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Oct 27, 2019

Sunday October 27, 2019 Robin Stears

Theme: - "What About Bob?" - Each theme entry is in the pattern of B* O* B*.


34. Colorful Bobby Vinton album (and hit song): BLUE ON BLUE.

49. 1936 Edward G. Robinson gangster film: BULLETS OR BALLOTS.

68. Sun metaphor: BIG ORANGE BALL.

89. Make extreme efforts: BEND OVER BACKWARD.

103. 1998 Stephen King "haunted love story": BAG OF BONES.

118. "You're in my space, pal!": BACK OFF, BUSTER!

Great to see Robin back.

The middle O's are all different. That's the key to this theme.

Do you feel this puzzle is more challenging than our normal Sundays?


1. Narratives of deeds: ACTA. Waited for cosses.

5. Dental alloys: AMALGAMS.

13. Hamlet relative: VILLAGE. Not Shakespeare's Hamlet.

20. Bubbly name: MOET.

21. Attacked aggressively: TORE INTO.

22. It's usually taken in twos: ASPIRIN.

25. He plays Armstrong in "First Man": GOSLING (Ryan) 

26. Cub : bear :: cria : __: LLAMA.

27. Not quite cuatro: TRES. 4/3.

28. Relative of tsk: TUT.

29. Silent letters?: ASL. "Handy talk: Abbr." is another way to mislead us.

30. Article in Die Zeit: EIN.

31. English class assignment: ESSAY.

38. Certain flower cultivator: ROSARIAN. Oh, one who cultivates roses.

40. Town __: CRIER.

42. Eur. land on the Atlantic: POR. Portugal.

43. Gravlax herb: DILL. Wiki said "Gravlax" is a Nordic dish consisting of raw salmon, cured in salt, sugar, and dill."  I love pickled herrings. I probably will like this too.

44. Perform at the Improv, say: AD LIB.

45. Blows: ERUPTS.

55. Troon turndowns: NAES. Scottish for "no".

56. It borders three oceans: ASIA.

57. Carpet layer's concern: AREA. Do you guys all use those robot vacuums? Are they good?

58. Entirely fill: SATE.

59. Fine-tunes: HONES.

60. Baseball's "Stan the Man": MUSIAL.

63. Gillian's role on "The X-Files": DANA.

65. Justification: REASON.

67. Finesse: ART.

73. Like sashimi: RAW. Steve makes his own sushi rolls. Not sure of sashimi.

75. Currency replaced by the euro: PESETA.

77. Two-master: YAWL.

78. Search for provisions: FORAGE.

80. Waiter's handouts: MENUS.

81. Medication container: VIAL.

85. Usher: LEAD.

87. Sign sometimes upsetting: OMEN.

88. Clobber: DRUB.

93. Shoot for, with "to": ASPIRE.

95. Use a password, say: LOG IN. Test your internet speed here. Go! What's your number? I don't think any of you can top TTP.

96. 1985 movie with three possible endings: CLUE.

97. Asian holiday: TET. January 25, 2020.

98. Something in the air: AROMA.

99. Lemonade-and-lager drinks: SHANDIES. Not a term familiar o me.

107. Mike __, "Glee" character: CHANG. Also unknown to me.

108. "United Shades of America" channel: CNN.

109. "Xanadu" gp.: ELO.

110. Pub pal: LAD.

111. "Lucky Guy" playwright Ephron: NORA.

113. "Band of Gold" singer Payne: FREDA. Read more here.

115. Help: BENEFIT.

122. Like many a covered bridge: ONE LANE.

123. Selfish: EGOISTIC.

124. Saltimbocca meat: VEAL.

125. Time frames: PERIODS.

126. Property tax payer, e.g.: ASSESSEE. Expensive to live in Guangzhou now. Carmen's apartment is about 540 square feet, cost RMB1,500,000 (about $211,000). And she lives in the suburb. The downtown prices are forbidding.

127. Links numbers: PARS.


1. "Epitaph for a Spy" author Eric: AMBLER.

2. "Gangsta's Paradise" rapper: COOLIO. We had him before. This one is easy: 16. Rapper __ Nas X: LIL.

3. AFC South team: TEXANS.

4. Elementary particle: ATOM.

5. DOJ division: ATF.

6. Miss Piggy tagline: MOI.

7. Trig function: ARC TAN.

8. Suspicious: LEERY.

9. Taunt: GIBE.

10. Muchos meses: ANOS. Many months.

11. "Newhart" production co.: MTM.

12. Audible sign of distress: SOB.

13. Hard to pin down: VAGUE.

14. U-235 and C-14: ISOTOPES.

15. Records in a collection: LPS.

17. Sans-serif typeface: ARIAL.

18. Infomercial cutlery brand: GINSU.

19. Author Madeleine L'__: ENGLE. "A Wrinkle in Time" author.

24. Spenser's "The __ Queene": FAERIE.

28. Round-bodied flatfish: TURBOT. Another stranger.

32. Bank deposit: SILT.

33. Huevos rancheros condiment: SALSA.

34. Collector's items?: BILLS.

35. Girl in Byron's "Don Juan": LEILA.

36. Postal creed word: NOR.

37. Former Alabama-based grocery chain: BRUNO'S. Wiki says "The chain was acquired by Birmingham-based Belle Foods which discontinued the brand in 2012" .

39. He lost to Ike twice: ADLAI (Stevenson)

40. Pool room: CABANA.

41. Nutritional amt.: RDA.

46. Broad view: PANORAMA.

47. Many a "Stranger Things" character: TEENAGER.

48. Old draft org.: SSS.

49. Ole Miss rival: BAMA.

50. Ones taking things the wrong way: USURPERS.

51. "I'm only going to say this once": LISTEN UP.

52. Great Seal word: ORDO. Novus ordo seclorum.

53. Raise: REAR.

54. Giga- x 1,000: TERA.

59. Angels baseball cap feature: HALO.

61. Five-spots: ABES.

62. Inebriated: LIT.

64. Whatever or whichever: ANY.

66. Polar worker: ELF.

69. Yielded: GAVE.

70. Ore that's a source of silver: GALENA.

71. Piece in a still-life: EWER.

72. Tell all: BLAB.

74. Make (one's way): WEND.

76. Suddenly, in music: SUBITO. No idea.

79. Crossed the lake, in a way: ROWED.

80. "Jerry's Kids" telethon org.: MDA. OK. Muscular Dystrophy Association.

82. Not near the coast: INLAND.

83. Cherish: ADORE.

84. Apple's apple and Target's target: LOGOS.

86. Russian cottage: DACHA.

89. Wager without looking at one's cards: BET BLIND. One moire learning moment.

90. Energetic spirit: VIM.

91. Close-knit group: CLAN.

92. Panda's skill, in a 2008 film: KUNG FU.

94. Foul caller: REF.

99. Vertical mine accesses: SHAFTS.

100. Summer cooler: ICE TEA.

101. Win the love of: ENDEAR.

102. Corgi complaints: SNARLS.

103. Name probably derived from scat singing: BEBOP.

104. Coeur d'__: ALENE.

105. Hopeless case: GONER.

106. "them" author: OATES. Joyce Carol Oates.

107. Snappish: CROSS.

111. Barracks bosses, briefly: NCOS.

112. "The Grapes of Wrath" figure: OKIE.

114. Invitation letters: RSVP.

116. Peyton's quarterback brother: ELI.

117. __ Schwarz: FAO.

118. Actress Arthur: BEA.

119. Reno and others: Abbr.: AGS.

120. Shakespearean cry of disgust: FIE.

121. Pre-A.D.: BCE.

Happy 72nd birthday to Boomer, the absolute center of my universe. He had two treatments on a Friday morning last month, then in the afternoon he went to coach the kids again. He takes his coaching responsibilities very seriously. Three times a week, he's always there. And of course, he's been here for us every Monday, even when he was going the daily radiation.

We went to Mystic Lake the day on Friday as the casino is always a zoo on weekends. Boomer loves the nickel poker there. 

Boomer, 10/25/2019
The buffet is also fantastic.  Here is my plate. The big pile in front is coleslaw (red cabbage, carrot, walnut and cranberry). So good. I went back for seconds. The one on top left is Cajun Salmon (a bit dry), the white in the middle is cod. A few slices of radish with guacamole. Then a slice of char siu, so delicious! Then some kind of Italian pasta salad. Orzo, I think. At the end of the fork is a piece of  marinated artichoke.


Jan 2, 2019

Wednesday, January 2, 2019, Robin Stears

Looking for Nemo.

Each word in the starred theme answer can be placed aHEAD of the word FISH to give us a particular type of Fish.

17-Across. * Jewelry alloy: WHITE GOLD.  White Gold is an alloy of gold and one other white metal, such as nickel, manganese or palladium.  I actually prefer white gold to yellow gold.

In keeping with today's theme, we get Whitefish and Gold Fish. The scientific name of Whitefish is Coregonus clupeaformis.  This fish lives in cold, deep-water lakes in the northern United States and Canada.  There is nothing better than a good smoked whitefish.  This fish is also used in making the best gefilte fish.

Who doesn't like a good Goldfish?
25-Across. * Genre that may be featured in the Eurovision Song Contest: SWEDISH ROCK.  I am not aware of this genre, however, the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Tel Aviv in May 2019.  Hmm... Last time I checked, Tel Aviv was in Asia.

Our fish for this clue are the Swedish Fish, which are really candies.  You can probably get some at the Eurovision Song Contest.

And we also have Rock Fish.

38-Across. * Sleight-of-hand scam: SHELL GAME.  A Shell Game is a type of con game designed to separate you from your money.

This clue gives us ShellFish.  Did you known that Shellfish isn't kosher?

We also get Game Fish, which is something you hope to get when you go Fly Fishing.  Dick Chaney does a lot of Fly Fishing in the movie Vice.

53-Across. * Food brand whose products include Caribbean curry paste and Jamaican jerk seasoning: TROPICAL SUN.  I am not familiar with this brand of food products.
I  am, however, familiar with the fish this clue produces:  It gives us Tropical Fish.

And Sun Fish.

And now for the unifier: 65-Across. 1978 novelty song with the line "Eat them up! Yum!" ... and what both parts of the answers to starred clues can be: FISH HEADS.  The video is rather creepy.  No bad words, but watch at your own peril.

1. Fictional archaeologist Croft: LARA.  She is the heroine of the Tomb Raider series of video games and was portrayed in the movies by Angelina Jolie.
5. Prep for fight night: SPAR.

9. Furry critters who helped disable the shield generator on Endor: EWOKS.  The creepy creatures from the Star Wars movies.

14. Major work: OPUS.
15. La Scala song: ARIA.

16. "Mack the Knife" singer: DARIN.
Did you know that this song came from The Threepenny Opera by Bertolt Brecht?

19. Pull together: UNITE.

20. Frenzy: MANIA.

21. Plumeria garlands: LEIS.  Plumeria are very fragrant flowers found in Hawaii, as well as other warm climates.

23. CIA relative: NSA.  The National Security Agency is a relative of the Central Intelligence Agency.  I'd tell you more, but then I'd have to kill you.

24. "__ recall ... ": AS I.

29. Serenade: SING TO.

31. "Good comeback": TOUCHÉ!

32. Palm starch: SAGO.  Also known as tapioca.  I wonder if this is what is found in Bubble Tea.

33. Julia Louis-Dreyfus comedy: VEEP.  VEEP is political satire television show in which Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays the Vice President of the United States.

37. London insurance pioneer: LLOYD.  Lloyd's of London has been in existence since 1688.  It began in Edward Lloyd's (1648 ~ 1713) coffee shop and initially covered marine and shipping insurance. 

41. Dispatch boat: AVISO.  This is a new word for me.  It comes from the Spanish and Portuguese word meaning "advice" or "warning."  Spitzboov can probably provide us with more information.

44. Apple desktop: iMAC.

45. Former Virginia senator Charles: ROBB.  Charles Spittal Robb (b. June 26, 1939) married Lynda Bird Johnson (b. 1944) in the White House on my birthday in 1967.  Kinda put a damper on my birthday party.

49. Sesame paste: TAHINI.

51. Daffy, for one: LISPER.

57. Lyft approx.: ETA.  As in Estimated Time of Arrival.

58. Strike caller: UMP.  As in the Umpire at the baseball game.

59. H.G. Wells race: ELOI.  A crossword staple.  A reference to the novel The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells (né Herbert George Wells; Sept. 21, 1866 ~ Aug. 13, 1946).

60. Actor Pratt or Pine: CHRIS.  Chris Pratt (b. June 21, 1979) was in the television sit-com Parks and Rec.  He is also the hero of the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Chris Pine (b. Aug. 26, 1980) had played Captain Kirk in some of the recent Star Trek films.

62. Flower girl, perhaps: NIECE.

67. Come next: ENSUE.

68. "Dies __": IRAE.  A crossword staple.

69. Exactly, with "to": A TEE.

70. Baby carrier?: STORK.  My favorite clue of today's puzzle.

71. Sleek swimmers: EELS.  Also a fish, in keeping with today's theme.

72. Gerritsen who created Rizzoli and Isles: TESS.  Apparently TESS Gerritsen (b. June 12, 1953) is a writer of romantic thrillers, medical thrillers and a mystery series featuring police detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Dr. Maura Isles.  Tess Gerritsen is a retired physician, so her Rizzoli and Isles series combine her love of both mystery and medicine.

1. Catholic service with minimal ceremony: LOW MASS.

2. Loss of speech: APHASIA.  I don't know what to say about this clue!!!

3. Making a mess of: RUINING.

4. Bubbly city: ASTI.  Home of Asti Spumante, a sparkling Italian wine.

5. Mattress problem: SAG.  I first tried Pea, as in the Princess and the Pea.

6. Orwellian worker: PROLE.  A reference to 1984, the novel by George Orwell (né Eric Arthur Blair; June 25, 1903 ~ Jan. 21, 1950).

7. Didn't feel well: AILED.

8. Diameter halves: RADII.  The plural of Radius.  Also, apparently, a brand of sneakers.
9. College URL ending: .EDU

10. Pallid: WAN.

11. Venezuelan river: ORINOCO.  This river appears on occasion in the puzzles.  It is one of the  major rivers of South America.

12. Tacky: KITSCHY.

13. Moved furtively: SNEAKED.

18. NCAA's Big __: EAST.  College sports.  

22. Mach 1 flier: SST.

26. Made on a loom: WOVE.

27. Ian who plays Bilbo Baggins: HOLM.  That's Sir Ian Holm Cuthbert (b. Sept. 12, 1931), to you. He played Bilbo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings.

28. Things used for good measure?: RULERS.  Another fun clue.

30. Scuttlebutt: GOSSIP.

34. Nutmeg State Ivy Leaguer: ELI.  A student who attends Yale University.

35. Shade tree: ELM.

36. Vardon Trophy org.: PGA.  Golfing trophy.  It looks nice and a bit old-timey.

39. Hägar the Horrible's daughter: HONI.

40. Civil rights gp.: ACLU.  As in the American Civil Liberties Union.  In a year, the ACLU will celebrate its 100 anniversary.  It was founded on January 19, 1920.

41. Brings into harmony: ATTUNES.

42. Critter, in dialect: VARMINT.  Varmint to hunt when it's not deer season.

43. "Fingers crossed!": I HOPE SO!

46. Perform surgery: OPERATE.  Does the doctor know what he is doing?  I Hope So!

47. Happens to, quaintly: BETIDES.  I haven't had occasion to use this word.

48. Copper-zinc alloys: BRASSES.

50. Party host's bagful: ICE.  Sorry Tin!

52. Snowfall measure: INCH.  My first thought was Feet.  When I grew up, that is how we thought of the snowfall.  Now that I live in the south, we rarely get snow, but when we do, it's usually less than an inch and last only hours.

54. 2004 Jude Law title role: ALFIE.  A remake of the film that originally starred Michael Cain.  What's it all about?

55. Orléans' river: LOIRE.  I had to learn all of the rivers of France when I was in high school.

56. Rope fiber: SISAL.

61. __ index: HEAT.  A measure of how hot it feels when taking into account the relative humidity.  Our local weather forecaster often says "It's 96 degrees, but the the feel like temperature is 97 degrees."  Yeah, I can tell the difference.

63. Mongrel: CUR.

64. Startled cry: EEK!

66. "__ Just Not That Into You": 2009 film: HE'S.  I think this qualifies as a Rom-Com.

I hope you didn't have to do too much Fishing to get all the answers.  Here's the Grid.

Nov 22, 2018

Thursday November 22, 2018 Robin Stears

Theme: Last Shift - Last words in all theme entries are all anagrams of "northe":

17A. "Shake It Up" star who won a 2015 Teen Choice Award for her role in "The DUFF": BELLA THORNE.
27A. "Monster" Oscar winner: CHARLIZE THERON.

47A. Another name for the Romanov Empire: IMPERIAL THRONE.

62A. Masked hero who partners with Kato: GREEN HORNET.

C.C. here. Steve is probably caught up somewhere with no WiFi. I'll just have a simple write-up today.

We seldom see a 6-letter anangram puzzle. 3 or 4 letters are more common. I'm amazed at Robin's find. We also seldom see a anagram puzzle without a reveal.


1. Electrically flexible: AC/DC.

5. Mammals who hold hands while sleeping: OTTERS. Did not know this trivia. So sweet.

11. Cy Young Award stat: ERA.

14. "So gross": BLEH. And 52. "'Sup, homie": YO DOG. Don't recall anyone on our blog ever used these expressions.

15. Persona non grata: PARIAH.

16. Hula hoop?: LEI.

19. __ Bernardino: SAN.

20. Helicopter part: ROTOR.

21. Mineral suffix: ITE.

22. Crackerjack: ADEPT.

24. All ears: RAPT.

26. Sport-__: UTE.

34. Yellow Teletubby: LAA LAA.

35. Rower's need: OAR.

36. Like old records: MONO.

37. Returns home?: IRS. Nice clue. We also have 66. Income recipient: EARNER.

38. Blush or flush: TURN RED.

41. ATM maker: NCR.

42. Thick fog: SOUP.

44. Narc's org.: DEA.

45. Element used in atomic clocks: CESIUM. Learning moment for me.

50. Lay unused: SAT.

51. A/C units: BTUs.

55. "Ballers" network: HBO. Wiki says "Ballers is an American comedy-drama television series created by Stephen Levinson and starring Dwayne Johnson as Spencer Strasmore, a retired NFL player who must navigate his new career of choice as the financial manager of other NFL players."

57. Gets rid of: LOSES.

61. Binary digit: ONE.

65. Feel badly about: RUE.

67. Avis adjective: RARA. Rara avis.

68. Medium strength?: ESP. Another nice clue.

69. Arm-twisting: DURESS.

70. "Son of Frankenstein" role: YGOR.


1. This ans. is one: ABBR. Answer/Abbreviation.

2. Ancient queen, familiarly: CLEO. Cleopatra invented the eyeliner.

3. Bench press muscle: DELT.

4. __ hydrate: sedative: CHLORAL. Also new to me.

5. Decide: OPT.

6. South Pacific island: TAHITI. Close to the sesame paste TAHINI (for hummus).

7. Easy pace: TROT.

8. Word on an Irish euro: EIRE.

9. Hightailed it: RAN.

10. Tight-fitting dress: SHEATH.

11. "Is there something __?": ELSE.

12. Cut the crop: REAP.

13. "If it __ broke ... ": AIN'T.

18. Where Noah landed: ARARAT. Boomer started going to church again three weeks ago. He's a Catholic.

23. Consider: DEEM.

25. Strong praise: PLAUDIT.

26. Netherlands city near Amsterdam: UTRECHT. Click this map for the exact location. North of Gouda.

27. Billiards bounce: CAROM.

28. Invites to the skybox: HAS UP.

29. Divided into districts: ZONAL.

30. Corn unit: EAR.

31. Masterless samurai: RONIN. Literally "wanderer".  The character on top means "wander", the one on the bottom means "person".

32. Perfectly timed: ON CUE.

33. It's to be expected: NORM.

34. Actress Virna: LISI. Have not seen her in our grid for a long time.

39. Stephen who plays Inspector Bucket on "Dickensian": REA.

40. "Talk Dirty" singer Jason: DERULO. New to me also.

43. 100 centavos: PESO.

46. "A thousand pardons": SO SORRY.

48. Uneven: RAGGED.

49. Sizzler choices: T-BONES.

52. Knight times: YORE. I like this clue also.

53. Obligation: ONUS.

54. Like a basso profundo voice: DEEP.

55. Berlin mister: HERR.

56. N.B. part: BENE.

58. Glitch: SNAG.

59. Architect Saarinen: EERO.

60. Have the lead: STAR.

63. "This Is India" novelist Santha Rama __: RAU.

64. Billing nos.: HRS.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Thanks for being part of our Crossword Corner family. I can't imagine what my life will be without your support, esp the past few months.

I'm also grateful for our blogging team, who dedicate so much time on their writeups every week, even when traveling in other countries or dealing with some personal health issues.

Thank you, Rich Norris, Patti Varol and all the L. A. Times constructors for your daily entertainment.