May 27, 2020

Wednesday, May 27, 2020, Kurt Mengel & Jan-Michele Gianette


17. Give up: CHUCK IT IN.

24. Block the sun: CAST SHADOWS.

40. Frighten: THROW A SCARE INTO.

52. Attack verbally, with "at": HURL INSULTS.

66. Lose control: PITCH A FIT.

Hi all, Melissa here. Theme is self-explanatory, easily gotten after any two of the five theme answers filled in. Love the grid-spanner in the middle.


1. Choice words?: AND OR.

9. "Take me __": AS I AM.

14. Supported: BORNE.

15. Relative of Downy and Tide: ERA.

16. Like San Francisco summer weather, often: FOGGY. I remember one very hot day in San Jose, when my sister-in-law asked where was the coolest place in the bay area. Her husband's answer was Candlestick Park (former home of the SF Giants), and they went to a Giant's game that day to cool off.

19. Delicate bridal netting: TULLE.

20. "Very well": SO BE IT.

21. Irish __: SEA. Not pub.

23. Jordanian queen who is also a humanitarian activist: NOOR. The widow of King Hussein, she was his fourth spouse and Queen Consort between their marriage in 1978 and his death in 1999.

27. Restraining device: SHACKLE.

31. Brewpub unit: TAP. Not mug.

32. "Thus do I ever make my fool my purse" speaker: IAGO. Shakespeare's Othello.

33. WWII battle site, for short: IWO. Famous image from the Battle of Iwo Jima.

35. Pub perch: STOOL.

44. Japanese mushroom: ENOKI.

45. __TV: reality channel: TRU.

46. Bat mitzvah, e.g.: RITE. Bat mitzvah is a Jewish coming of age ritual for girls. Bar mitzvah is for boys.

47. Tallahassee sch.: FSU. Florida State University.

50. See 22-Down: I SEE NOW.

57. __ Day VitaCraves: ONE A. When I saw the name of this, I assumed it was vitamins for pets. Nope. Gummy-vitamins for varied consumers (women, men, teens, adults, and immunity support).

58. Filming site: LOT. When my daughter and I took the Gilmore Girls-themed Warner Brothers tour, I discovered that The Waltons filmed on the same lot, and recognized some of the exteriors from both.

59. Cornell University city: ITHACA. New York.

64. Not be straight with: LIE TO. Those two-word answers are tricky.

68. Delaware capital: DOVER.

69. Green prefix: ECO.

70. Disney princess from Avalor: ELENA.

71. McCarthy's dummy friend: SNERD. Mortimer Snerd was the secondary dummy of Edgar Bergen, after Charlie McCarthy.

72. Anti vote: NAY.

73. Worked on a galley, perhaps: ROWED. A galley is a type of ship propelled mainly by rowing.


1. Basics: ABCS.

2. NYC neighborhood: NOHO. North of Houston Street, as opposed to Soho, which is South of Houston Street.

3. Trounce: DRUB. I've heard trounce, but not DRUB.

4. Some time ago: ONCE.

5. Football do-over: RE-KICK.

6. Pet doc: VET.

7. Apple Watch spot: WRIST.

8. Most rational: SANEST.

9. Toward the tiller: AFT. Aft - at, near, or toward the stern (rearmost) of a ship. The tiller is the lever used to steer the ship.

10. Squeak or creak: SOUND.

11. Digs in the snow: IGLOO. Nice misdirection - digs as noun, not verb.

12. Lit: AGLOW.

13. "Wayne's World" co-star: MYERS. Party on!

18. Home of Roma: ITALIA.

22. "I get it!": AHA.

25. Works with thread: SEWS.

26. Abbey area: APSE.

27. Construction area: SITE.

28. See 38-Down: HAHN.

29. Business opening: AGRO.

30. Work in a galley, perhaps: COOK. One word short of a clecho. In this instance, the galley is the kitchen of a ship.

34. Scorpio mo.: OCT.

36. Fade: TIRE.

37. "Come __!": ON IN.

38. With 28-Down, German nuclear fission pioneer: OTTO.

39. MGM mogul Marcus: LOEW. Wikipedia.

41. In-flight amenity: WIFI. Anyone flying these days?

42. Seed pod: ARIL.

43. Like much beach cottage decor: RUSTIC.

48. "... from New York!" show, briefly: SNL. Saturday Night Live. Like other late-night shows, broadcast without a live audience these days.

49. Annual Queens sports event: US OPEN. Tennis.

51. Bible book named for a woman: ESTHER.

52. Wrestling moves: HOLDS. Growing up, my brother used to practice new wrestling holds on me. I was never a fan of wrestling after that.

53. Labor group: UNION.

54. Kent player in film: REEVE. Clark Kent, played by Christopher Reeve, in Superman.

55. "Gotta run!": LATER.

56. Seat of New York's Oneida County: UTICA.

60. Angelic ring: HALO.

61. Not very many: A FEW. "I'm not gonna have 'em all now, I"m just gonna have a few ..."

62. French movie: CINE.

63. Not very much: A TAD.

65. O'Hare, on tix: ORD.

67. First car, for many: TOY.