youch!  This was an evilly tricky clue.  Think of the letters on the spine of an encyclopedia (do they even exist anymore?).  Volume One would contain articles beginning with A to perhaps B.  Or, maybe the first volume of the OED would have these words on its spine.

57. Morning coat?: DEW.

58. Title of respect, in Tokyo: SAN.  Today's Japanese lesson.

Hahtoolah here.  As Lemonade noted last week, he'll be sharing the Friday blog spot.  So, you got me today.  Hope you had as much fun with this puzzle as I did.  Fear not, however, Lemonade will be back (just like Arnold!).   In the meantime,  I will sometimes be sitting in for him on some Fridays.

QOD:  The nice thing about doing a crossword puzzle is, you know there is a solution.  ~  Stephen Sondheim (né Stephen Joshua Sondheim; b. Mar. 22, 1930)

Notes from C.C.: 

1) As Hahtoolah said earlier, she'll sharing the Friday blogging duty with Lemonade from now on.  Lemonade's workload has increased substantially the past few weeks. He does not have extra time for write-up. Each post often takes our team at least 3 hours. Thank you, Lemonade and Susan!
2) Happy Birthday to dear Pat (PK on our blog), who turns 78 today. Sorry, CrossEyedDave, I stole your cake again. PK was a newspaper reporter before, hence her always keen observations.

Feb 26, 2019

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 Peter Koetters


17. *Wonderland feline known for disappearing: CHESHIRE CAT.

56. *Da Vinci's "La Gioconda," to some English speakers: THE MONA LISA.

11. *"Have a nice day" graphic: HAPPY FACE.

33. *Celtic peepers of song: IRISH EYES.  "When Irish eyes are smiling, sure, they steal your heart away..."

JJM's children.  Smiling Irish eyes !

48. Expression shared by the answers to starred clues: SMILE.
I hope that Peter's puzzle brought a smile to your face. 


1. Brewery in Golden, Colorado: COORS.  Looks like a pretty big operation.

6. Fast-food package deal: COMBO.

11. Color variant: HUE.

14. Gelatin garnish: ASPIC.

15. French word of farewell: ADIEU.

16. 24-hr. cash source: ATM.  Mixed messages here:

19. Nonstick spray brand: PAM.

20. "Hints from" columnist: HELOISE.

21. Weaken from disuse: ATROPHY.

23. Manhattan area to the right of Central Park, on maps: EAST SIDE.

25. __ a soul: NARY.

26. Corp. symbols: TMS.  Trademarks.

27. Stopgap remedy: QUICK FIX.

31. Small jazz groups: TRIOS.

34. "Designing Women" actress Delta: BURKE.   She played Susan Sugarbaker.

35. Senate approval: AYE.

36. One of a bath towel pair: HERS.

37. Rocky outcroppings: CRAGS.

38. Capone facial mark: SCAR.   Chicago's Public Enemy # 1 in 1930.

39. Prefix with dermis: EPI.

40. Laundry slide: CHUTE.

41. 7-Down and such: POEMS.

42. Virus-transmitting insect: MOSQUITO.   The most dangerous creature on earth.

44. __ Francisco: SAN.   Capone spent four and a half years at a little island off the San Francisco coast.  

45. Sting or smart: HURT.

46. Musical wrap-ups: REPRISES.

51. Free sample restriction: ONE EACH.   “1.46 pounds of summer sausage and beef stick samples.”

54. Title savant in a 1988 Oscar-winning film: RAIN MAN.   The movie won four Academy Awards, including Best Actor in a Leading Role for Dustin Hoffman as Rain Man (Raymond).  CSO to Rainman (Ray Hedrick) on this blogspot who co-constructed crosswords with C.C. and Mark McClain.

55. Invest in: BUY.

58. Scratch (out): EKE.

59. Dog-__: folded at the corner: EARED.

60. In finer fettle: HALER.

61. "Absolutely": YES.

62. Swiped: STOLE.

63. Gothenburg native: SWEDE.


1. Secret stash: CACHE.

2. "Straight Outta Compton" actor __ Jackson Jr.: O'SHEA.   "The son of  O'Shea Jackson, Sr., actor __ Jackson Jr."  would have made the answer too obvious.
He played his father in the movie.

3. Some German cars: OPELS.

4. Italian rice dishes: RISOTTOS.

5. Religious rifts: SCHISMS.

6. Gave a darn: CARED.

7. Neruda wrote one to common things: ODE.

  • Ode to things
  • Ode to the table
  • Ode to the chair
  • Ode to the bed
  • Ode to the guitar
  • Ode to a violin in California
  • Ode to the dog
  • Ode to the cat
  • Ode to some yellow flowers
  • Ode to a cluster of violets
  • Ode to the gillyflower
  • Ode to a bar of soap
  • Ode to a pair of socks
  • Ode to the dictionary
  • Ode to a pair of scissors
  • Ode to a box of tea
  • Ode to the spoon
  • Ode to the plate
  • Ode to the orange
  • Ode to the apple
  • Ode to bread
  • Ode to the artichoke
  • Ode to the onion
  • Ode to the tomato
  • Ode to French fries.
He must have been getting hungry towards the end.

8. Layered mineral: MICA.

9. '50s-'60s nonconformists: BEATNIKS.

10. Run faster than: OUT RACE.  No woman has ever run faster than Florence Griffith-Joyner.   She ran the women's 100 meter dash in a world record 10.49 seconds in 1988.   She also set the 200m world record that year. 

In 2009, Usain Bolt set the men's world record for the 100 meter dash with a time of 9.58 seconds.     He was clocked at at an amazing 27.58 MPH - fast enough to get a speeding ticket in a school zone !   He also set the 200m record that year. 

Those four records still stand.   But when it comes to running fast, no land animal can out race a cheetah.   It can go 0 to 60 MPH in about 3 seconds.   That's faster than most production cars.    

12. Great Salt Lake state: UTAH.

13. TV award: EMMY.

18. Egyptian fertility goddess: ISIS.

22. "Mork & Mindy" planet: ORK.

24. Largest ring of latitude: EQUATOR.

28. Hard-to-ignore impulse: URGE.

29. Start of Popeye's existential maxim: I YAM.

30. Gen-__: post-boomers: X'ERS.

31. The bad guys: THEM.

32. Auctioned auto, perhaps: REPOA repossession for an unpaid loan. 

34. Champagne choice: BRUT.

37. Idle talk: CHIT-CHAT.   Small talk.  Fiddle-faddle.   In the study of languages, the phrase chit-chat is an example of reduplication.   Other examples would be ding-dong,  zig-zag,  boob-tube, hip-hop and kitty-cat.  Thought Co: Reduplicative Words

38. Kin by marriage: SON-IN-LAW.

40. Oversees, as a gallery collection: CURATES.

41. Social outcasts: PARIAHS

43. "__ Sera, Sera": QUE.  Such a pretty voice.

44. Stretch across: SPAN.

47. Slowly wear down: ERODE.

49. Relaxed, as rules: EASED.

50. Hunter's trap: SNARE.

51. Do as you're told: OBEY.

52. Zap for dinner: NUKE.

53. Courageous one: HERO.

57. Country singer Tillis: MEL.  Let's have some honky-tonk music with a steel guitar.  "You walked across my heart like it was Texas."   Ah, sing it Mel.

Note from C.C.:

The prostate cancer surgery for Nina's (Inanehiker) brother is now re-scheduled to 12:30 today at the VA hospital in San Antonio, Texas. Please continue keeping him in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you!

Sep 30, 2018

Sunday September 30, 2018 Peter Koetters

Theme:  "Power Play"- The first word in each theme entry is a type of penalty in hockey.

23A. *Electric vehicle need: CHARGING STATION.

39A. *Having a blowout sale: SLASHING PRICES.

59A. *Fish story theme: HOOKING THE BIG ONE.

81A. *Like a man resisting the urge to argue: HOLDING HIS TONGUE.

96A. *"Dead Poets Society" setting: BOARDING SCHOOL.
16D. *Pressurized undersea compartment: DIVING BELL.

74D. *Camping out, say: ROUGHING IT.


117. Temporarily disqualified due to an infraction that begins any of seven answers to starred clues: IN THE PENALTY BOX.
Bonus fill:

118. Apt sports org. for this puzzle: NHL.

Sorry, Peter and all readers, no write-up today. If you have any question regarding the theme or certain entry, please click on Comments at the end of this write-up. Your questions will be answered by our capable regulars.
After a scary visit to the ER last Wednesday, Boomer was diagnosed with bone cancer. We had a biopsy last Thursday and more tests and visits to the VA clinic and hospital ahead. Boomer is a tough guy with high pain threshold. But with even Oxycodone, he's still in pain. If anyone has experiences or advice handling bone cancer or the side effects of those drugs, please share on the blog or email me

I'll be back next Sunday. Thank you!


 1. Kick off the flight: BUMP.

5. "Nixon in China" composer John: ADAMS.

10. Underground invader: WEED.

14. Fragrant wood: CEDAR.

19. Goatee-stroking words: I SEE.

20. Bank built for a rainy day: LEVEE.

21. Pal of Grover: ELMO.

22. It's pressed for oil: OLIVE.

26. Stirred: MOVED.

27. Puppet extension?: EER.

28. Suffix with gymnast: ICS.

29. Leveling wedge: SHIM.

30. Hot belt, with "the": TROPICS.

32. "God Bless America" landscape word: PRAIRIES.

35. Punishment with a grounding: NO TV.

38. Many a Snapchat user: TEEN.

43. Long-nosed fish: GAR.

46. 1977 medical thriller: COMA.

49. From head __: TO TOE.

50. More than cool: ICY.

51. A deal may be made under it, with "the": TABLE.

53. Military order: AT EASE.

56. Neatnik's possible condition, briefly: OCD.

57. Crunched figures: DATA.

58. Minute critter: AMEBA.

63. Blackmailed: BLED.

64. Green: NEW.

65. Herd voices: MOOS.

66. Road crew worker: PAVER.

67. Became clear: JELLED.

69. Border: ABUT.

70. Source of a Pasadena parade aroma: ROSES.

71. "Little Beau __": 1952 toon about a skunk: PEPE.

72. Auto safety device: AIR BAG.

75. Asgard group: AESIR.

76. Some lighters: BICS.

77. Canceled, as an event: OFF.

80. Mess maker: SLOB.

85. "Taxi" dispatcher: LOUIE.

87. ATM feature: SLOT.

88. Apple platform: IOS.

89. Fireside treats: SMORES.

90. Christmas tree topper: ANGEL.

91. Fifth-century nomad: HUN.

92. Log: ENTER.

94. Waist container?: BELT.

95. Casual "Pass": NAH.

101. Target of adoration: IDOL.

103. Ages and ages: EONS.

104. Aroused: TURNED ON.

108. Powerful: SINEWED.

111. Swear: CUSS.

114. Arthur of "The Golden Girls": BEA.

115. Israeli heat?: UZI.

116. Get decked out: TOG UP.

122. Rival of ancient Carthage: UTICA.

123. Pump, e.g.: SHOE.

124. Culture dish media: AGARS.

125. Compos mentis: SANE.

126. Passé: DATED.

127. Piece of dirt: CLOD.

128. "I'll think about it": MAYBE.

129. Wasn't straight: LIED.


1. __ curls: BICEP.

2. Arena worker: USHER.

3. Stiller's partner: MEARA.

4. Pricing word: PER.

5. "Tomb Raider" star Vikander: ALICIA.

6. Most populous: DENSEST.

7. DJIA part: Abbr.: AVG.

8. __ hall: MESS.

9. Third face of Eve?: SETH.

10. Tool needing wringing: WET MOP.

11. Bulldogs fan: ELI.

12. Rock subculture: EMO.

13. Stern warning: DON'T.

14. "How goes it, José?": COMO ESTA.

15. Split to be tied?: ELOPE.

17. Nice with?: AVEC.

18. Cherry and crimson: REDS.

24. Birth announcement word: GIRL.

25. NBA exec Danny: AINGE.

31. Bus path: Abbr.: RTE.

33. "Wicked Game" singer Chris: ISAAK.

34. Tries to score: SHOOTS.

36. Disaster site procedures: TRIAGES.

37. Spoils recipient: VICTOR.

40. Craving: ITCH.

41. Unreturnable, as a bottle: NO DEPOSIT.

42. Blue hue: CYAN.

44. "Tiny Alice" dramatist: ALBEE.

45. Check, in a way: RE-ADD.

46. "High Hopes" lyricist: CAHN.

47. Plains native: OTOE.

48. Persian call: MEOW.

52. Mosey: AMBLE.

54. Lion king: SIMBA.

55. Once, sometimes: ENOUGH.

57. Going every which way: DIVERGING.

60. Came down with: GOT.

61. Sink: BASIN.

62. Throws out: EJECTS.

68. __ salts: EPSOM.

69. Counterculture icon Hoffman: ABBIE.

70. __ Beach: L.A. suburb: REDONDO.

71. Gumshoes, for short: PIS.

72. Lion king: ASLAN.

73. Actress Massey: ILONA.

75. Enticement: ALLURE.

76. Halve: BISECT.

77. Fiendish sort: OGRE.

78. Tank filler: FUEL.

79. Ending for gab or talk: FEST.

82. Fed. workplace watchdog: OSHA.

83. Red __: spicy candies: HOTS.

84. Like neon: NOBLE.

86. Bit of roller derby protection: ELBOW PAD.

92. Come after: ENSUE.

93. Stalks in a pie: RHUBARB.

97. Corrida cry: OLE.

98. Slowly crept: INCHED.

99. Promise of dire consequences: OR ELSE.

100. Go __ great length: ON AT.

102. Ad preceder?: DEUCE.

105. Burj Khalifa's city: DUBAI.

106. Endangered layer: OZONE.

107. Put the kibosh on: NIXED.

108. Ear decoration: STUD.

109. Scintilla: IOTA.

110. Slipped __: DISC.

112. Cybernuisance: SPAM.

113. Genesis creator: SEGA.

119. In addition: TOO.

120. House of Commons vote: NAY.

121. Designer monogram: YSL.

Happy Birthday to our dog lover Pat and her husband, who were born in the same day and same year. Pat was a few hours older than her husband. Have a wonderful day, Pat!

Dec 25, 2017

Monday, December 25, 2017 ~ Peter Koetters

Theme: Just another Monday - A non-Christmas theme.

1. Babysitting nightmares ... or relatives of the ends of the four longest puzzle answers: BRATS. Yeah, don't have nightmares about sausages.

20. Piltdown Man, purportedly: THE MISSING LINK

26. Really skimpy, like the polka-dot bikini of song: TEENIE WEENIE

42. Hangover remedy, so they say: HAIR OF THE DOG

50. "Honestly speaking ... ": "TO BE QUITE FRANK ..."

Argyle here. I suppose a lot of people won't get a paper today so they wouldn't have a puzzle to do. Many others may skip today's puzzle so I understand giving us this rather generic piece. It's not a ruiner of your celebrations, I hope.  Ol' Man Keith gets a present today.


1. "See ya": "BYE"

4. Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey __: OSWALD

10. Mediterranean exile isle: ELBA. The houses look fake.

14. Managed: RAN

15. Rain, to a picnic: RUINER. A bit strong; it's more like: Barbarian. to Rome.

16. Stereotypical techie: NERD. Once uncool sort who's now sort of cool. (Sunday)

17. Play part: ACT

18. Innermost foot digit: BIG TOE

19. New Mexico art community: TAOS. Historic Ledoux Street.

23. Vain gaits: STRUTS

24. Less hospitable: ICIER

31. River rollicker: OTTER

34. Finance guru Suze: ORMAN

35. Bearded Serengeti critter: GNU

36. Word after milk or meter: MAID

37. Confederacy foe: UNION

38. Stock holders?: POTS

39. Biblical craft: ARK

40. Where the heart is: CHEST

41. Dugout craft: CANOE

45. Playwright Chekhov: ANTON. "... considered to be among the greatest writers of short fiction in history." Wiki. quote: "Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass."

46. What drinks like Jolt provide: ENERGY. "All the sugar, twice the caffeine!"

55. Birth announcement word: GIRL

56. Like the bed of someone rushing out: UNMADE. Were you made to make your bed before presents?

57. Cell occupant: CON

58. A single time: ONCE

59. Big app for Apple: iTUNES

60. Angsty rock genre: EMO

61. Amazed sounds: OOHs

62. Deputized bands: POSSEs. They went thataway!

63. Lawn coating: DEW


2. Luxury boat: YACHT

3. Go in: ENTER

4. Moon, e.g.: ORBITER

5. Credit __: Zurich bank: SUISSE. Yes, I tried a W before changing to a U.

6. Powdered headwear: WIGS

7. Naysayer: ANTI

8. Writer Uris: LEON. "Exodus"

9. Bit of wine sediment: DREG. Usually plural.

10. Lure: ENTICE

11. Using for support: LEANING ON

12. Forcefully entered: BROKE INTO. Santa never did!

13. Website pop-ups: ADs

21. Muffled, as a trumpet: MUTED

22. Bank's claim: LIEN

25. Employ again: REUSE

27. Nine-piece combo: NONET

28. "When __ Eyes Are Smiling": IRISH. CSO to Troy Miss.

29. Overact: EMOTE

30. Pale: WAN

31. Nebraska city: OMAHA

“The Beautiful Old Market Entry to V. Mertz (in back to the right)”

32. "Pulp Fiction" writer/director Quentin: TARANTINO

33. Luau lamp: TIKI TORCH

37. TV dial letters: UHF. (Ultra high frequency), back in the days of tubes.

38. "Your table's ready" signaler: PAGER

40. Ice cream holder: CONE

41. Come clean: CONFESS

43. Paso __: California wine city: ROBLES

44. Political pundit Myers: DEE DEE

47. Sped: RACED

48. Garden-guarding figurine: GNOME

49. Informal "Catch my drift?": Y'KNOW?"

51. Witticism: QUIP

52. Golden rule preposition: UNTO

53. Irreverent radio host Don: IMUS. Still around.

54. Sunbathers' goals: TANs

55. Sticky stuff: GOO

Since the lyricist has a local connection to my area, I'll leave you with this song.

C.C.: Here is Argyle Our Dear Santa

Notes from C.C.:
Happy Birthday to our Yellowrocks (Kathy), who's celebrating today with her son David and their family in New York. I thought of her every time I see a picture of vichyssoise or sand tarts or hear Butterfly Lovers, the classic Chinese music inspired by a great love story. Sending our best wishes to David as well.
Yellowrocks and son David, Sept 2016
Happy Birthday also to Lorraine (Fermatprime), who's been with the blog since Nov 2009.  Lorraine is an accomplished math professor and does many puzzles every day.

Thanksgiving, 2015

Snipped this great picture from Chairman Moe's Facebook. The Chairman (Chris) is a wine connoisseur.