Feb 20, 2008

Tribune Media Crosswords Repeat Offenders

Currently Laying Fallow (Last updated on March 15, 2008)


Inspired by reader Crockett1947, I am going to count all those repeat offenders on Tribune's crossword puzzle, retroactive as of Monday Jan 21, 2008 when I created this blog.

My lists here are not complete, as I did not like dignifying those Anti, Err, Ante and all their cohorts by keying them every day as entries. I regarded them as harmless and gimmes for everyone. But from now on, everyone will be treated equally.

Please feel free to snitch. Let's line them up! I will put this post permanently on the side bar so you can always comment and add on more offenders. I will update them daily.

1 AARP: clued as Modern Maturity org on Feb 29.

1 ABATE: clued as Lessen on Feb 27.

1 ABC: clued as 2 on the phone on March 12.

1 ABE: clued as Lincoln, casually on Feb 27.

3 ABET: clued as Aids a criminal on Feb 20, clued as Aid in a felony on March 4, clued as Aid a criminal on March 6.

2 ABORT: clued as Terminate on Feb 11, clued as Cancel on March 8.

1 ACE: clued as past tense got a top grade on Feb 27.

3 ACID: clued as LSD, to users on Feb 25, clued as Etcher's fluid on March 12, clued as One litmus test conclusion on March 14.

2 ACNE: clued as Stridex target on Feb 14, and again on March 8.

3 ACRE: clued as Lot of land on March 5, clued as Land measures on March 7 (plural), clued as Farm measure on March 11.

1 ACT: clued as Play part on March 13.

1 ADD: clued as Contribute on March 10.

1 ADE: clued as Summertime refresher on March 13.

1 ADEN: clued as Port of Yemen on March 3.

2 ADHERE: clued as stick on Feb 10, then as sticks on Feb 17 (for the plural form), then again clued as stick on Feb 18.

2 ADIEU: clued as Nice goodbye on March 3, clued as Au revoir! on March 14.

1 AD LIB clued as Off-the-cuff remark on March 6.

2 ADS: clued as Commercial bits on Feb 23, again on Feb 28.

1 AERIE: clued as Eagle's nest on March 5.

1 AES (Adlai Ewing Stevenson): clued as DDE's rival on Feb 10.

1 AFAR: clued as a way away on Feb 28.

1 AFL: clued as 1/2 of a Union merger on Feb 25.

2 AGE: clued as Many years on Feb 29, clued as Grow old on March 7.

1 AGILE: clued as Spry on March 12.

3 AGO: clued as Before now on Feb 19, again on Feb 24, clued as In the past on March 5.

1 AGORA: Clued as Greek Marketplace on Feb 7.

1 AGRA: clued as Taj Mahal site on Feb 24.

1 AGREE: clued as Come to terms on Feb 27.

1 AHA: clued as Cry of discovery on March 13.

1 AHAB: clued as Moby Dick's pursuer on Feb 27.

1 AIDE: clued as Adjutant on Feb 27.

3 AIR: clued as exposed to public scrutiny on Feb 21, clued as Melodic tune on March 5, clued as Broadcast on March 15.

1 AJAX: clued as Trojan War hero on March 10.

1 A LA: clued as Pie _ mode.

1 ALAI: clued as Jai follower? on Feb 10.

1 ALAMO: clued as Crockett's last stand on March 14.

1 ALB: clued as Clerical vestment on Feb 21.

1 ALDA: clued as Robert and Alan on Feb 17.

1 ALDO: clued as Ray of "Battle Cry" on March 13.

1 ALEE: clued as On the quiet side on March 8.

1 ALENE: clued as Coeur d'_, ID on Feb 22.

1 ALI: clued as The Greatest on March 9.

2 ALIBI: clued as excuse on Feb 20, clued as "I wasn't there at the time, eg" on Feb 24.

2 ALIST: clued as Elite social category, clued as Preferred invitees on March 12.

1 ALLEN: clued as "Interiors" director on March 3.

1 ALMS: clued as charity on Feb 27.

1 ALLOW: clued as give permission on Feb 24.

3 ALOE: clued as __ vera on Feb 20, clued as Cosmetics ingredient on March 4, clued as Medicinal plant on March 10.

1 ALOHA: clued as Hilo greeting on March 13.

1 ALOU: clued as Moses or Felipe of baseball on March 9.

1 ALS: clued as Capp and Capone on March 5.

1 ALSO: clued as In addition on March 14.

1 ALTAR: clued as Bridal path end on Feb 24.

2 ALTO: clued as Choir voice on March 6, clued as Countertenor on March 15.

2 AMA: clued as Doc's org. on Feb 28, again on March 12.

1 AMAH: clued as Indian housemaid on Feb 24.

1 AMAT: clued as Latin lesson word on Feb 27.

2 AMO: clued as Latin lesson word on Feb 12, again on Feb 26.

1 AMOR: clued as God of love on March 9.

1 AMT: clued as check fig. on March 3.

1 ANAT: clued as Art sch. course on March 5.

1 ANI: clued as black cuckoo on March 7.

1 ANIMAL: clued as Beast on March 5.

1 ANITA: clued as Novelist Brookner on March 10.

2 ANN: clued as Landers and Jillian (plural) on Feb 26, and Jillian or Landers on March 3.

1 ANNA: clued as Actress Paquin on March 13.

1 ANON: clued as In due time on March 2.

3 ANS: clued as T. or F. eg on Feb 19, clued as Response to a ques on Feb 23, clued as T. or F. eg. on March 9.

2 ANSA: clued as Latin Handle on Feb 17, Feb 18 .

1 ANTE: clued as Poker state: ANTE

1 AONE: clued as First-rate on Feb 28.

2 APE: clued as Learn like a monkey on March 4, clued as Simian on March 12.

1 APER: Clued as mimicker on Feb 22.

1 APED: clued as Imitated on March 2.

2 ARA: clued as Coach Parseghian on Feb 26, again on March 12.

1 ARAB: clued as Yemen or Saudi on Feb 25.

2: ARAL: clued as Asian Sea on Feb 20, clued as Shrinking Asian sea on Feb 27.

1 ARE: clued as Exist on March 2.

1 AREA: clued as Neighborhood on March 9.

1 ARGO: clued as Jason's vessel on March 12.

2 ARGUE: clued as Debate on Feb 27, again on March 12.

2 ARID: clued as very dry on Feb 24, clued as Like the Kalahari on March 6.

2 ARIL: clued as Seed coat on March 9, again on March 12.

1 ARK: clued as Biblical boat on March 7.

2 ARLENES: clued as Dahl and Francis on March 1, clued as Francis and Dahl on March 10.

1 ARLES: clued as Van Gogh location on March 2.

3 ARM: clued as Tentacle on Feb 26, clued as Extension on March 2, clued as Limb on March 3.

1 ARNIE: clued as Palmer, casually.

2 AROMA: clued as Bakery byproduct on March 6, clued as Bakery come-on on March 14.

1 ARRAS: clued as Tapestry in "Hamlet' on March 12.

1 ARUM: clued as Jack-in-the-pulpit on March 6.

1 ASA: clued as Candler or Gray on Feb 22.

1 ASAP: clued as Quickly on Feb 17.

1 ASEA: clued as On the bounding main on March 8.

2 ASH: clued as One Wednesday Feb 23, clued as Last of a log on March 13.

1 ASIA: clued as China location on March 4.

2 ASIAN: clued as Kind of flu on March 11, clued as Far East man on March 12.

1 ASNER: clued as Grant of TV on Feb 28.

1 ASP: clued as Small snake on March 3.

2 ASPEN: clued as Quaking trees (plural) on Feb 1, then again (plural) on March 11.

1 ASS: clued as Beast of burden on March 9.

3 ASSET: Clued as Selling point on Feb 17, clued as Selling feature on Feb 23, clued as advantage on Feb 24.

2 ASTI: clued as Italian wine center on March 2, then clued as __ Spumante on March 10.

1 AS YET: clued as Thus far on March 8.

2 ATE: clued as Had a meal on March 5, clued as Dined on March 12.

1 A TEST: clued as Bikini event, in headlines on Feb 27.

2 ATL: clued as NL Braves on Feb 24, clued as City in GA on Feb 28.

3 ATOM: clued as Particle on Feb 29, clued as Tiny bit of physics on March 3, clued as Molecule maker on March 6.

1 AT SEA clued as Perplexed on March 7.

1 ATTAR: clued as essential perfume on Feb 24.

1 ATTEST: clued as Bear witness on March 14.

1 AURA: clued as Ambiance on March 14.

1 AVA: clued as Ms Gardner on Feb 22.

2 AVER: clued as states with conviction on Feb 10, clued as States forcefully on March 2.

1 AVOW: clued as Declare to be true on Jan 23.

1 AWAIT: clued as Stand by on March 11.

1 AWE: clued as Reverence on March 12.

1 BAA: clued as Sheep cry on March 11.

2 BAD: clued as Wicked on March 6, clued as Naughty on March 9.

1 BAIT: clued as Trap enticement on March 6.

2 BALI: clued as Indonesian Island on March 5, again on March 14.

1 BARD: clued as Exalted poet on March 9.

1 BASIS: clued as Foundation on March 13.

1 BAT: clued as Night flyer on March 7.

1 BED: clued as Plot for roses on March 5.

1 BEEF: clued as Gripes on March 6 (single form).

1 BESS: clued as Porgy's love on March 15.

1 BOOST: clued as Upward push on March 12.

1 BRA: clued as Bikini piece on March 7.

3 BRAE: clued as Highland hillside on Feb 16, and Highland hillsides (plural form) on Feb 23, clued as Scottish hillside on Feb 27.

1 BSO clued as Youth org on March 6.

2 CAD: clued as Scoundrel on Feb 19 (single form), again clued as Scoundrels on Feb 27 (plural form).

1 CAGE: clued as Bird enclosure on Feb 29.

1 CAR: clued as Vehicle on wheels on March 7.

1 CARE: clued as Give a hoot on March 10.

2 CARETS: clued as Editorial symbols on Feb 3 & 27.

1 CAT: clued as Meow Mix eater on March 11.

1 CCC: clued as New Deal grp on March 7.

1 CIA: clued as OSS successor.

1 COAL: clued as Fossil fuel on March 14.

1 CIO: clued as AFL-__ on March 6.

2 COEF: clued as Math fig. on Feb 29, then again on March 7.

1 COO: clued as Pigeon's sound on March 5.

1 COUP: clued as _ d'etat on March 12.

1 CRATE: clued as Packing case on March 12.

2 DAT: clued as CD's competition on Feb 8, and again on March 2.

1 DATE: clued as See socially on March 8.

1 DEAR: clued as Expensive on March 6.

1 DEB: clued as New entrant into society.

1 DEEP: clued as Profound on March 14.

1 DELI: clued as Pastrami purveyor on March 10.

1 DEN: clued as Lairs on March 6 (plural form)

1 DENSE: clued as Slow-witted on March 14.

1 DENT: clued as Pockmark on March 2.

1 DEVIL: clued as Demon on March 8.

2 DIA: clued as Meas. across on Feb 22, then again on March 12.

1 DIET: clued as Menu plan on March 10.

1 DIGIT: clued as Finger or Toe on March 10.

2 DIT: clued as Morse code on Feb 8, clued as Morse unit on Feb 21.

1 DIVA: clued as Top vocalist on March 11.

2 DOE: clued as Unknown John or Jane on March 8, clued as Anonymous John on March 13.

1 DOLE: clued as Meters out (plural) on March 12.

1 DOSE: clued as Apothecary measure on March 6.

1 DOWN: clued as Duck feathers on March 9.

1 DRAFT: clued as Working copy on March 15.

2 DTS: clued as Sot's Shakes on Feb 13, and Feb 26.

1 DYE: clued as Indigo or woad on March 5.

2 EAR: clued as Serving of corn on March 7, clued as Otologist's focus on March 14 (plural).

1 EARNS: clued as Merits on March 13.

1 EASEL: clued as Art supporter on March 14.

1 EASY: clued as a piece of cake on Feb 25.

2 EAT: clued as Chow down on March 3, clued as Down a hero on March 11.

1 EATEN: clued as Consumed on March 15.

2 EBBS: clued as Flows back on Feb 27, clued as Falls back on March 8.

1 EBONY: clued as Jet black on March 2.

1 ECRU: clued as Tan shade on March 12.

2 ED ASNER: clued as "Lou Grant" star on March 10.

1 EDDIES: clued as River swirls on March 14.

2 EDEL: clued as Biographer of Henry James on Feb 13, and again on Feb 29.

3 EDEN: clued as Utopias (plural) on Feb 21, clued as Adam's apple location on Feb 29, clued as Garden spot on March 15.

1 EDITOR: clued as Newspaper honcho on March 9.

1 EDNA: clued as Ferber and O'Brien on Feb 24 (plural form).

2 EDSEL: clued as Ford flop on Feb 19, clued as Ill-fated Ford on March 11.

1 EEE: clued as Wide shoe width on March 1.

4 EEl: clued as Lamprey on Feb 18, clued as Moray on Feb 19, clued as Snakelike fish on Feb 28, clued as Lamprey or Moray on March 5.

1 EERIE: clued as unearthly on March 15.

2 EGO: clued as Conceits (plural form) on Feb 25, clued as Freudian concept on March 11.

1 EIRE: clued as Dublin's land on Feb 15.

2 EKES: clued as Scrapes (by) on March 2, clued as _ out (barely manages) on March 14.

1 ELAINES: clued as Stritch and Boosler on March 9.

2 ELAN: clued as Flair on Feb 11, and Zeal on Feb 27,

2 ELBA: clued as Corsica' neighbor on Feb 5, clued as Isle of exile on Feb 29.

1 ELBOW: clued as Nudger's joint on March 7.

2 ELEVE: clued as Student at an Ecole on Feb 25, clued as Ecole attendee on March 13.

2 ELI: clued as Lilly or Wallah on Feb 17, clued as Actor Wallach on Feb 21.

2 ELIA: clued as Director Kazan on Feb 13, clued as Charlie Lamb on Feb 29.

1 ELIAS: clued as Walt Disney's middle name on March 6.

1 ELITE: clued as Cream of the crop on March 14.

1 ELLA: clued as Vocalist Fitzgerald on March 4.

1 ELM: clued as Shade Tree on Feb 10, Jan 20.

1 ELON: clued as Carolina school on March 2.

1 ELOPE: clued as Flee to wed on March 13.

1 ELS: clued as Golfer Ernie of the PGA on Feb 17.

1 ELSE: clued as If all __ fails on March 4.

1 ELSIE: clued as Borden bovine on March 6.

2 EMBER: clued as Fire remnant on Feb 28, clued as Fireplace fragment on Feb 29.

1 EMEND: clued as Correct on March 6.

1 EMI: clued as Radio static, in brief on March 11.

1 EMIL: clued as Runner Zatopek on March 11.

3 EMIR: clued as Bahrain leaders on Feb 27, clued as Abu Dhabi ruler on March 2, clued as Abu Dhabi ruler on March 3.

1 EMO: clued as Comic Philips on March 2.

1 ENA: clued as Alfonso's queen on March 7.

1 ENAMEL: clued as Glossy type of paint on March 10.

1 END: clued as Pull the plug on on March 11.

1 ENDOW: clued as Provide with property on March 9.

1 ENE: clued as Organic suffix on March 2.

1 ENERO: clued as January in Oaxaca on March 6.

3 ENID: clued as Oklahoma city on Feb 15, clued as Novelist Bagnold on Feb 18, clued as "National Velvet" author Bagnold on March 8.

1 ENISLE: clued as Isolate on March 11.

1 ENS: clued as Minnesota's twins? on March 3, clued as Skinny twins? on March 11.

1 ENOS: clued as Slaughter of Baseball on Feb 20, clued as Adam's grandson on Feb 28.

1 EON: clued as Huge time frame on March 11.

2 EPEE: clued as Fencer's stiletto on Feb 6, clued as Fencing sword on March 4.

2 ERA: clued as Period on March 3, clued as Gay Nineties and the like (plural) on March 14.

1 ERASE: clued as Obliterate on Feb 27.

2 ERG: clued as unit of work on Feb 28, clued as Work units on March 14 (plural).

1 ERIN: clued as Celtic land on March 14.

2 ERMA: clued as Columnist Bombeck on Feb 11, and again on March 3.

2 ERNE: clued as Osprey's cousin on March 2, clued as Sea eagle on March 12.

2 EROS: clued as Love god on Feb 28, clued as God of love on March 6.

1 ERR: clued as To Goof on Feb 17.

1 ERRED: clued as Goofed up on March 9.

1 ERROR: clued as Blunder on March 8.

2 ERS: clued as Hospital intake location on Jan 27, clued as Inarticulate sounds on Feb 29.

1 ERST: clued as Once, once on Feb 10, then Feb 27.

1 ESAI: clued as Morales of "Bad Boys" on March 6.

1 ESAU: clued as Biblical Twin on March 4.

1 ESCAPE: clued as Break free on March 12.

1 ESME: clued as Salinger girl on March 10.

1 ESNE: clued as Medieval serf on March 12.

5 ESP: clued as mind reading on Feb 20, clued as 6th sense on Feb 24, clued as mind reading on March 1, clued as Psychic's letter on March 3, clued as 6th sense on March 10.

1 ESPN: clued as "SportsCentre" stn. on March 6.

1 ESS: clued as Snaky letter on March 1.

1 ESSES: clued as Back-and-forth curves on Feb 28.

1 EST: clued as Approx. on March 3.

1 ETA: clued as Greek letter on March 8.

2 ET AL clued as list ender on Feb 15, clued as List end, sometimes on March 14.

2 ETE: clued as French Summer on Feb 19. Again on Feb 24.

1 ETHANE: clued as Constituent of natural gas on March 5.

1 ETHENE: clued as Another name for ethylene on March 12.

1 ETO: clued as Ike's command on March 1.

1 ETRE: clued as Raison d'__ on March 4.

1 ETS: clued as UFO pilot on March 1.

2 ETTA: clued as Kett of the comics on Feb 10, again on Feb 11.

1 ETUI: clued as Needle Box on Jan 19.

1 EVADES: clued as Ducks and Dodges on March 23.

1 EVEN: clued as Tied on March 13.

2 EWOK: clued as Cuddly George Lucas creature (single form) on Jan 21; clued as Lucas folk (plural form) on Feb 26.

1 EXAM: clued as Course culmination on March 14.

1 EXES: clued as Former mates on March 10.

1 EYE: clued as Scope out on March 9.

1 EZRA: clued as Book before Nehemiah on March 4.

1 FARE: clued as Cabby's customer on March 5.

1 FIAT: clued as Decree on March 6.

1 FLU: clued as Respiratory malady on March 14.

1 GAPE: clued as Stare open-mouthed on March 10.

2 GARS: clued as long thin fish on Feb 17, and clued as elongated fish on Feb 24.

1 GENRE: clued as Literary category on March 5.

2 GERE: clued as Richard of "Chicago" on Feb 27; "Unfaithful" star Richard on Feb 29.

1 GLAD: clued as Tickled pink on March 14.

1 GLOB: clued as Viscous clump on March 14.

2 GOBI: clued as Mongolian desert on Feb 16, again on Feb 28.

1 GOT: clued as 'You've __ Mail" on March 5.

2 GRAD: clued as Alum on Feb 28, again on March 4.

1 GRE: clued as Test for coll. seniors on March 9.

1 GRIT: clued as Pluck on March 8.

1 GUTS: clued as Innards on March 8.

1 HAG clued as Crone on March 2.

1 HAL: clued as Kubrick's computer on Feb 23.

1 HARM: clued as Damage on March 13.

1 HARTE: clued as "The Lost Galleon" poet on Feb 27.

2 HAUL: clued as Transport by Truck on Feb 11, clued as Drag forcibly on March 3.

1 HEED: clued as Listen to on Feb 23.

1 HEIST: clued as Bank robbery on March 8.

1 HEISTED: clued as Committed burglary on Feb 19.

1 HELM: clued as Ship's tiller on Feb 29.

1 HEN: clued as Coop denizen on Feb 24.

2 HEW: clued as cut with an ax on Feb 12, again on Feb 28.

1 HMO: clued as Med. group on March 5.

1 HOC: clued as Ad _ committee on March 12.

1 HOI: clued as _ polloi on March 12.

2 HOLST: clued as Composer of "The Planets" on March 7, and again on March 10.

1 HOPE: clued as Has aspirations on March 10.

1 ICER: clued as Champagne bucket on March 12.

1 ICON: clued as picture on a computer on March 6.

1 IDI: clued as Brutal Amin on Feb 28.

1 IDEA: clued as Brainchild on March 3.

3 IDEAL: clued as Paradigm on Feb 10, clued as Exemplar on Feb 28, clued as Standard of perfection on March 8.

1 IDEE: clued as _fixe (obsession) on March 10.

1 IDLE: clued as run in neutral on Feb 25.

1 IDOL: clued as False god on March 6.

1 III clued as Sundial three on March 7.

1 IKES: clued as Eisenhower and others on March 15.

3 ILE: clued as __ du Diable on Jan 31, on Feb 3, and again on March 1.

1 ILK: clued as Sort on March 11.

1 IMPS: clued as Little rascals on March 14.

1 I M PEI: clued as Mile High Center architect on March 10.

1 INDIA: clued as Pakistan's neighbor on March 12.

1 INHERE: clued as Exist as a characteristic on March 11.

1 INN: clued as Quaint quarters on March 9.

1 INRI: clued as Calvary inscription on Feb 17.

1 INST: clued as MIT part on March 9.

2 INTO: clued as Division word on March 6, clued as Enthralled by on March 14.

1 IOWA: clued as Hawkeye State on March 11.

2 IOTA: clued as Tiny amount on Feb 24, clued as Tiny amounts (plural) on March 5.

1 IRE: clued as Anger on March 5.

1 ISLE: clued as Man or Dogs on March 14.

1 ITEM: clued as Part of a list on March 10.

1 IVAN: clued as Reitman or Pavlov on March 10.

1 KEY: clued as E or G, eg on March 10.

2 KILO: clued as Metric weight, briefly on March 4, and clued as Metric weights (plural form), briefly on March 6.

1 LADES: clued as fills the hold on March 14.

1 LADY: clued as Noblewoman on March 5.

1 LAIR: Clued as Cougar's den on Feb 21.

1 LANA: clued as Actress Turner on March 11.

1 LANE: clued as Highway subdivision on March 6.

1 LARA: clued as Zhivago's love on March 13.

1 LARD: clued as Cooking fat on March 11.

1 LASSO: clued as Rodeo ropes (plural) on March 7.

1 LAST: clued as Goes on and on (single) on March 8.

1 LAT: clued as Long. counterpart on March 2.

1 LEASE: clued as Temporary contract on March 11.

1 LEAF: clued as Toronto team, tersely (plural form) on March 6.

1 LEER: clued as Sly look on Feb 19.

2 LEM: clued as Moon vehicle, briefly on Feb 24, clued as NASA vehicle on Feb 28.

2 LEMA: Clued as Champagne Tony of Golf on Feb 17. Feb 20 .

2 LEN: clued as Novelist Deighton on March 14, clued as "The Ipcress File" writer on March 15.

1 LENS: clued as Camera part on Feb 29.

1 LES: clued as Paul of guitars on March 1, clued as Brown with a band on March 2.

1 LESS: clued as Fewer on March 9.

1 LGE: clued as T-shirt size on March 9.

1 LIEN: clued as Property claim on March 10.

1 LI'L: clued as Abner's size? on March 2.

1 LILY: clued as Easter bloom on March 8.

1 LIST: clued as Tilt, at sea on Feb 27.

1 LIT: clued as Illuminated on March 15.

1 LOIS: clued as Clark's girl on March 14.

1 LONE: clued as Word with star or ranger on March 14.

2 LOOS: clued as Gentleman Prefer Blondes author on March 10, clued as "A Girl Like I" author on March 11.

2 LORNE: clued as Actor Greene on March 9, clued as Michaels of "SNL" on March 10.

1 LSD: clued as Leary's drug on March 13.

2 LST: clued as D-day Craft on Feb 17, March 3.

1 LTD: clued as Inc. in England.

1 LUAU: clued as Maui feast on Feb 22.

1 LURE: clued as Enticement on March 8.

1 MAE: clued as Miss West on Feb 25.

1 MANET: clued as "Olympia" painter on March 13.

1 MASH: clued as Korean War sitcom on March 8.

1 MATE: clued as Either one of a pair on March 14.

3 MATSU: clued as Taiwan Strait Island Feb 7., Feb 10. and Feb 17.

1 MAVIN: clued as Experts on March 9.

1 MECCA: clued as Attractive places (plural) on March 7.

2 MEET: clued as Come together on Feb 29, clued as Encounter on March 2.

1 MELT: clued as Run in the heat on March 11.

1 MENU: clued as List of options on March 13.

1 MESA: clued as Tablelands (plural) on March 3.

1 METE: clued as Deal (out) on Feb 28.

1 MILO: clued as Actor O'Shea on March 6.

1 MIRE: clued as Soggy ground on March 10.

1 MOO: clued as Bovine reply on March 6.

1 MOW: clued as Cut the greens on March 15.

1 MRI: clued as Med. scan on Feb 27.

2 MSG (Madison Square Garden): clued as NYC Arena on Feb 18. Feb 20 .

1 MGM: clued as Studio letters on March 13.

1 MOA: clued as Extinct bird of New Zealand on Feb 17.

1 MVP: clued as Al-NL honoree on March 7.

1 NAN: clued as Bert's twin on March 13.

1 NANA: clued as Wendy's dog on March 9.

1 NAP: clued as Short snooze on March 5.

2 NARD: clued as Fragrant ointment on Feb 29, then again on March 12.

1 NASA: clued as Cape Kennedy org. on March 15.

2 NCAA: clued as March madness org. on March 3, clued as Final Four org. on March 4.

1 NEARS: clued as Approaches on March 13.

2 NEAT: clued as clean and tidy on Feb 24, again on March 10.

1 NEE: clued as Born as on March 13.

1 NEHRU: clued as Former Indian leader on Feb 29.

3 NENE: clued as Oahu goose on Feb 6, and clued as Hawaii goose on Feb 11, clued as Oahu goose on March 12.

1 NEON: clued as Sign gas on March 10.

1 NERF: clued as soft-toy stuff on Feb 23.

1 NERVE: clued as Impudent boldness on March 9.

1 NEST: clued as Bird abode on March 4.

1 NET: clued as Court divider on March 12.

2 NHS clued as Brit. Med. Syst on Jan 25, then clued as British Medial syst. on March 6.

2 NIA: clued as Long of the "The Broken Hearts Club" on Feb 24, clued as Actress Long on March 7.

1 NICER: clued as More pleasant on March 7.

1 NOVA: clued as Classic Chevy model on March 14.

1 NUN: clued as Sister on March 6.

2 OAF: clued as clumsy fellow on Feb 22, clued as clodhopper on March 3.

2 OCHS: clued as Protest- singer Phil on March 9, clued as Phil of folks on March 12.

1 ODE: clued as Lyric poem Feb 23, clued as poem of praise on Feb 24.

1 ODOR: clued as Nose alert on March 9.

1 OHM: clued as Resistance units (plural) on Feb 28.

1 OFFER: clued as Proposal on March 3.

1 OIL: clued as Lubricate on Feb 25.

1 OLD: clued as Ancient on March 5.

1 OLIN: clued as Lena of "The Ninth Gate" on March 11.

1 OMAR: clued as Bradley or Sharif on Feb 29.

2 OMES: clued as Cockney abodes on Feb 13, and Feb 27.

1 ONCE: clued as In the past on March 10.

2 ONE: clued as Single unit on March 1, clued as Singletons on March 7 (plural).

1 ONE A clued as SSS classification on March 5.

1 ON AIR: clued as In seventh heaven on March 14.

1 ONION: clued as Leek cousin on March 6.

1 ONSET: clued as Start on March 13.

1 OPAH: clued as colorful marine fish on Feb 20, clued as moonfish on Feb 24.

1 OPERA: clued as Musical drama on March 7.

2 OPT: clued as makes up one's mind on Feb 22, clued as Make a choice on March 3.

1 ORAN: clued as Algerian city on March 9.

2 ORB: clued as Poetic eyeball on March 3, clued as Spheres on March 9 (plural).

1 ORE: clued as Product to Mine on Feb 10.

1 OREO: clued as Two-tone treat on March 6.

2 ORI: clued as Sailor's grp on Feb 10, again on March 9.

1 ORO: clued as Juarez gold on March 12.

1 ORONO: clued as Maine town on March 15.

1 ORR: clued as Hockey defensive great on March 5.

1 ORT: clued as Table scrap on Feb 27.

1 OSCAR: clued as Hollywood award on March 15.

1 OSE: clued as Full of: suff. on March 7.

2 OSSA: clued as Peak in Thessaly on Jan 31, clued as Mountain in Thessaly on March 6.

1 OSIER: clued as Basketry willow on March 10.

1 OTB: clued as NYC gambling center on March 9.

2 OTO: clued as Of the ear: pref. on March 7, again on March 11.

1 OVAL: clued as Track shape on March 4.

2 OVER: clued as Finished on March 2, clued as Beyond on March 15.

1 OWE: clued as Be light chips on March 11.

1 PALM: clued as Tropical tree on March 11.

1 PANE: clued as Sheet of glass on March 9.

1 PANT: clued as Breathe heavily on March 5.

1 PAS: clued as Faux __ on March 2.

1 PEI: clued as Louvre Pyramid architect on Feb 27.

1 PEN: clued as Sty on March 13.

1 PER: clued as According to on March 5.

1 PERE: clued as Dijon Dad on Feb 14, clued as French father on Feb 24, clued as Pops in Paris on Feb 27 (plural form).

1 PGA: clued as Links org on Feb 28.

1 PLO: clued as Middle East grp. on March 10.

1 POSSE: clued as Sheriff's band of the Old West on March 9.

2 PTA: clued as School org. on Feb 22, clued as School grp on March 12.

1 RAG: clued as Jazz piece on March 14.

1 RAGE: clued as Excessive temper tantrum on March 8.

1 RAID: clued as Foray on March 13.

1 RAIN: clued as April forecast on March 14.

1 RAM: clued as Battering equipment on March 9.

1 RAMP: clued as Freeway entrance on Feb 23.

1 RANSOM: clued as payments for release on Feb 28 (plural form).

1 RAP: clued as Utter sharply on March 15.

1 RAPT: clued as Spellbound on March 9.

2 RARE: clued as Seldom seen on Feb 27, clued as Few and far between on Feb 28.

1 RAT: clued as Stoolie on March 9.

1 RAYS: clued as Mantas on March 14.

1 RAZOR: clued as Stubble cutter on March 13.

1 RBI clued as Slugger's stat on Feb 21.

1 RDA: clued as Vitamin fig. on March 12.

2 READ: clued as Study on Feb 14, clued as Enjoys a novel on Feb 29.

2 REED: clued as March plant on Feb 29, clued as Marsh plants (plural) on March 12.

1 REEF: clued as Diver's mileu on March 2.

1 R. E. Lee: clued as CSA commander on Feb 28.

1 RENE: clued as Auberjonois of "Boston Legal" on March 12.

2 RENEE: clued as Taylor or Adoree on March 2, again on March 9.

1 RENEW: clued as Give a face-life to on March 11.

1 REO: clued as Old Olds' auto on Feb 21.

1 REPO: clued as Collection biz on March 9.

3 RESET: clued as Change a timer on March 7, clued as Bowler's button on March 9, again on March 12.

1 REST: clued as Take a break on March 5.

1 RETE: clued as Anatomical network on March 2.

1 RETRO: clued as Grade or active lead-in on March 8.

1 RHEA: clued as Satellite of Saturn on March 8.

1 Rhoda: clued as Valerie Harper sitcom Feb 23.

1 RICE: clued as Elmer or Jerry on March 11.

1 RID: clued as Purged on Feb 29.

2 RIEN: clued as Nice nothing on March 2, clued as Nice nothing? on March 9.

1 RIOT: clued as Unrestrained outbreaks (plural) of the Old West on March 9.

1 RITE: clued as Sacred ceremony on March 8.

1 ROAST: clued as Prepare peanuts on March 11.

1 ROI: clued as French kings on March 6 (plural form).

1 RODE: clued as Took a cab on March 14.

1 ROLE: clued as Actor's part on March 10.

1 ROOK: clued as Chess piece on March 12.

1 RTE: clued as Suggestion from AAA on March 6.

1 RUE: clued as Regretted on Feb 29 (past tense).

1 SAAB: clued as Swedish car on March 12.

1 SAG: clued as Becomes lack on Feb 29.

2 SAL: clued as Maglie of Baseball on Feb24, and clued as Bando of baseball on March 6.

1 SALA: clued as Casa component on Feb 24.

2 SAND: clued as Dune material on Feb 28, clued as Novelist George on March 4.

1 SATE: clued as Overfill on Feb 27.

1 SATIE: clued as "Gymnopedies" composer on March 12.

1 SCAD: clued as Great quality on March 11.

2 SCI: clued as part of B. S. on Feb 25, once again on March 5.

1 SCONE: clued as Doughy pasty on March 8.

1 SCRAM: clued as Get lost on March 10.

1 SEA: clued as Place for fish and ships on March 11, clued as Galilee or Marmara on March 15.

1 SEAN: clued as Penn or Young on March 13.

1 SEANCE: clued as Media meeting on March 15.

1 SEC: clued as Jiffy on March 14.

3 SEE: Clued as Bishopric on Feb 23. clued as Visualize on Feb 24, clued as Understand on March 15.

3 SELA: clued as Actress Ward on Feb 15, again on March 4, again on March 10.

3 SEN: clued as D. C. VIP on March 3, again on March 11, again on March 13.

1 SENT: clued as Transmitted on Feb 28.

3 SET: clued as Sun's fall on Feb 16, clued as At the ready on March 1, clued as Hardened on March 3.

1 SETH: clued as Eve's third on March 12.

2 SEW: clued as Stitch up on March 7, clued as Stitch on March 9.

1 SHEA: clued as New York stadium on Feb 25.

1 SINE: clued as Trig. function on March 12.

1 SING: clued as Tell on on March 14.

2 SILT: clued as Riverbed deposit on Feb 17, clued as Delta deposits (plural) on March 3.

2 SIR: clued as Knight's title on Feb 21, clued as British knights (plural) on March 8.

1 SLANG: clued as Street talk on March 3.

1 SLAW: clued as Take-out side order on March 14.

2 SLOE: clued as Blackhorn fruit on Feb 5, and clued as __ gin fizz on March 3.

1 SLOG: clued as work hard on Feb 22.

1 SLOP: clued as Swine's supper on March 14.

1 SLOT: clued as Coin channel on March 8.

1 SLR: clued as Camera letters on March 2.

1 SMELL: clued as Scent on March 12.

1 SNEE: clued as Dundee dagger on March 3.

1 SNIT: clued as pique performance on Feb 23.

1 SOLO: clued as Han or Napoleon on Feb 27.

1 SOUR: clued as fly high on March 5.

2 SPA: clued as Hot tub on Feb 27, again on March 4.

1 SPAR: clued as Box to train on March 8.

1 SPACE: clued as Room on March 7.

1 SRO: clued as Sell-out letters on March 7.

1 SSN: clued as ID infor. on Feb 14 (plural form)

4 SSS: clued as Sound of leak on Feb 29, clued as Draft letters on March 1, clued as sound of a leak on March 3, clued as Draft org. on March 6.

3 SST: clued as Fast Flier's letters on Feb 14 (single form), clued as Fast jets, briefly on Feb 27 (plural form), clued as Mach+plane on March 3.

2 STAN: clued as Comic Laurel on Feb 13, clued as Mikita of hockey on Feb 27.

1 STAR: clued as Paparazzi prey on March 14.

1 STARE: clued as Extended gaze on March 15.

1 STATE: clued as Kind of trooper or line on March 11.

1 STAY: clued as Remain on March 12.

1 STD: clued as Universal meas. on March 1.

1 STE: clued as Sault _ Marie on March 10.

2 STEED: clued as mighty mount on Feb 17, proud mount on Feb 24.

1 STILE: clued as Steps over a fence on March 6.

1 STORE: clued as Mall unit on Feb 27.

1 STYE: clued as eyelid woes (plural form) on Feb 24.

1 SUP: clued as Has dinner (single) on March 8.

1 SWEAR: clued as Promise solemnly on May 14.

1 TAB: clued as Spigot on Feb 27.

2 TAC: clued as Tic-toe connection on March 5, clued as Def. mil. grp on March 7.

1 TACIT: clued as Unspoken on March 10.

1 TACO: clued as Tex-Mex food Order on Feb 11.

1 TACT: clued as Diplomatic asset on March 11.

2 TAHOE: clued as California/Nevada lake on Feb 24, again as Western resort lake on Feb 27.

1 TAI: clued as Mai _ cocktail on March 12.

1 TAIL: clued as Follow secretly on March 15.

1 TAKE: clued as Make off with on March 10.

2 TALC: clued as Puff stuff on Feb 11, clued as Sprinkle after a shower on Feb 26.

2 TALE: clued as Yarn on March 8, clued as Fables on March 13 (plural).

1 TALL: clued as Lofty on March 11.

1 TAN: clued as Khaki shade on March 1.

2 TATA: clued as Soho so longs Feb 24 (plural form), clued as So long! on March 9.

1 TATS: clued as Makes lace on Feb 24.

1 T BAR: clued as Skier's ride on March 2.

1 TEL: clued as Part of A T& T on March 11.

1 TEMPT: clued as Entice on Feb 23.

1 TEN: clued as Gymnast's perfect score on March 12.

1 TENORS: clued as Choir section on March 13.

3 TERI: clued as Actress Carr on Feb 27 (plural form), clued as Copley and Garr on March 2, clued as Actress Garr on March 7.

1 TERRA: clued as _ incognita on March 12.

1 TESS: clued as "__ of the d'Urbervilles" on March 12.

1 TILE: clued as Mosaic pieces on March 12.

1 TITO: clued as Mambo king Puente on March 12.

1 TKO clued as Ring decision maker on March 3.

1 TOE: clued as Little Piggy on Feb 28.

2 TOTE: clued as Carryon on Feb 9, clued as lugs on Feb 28 (single form).

1 TOTEM: clued as Clan's emblem on March 1.

1 TOTO: clued as dog in Oz on Feb 24.

1 TOUR: clued as __ de force on March 8.

2 TRAM: clued as Trolley car on Feb 26, clued as Car of Mine? on Feb 29.

1 TREY: clued as Low card on March 14.

2 TRIO: clued as Small combo on March 4, again on March 12.

1 TRU: clued as Play about Capote on March 1.

1 TSAR: clued as Russian ruler on Feb 24.

3 TSE clued as Half an African fly on Feb 13, and clued as Half a fly on Feb 20, then again on Feb 27, clued as Mao _-Tung on March 11.

1 TSK clued as Admonishing sounds on Feb 19.

1 TSO: clued as General on Chinese menus on March 12.

1 TUX: clued as Dressy outfit, casually on March 15.

2 UAE: clued as Abu Dhabi, Dubai et al on Feb 1, clued as Abu Dhabi loc. on March 1.

1 UGLI: clued as Wrinkly fruit on March 11.

1 ULEE: clued as Peter Fonder film role on Feb 13.

2 UMA: clued as Ms. Thurman on Feb 12 & Feb 22.

1 UNA: clued as Actress Merkel on March 6.

1 UPPER: clued as higher one of two on March 4.

1 URE: clued as End of post on March 9.

1 URN: clued as Large vase on March 9.

2 USC (University of Southern California): clued as Trojans of sports on Feb 19, clued as UCLA rival on Feb 22.

1 USE: clued as Employs on Feb 22.

1 UTE: clued as Shoshone on March 6.

1 UTTER: clued as Pronounce on March 4.

1 VAN: clued as Mover's vehicle on March 2.

1 VERY: clued as Extremely on March 2.

1 VIEW: clued as Opinion on March 10.

1 WAS: clued as once existed on Feb 25.

1 WET: clued as Drench on March 2.

1 WILT: clued as Droops on March 7.

1 WOO: clued as Court on March 14.

1 YAM: clued as Tasty tuber on March 7.

1 YEAR: clued as Solar period on Feb 25.

1 YETI: clued as Himalayan Bigfoot on Feb 29.

1 YSER: clued as Belgian river on March 12.


Invasion of the Irate Puzzle People, Kristin Tillotson, Star Tribune

I laughed a lot while reading this article. Hope you will enjoy it too.

Kristin Tillotson is the Source Editor for Star Tribune. I edited her original article to fit in my blog format, but I am not good at this. Maybe someday the Star Tribune will archive it on line, you will then get a better version.
Date: 02/04/01
Byline: Kristin Tillotson

Invasion of the irate Puzzle People
Crossword aficionados resent change to their daily
ritual - and affirmation

Like the alien pod creatures from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers,"
we recognize each other everywhere. On buses, airplanes, over
lattes at the coffee shop and under tables during marathon
meetings, we exchange defeated glances and sharp pencils. We
call each other, long distance and way too early in the morning,
to demand,"Gimme something that flows through the Lake of
Thun in four letters."

We are the Puzzle People. Those who are not of our kind deride or
pity us. They say we're obsessive-compulsives, idlers, avoiders of
more constructive pursuits. We forgive them. Knowing that they'll
never experience the self-actualizing thrill of completing the last
square on a New York Times acrostic is the best revenge.

Revenge? That's not a very high-minded desire. But then, when
riled, we Puzzle People can turn from sedentary scribbling to
hysteria in a hurry. And we're a powerful bloc - forcing, in the
Star Tribune's case, a split decision, and double the puzzles.

On Nov. 26, this newspaper dropped its longstanding crossword,
syndicated by the Los Angeles Times, and replaced it with the New
York Times puzzle. Reader protests were intense- from people who
thought the new puzzle was too difficult, and from two-paper
subscribers accustomed to solving the New York puzzle in the St.
Paul Pioneer Press and the Los Angeles puzzle in the Star Tribune.

On Dec. 8, the paper began running both puzzles during the week,
and on Dec. 17, both on Sunday.

According to industry estimates, one-quarter of all newspaper
readers consider the crossword a part of their routine.

Judging from the intensity and volume of reactions to changes or
errors in puzzles, I'm guessing they're the most vocal 25 percent.
Consider the following sample comments from Star Tribune
readers after the recent switch:

"You -$$#&¢¢%@@!!! I have been through four pots of coffee
and five crossword dictionaries, and I can't get more than three

. . . This puzzle makes me feel very, very stupid. I am not
stupid. I am a physician. . . . You have ruined my morning.
You have ruined my ritual."

- "I tried to do this crossword for a week, and I called my
doctor because I was sure I was getting Alzheimer's disease."

- "The Twin Cities is just not smart enough to do these puzzles.

. . . What's wrong with being a normal person? I am not that
smart. I am not that proud. Fix this!"

- "I do this puzzle on the can on my break. People are complaining
because I am in there too long . . . now it is impossible to do two
things at once."

The newspaper's reader representative, Lou Gelfand, said that
tallying the number of complaints would be "like counting the
leaves in a 30-pound bag. And we're still raking them."

And it's not just the retiree set vocalizing on this seemingly
benign subject: Fortyish real-estate broker John Livingston,
who regularly has coffee with a group of business-owning
friends, said that on the first day of the switch, the crossword
"was all they could talk about for two hours."

For a daily newspaper, trying to please all the readers all the time
is a daily struggle. When it comes to puzzles, trying to be one-size
-fits-all can go from daunting to quixotic: "Readers want a puzzle
that is a challenge but not demoralizing," said Tim McGuire,
executive editor of the Star Tribune. "The tough part is what's
challenging for some readers is impossible for others."

Gelfand offers three succinct reasons for why people pick up the

The first is medical: "They're supplements to anti-depressants."
The second is social: "People do them together over the phone,"
and the third is dietary: Puzzles "go with coffee and they're not

But what is it about the puzzles that gets people so passionate,
cranky and opinionated?

Will Shortz, who edits the New York Times' puzzles, confirms
the reader complaints above: "Partly it's because few things
make people more angry than having their daily routine upset.
Also, working a daily puzzle is a daily confirmation that you still
have what it takes, mentally. If you're suddenly thrown a harder
puzzle, it makes you feel bad."

Not long after Shortz started the job, one reader wrote him that
getting used to a new crossword editor and his puzzle choices was
like adjusting to a new lover: "It's not necessarily unpleasant, you
just have to think through the relationship and get used to the

Shortz (see related story on page E1 of today's Variety section)
looks for puzzles with "consistent themes, fresh, colorful
vocabulary and a good sense of fun." He likes to see a balance of
old and new references, and especially "names that everyone
knows, but rarely appear in crosswords "like Fuzzy-Wuzzy."

As for that Lake of Thun clue from the New York Times puzzle
running in today's Variety, the answer is A-A-R-E. It's a river
in Switzerland. Now go solve already.

Wednesday, Feb 20, 2008 Philip J. Anderson

Theme: Chef's Creations (Play on Words)

20A: Chef's quick creations: HALF-BAKED IDEAS

40A: Chef's brunch dilemma: CHICKEN OR THE EGG

54A: Chef's secret ingredient: FORBIDDEN FRUIT

Well, the real dilemma is: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Or is it acceptable to say "Chicken or the egg"?

I had big problems this morning with the lower right corner. Could not figure out what's for 53A: Cross or Blue (BEN). Somehow I read the clue to be Red or Blue, and I had _ E_, I wanted SEA there, I was so desperate that Blue Sea sounded like a real place to me. Had no idea who the Diplomat Elihu was. Hear Ehud Olmert's name too often. I did not know 60D: New Rochelle college (IONA).

As for 68A: Slaughter of baseball (ENOS), I filled in OTIS. Then I could not work out anything around that area. Had to ask my husband, who was up earlier this morning. He corrected me and told me a story of how Enos Slaughter attended Fred Souba's retirement party. Fred also belonged to Twins Cities Sports Collectors club in 1980s. Orange also listed this ENOS name on her Word Bank list, but I forgot.

Overall, I feel this puzzle is easier than Monday's Babe Zaharias and Janet Guthrie one, don't you think so?

Here are some across entries:

1A: Rooster's pride: COMB

10A: Don't move!: HALT!

14A: Capital of Samoa: APIA

17A: Redhead Lucille: BALL. I Love Lucy. The Chocolate Factory Episode is my favorite.

18A: Excuse: ALIBI

19A: Seward Peninsula: NOME

25A: Jamaican cultist: RASTA. Would you believed I nailed this one? It's all because of Bob Marley. I like "No woman No cry".

28A: NYC arena: MSG

31A: Immature insect: LARVA

35A: Mind reading: ESP

36A: Place of worship: CHAPEL

39A: College bigwig: DEAN

43A: Head of France: TETE (French word for head). I was kind of impressed by Nicolas Sarkozy's attitude toward Lesley Stahl during the 60 minutes interview. I predict his marriage to that singer, Carla somebody, will end within 5 years, before he leaves the office.

44A: Oddball: WEIRDO. I wonder if Michael Jackson ever watched Finding Neverland (starring Johnny Depp).

46A: Lulus: ONERS

48A: Slightly shifty: SLY. I always thoughts of sly as "very shifty".

49A: Tightwad: MISER

53A: Cross or Blue: BEN. Ben Cross is an English actor. Ben Blue is a Canadian-American actor and comedian. I never heard of their names before.

63A: Soviet collective: ARTEL. I got this from the down clues. Here is the defination from In Russia or the Soviet Union) a peasants' or workers' cooperative; an association of workers or peasants for collective effort.

64A: Diplomat Elihu: ROOT. He won Nobel Peace Prize in 1912. Teddy Roosevelt won it in 1906.

66A: ___ Hari: MATA: The spy. She looked so exotic.

67A: "West Side Story" hit: MARIA. Unknown to me.

68A: Slaughter of baseball: ENOS. He is in baseball Hall-of-Fame. St Louis Cardinal's #9.

69A: Asian sea: ARAL

70A: Silvery food fish: SMELT

71A: Laertes or Hamlet, e.g.: DANE

Down entries:

1D: Hack: CAB. Taxi.

2D: Colorful marine fish: OPAH

3D: Uris novel "___" 18: MILA. Never read any of Uris' works.

4D: "Swan Lake, " e.g.: BALLET

5D: Riyadh residents: ARABS. Riyadh is Saudi Arabia's capital.

6D: Actor Lugosi: BELA. Known for his role in Dracula.

7D: Composer Satie: ERIK

9D: Maliciously derogatory: SNIDE

10D: Not from a factory: HANDMADE

12D: "Champagne Tony" of golf: LEMA

21D: "Killing Me Softly..." singer": FLACK (Roberta). I like "The First Time I ever Saw Your Face."

22D: Off one's feed: ILL

25D: Right-hand page: RECTO. Left is Verso.

27D: Malicous ill-will: SPITE

28D: Flowing tresses: MANES

29D: Ruin: SPOIL

30D: Saxophonist Mulligan: GERRY. Unknown to me.

32D: Marsh grass: REEDS

38D: Inc. in the UK.: LTD

41D: Of the brain: CEREBRAL. This answer reminds me of Ken Jennings. Have a look at his blog.

42D: Ancient writer: HOMER

50D: Hardened (to): INURED

52D: Don or Samuel: ADAMS

53D: Musical note: B FLAT

54D: Disaster org: FEMA. Somehow I was not surprised by their fake press conference after the Brownie disaster.

56D: Poet Dove: RITA. She won Pulitzer in 1987.

57D: Whiskey shot: DRAM

58D: Tours to be: ETRE (Etre is French for be)

59D: Singer Young: NEIL

60D: New Rochelle college: IONA. Never heard of this college. Found out that Don McLean (American Pie) attended this college.

61D: Roger Rabbit feature: TOON

65D: Half a fly?: TSE I learned this tsetse fly only from doing crossword. I always thought it's a strange fly living somewhere in Africa. Imagine my surprise last night when I watched Finding Neverland and heard Barrie (Johnny Depp) telling Peter "Tsetse fly, quite horrible."

Alright, time for breakfast.

C. C.

Feb 19, 2008

Crossword Difficulty Rating

Yesterday our local editor told me that our crossword might not be using a sequential difficulty pattern. She said they might be random. But she is waiting for TMS to get back to her. I will let you know once I hear more from her.

I also want to share with you this valuable information from Orange:

"LA Times follows the exact same increasing-difficulty pattern as the NYT, only a little bit easier each day (and Friday LATs have themes, whereas most Friday NYTs are themeless).
Newsday is super-easy Mon/Tues, and gets gradually tougher by Friday (but easier than the NYT). Saturday's Newsday is as hard as the Sat. NYT. The Sunday Newsday is easier than the other Sunday puzzles I do.

CrosSynergy/Houston Chronicle is roughly Mon-Wed NYT level six days a week, with a themeless puzzle on Sunday that's usually like an easier themeless Fri NYT.

The New York Sun follows the same pattern as the NYT but without weekend puzzles. The Mon-Wed puzzles feel like Tues-Thurs NYTs, and Thurs and Fri trade off between hard themes and themeless puzzles."

C. C.

Tuesday, Feb19, 2008 Michael T. Williams

Theme: Play on Words

20A: More than a nickel feature?: The Sixth Cents (Bruce Willis movie: The Sixth Sense)

37A: State of sugary film? California Sweet (Jane Fonda/Alan Alda movie: California Suit)

54A: Scratchy holiday picture? The Santa Claws (Tim Allan movie: The Santa Clause)

I tanked again, before I even started the puzzle. As soon as I saw the constructor's name, I sensed trouble. I still have not recovered from his Sunday Chicago Bears blow.

I could not get the ball rolling. I want something odd for 1A: Eccentric piece, I have _AM there, and I wrongly put GAD instead of CAD for 1A: Scoundrel. I could not figure out why the pinup leg GAM is eccentric.

I love Sleepless in Seattle, and read Nora Ephron's blog on Huffington's post from time to time, but when the time was up, I just could not perform. God, I Feel Bad About My Neck, and I feel bad about my memories.

The lower left corner was killing me. I was trapped by the 60-min. units. I pictured Scott Paley and Steve Kroft in my mind, and I wanted it to be SEG. Did not know the agile deer, I thought all deer were agile, No? The only ancient Egyptian City I knew is Alexandria, and I could not cram it in. I figured the puzzle author was looking for an Arabic name for Alexandria, and there was no way I knew it. So I waved the white flag.

Here are the across entry:

1A: Eccentric piece: CAM. Now I really feel stupid botching this fill.

14A: Increase, as volume: CRANK UP

17A: Quayle or Marino: DAN. Dan Quayle has been very quiet. I am so tired of Dan Marino's NutriSystem Diet plan. Eat less and exercise more, as simple as that.

18A: Travel allowance: MILEAGE

20A: More than a nickel feature: THE SIXTH CENTS. Never watched The Sixth Sense. Obviously Bruce Willis and I are not in the same boat in terms of politcal leaning.

25A: Hanoi holiday: TET

26A: Stout's wolfe: NERO

33A: Actor DiCaprio: LEONARDO. The Aviator is unbelievably good.

37A: State of sugary film?: CALIFORNIA SWEET. Has anyone watched California Suit?

42A: Floppy: DISKETTE. I suppose it's correct. But I was looking for saggy, droopy stuff.

43A: Abnormal: pref.: DYS

44A: Ancient city on the Nile: MEROE. This place was so close to Sudan. They traded with India and China before 350 AD. Impressive.

47A: "Robinson Crusoe" inspiration: SELKIRK (Alexander). I never knew this novel was based on a real life story.

49A: German automaker: OPEL

50A: Moray: EEL

54A: Scratchy holiday picture? THE SANTA CLAWS.

59A: 60-min. units: HRS. Trappy clue for me.

60A: Hit the books: STUDIED

61A: Assent, in AIX: OUI. French for yes.

64A: Agile deer: ROE. Never heard of Roe Deer.

65A: Committed burglary: HEISTED. In 2003, CNBC's David Faber did a piece on AOL-Time Warner merger: the Big Heist. I kind of feel sad for Gerald Levin. No sympathy for Dennis Kozlowski. Epitome of Heist.

66A: Trojans of sports: USC

67A: T or F, e.g.: ANS. True or False, Answer me, no flip-flop!

68A: Time meas: YRS

70A: Perth's river: TAY. Never heard of it. Always thought Perth is in Australia. Did not know Scotland had a Perth too.

Down Entry:

1D: Scoundrel: CAD. I don't know why I confuse "cad" with "gad". Cad likes gadding about.

2D: __ Khan IV.: AGA. I tend to confuse this Aga Khan with Ayub Khan, President of Pakistan during Jackie Kennedy's visit in 1960s. I suppose Khan is a popular surname in Pakistan, like our Smith? Correct me if I am wrong.

3D: City in Quebec: MONTREAL

4D: Pinnacle: ACME

5D: Garden dandy: IRIS

6D: Niger's neighbor: MALI. Love Ali Farka Toure's music, esp the theme song for The World's Geo Quiz.

7D: Flat fish: SKATE. Never heard of it. Why bother with skate when we have the best walleye here in MN?

8D: Anything whatever: AUGHT. Exactly. Anything whatever. Never heard of you.

9D: Intl. oil cartel: OPEC . Could not understand why Venezuela stretched its arm, across the ocean, just to join OPEC. Too much oil?

Did you read the news about that United Arab Emirate guy who shelled out $14 million to buy a license plate bearing single number "1". Here is what he said after he won the bid on Feb 16: ''It is not huge compared to my family's fortune. The price is fair. After all, who among us does not want to be number one."

10D: Made amends: ATONED

11D: Longfellow's forte: POETRY

12D: Bodies: TORSOS

15D: Following: NEXT

21D: Magic spell: HEX

22D: Provide with income: ENDOW

23D: Conic sect.: CIRC (Circle)

24D: Actress Paquin: ANNA

28D: Caine film: ALFIE. I've seen Jude Law's Alfie. Could not tell the spark between him and Sienna Miller.

30D: Peter of "The Monkees": TORK. He is a stranger to me.

31D: Ford Flop: EDSEL

35D: Small isles: AITS. If you say so.

36D: Charge per unit: RATE

38D: Gods' images: IDOLS.

39D: Deletes: EDITS OUT

40D: Fictional Jane: EYRE

44D: Movie monster: MOTHRA. Unknown to me. Next time I will remeber her: Moth-ra. She is a moth.

45D: Writer/director Nora: EPHRON. She loves Hardball with Chris Matthews. Me too.

46D: Pee Wee/Della: REESES

48D: London gardens: KEW. Blog this word before, then I forgot.

50D: Input, as data: ENTER

51D: Needle boxes: ETUIS. A pretty looking decorative case.

52D: Young fellas: LADS

55D: Drained of color: ASHY

56D: Refer to: CITE

57D: Sly look: LEER

63D: Frigid: ICY

Sorry about the choppy posting this morning. The mouse was on strike. The key board seems fine though.

Pls let me know if you spot any mistake.


Feb 18, 2008

Monday, Feb 18, 2008 Stanley B. Whitten

Theme: Female Athletes

20A: First female Indy entrant: Janet Guthrie

38A: LPGA superstar: Annika Sorenstam

54A: Ms. Didrikson: Babe Zaharias

I don't see any consistency in the difficulty rating of the Star Tribune puzzle, do you? I mean, their Monday puzzles are always more difficult than Tuesdays' and Wednesdays'. The puzzle for Feb 12 Tuesday (Allan E. Parish, the mythical crier Niobe one) was obviously more difficult than Feb 15 Friday's (Randall J. Hartman).

I hope I am not the only one who feels this way. I would love to have your thoughts.

I tanked this one miserably, from the very beginning. I was so adamantly sure of my HAJJ for 1D: Pilgrimage to Mecca (HADJ) that I refused to consider DIRT for 17A: Gossip. I met Annika in person, and I am a huge fan of her, but I could never spell her name properly. I should have been patient and worked out the down clues first, then let her surname reveal itself. But NO, I wanted to key in her name first. Overly excited! I always knew Babe as Babe Zaharias, I would never associate her with Ms. Didrikson.

Here are some of the entries for Across:

1A: Noggin toppers: HATS

15A: Latin handle: ANSA. It was in yesterday's puzzle.

16A: Author Jong: ERICA. Fear of Flying author.

18A:Billy or nanny: GOAT

19A: Covered with hoarfrost: RIMED

20A: First female Indy entrant: JANET GUTHRIE. The only female racer I've heard is Danica Patrick.

23A: Small amount of residue: DREG

24A: Lamprey: EEL. Sniggler's catch. Japanese call it Unagi. The smell of grilled unagi (kabayaki) is heavenly.

25A: Drag behind: TOW. I put Lag first, it messed up the whole corner.

31A: Sticks: ADHERES. Every time I see "stick", I just fill in "adhere". It never fails.

34A: Purple shade: LILAC

36A: N. T. book: REV.

37A: Golda of Israel: MEIR. I was a bit disappointed by the portrayal of her in the movie Munich.

38A: LPGA superstar: ANNIKA SORENSTAM. She is back. She just won LPGA season opener in Hawaii 2 days ago. It's been a long winless streak for her. I have her autographed card, very cool.

42A: Installed at carpet: LAID

44A: Representative: AGENT

45A: Stock-market abbr. OTC (Over the Counter). I am not cut for any stock market trading. I cannot stomach the violent up-and-down swings.

46A: "Citizen Kane" sled: ROSEBUD. I watched 2 minutes of Citizen Kane, then I gave it up. I did not like it and could not understand what's the beauty in the movie.

50A: Chinese chairman: MAO. His famous quote: Studying hard, improving every day.

51A: Powerful ruler: EMP (EMPEROR)

52A: Novelist Bagnold: ENID

54A: Ms. Didrikson: BABE ZAHARIAS. An incredible all-around athlete. Voted Female Athlete of the Century by Sports Illustrated. She even sewed her own golfing outfits.

59A: Bit of info: DATUM

62A: Vena __ : CAVA: Latin: hollow vein. Look at the definition here.

68A: Deep-orange chalcedony: SARD.

Down entry:

1D: Pilgrimage to Mecca. HADJ. It's a variation on HAJ. HAJJ is a more popular spelling than HADJ. I wish the editor would put a Var mark besides the clue.

3D: Sea swallow: TERN

5D: Drooped: SAGGED

21D: Follow closely: TRACK.

22D: "Still me" writer: REEVE Never read it. I enjoyed very much Katharine Hepburn's autobiography Me. The letter she wrote to Spencer Tracy moved me to tears.

25D: Balance on the brink: TEETER.

26D: "The Egotists" author Fallaci: ORIANA. Did not know her. Here is an interesting tidbit for you from wikipedia: During her 1972 interview with Hentry Kissingerh, Kissinger agreed that the Vietnam War was a "useless war" and compared himself to "the cowboy who leads the wagon train by riding ahead alone on his horse". Kissinger later wrote that it was "the single most disastrous conversation I have ever had with any member of the press."

I guess Bush read this line, no, I take it back, he does not read, maybe Rove told him so, then he decided that he would refuse to admit making any mistake when confronted by the media. Wrong lesson, cowboy! But enjoy your own holiday in Tanzania!

27D: Friendliness: WARMTH

28D: Ski race: SLALOM

29D: Mexican party item: PINATA. I learned this word from a Torii Hunter TV commercial.

30D: Alloy for magnets: ALNICO. Unknown to me.

32D: Worn away unevenly: EROSE

37D: NYC arena: MSG (Madison Square Garden)

39D: Alamogordo headline word: A BOMB. The first atomic bomb test, 1945.

40D: Surmises to be true: SUSPECTS

41D: Gymnast Comaneci: NADIA. The first gymnast to be awarded a perfect 10 in Olympics.

46D: Enlarged (a hole): REAMED

47D: Cleaver of TV: BEAVER

48D: Let go of: UNHAND

53D: Muumuu or sack: DRESS

54D: Set on fire: BURN

55D: Hannibal's "Waterloo": ZAMA. Why the quotation mark in the clue?

57D: Soprano Gluck: ALMA

60D: Cobbler's tool: AWL

61D: Menlo Park initials: TAE (thomas Alva Edison)

Have a great week everyone.

C. C.

Feb 17, 2008

Sunday, Feb 17, 2008 Michael T. Williams

Theme: Chicago to Canton

(Chicago Bears Hall-of-Famer. NFL Hall of Fame is located in Canton, OH)

1A & 127A: Bear in Canton since 1993: Walter Payton

24A: Bear in Canton since 1963: Bronko Nagurski

70A: Bear in Canton since 1963: George Halas (Papa Bear)

115A: Bear in Canton since 1998: Mike Singletary

31D: Bear in Canton since 1977: Gale Sayers

41D: Bear in Canton since 1963: Red Grange

51D: Bear in Canton since 1988: Mike Ditka

55D: Bear in canton since 1979: Dick Butkus

No joy today in Mudville, mighty Casey has struck out! Brutal! I don't even know which Vikings are in the HOF. OK, Alan Page comes to my mind. He is our Supreme Court Justice now. Bud Grant? Yes.

By the way, I came across Chuck Foreman at flea market several times last year. He was selling his autographed photos/helmets/footballs, etc. This guy squandered all the money he made during his career I suppose. Twins Great Zoilo Versailles was the same. He had to wash airplanes for a living when he was old. That's just so sad.

Anyway, this puzzle was too much a workout for me. I was not in good shape football-wise, lots of panting, gasping for air, wild throw and cheating. But damned it, I finished it!


7A: Handle capably: WIELD

12A: Droop: WILT

16A: Ernie of the PGA: ELS. The Big Easy. I tried to copy his lazy swing, didn't work.

19A: Take for granted: ASSUME

20A: Nine: pref.: ENNEA

21A: Type of navigation system: INERTIAL

23A: Make additional cuts: RETRIM

26A: Host of a '70s variety series: FLIP WILSON. Sorry, I didn't know you.

28A: Brand name on cakes: SARA LEE

29A: Listening device: BUG. Have you ever seen an expert debug a phone, in person? Very fascinating.

32A: Inside:pref.: ENTO.

33A: Of bristles: SETAL

34A: Hermits: LONER

39A: Quickly: ASAP

38A: Long, thin fish: GARS. Often clued as long-snouted fish.

40A: Chicken caller: DARER. I like this clue.

42A: Vesicle: CYST

43A: Called (archaic): YCLEPT. Past participle of clepe. Ridiculous looking word!

45A: Extinct bird of New Zealand: MOA

47A: Any individual: SOMEONE

50A: __ Salt: EPSOM. Great for muscle pain relief. Trust me on this one.

52A: C & W fan's channel: CMT (Country Music TV). Country & Western (C & W)

54A: Soup scoop: LADLE

55A: When it's light out: DAY

58A: "The Thieving Magpie" composer: ROSSINI. Did not know him. The title looks interesting.

60A: Pink color: CORAL

62A: Wedge-shaped piece: GIB. I put Pie first.

63A: Non-network station: ITV (Independent TV network)

64A: Diarist Nin: ANAIS. I read 3 pages of her Delta of Venus. Wow, talk about graphic S scenes.

65A: Wailed: KEENED. I lifted this one out of Keen, n/v, to wail in lamentation for the dead.

67A: End of a buck: AROO

68A: __ -Magnon: CRO. The Cave.

69A: Charles II's lover Nell: GWYN. Called "Pretty, witty Nell" by Samuel Pepys, another famous diarist.

73A: Go, in Glasgow: GAE. Scottish accent I suppose.

75A: Intervene: STEP IN

76A: Kind of cigar or sandwich: CUBAN

78A: Lilly or Wallah: ELI

79A: Main Street structure: STORE

80A: Small sphere: GLOBULE

82A: Deg. with teeth: DDS (Doctor of Dental Science)

83A: Taiwan Strait Islands: MATSU. I think our crossword editor is obsessed with this word, which has made at least 3 appearances since I started blogging.

86A: Israeli seaport: EILAT. Also spelled Elath. I only knew Haifa.

87A: Gambling: RISKING

89A: Grad. deg.: SCD (Scientiae Doctor, ie, Doctor of Science)

91A: Russian drinks: VODKA. Add Kahlua, you get your own Black Russian. Na zdorovje, Putin, for your power-grabbing prowess!

97A: Robert and Alan: ALDAS

99A: Yen: URGE

102A: Sports venues: ARENAS

105A: Flags: TIRES

107A: Jedi teacher: YODA

109A: Half of B.S.: SCI

110A: Mid-ocean: OPEN SEA

112A: Work by Horace: ARS POETICA (The Art of Poetry)

117A: Whole lot: TUBFUL

121A: Partly: IN A SENSE

122A: Roofing material: TERNE. I only knew "slate" for the roof.

123A: Cosmopolitan: URBANE

124A: Confirmed: SET

125A: Blue-green color: TEAL

126A: Mighty mount: STEED


1D: Simple card game: WAR

2D: Peer Gynt's mother: ASE. I forgot her name.

3D: D-Day craft: LST (Landing Ship Tank)

4D: Greensward: TURF (sorry about the mistake earlier)

5D: French writer Zola: EMILE

6D: "Bronco Buster" Sculptor: REMINGTON (Fredric). It looks majestic.

7D: Destructive caterpillar: WEB WORM

8D: Calvary inscription: INRI. I mixed it up with Cavalry. These two words are so close.

9D: Tautomeric compounds: ENOLS. Why in the world should I know this?

10D: Filmed, slangily: LENSED

11D: Badlands states: DAKOTAS

13D: Claire and Balins: INAS

14D: Authorized by law: LEGAL

15D: Cornwall town: TRURO. It's in the UK.

16D: Anthony of "Hawaiian Eye": EISLEY. Never heard of him.

17D: NBA team: LAKERS

18D: Crafty to the max: SLIEST

22D: Hypnotic state: TRANCE

25D: Streaking: ON A ROLL

29D: Hound sound: BAY

30D: Trojans of sports: USC

34D: "Champagne Tony" of golf: LEMA. 12 PGA wins. Pretty impressive. On the Eve of his first win, He joked to the press that would serve champagne if he won the next day. Hence the nickname. I want K. J. Choi to win Masters this year.

37D: Stomach enzyme: PEPSIN

39D: Mia Hamm's game: SOCCER

44D: Greek letters: PSIS

46D: In the company of: AMONGST

48D: Medleys: OLIOS

49D: Moses's mount: NEBO

53D: Christmas star's place: TREE TOP

56D: Of an entrance court: ATRIAL

57D: Actress de Carlo: YVONNE

58D: Tattered: RAGGED

59D: Ahead: ONWARD

61D: Sticks: ADHERES

66D: Dawn goddess: EOS. Just for your information: Io is a moon of Jupiter, also from Greek Mythology.

71D: Quick impression: APERCU. It also means short summary.

72D: Daybreak song: AUBADE. Pronounced as Oh Bad. Sung at dawn to compliment someone.

74D: Actress Moore: DEMI Surprised that her marriage with Ashton Kucher is still solid.

76D: Neighbor of N. Mex.: COLO.

79D: Daytime timepiece: SUNDIAL

81D: Was extravagant: LIVED IT UP

84D: Riverbed deposit: SILT

87D: French city in Bretagne: RENNES. Never been there. Did not know it.

88D: Attics: GARRETS

90D: Tearless: DRY-EYED

92D: Circle segment: ARC

93D: __ disant (so called): SOI

94D: Judd and Campbell: NAOMIS. Naomi Campbell knows how to throw a blackberry tantrum.

95D: Sempervivum: ORPINE. Unknown to me, both the clue and the answer.

96D: Sneak a look: PEEK AT

98D: Part of a sonnet: SESTET

103D: Selling point: ASSET

104D: Cast net: SEINE. Can you seine in Seine?

106D: Let live: SPARE

108D: Legend automaker: ACURA. I love the clue.

111D: Latin handle: ANSA. It's a looped handle. Ansa is the Latin word for handle (Thank you Hugh Brown). By the way, Asian apricot is ANSU, so similar to ANSA.

113D: Caen's river: ORNE

114D: "Dear" columnist: ABBY

116D: Solidify: GEL

118D: Love-handles content: FAT

119D: One in Toledo: UNO

120D: Sportscaster Berman: LEN. Did not know him. Probably will forget him again. Love Joe Buck though.

Alright, now I am going to devour my high-carb breakfast.


(Added later: Please let me know if you see any mistake or have any question. You can either Comment or Send me an email. Thank you.)