May 27, 2020

Wednesday, May 27, 2020, Kurt Mengel & Jan-Michele Gianette


17. Give up: CHUCK IT IN.

24. Block the sun: CAST SHADOWS.

40. Frighten: THROW A SCARE INTO.

52. Attack verbally, with "at": HURL INSULTS.

66. Lose control: PITCH A FIT.

Hi all, Melissa here. Theme is self-explanatory, easily gotten after any two of the five theme answers filled in. Love the grid-spanner in the middle.


1. Choice words?: AND OR.

9. "Take me __": AS I AM.

14. Supported: BORNE.

15. Relative of Downy and Tide: ERA.

16. Like San Francisco summer weather, often: FOGGY. I remember one very hot day in San Jose, when my sister-in-law asked where was the coolest place in the bay area. Her husband's answer was Candlestick Park (former home of the SF Giants), and they went to a Giant's game that day to cool off.

19. Delicate bridal netting: TULLE.

20. "Very well": SO BE IT.

21. Irish __: SEA. Not pub.

23. Jordanian queen who is also a humanitarian activist: NOOR. The widow of King Hussein, she was his fourth spouse and Queen Consort between their marriage in 1978 and his death in 1999.

27. Restraining device: SHACKLE.

31. Brewpub unit: TAP. Not mug.

32. "Thus do I ever make my fool my purse" speaker: IAGO. Shakespeare's Othello.

33. WWII battle site, for short: IWO. Famous image from the Battle of Iwo Jima.

35. Pub perch: STOOL.

44. Japanese mushroom: ENOKI.

45. __TV: reality channel: TRU.

46. Bat mitzvah, e.g.: RITE. Bat mitzvah is a Jewish coming of age ritual for girls. Bar mitzvah is for boys.

47. Tallahassee sch.: FSU. Florida State University.

50. See 22-Down: I SEE NOW.

57. __ Day VitaCraves: ONE A. When I saw the name of this, I assumed it was vitamins for pets. Nope. Gummy-vitamins for varied consumers (women, men, teens, adults, and immunity support).

58. Filming site: LOT. When my daughter and I took the Gilmore Girls-themed Warner Brothers tour, I discovered that The Waltons filmed on the same lot, and recognized some of the exteriors from both.

59. Cornell University city: ITHACA. New York.

64. Not be straight with: LIE TO. Those two-word answers are tricky.

68. Delaware capital: DOVER.

69. Green prefix: ECO.

70. Disney princess from Avalor: ELENA.

71. McCarthy's dummy friend: SNERD. Mortimer Snerd was the secondary dummy of Edgar Bergen, after Charlie McCarthy.

72. Anti vote: NAY.

73. Worked on a galley, perhaps: ROWED. A galley is a type of ship propelled mainly by rowing.


1. Basics: ABCS.

2. NYC neighborhood: NOHO. North of Houston Street, as opposed to Soho, which is South of Houston Street.

3. Trounce: DRUB. I've heard trounce, but not DRUB.

4. Some time ago: ONCE.

5. Football do-over: RE-KICK.

6. Pet doc: VET.

7. Apple Watch spot: WRIST.

8. Most rational: SANEST.

9. Toward the tiller: AFT. Aft - at, near, or toward the stern (rearmost) of a ship. The tiller is the lever used to steer the ship.

10. Squeak or creak: SOUND.

11. Digs in the snow: IGLOO. Nice misdirection - digs as noun, not verb.

12. Lit: AGLOW.

13. "Wayne's World" co-star: MYERS. Party on!

18. Home of Roma: ITALIA.

22. "I get it!": AHA.

25. Works with thread: SEWS.

26. Abbey area: APSE.

27. Construction area: SITE.

28. See 38-Down: HAHN.

29. Business opening: AGRO.

30. Work in a galley, perhaps: COOK. One word short of a clecho. In this instance, the galley is the kitchen of a ship.

34. Scorpio mo.: OCT.

36. Fade: TIRE.

37. "Come __!": ON IN.

38. With 28-Down, German nuclear fission pioneer: OTTO.

39. MGM mogul Marcus: LOEW. Wikipedia.

41. In-flight amenity: WIFI. Anyone flying these days?

42. Seed pod: ARIL.

43. Like much beach cottage decor: RUSTIC.

48. "... from New York!" show, briefly: SNL. Saturday Night Live. Like other late-night shows, broadcast without a live audience these days.

49. Annual Queens sports event: US OPEN. Tennis.

51. Bible book named for a woman: ESTHER.

52. Wrestling moves: HOLDS. Growing up, my brother used to practice new wrestling holds on me. I was never a fan of wrestling after that.

53. Labor group: UNION.

54. Kent player in film: REEVE. Clark Kent, played by Christopher Reeve, in Superman.

55. "Gotta run!": LATER.

56. Seat of New York's Oneida County: UTICA.

60. Angelic ring: HALO.

61. Not very many: A FEW. "I'm not gonna have 'em all now, I"m just gonna have a few ..."

62. French movie: CINE.

63. Not very much: A TAD.

65. O'Hare, on tix: ORD.

67. First car, for many: TOY.


Vermontah said...

Morning solvers! Vermontah slogging it through another night shift here. I must say I'm A TAD sleepy. Mind's a little FOGGY. I'm not at my SANEST doing these overnights, I won't LIE TO you.

CSO with ITHACA, having attended ITHACA college for a couple of years. Cornell's naughty little brother.

"Far above Cayuga's waters, there's an awful smell,
Some say it's Cayuga's waters, some say it's Cornell!"

Didn't quite finish IR today, had to resort to Mr. Google to get SNERD and HAHN, since my mind was not fully functional and I couldn't remember IAGO. And at this point I've done enough xw puzzles that ENOKI should come tripping off my lips.

CINE does not mean "movie" in French. The word is "film." Pronounced FEELM. Also cinema, as in "on va au cinema." But I quibble. But speaking of films, is there a moving picture better than Wayne's World? If there is I haven't seen it. Ok, Ok, maybe The Simpsons Movie, but only by a hair. Party on, Wayne! Party on, Garth!

Isn't it curious that the original Superman on TV was played by George Reeves, and the movie version from 1978 was played by Christopher REEVE. Huh.

Vermontah out (cold)

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

That Washington/Oregon corner remained white until I took a WAG at BORNE, and it all fell into place. Whew! The dreaded DNF was avoided. ESTHER, because RUTH was too short. Interesting to see both UTICA and ITHACA. Makes me wonder if Kurt or Jan-Michele is from New York. Nice Wednesday offering. Thanx, Melissa. (Your TOY image link is broken, but Seinfeld was funny.)

REKICK: Is that a real thing?

BERGEN: Edgar Bergen was a ventriloquist on the radio. How crazy is that?

Lemonade714 said...

We have a double CSO to Bill G., who studied at CORNELL and the reference to OTTO HAHN who was a visiting professor at the University. He was a true pioneer and I confess I probably would not have recalled his name if he had not been in a Christopher Adams puzzle in January. Not as titillating as the reminders of JESSICA HAHN . We also have a local reference to UTICA a BUS RIDE AWAY .

Thank you gentleman and gentle melissa.

billocohoes said...

Coincidentally, today is 25 years since Christopher REEVE was thrown from his horse, breaking his neck and becoming a quadriplegic.

Yes, D-O, if e.g. there's a penalty on the play, or the ball falls off the tee during runup, they may REKICK.

TTP said...

Good morning.

Somehow ended up with HURL INSaLTS.

Disappointed with that, but still fun.

I never heard of those vitamins, MB. Assumed the same and moved on.

Liked reading about that Volkswagen Bus. Couldn't see your TOY image.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Interesting doable puzzle, thanks, KM & JMG! Good job on the commentary, Melissa!

This is not the SANEST year of our lives. CWs help keep the brain gears running in a SANE direction though. Interesting that the great flu epidemic of 1918-1920 was 100 years ago. My great aunt lost two children in that pandemic and was never quite SANE thereafter. She had two more children after that, but was so paranoid, it is a wonder they were somewhat normal.

DNK: ENOKI, ELENA, OTTO HAHN. I don't care how many times constructors throw in those mushrooms, the word won't stick in my brain.

Thanks to BillG, I knew where Cornell is located. ITHACA & UTICA, both? Might as well have thrown in Attica too.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Kurt Mengel & Jan-Michele Gianette, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Melissa Bee, for a fine review.

Puzzle was a good Wednesday level. A little easy and a little hard. Caught the theme after I was finished. Made sense.

Needed help with CINE. I do not do well with french.

Never Heard of OTTO HAHN. Must have been a cohort of Werner Von Braun.

ENOKI was with perps.

Had the I and O so I filled in IAGO and it worked.

UTICA reminds me of one of the worst beers I ever had. Utica Club.

TULLE was unknown. Perps.

Remembered NOHO from prior puzzles.

Have to run. See you tomorrow.


( )

inanehiker said...

This all went pretty smoothly, though a few spots I was definitely hovering waiting for perps!

D-O another situation I have seen a re-kick in football is when an onside kick didn't go the requisite 10 yards before the kicking team jumped on it.

My BIL went to Cornell - before knowing him I didn't realize that there are 2 tuition tiers - since it is partially a state school- so one price tag similar to all the other Ivies but another for in state students provided they major in something related to it being a land grant school. So my BIL - though he had no interest in agriculture- majored in Agricultural business vs regular business major so he saved thousands of dollars in tuition!

Thanks MB for the blog post - I chuckled at the Seinfeld clip - flying in a plane feels like a distant memory at this point! and thanks to the Kurt & Jan-Michele duo!

Wheels42 said...

FIR but the NE and NW corners made me work for it. A few too many obscure or crosswordese answers for my liking (though, as often said, one man's "obscure" is another man's "tough but fair"), but the tight theme (with five theme answers) makes up for it.

Yellowrocks said...

I liked this puzzle. Realizing the first words of all the theme answers were synonyms helped with the solve. Unfortunately I have to give myself a DNF.
I finished all but the NW corner easily before I went to the supermarket. When I returned, forgetting I hadn't finished, I went right to the Corner blog and saw CHUCK. Drat!
I really enjoyed grocery shopping today. The supermarket is the only building besides my house that I have entered for weeks. I also enjoyed being out among people, even strangers who don't talk much.
I have heard, "Our team took a drubbing. We didn't score one run."
The beach cottages I have been invited to all have nautical themes.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

CSO à moi with UTICA just ½ mile down the hill from me. Also, sister went to Cornell @ ITHACA.
Don't recall having heard CHUCK IT IN, but perps were strong.
No problems with the solve; a good Wednesday challenge.
We had NOOR a couple weeks ago.

Had 92º yesterday. But it was a dry heat.

Yellowrocks said...

Did you know that Queen Noor was an American?
"Queen Noor: An American Queen. It was on 15 June 1978 in Amman that an American, with Syrian roots, Lisa Halaby married King Hussein and became the Queen of Jordan. She relinquished her American citizenship, converted to Sunni Islam and took the name of Noor Al-Hussein."

FLN, This may not be pertinent, but many years ago I kept falling asleep at odd times. Trying to drive was difficult. The doctor changed my blood pressure medicine and I had no more trouble.

SansBeach said...

Good Morning, All. Just when I thought M-Th should be no problem along comes some crow. Thanks Kurt & Jan-Michele for the challenging xword. Thanks Mel B for splaining. Like Vermontah and PK the mushrooms (I should be able to retain) wouldn't let me fill the MW quad. DNF as I had to google the 'roons Did not know Iago or Hahn. Perps made the NY clues fill in. Got onto the theme which helped fill the long ones and the grid spanner. I am in a NW state of mind for now. Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

-This cartoon in today’s paper is so appropriate
-Name the 60’s song with You say you're gonna go and call it quits, Gonna CHUCK it all and break our love to bits
-I had to take off the MANACLE and don the SHACKLE
-It’s usually three-vowel IAGO, but here many more four-letter Shakespeare characters
-This physics teacher stumbled on OTTO HAHN
-I had W I F _. Wow, airlines are now offering a WIFE in-flight?
-I too loved the VW Electric Bus. My neighbor is restoring a very old gas-powered one that is serving as a money pit. He’s a great guy with a beard and a pony tail and so it seems right!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Nice to see Kurt and Jan-Michele again; it’s been awhile. There was a bit of a bite, but perps took care of any hiccups. I didn’t know Otto Hahn or Elena and I had All before Era. I liked A Few and A Tad and also the O parade: Iago, Into, Iwo, To, Eco, NOHO, Igloo, Argo, Otto, and Halo. CSOs to DO (Otto), Bill G (Ithaca), Spitz (Utica), Bluehen (Dover) and Ray O Sunshine, I think (Utica or thereabouts).

Thanks, Kurt and JM, for a mid-week challenge and thanks, Melissa, for an informative and fun summary.

Stay safe, all.

Lucina said...


Interestingly, as many times as I've been to and stayed in San Francisco I have never seen it FOGGY. It must be the time of the year.

Yes, I knew Queen NOOR is American; we have seen her before in puzzles and in Jordan I visited the Queen NOOR Center which is basically a tourist trap. In fairness, most of the items sold there are made by Jordanian women to support themselves.

In Napa, CA, we toured the HAHN winery. I was not aware of OTTO HAHN (hello, d-OTTO).

Another fact I was unaware of is NOHO! I know of Soho but didn't realize a northern one existed and so I FIW. Drat!

As usual, it's a treat to see some Shakespeare at IAGO, that crafty villain!

Like Irish Miss, I saw all those O's. Taking a page from Ray-0, I wonder if an IGLOO is AGLOW in the snow?

Thank you, Melissa, for a nice narrative.

Have a day CHUCK-full of joy!

CrossEyedDave said...

Just wanted to "toss" this in there, (pun intended)
this is just a test, I never heard of twitch TV & was wondering
if you can see this link...

This 20 minute video is the Game IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz

For realism, outside views have been turned off,
you can only see what the pilot sees.

It gets interesting at 11 minutes,
shows headtracking equipment usage (baseball cap with IR detectors )
so you can look in any direction, and the usage of teamwork by radio.
BlackKnight & Hogg tie up 3 110 two seater German fighters'

Hurricane flight 20 minutes

If interested,
to truly appreciate the graphics,
you have to click on the full screen icon (lower right square)
& view this on a 43" or larger HDTV in full definition mode.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

I could kick and REKICK myself for falling into the Soho/NOHO trap again.

Was sooo tempted to put no s**t for "Very well" but knew I'd be cited (not SITEd) by the CW police who would PITCH A FIT..The NW held me up. Especially CHUCK.

Was released from manacle(s) only to be put in SHACKLEs like Husker.

Yes PK..I can ever remember that #^$* mushroom's name either!!..

A four letter Shakespearean character "quote" answer is always IAGO

The conversation usually goes something like this...
"So Ray where are you from?"
UTICA, in upstate NY (actually Whitesboro, a suburb)
"Oh right, that's where Cornell University is"
No, that's ITHACA
"Oh right, that's where the prison is"
No that's Attica

Abejo...matter of taste re Utica Club you'd probably prefer the brewery's Saranac series.
"The Saranac line of beers have been awarded several honors since its inception"

*Bugs* clue has no abbreviations for VWS. Nice *Galley* CLECHO. Agree with Vermontah CINÉ does not.mean the film but an idiom for the movie theater Cinéma

After 40 some years the line is "LIVE from NY it's Satuday Nite" not "Saturday Night Live from NY"

Hit 90 and everyone is complaining aboutthe heat...
..... 2 weeks ago it was snowing.

More to complain about

Actors' silhouettes......CAST SHADOWS
Santa's NY neighborhood....HOHO
"The shampoo that glorifies your hair"....HALO

Off to Thor's Day

Anonymous said...

How is "agrobusiness" a thing? Isn't it "agribusiness?

oc4beach said...

A little bit of crunch to this very good Wednesday puzzle. Melissa's tour through the grid added a lot to the enjoyment of today's puzzle.

I figured the NYC neighborhood was going to be _OHO, either North or South, so I just waited for perps to fill that part in.

According to Merriam-Webster it's AGRIbusiness, not AGRObusiness. AGROnomy would be more appropriate, but I'm not sure how you would clue it.

DOVER filled in quickly. I drive through Delaware on my way to the beach on the Delaware Turnpike. I go past the DOVER motor speedway which I think will be pretty empty this year.

Have a great and safe day everyone.

Misty said...

Well, Wednesday puzzles always get a bit crunchy, but still enjoyed this one--many thanks, Kurt and Jan-Michelle. And your write-ups are always a treat, Melissa.

Got IAGO and IWO without any problem, and, surprisingly remembered Queen NOOR. But had no idea she was American--thank you for giving us her background, Yellowrocks.

Fun to see both ITHACA and UTICA in the puzzle, and glad I know my New York pretty well. Well, not perfectly--I put SOHO because I'd never heard of NOHO.

Billocohoes, thank you for reminding us about poor Christopher REEVE's terrible accident those many years ago. Wonder how he is doing--it would be nice to hear about him.

Have a good day, everybody.

Lucina said...

Christopher Reeve died several years ago in 2004. If you recall, he was thrown off his horse and became a paraplegic.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Agribusiness would seem to be semantically correct deriving from the root agriculture.

So Oc4 and Anon I totally agri with you both. 🍉🥬🍅🥒

Hungry Mother said...

FIW, with ENaKI and AGRa, which looked fine to be. Definitely a trap set by the constructors, to which I burp in their general direction. FSU is where I spent my lost year in 1960/61.

Hungry Mother said...

During the warm half of the year, I live 30 minutes south of DOVER. Delaware has 3 counties and under a million people. It’s the First State, but left off of many state lists. As a kid I grew up in the SF Bay Area. I remember many afternoons watching the fog roll in over the mountains.

AnonymousPVX said...

This Wednesday grid had a bit o crunch...NW in particular.


From yesterday...

D-O...haha, good one, but I actually have a Day of the Week clock....yep, just checked, it’s Wednesday.

See you tomorrow....Thursday...stay safe.

PK said...

I knew Queen Noor was an American. I remember when she married. I was pretty young and perused the write-up in Life magazine with pictures many times. Always since read anything that I came across on her. She apparently had a lot of influence over her husband and family.

PK said...

Looked up Queen Noor and learned she married in 1978 when I wasn't very young any more. But at least, I knew she was an American and influenced the king.

Misty said...

Lucina, thank you for the sad information about Christopher Reeve. I knew he was paralyzed after his accident but not that he had died in 2004 at age 52. I looked up his story, and sadly, his wife died of lung cancer two years later at age 44. What a tragedy that must have been for the children.

NaomiZ said...

Since I also managed to FIR, may I complain? Have *never* heard the phrase THROW A SCARE INTO, and although I was nearly ready to CHUCK IT, I never heard of CHUCK IT IN.

desper-otto said...

I usually hear PACK IT IN rather than CHUCK IT IN. But, I have heard "THROW A SCARE INTO," NaomiZ.

Wilbur Charles said...

Ok, is it the Four Seasons "Hang on(to what we've got)"(Don't let it go girl we've got a lot...)?

I had to change the (AGR)I to O but I'd inadvertently put Threw/THROW and of all clues couldn't fill C_OK

I had the weeks xwords from Sunday so did this yesterday (I was tempted to warn y'all) but now I've gone and lost Thurs-Sat. Drat.

Utica was the halfway point on my biannual trip from Nashua to Grand Rapids

Ooh, I went looking for sunday's TB-Times, ended up buying the Wednesday edition and lo and behold there's a Reagle xword added .


Yes, I'd have slipped that weekly xword out. I'd already bought one. The Winn Dixie mgr said they sell out Sunday because TB-Times only gives them 1/3

Bill G said...

Rats! I was all excited about the SpaceX launch but it was not to be because of bad weather. We'll have to wait until Saturday.

I enjoyed the shout out to Ithaca. I wish I hadn't had such a big struggle with Engineering Physics at Cornell 'cause I sure could have enjoyed the whole university experience much more including Ithaca and the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York.

~ Mind how you go...

Anonymous said...

One other piece of trivia about Christopher REEVE. He attended Cornell in ITHACA, and received a degree from the university, although he completed some of the requirements at Julliard.

Jayce said...

I'm of two minds about this puzzle; some parts I liked and some parts I didn't. Examples of the latter are what others have already noted about AGRO and CINE, and some "out of the language" theme answers such as THROW A SCARE INTO. Examples of the former are the dual use of "galley" and the appearance of both UTICA and ITHACA.

Yellowrocks, it is interesting that changing your blood pressure medication resolved your falling asleep problem, because that is exactly what I was thinking when I read PK's description of her sleep issue last night. PK, do you have high blood pressure? I'm not a doctor but I can tell you from my own experience that I had sleepiness issues many years ago that were "cured" by getting me started on BP meds.

Lucina, interesting that you toured the HAHN winery, as I am at this moment sipping on some Hahn GSM (a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre), which is among the wines on my "buy again" list.

By the way, OTTO HAHN took ALL the credit for discoveries that he and Lise Meitner made together over years of collaboration. He never acknowledged her contributions or mentioned her name. She was thrown into the dustbin, much as James Watson later threw Rosalind Franklin, without whose work and insights he and Crick would never have discovered the double helix structure of DNA, under the bus.

Try to stay well, all.

melissa bee said...

btw, the missing image at the bottom was the completed grid. i never had blogger complain about that before but I had to try a workaround i found by using an URL. i can see the image in the post, but it disappeared when i published.

desper-otto said...

Melissa, the missing image was the Toy image. It's still missing. I think the grid was there earlier...but now it's not.

desper-otto said...

Or maybe there was no Toy image?

Lucina said...

I love it that you are enjoying some HAHN wine! If you like it, I must try some. I've been thinking of going to Total Wine so I'll look for it there. Since it's a very large store it will be easy to stay apart from other people.

PBS just showed the life of Louisa Mae Alcott, one of my favorite authors. Life was really hard in the 1800s but once she earned a fortune she could hire maids, ten of them.

melissa bee said...

d-o, there was no toy image, TOY was just the last clue and i was trying, as usual, to paste the grid image at the bottom.

Ol' Man Keith said...

A good, tough Weds pzl! I had trouble in the NW corner, mainly 'cuz I wasn't sure how we should toss/hand/throw/pack/dump IT IN.
When I finally settled on CHUCK over Check, everything else came through.

Lucina & Misty ~ The saddest part of the REEVE paralysis & early death (IMHO) was that he was fiercely determined through exercise to effect a repair of his destroyed nerves and work his way back to full use of his legs.
He showed tremendous mental discipline and faith in a positive outcome.
But all that mental strength could not overcome the negative medical prognosis.
A single diagonal, recto.
The anagram? Imagine a stage production of Oklahoma!. In the stage manager's prompt book, we see notes for two important moments.
(In this particular version of the show, the final scene has a new beat in which a group of professors from the new University of Oklahoma ["Go, Sooners!"] are to enter and join dancing with the Cattlemen and the Farmers.)

First we see...
and this is followed (using the same diagonal) by...

Yellowrocks said...

Chuck it in and throw a scare into seemed normal to me. Later I found them in a list of idioms. I just thought they were in the language.

billocohoes said...

“Throw a scare into” the favored team is what the underdog does when they take the lead or stay close late in a game, before the favorite wins in the end.

Oas said...

Hingry Mother today you made me laugh. Thanks

Anonymous said...

NW corner was ridiculous. :-p

CanadianEh! said...

Wonderful Wednesday. Thanks for the fun, Kurt and Jan-Michele, and melissa bee.
We had some crunch today. I needed P&P and one Google help to finish. For me, the SW corner was the problem.
Plenty of inkblots; hand up for All before ERA. I even had Nave before APSE. My filming site (oh my! wasn't that clue an answer at 27D?) was a set before a LOT. My flight had Wine before WIFI!

There was more than A TAD of American trivia today, which held up this Canadian. Even though I am just across the (closed) border with New York, I needed perps for some of the fill - SNL, US OPEN, ITHACA, UTICA, NOHO (although the last three, I recognized quickly).

Then we moved to San Francisco which I thought was Humid before FOGGY. From there to Tallahassee for FSU. But this Canadian had to Google the capital of Delaware; DOVER broke open the SW corner.
We did travel on to ITALIA, Jordan for NOOR (but with an American birth!) and Japan for that mushroom.
But I did get IGLOO; how Canadian is that!

HuskerG: has nobody answered your song lyric quiz yet? Can I spill the beans?
I was thinking of Sonny and Cher with "I Got You Babe" (must have been that VWS clue!). But I will confess that I LIUed and it is from "Let's Hang On" by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

Collins Dictionary lists AGRObusiness as a variant of Agribusiness.

Wishing you all a good evening.

Yellowrocks said...

I believe people who hate their job say they wish they could chuck it in

Anonymous T said...

Ouch - haven't had to lick my wounds like this on a Wednesday. FIW x2!

Hi All!

Thanks Kurt and Jan for the diversion. Thanks mb for the expo - enjoyed the "A FEW" selection.

FIW: AGRa, AstOR (@1a - I didn't know what it was either but I trusted mb would explain. She did - told me I was wrong)
WO: sartedd to write noise for 10d
Fav: VWS' clue was cute and mb made the fill better
IGLOO was fun too


Ray-O: SNL's clue had an ellipsis not an underline.

Lucina - if it's the same Total Wine that we have here, they deliver.

I've seen SF FOGGY - couldn't even see the bridge. I've only been to SF in late June or July and Mark Twain was right, it's cold!

Cheers, -T

NaomiZ said...

Thanks, D-O!